Flying to a deserted island on my paramotor!

Tucker Gott
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Landing on a completely deserted island has been a dream of mine for a while. Island number one was epic. I was able to explore the island all alone with no worry of my gear getting stolen. Island number 2 and 3 were tricky but a total bonus to the whole adventure.
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18 Mai 2019



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Comentários 3 169
Tucker Gott
Tucker Gott 3 meses atrás
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David Brown
David Brown 9 dias atrás
how much does the paramotor costs ?
Kristoffer Agustin
Kristoffer Agustin 22 dias atrás
hey just asking, what can you say or what can you advise for emergency crashing just like what happened to grant thompson (King of Random)
Hau Tran
Hau Tran Mês atrás
Do you need an license to fly that thing
Tucker Gott
Tucker Gott Mês atrás
@USMC 1019 Brand new gear can be between $8,000 and $15,000. Training is typically $1,500-$3,500.
USMC 1019
USMC 1019 Mês atrás
What would one of those flying rigs like you have cost? Just to get started?
Darren Dia atrás
Can you imagine an electric paramotor? Batteries with solar wing
caspian farman-farmaian
were was the shipwreck?
Scp096 Scp049
Scp096 Scp049 3 dias atrás
Bro can u please contact me please man u r my hero and life what u r doing I wish I can u r so great love u man I so much love u
Scp096 Scp049
Scp096 Scp049 3 dias atrás
I wish I can be like u straight up
Scp096 Scp049
Scp096 Scp049 3 dias atrás
I respect u totally awesome man u r the man like awesome
Scp096 Scp049
Scp096 Scp049 3 dias atrás
Dude I got a girl who want u asap just contact me asap u r so super cool u r my inspiration in life
Scp096 Scp049
Scp096 Scp049 3 dias atrás
Dude can I get your number u r super cool straight up a man I can not be
lizard buddy
lizard buddy 3 dias atrás
Is there a actual seat on the motor ot are you hanging
dashluge 3 dias atrás
You really went island hopping lol. How’d you get your paromotor to the Caribbean?
Muhammed Musthafa
Muhammed Musthafa 3 dias atrás
Jason Howes
Jason Howes 4 dias atrás
Hey tucker. I would like to get into this sport. Why do I see so many videos of people with trouble learning? Hard take offs and hard landings. Problems with wind. Maybe you could clear up some of this. Thank you for the wonderful videos.
Boruto Hyuga
Boruto Hyuga 6 dias atrás
am i listening a radio?
Hypnoticc FN
Hypnoticc FN 6 dias atrás
Imagine having a paramotor so you could just fly anyware and not have to pay for a plane ticket
Shadow_FrostByte 6 dias atrás
I first saw a comment and saw your videos you only had 202k subs but now you have over 1 million that's rad
Ray Benoit
Ray Benoit 7 dias atrás
Did anyone at th he festive event know about your channel?
don won
don won 9 dias atrás
Jeffrey epstine island
don won
don won 9 dias atrás
where is Friday lol
BillsMafia87 ny
BillsMafia87 ny 10 dias atrás
I just got a new really good paying job! I'm about to start saving for lessons and a rig to start flying!!! I 🦅🚀
PhonyTruth 11 dias atrás
What paramotor do you recommend
Ultimate Funmade!!!
Ultimate Funmade!!! 12 dias atrás
Uhm Tucker Gott do you need some license to use the paramotor?
Kemarat Affeltranger
Kemarat Affeltranger 13 dias atrás
😳thats cool
Gregory Peters
Gregory Peters 16 dias atrás
He’s such a likable person. Love his adventurous attitude!
Greg Brenner
Greg Brenner 17 dias atrás
This is the definition of awesome! So damn cool.. it gives you an exhilarating visceral feeling just watching and imagining being up there
awxx2006 17 dias atrás
Pause at 12:09. It took me a bit before I realized it’s his fuel tank & strap.
Stuttering Vagabond
Stuttering Vagabond 18 dias atrás
Wow u get off the ground quick
D.E. Sarcarean
D.E. Sarcarean 19 dias atrás
Fyre Fest 2.0??
Danny Kessler
Danny Kessler 20 dias atrás
wait, this island isn't abandoned or deserted.
Trixieapril 06
Trixieapril 06 20 dias atrás
14:36 there is a thing in the bottom right corner almost looks like a cooler
Mike 20 dias atrás
My luck I’d land on the island and tear a big hole in my wing.
Ghost 21 dia atrás
In 2020 this guy is going to make the opresser
el bromas jajajaja
el bromas jajajaja 22 dias atrás
el bromas jajajaja
el bromas jajajaja 22 dias atrás
6:45 isla en forma de nepe
austin hedges
austin hedges 23 dias atrás
Fly to Hawaii next
StayChill! 24 dias atrás
NF 500
NF 500 26 dias atrás
I like everything your doing except the music sucks
Diamond Brony
Diamond Brony 26 dias atrás
When he say beach, My subtitle say Bitch
dal 26 dias atrás
AWESOME video wow....and no disrespect to you as I know u have a girlfriend I watched ur videos of you teaching her n flying with her ages ago etc and no disrespect to the gays but at 3 mins 45 seconds you sound really camp and really gay lol no disrespect to Any body great awesome video....PEACE
Dharaneesh 006
Dharaneesh 006 26 dias atrás
4:06 - take off your legs I have to take a screenshot for my PC wallpaper
1000fantomas 26 dias atrás
where is this ?
Torin Carmody
Torin Carmody 28 dias atrás
i really want to test out a paramotor
road to 60k subs pls sub
tucker gott: arrived in the island other 3 doods: also arrive tucker gott: flies away 3 doods: WHAT THE F*CK
notjesuss Mês atrás
*K O O L A I D*
Rohan Mukherjee
Rohan Mukherjee Mês atrás
imagine bird hitting those blades and he crash lands some zombie island......
philip mongol
philip mongol Mês atrás
wow its a nice place love it
Daniel Productions
Daniel Productions Mês atrás
6:00 ah yes, abandoned
Samuel Sanfratello
Samuel Sanfratello Mês atrás
Wow! Yep, that about says it all!
Leafeon Mês atrás
Next up: Getting stuck on a deserted island using my paramotor!
Lil Pops
Lil Pops Mês atrás
Still looking fo the “shipwreck”
Stevogalaxy Mês atrás
More like Tucker Gott skill
DCtakeOFF Mês atrás
you sometimes sound like big head from silicon valley
DCtakeOFF Mês atrás
big head is my favorite character yes
Faze Rage
Faze Rage Mês atrás
OMG I NEVER THOUGHT THiS WOULD HAPPEN I want and paramotor since I watched your vids but my parents won't get me it now I'm 21 and my parents got me a training prarmotor I can't wait to use it!
wudluv2 Mês atrás
And you got there all for the low price of nothing.
d41337n8r Mês atrás
This is like if Morgz wasn’t clickbait and also awful.
flint the kaka harris
This so cool....
Ronnie Cordell
Ronnie Cordell Mês atrás
Loved it.
Kyle Muench
Kyle Muench Mês atrás
Imagine if the paramotor broke while he was on the deserted island
David luff
David luff Mês atrás
Suggest getting a solar charger for you electronics
Eugene Layton
Eugene Layton Mês atrás
That was gnarly. A little bit sketch but like wow!
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Mês atrás
find an island like life of pi
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