Fivio Foreign, Queen Naija - What's My Name (Official Video) ft. Coi Leray

Fivio Foreign
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Official video for "What's My Name" by Fivio Foreign & Queen Naija featuring Coi Leray

Listen & Download “B.I.B.L.E.” out now:

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29 Jun 2022



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Comentários 5 390
SK ♌︎
Some people don’t take Queen seriously because of her being a BRvidr and having her toxic relationship with her ex in the spotlight but honestly she killed this ! She doesn’t get enough props. She’s been collaborating with some hot people in the industry right now ! She’s come so far !
Can we appreciate how much music Fivio is giving us this year! 🔥
Lea! 25 y.o - check my vidéó
So proud of Coi, she really be doing her thing and killing it, Fivio Season here to stayyyy!!!
lifes illusion 81
The 3 most underdogs of the industry got on a track and made history. Shit is fire 👑👑🔥🔥
yaliso gioouy
Go Queen Naija, you are an inspiration to sooo many women out there. Love this collab! Both women sang beautifully
Brandon Rice
Man, the flip of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” into drill is done BEAUTIFULLY!! Fivio sliding as usual but Queen and Coi also finding great pockets flowing over a drill beat! Without a doubt, one of the best songs I’ve heard this year. Everyone did their thing 🔥
Clara -My New Private vidoe
Love how he stuck true to the Destiny Child’s theme. Say My Name sample with Solider and Survivor inspired outfits and themes throughout. His team gets it 10/10
Roman Fiore
Roman Fiore 14 dias atrás
i can’t be the only one who think Coi Leray went HARD on her verse !
Thanku Next
90s are back but with a twist… Fivio gave us a combo we didn’t know we needed coi & queen I am here for it…
Bb Bb
This Queen Naija chick just might be the future of R&B! Her sound is very different and unique. The sultriness, and smooth tone is amazing. She appears to be very versatile as well. Definitely, one to watch. 🤔
sade Charles
why am I crying for queen , so happy to see the amount of confidence and beauty she's full of of now .watching someone for years since maybe 2014\15 and the growth is just beautiful happy for you
Lina Luv
2022 is definitely Fivio's strongest year. He is everywhere!! He sounds great on everything I heard this year too. This, the City Girls record, the hit with Nicki, the record with Chris Brown damn. Go off Fivio! We see you!
🌹 Lora F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🌼
Queen Naija & Coi Leray voice is everything on this track, great combination! I LOVE THIS SONG
Hanie Moon
The fact you're reading this is a sign. A sign to keep going, because you're stronger than you realize. A sign to forget the bad things that happened in the past, because it wasn't your fault. A sign to love yourself, because I know that you deserve your love more than anyone else in the world. You're worth it, and I'm so proud of you for being here to read this. Don't let those pesky emotions bring you down, you deserve the world. I love you. <3
Noelle Bernard
Noelle Bernard 14 dias atrás
Seeing Queen’s success makes me so happy!!! It’s the QUEENS TIME!! I love FIVIO every song he has or does a feat is FIRE! 🔥❤️
Johnny Crawler Sr.
Very proud of Coi leray overcome obstacles and stepped up her lyrics by being comfortable with her sensational voice ❤️🔥😍💯💯💯😎😎
Vivecia Ward
I love it!!! Queen did her thang!!! I am so proud of her!!! She's coming out of her shelI and everything was on point.... She is beast with that pen
Zeeb0ntheBEAT 28 dias atrás
Gonna need this to hit a number 1 somewhere. One of the best songs this year!
allofdestiny Dia atrás
I literally be having this one on repeat. This song so hard 🥹 great collab right here.🔥
I Absolutely LOVE the song and i think they did a good flip to the Destiny's Child "Say my Name" record! I also think it's hella dope that they paid so much Homage to the group with the video inspirations and throwbacks. This was a great collabration.
Track Star
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