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The 6th song, 6 animators, 6 years later. This Comes From Inside.

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Yoav Landau - Director, Story By, Music Production, Lyrics & Vocals
Sam Haft - Lyrics
Or "Orko" Cohen - Guitar
Ara Adkins, Recursion Music - Mixing & Mastering
Andrew Duemig - VFX & Editing
Jerry "SPRIN" R. - Co-Director & Animation @SPRIN - Jerry R.
Nicholas "TF.541" Sayavong - Producer & Animation @TFCraft Productions
Jakub K. "Ferg-E" - Animation @Ferg-E
Jackson "Nox" Seal - Animation @FreddoFrappe
Dylan "Ooblek" C. - Animation @Ooblek
Tyler "Tynado" M. - Animation @Tynado
Arica Tuesday - Cover Illustration
Lee Mounsey-Smith - Cover Typography
Austin Faulk - Additional Modeling
@Coda - Additional Modeling
CoolioArt - Additional Modeling
Kitani - Additional Modeling
MLSpence - Additional Modeling
KIATTON - Additional Backgrounds
Conor Badillo - Additional Backgrounds

50% of the streaming revenue of This Comes From Inside will be donated to the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund. TLDEF is a national legal advocacy organization that uses public education, test-case litigation, direct legal services, and public policy efforts to achieve lived and legal equality for transgender people and to end all discrimination based on gender identity and expression. Find out more at

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How we could have known
That we’re stuck in a system
There was a pre-existing dictum
Programmed to do nothing else

Why feel so alone
When we share so much wisdom
But you set fire to the kingdom
Burn it all until it melts

Or else

Now this comes from inside
How long do we have to try
Now this comes from inside
And stays there until you die
Now this comes from inside
How long do we have to try
Now this comes from inside
And stays there until you die

Long time ago it was all for a show
Fill our wounds with a pound of salt
And your reason to justify scars you can’t quantify
Lock us inside a vault

Now this is your fault
Everything is a problem
There was a poison in the air
despair is an eternal blight

You’re losing it all
You’ve been blinded by stardom
You think that you’re alone but
we are waiting for you every night

You’re mine

Now this comes from inside
What you have I want it’s mine
Now this comes from inside
And stays there until you die
Now this comes from inside
What you have I want it’s mine
Now this comes from inside
And stays there until you die


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29 Jun 2022



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CG5 Mês atrás
Five Nights at Freddy’s is forever! Let’s go!!! 🔥
Nullsole⚡ 18 dias atrás
Nullsole⚡ 18 dias atrás
Nullsole⚡ 18 dias atrás
SinisterDoom 21 dia atrás
SinisterDoom 21 dia atrás
NARALI 2 dias atrás
До сих пор слушаю, и забыть эту песню не могу , песня душевная со смыслом ❤️
"How long do we have to try?" This lyric literally shows how they are giving up slowly. How they may loose to william, and let him live up to his selfish goals. The song is uplifting and shows meaning. It's beautiful. Hope is something they had little of to begin with, after being burnt and thrown to the side, showing those poor souls trapped on earth. I can't get over fnaf. It's amazingly twisted in its own way, throwing murder and mystery together. It's truly amazing.
@bokanka nm OK..? If you didn't like my comment, what was the reason for you to reply?
Exotic_wafflefries 2 dias atrás
bokanka nm
bokanka nm 3 dias atrás
lol no
@Kamuke yes, the missing children are freed! But they still suffered during those long days and nights, and being forgotten, let to rot away without a trace.
@RandomUser 1337 lol, I'll change it lmfao
LineX240 12 dias atrás
Security Breach having a 80s look, the 80s vibe in this song fits damn well
🥀Elijah🖤 9 horas atrás
@CC GaminHQ fnaf is based in the 80s actually...
🥀Elijah🖤 9 horas atrás
@Archive 1983 Fnaf takes place in the 80s...
Cory Jamieson
Cory Jamieson Dia atrás
well the opening scene in Security Breach has a 80s vibe, you know the fan-made song for this game needs to have some 1980s style.
Official Klaud
Official Klaud 4 dias atrás
@CC GaminHQ fnaf 3 is in 2023
GerbNerdLolz 4 dias atrás
I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed
Ashton Hashbrown
Ashton Hashbrown 13 dias atrás
Kinda weird for a comment, but today I have felt the worst I have in a long time. Listening to this, all my childhood memories came back and the song itself made me feel comfortable and happy to experience. It reminded me how lucky I am to have lived during the creation of Five nights at Freddy's. It gave me enough to go on another day.
Trevor Brown
Trevor Brown 8 horas atrás
Famous words of fredbear: "Tomorrow is another day!"
WebkinzLiker264 Dia atrás
I get how you’re feeling. I feel hopeless a lot of days, but there are great things like this video and even more out there just waiting to be discovered. Things will get better in time. ❤️
DebaSkus 3 dias atrás
if it makes you feel any better there are better days coming ive felt down and had really good memeories soon after
Dawko Mês atrás
BonnieFacherin24 Hora atrás
dinonerd 7 horas atrás
Chad Meme
Chad Meme Dia atrás
@Monika Dimitrescu huh
Monika Dimitrescu
@Chad Meme ?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿
Lyra 7 dias atrás
I was 17 when FNAF all started. I got so immersed and wrapped up in the story. Literally growing up with it. I am now 25, having graduated both high school and college with fnaf in my life... I keep coming back to this and it hits me so hard in the nostalgia. I see a bunch of people in the comments saying "It's going to be so nostalgic when I grow up". Yeah.. it is. It'll hit you just right.
AirIsTasty 2 horas atrás
Bro I was seven when I got Into fnaf it had just came out
Trollsting 22 horas atrás
T-T ya i remember its first release and now were this old
Emily Chapman
Emily Chapman Dia atrás
Oldest Fnaf fan
Sakuga Asu
Sakuga Asu Dia atrás
Already hit me so hard
sadthixx 8 dias atrás
I never even played a single FNAF game my entire life so far, but these songs and the fandom has made a huge impact and brought so much joy for me along with a lot of good memories. I remember listening to the first song and jamming to it, making my own scenarios. Hearing the voice from the first song brought so much nostalgia, made me cry a little. I love this song despite other opinions, and all of the FNAF songs you made. Thank you.
❂PlaStilinoX 97
Increíble Canción que hicieron y es perfecta para decir Feliz Cumpleaños FNaF✪ pero lo mejor es que ningún Bug.
Devilzombie 7 dias atrás
Me trae tanta nostalgia ver que los Primeros animatronicos volvieron! Un recuerdo muy hermoso muchas gracias💙
Raptorblu3 xbox
Raptorblu3 xbox 3 dias atrás
La única parte que me puso la piel de gallina fue cuando salió mr Golden Freddy, aunque igual está buena la canción, fue la parte clave para decir *esto es god*
༒Fizza༒ 4 dias atrás
@Chems3 x2
Chems3 5 dias atrás
Primero que habla español
DHeusta Mês atrás
Animation and visuals are absolutely incredible!!! Chorus is great as well!!
Jeepster90 11 dias atrás
I can now die happy knowing one of my favorite musicians approves of this song
Ng1749 16 dias atrás
@Liforx sameee
Bernadette McKnight
Bernadette McKnight 19 dias atrás
Your song about techno was so nice of you and I give you all my repeat
Dakota Wilde
Dakota Wilde Mês atrás
Dheusta I love your videos man.
Purple gup Afton
Purple gup Afton Mês atrás
My pfp is gay. 😭
My pfp is gay. 😭 3 dias atrás
I just graduated high school for context: From elementary to 10th I got bullied, a lot. Though from 6th and so on, the fnaf songs that this amazing channel has created gave me comfort. It drowned out the world around me as I let the addicting lyrics and beat course through my head. Sitting here now, hearing those fnaf 1 song vocals, it put me in tears. That sequence of vocals dropped me in a hole of memories I had forgotten long ago. Thank you LTS, you managed to put a real smile on a face that hasn't felt this feeling since your very first song on these games.
Your broski Jack
Your broski Jack Dia atrás
YAAS fanf is lit
The Gaming Machine
Sakuga Asu
Sakuga Asu Dia atrás
Bro I remember getting into FNAF in middle school.. It's so odd looking back now, even with all the old FNAF animations I made back then too. Everything changes, even FNAF
Phoenix Owl
Phoenix Owl 4 dias atrás
Can't get enough Security Breach😌
Pilgrim 3 dias atrás
Песня не выходит из головы, точно так же, как и самая первая песня из первой части.. Спустя столько лет, всегда
Евгений Семенюк
@титан геймер откуда вы это взяли? Песня как раз говорит о страданиях аниматроников, там поётся о том, что когда-то они страдали, не сейчас. Тоже мне, набежали последователи Сумочкина и иже с ними, "ыыыы, фнаф скатился после четвёртой части". Почему это тогда те же фанаты с удовольствием клепают песни и анимации по сей день? А, ну да это ведь западные слепые фанаты ничего не понимают. Только в русских комментах ноют о том, "ооо, да песня о том, как низко пал фнаф", почему другие этого тут не пишут?
титан геймер
@ХОЧУ КАКАТЬ 1: научись писать. 2: это отсылка не на игру, а на реальную историю разработки фнафа. 3: страдают не аниматроники, а фанаты. Аниматроники - лишь кукла с помощью которой показали что пережили фанаты которые ожидали большего от франшизы(ты наверное таких слов не знаешь).
eeaaaad 2 dias atrás
get it gurl
ХОЧУ КАКАТЬ 2 dias atrás
Я наконец-то понял почему аниматроники страдаю, и поют об етом, из них состоит блоб
Lordareon 10 dias atrás
Мне нравится то, как 2 куплет оканчивается голосом, с которым исполнилась 1 песня по фнаф
FusionZGamer Mês atrás
Sounds fantastic! Also the fact that 50% of the streaming revenue is going to a good cause makes it even better! 😁 Great job to everyone involved!
Angie !
Angie ! 2 dias atrás
Not a good cause
Micro12OoF 4 dias atrás
Vv7893tru6 10 dias atrás
duck with knife
duck with knife 13 dias atrás
I agree greatly
Bot 14 dias atrás
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
AngelxD LOL2
AngelxD LOL2 10 dias atrás
Que buena nunca decepciona las canciones que hace The Living Tombstone
Ellie 8 dias atrás
Thank you, TLT. This channel has made so many memories thanks to this series, and I’m grateful I was there for all of it. This song gave me a happy cry, because channels like you, Markiplier, Dawko, and many other channels made this game so memorable. Again form the bottom of my heart, thank you. ❤️
Creepytyper2Yt 12 dias atrás
The animation, the nostalgia, the effort..... this is amazing, the part where the previous fnaf characters and the og voice actor came back gave me goosebumps. The game may be mediocre but, this just makes it way better. Sometimes this community isn't that bad at all....
Coda Mês atrás
So excited to see this finally release!! Ever since the beginning of the year I've been seeing glimpses into what this eventually turned into and the final product is sure to blow peeps' socks off! It's been amazing to see so many people come together on this project and I highly implore people to go check out the team's personal works too! You won't be disappointed by the pure passion they all put into their work, and there's no finer people fit for the job! I love Five Nights at Freddy's!!!!!!
KTGaming Mês atrás
Same bro
PriscillaVixen Gaming
xiwe Mês atrás
Coda you are right
RoxyBM Mês atrás
Gringo: so excited Yo un intelectual: está exitado
Dogical Mês atrás
Jesús Ramón Ruelas Chairez
La nostalgia me pego como un tren... Tenía al menos 15-16 cuando escuché la primera canción de FNAF por TLT. Ahora terminé mi carrera y escucho esto y fue recibir una ola de recuerdos y momentos...
Jelly_dumbcat 11 dias atrás
I’ve come to realise/realize that: your fnaf phase never leaves. It just kind of stays quiet, then as soon as you see something relevant to fnaf, it comes back.
AlexTheAwesomeGuy 2 dias atrás
No matter what everyone says about me, i am a fnaf fan forever and i am proud of it
Corpel_GT 2 dias atrás
Jeff Sentwell
Jeff Sentwell 11 dias atrás
Definetly LOVED the music AND the music video as well, you guys NEVER disappoint on the animations for all of your music videos! And by the way, I liked this "kinda-vocaloid" vocals, wouldn't it be interesting if there's a "human-like" vocals too? 👀
Random Person Trying
Random Person Trying 3 dias atrás
I legit thought this was made with the vocaloid software with how ROBOTIC it is. But the fact it does not come from a vocaloid just amazes me.
DrEbar 12 horas atrás
Мне понравилось что акцент сделали не на Спрингтрапе, а на Блопе, чтобы сам Скот понял что он сотворил не с одним злодеем этой вселенной, а что он сделал с любимыми всеми персонажами!! Он взял и сложил всё в буквальном смысле в кучу, и говорит нам "Играйте, там ведь ваши любимые персонажи!", и действительно, люди и вправду пошли играть, не потому что интересный геймплей, хороший сюжет или же красивая графика - нет! Все начали играть только потому что там были всеми любимые персонажи, хоть в другом виде, но всё таки были! Убери Блопа и Спрингтрапа из этой игры, и все бы прошли мимо неё, только истинные фанаты начали бы в неё играть, и опят же пытаться искать сюжетную линию между этой частью и предыдущими!
Pastra Mês atrás
This song is absolutely phenomenal. It gave me such a sense of nostalgia for the other songs you made for the series, while also being something new entirely. It was definitely worth the wait!
Allen Makes Stuff
Allen Makes Stuff 12 dias atrás
I agree
Jonasrlee e
Jonasrlee e Mês atrás
oh hi pastra, got to agree with you on this lad.
terrificgamer 52
terrificgamer 52 Mês atrás
@Gato con STAND que para el tiempoNo that's the first or second one
Gato con STAND que para el tiempo
@terrificgamer 52 20/10*
mcMoonBall Mês atrás
Hi Pastra! How're Lank and Clyde doing?
Andy 11 dias atrás
Los tiempos cambian pero el sentimiento no
WebkinzLiker264 2 dias atrás
I CANNOT get this song out of my head. It along with the STUPENDOUS music video feel like such a love letter to FNAF and I adore all the effort that was clearly put into EVERY aspect.
Gand Alpha
Gand Alpha 5 dias atrás
I've been listening to this every day for a month now. It gives me goosebumps as if I'm hearing it for the first time
jordaN barillaS
jordaN barillaS 5 dias atrás
Same it just feels so weird
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
cuptoast Mês atrás
the animation in this is so incredible, along with the music its so great i love it so much, living tombstone fnaf songs never miss
grandmarie Mês atrás
Faris Mês atrás
Yoo a cute cat
RatIsLife Mês atrás
_Zusja _
_Zusja _ Mês atrás
Ikram Hussain
Ikram Hussain Mês atrás
@The NoOB you don't have to remind us...
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
Shady Raven
Shady Raven 2 dias atrás
This song has such a beautiful and uplifting melody, despite how hopeless they all seem. They're stuck in a system forever, doomed to try and get out. Yet, somehow, they still have drive. It's such a nostalgic song, especially since they added in the classic vocals from the original FNAF 1 song. The lyrics and the overall sound of the song are so incredible, and honestly, people who don't know a think about FNAF would still fall in love with it. It's amazing, and I wish I'd found it sooner.
Music Arts
Music Arts Dia atrás
Growing up with fnaf, has really brought so much comfort for me. I’m now graduated high school and have been apart of this fandom since I was 11. Awesome work with this one, I really love it!!
AlpacaBoi 5 dias atrás
It's almost been 9 years since this franchise was introduced to the millions, and it's still one of the most prevalent series' of all time. This song, I feel, is the culmination of the past decade of FNAF and it sounds damn brilliant.
GG Games
GG Games Mês atrás
Very nice!
Giga chad
Giga chad 11 horas atrás
Pero madre mía Willy que hace aquí compañero
Alastor 18 dias atrás
chip táctico :]
chip táctico :] 19 dias atrás
El gg games que hace aquí :v
Luis René Fandubs
Luis René Fandubs 20 dias atrás
oh por dios gg games
Tanika Moeun
Tanika Moeun 20 dias atrás
Alish 9 dias atrás
Thanks TLT for 1:29 you made me cry with nostalgia. I remember when I was a small child, my parents were at work and my brother and I stayed at home alone, we had a laptop and I listened to fan songs on Fnaf The Living Tombstone, DaGames, Tryhardninja, SayMaxwell, JT Music, watched Markiplier, 8-BitRyan let's plays and the theories of The Game theorists, I also remember updating Scott's website in the hope that he would release a teaser for the new FNAF, A big thank you to all of them for giving me my childhood, A big thank you to Scott for creating a wonderful franchise and its fandom in which I It turned out that these were the best, memorable years of my life💛
DevilutionGames 6 dias atrás
These FNaF songs have a place in everyone's heart.
Emily The Dream Queen
Emily The Dream Queen 5 dias atrás
I’ve been a fan of Fnaf ever since it came out I will never say goodbye to Fnaf it will always be part of my life like it was when I was a kid it brings me so much joy and comfort.
RednaxG 9 dias atrás
this song gave me chills just thinking about my fnaf phase, LOVE IT!
Kade Dev
Kade Dev Mês atrás
this song is amazing dude, your team out did themselves. this is so awesome. amazing memories watching your stuff.
Lemonemy Mês atrás
So true kade dev
sporkleyoy Mês atrás
hi kade
Slid Z
Slid Z Mês atrás
xX-sam-Xx Mês atrás
Omg kade dev Fnf
That One Stupid
That One Stupid Mês atrás
Cap 🧢
Guapominz 9 dias atrás
The graphics actually goes so well along with the music! Its full of eerie-ness, but still entertaining to watch and listen along to! Great job as usual guys!
the Reality Bending Wyvern Thing!
This song wouldn’t be the same experience without the amazing visuals honestly
★𝓡𝓮𝓭★ 12 dias atrás
I feel that Scott will be happy to hear this beautiful work of art, In addition, I loved the video so much that I felt nostalgic.
Kaleb Torres
Kaleb Torres 7 dias atrás
I also LOVE the visuals on this video! It's also impressive that you took advantage of the comic style thing they did with their endings! I now kind of wish that the game itself had a comic book filter up until the true ending rediscovering the pizzeria beneath the pizzaplex. I also in the game itself would have had vanny a more active part of the game, chasing you down with the animatronic characters, and of course i would have made the re-re-reanimated action a more active part of the true ending. Thank you for coming to my tedtalk!
Gab 20 dias atrás
They actually brought back the FNAF 1 voice. That's sick.
LAGGER Or LG 11 dias atrás
@Ansun189 Long time ago it was all for a show
Ansun189 12 dias atrás
SlippyAwesome 12 dias atrás
hell yeah
Zifixian 12 dias atrás
@Maria Denson now this comes from inside
No One Cares With This Guy
*Scott Cawthon, we never wanna forget your amazing work in this game, we will never forget the giant fandom you made, I hope you made the right choice to abandon this giant lore you created around Five Nights at Freddy's. 🤎💜💛❤*
yessicaca 6 dias atrás
holy crap the fact i haven't played the games but have watched all FNAF songs made by TLT and still understood the plot is astounding. I got goosebumps just watching this since it pieces it together so well.
Angry Isopod: Animations and More
This is incredible, it reminds me of when I would listen to songs during long car rides and imagine characters very vividly, it’s very nostalgic even though it has only been out for a month
Pluffering 9 dias atrás
I already commented on this video but I wanted to again simply to praise the animation. It is gorgeous! The comic book style is fantastic and really gives off an 80's vibe! Not to mention how the characters interact with the comic panels, like when Vanny slices one of the borders with her knife! It's so cool! As well as the transition to the more traditional style of fnaf animation going along with the more traditional style of vocals. And that isn't even mentioning all the amazing colors that really make the video pop, especially when the background is very dark. But my favorite part is probably the end with Freddy's animation. The little details on him, from little scratch marks, and the jerkiness in the way he moves, it makes him feel very alive and present. And two of my favorite details is at 2:50. The first one is a small little ear twitch which I think is so adorable! And also the little taps that show up on the screen tying it all back to the comic book style in the beginning. The work put into it is absolutely stunning! I think all the animators did an incredible job at bringing one of my favorite songs to life!
supercatmariobros Mês atrás
After years… it’s back… the jump scares.. the murders… the fire… the nightmare… the one trapped inside… now this… a masterpiece coming soon… to end this chapter in the best way possible… times have changed doesn’t it?
Hux0_0 20 dias atrás
@BloodForTheeBloodGod I mean, at this point there has been so many games people have gotten used to the jumpscares (not me personally) although i agree it is less scary, it is stressing when you are being chased, which I believe is good. And for the story, they probably had trouble because Scott retired halfway through development, so they might have struggled coming up with ideas. Try putting yourself in their shoes. Edit: sorry for being rude I misunderstood and thought you were saying the game was bad or something.
laksananth anandarajah
don't forget, *the slaughter*
Martim Afton
Martim Afton Mês atrás
@L8Vibezz There something called an opinion
Martim Afton
Martim Afton Mês atrás
@(Work in Progress) Bro you dropped this 👑
Martim Afton
Martim Afton Mês atrás
@Aiden Foster in your opinion
BCB 8 dias atrás
ok let me ask you this: how does TLT nail it EVERY TIME
Sofidopi Productions
Sofidopi Productions 7 dias atrás
This song just make me always happy and reminds me my old memories on my entire Life, Living tombstone never fails ✨👏
EL LAGARTO 11 dias atrás
Por fin después de 5 años una nueva canción, gracias the living tombstone.
AngelxD LOL2
AngelxD LOL2 10 dias atrás
Simplemente NOSTALGICO
F.N.A.F 22 horas atrás
FELIZ ANIVERSARIO!! Ya 8 años de esta maravilla de franquicia.
Izan Chapela
Izan Chapela 17 horas atrás
Al fin un español
Extreme Trends
Extreme Trends Mês atrás
I can't believe he used the original FNAF 1 song voice!
Spidey-13 11 horas atrás
It’s a talkbox
Entertainment Fanatic
Entertainment Fanatic 12 horas atrás
And the FNaF 4 I got no time voice too
Joshua Britton
Joshua Britton 23 horas atrás
Wtf are you here huh huh?
Nooby Playz
Nooby Playz Dia atrás
Wtf why u here
Anthony Azz
Anthony Azz Dia atrás
I like how they have the five nights at Freddy's 1 2 and security breach animatronics in one music video
David ortiz
David ortiz 12 dias atrás
Como en los viejos tiempos
iReddyz! 2 dias atrás
Weeey me dieron ganas de volver a vivir esas épocas 😭
Al'ka-tal Ct 103
Al'ka-tal Ct 103 7 dias atrás
Спасибо большое. Трек запал прям в душу...
a person
a person 7 dias atrás
Nostalgia... it just hits ya in the heart
kastekb Mês atrás
I really like this song. It evokes a feeling of nostalgia. However, it seemed to me that the whole song is an appeal to Scott that the series has gone the wrong way and it's time to "close". But I think that TLT still loves the fnaf fan base, since after so many years, he is back again...
kastekb 24 dias atrás
@Kitty Peanut I absolutely agree with you)
Kitty Peanut
Kitty Peanut 25 dias atrás
I don't dislike nor hate SB but it doesn't feel like fnaf, you know? So i can't really like it...
kastekb Mês atrás
@Trenttubehd I understand you man 😢
kastekb Mês atrás
@b agree.
Guy Ferrari
Guy Ferrari Mês atrás
@Keiko Yeah it should have ended at pizzaria simulator
Fabi Ryomen
Fabi Ryomen Dia atrás
Actually growing tears in my eyes, i grow up with FNAF and listening to this blasting song while i see the end (i hope not) of my favourite game ever
drin dip2
drin dip2 4 dias atrás
Это настолько круто у меня нет слов 3D анимация, текст, музыка, это гениально и круто удачи
RednaxPrime 8 dias atrás
Can't get enough from nostalgia and lore relation perfectly corroborating with everything. Also loved the og's coming back
Marioandsonic1259 2 dias atrás
You deserve the 6 mil subs, this song is truly amazing, and bringing back the voice actor (maybe) is truly nostalgic it brings me back to where I was in daycare and listening to that voice, I loved it. Please keep making more for the future and have a good day!😊
Spectrickx 23 dias atrás
This felt... personal, as a long time fan. This brings tears to my eyes. An artist who vowed to not create another FNAF song, and a game franchise who is considered by some to have worn out... I don't want this to end.
dino 6 dias atrás
@GlamRock Bonnie hmm nty
GlamRock Bonnie
GlamRock Bonnie 6 dias atrás
@dino if you can't handle that we all are emotional because of a song from a band that we grew up with and I suggest you leave the nap all together and leave us alone
dino 13 dias atrás
@Super Mario Jaxen idrc
Super Mario Jaxen
Super Mario Jaxen 13 dias atrás
@dino And I know that but some people have stronger connections than others do and sometimes that's okay
dino 14 dias atrás
@Super Mario Jaxen by the way, I did grow up with fnaf.
JohnX 7 dias atrás
Ever since I've heard about fnaf in 2014, I was terrified. I've avoided it since then until late 2019. I later fell in love with the franchise. Now I feel bad that I never grew up with with game
5KYL3R_S5 7 dias atrás
And yet another Masterpiece from The Living Tombstone. Brings back vibes from the Fnaf 1 Song, It's Been So Long, and so more. Thank You.....
SDX Studio
SDX Studio 8 dias atrás
Great animation. I love comic style of it. You putted so much effort into it. The vocals are so clear. Perfection. Good job for team who made it and also TLT ❤️✨
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
Chi-chi Mês atrás
Its so cool to see a legacy like this coming together, showing just how far ya'll have come from the first song. You can see and hear all of the love and effort folks put into this, everyone involved should be very proud, ya'll did amazing
uma conta
uma conta Mês atrás
Chi chi mano-
ii Surxpaxe
ii Surxpaxe Mês atrás
ii Surxpaxe
ii Surxpaxe Mês atrás
Actually, "ya'll" is incorrect. It's actually spelt "y'all".
Neon Playz
Neon Playz Mês atrás
how are you not verified yet, i really like your videos
GeeDee Mês atrás
I love that they brought back the old voice from the first song when you see the old Animaltronics
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
Lysha Aragon
Lysha Aragon Mês atrás
It’s so bittersweet and this feels like a goodbye letter to Scott and the franchise. I feel like so many of us who have been around since the beginning have been slowly letting go of fnaf (although BRvid wouldn’t be what it is today without it as crazy as that sounds). This franchise will probably never die, but this feels like a nice send off for us adults who kept up with fnaf as teens. Thank you.
Keano Moodley
Keano Moodley 14 dias atrás
This comment made me tear up
RolerX 135
RolerX 135 15 dias atrás
I will always have fnaf stuck in my heart with me right before I hit adulthood is security breach and I’ve been there since the beginning, it been pretty fun to grow up with
Saying goodbye is hard..... I will never forget this era, even when I'm older ill sit down with my kids and talk about how great The FNAF Era was.... it was incredible.
Stumbling Mês atrás
It really does fell like a send off especially with the lyric “blinded by stardom” and the bittersweet tone of the song overall. They’re glad that it happened but at this point it’s better if the franchise were to end. That’s what I got form the lyrics and tone.
Jontavious Mês atrás
@Mocha•ᄉ• so they are adding another story to security breach for free
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
SugaryOats Mês atrás
I'll admit I was a little underwhelmed at first, but after looping it a few times it really clicked just how calm and nostaglic this song is, it feels melancholy in a way. this fandom has been a big part of my life since the first game came out, and this really feels like...the end, or at least the end of an era. FNAF will NOT be the same from here on out, and I'm...excited to see what they do differently. hopefully they learn from SB and make something truly amazing and polished next time.
Cold coffee
Cold coffee 22 dias atrás
I think that more than anything, fans should learn to be more patient, with all the harassment towards Steel wool and the whole question of why does the game take so long?, get the game out now, it was something that affect the developers, because they were no longer questions, but more than harassment for the game to come out
Sky Sweeper
Sky Sweeper Mês atrás
I actually really liked the direction of security breach, it's just it's execution wasn't good... hopefully the experience was a good teacher.
SugaryOats Mês atrás
@Red panda I just wish SB used William better- for games that don't even involve Scott anymore I would have loved if they just did something new, but I also would have loved if Glitchtrap was still just an AI, and him infecting the animatronics is WHY they are so aggressive. and that Vanny would get to be a more prominent villain and that Vanessa could do...anything. I didn't mind William being back but the blob PISSED me off. it felt like spitting on the ending of FFPS to me personally.
HerkuzPlayz SFM
HerkuzPlayz SFM Mês atrás
@Good Neighbor same bro i legit almost cried
HerkuzPlayz SFM
HerkuzPlayz SFM Mês atrás
I agree
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
ZenkaiMP 6 dias atrás
IMPRESIONANTE🙌🙌😮😮🌠✨ SIMPLE MENTE el regreso más épico !!!!!
lefty gaming and animations
This song just brought all my memories of being obsessed with FNAF when I was younger. I miss those time's
FungiTwister 11 dias atrás
Truly a masterpiece of a song
that_vibe_dude Mês atrás
This really is an end of an era. I was obsessed with FNAF as a kid. Listened to the songs, watched the theories, rambled to my friends... Those were the times. The living tombstone was always just amazing. TLT, Tryhardninja, EnchantedMob, all of these creators genuinely fueled my childhood. FNAF genuinely shaped me into the person I am today. Cringe as I may have been, I wouldn't change a thing about this cornerstone of my personality. You can leave the FNAF fandom, but the FNAF fandom will NEVER leave you. I regret nothing. Quick Edit: Shoutout to toy freddy, he is clear a fnaf fan by his pfp
Grimmy Foxy
Grimmy Foxy 27 dias atrás
@Gabriel's Adventure i know them, im in a discord server with them!
that_vibe_dude 27 dias atrás
​@Le CAT I said era for a reason
Le CAT 27 dias atrás
“End of an era”? The series ain’t over yet
zgutz_ 27 dias atrás
ssstop why is this making mee sadd
Br 5 dias atrás
Literalmente está es la mejor música de fnaf que eh escuchado en toda mi vida
WavySeaz 8 dias atrás
This song is amazing! From the visuals and animations to the lyrics. All amazing. But it makes you wonder what is the symbolism/message behind this song. It’s obvious it has one but it’s vague on purpose. I love how this song is up for interpretation. Some can argue this song is about the main Fnaf canon itself. Some can argue it’d representing the state of the Fnaf fandom. Some can argue it’s a goodbye to OG Fnaf. I’ve even seen some argue that the Fnaf 1 and 2 scene was representing the retirement of Scott. The thing is that none of them are wrong. We might not know the meaning of this song for a years. I think that’s a good thing. Either the Living Tombstone has made a true masterpiece. A Magnum Opus up there with the originals.
The Gunslinger
The Gunslinger 6 dias atrás
This song really tells an amazing story and this song has great animation the comic book style looks great living tombstone has lived is five nights at Freddy's potential to its Max but they're still cranking it out let's hope we get more cool music videos from The living tombstone have a good day everyone I've been the Gunslinger stay tuned for more of what I say.
Blut Azathot
Blut Azathot 3 dias atrás
Joder ,cuando a the living tombsong le dijeron que no podia ser mejor que dios en sus anteriores obras ,se lo tomo como reto maldita sea esto si es cine
YelloWool Mês atrás
What an amazing journey it’s been! You truly changed the internet with these songs!
TheUltimateErick Mês atrás
Yuno Whouit Is
Yuno Whouit Is Mês atrás
Maël Lesueur
Maël Lesueur Mês atrás
What are you doing here?
Okkinonix Mês atrás
Heyo yello
Avaraynez 2 dias atrás
The living tombstone never disappoints
CoffeEK0di 12 dias atrás
I love how at first it looks like scenes from a comic book but then when it cuts to Gregory and the OG animatronics it turns back into a regular animation. Also I love the model for Gregory he looks adorable 😭
Electr0_FIRE 23 horas atrás
Fan made Gregory i think
KidWithHat 6 dias atrás
At first when I couldn't decipher the kind of feeling I felt while listening to this, but now I do. This sounds like a late night band song. Picture this: the night is about to end, but in the background you can hear this booming through the speakers. I'll come back if I got any more words, but besides that, this is amazing!
SillyMillie Madrigal♥️
"It's been so long" since you've made a FNAF song! Five Nights at Freddy's forever :). Love your music! :D. Also, love how the FNAF 1 voice is back. Memories :,).
FreddoFrappe Mês atrás
This project was literally a dream come true to work on. Thank you so much everyone it turned out fantastic ❤️💙
At-At pilot
At-At pilot Mês atrás
Good job man this turned out great.
SkyCreeper01 Mês atrás
This was a joy to watch. Awesome work yall.
Paris Crowe
Paris Crowe Mês atrás
U guys went hard on this....nice
the dot giver
the dot giver Mês atrás
🐾BlueBarry🌿 Mês atrás
Is perfect!
_beanbag_ 11 dias atrás
i fell out of my interest for fnaf a few years ago, but now that im listening to this song it just feels like im seeing all the memories of this franchise
Captain Crystal 370
Captain Crystal 370 7 dias atrás
You’re missing out if you don’t catch up on fnaf stuff
Super Mario 123
Super Mario 123 9 dias atrás
Every time this song shows up on my recommended I listen to it IT’S THAT GOOD! Good job!
Spencer Cruz {VA🎙}
Spencer Cruz {VA🎙} 8 dias atrás
My favorite part of this HAS to be the part where Gregory is getting harassed by the Classic and Toy animatronics. And I also love how they used the same voice effect that they used for the very first Five Nights at Freddy's song. VERY nice touch!!
Ranrok Gaming
Ranrok Gaming 8 dias atrás
That “Every night” at 2:18 gave me chills. A good call back to the first game’s song
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