First To Get A Full Shiny Starter Team Wins

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Who will be the first person to successfully get six different shiny starter Pokemon and win?

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20 Mai 2022



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Don't forget Mech Arena is free to install and a bunch of fun to play! Install here and get a special starter pack to help kickstart your game!
Joe Mama’s Great Aunt
i love how mikey got almost exclusively grass types and for his last shiny, he got the grand daddy of grass types
Aerostas _
QOTD: Shiny Fennekin! When XY were coming out, I went to the midnight release and was standing in line, chatting with everyone. We got on the topic of shinies, and I mentioned how I had never gotten a random shiny before, even with shiny charms and the odd egg. Just really unlucky. I got home with Pokemon X, booted it up, and picked Fennekin. The battle with Shauna begins, my Fennekin goes out and it's shiny! One of my favourite pokemon memories.
Logan C
Logan C Dia atrás
"Bad things come in threes" so that explains why when you, Mikey, and Jack make a video together, it is chaos.
Mikey getting all those grass starters was amazing
Snow Assassin217
I have missed you two playing together. Get Jack in on this!
QOTD: I really like the entire Fennekin shiny line. I'm a huge fan of the purple coloring, and it fits well with the whole mage aesthetic. I do like Rowlet's seafoam green shiny coloring as well, though.
QOTD: The Sobble line's shiny forms are my faves for sure, especially since they keep the pink coloring for the whole line. Shiny Greninja is also a good one.
Cullen Ellerbee
This race was awesome!! Love it ending on finding a mega but was hoping it would have been chikorita. I have a deep love for that line since chikorita was my first starter
Makita Jazzqueen
I love these videos with you two, they are my favorite things to watch on BRvid ♥
Deku Kitty
QOTD: My favorite shiny starter is Emboar. I think it's severely underrated, mainly because people don't really like Emboar. Those blue and purple flames are so gorgeous.
qopoy dnon
I always thought they would do this kind of challenge and I'm so happy they did QOTD: Through all the troubles I have to say shiny greninja is my favorite
Mikey: confused grass type screaming
Aurora Rich
QOTD: I really love the shiny fennekin line! However, my favorite has to be either shiny charizard or greninja!
Denim Velvet
The entire Fennekin line is great as far as shiny starters go. My favorite is Fennekin itself, but even Delphox just has this awesome witch/wizard sort of coloring to it.
AnAsianGeek FX
I feel like recently Michael has inherited some of John's quirks/habits/catchphrases. I swear some of the things Michael said in his most recent Team Sky challenge were rather reminiscent of John
Chao Guardian
I love how you guys got almost every Grass Starter. I was not expecting the race to end the way it did but I bursted out laughing when I saw it.
Keller Burkholder
When the game is that close I really wanna see how long it takes you to catch your last shiny… what if it was literally the next encounter after Mikey’s Mega Venusaur lol
QQTD: My favorite Shiny is Greninja with Charizard at a close second place. I just think black shinys look really dope
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