FIRST DRIVE In Our 10.3L Supercharged Big Block Camaro! **GRAB YOUR MULLETS**

Cleetus McFarland
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Cleetus McFarland
12961 44th St N. Ste B
Clearwater, FL 33762
United States of America

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13 Set 2019



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Comentários 80
Drake Pryce
Drake Pryce 21 hora atrás
Let Mad Max Fury Road Begin!
Kenneth Geris
Kenneth Geris Dia atrás
Any updates on this car? Would love to see more!
Adam Doyle
Adam Doyle 3 dias atrás
Love that growling idle , sounds mean as fuck like an angry pitbull
#LiL Outlaw405
#LiL Outlaw405 6 dias atrás
Damn that roots blower looks good on it
William Hughes
William Hughes 6 dias atrás
That thing is bad
Rob 7 dias atrás
I’ve never seen any black people on this channel and I’m not surprised
TheUnkownRailroad 7 dias atrás
Am not even there, and that Camaro scares the living hell out of me
Adrian Mersk
Adrian Mersk 8 dias atrás
Csyk 9 dias atrás
"How much power?" "More than your birth year" "But you don't know m-" "Doesn't matter what year!"
John SmithDE
John SmithDE 10 dias atrás
Nice but where is the intercooler? How many seconds are you going to run it?
Country Fan
Country Fan Dia atrás
If there is a intercooler u wouldnt see it its usaully infront of the radiator.
Dak Mcelhannon
Dak Mcelhannon 11 dias atrás
Anyone know what steering wheel that is?
mike theplumber
mike theplumber 11 dias atrás
Don’t you need the pre-drilled holes on the face of the throttle body “flaps” to ensure a steady idle? And seal everything else up... YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!
BaTTle CAt
BaTTle CAt 12 dias atrás
Haha 😂...grab your mullets
French Connexion Racing
Man if you go slower you go reverse ... wtf
Bassknots 12 dias atrás
Sweet honey barbecue sauce 🤣🤣
Matt Hybel
Matt Hybel 12 dias atrás
Is this a 1985 Camaro? Sure look like it 👍
koohout 13 dias atrás
chodzi jak stara kurwa to camaro. shit totalny
Karlan Meyers
Karlan Meyers 14 dias atrás
Why does the engine sound like it’s chugging?
PIX-XEL CHANNEL 14 dias atrás
5:24 what type of idle is this called?
-_- 15 dias atrás
My sivic would smoke that
cj c
cj c 15 dias atrás
Starting up in the leauge at kartland frisco... killer track design and some good karts
Tanvir! 'o'
Tanvir! 'o' 16 dias atrás
Us British people don't know this 10L we stick with our lovely 1L eco boost ford fiestas
Tanvir! 'o'
Tanvir! 'o' 16 dias atrás
Great now turn it into knight rider
Richard Ikin
Richard Ikin 16 dias atrás
10.3L !!!!!!!!!!!!
DØÇTËR_VêNøM XIII 19 dias atrás
Back to the future part XII
Rico Streit
Rico Streit 19 dias atrás
Fix that damn steering whell man 🙈
badabing badabing
badabing badabing 20 dias atrás
With a wiggly steering wheel. Lmao
christopher mcleary
christopher mcleary 20 dias atrás
Would anyone else want a 1:18 scale of toast or is it just me. Obviously I'd love to have the real thing but I could never handle such a beast
TOPGANism 20 dias atrás
10000cc omg
Saskatchewanian Farmer
Saskatchewanian Farmer 20 dias atrás
Taylor Gusta
Taylor Gusta 20 dias atrás
1600 horse easy
Borut Goli
Borut Goli 21 dia atrás
Rubish of a project. This is not drivable car yet less street legal. Also with that massive engine up front weight distribution is all wrong. No air filter no belt cover no engine cover. This shit can only be drag raced on a sunny day. Probably not even that since you cant even fix idling and since there is no tourque limiter or idling control it is almost impossible to operate with the car.
Oliver Craner
Oliver Craner 9 dias atrás
@Borut Goli Get outta here man. What kind of idiot would think he was making this a daily driver? It’s a burnout car, educate yourself before making stupid comments like that. The car has come a long way since this video, this was obviously just an initial test, it hadn’t even been tuned at this point. SMH
Roadside Rescue
Roadside Rescue 21 dia atrás
Cant wait to see some new toast content. who else is here reminiscing? haha
Matias Pellegrino
Matias Pellegrino 21 dia atrás
Jajajajahah mark zuckemberg 's brother
Sheridan 21 dia atrás
It sounds like the devil himself
Clark Culver
Clark Culver 24 dias atrás
How much engine you want? Cleetus McFarland: yes.
fiyufiu 24 dias atrás
Why do these muscle cars idle that way? Why you can't make it idle like a 1.4l Mitsubishi?
Oliver Craner
Oliver Craner 9 dias atrás
fiyufiu Blower surge. It’s of kind hard to explain to someone who doesn’t know much about how EFI works... When an oversized supercharger is fitted to an engine with high lift cams, the ECU struggles to find a happy medium for a smooth idle. It’s basically the ECU leaning out the fuel to keep the RPM low, and then enriching it to stop it from stalling in a cycle that makes it surge like that. Although it can be smoothed out with fine tuning.
JoeCnNd 24 dias atrás
5:43 that guy became a statue.
JTC 25 dias atrás
I dont understand how any of this is affordable....
Oliver Craner
Oliver Craner 9 dias atrás
3 million+ views per week and a lot of things are affordable. That’s on top of his super successful merchandise and sell out live shows he has 6 or 7 times a year
def pitetti
def pitetti 25 dias atrás
"For my Doug score I'm gonna give this a..." Lol. Imagine if Doug drove some of these cars.
DJ80s 26 dias atrás
Why does the engine idle so sporadically at different speeds? Up and down, up and down. What's wrong?
Fire Tribal
Fire Tribal 7 dias atrás
It also could be blower surge... when the blower gets power it has higher revs... but yes. Probably the shape of the cams affect the idle
Joe Powell
Joe Powell 23 dias atrás
cam lope i believe
DJ80s 26 dias atrás
Smaug has awakened and he's hungry.
DERP 27 dias atrás
Toast looks soo good black, get that wrap off it
Alexandyr Mitew
Alexandyr Mitew 27 dias atrás
The turbo is going wrrum :D
Gowipe Yourass
Gowipe Yourass 27 dias atrás
That engine is sucking out all the oxegen in the room, im glad they didint pass out
Wadi 369
Wadi 369 28 dias atrás
When it started doing the surge idle I fell in love with big block chevy's, before I was more a small block windsor lover, now I need a big block chevy blower in my life.
Taufiq ayob
Taufiq ayob 29 dias atrás
845.5 hp
It's Quyy
It's Quyy Mês atrás
Mark Zuckerberg has many talents
Fred Herbert
Fred Herbert Mês atrás
where are the mini burnouts at idle???
Paul Birkholz
Paul Birkholz Mês atrás
I'm gonna say 1103 hps
Tuong Lu Kim
Tuong Lu Kim Mês atrás
Muricaaaaaaa fuck yeah!
GeN__x__GaminG Mês atrás
Gasoline has entered the chat!
13ullet Mês atrás
What would it take to build my 1988 camaro?
Jean Vazquez
Jean Vazquez Mês atrás
OMG.... E.T. is sticking out your motor !
Baby_j 2k
Baby_j 2k Mês atrás
It is a z28 1995 camaro thats the one i have and it's wraped canni help me if you can email me I'll tell my location I'm pretty far from u though and the car is straight piped really loud!!
Baby_j 2k
Baby_j 2k Mês atrás
Can you help me out on my blocked camaro please
Blazein Boarder
Blazein Boarder Mês atrás
Take that fucking laptop and throw it out the god damn window.
Vega Puffin
Vega Puffin Mês atrás
why is a beuty effect on their faces?
RZA77 Mês atrás
Finally get to see some American Muscle that idle's like an Aussie car.
reggatto bonner
reggatto bonner Mês atrás
Mark Zuckerberg's doppelganger
Salteen Gamer
Salteen Gamer Mês atrás
I remember a buddy had a 1979 Ford F350 with a 460. It was a built truck on 44's and with a 3.50 it would smoke the tires. It took 10 gallons of gas to drive 10 miles to school. He took it in a road trip once and stopped at EVERY GAS STATION even with a 50 gallon tank.
ASAP Miras
ASAP Miras Mês atrás
Nobody in whole world: Americans:
Jared Pendry
Jared Pendry Mês atrás
i came to see the burnout. boooo..hisss
David Story
David Story Mês atrás
I love all the mountain dews
562handsomemike Mês atrás
Subtitles say “music” first time it goes over 25 mph. 😂
562handsomemike Mês atrás
You had me at ‘Cletus’
Adithyan A
Adithyan A Mês atrás
How quick is this Cleetus McFarland : It does 0 to 60 when idle
Adithyan A
Adithyan A 9 dias atrás
@Csyk Your reply made me laugh at my own comment 🤣🤣
Csyk 9 dias atrás
FEAR PORN Mês atrás
It's that raw instant power of a blower motor that's ALWAYS turned me off the Turbo cars.
MouseMan760 Mês atrás
10:40 you're welcome
Pete Zaragoza
Pete Zaragoza Mês atrás
What wheels are those and size please
Andi Mumxhiu
Andi Mumxhiu Mês atrás
So this is the sound of freedom I suppose
Jimmy Andersson
Jimmy Andersson Mês atrás
Everyone: How many horsepower? Cleetus: Yes
shXne Mês atrás
My dad has one of these but not looking like that.
mike west
mike west Mês atrás
That thing is a fucken monster. Damn the burnouts. That thing needs to be on the track.
Developer Dude
Developer Dude Mês atrás
Sweet honey bar b q dude!
JaggaTheBops Mês atrás
Damn, wonder what the mpg would be like lol
Csyk 9 dias atrás
1 highway. 0 city.
Balls Mahoney
Balls Mahoney Mês atrás
That’s the kinda vehicle you roam the wasteland in , eating dog food looking for gasoline
Chris Lawrence
Chris Lawrence Mês atrás
Sounds like y'all need some serious professional tuning. It shouldn't be surging or running so poorly at idle. Gonna ruin that motor in no time like that
PG Mês atrás
Beautiful car and set up but sounds like it is severely out of tune. Keep going. Go Chevy!
chris maplethorpe
chris maplethorpe Mês atrás
How many eco nutters could be sucked into the supercharger intake in one run
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