FIRST DRIVE In Our 10.3L Supercharged Big Block Camaro! **GRAB YOUR MULLETS**

Cleetus McFarland
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FINALLY, Toast goes on his first drive! Can't wait to see what he'll make on the dyno!
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Cleetus McFarland
12961 44th St N. Ste B
Clearwater, FL 33762
United States of America

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13 Set 2019



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Comentários 8 653
Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan 4 horas atrás
This car just sounds beasty...reminds me of "Zuul" from Ghostbusters 😂👹👹
Chad Trucker
Chad Trucker 6 horas atrás
Brake? You mean the sissy petal?
Mark Russ
Mark Russ 12 horas atrás
So happy for you... wow what a crazy build 👌
tom conner
tom conner 17 horas atrás
That surge gets old quick, Id either tune it with a sledgehammer along with the tuner or hit the kill everything switch!! OMFG!
tom conner
tom conner 17 horas atrás
lobelifter 19 horas atrás
FYI: methanol will absorb water/moisture. Add some redline alcohol additive and cover the supercharger, hat and valve covers with plastic trash bags. The ocean air will etch your hard work polishing. Good luck. Be safe please.
mccullough87 20 horas atrás
So u fuel that thing with foreign cars and balls right?
Walter Shulas
Walter Shulas 22 horas atrás
1450 horsepower baby
Jerry Cain
Jerry Cain 22 horas atrás
Change the top hose for one that fits.
billy manilli
billy manilli 23 horas atrás
Ya know, I was just gonna scroll down and suggest, if you guys were suspecting the butterflies leaking, throw a piece a cardboard across it... and along comes James literally 3 seconds later with a piece of cardboard! edit 9:54 - looks like ya gotta tighten up those good ol' tilt column bolts! ;D She's baaaad arse machine there boys! My 6yo boy is in LOVE with it! I love it too! Looks Awesome with the "Pro Star XP's" too. ps .. I really gotta learn to finish the vid first before commenting... LOL
Joe Nels
Joe Nels Dia atrás
check out shane catalanos surge ...idle from hell
Ev Dia atrás
I heard this big ole hunk of freedom has exactly 6900 hp
Savage_Gamer55 Dia atrás
All noise no speed
Dajuan Epps
Dajuan Epps Dia atrás
Between 1300hp to 1400hp
swansmeister Dia atrás
Jay 80
Jay 80 Dia atrás
I have never heard a car make that supercharge noise,that car is scary
mynameisray Dia atrás
haha, that thing isn't 10.3 L
Luke brooke Indiarna Reeve
You’re coming to aus? Please tell me Summernats! Will see you there
Wayne Carroll
Wayne Carroll Dia atrás
Awesome build.
LOL you guys are gonna twist that frame to hell. A buddy of mine had an '87 that he used to drag. Twisted the frame to the point that the t-tops wouldn't go in anymore. I predict something similar in your future 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍
Hirthirt hirt
Hirthirt hirt 2 dias atrás
what for you always need that shitty small steeringwheels
doucheonmandick d
doucheonmandick d 2 dias atrás
CAR QUESTION !!! How does a motor that was originally a 5.7 I belive become a 10.3?? like the camaro
Randy bobandy
Randy bobandy Dia atrás
Different engine man
Brandon Lee Oehlson
Brandon Lee Oehlson 2 dias atrás
Sweet honey barbecue 😂😂😂 Thass badass
Eduardo Ramos
Eduardo Ramos 2 dias atrás
3000 hp look like
mak nak
mak nak 3 dias atrás
the 1.2k dislikes was Gretta Thunberg making a bunch of accounts "hOW DarE YoU"
Anthony Laudano
Anthony Laudano 3 dias atrás
What year Z28.I have a 92 aniversrey Z28 that I ordered bought new back in 92 and the best part I still own it and it has only 16thousand original miles on it. Back in 92 they only built around 5000 Z28.I have only seen 2 ever besides mine.Yah it's a whopping 235hp but leather T TOPS.LOADED.Back in 92 it was on pare with the mustangs and Firebirds on the road.But it is definitely out gunned today but I don't care there a beautiful car.Also something I found out over the years is the rear wing was designed by FERRARI. cool.
Brady Dalton
Brady Dalton 3 dias atrás
Sick send itttt merica!!!! Lmao
Boss McMurder
Boss McMurder 3 dias atrás
Cletus gots a mullet.
Jon Warsheski
Jon Warsheski 3 dias atrás
A big bad and blown rat Chevy , love it !
Colby Carwyle
Colby Carwyle 3 dias atrás
Bunch of Pussys want smash dat hoe to the floor.
Cody Haar
Cody Haar 3 dias atrás
It looks like he barely broke 30. Plus, that thing sounds like it’s gonna break down any minute.
Jakeb Graf
Jakeb Graf 3 dias atrás
What the fuck do you know scrub?
Noah Tucker
Noah Tucker 3 dias atrás
Livin the mullet life sense 2017
Yazzy Fresh
Yazzy Fresh 3 dias atrás
Grab your mullets😂😂
kurtw356 4 dias atrás
Jesus H Cri--, I'd like to have that in a 4th Gen but still cool in a 500$ car
majinkaos 4 dias atrás
Name it the slowmaro 😂
Ranjit 4 dias atrás
Why is it cold? I thought compresson air made it hot.
Patrick Carson
Patrick Carson 4 dias atrás
George Dennison
George Dennison 4 dias atrás
What breaks first? Axle? Spiders? U-joint? LOL
George Dennison
George Dennison 4 dias atrás
Since you said you do learn from comments, here's one for you. I got tired of rusty coolant, and saw a lot of it from sawpoing motors, breaking motors, etc. So, I contacted a couple of anti-freeze manufacturers, (with an actual letter, cause long distance was way expensive, and there was no computers, except in the military). I asked them if I could run straight anti-freeze, in my hot rods. What I was told was you get no better freeze protection, and no worse high temp protection. The functionality of the coolant at 100%, is no different than 50/50, but since I was looking for that; go for it. After that, I could drain the stuff, without rust, and reuse it, instead of having a rusty mess. It does help, of course, everybody laughed at me, for wasting my money, but then they laughed at me for wearing gloves to work on cars, too. GeoD
Johney taylor
Johney taylor 4 dias atrás
Why is that supercharger so cold??
Frankie Bagz
Frankie Bagz 4 dias atrás
And a tesla would prolly destroy it lol
Jared Standlea
Jared Standlea Dia atrás
Frankie Bagz no
osulxa 4 dias atrás
put this car on the Netflix show Fastest Car!
Brent Kehler
Brent Kehler Dia atrás
@Pietje Puk when it goes into gear
Pietje Puk
Pietje Puk 2 dias atrás
Sorry, the honda beats it 😂
RobB 4 dias atrás
You drove it like a school girl on the 1st run. You don’t deserve to be behind the wheel of it, I hate witnessing these type of things. Clearly too afraid as to what might happen
ltn97 4 dias atrás
That POS wouldn’t pull a greasy string out of a cats a$$.
Alex Barnett
Alex Barnett 4 dias atrás
That's 2.721 us gallons 🇺🇸
Tyler Floyd
Tyler Floyd 4 dias atrás
Imma say it’s over 1000, you also need a custom hood
777jones 4 dias atrás
300 mph freedom car
Tanner Thompson
Tanner Thompson 5 dias atrás
You should have reved it when you were backing out to see how many car alarms you could set off
hi gay i'm dad
hi gay i'm dad 5 dias atrás
11:12 that little corolla probably shat itself
M Hawkins
M Hawkins 5 dias atrás
Make A Car Thirsty Again! Woot!
Sigmund Solo
Sigmund Solo 5 dias atrás
That kind of power should be in a big old resto-modded Cadillac hearse or something.
Steve Vachaviolos
Steve Vachaviolos 5 dias atrás
Wow i learned How to work on cars with firebirds And camaros.... Brings me back 👍
Tim Dederick
Tim Dederick 5 dias atrás
Good thing you played it safe and put on your shoulder-harness during your test drive
Kenneth Weis
Kenneth Weis 5 dias atrás
Ok 10.3 litter.... Can we say paper thin cylinder walls....this block will crack in less than 200 miles
yeasonwhat 3 dias atrás
Kenneth Weis I’m sure that’s not the case
rapture75 5 dias atrás
Is alive
Not Sure
Not Sure 5 dias atrás
I think it needs hondata.
Tony De La cruz
Tony De La cruz 5 dias atrás
ill say 1020 hp
Heather Glaser
Heather Glaser 6 dias atrás
Shanaigins 6 dias atrás
Love it, take time to upgrade the brakes while your emptying your wallet
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner 6 dias atrás
Im hate the noise these cars make, i purposely bought a v6 Camaro so i wouldnt have to hear shit like this
yeasonwhat 3 dias atrás
Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard
dabosssr24 4 dias atrás
You must be a foreigner. #Merica #baldeagles
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