Finland's president reveals what Putin told him on phone call

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Finland's President Sauli Niinistö discusses his phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin after Finland announced their intention to join NATO.

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14 Mai 2022



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Refreshingly honest, calm and balanced. Pity there are not more leaders like him in politics.
As a Finnish citizen, I can confirm he actually is exactly like represented on this interview. I notice he isn't quite as well-spoken in English as he is in Finnish, but he's been super nice to everyone around him. Then again, Finland has had very similar history as far as the presidents go: not confrontational at all.
Maru D
I'm really surprised how people are amazed that President speaks briefly and honestly - don't politicians should be like him? It should be a norm : you ask precise question, they answer directly.
Kyle Erickson
Imagine how nice it must be having a well-spoken leader who can form coherent sentences and give a great interview. Must be nice
And you wonder why Finland has been considered the happiest country in the world. Such levity, and sincerity based upon a clear-eyed practicality!
annag cocl
As an American I can just say on the behalf of all of us here, we wish we had a President who was as articulate and outspoken as this man. May God Bless Sauli Niinisto!
He actually answers the questions he's being asked. Quite refreshing for a politician.
Daniel G
Direct, straight to the point. All you need from a President.
Just Arkon
I love ️ this guy. He’s a definition of how a leader should be. Calm, open and simple.
viiont eooiy
Wow, he handled her loaded questions very well -- clearly, calmly, openly and honestly.. Wouldn't it be great if more political leaders were like this?
I am Finnish-Canadian, but have grown up in Canada my whole life. However, I have been to Finland many times, and he is what all Finns are like. I call them icemen. Reserved and straight to the point. In Finland there is very little smalltalk, they call it bullshit-talk and hate to dance around a subject with an obvious answer. Like if you said to someone "The weather's so shit today" they would just respond yes or no, that's it. If you spend an evening talking to a friend you will learn everything about them in that one instance. It is very difficult to lie to them because once you use too many words, they see the dishonesty or hesitation in your answer. There is a saying in Finland that kind of reflects the way they speak, "Talk is silver, but silence is gold."
Ah.. a real leader who knows what he’s talking about and doing with a demeanor of trust.. must be nice Finland. Be proud of this great president. 🇫🇮
The thing with our Finnish president is that he sees himself as equal as anyother finn and is not above anyone. Care about everybody else. This was really seen a few years ago when he travelled from Finland he was in economy class on the aircraft reading a newspaper or when he went on a for him interesting event at a auditorium and the seats were full so he saw that and sat down in the staircase and was 100% fine with that and didnt want to disturb anyone or when he was as a president shoveling snow from his own home and journalists photographed him and basicly told them that its fun to do these normal things. Theres alot of high rank people that can learn from him!
She Billings
Visited Finland many years ago and having now travelled widely I can say it is the one country I have been most drawn to and have only good memories of. Lovely people who are gentle but so strong. The perfect combination! Wish I was a Finn!
Al Kaholic
This guy picks his words to perfection. I could be given days to write a concise flawless response to her questions, and still not come up with an answer as good as he does, and English is my native language!
John Candle Wick
I like this president. Calm, collected and without unnecessary speech
Max LB
Gotta love how he speaks. No exaggerating, dramatising. Simple and reasonable. Seems like a good man. Wishing Finland all the best and be safe!
ro c
Wow. A politician that is introspective and thoughtful before he speaks. To the point of being pensive. Sauli Niinisto exudes peaceful co-existence and harmony. He sets the bar high for a quorum of permissive inclusiveness. Refreshing.
Claire Cronin
The news reporter really bugged me. Kept trying to trip him up on what he said. She also looked like she was going to burst into tears at any moment. Hats off to this man for keeping cool, calm and collected. If only all leaders had the integrity this man does
Davy P
I wish more presidents and heads of state were as calm and answered as well as him.
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