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It's up to one boyband to fight for the heart and Seoul of South Korea.
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Ardyn's voice & Others by Jimothy Ross:
0:00 Intro
1:12 The Saga of Silly Names
4:05 Some Crimes Can Never Be Forgiven
5:31 Noctis Goes Grave Robbing for 20 Hours
8:22 Noctis vs. God
10:34 The Game has Stopped Being Coherent
12:12 How to Break the Entire Game
14:57 Conclusion


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26 Set 2021



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Comentários 2 953
Child Nightmare
Child Nightmare 34 minutos atrás
The fucking turtle
Steam Park
Steam Park Dia atrás
This is the Squid Game + Hellbound everyone was talking about…
Grakyal Yonmik
Grakyal Yonmik Dia atrás
i feel like i skipped half of the end bosses somehow i dont remember any of them except for the dancing fire monkey
LegitScoper Dia atrás
6:35 You CAN drive freely if you Modify you Regalia into Type D
sebastian con
sebastian con 2 dias atrás
the only good thing it contributed was for more hentai videla did nothing wrong
Kal Trex
Kal Trex 2 dias atrás
I know! Shouldnt have put first part in a movie, getting teased returning to city (should have inserted trailer scene to escape), dreams, the dlc should have been in not a book. Shouldn’t have made multiplayer. Needed more villain scenes, why am I describing what a good video game should have done…? Lol
Rafif Cahya
Rafif Cahya 3 dias atrás
What is this? A transistor's music? Holy shiet nice!
Hawkeye Gough
Hawkeye Gough 3 dias atrás
What you're gonna wanna do is download fling ff15 trainer or cheat engine and a cheat table then multiply exp gain and wreck everything
Claude 3 dias atrás
I thought the shrinking Adamantoise was a Maxor edit today I learnt that it REALLY looked like that in the game. I couldn’t stop laughing when my friend showed me how it was done because all I could hear was maxor saying “That’s a lot of xp “.
neao SMT
neao SMT 3 dias atrás
I am the bone of my sword unknown to life and unknown to death Unlimited blade works
Frenzied Unicorn Productions
I have never seen more professional overediting in my entire life. Holy fuck. I can only imagine that you Actually NEED to have ADHD to pull off this script alone. And thats not meant as an Insult, its actually really impressive. As a fellow editor, albeit not this insane, I salute the absolutely endless hours flown into doing this thing. Cheesus. I think my Ram Melted from thinking about rendering this thing alone. Seriously, this is Impressive as all fuck.
No Name
No Name 5 dias atrás
Hey can anyone tell me the music at the start of noctis vs god part
The End.
The End. 6 dias atrás
Have to say, as someone who played the game once at launch, the game is a hell of a lot more meaty compared to then going by what Im seeing here. All the lore behind the gods wasn't there, the CBT dungeon and ring were even worse, character switching never existed, all the real intro cutscenes to bosses were never there. They sorta just appeared and then died. Also bahamut wasn't even speaking english as was speakin some wierd ass language they made up, so you NEEDED subtitles on to understand that shit. It was a messy game that slowly got better over time, but even now feels half cocked and unfinished and will remain that way.
IV LUX 6 dias atrás
4:16 caught me off guard
PG 8 dias atrás
Is this the royal version or the vanilla version?
Alphu5_ 8 dias atrás
wait. I swear I had subscribed before. Idk what's going on. No wonder I didn't get a new video from Maxor. I'm not sure if the YT got bugged again or is it my onset Dementia creeping in.
Nicolas Calvez
Nicolas Calvez 8 dias atrás
This man is a comedy genius.
Marethyu 9 dias atrás
6 gods..... Unlimited Blade Works... everyone who understood this reference: "I am... the bone of my sword."
W. Thomas
W. Thomas 10 dias atrás
i unironically fucking loved this game for the sheer level of spectacle and nonsense on display
M11_LoZ 10 dias atrás
5:18 this scene paired with this song reminds me of scene where Tima destroyed the Ziggurat and it’s surroundings in the anime film Metropolis
vladster 19
vladster 19 10 dias atrás
This is one of my favorite games so this video makes me happy
shizuwolf Howlajima
shizuwolf Howlajima 10 dias atrás
Yeah, if you want an actually fun action RPG, go with the Kingdom Hearts series. If you want to explore an open world with ACTUAL side content, go with the yakuza series. Hell, I’ll take FF Type-0 over 15
Lunam D. Roger
Lunam D. Roger 11 dias atrás
12:54 Actually, fun fact about that. On release, it did NOT work on the turtle. The devs UPDATED THE GAME to MAKE IT work on the turtle. But the thing is, Max0r didn't actually cover this properly, because it doesn't ALWAYS work on the turtle. It has a very small chance to. So the most efficient leveling method is to eat Lasagne, buy like 50 Hi-Elixirs, Try the ring, if it fails, take a Hi-Elixir and try again, rinse and repeat until it works, and then sleep at a specific room in the hotel in *Venezuela*
Zachary Ruttle
Zachary Ruttle 11 dias atrás
Ah yes, FFXV, or as I remember someone saying, "would you like to purchase this DLC to find out what happen?"
motivational pizza man
motivational pizza man 11 dias atrás
i got one of those alexa play something ads. it was kpop this time. i wonder why
Justin Kang
Justin Kang 11 dias atrás
Stayed for the awesome at the end from Transistor.
Obama Gaming
Obama Gaming 12 dias atrás
What was the song in the ending
JJG ThePerson
JJG ThePerson 12 dias atrás
As someone who literally fucking loves this game this video was both hilarious and 100% accurate thank you for giving me this beautiful 16 minute experience. Never seen one of ur videos before but I'm subbing now
Dynamatic Daniel
Dynamatic Daniel 13 dias atrás
YOU PLAYED PAPER BOATS?! You chad. It's such a good goddamn song, and I love it so much. Transistor was a brilliant game. What a good way to end a good video
The Widowed War-Vet
The Widowed War-Vet 13 dias atrás
Discovering the "car on rails" mechanic was the point where I had to stop and move on to better games. They ruined DRIVING in an open world game.. Square clearly lost their fukin minds or need to hire some smarter people because this game was a mess.
ManedWolfMonarch 13 dias atrás
A true man of culture, Ace Combat, Project Wingman and Cities Skylines? When will Project Zomboid be featured.
ChaseddiHondo 13 dias atrás
For the final picture I made Noctis take to the eternal afterlife, I chose a picture where Noctis was warp striking a Rhino's ass and it was one hell of an experience. 10/10
Nathanael J
Nathanael J 13 dias atrás
Each of these videos are somehow getting more chaotic than the last and I love it
UnicronPlanetMode 14 dias atrás
Eating that "lasagna" will kill you :(>>>>
UnicronPlanetMode 14 dias atrás
"This review is rated H for honest"
Del 14 dias atrás
It could´ve been worst...
Darktaku 231
Darktaku 231 14 dias atrás
For all the game's faults, which there are plenty, I did enjoy the concept of a road trip to save the world and think another game could perfect this concept. Great review!
Mousek801 14 dias atrás
The editing is the best explanation of what ADHD feels like irl.
ApexRex 15 dias atrás
I like this guy's style. Very fun.
Dennis Apostolakos
Dennis Apostolakos 15 dias atrás
Taking the piss of a game that is called... Final Fantasy... missing logic bro? play minecraft
Papa🅱️iscuit 16 dias atrás
Hol up Didn't Noctus' wife get fuckin ded?
Ethan Dehoff
Ethan Dehoff 16 dias atrás
Bro don’t be so mean I liked this game
Ethan Dehoff
Ethan Dehoff 16 dias atrás
You are aware there is a side quest that lets you upgrade your car so you can drive it off road?
#6 RNK
#6 RNK 16 dias atrás
K now im goin to watch anime lol
Zachary Parkhurst-Whidden
Bruh I will sub rn if you make a FFXII review like this.
Neon357 16 dias atrás
The Latin names are easier to tolerate when you consider other FF games have people named: Lightning Snow Cloud Squall Tidus But I’ll give this game credit, it made me appreciate my friends
Neon357 3 dias atrás
I thought of another: A man with a gun for a hand named Barrett
Lilac라일락 16 dias atrás
This is really funny, but looking at it as a review, he just rushed the game seeing how underleveled he is for the later bosses. If you find FFXV mandatory fights hard, it's probably your fault because they're very easy.
Patricio Bonatti
Patricio Bonatti 17 dias atrás
Para flaco no compares esto con argentina, nosotros estamos mucho peor que esto, ffxv es una obra maestra comparado al desastre que es el show de comedia que llamamos gobierno
Jeff Bezos without the pesos
I think the phrase "mustard after the meal" fits FF15 pretty well.
Jarl Balgruff_2211
Jarl Balgruff_2211 17 dias atrás
Can someone tell me the song used at 8:21? I've been searching a lot and have never found it :')
Jarl Balgruff_2211
Jarl Balgruff_2211 13 dias atrás
@Father Pucci Thank you so much :'D
Father Pucci
Father Pucci 14 dias atrás
Persona 4 Arena OST - Break Out Of
Kira Nanami Ch.
Kira Nanami Ch. 17 dias atrás
“John Fantasy” actually sounds like some male stripper name-
Garkz D
Garkz D 18 dias atrás
damn, i want to be banged by all the main crew
Wizard Scramble
Wizard Scramble 18 dias atrás
this review is totally so onpoint and also i got ff15 complete edition for $10 and i still feel robbed
Elanor Pam
Elanor Pam 19 dias atrás
poor nomura getting blasted for the game that got yanked out of his hands twice over-- first when his staff got drafted into fixing FFXIV and then when they just plonked "i love angst but i hate building up to it" tabata in his director chair
Ritesh Das
Ritesh Das 19 dias atrás
14:29 whatever your intentions, this scene feels badass with persona music
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 19 dias atrás
This is amazing and the metal gear rising boss themes only make Max0r’s utter insanity even better
ZorroLoco 19 dias atrás
14:17 is the funniest part to me
C 20 dias atrás
I only had this game for like two days, at the end of my xbox pass. I played maybe 3 hours, before being confused and giving up. And yet, it was somehow one of the most memorable gaming experienced I ever had in my life. I remember thinking: "Huh, so that's what it feels like when girls play AAA games whose pandering is for the other sex."
C 17 dias atrás
@zkme Seems legit
zkme 17 dias atrás
I remember I only cared about this FF because of the boys Still no regrets
Radhika Sudheer
Radhika Sudheer 20 dias atrás
I love how London Resident has fucking Roblox sword sounds
The Frozen Octave
The Frozen Octave 20 dias atrás
Is Jimothy Ross voicing Ardyn?
Iza Y
Iza Y 20 dias atrás
you can't hide morshu saying "bombs" at 5:25 i see you
steve McLovin
steve McLovin 20 dias atrás
I don't remember half of these animations in game.
Lonewise Creatives
Lonewise Creatives 21 dia atrás
Sucks we didn't get the whole game. In the ending the creators wanted ardyn to get the ring and go to FIGHT buhamut leading the other kings. Just typing that is awesome.
Lonewise Creatives
Lonewise Creatives 21 dia atrás
They also explained why he's immortal in the book covering the intended ending.
TangoZulu85 21 dia atrás
PatStaresAt had his run finish with a picture of Cup Noodles and I laughed so hard I sobbed for minutes.
Andrew Medina
Andrew Medina 21 dia atrás
I love Iris! Oh shit I thought this was /v
Flutterdark 21 dia atrás
for some parts of this vid i really wish i had a "used songs" list so i could get some. like the start of chapter 5
MrChrisW 21 dia atrás
the conclusions are probably my most favoruite parts
Mohammed Alssamra'ey
Mohammed Alssamra'ey 21 dia atrás
Did you just use the ancient Sumerian text?
Marinade 21 dia atrás
I need to know; what is playing at 4:04?
Marinade 14 dias atrás
@Father Pucci Thank you very much.
Father Pucci
Father Pucci 14 dias atrás
Metal Gear Rising OST - The Only Thing I Know for Real
FNaFGamer 246
FNaFGamer 246 22 dias atrás
As a fan of FFXV and Ardyn, this is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever watched in my life.
SkyWoofYT 22 dias atrás
I literally did not experience half of this shit and literally cheesed Ardyn with my unlimited supply of healing items
Arnaldo Bermudez
Arnaldo Bermudez 22 dias atrás
What is the song at the end?
Father Pucci
Father Pucci 14 dias atrás
Transistor OST - Paper Boats
Color Green
Color Green 22 dias atrás
Just for that cup noodle segment and how funny you made it, I’d eat a worm
Beastwolf1 22 dias atrás
I like how you didnt bother to explain how noctis Dies then comes back for the real ending
Blitz the odst
Blitz the odst 23 dias atrás
9:26 nah thats just early roman history
Dylan J
Dylan J 23 dias atrás
I actually loved this game but i respect your opinion
bobsauce100 23 dias atrás
Great video, man. I wish I would've known about the turtle trick when I initially played the game. I grinded for rare coins so I could synthesize them into magical spells that gave me EXP and I didn't realize how much of a JRPG sentence that was until I put it down jfc.
José Ricardo
José Ricardo 23 dias atrás
Incredible as always, what you do, Sir, is not simple youtube videos, but pieces of art.
Christian Harris
Christian Harris 23 dias atrás
Totally accurate
Cammy 23 dias atrás
Forgot to mention that a good deal of the budget went towards just hair design and physics
Red wyvn
Red wyvn 23 dias atrás
Music list?
Gannie Lukks
Gannie Lukks 24 dias atrás
You're wrong I win, bye bye
TheJollySoviet 24 dias atrás
I love that, since max0r's editing and script force a constant physical, mental, emotional, and metaphysical assault on my quasi-present sentience, you can watch his videos over again and see something you missed the last time, every time. So despite his videos being 15 minutes, it's really like 45 minutes to an hour worth of content.
ichiqwerty 24 dias atrás
Nearly passed out laughing when noctis showed his dead wife the cat pic I chose at the end
undeadslayer 1997
undeadslayer 1997 24 dias atrás
This guy's editing is amazing I'm happy I found this channel
Memento _Mori
Memento _Mori 25 dias atrás
What's the song name that plays at 5:00
Father Pucci
Father Pucci 14 dias atrás
Ace Combat 4 OST - Megalith
laundry basket gamers
laundry basket gamers 25 dias atrás
Wtf is this video
Gabriel Ferreira
Gabriel Ferreira 25 dias atrás
You can Skip de boat
Nagatoro 25 dias atrás
genshin part 2 when :c
Valenorn 26 dias atrás
Im trying to remember so hard the song at 4:58. Like its there but cant remember it
Father Pucci
Father Pucci 25 dias atrás
One word: Megalith
Nd 26 dias atrás
can i get the song name at the end of the video ?
Nd 25 dias atrás
@Father Pucci thanks
Father Pucci
Father Pucci 25 dias atrás
Transistor OST - Paper Boats
Blue Buncle
Blue Buncle 26 dias atrás
I dont even know if he was being serious or not but the editing and (possible) jokes in this along with with the hilarious glitches made watching this a blast. Its a great video to watch and the time and effort of this project shows the creator had fun
Christian 26 dias atrás
You should review Metroid Dread. It's a really great game
Hugo van Dam
Hugo van Dam 26 dias atrás
This is the baffling game design disaster you've ever seen? In that case you should give Hunt Down the Freeman a try :P
Jaehee Albert Choi
Jaehee Albert Choi 26 dias atrás
Korean here. ....Please give us tutorial videos on how to write stuff like you do.
Battyz_digger01 27 dias atrás
Me when the the is uh the me the when me the when the the uh the me when the he is the uh
Solaire of Astora
Solaire of Astora 27 dias atrás
Ohio.....wait OH FUCK YOU!! but you right
UTK 27 dias atrás
It's been a month Maxor, You still owe us a review
Yuuki 27 dias atrás
Why does this guy sounds like he's making an ad or something lmao
IronCacti 27 dias atrás
Just out of curiosity what video editor and voice editor do you use?
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