Final Fantasy 14 in 2021 New Player Review | Is it Good? | PC

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Merchant 4 meses atrás
As of review this is based on my first 46 hours in Final Fantasy XIV, playing a Bard and getting to the end of ARR's main story. I stream the game pretty often these days too on so drop me a follow and come say hi :)
Sommes 8 dias atrás
Thank you! This was a big help to me since I've been on-and-off the boat of "should I try FFXIV?" I think I'm going to give it a go!
Alee Enn
Alee Enn 25 dias atrás
This is the first video of yours I have seen, and I must say, it's a great video, thank you. The only thing I could think about though, was how much you sound like TotalBiscuit (RIP). Please forgive me if you've heard that before.
Rexin92 Sin
Rexin92 Sin Mês atrás
@Merchant sorry I was under the impression u could. I swore you could but apparently I was wrong. Loved the video trying out ff14 as we speak cuz of ur video
Merchant Mês atrás
@Rexin92 Sin You can't strip it from a Twitch VOD, that is false.
Rexin92 Sin
Rexin92 Sin Mês atrás
Why put the face came in if it's not the narration face came. U can strip the face cam off if ur ripping the video from ur twitch vod so why leave it in? Serious question not hating
mads jensen
mads jensen 4 horas atrás
Looks like a shitty game i must say
Crimphanto Dia atrás
I'd play this game if it weren't for it's subscription-based montetization even AFTER I payed for DLC. Makes no sense to me.
Takeuchi 2 dias atrás
does FFXIV have raids and dungeons and stuff? With guilds and such things like that?
amouramarie 2 dias atrás
Just want to say, I played a little FFX on PS2, never finished it, and that's my sum total experience with Final Fantasy. I've never felt that I'm missing anything while playing 14. I'm sure that, as you said, there's a lot of extra insight or easter eggs for people who have finished a FF game or two or ten. If you never have, though, you'll be just fine. It stands on its own perfectly well with no holes in the story or confusing references or anything like that. If you packaged FFXIV up with a different title and played it as a one-off non-franchise game, it would work just fine like that.
TheBruuz 4 dias atrás
I played one char to lvl 80, and I finally just can't get into it. The world looks very artificial, it's structures are unnaturally symmetrical and therefor quite boring, and the mobs in the world are just plastered all over the place with no real life to them. Way too many quests that have me running all over the map clicking stuff or npcs, without really having me do anything else. Endgame you have so many hotkeys it gets quite convoluted. This is a game for ppl that like long drawn out storylines they can get into.
Off Limits
Off Limits 4 dias atrás
Looks really boring honestly. Who wants to play an mmo to level lmao
Audi Maelstrom
Audi Maelstrom 4 dias atrás
3:24 like bellato union from rising force game. i might wanna try this game, miss MMORPG so much
gruenerLutscher 6 dias atrás
tried the game till level 51 and in my opinion it's one of the worst mmorpgs I have ever played. not to say that it is obviously appealing to some players since it does have fans. but I don't even know where to start with the faults. the combat system feels slow and unimpactful even at level 50. besides the music there's next to no sound in the world or voice acting (even during cut szenes). the system SE has with the login and servers seems unstable sometimes and confusing which can be easily seen from some comments in the steam community about their issues even puchasing it. quests are standard fetch quests, the story is slow and uninspired and the glam system needs a major overhaul. you can even pay to skip the story, which some even recommend especially after arr main story (since then you have to do about 100 pointless quests with next to no rewards or other progress to unlock heavensword and the proper level 50+ content)! I'm happy for the people that can enjoy it, but I will stick with basically anything else. I really don't understand the recent hype. plus the community is so over protective of it's game, that any person / content creator voicing a different oppinion gets buried in dislikes and passive-aggressive comments. it just seems like some players in that community are a bit immature. so if you wanna try it use the free trial and see for yourself. everyones taste is thankfully different. cheers.
Mulberry2000 7 dias atrás
The game is junk, setting up an account is a nightmare, it does no recognised CODES IT SENDS. Avoid.
Vejitasei 8 dias atrás
I do not worship Slaanesh, but I think that female body armor should be both impractical and sexy... Perfectly normal...
Wall Paint
Wall Paint 9 dias atrás
That was a very good video ty
Henry White
Henry White 9 dias atrás
I like your tone and pace and you hit all the things I needed to know. Great vid. Thanks!
mxzplx78 [not for kids]
This game is at best a free to play game. You are basicly picking which skin you want to play with as your character can end up becoming any class in the end. Not to mention there is apparently a potion that can make you a different race at the end of A Realm Reborn that can make you a different race, so even picking your race doesn't matter in the end. Everything about this game just screams nothing matters. Instead of remaining a free adventurer, you are forced into the military of one of the 3 governments. You have to choose one or you can't continue the story, and in the end it doesn't matter which one you choose because they are all the same. There is no choice in this game, there is no walking down a path and having your decisions mean something. There is no picking talents or playing as the character you choose to be. There is no point in paying a monthly fee for a game that has no depth in it's world, where you are forced to give up your class that you chose at the beginning for another, though it doesn't matter as you can be any class. Meaning your class has no value, your character has no value and as such, this game has value to it. This entire video was just one big promotion for the game.
MyPetEskimo 10 dias atrás
Is the game finished?? Didn’t this game come out like 10years ago?
Dave Bernstein
Dave Bernstein 10 dias atrás
i REALLY want to give ffxiv a chance, but the fact it has no real pvp just makes it impossible to wanna play it i love mmo pvp and wow bgs and arenas, it has always been the reason i bother playing wow, ranked ladder ingeneral and making a name for yourself has always been my thing, its pretty much my whole life and pvp is pretty much my only reason to wanna live and lately wow have been pretty shit and you can clearly tell the legacy and reason to make a name for yourself in that game has died, tbc is pretty much the only thing left going for them and if it wasn't for the fact i knew tbc classic would come out after vanilla i would probably just done a reckful and killed myself already, but tbc wont probably last long then its back to a meaningless life i pray ffxiv will focus the pvp soon for players like me, or that AoC will have good pvp
Xandre Pearcy
Xandre Pearcy 11 dias atrás
MMOs like this...I've always wanted to like... but I can't. It's just... not a game in my opinion. It's a time wasting simulator.
Xandre Pearcy
Xandre Pearcy 10 dias atrás
@J Mac depends if you're like me and find clicking on enemies one after another just waiting for them to die to since and repeat until your the next level up to beat the next bunch of enemies in the same fashion over and over to eventually reach a boss battle that requires some thinking fun. I can't comment on ratchet and clank because i havent played it. Rocket league however, requires a level of focus and skill at most times to be good at it. If you applied the same kind of focus used in an mmo for rocket league i can only imagine you might be a very bad player at RR. It's definatley not a click til its over game. I havent played it for a while, but i enjoy rocket league, because every match is different depending who you play. In an mmo... well, you grind. You drink and grind. And that numbs my brain.... which is not for me.
J Mac
J Mac 10 dias atrás
How is that different to any game? I've never played an MMO but it seems no more wasteful than wasting time playing Rocket League or Ratchet Clank or any other game really?
ASHER 11 dias atrás
What are the recommended pc specs for this game?
BDS44 12 dias atrás
tought of giving this a try but those low graphics are a big no no for me.
MaadHats 9 dias atrás
Sounds like you don't have fun playing video games
Nathan 12 dias atrás
I’d be more enticing if they dropped the monthly subscription that payment method is a thing of the past.
Michael Knight
Michael Knight 5 dias atrás
A thing of the past? you have no idea how MMOs work do you. You should just delete this XD.
Michael Knight
Michael Knight 5 dias atrás
hahahah F2P turns all games into shit.
Nathan 12 dias atrás
See all the story content and just the fact that it’s number 14 is intimidating like when I play games I don’t expect to be reading lord of the rings amounts of text and story. I want to play games not read them.
Yvonne La Plante
Yvonne La Plante 13 dias atrás
is P2W?
chazdoit 14 dias atrás
So weird that people have to be warned about catgirls in this game, imagine a review of wow saying "be warned there are fox people, pandas and goat people in this game" Anyways, I remember watching some gwent videos here before. Nice to see you reviewing ffxiv!
Troy Kelly
Troy Kelly 14 dias atrás
If the gameplay was like Black Desert, I’d play forever
AF Rules
AF Rules 15 dias atrás
Just played till lvl 20. Boring as hell.
RetroCNY 15 dias atrás
Started playing it last week after having spent the last 16 odd years playing WoW on and off. I've had friends of mine in the past who had quit WoW, try to convince me to play FF14 with them but I always shrugged it off and had zero interest. It wasn't until these past few weeks with all the momentum and buzz the game has been getting, most of all some of WoW's biggest content creators like Bellular and Asmongold. Bellular talking about the game and Asmongold deciding to give it a try convinced me that there wasn't any harm in trying the game out, especially considering I love JRPGs and Final Fantasy games in general. You know how it goes though, if you've been playing WoW all these years, you sort of get into this "locked in" mentality regarding the genre, that nothing could possibly be better than WoW, despite it's glaring faults, so what's the point of trying one of it's competitors when it's just going to let me down inevitably? That's how I felt about it and other mmorpgs that have been popular over the last few years. Guild Wars 2 was another one I wanted to try, but just never could bring myself to do it. Needless to say, I really, *really* regret not picking up XIV earlier. This game feels polished, it feels authentic in that it's not trying to be WoW or anything other than a Final Fantasy game. It feels like a true passion project. The story has been great so far and only gets better in the later expansions from everything I've read. The class/job system is absolutely incredible. Being able to perform any role, play any job, all on ONE character should you so desire, it's just fantastic. No bullshit with having to re-spec for each different kind of content, no struggling to find a raid spot if you play a non-optimal class/spec, or even a class that isn't FOTM at the time, etc. The combat system is far more responsive, intuitive and fun than I expected it was going to be, especially given the longer GCD when compared with WoW. It's absolutely one of the better mmorpg combat systems I've experienced so far, though WoW is still the king in that department I believe. The gearing system seems far more deterministic with clear BiS items that can be deterministically and legitimately chased by the player, rather than having to play the slot machine with regards to say getting the item out of a mythic+ cache at the start of the week, hoping it rolls the right secondary stats and that it's the right item level, etc. Or going weeks and weeks without seeing the items you need drop for YOU, thanks to the asinine decision to force personal loot in raids. There's so many things I can go on about, but I'll stop rambling. Bottom line, I'm enjoying the shit out of this game. And the momentum and buzz this game is getting right now is unreal. Seeing someone like Asmongold stream FF14 to 200,000+ viewers, was something I thought I'd never see being he's a die-hard WOW player. I just think a lot of people in the community are reaching the point with Blizzard where enough is enough and something has to give. I mean, they've now released two objectively mediocre(some would even say outright terrible) expansions in a row, and that's never happened before over for WoW. Usually they release a bad expansion, and follow it up with one that's universally praised. They now just went 8+ months without a content patch in Shadowlands and there's zero hype at all surrounding this new patch and new raid release. It's really no wonder at all why FF14 is seeing such a huge influx of new players right now.
Hella Sketch
Hella Sketch 18 dias atrás
Niche pvp community, weeb aesthetics, clunky menus….everything I don’t want to be playing, yet all my homies play this and tell me it’s amazing. I just can’t get myself into it! Oh wellz
MrFrosty Vlogs
MrFrosty Vlogs 20 dias atrás
it looks like a mobile game
Furry squirrel
Furry squirrel 21 dia atrás
Its boring. Linear game since it is RPG based and not open world based. Not my kind of game. But its well built.
Francisco Maia
Francisco Maia 21 dia atrás
Ranger seems so slow by being limited to 3 sec global cooldown
Mario Nardoni
Mario Nardoni 21 dia atrás
Started it today, put 3 hours in. Didn’t realize conjurer led to healing. I never play healing classes, but so far it’s refreshing, pun intended.
Mario Nardoni
Mario Nardoni 21 dia atrás
@Syed Akib Uddin Alam within the first hour of playing people already wanted to help me, it’s so refreshing seeing a lot of people all at once. Reminds me of the first few years of GW2.
Syed Akib Uddin Alam
Syed Akib Uddin Alam 21 dia atrás
Is this game social?
Elijah Harris
Elijah Harris 22 dias atrás
Is it worth starting this game on ps4/ps5
Jon K
Jon K 13 dias atrás
yes, i only play on controller and i've cleared most of the hardest content in the game. it's definitely built for it.
Zanman 22 dias atrás
Imagine if Square ENIX was honest. "Complete edition" wouldn't exist
Notorious Schwartz
Notorious Schwartz 22 dias atrás
I've recently switched to FF from WoW because of this review, no regrets.
TsukuyomiFox 24 dias atrás
Just to note there are exp boost servers for beginners so some servers offer extra exp boost to help level up faster and if you top that with aerheryte earnings or exp boost jewellery that comes with expansions and purchasing versions of the game and further stack with exp boost outfits like Far East maiden outfits that you can buy from the mog station store you can easily reach lvl 80+ in no time before finishing the base game and moving onto the expansions
Bee 25 dias atrás
FFXIV is a single player mmo "RPG"
Diomes 25 dias atrás
ohh i see you never tried it. my bad
Diomes 25 dias atrás
wow soundtrack just miles better. fact
E S K A B A N 25 dias atrás
catgirl game explained by pure testosteronic voice, love the contrast
Dan Williams
Dan Williams 25 dias atrás
Can't remember which FF it was, but back when Ocarina of Time was out, I played it right after playing Zelda, and I was sure I'd be disappointed. Boy was I wrong. It was better than Zelda.
tomas siba
tomas siba 26 dias atrás
Fuck this cant even make a acc
Fang Haur Foo
Fang Haur Foo 26 dias atrás
I bought this game thru Steam years ago... till now I still cannot log in to play. Really don't know what gone wrong even after I wrote multiple email to Square to ask for help. And the system to reset Square Enix account is just as disaster and messy or I am just too stupid to understand how it work.
Brandon Dimopoulos
Brandon Dimopoulos 26 dias atrás
I heard it was very questie right out the gate. I got the game a few years back and never played it. Sadly steam banned me because of a refund on Marvel Avengers so I lost my game I had purchased. Now I was thinking about it recently and really hesitant on buying it again to give it a go. Im stuck in limbo and this bloody sucks.
Squinchy 27 dias atrás
I have very bad short term memory loss. And because of that I always aproach most multiplayer games as solo as I can mostly to avoid frustrating others. But when I got into dungeons as a healer which is my favorite class because I love helping people, I was met with the same kindness boasted about in this video. I was so good at my job I made a lot of friends very fast and people where more than patient with letting me get used to map layouts and boss patterns. And unlike most games where guys are picked on for using a female charactor model, I was complemented often even by female gamers for my aesthetic taste as I don't just dress in ribbons and the aesthetics features in this game let me show that. I have been called "walking immortality" by guildmates. And I love it.
Smoothly Rough
Smoothly Rough 27 dias atrás
Df just did a from start to ps5 for this game. One reason I jumped back in on pc, from the ps4
Jonny Croxville
Jonny Croxville 27 dias atrás
"Chilling out and meandering through some story piece by piece. While also spending an unhealthy amount of time fishing". I am pretty much sold right there not going to lie. Especially the fishing. Yep I am that psycho. Proudly :)
Evo -SkyCat-
Evo -SkyCat- 28 dias atrás
Played for 4 years and no other MMO is as nice with players. but again... its a super grinding game but that story is perfect.. after the story.. its just a brain dead daily grind... soo i quit over this.. and refuse to go back.. tho i have thought about it. but i wont go down that road anymore...
Tarolo Hely
Tarolo Hely 28 dias atrás
We tried a bunch of MMOs, and couldn't stand FFXIV. Cringe over the top weebfest, in your face. Mechanics and otherwise it looked decent and interesting.
Chris A
Chris A 2 dias atrás
What up Jack
Armani Nguon
Armani Nguon 28 dias atrás
I want to play ff, was thinking about 14, it’s been awhile since I played the only ff I played was 7. Any suggestions for a “newbie”.
renragged 29 dias atrás
Looks awesome and sounds fun. I wish I had time to play. I can't wait to see what the future of gaming holds. I look forward to retiring and just playing games all the time.
Steven LaBarge
Steven LaBarge 29 dias atrás
The community sounds a bit too nice. I don't know...
ChrisOwen96 Mês atrás
It's a great game but what i will say is that square enix are useless in terms of support and the client on PC refuses to install for me, keeps failing, so i have to play on ps4 only
Invader Sqwid
Invader Sqwid Mês atrás
I'ma be honest bro, in my experience even in the real world, weebs are just incredibly chill people
lord dodos
lord dodos Mês atrás
What does that mean do i still have to pay 20 a mountain
Legend69 Mês atrás
I wish they remove the 14 and makes it just FF Online
Yud Peace
Yud Peace Mês atrás
Greetings adventurer of Eorzea. If it is going to be your first paid FFXIV subscription you can use this recruitment code (D8EMBYJT) in mog station site to get free in-game items such as +20%exp gear, brofist emote and chocobo feathers. As the code is 1-time use, only the first person to use the code will get them. Many thanks for your participation! May you ever walk in the light of the Crystal.
Artjom Mês atrás
hmmm it seems for me like a very casual mmo, fighting, looting, pvp, end game bosses. but its also not that new... i really hope some companies manage to bring some fresh air in th MMO world
blahblahgdp Mês atrás
ARR is gonna be rough. XD
Billy_Cross Mês atrás
Which coincidentally this game obviously is in MMORPG but if you took away from me massive numbers of players in the same world because if I recall this game is cross platform with everybody from all the wind farms being in the same world that’s what makes it an MMO you could all be playing chess with no character development at all assuming you were all sitting at a table side-by-side playing chess with their phone numbers players it would be an MMo
Billy_Cross Mês atrás
Did you keep using MMOSFHR me and Danny yeah I mean you’re using it out of context all an MO is the game with a bunch of wires in the same world that’s not an MMOS whether the MMR has RPG elements or a T-shirt or with first person elements or whether you would care and put it on or not whether you craft doesn’t matter what you do in the game and emoji’s mean her tons of people able to interact with each other. Using it like it has something to do with an RPG the only way to have anything to do with the RBG is different and MMORPGMMORPG
Justin Mês atrás
I'm not sure how people can say the quests were good in this game. Out of all the MMOs I've played its by far the slowest paced worst quests. Going back and forth between Lolis with walls of text isn't good content... fetch quests aren't good.
TheRealLink Mês atrás
As a fellow BRD, welcome to FFXIV! Glad you're enjoying FFXIV ;) Your "starting too late" comments couldn't be more true and yes, especially as someone who really loves the narrative and who had no issue with "taking the time to relax and wait" ;). I love how much there is too do but yet, also how much is optional and *not* forced to do, aside from the MSQ.
Dididererste Mês atrás
the community gets worse as you progress through the game and get to later dungeons/raids, whenever i see people praising the community or saying its perfect, i feel like they are lying to themselves and whats even more sad, lying to others/the public. as much as i love ff14 the game itself (10/10) if i had to rate it with the community its a 6.5/10 , especially in shadowbringers where the difficulty raises , you start to get more and more negative people and also people who still dont have a clue what the boss symbols mean above their head, and when you ask them if they dont know and if they need help - in 70% of cases you are the toxic one even if you didnt make any negative comment and just wanted to help out. by far shadowbringers was my worst experience if i had to rate them by expansions, i also have to say there is alot of good people in the community , but again its not perfect and it gets worse later on.
Ratsioph Mês atrás
Of course is the Best game in the World.
Mouse Mês atrás
Thank you I needed that. I'm a from day 1 wow player and I'm TIRED of the questers & crafters getting content skipped in favor of PVP and end game I have spent soooo much time fishing GMs have thought I was a fishing bot LOL I like storyline content I love questing So I may just give it a shot
R Junior
R Junior Mês atrás
The lack of pvp is a big letdown for me
Darkness466 NA
Darkness466 NA Mês atrás
thanks for the vid :D
Jig Saw
Jig Saw Mês atrás
If only the Anti aliasing wasnt so trash
Maqseed Al-Maqseed
Maqseed Al-Maqseed Mês atrás
for the ppl that play Final Fantacy 14 .. does the dungeons have limits to access them ... like TERA online
InfinityVDX Mês atrás
No there aren't any limits. Can do them as many times as you like.
gimroth Mês atrás
_"FXIV is a game that you will spend a great deal of time leveling in"_ I want to address this for a bit. The Main Scenario Quest will provide you with _ample_ exp as you go on. So long as you immerse yourself in the story, you barely notice that you've gained a few levels. Don't focus on your level, just enjoy the journey! Second, it does make sense that this applies, because your character can become _every_ job and class in the game. Including _all_ gatherers and crafters. So leveling will naturally be a big part of your ingame experience from that perspective.
UMBRA Mês atrás
Ff14 is the best thing ever. Its better then sex , coke and heroin combined. Every war ever fought and ever will be fought are less important then ff14. It can also cure cancer and it is an infinity stone. This game will be this good until the next FF mmorpg comes out and even then it will be able to kill Chuck Noris in its sleep.
Luuk Janneman
Luuk Janneman Mês atrás
graphics look dogshit though
wu bob
wu bob Mês atrás
I would have liked some info about ff14 monetization. Form what ive heard its subscription based with a free trial? Can you buy the subscription with in game currency like with wow tokens and osrs bonds?
MattIsLoling Mês atrás
"not a pvpers mmo" okay and im out
Lenox Cz
Lenox Cz Mês atrás
Bro it looks rly rly horrible, like it s worse than Aion was even. Ofc there are these typical fuck ups dat shitty mmo s got, u want to do some megalomaniac temple for you players to look on and be like super fucked up of it.. so it ends like u make a brick, a fucking brick, and inside of it, of temple as big as my shit, are a couple of chairs, some flowers, tables and dat s fuckin it. I was lookin finally to end playin of wow mainly but i saw much better mmo than this even and dat s Star wars the old republic and i find them pretty simillar, don t know when it comes to dungeons and raids thing but otherwise yez, it s better in expansions, in story etc etc and the story got some backup from star wars lore u can say even, not from the movies though, so it s much more fun to play and also it s fuckin star wars u know. But still even the Old republic isn t dat gut and dat s why i didn t play it so long even. We are just fucked up of waitin on other new mmos dat come and break our hearts again of them being super average or even worse. And like there was the Wow at least but now there s nothing actually.
bi0lizard1 Mês atrás
Anyone else here because Shadowlands absolutely sucks!
Mello Mês atrás
You can litterly hit esc and skip any and all dialog and cut scenes (some you cant in regard to cut scenes ) ppl always say if you dont like story you wont like ffxiv , that is completely untrue , I personally love the game but could give 2 shits about the story
Key Andrew
Key Andrew Mês atrás
Hey Merchant... I have the same headphones as you... (Good Choice)
Sayaka Mês atrás
I’d really love to play this game, but I don’t think I can get my money’s worth by playing enough to justify a subscription...
Charles Chandra
Charles Chandra Mês atrás
unavaliable in my country. -_-
chukky1124 Mês atrás
I have been a wow player since 2005, always tried other mmorpg's but never matched with wow. Im looking at ff and even ttho it looks good and all the gameplay looks slowpace to me. And i havent really played any FF game ever. It sure does look intresting
si9ina Mês atrás
Noob question here: Great video. I'm a maplestory player and are considering switching MMO after 15 years. One of the things I hate about maple is that I am stuck with the character I invested in for years and I cannot carry all my stats and items into other new classes, unless i spend tons of money ( and I mean a lot) for each item to be carried over to the new class. I mean we can still play those classes with the same account, but the stats and item stay with the character you trained in or bought for unless you pay money to maple. In FF14, will I have this same issue with the stats and items? Or is it similar to Monster hunter world, whereby changing weapon, you change class and your stats and item stay with the character you initially create? Your response will help me a lot. Many thanks in advance. =)
dimitriosgladio 05
dimitriosgladio 05 7 dias atrás
Everything stays in your inventory. You just have to switch your weapon to go back to your other class
Nigh Darke
Nigh Darke Mês atrás
Yes. Yes it is. I'm level 17 now and LOVING this game. Going to sub before my time that came with buying the game is up.
jordan Turner
jordan Turner Mês atrás
Get yourself 3 friends, and some shot glasses. You're in store days upon days of gametime.
Darsch Pugs
Darsch Pugs Mês atrás
its obviously good or it would not be doing so well. The PVP is very much a skill based system, there is ranked pvp of small teams like wow arenas. gear means nothing in pvp and everything has more or less been balanced around each other. certain classes can be over bearing though. I think the base game was just as good story wise as the expansions but thats my personal tastes. I think it would have been better to title this vid what iis iit like rather than is it good, because is it good is subjective
Glitch Machine
Glitch Machine Mês atrás
This game is good, it's just way too easy. FFXI was WAYYYYYYYY harder and required you knew how to play at level 5. Not like this game which gets "harder" at level 70+.
Leonardo Perantoni
Leonardo Perantoni Mês atrás
Tried to play it a couple of days ago for the first time and quit after about 5 hours. This has to be the WORST new player experience I've ever had in a MMORPG. Square needs to get their shit together and fix the early game asap, it's just horrendous. The quests are SO BORING, the visuals are kinda bland and the sound for the first 30min of gameplay is one of the worst I've ever heard in a game.
Rett Bull
Rett Bull Mês atrás
This game feels dead. Not that there's no players but the world feels dead. There's no sound to the world. You're fighting a mob and all you hear is the attacks. No effort for your character or the mob. There is no immersion to the game. I hate the quest item turn in mechanic. Small, but while leveling very ignoring. Also too many loading screens while in a city. I know it's old game. But when you've got to load just to go up an elevator, no thanks. It takes away from the open world.
WB Mês atrás
They are still actively working on PvP content even though it's a bit lacking. For players interested in PvP it absolutely has content for you. PvP is streamlined for fast play and low hotbar clutter making combo actions 1 button skills instead of 3 separate skills among other things. Some classes in the game play differently in PvP as well so expect to be relearning your class and the strategies for winning with that class. While most of the community only plays the 72 player large scale war modes there IS a "ranked" 4v4 mode and PvP seasons that cycle. The system for PvP is there and it's being worked on and improved, It just needs a playerbase. Unfortunately PvP has had some real rough patches. Early on when PvP was new to the game, the classes weren't really balanced for PvP so you'd queue and find a premade team with a Summoner that could raise the Scholar and the Scholar had a pet that healed as much as they did with no mana requirement so it was really bad and felt horribly oppressive and that reduced the playerbase willing to put up with PvP by a lot. The game also had an active "fixed" PvP community around that time where because of the reduced PvP userbase there were some people trading wins for in game currency. I have first hand experience with it. Queued for PvP only to find out my "teammates" were payed by the opposing team before they queued and I watched them stand around and do nothing. This went on for awhile and it's what ultimately made me stop doing PvP. There are really cool looking gearsets only acquired through PvP currency so players still do the large scale wars quite often. Honestly my PvP queue times for those 72 player PvP matches is usually less than 5 minutes and they encourage players to do it with an enticing daily bonus queue that gives you a large amount of EXP for the class you queue up as. There's also an area in the Wolves Den PvP hub specifically designed so players can challenge each other to 1v1 duels like in WoW, It's quite fun to duel your friends if you have friends that actually like to go there.
Kaia Hartley
Kaia Hartley Mês atrás
It looks like every other regular fantasy game like Warcraft, I miss the vibe we got from the other games like 7 and 10 and 13
Trevor Healy
Trevor Healy Mês atrás
1.23 > RRB
Boddhi Mês atrás
Can i at least reduce some of the visual ui noise, character names, damage numbers, complex raid frames etc?
Herbert320 Mês atrás
I’m fine with a long story and a long time to get to max lvl but is the Journey to max lvl and is the story good?
Zibzu Ro
Zibzu Ro Mês atrás
Played wow from 2008 and i heard alot of good stuff about this game. But to be honest.... nothing i see here, in your video made me wanna try it, even worst, i got turn off by almost, everything i saw and i heard.... perhaps i got just too used to WoW.....
LiQuid FlaV
LiQuid FlaV Mês atrás
Old wow at least is just too dam good. Fucking love me some wotlk
Jordan Breon
Jordan Breon Mês atrás
I’ve played since 2.1, and on the topic of the community, well, I think there are a few reasons. One is that raiding and PvP are not the focus of the game. The go-hards just don’t make up enough of the population. There are no DPS meters, arena rankings. No global general chat for e-peening and bickering. No one is worried about who did what first, there is no open world PvP with drama. Another is that servers still exist. Servers have personalities and reputations, good or bad, and as you play and interact with the same people over time, it fosters community. If you are an asshole, you’ll wear out your welcome quick. There is social pressure exerted on you to not be a jerk. It helps. The last reason (IMO the most important) is that 14 players wear the game’s excellent community reputation as a badge of honor. People want to keep it that way. Consider how important the story is to the game. Yet after a patch you never have to shut off chat, because despite the fact a single person could /shout or /general a huge spoiler, no one would dare.
freakindamnshiki Mês atrás
the start is slow... like really really slow... but i trully enjoyed it the past 3 days, the class quests every few levels is fantastic, i damn missed that
TeeKay Dee
TeeKay Dee Mês atrás
Only understandable for experienced gamers (all kind of words foreign to me as a casual gamer).
naramoro Mês atrás
I've been recommended this game so many times but every point you mentioned is a pretty big turn off for me :/
Niomigamer Mês atrás
Ey man, you dont need to join it. MMOJRPGs are not for everyone, some people love them, some people despise them. Maybe this rpg isn't for you, but let me tell you, the story really good.
Donovan Smith
Donovan Smith Mês atrás
Playing on PS5, kinda hars to communicate with people. Aside from dungeons it feels like a single player experience on console.
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