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Saturday Night Live
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After experiencing their third alien abduction, three people (Natasha Lyonne, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong) are questioned again by two agents (Aidy Bryant, Mikey Day) at the Pentagon.

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20 Mai 2022



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Comentários 4 538
Chuck's Pulling Videos
Great sendoff for an absolute legend. One of the best to ever grace the SNL stage. All the best on her future endeavors. 🏁
Pyrrhic Victories
Pyrrhic Victories Mês atrás
@Venti 🅥 9oooooooooooooooo9oooooooooooooooooooooooioooooooooooooooo9o9oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo9ooooooooooooooooooooooo9oooooooooo9o9oooooo9oooooooooo9oooooo9ooooooooo9oio9oioiio9o9ooo
eckankar Mês atrás
@Barbara Clark Thank you!!!
Barbara Clark
Barbara Clark Mês atrás
@eckankar If you really want a video of abdications - which is the act of renouncing a throne - I’m sure that could be arranged. But I think you’d be happier with a compilation of *abduction* sketches. They don’t include this latest one, but here are links to every Close Encounter sketch, parts 1 and 2:
Anjail Bakeer
Anjail Bakeer Mês atrás
Kate, aidy and kyle r my absolute favorite cast members. Im devastated.
Rachel Clark
Rachel Clark Mês atrás
Didn't realize she was leaving. I've always dreaded this day, Kate is a legend and one of my favorites ever. Can't wait to see what she's got for us next
Linda Kutsubos
Linda Kutsubos 18 dias atrás
Me either Rachel Clark.
Marj Fose
Marj Fose 26 dias atrás
Ty Ty et
Marj Fose
Marj Fose 26 dias atrás
Etteet t
American Hero
American Hero Mês atrás
Well we know what she WON'T have if those aliens keep on plucking away!
Tim W.
Tim W. Mês atrás
I loved her, Kyle Mooney, Bobby moinahan, and Keenan. Now its just Keenan and it bums me out
Matamoros Texas
Matamoros Texas Mês atrás
That ending is a tear jerker. Her last big breath almost broke me, she’ll definitely be missed. Good luck on your alien adventures after snl. 🥹
Tiffany Varadi
Tiffany Varadi Mês atrás
Right?! I am crying like a baby, who knew SNL could have such an effect! 😂 Kate getting choked up at the end of this cold open got me good!
Jade Shepherd
Jade Shepherd Mês atrás
@MyNameHere aidy and Kyle too? :(
Annette May
Annette May Mês atrás
@•Isabella• ikr? pete and lil baby aidy and kyle mooney. Big loss.
MyNameHere Mês atrás
@•Isabella• yes - so are several other cast members. Last Saturday was a mass exodus of top SNL talent - Kate, Aidy, Pete, and Kyle.
•Isabella• Mês atrás
Renee7 Mês atrás
This is the best send off they could’ve done. The comedic history of this skit, and Kate’s irreplaceable addition to the show. Going to miss the laughs, she always knew how to bring them!!
Random Name
Random Name 43 minutos atrás
@Adam B. interesting you sing American pride but don't understand the meaning behind the lyrics. Especially the parts pertaining to I love this land and standing up for what is right and not letting others succeeded in trying to rip it down and re imagine it. The parallels between that and the modern assault on comedy are staggering.
Adam B.
Adam B. 2 dias atrás
@Random Name yes I do and the comedians I know are talented enough to be funny and thoughtful at the same time. Interesting that you claim to be a comedian, yet you have no picture or material on your channel.
Adam B.
Adam B. 27 dias atrás
@Random Name grow up
Katelyn Redding
Katelyn Redding Mês atrás
How they all kept from laughing is beyond me! I was dying the whole time! The dong hole and the wrong hole!? Brilliant!
Sweet Dee Reynolds
Sweet Dee Reynolds Mês atrás
Kate McKinnon is literally the only reason I watched SNL for so long. She’s one of the best cast members to ever grace that stage!!! I’m gonna miss her SO much!!!!
Rhyanrun 4 dias atrás
Me too!!! A month later, and I can’t stop myself from crying at the end of this skit. In my 20 plus years of watching SNL, she is my absolute favorite! I genuinely don’t know what I’m gonna do without her!!! I hope she does lots of movies now, so I can continue to witness her greatness
VideoRocketzMillar007 Millar
Her and Keenan and if Cecily goes thats it
Christopher Lund
Christopher Lund 24 dias atrás
@Phil.S how could you hate someone you’ve never met? What did she do to cause such a ridiculous reaction to her?
Christopher Lund
Christopher Lund 24 dias atrás
AGREED. Her and Beck Bennet (plus The Weekend Update) were and are the only skits or segments of SNL that I watch. I just fast forward thru everything else.
danashane Mês atrás
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights Mês atrás
Lovely goodbye to one of SNL’s best. Can’t wait to see her host in the future!
Karyn Southwell
Karyn Southwell Mês atrás
@Robert McMurrer me too
Robert McMurrer
Robert McMurrer Mês atrás
When she host in the future I hope she does a skit of this character with aliens.
R N Mês atrás
I can.
Karyn Southwell
Karyn Southwell Mês atrás
That will be great!! I hope she returns to stand up
Angel Doll
Angel Doll Mês atrás
Landon Wolfe
Landon Wolfe Mês atrás
The pure emotion at the end... you can truly tell she put her heart and soul into SNL and that's why she will be one of the greatest to ever be apart of it. Thank you so much.
Erika I am
Erika I am Mês atrás
When I realized this was her send off I cried. She's an SNL legend and no one can ever take her place. Gonna miss you Kate, good luck with everything!
Gerry Tinder
Gerry Tinder Mês atrás
@Ashleydeth Gonzalez After I figured out what was happening I was just yelling NOOO!!!
Andrew Brick
Andrew Brick Mês atrás
Same, this took me by surprise, and now I'm destroyed. Hearing Aidy is also leaving makes me want to curl up in a ball on the floor.
Henry Tawnn
Henry Tawnn Mês atrás
Yeah, just realizing it at the end there, I started tearing up. What an absolute legend and one of the best cast members in SNL history.
Ashleydeth Gonzalez
Didn’t know it was her farewell until she waved goodbye with tears in her eyes then the comments 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 what a gift to witness. She’s truly talented and giving.
Brien G aka PLAN-B
Brien G aka PLAN-B Mês atrás
Hands down the best series skit she’s done. I don’t think anyone that’s ever participated in this sketch along with her ever lasted without at least slightly breaking. I’m gonna miss her - she was one of the greats, easily among the SNL alum elite.
Alex Mês atrás
I could not think of more clever/brilliant way to send off an SNL legend... I have tears streaming down my face!! Thank you Kate for all the laughs during a decade of saturday nights!
callmecatalyst Mês atrás
I’m sure the script for this skit has been in SNL’s back pocket for YEARS. All the same, I’m glad they gave Kate a proper send-off.
Maria A. Bastidas
Maria A. Bastidas Mês atrás
Kate is an incredible actress. These sketches aren’t even my style of humor and I’m always watching them just to see her perform
COMALite J Mês atrás
@David Ray Remember her Sean Spicer?
David Ray
David Ray Mês atrás
I love the way she does Rudy its very exaggerated but so is he! it's spot on because of the character he's become.
Emory Mcdowell
Emory Mcdowell Mês atrás
I feel like the line “I always felt like an alien on this planet anyway” is a reference to the challenges of being a zany, queer comic genius misunderstood by society until you get your big break (becoming the funniest SNL cast member in lord knows how long). Thank you, Kate McKinnon, for gracing us with your unearthly talent.
Rhyanrun 4 dias atrás
You summed it up perfectly!!!! She is a true icon. Queen. And legend!!! There will never be another like her. My humor is very similar to hers, and it’s always been hard for conventional people to understand me. Seeing her be unapologetically herself week after week, really helped me to start accepting myself, and not hiding my personality away, simple because people though I was weird
JC Mês atrás
Been watching SNL for decades. Kate is THE best I've ever seen. I will never forget her cold opening from November 2016. Love you Kate!
Broadcast Teacher
Broadcast Teacher Mês atrás
Damn. I'd forgotten all about that. Another example of her brilliance and incredible ability to read the room.
MossyMozart Mês atrás
@JC - Profuse tears that night!
Moose From 64
Moose From 64 Mês atrás
I didn’t even know it was Kate’s last episode but I could tell how she entered the alien ship and took that deep breath. Dang, she was one of my favorites!
MyNameHere Mês atrás
@Aaron Digby It was Kate, Aidy, Pete, and Kyle’s last show as cast members
Aaron Digby
Aaron Digby Mês atrás
@5:52 Cecily's "no pube stuff."
Aaron Digby
Aaron Digby Mês atrás
@4:38, it takes all they got for Aidy and Mikey not to break.
Aaron Digby
Aaron Digby Mês atrás
Marcello Carbone
Marcello Carbone Mês atrás
You can see it as soon as she turns around, it hits her that it's the final show in her long and well deserved run. Truly beautiful send-off
Marcello Carbone
Marcello Carbone Mês atrás
@Funon Thebun troll
Marcello Carbone
Marcello Carbone Mês atrás
@Zach Stammen without a doubt
Charlie D
Charlie D Mês atrás
@Zach Stammen And when that happens, please let them have a skit where Coleen Rafferty comes back from living with the aliens.
Jan Elliot
Jan Elliot Mês atrás
@Funon Thebun that zombie Pete
Dono James II
Dono James II Mês atrás
I love how comfortable Kate is with doing quirky, uncomfortable humor. She's going places, and I've been thinking that for a while
Kylei Walker
Kylei Walker Mês atrás
i went from hysterically laughing to crying so fast. i can’t imagine the show without kate
John Zimmer
John Zimmer Mês atrás
She deserves to be remembered among the very best of SNL cast members!! She was versatile and extremely funny! I can't wait to see her next projects.
Haywood Keath
Haywood Keath 18 dias atrás
Hi am serah from New York it’s a pleasure to meet you.
pop5678eye Mês atrás
Some actors know when they should move on. It's not when their act becomes stale but when they are still beloved and at the top of their game. Thank you both Aidy and Kate for so many great memories watching your characters! I am sure you will be just as great wherever you go next!
Sundrop Center
Sundrop Center Mês atrás
God bless Kate for giving us so many laughs for 10 years. Here’s hoping her wackiness prospers 🥲
PCG Mês atrás
Played out
Linda Pelle
Linda Pelle Mês atrás
She’s the best, so sad to see her go, what will we do without her? 🥲
muscle Mês atrás
@Esther Govea Perez “ex husband.” Kate McKinnon. Famously gay. Has only publicly dated women with no reference to a husband of any kind. What ex husband?
Wade Myers
Wade Myers Mês atrás
Your name is the happiest thing I've ever heard
Patrick M.
Patrick M. Mês atrás
She projected her future in a cat skit with Wig
tvgator1 Mês atrás
She’s a top 10 all time cast member. That’s out of hundreds since 1975. That ending hit me hard out of nowhere. She didn’t break character til the VERY end….touching as hell.
Devin mccloud
Devin mccloud Mês atrás
Natasha Lyonne is the best host this year. Great acting and timing.
Infinity Miller
Infinity Miller Mês atrás
Absolutely adore Kate. She’s truly in a league of her own. Endless brilliant can’t be taught talent! Thank you for letting the world meet you ✌️💙♾🤩😭
Peter van Deventer
Peter van Deventer Mês atrás
Oh my God Kate, we are going to miss you. Your ability to make us laugh and cry in the same minute is absolutely unique. You make us feel alive. Thank you for being who you are!
Haywood Keath
Haywood Keath 18 dias atrás
Hello handsome
Nico Moreno
Nico Moreno Mês atrás
I didn' even know she was leaving... Not gonna lie, my heart sunk to my stomach when I saw her tearing up. She's a great actress with a fantastic sense of humor and I just know that whatever she does will be amazing. It's sad to see her go, but she's going to do more great things.
Teresa Phipps
Teresa Phipps Mês atrás
@Jason Clark Yeah, I'm pretty bummed. She's been my favorite part since Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader left.
Jason Clark
Jason Clark Mês atrás
@Teresa Phipps Didn’t know it. That’s at least half good news, tbh. Kate, tho. 😞
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
@Marcy Oliver she's definitely one of the best.
Marcy Oliver
Marcy Oliver Mês atrás
I feel the same. maybe the most talented person to have ever been on the show.
DGW DGW Mês atrás
Cmon guys relax. “Your heart sunk”? If you have that much invested in actors from this show then call for additional sessions with your therapists.
justjoan82 Mês atrás
Kate is a LEGEND and my ALL TIME favorite cast member. First time I have shed sad tears over one of her skits. Look forward to watching her on her journey.
TalkUvNY Mês atrás
Kate gonna go down in snl history as one of the greats. So many classic skits. Can't wait to see what's next for this legend
Robyn O'Brien
Robyn O'Brien Mês atrás
Kate McKinnon is the reason I started watching SNL again after SO many years. I've grown to love and look forward to seeing her and the rest of the cast. All good things must come to an end I suppose. Best of luck in all future endeavors Kate, Aidy, Pete and that other guy!
Lampcap Mês atrás
These are my favorite SNL sketches. Absolutely hilarious. Too bad this is the final. Always a treat. And I'm truly gonna miss Kate. She's now an SNL legend.
Pfin8 Mês atrás
Crying. This skit is classic. Kate will be so missed and I hope she knows how loved she is. Her timing, delivery, commitment to her characters has brought such a richness to SNL. I miss her already!
Fred Cox
Fred Cox Mês atrás
@Dave Mckolanis Why doesn't that golden material work for the rest? What's with all the caps? Isn't that shouting?
Dave Mckolanis
Dave Mckolanis Mês atrás
@KASH Nice Try But Guess Again. The Actors Can Contribute To The Skit, Plan, And Delivery, And Can Add Suggestions Beforehand During The Previous Week At Group Meetings About The Skits. But Writers ARE ESSENTIAL For The Continual Flow Of Good Material. Ask ANY Popular Comic And Discover What THEY Tell You. Seinfeld As A Stand-Up Comic Alone IS NOT That Good. But Add His Characters And Writers And His Show Became MUCH Better. You Must Be A Fresh Young Newcomer. Go To Comedy Clubs To Study And An LEARN The Style And Technique Each Comic Uses. I've Been Around And Watching SNL Since It Started In The 70's, And That Original Cast Of Characters Got The Show Rocketing With The Format It Retains To This Day Kiddo...
KASH Mês atrás
@Dave Mckolanis they write their own skits.
Jesus Saves!
Jesus Saves! Mês atrás
Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless them! Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who believes in him and follows his commandants! Have a blessed day, everyone!!! ❤
Michael Peddy
Michael Peddy Mês atrás
i teared up in the end. She's got such a gift and I'm so glad she got the opportunity to share it. Thanks for all the laughs and I cannot wait to see what's next for her
S. E. C-R
S. E. C-R Mês atrás
Who would have thought that I’d be laughing in hysterics one minute and bawling the next. What a perfect sendoff for Kate. I will miss her most of all… There’s no other on this show or off that is as genuinely funny as her. So long Miss Rafferty, enjoy your new life buzzing around the outer spaces! ❤️
Haley Mês atrás
Kate was an amazing part of the show. I am so sad to see her go and can’t wait to see what she will do in the future. Thank you for the laughs!
L Mês atrás
Kate never failed failed to make me laugh,comedy is in her bones. Looking forward to seeing what she does next.
Kam Magee
Kam Magee Mês atrás
Kate is one of my favorites. She’s helped get me through some tough times. I thank her for all the laughs. She’s one of the funniest people on the planet in my eyes.
Fergal OhEarga
Fergal OhEarga Mês atrás
When you reflect over the years, she's been a key component of this show for so very long. Consistently strong and clever. She'll leave a massive hole in the cast, God bless her
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho Mês atrás
I actually cried laughing, and I cried more at the end.... I'm going to miss Kate!!! I 💙 you, and thank you for everything you've done for the show!!🎊🎊
Jay Jones
Jay Jones Mês atrás
Great send off to one of the best cast members of all-time! We’ll miss you Kate but are excited to see what you get up to next!
grxengine Mês atrás
There was a time when women had a hard time finding footing on SNL. Meanwhile this woman came in and basically carried the show all the years she was a performer. They should put a bronze statue of you inside 30 Rock, Kate.
northofyou33 Mês atrás
Kate AND Cecily Strong, imo. Both insanely talented.
Wingedlight8415 Mês atrás
I’m really gonna miss Kate’s energy on SNL but I just hope that she is making others laugh in whatever projects he does next, good luck Kate and much love you have a bright future ahead of you. 😊
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz Mês atrás
jesus, she has me laughing and then tearing up with her goodbye. She is one of the greats
Jake Atkins
Jake Atkins Mês atrás
First time they did this bit, I was laughing harder than any other SNL bit I have ever seen. and was not the only time Kate McKinnon single handed had me cracking up. Thank you so much for the laughs
Noah Bartlett
Noah Bartlett Mês atrás
God I’m gonna miss Kate so much, she was the absolute bomb. So talented and funny, and I’m so glad they’re doing this iconic skit series as a send off!
chase28 Mês atrás
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ what if i said no
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭4:6‬ NIV
Dominique Garofalo
Dominique Garofalo Mês atrás
@A. L. A. and Kyle Mooney.
chase28 Mês atrás
@Jesus Saves! i'm gay
Angel Doll
Angel Doll Mês atrás
Same. She will be missed a lot.
Julianne Dispain
Julianne Dispain Mês atrás
That was one of the best send offs. She will be missed. I hope to see her on the big screen. She is so talented.
ECHO Mês atrás
I would totally watch it if they made this into its own little show 😂 like her adventures with the aliens
Wahots Mês atrás
Gonna miss you, Kate! You've made us laugh so hard over the years. Can't wait to see you in future roles!
jack johnsen
jack johnsen Mês atrás
I could not stop laughing at the part she played so well, with such a straight face as she became the Character as no one else could ever do....miss you kate
Jaditelady173 Mary
Jaditelady173 Mary Mês atrás
Kate had me crying laughing on this one..."Why clean the house if no one's coming over?" LOL! I am so going to miss her.
Mariah Delapenia
Mariah Delapenia 12 dias atrás
That was the best follow up joke she ever made 🤣🤣😭
Jennifer Bullett
Jennifer Bullett Mês atrás
That part was hilarious. 😄😃😄😄
KASH Mês atrás
@Hailey Marie She, Aidy, Pete and Kyle are all leaving. this was their last episode.
Erin Mês atrás
Omg I didn't realize until the end of this that she is leaving SNL. That's so sad!
Lynn Begley
Lynn Begley Mês atrás
Agree ! 100 % miss her ! She made me laugh so much !
Finland phillion
Finland phillion Mês atrás
Kate McKinnon has made me laugh to tears so many times, but this time real genuine tears shed when I saw that last scene.
Fanatta J
Fanatta J Mês atrás
Kate is one of the very best to come out of SNL. I'll miss seeing her regularly, but I wish her the best on her future projects!
danjf1 18 horas atrás
Kate McKinnon was a great addition to SNL for many years. Will be high up on the list with other SNL greats!
Tony Turntable
Tony Turntable Mês atrás
Farewell, Kate! You are a marvelously funny person, and I can't wait to see where your work takes you from here!
BTC Mês atrás
Had no idea this was going to be it for her. She’s a legend. She was one of the few cast bright spots these past few years and I’m going to really miss her. Thanks for the laughs Kate!
The McWhopper
The McWhopper Mês atrás
@Jesus Saves! Not if your part of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints. We don't believe in that nonsense
Jesus Saves!
Jesus Saves! Mês atrás
Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless them! Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who believes in him and follows his commandants! Have a blessed day, everyone!!! ❤
The McWhopper
The McWhopper Mês atrás
What about beck Bennett?
Isaiah Carroll
Isaiah Carroll Mês atrás
I'm sure she's going to make a handful of appearances like many of the Alums do.
Tracey South
Tracey South Mês atrás
my favorite cold open EVER and I have watched since very first episode. Natasha, a shout out for not busting out laughing with Kate all up in it there LOL
Lauren W.
Lauren W. Mês atrás
*Thank you Aidy and Kate, for all the laughs and memories!* 👏🏽
F Howl
F Howl Mês atrás
McKinnon and Aidy are top tier cast members. I hadn't heard the news they were leaving, so this episode was emotional.
Katherine Morton
Katherine Morton Mês atrás
This was a great way to go out and I'm so glad we got one last sketch of this series-its one of my favorites.
NS2596 Mês atrás
The end of Kate McKinnon’s run on the show hits hard, despite knowing she would eventually leave SNL someday. She is probably my all time favorite cast member and it won’t be the same without her. I wish her the best in wherever she’s headed next.
Your Grace _
Your Grace _ Mês atrás
Definitely. She was so good
Steve Mandl
Steve Mandl Mês atrás
kind of wondering what road SNL is headed down next season now
Dianne Simms
Dianne Simms Mês atrás
This looks like a great way for her return when possible to tell us all about being there....excellent!!
jack bauer
jack bauer Mês atrás
@Wayne J I think so. Aidy, Kyle, and Pete are also gone.
Jesus Saves!
Jesus Saves! Mês atrás
Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless them! Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who believes in him and follows his commandants! Have a blessed day, everyone!!! ❤
Padme Foster
Padme Foster 24 dias atrás
She is such an icon, a legend, an amazing actress and woman. We will miss you forever Kate McKinnon ❤️❤️❤️
Stacey Phillips
Stacey Phillips Mês atrás
She's such a wonderful, versatile talent. It's kind of hard to imagine the show without her on it.
Lola Mês atrás
Absolutely brilliant! Can’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣 Can’t wait to see what she does next 💛
Isabel Morais
Isabel Morais Mês atrás
Now I’m crying! Kate was one of the best on SNL, she always gave everything in each show. I’ll be using the bearded hipster joke for sure! 😆
Stephanie Kolb
Stephanie Kolb Mês atrás
She’s got me crying there. This has been such a great cast for so long.
sia F
sia F Mês atrás
@Steve Austin absolutely. I mean they don't require test skits before getting the job anymore???!?
Steve Austin
Steve Austin Mês atrás
No it hasnt. They might have one good skit in 5 episodes. Best cast was in the early 90s. Yall are delusional
Zav D.R.
Zav D.R. Mês atrás
@sia F why would you tella bot to stay out of comedy?
sia F
sia F Mês atrás
@Zav D.R. lol ... wow. that's the best you got. you must be a bot.
Zav D.R.
Zav D.R. Mês atrás
@sia F troll toll WHAT YOU SAAYYYY? Troll toll hey hey hey!
C R Mês atrás
Thank you, Kate for being so amazing and making us laugh!!! I"m sure bigger things ahead with all of your talent - God bless!!
M Spears & Bobo Buddy the Senior Cat
She’s been my all time favorite woman on the SNL stage!!! This made me tear up! ❤️
BawesomeBurf Mês atrás
Thank you Kate for 10 amazing seasons. You are one of the best cast members to ever appear on the show.
virgosun Mês atrás
Kate leaving really hits me. pure talent and a beautiful soul. this was such a good ending to the close encounter saga and an incredible goodbye for her. i'm gonna miss her so much
rocko.ambition Mês atrás
Got so emotional, Kate sent off one of her most iconic characters as she exits her final show. SNL will never be the same without her. Can't wait to see what she'll do next
Andrea Ana
Andrea Ana 22 dias atrás
Can't believe I cried and smiled at the same time....Kate was someone wwho made me love SNL
Bryan Mcfadden
Bryan Mcfadden Mês atrás
@rocko.ambition hopefully the show will improve
Dee Montgomery
Dee Montgomery Mês atrás
@rocko.ambition Aidy too?
Jake Moeller
Jake Moeller Mês atrás
Well, she's doing commercials.
FrazJ Mês atrás
One of the best to ever grace the stage and the greatest comedians of all time. SNL won't be the same without her. We'll miss you Kate! On to bigger and better things! ❤
Cry Baby
Cry Baby Mês atrás
I'm pregnant, and I definitely cried at the end 😭😭😭 She's one of the greatest of all times to ever bless us with her talent on that SNL stage!
Aaron Digby
Aaron Digby 3 dias atrás
@4:45 Kate McKinnon just kills it, I can't believe what I'm seeing. It's so hard not to break character.
Just Awful
Just Awful Mês atrás
Kate was def my favorite on SNL, her characters will surely be missed ❤️❤️ what a legend
Kate McKinnon must go down as one of the all time greats on SNL. HOF no doubt.
Mike Barbas
Mike Barbas Mês atrás
@EmbersFromAshes Imho, Gilda and Belushi go w/out saying ;)
EmbersFromAshes Mês atrás
@Mike Barbas Gilda Radner beats Dana Carvey hands down.
Rebecca artybecca Watkins
@David Serlin I agree. I've been watching the show since I was 13 years old in 1975 and I put Kate at the top of the list, with Kristen Wiig and Phil Hartman right behind. For all-around talent and versatility, these three were the best of the best.
David Serlin
David Serlin Mês atrás
Easily top 5 along with Wiig, Radner, and Hartman.
Derek Mejia
Derek Mejia Mês atrás
Top 10
PieOfEpicness Mês atrás
It'll never not be sad when a cast member leaves. I look forward to seeing what Kate does in the future, including whenever she gets to come back and host.
Montana Nerd
Montana Nerd Mês atrás
I cried as much as when ET went home l! Kinda love that her voice broke during the Live from NY... I know we aren't saying goodbye to Kate, or even the character...obviously, Kate's going to be a major movie star! But her Hillary playing Hallelujah got me thru that very bad time, she was one of the best celebs in the category of "helping the people hold it together" during a very tumultuous time. The whole cast is great, but Kate is a unique talent. let's be gentle to next year's new class tho...we always complain about the current snl and then lionize their predecessors lol...
Tyler Moss
Tyler Moss Mês atrás
When she started walking up that ramp and turned around… not gonna lie tears were in my eyes.
Jeffrey Fuka
Jeffrey Fuka Mês atrás
Wow she will be so missed. The funniest lady ever on SNL. And I've been watching every cast since my teen years in 1976
EmbersFromAshes Mês atrás
1975 here and, am sorry, but Gilda Radner was brilliant, was better than any female cast member that followed.
Lyden Sanders
Lyden Sanders Mês atrás
Kate’s been in a crap-ton of great sketches, but she single-handedly carries every one of these encounter skits & kills from start to finish 100% of the time. These will be classics one day
Truly Mademoizelle
Truly Mademoizelle 20 dias atrás
@Wombat32 she's a legit comic pro
Wombat32 20 dias atrás
@Truly Mademoizelle they didn't use cue cards for her for this character. They had the basic story and let her wing it
Wombat32 Mês atrás
They're already classics
Truly Mademoizelle
Truly Mademoizelle Mês atrás
It doesn't even seem like she looks at the cue card
Family Lives Matters
@OneKinKStar! there’s not much to get. Like I said there’s not a lot to her schtick
ParadoxFreak Mês atrás
I feel like Kate received a standing ovation which made her tear up.
Donald Dodge
Donald Dodge Mês atrás
We love you Kate!! A true comedy legend ❤️
Conor McNeill
Conor McNeill Mês atrás
Kate you were the best thing about SNL made me laugh so much every week love you so much and good luck in your future
archipelago93 Mês atrás
This is the skit that made me realize just how ridiculously hilarious and talented Kate McKinnon is. She’ll be missed 🥺
Michael Mingis
Michael Mingis Mês atrás
These were some of the best skits I’ve ever watched on SNL. I hope when she comes back to host they do another.
Annette May
Annette May Mês atrás
What a great season finale episode. You could tell that Kate was holding back the tears before she said "live from new york...". It reminds me of my last day in high school. I was reading something out loud to my classmates. then the last four years of my life literally flashed before my eyes. I had to stop reading, chuckled a bit, then I excused myself. I didn't cry but I was feeling a certain way. Kate is definitely one of the greats. She will always stand out in my mind as being just as good as her predecessors. Natasha did like one of the best performances as a guest host. Kinda stole the show. KKW did ok for not being an actress but Natsha killed it. She needs to be in the 5th-time-as-a-guest-host-club.
BWT- Africa Rising
BWT- Africa Rising Mês atrás
“Why clean the house when nobody is coming over right “ 😂😂😂that’s it for me…
tangsang limbu
tangsang limbu Mês atrás
I didn't know this was her last skit. The ending was so amazing and emotional.
Yuyeong Lim
Yuyeong Lim Mês atrás
What an amazing skit honoring the absolute legend!! End of an era. Can't believe you are leaving Kate! For years watching SNL meant watching Kate Mckinnon do all sorts of crazy impersonations and skits from Justin Bieber to Ellen to Hillary Clinton to Rudy will forever be missed you absolute Queen
Ivan White
Ivan White Mês atrás
My thoughts as well ... !! Thank You, Alex !!
Russell Langworthy
Russell Langworthy Mês atrás
@JG SNL will be better without Pete Davidson. HE was the one that sucked.
UkeCan1 Mês atrás
@JG Dude, I have bad news for you....
JG Mês atrás
So both Pete and Kate are leaving ? SNL is going to suck now. I hope Kyle Mooney never leaves
Kim Mês atrás
@C T sadly, yes, along with a bunch of others which makes end of this season even sadder.
Allison Taylor
Allison Taylor Mês atrás
❤️. Thank you Kate McKinnon for being an amazing entertainer (actor) and making me laugh so hard my stomach hurts…but most importantly thank you for being your genuine & authentic self! I’ll definitely miss seeing you on SNL but can’t wait to see what you’ll do next…
Now I’m crying watching SNL!! Never thought I’d say that! 🤣Kate is one of the best! That’s for sure!!🙌
faeriefire78 Mês atrás
One of my favorite ongoing skits. It hit me harder than expected this time.
larrh Mês atrás
I hadn't laughed so hard in a long time. Gonna miss her!
Denise Rodas
Denise Rodas Mês atrás
SNL won’t be the same without Kate, really going to miss her.
Chuck Riese
Chuck Riese Mês atrás
@EmbersFromAshes the original cast PLUS the names i added. Good f'ing grief.
Chuck Riese
Chuck Riese Mês atrás
@The Irish Yoshi let me clarify: the original cast PLUS the others i listed. Jfc I'm probably older than you lol. I was there, didn't have DVDs back then.
EmbersFromAshes Mês atrás
@Chuck Riese Original cast was Gilda Radner, Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd, Jane Curtin, John Belushi, Garrett Morris, and Laraine Newman. A lot of the skits they did then wouldn't be allowed now, not PC enough.
MyNameHere Mês atrás
@Basil Thompson and Aidy and Kyle left also
ellie Mês atrás
@Chuck Riese meh that cast doesn't sound great. Dana carvey is not funny at all. Really not at all.
Ms. Chelle G
Ms. Chelle G Mês atrás
A legendary send off for a legendary cast member 💜
mark johnson
mark johnson Mês atrás
Kate was fighting back the tears at the end, bless her.
surge 25 dias atrás
This was always my favorite of her skits 😂
Holliwood The Melanated Monroe
This really made me tear up. What a great exit. One of the best. So glad I got back into watching
Christian Krenek
Christian Krenek Mês atrás
What a great ending to her run. Even that last line in the room-“I always felt kinda like an alien on this planet anyway”-has a tone of bittersweetness. A lot of people turn to comedy because they feel out of place in the world, but Kate McKinnon found where she belonged, and she inspired lots of other people who feel the same way. Thank you for the laughter, Ms. McKinnon. :)
G-Girl 6 dias atrás
Omg I’m dying - “Why clean the house if nobody’s coming over”… Kate, YOU ARE BELOVED. 💝
Jaimee Larsen
Jaimee Larsen Mês atrás
Kate McKinnon has been my favorite actor/actress to ever be a part of the SNL crew... Best wishes to you, Kate, as you start your next journey. Thank you for all the laughs you have given me, during the roughest patches of my life. 😎💗🎉
SophieMaria13 Mês atrás
The way I almost cried at the end. Great send off for Kate!
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