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When The Bee Movie and We Are Number One memes exploded on BRvid last year, the Internet proved once and for all how insanely meta it's willing to get for the sake of a great Meme. No one took this farther than the minds of Reddit and Dank Memes, who created the most earth-shattering meme of Meme History. In this episode, I dive into the Ultimate Bee Movie Meme, the one that will outlast us all!
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9 Fev 2017



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Audriii 4 anos atrás
matpat is literally the only person in the world that can make me watch 16 minutes worth of math
Eli Vanhoy
Eli Vanhoy 4 anos atrás
Lol same
New Spacia
New Spacia 4 anos atrás
Top ten reasons of why we don’t need school
Jonathan Priest
Jonathan Priest 4 anos atrás
Ansley does stuff
Ansley does stuff 4 anos atrás
I *hate* math
Izzy Rose
Izzy Rose 4 anos atrás
Emily Rothman
Emily Rothman Anos atrás
I gotta say I'm impressed. Someone accidentally made a meme that would last longer then the universe itself ten times over.
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 8 meses atrás
More like sexdecillion times over.
Jim Whitten
Jim Whitten 7 meses atrás
@Dat Boi no
@Dat Boi ayo 😟
Duckduck 7 meses atrás
@Dat Boi 🤨
Helzhang Studios
Helzhang Studios 7 meses atrás
@Dat Boi sexdecillion=600 billion
Purple Plaza
Purple Plaza Anos atrás
Imagine how much longer this hypothetical video would be five years later with a fourth Toy Story a sixth Ice Age and four new seasons of SpongeBob and the Simpsons
Endorb Effect
Endorb Effect 10 meses atrás
not to mention the 5 years of youtube content
Ben Croyle
Ben Croyle 8 meses atrás
And Lightyear
Yellowkiddo13 7 meses atrás
Don’t forget Toy Story of Terror and That Time Forgot
Asocial, but in Dutch
Asocial, but in Dutch 5 meses atrás
I'm willing not to count those, since I consider it a period piece.
Shadow and sauce
Shadow and sauce Dia atrás
We need a remake. I would watch that
Just private information
If the video took into account itself as a BRvid video it would literally never end
Varun P
Varun P Anos atrás
Imagine how long that would be
Yates Anos atrás
I just want to know how long the video would be if MatPat interpreted the Bee Movie rule as "one full run of Spongebob for every bee in every frame".
Mikey Chrisanthus
Mikey Chrisanthus 11 meses atrás
@Yates over 60 years for one run of the bee movie with the SpongeBob according to his number, but longer now cause there’s more SpongeBob episodes
Ellwoo 11 meses atrás
@Mikey Chrisanthus Man said "the spongebob"
FlareZ 9 meses atrás
That guy managed to make a video with more time than the earth & universe have been alive for together.
Life Is Cats
Life Is Cats 7 meses atrás
And the video outliving the entire universe, and us with it, obviously including all future generations that will ever be born
Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson 20 dias atrás
Though honestly, it was probably easier than you think. He started with the SpongeBob episodes which would just be putting all the episodes together and playing them backwards, then he would go through the Bee Movie, find all the “times a bee is on screen”, put a break in the video for each one, then insert the SpongeBob video. Then that process would be repeated for the rest of the stages until the entire video is finished. True, it would probably still take at least a month or two to find all the instances and insert the respective videos, but it’s nonetheless a relatively simple process.
MarioMaster973 Anos atrás
Imagine how large the file size would be and how long it would take to upload 😆
『ℤ⑦』 Anos atrás
Time: *Y e s*
Caleb Farmer
Caleb Farmer Anos atrás
Do I dare calculate that I certainly could try
Inactive channel
Inactive channel Anos atrás
you would need an entire dyson sphere to upload that
General Skyrat
General Skyrat Anos atrás
Zip it and send it to a friend😉
Goldeny Anos atrás
Nasa pc and internet
Sack fu
Sack fu 4 anos atrás
If this meme existed, it would hold the world record for most copyright claims ever on a single piece of media that ever did or ever will exsist.
monochromium 4 anos atrás
Sack fu this actually does exist
legoRaygun114 4 anos atrás
I was going to say that it would have only a few, but then I remembered that every video ever uploaded to BRvid was included. Yeeaaaah that would do it.
Shelia Grimmett
Shelia Grimmett 4 anos atrás
It does exist.
Lucien Turcios
Lucien Turcios 4 anos atrás
@Shelia Grimmett I mean the trailer one does but the one that matpat is talking about in this video doesn't
Ezra 4 anos atrás
o my gosh yes
Fire Lord Ozai
Fire Lord Ozai 2 anos atrás
"It would take 8.5 octillion years to watch from start to finish." Me: * *turns on 2x speed* *
JosephPlayz 2 anos atrás
So that will make the video 4.5 octillion years to finish also 1 you would still be dead 2 The universe would already big banged and died about like 1 million times
Juan Alvarez
Juan Alvarez 2 anos atrás
@JosephPlayz yes
recarnation666 (Woah.)
4.3 octillion years.
Sebbog 2 anos atrás
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange 2 anos atrás
*what if we use 100% of our brain?*
Dysfunctional Dildo
Dysfunctional Dildo 2 anos atrás
Imagine being that guy who made this meme randomly and then seeing this guy put so much effort into calculating it and making a video about it. If that were me I would be super proud.
Juniper Berry
Juniper Berry Anos atrás
i cannot take you seriously with that name
Casonplayz Anos atrás
Probably used *AI*
Ballistic 10 meses atrás
I remember rewatching this so many times when I was younger and rewatching it is a pure nostalgia blast
Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson 20 dias atrás
Which one? The theory, or the video it’s covering?
Sci Twi
Sci Twi 2 anos atrás
You are the kid in class that wouldn’t mind the “show your work” part of questions lmao
dead lol
dead lol 2 anos atrás
That’s me when I’m lazy lol
Kitten Blossom 2
Kitten Blossom 2 2 anos atrás
Still Brilliant 4 yrs later!!
DOOM MACHINE 2 anos atrás
Thats probably because hes the only one that did his work
TheLiving Kazoo
TheLiving Kazoo 2 anos atrás
2024 student7 even worse,it’s on the first page on the bottom
Pizza Knight
Pizza Knight 2 anos atrás
Winter_Frost the worker at Starbucks
Again I ask the question of “what if you put it in 2x”
Ravenfolks 8 meses atrás
it'll be 4 octillion years.
Treydies 8 meses atrás
8.5 divided by 2?
LukeBomber 8 meses atrás
4.25 octillion years
Fluffy Vulpix
Fluffy Vulpix 7 meses atrás
4,336,063,741,000,000,000,000,000,000 or four octillion, three hundred thirty six septillion sixty three sextillion seven hundred forty one quintillion years
Dreadz314 Mês atrás
​@Fluffy Vulpixok
Euphoria 4 anos atrás
The question which should be answered is... How long did it take to upload the video?!
theflaminglitten 2019
theflaminglitten 2019 4 anos atrás
and how did they create it O_O
c0mmited Kawaii
c0mmited Kawaii 4 anos atrás
I looked up the video and there’s no such thing :/ think it got taken down so it was fake OR your question shall lay there never to be awnswered by anyone else but who made it! :)
lostime 4 anos atrás
Dope_danny 10011
Dope_danny 10011 4 anos atrás
PseudoCyan 2 anos atrás
Actual answer: infinity years because when it gets to the BRvid section, it’ll play itself, making a paradox.
JosephPlayz 2 anos atrás
I said the same thing
Lennahc: Marbles, Monsters And More
kohl cooke
kohl cooke 2 anos atrás
Kyra McCone
Kyra McCone 2 anos atrás
Good point
TeeJay Lewis
TeeJay Lewis 2 anos atrás
I dunno answer seems kinda sus
Joe Mamah
Joe Mamah 3 anos atrás
Everyone: you cant use a meme to understand a meme Matpat *uses "bee movie without bees" to figure out how many seconds the bee movie has with bees in the frame.*: SAY WAHT
Jaoofy 2 anos atrás
i used the meme to destroy the meme
Dr. Azimov
Dr. Azimov 2 anos atrás
I used the meme to destroy the memes- meme thanos
Jacob S.
Jacob S. Anos atrás
I'd really like to see someone make an modified version of this very meme. Maybe instead of EVERY episode of Sponge and Simps it's only the first one, same with Ice and Toy.
nick ఌ
nick ఌ 3 anos atrás
Can we talk about how much of an understatement the phrase "you'll die before you finish this meme" is
Marius Costi Manescu
Marius Costi Manescu 2 anos atrás
S-o now wat
Amy Ness
Amy Ness 2 anos atrás
the universe will die before you finish this meme
Fiery Gamer
Fiery Gamer Anos atrás
God will retire before you finish this meme
@Fiery Gamer that's a powerful quote
Jaran Crane
Jaran Crane Anos atrás
Honestly? I would watch this for hours. I would be so invested if this were a livestream or something I would watch it every day
BCS 4 anos atrás
Everyone: Man it would be impossible to analyze that video Matpat: HOLD MY DIET COKE
Chicken Tikka
Chicken Tikka 4 anos atrás
Lol, he’d probably chug it all down then burp out the answer along with all logical reasoning behind the answer
C'est Kevvie
C'est Kevvie 4 anos atrás
your chaotic adhd friend
nayetro Playgames
nayetro Playgames 4 anos atrás
can anywon putt the link from this longest meme video ever pleas
Emma Griffin
Emma Griffin 4 anos atrás
The interesting thing about the long meme, As time goes on, the meme gets even longer due to the fact that BRvid videos are being uploaded every hour or even minute. The Simpsons and SpongeBob are still having new episodes which makes the meme even longer the before. Also there is Toy Story 4 so that means it get even more longer then before. Every minute the theory get more and more inaccurate. The meme is going to get longer and longer until BRvid shuts down and The Simpsons and SpongeBob stop making new episodes. This meme is to powerful to be stopped.
Golden Warrior
Golden Warrior Anos atrás
And the meme itself has to be played (since it’s a BRvid video) meaning it’ll play itself over and over and over
Cookie Man
Cookie Man Anos atrás
Hypnopump Anos atrás
But can you average that limit?
Hypnopump Anos atrás
@Golden Warrior Or it could be a base condition exempt from the loop
WeirdoWithAHoodie 3 anos atrás
"Time and space will come to an end, but bad movie memes will outlive us all." Can I *please* get that on a hoodie????? That is the best thing I have ever heard in my LIFE.
Nicki Chambers
Nicki Chambers 3 anos atrás
I need a hoodie like that too!
Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas 2 anos atrás
how to get beat up at school 101, its so lame that even the lamest kids will be beating you up.
I don't even know, man
I gothcu
Ade the Simp
Ade the Simp 2 anos atrás
I need this in my life, I think we all do
I don't even know, man
I meant to say hoodie😑
Meme Works Studios
Meme Works Studios Anos atrás
0:00 Beginning 1:51 It’s base is boosted beyond comprehension. 2:07 8 hours, 47 minutes 2:08 Yep 2:20 BINGO!!! 2:36 Take it to the ABSOLUTE MAX! 2:43 Long title 3:11 Huge number 3:59 ALGORITHMS! MATH! 4:28 RSLN 4:31 Really scarily large numbers 4:36 Silver Edition 4:47 PRETTY SWEET! 4:56 The overlord of meme-dumb himself: 4:58 SBSP 7:23 Go have more coffee with comedians and cars 7:35 7136 runs of every Sponge Bob episode 8:29 All of the previous conditions 9:52 Over 630 million 11:10 Everything is green 13:50 8,672,127,482,000,000,000,000,000,000 YEARS!!!!
Meme Works Studios
Meme Works Studios 7 meses atrás
@꧁☃︎𝙵𝚛𝚘𝚜𝚝𝚆𝚊𝚏𝚏𝚕𝚎☃︎꧂ MatPat says We Are Number One at 2:01
Pink man
Pink man 6 meses atrás
Jason Goodwin
Jason Goodwin 2 anos atrás
i like how when he's speeding up at the begining he gets to a part where it isn't words and at the very end where he says his catch phrase "but that's just a theory, a film theory" is still ledgible
Andie Girl 87
Andie Girl 87 Anos atrás
at the speed up part he just has the same thing over and over I looked at the captions and I slowed it down and it was the same thing over and over
The Axxorite
The Axxorite Anos atrás
@Andie Girl 87 no
Axolotl Minecraft
Axolotl Minecraft Anos atrás
True True
CreationIsntGood Anos atrás
If you set the video to 0.25x speed you can actually make out some of the words from throughout the video
ZURA the woz
ZURA the woz 6 meses atrás
Seeing matpat talk about the current episode of SpongeBob and Simpsons in 2017 made me laugh at how much more time would be added if this was done today
Orisit 3 anos atrás
And remember kids almost everything in this video was underestimated...
Cosmic Trey
Cosmic Trey 3 anos atrás
Ah yes, I'm sure you watched everyone one of those frames, I have no doubt in your perfect math.
Beate 3 anos atrás
Some of it was overestimated though-
cookiepooponpon 3 anos atrás
Yep most likely (idk how to spell it)
Orisit 3 anos atrás
trey1014 why you gotta he like that tho, he said he was giving it the most plausible outcome a few times I think
Cosmic Trey
Cosmic Trey 3 anos atrás
@Orisit Dunno why, but I think I remember believing that your comment was sarcastic somehow. That seems stupid now, just vaguely remembering what this video is about, but eeeh.. No disrespect dude, you're guess is probably right.
The ARKitect
The ARKitect 3 anos atrás
Math teachers: we make maths the MOST confusing Matpat: AMATEUR!!
Connor Esmond
Connor Esmond 3 anos atrás
What, matpat makes math make sense
Purrito66 3 anos atrás
Mat: Most words have a vowel in there somewhere. Czech Republic: *maniacal laughing*
Riverperson 2 anos atrás
Tru lulw
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner 8 meses atrás
Elisha M
Elisha M 3 meses atrás
Kudos to MatPat and the team for actually crunching all of those numbers 😮
FTStudios 3 anos atrás
you know, if he counted the video itself, then it would become infinitely long... now that is scary!
Genius Gamer
Genius Gamer 2 anos atrás
But the video doesn’t exist, so it’s not on BRvid, so there’s no reason why it would be included
LincMineCrafter 2 anos atrás
@Genius Gamer that’s why I couldent find it
badplayer 2 anos atrás
U know it would be way longer by now. Now imagine that
TheGamingDoggo 10 meses atrás
The funny thing is that this video would never end. This video is on BRvid so would contribute to the total hours of content part so that section would forever expand so MatPat could’ve just said that it would go on forever
Shadow life
Shadow life 3 anos atrás
Mom: do your chores Me: can I finish my video? Mom: fine. The video: 8.5 octillion years-long Me: goodbye chores, hello death and existentialism.
TheManBehindTheOof 3 anos atrás
do your chores kid
Mysterious Figure
Mysterious Figure 3 anos atrás
Frances Jones
Frances Jones 3 anos atrás
Kind of dark man
Hungry Bear
Hungry Bear 3 anos atrás
Shadow life t
Toastaru 3 anos atrás
And hello insanity.
AccurateMemin 3 anos atrás
I would like to remind you that calculating internet joke times by watching five movies, over 1K episodes of cartoons, and had to watch a lot of frames for the color green is what Matthew Patrick does for a job. Welcome to Game Theory, friends.
Buddy sutton
Buddy sutton 2 anos atrás
This is film theory lol
Carto Darko
Carto Darko 2 anos atrás
@Buddy sutton LMAO
Eddy R
Eddy R 2 anos atrás
If this theoretical meme video were uploaded to youtube you would at some point reach an inception moment where it would be impossible to finish because it would play itself from the beginning
NoName 2 anos atrás
oh no
Elliot Hellyer
Elliot Hellyer 2 anos atrás
Ultrameme paradox
JosephPlayz 2 anos atrás
I basically made the same comment
JosephPlayz 2 anos atrás
I asked the same question
Buphido 11 meses atrás
For the green in toy story, you could have asked someone to write a simple computer program for you. Counting the frames containing green in the movies is very easy to program, talking from experience.
SuperCharge - Brawl Stars
Time to show this to mom to make her see that I actually watch things about maths
ShudidShu 7 meses atrás
tbh matpat is making lore out of my childhood while teaching me a lot of math he is the only person to make me watch 16 mins of math
Janielle F
Janielle F 3 anos atrás
This theory legit gave me an existential crisis
YourKingPyro 3 anos atrás
Honestly same I watched it when I came out and I literally had to vent to someone (which was also my first time properly venting) they just laughed and said it’s just a theory
Liam Grapes
Liam Grapes 3 anos atrás
apple cat
apple cat 3 anos atrás
they all do lol
The monsteres Under you bed
Lol same
Mick Howard
Mick Howard 3 anos atrás
I had a headache after watching this video
CrayCray Wolf
CrayCray Wolf 2 anos atrás
Everyone in the comments is talking about how Matpat forgot this part or miscalculated a number. That doesn't change the fact that the bad movie memes will outlive us so let's just lay down and accept our fate
Raddie Cat
Raddie Cat 3 anos atrás
"Flim theory: You'll die before this bee movie meme" But every time mat pat goes off-topic to make a joke the video speeds up but every time he says the word bee it plays "Flim Theory: Tangled Repunzel's hair is KILLING itself" But every time mat pat says a word witch means hair it cuts to "Flim Theory: The Cars in the cars movie aren't cars" Backwards but every time mat pat says cars it slows down every scene of the video with MQUEEN in it and scenes with Mattre speed up. But every scene with mattre in it plays Cars 2 at an annoyingly slow place. But every time matter isn't on screen it plays the complete film theory ARC "The Disney death count" But every time mat pat puts in a clip with something dieing Moana is played with the bass boosted beyond comprehension repeating for the number of characters dieing in the clip but every time the chicken from Moana is on screen it plays all Moana film theory. But every time Matpat mentions death it plays Game theory Super Mario maker is bigger than the universe it" But it's slowed down so the second count is equal to the possibilities of good levels in super Mario maker 2 right now. And every time a syllable is finished it plays all the Nintendo Labo adds of 2020. When it plays "super mario make is bigger than the universe the speed of "You'll die before this meme" Resets
Krystal Sass
Krystal Sass 3 anos atrás
PastaTurtle 3 anos atrás
mattre? lol
Question Shark
Question Shark 3 anos atrás
You just made an infinite loop
Raddie Cat
Raddie Cat 3 anos atrás
@Question Shark oh...
Raddie Cat
Raddie Cat 3 anos atrás
@Question Shark Wait no everything in there is finite so theoriticaly it would end it's not reseting the videos its reseting the speeds so it dosn't get T O O F A S T
Peter Puke
Peter Puke Anos atrás
Imagine what kind of super computer you would need just to edit a video that big and how many brontobytes of storage would be needed to store the project files and the final video, this meme is truly ahead of human technology in its current form.
JikuAraiguma 3 anos atrás
Been a while since I watched this and it made me think of a question: If this theoretical video were live-streamed and edited live, would that video itself be counted as part of the youtube runtime within it?
I forgor my name💀
I forgor my name💀 4 meses atrás
This video LITERALLY made me cry because of how difficult ridiculous it was for me to take😢
Art Cat
Art Cat 3 anos atrás
“The Toy Story Trilogy has three movies” **Toy Story 4 comes out** Matpat: *Oh god no...oh god no...NOOOOO*
PsyKwol 3 anos atrás
To be fair they said the Toy Story Trilogy. They didn’t say anything about a 4th movie
Tristan Fisler
Tristan Fisler 3 anos atrás
Plus the video would be changed indefinitely
Jacob B.
Jacob B. 3 anos atrás
DragonSlash that was a terrible joke
cherry manz
cherry manz 3 anos atrás
Tristan Fisler
Tristan Fisler 3 anos atrás
Florence Clarke holy sh#t
It's Tea Time Commentary
That number has now dramatically increased by A LOT. Considering when this was uploaded.
QueijoNoob 3 anos atrás
imagine watching the bee movie then out of of a sudden you hear patrick screaming backwards
Redhead Boi
Redhead Boi 10 meses atrás
This is one of my personal favorite theories from the matpat channels.
choccieshakes 2 anos atrás
it has only just occurred to me after rewatching this, that matpat missed out the fact it said for every 10 seconds of youtube content, not every second so
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 2 anos atrás
Just divide by 10 it will just have one less zero
Catman-du 2 anos atrás
He also missed the time of each thing where nothing happens. Like he doesn't count that 12 minutes of Bee Movie without bees that you'd have to watch everytime you have to watch the Bee Movie or the non-green parts of Toy Story. So let's just say this is a lower estimate of the number
Egerit 2 anos atrás
@Catman-du yeah
EGom 2 anos atrás
Yeah, big difference anyway
Apenas uma batata
Apenas uma batata 2 anos atrás
@Catman-du You really think that less 10 minutes of Bee Movie would make the video watcheable?
The final squid
The final squid 2 meses atrás
It’s been 6 years and this video is still good.
Kamille 4 anos atrás
MatPat: playing all the spongebob episodes for every bee in each frame is a bit overkill Me: And the rest of it isn't?!
V.K.P. 4 anos atrás
but wait, if he did calculate with every bee/frame it would take like, a lot more time, over 24x for sure
John Smith 2.0
John Smith 2.0 3 anos atrás
hi. Im your 420th like! i just wanted to drop by and say nice comment!!!! and keep it up!
Jeynarl Anos atrás
I put this on my watch later a few years ago but just discovered it scrolling through my list. I feel like I’m watching a TV show show, like a parallel universe history about a timeline that doesn’t exist anymore. Our memes these-adays are so much more depressing because of some minor current events.
Kazoo! Anos atrás
Buddy, it’s a lot worse now
Calvin Noire
Calvin Noire 8 meses atrás
@Kazoo! Among us.
Andrew Shea
Andrew Shea 3 anos atrás
“Every Spongebob episode for every single bee in the movie? That seems like overkill.” MatPat, that’s probably what they meant the whole point of this is overkill
Regan Monigan
Regan Monigan 11 meses atrás
Man, I would love to see this done with some algorithms and computer programs and get an even more accurate number lol
RecordioLol 2 anos atrás
One Does Not Simply Make a Viral Meme Based on Film... Without MatPat overanalyzing it.
Midytheimp Gaming
Midytheimp Gaming 5 meses atrás
Biggest question I have for this is: How powerful of a computer would you need to have to even edit and export a video of that size? o-o
Coolrh13 6 anos atrás
Doctor: you have exactly 8,672,127,482,000,000,000,000,000,000 years to live Me: I know exactly what I am doing
JNS Studios
JNS Studios 6 anos atrás
Ha. XD
XxXmlgsonicXxX Mlg
XxXmlgsonicXxX Mlg 6 anos atrás
Doctor : You have 8,700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 centuries to live Me:YAY!
xx123gamerxx 6 anos atrás
ide probaly get bored of liveing
Gamers only
Gamers only 6 anos atrás
I need the video's link!
Flame Umbreon
Flame Umbreon 6 anos atrás
Coolrh13 me: oh...well....I'm an umbreon
thealeks1 2 anos atrás
The commitment of these two people is insane
pheonixs_yt 3 anos atrás
Guess I can't be a theorist anymore since I don't like showing my work
Gavin Mitchell
Gavin Mitchell 11 meses atrás
Crazy to think that if someone were playing this video as a livestream and you randomly tuned into it, there's a 99.999999% chance that you'll be tuning into backwards spongebob.
justarandomalt Anos atrás
That intro just shows how many jokes matpat makes on a video And hey you can never have too many jokes
Kameron Donaldson
Kameron Donaldson Anos atrás
was expecting a memetic soundbite from the bee movie like "we'll certainly try (to work you to death)" and the spongebob in the thumbnail made me expect actual working conditions in the real world to become absorbent like spongebob and regressively reflect the working conditions in the bee movie.
Dutawe 6 anos atrás
Doctor: You only have 8 octillion years left to live. Me: Wait what?
Robby Genschel
Robby Genschel 6 anos atrás
Me: Nice to hear ^^
Robbie Cotter
Robbie Cotter 6 anos atrás
Husl Wusl v
peegod24 6 anos atrás
Yoanka 6 anos atrás
And you'd still die before the end of the last Ice Age movie.
DelToro Perdedor
DelToro Perdedor 6 anos atrás
Mr. N00dle Me: "how many digits is that, fam? can I sell a part?"
Yoyle Cake
Yoyle Cake 2 anos atrás
Being in 2020 and seeing what memes were like 3 years ago really makes me feel old.
JosephPlayz 2 anos atrás
When I am making this comment it’s 2021 so I feel even older
Egerit 2 anos atrás
@JosephPlayz yeah
ellkids channel
ellkids channel 2 anos atrás
imagine this video being an unskippable ad for matpat's videos lol
z_phoenixplayz Anos atrás
I would just reload and hope I get a new ad if that happened but also why would someone want to make that an ad! It would be so annoying yet so funny!
Rock-Metal Head
Rock-Metal Head Anos atrás
I can't imagine how long this took him to make
Maverick 3 anos atrás
I HAVE GAINED SO MUCH RESPECT FOR YOU BRO, i cant believe youve done this just for us, well done💯😍
Jeremiah McCraw
Jeremiah McCraw 4 meses atrás
There are two reasons we need a re-upload with the new Ice Age Movies, the new Toy Story, the new Simpsons Episodes, and the new SpongeBob Episodes. Reason 1: Because we like updates, Reason 2: Because we want Matpat to break his TI-83 Silver Edition.
Random Kokonut
Random Kokonut 4 anos atrás
People from 1900s: In the future there will be flying cars Us in 2017: **Makes a meme longer than the existance of the whole universe** Me: Tbh I dont know what's more impressive
Craig Tucker
Craig Tucker 3 anos atrás
Random Kokonut there are already flying cars (from what i’ve heard) but they only work over copper plated floors or roads i think
Pounceboi 3 anos atrás
Random Kokonut i would bet all my money no one ever said that
Gajusz 3 anos atrás
A.T.F A.T.F 3 anos atrás
@pounce boi have you watched back to the future?
OAK 3 anos atrás
The universe is 4636272747463746463747473748374746367347847373636474848392929292938487119293933985434434342239449585857575838291919290303048485757757558584848399302010102948485757665748494933933920202020102939384847475757676768549493939292920101029394948845857575767585894943002201019383848475756483839191029393948475747575756474848382919109238485756577484483903948484years old
TheDVDFanatic 2 anos atrás
I love this theory, please make more videos like this.
Mr. Mellis
Mr. Mellis 3 anos atrás
tbh I've re-watched this Film Theory episode countless times. It's one of my favourites!
Sanicbear Koala Renn
I just imagine these theory videos being part of the entire ice age pentology but every syllable is replaced with the entire toy story trilogy but every second that the color green is in the frame it is replaced with every video ever uploaded on youtube but every 10 seconds every episode of the simpsons plays but every word with a vowel is replaced with the bee movie but every time a bee is shown it is replaced with every episode of spongebob played backwards
Preston Ferguson
Preston Ferguson 3 anos atrás
Matpat: and we get the drumroll worthy number off... Advertisement: Hey
Jackson Potter
Jackson Potter 2 anos atrás
I read this when it happened
Elgwninja 2 anos atrás
@Jackson Potter same
why r we here
why r we here 2 anos atrás
NeoPolitan Anos atrás
The fact that I *turned on subtitles* for the intro shows how much I love these videos
Joseph Peterson-Mcgee
Joseph Peterson-Mcgee 3 anos atrás
It would take 8.5 octillion years to finish Me: skips to the end
Toney Dcoutho
Toney Dcoutho 3 anos atrás
Well he said it would take 8.5 octillion years for the video to get over from start to finish
Ali Zaman
Ali Zaman 3 anos atrás
bad internet: a-a-a-lo-lo-ow-ow m-m-me-e-e t-t-to-o-o in-nt-tr-ro-od-du-uc-ce my-se-l
vierfach 3 anos atrás
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 3 anos atrás
Every bee of every frame seems like overkill but then again this meme exists so I’m pretty sure that was the point all along.
Sliggumz 2 anos atrás
Matpat's the kinda person that shows his work on the homework even if he doesn't need to
Giygas Anos atrás
The worst part is that this number is only the length of spongebob episodes being aired. It doesn't take into account how long the bee movie/youtube videos/ice age/toy story/the simpsons videos are, only when spongebob plays
Wilbur F!
Wilbur F! 3 anos atrás
I wish that Mat Pat were my math teacher. He somehow makes it look easy
Axorandom Anos atrás
This video feels like a time capsule of memes. That is because it is.
Wolfy 5 anos atrás
proof that memes are literally stronger than the universe
BaconFrappe 5 anos atrás
cursedyeet 5 anos atrás
Clorox Bleach ironic my little man
Albi Dokolli
Albi Dokolli 5 anos atrás
Plz no
Irina Marovic
Irina Marovic 5 anos atrás
Clorox Bleach I like your name!
Orion Stickguard
Orion Stickguard 3 anos atrás
Did anyone else have a sudden flash of PTSD when Mat Pat said the words: image the buffer? I honesty felt a sense of vertigo and that my heart was going to stop for a moment before I did that wheezing sound people do in movies when they are about to die.
Kevin Alexander
Kevin Alexander 2 anos atrás
He overthinks so many kids movies with cartoon fictional logic. And I love it.
Jorge Gutierrez (Retro Master)
The math made my head hurt a bit, but I love videos like these!
MisplayMishaps 2 anos atrás
the best part of all of the theory videos on film theory and game theory is that you dont have to be right, people will just be like: "he's done this for years i'm sure he's right"
Nathan Relac
Nathan Relac 6 anos atrás
The real question is... How long would that take to edit?
gamer wim
gamer wim 6 anos atrás
B00M Styx how lomh would it take to upload or start to play
Tophart 6 anos atrás
B00M Styx imagine the render time
botkso 6 anos atrás
at 60fps 4k 360 LOL RIP
Zyana 6 anos atrás
Gnader it would take generations of people to edit it. Like SO MANY GENERATIONS!
Unused Bloonmaster
Unused Bloonmaster 6 anos atrás
one month
S4 Jnr
S4 Jnr 3 anos atrás
Am I the only one who wants MatPat to redo this theory with all the new values (i.e. The Simpsons episodes, Spongebob episodes, Toy Story 4 frames, BRvid videos) If we can't have new movies in 2020, we're getting the sequel to this😑
NovaMations388 3 anos atrás
Memes have truly transcended space, time and all of reality.
Rebecca Stark
Rebecca Stark Anos atrás
W⃨i⃨l⃨l⃨o⃨w⃨ 11 meses atrás
He needs to remake this now that there is so many new episodes
♡ 𝔎 𝔞 𝔯 𝔪 𝔞 ♡
Plus toy story 4, the other ice age movie, and more youtube, and probably more simpsons, so a lot bigger
legoboy7107 3 anos atrás
And now that there's even more Simpsons Episodes, more hours uploaded to BRvid, more Spongebob episodes, AND a fourth Toy Story, imagine how long that would be.
Chrisjr Delcalzo
Chrisjr Delcalzo Anos atrás
The best part is that this meme video gets longer the more time that passes
Melnyx 3 anos atrás
The teacher: the math test won’t take much working out The test:
Fereiro1410 2 anos atrás
Imagine that my mom is a teacher she send this vídeo to my math teacher and now we calculate memes
Oopsie Daisy
Oopsie Daisy 2 anos atrás
@Fereiro1410 that one kid that cheats with a calculator is gonna have a hard time
Lea rainbow
Lea rainbow 2 anos atrás
@Oopsie Daisy Yea but the calculator willl feel worse
Oopsie Daisy
Oopsie Daisy 2 anos atrás
@Lea rainbow tru dat
Art Cat
Art Cat 2 anos atrás
The problem won’t be be figuring out how long it would take to watch the whole video, it’ll be figuring out for long it’ll take for it to upload.
TheOne Bman
TheOne Bman 2 anos atrás
Oh my god, so many 2016-2017 memes So much nostalgia- *To those of you in the past, enjoy it while it lasts, it gets much worse when 2018 hits-*
SpongeBob Miscellaneous
Imagine your punishment after death is to watch this meme in its entirety.
Keratin Anos atrás
let's not consider how long it would take to actually render the video in a good quality
I’m someone like me
Imagine the amount of storage this video will have if this really exist
Martha Indahouse
Martha Indahouse 3 anos atrás
I love how the title just says "you'll die before this bee movie meme" like it's a threat
The Banana Republic
The Banana Republic 3 anos atrás
It is
Martha Indahouse
Martha Indahouse 3 anos atrás
@The Banana Republic Uh oh
Noel Black
Noel Black 3 anos atrás
Steve harvyeet I saw you somewhere
potato lord
potato lord 3 anos atrás
Oh, trust me it is
my Lord 3107
my Lord 3107 3 anos atrás
Humans won’t live without bees, but they won’t live with bees either :)
Zira's pride
Zira's pride Anos atrás
WOW. There's that many hours of videos on BRvid, and I still insist on watching matpat over and over. 🤣
Segastar2 3 anos atrás
The only film theory video I love coming back to time and time again
Abram Lance Apuli
Abram Lance Apuli Anos atrás
Imagine the editor of that meme video and how much memory it needs
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