Film Theory: Which of The Incredibles Is THE MOST Incredible? (Disney Pixar's The Incredibles) 

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THE INCREDIBLES is one of the most beloved Pixar movies, and this makes sense seeing how it's Super Heroes and Family combined. But with so many super abilities under one roof, I have to ask: Which Incredible is the "most super?" Well, Loyal Theorists, I've found the answer, and it's not who you're expecting!
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22 Jan 2018



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@snorgardark1908 2 anos atrás
To be fair, Mr Incredible did not give out when the train hit him, the ground beneath his feet did, so he could be much much stronger than his environment allows him to be.
@joachimp1184 2 anos atrás
Also, people got seriously hurt by the change in speed inside the train. If he had stopped it faster, which I don’t doubt he could have done, everyone inside would be in a much worse state
@user-ev4mk3cv6i 2 anos atrás
@sirmant1651 2 anos atrás
Plus, he's not heavy. So even if he was super strong the train is much heavier.
@user-ev4mk3cv6i 2 anos atrás
Something tells me by his size he is heavy.
@sirmant1651 2 anos atrás
@@user-ev4mk3cv6i Let's say he weighs 200 kg. He can't stop a train weighing 537311 kg without getting pushed a lot.
@raptor0002 Anos atrás
Violet might also have the best reaction time of the family. At the start of the film, she put up a field remotely in Dash’s path to intercept him. So her force fields aren’t just insanely strong but can appear basically instantaneously.
@mulch2 Anos atrás
Dash was moving in a circular pattern, by the time dash realized there was something in his way it would be little to no time to coarse correct. Also take the weird helicopter scene in the cave, when dash realize that a helicopter what’s coming his way he took time about two seconds to change his path
I think Violet is the best since she is just a teenager and she will become better at some point although she’s already over powered in my opinion since she can technically lift stuff and fly technically. Not including Jack Jack since he’s still a baby so his powers are undetermined at the moment.
@tayloranderson7547 7 meses atrás
For real life that is so cool
@brianrivera4449 4 meses atrás
@@mulch2yes but that first part should be something to say for violet cause she beat a speedster at reaction time
@Elmo_The_Frog 4 meses atrás
I think that violet could also beat anyone in her family in a death battle. She could just make a tiny forcefield in their body or brain and then expand it. Instantly she wins as her opponent explodes. It's pretty graphic but it's a possibility in my opinion.
@trajanfalk9283 Anos atrás
I love how MatPat determines at the beginning that the movie takes place in 1962 and then, a couple of minutes later, uses modern missiles to determine Elastigirl's strength.
@was3513 Anos atrás
I think he did that because Syndrome has more modern technology compared the time the movie takes place in.
@isaacwestover1767 9 meses atrás
Personally i thought that it was her suit that absorbed the impact because we see when Edna was introducing the suits, that Elastagirl's suit could withstand missiles.
@hanneswiggenhorn2023 7 meses atrás
​@@isaacwestover1767 but this also implies that her suit and even she herself can withstand the shrapnel, which might even be more impressive
@sussydogelikesplanes 11 dias atrás
@@was3513 yes but this is a gulfstream-based plane, which was made atleast after 1970
@volteriaz Anos atrás
If violet is literally stronger than both of her parents at 14, imagine a fully grown version of her
@TheNatefedor 10 meses atrás
and especialy if she has kids and has an adrenaline rush like Mr incredible
@rockateart9752 3 meses atrás
@joshuatuiwainunu2017 2 anos atrás
With Elastigirl its actually the suit that helps her survive. If you watch it again, you could see that she actually remembered what Edna said about the suit within the moment the missiles were about to hit the jet. Also if you look closely, you could see that she ducked her head inside with her kids to protect it. Between the four I believe that Violet is the strongest, I've been holding on to that argument ever since I was a kid watching Incredibles multiple times. But from all five, Jack-Jack is by far the strongest seeing how he was able to go through Violet's shield in Incredibles 2.
@emyasoul8858 Anos atrás
@Ryan Lastname If she put her head into the suit to protect it just like she did with her kids, then why would it have exploded?
@emyasoul8858 Anos atrás
@Ryan Lastname If that's true I can't see it from this video, even going frame by frame. That does explain your question though, so I guess I'll have to keep an eye on that scene when I watch the movie next. ^^
@tonywayne_irl Anos atrás
Jack-Jack is not the strongest but has the most versatile power.
@nicktara9812 Anos atrás
@RyanLastname Even if she did protect her head, that amount of force os still able to knock her out. Heck, the suit might be able to survive direct missile hits like Edna shows, her head is still vulnerable to inertia
@aspect7438 11 meses atrás
I still feel as though Jack-Jack is still the most powerful because as of now he is still a baby who can't control his powers. Once he can he will be impossible to hit with him being able to disappear through dimensions and can appear wherever he wants to
there's one thing you missed in the calculation: friction. no matter how strong the father is, it's still the rails that hold him. friction only resists up to a certain amount of force, which depends on the rails' friction coefficient and mr incredible's mass, so unless he weighs like a few tons he is gonna slide no matter what.
@pokemagetech 4 meses atrás
He can’t stop it TOO fast or the passengers go flying and get severely injured. Also, he’s redirecting some of the force downward.
@hacklordmonster8780 4 meses atrás
@@pokemagetech it doesn't really matter that he redirects the force down, because in doing that he just lifts the train a little bit, so it might add a little more resistance if the friction between his shoes and the rail is higher than the friction between the wheels and the rail (which is likely) there's still a limit to the force he can apply. in addition, rails generally have a lower coefficient to allow the train a smooth ride. i might be wrong and there might be an element of him trying to moderate the slowing down, but either way the point is that that scene is not a good indication for his power at all. tl;dr: while he might be able to maximize the friction by lifting the train, i don't think that would be noticeable enough to allow him the further control over the slowing rate. i might be wrong though it depends on too many variables.
@ArkhamChess 3 meses atrás
Bro already weighs a few tons💀💀💀
@theCodyReeder 5 anos atrás
So you can only push on something as as hard as you can push on something else if that something happens to be the rail ties your standing on you can only push on the train with the breaking force of the ties which is substantially less than the ground and I imagine is less than the force Mr. Incredible can put out. Also with the train he was pushing at an angle which make it even harder. Though I'm just being a nitpick, I really enjoyed the video.
@cowbones6864 5 anos atrás
He was having to rely on friction in the train scene also.
@EndieGLITCH 5 anos atrás
Cody'sLab He was pushing more with his arms than his legs. Even though the rails were still being pulled with his legs, he wasn’t pushing on the rails enough it enough with his legs to break it.
@theCodyReeder 5 anos atrás
True, in fact this is a good macroscopic view of how friction works; his feet dig into the rough surface of the track bed providing a resisting force. Its not quite the same though since the force reaches a maximum with very little downward pressure I.E his feet break through the material rather than ride over the bumps.
@theCodyReeder 5 anos atrás
EndieGLITCH Huh for some reason I thought the ties where shown breaking, guess I imagined that, it would make sense but if that is the case than it does come down to simple friction which is still the thing he is pushing against.
@viviannoah8039 5 anos atrás
Thank you for everything
@samoanjoseph1457 2 anos atrás
I was kinda surprised you didn't factor in a couple of things, though I don't know if it would have change the end results: -the "fact" that the only thing hard enough to penetrate the Omnidroid was itself -that Bob wasn't able to punch through the Omnidroid -Helen expected Violet to put a force field around a plane, which should give an idea of how wide she can make them, or how wide Helen thinks she can -Violet is able to shield her family from a plane crashing on top of them - though to be fair her parents were wrapped around her at the time, and since we know Helen and their bodysuits can absorb explosive impact to some extent, maybe Violet's force field wasn't doing all of the work there. Anyway, I appreciated that you stressed that strength was not Violet and Dash's area of specialty, since the move itself does the same. Dash can't (or at least doesn't know how yet) to deliver a superspeed punch with enough force to knock a man out. I'd like to think Violet could one day figure out how to coat parts of her body with force fields while she attacks, effectively giving her a suit of armor and increasing her strike power -- kinda like Armor from the X-Men, though not quite the same.
@FraMurgia Anos atrás
The strenght of the force field would be a lot stronger if you take into account that bullets apply their force over a very tiny surface area. To create a force field that properly blocks bullets from all direction you should be able to apply that force over the whole surface area of the shield and in very short timeframes (hence a lot more power is needed) , which makes it a lot more impressive.
@siddgoyal9433 Anos atrás
In your analysis of Violet’s powers, you forgot to account for gravity on the robot - mass and weight are not the same thing. Since the robot is under the effect of gravity, its mass should be multiplied by 9.8 m/s to get the weight. Both Violet and Mr. Incredible are vastly more powerful than your calculations show.
@allthingsaddi Anos atrás
Yeah the whole video is full of ridiculous physics miscalculations. Showed this to my physics professor from last year and he cringed the whole time. He says MatPat would’ve failed his class with a video like this.
@christinahe8442 Anos atrás
He did multiply it by 9.8 m/s^2 to get 181 million N, which is the weight
@NeroDefogger Anos atrás
how can this have 135??!! that's precisely the thing, indeed we confuse weight so much we double confuse it, indeed mass is not force, we automatically usually assume the earth's gravity and multiply by 9.8, and we usually have to stop that and actually use the mass in an other way or use a different acceleration or gravity, but PRECISELY this time, what? they are not on earth? they have a different gravity? if that is your point then say so, the only assumption made was precisely the one is usually done, that we are in earth's gravity, and indeed the number is multiplied by 9.8, 135 people really were confused about that? and then I get mad about the ACTUAL things that are sketchy...
@tayloranderson7547 7 meses atrás
For real life
@SerbiaCapital Anos atrás
As a train nerd, I love to hear MatPat using accurate terms for railway stock. Awesome! -Jack
@sev8608 10 meses atrás
Idk why anyone doesn't notice that Bob doesn't really get hurt from blunt attacks and only gets wounded by the Omnidroid's sharp claws. His durability is off the charts too and he has a jar containing bullets that bounced off him during his prime and in his room with all the newspaper and achievements, one of them shows he swam through a typhoon in an ocean and rescued a ship full of people off the ocean.
@trevorritzke2099 5 anos atrás
Couldn’t it also be that Mr Incredible is a little smarter than we think he is? I mean, if he had exerted a hundred times the force he used in the train scene, he would have stopped it instantly, killing everyone. We know that he can control his strength due to him being able to punch people and not turn them into a bloody pulp. Also, look at him saving the guy who tried to commit suicide, if Mr. Incredible had used the force he used in the train scene, he would have murdered him. It seems like Mr. Incredible could just be using the absolute minimum force he needs to in every situation we see him in for fear of completely destroying what he is trying to protect. In the robot scene, he uses as much force as he can since he either saves his kids or fails and all three die. I just like this explanation more than the ‘family love’ explanation
@pigmentationyeet6848 5 anos atrás
Trevor Ritzke 50/50
@rootbourne4454 5 anos atrás
Trevor Ritzke Yeah, that makes sense.
@jakubgrzybek6181 5 anos atrás
Trevor Ritzke or train had forward momentum, while robot downward. Meaning there is no friction involved with stopping the object. If Mr incredible had bigger feets train would stop faster.
Trevor Ritzke yep Exactly
@shawneastridge8180 5 anos atrás
True. If Mr.Incredible were to use all his strength to stop the train completely, it would have caused a deadly whiplash to the passengers inside.
@Bruno-lb8uc 2 anos atrás
When Ms incredible shields them from the explosion it's actually the suit doing the shielding. It's shown previously that they're resistant to explosions.
@itzmedb8290 2 anos atrás
yeah he even showed the scene for this but never brought it up sure her body took some impact per the laws pf physics but its still mostly the suit
@OK-yy6qz 2 anos atrás
Fabric doesn't protect from an explosion. The fact the fabric itself can survive doesn't mean it would stop the explosion from harming the kids or ms incredible
@Akademya101 Anos atrás
@@OK-yy6qz I’m sure Edna made it to protect the wearer? Because what’s the point then lol. Besides Its not ordinary Fabric anyway.
@leadergainjin7673 Anos atrás
@synthwolfe8906 2 anos atrás
A couple small things I wanted to mention. Dash and violet are still developing, so its possible their powers can enhance further. Secondly, in that scene you referenced of violets field blocking the bullets, they didn't just stop. They reflected, which should factor in. Apparently, it doesn't just absorb that kinetic energy, it redirects it.
@stevenarvizu3602 Anos atrás
About Mr. Incredible being stronger when his child’s life is in danger, it _can_ be described as hysterical strength, but I believe what you were referring to was neural inhibition which is more well researched. Humans do not use 100% of their actual strength due to neural inhibition, where the nervous system uses a series of inhibitor neurons that are attached to other neurons in the body so that as a signal is sent to to a muscle to move, it gradually loses some of the signal sent which reduces the action potential (the actual movement of that muscle) of a given muscle. While scientists do not know for certain why this exists, what we do know is it essentially keeps you from using all of your strength at any given task. This is likely an evolutionary trait that keeps your body from operating on a knives edge, where using all of your strength without a reliable source of food renders your body incapable of finding something to eat before starving to death whereas a more efficient approach may make you able to last longer between meals as well as keeping strength in reserve for when it’s needed. Scientists know that your body mediates these inhibitors, meaning they are not roadblocks, they are doors that your brain can open or close when needed. What could make them open? Desperation. The mix of endorphins and adrenaline is likely to cause one of the greatest fight or flight responses of your life, which could cause your body to open the neural pathways and giving you access to your body’s full strength, while afterwards you would be incredibly tired and exhausted, you would likely feel almost twice as strong for time. Also the reason this is not scientifically proven is because it can’t be tested with a control, since reproducing an experiment where the subject believes they are going to die is a board of ethics violation, but it is well documented
@matthewpeffer5765 8 meses atrás
Remember, violet had been struck MULTIPLE times so she had withstood at least three times the force her dad struggled with! But omg it’s amazing how you can devote so much time and effort into this.
@Boojum_Tree Anos atrás
7:44 I believe her suit is designed to be super durable, and in the demonstration, we can see that it is resistant to a large variety of hazards, including intense heat. Now, typically, blast force would be a hazard, but this is a character who is naturally durable as heck, and naturally immune to blunt force, like Luffy from ONE PIECE. However, assuming here body has a similar chemical structure to a character like Luffy, who is composed entirely of rubber, heat would be extremely dangerous, as rubber and other flexible materials are not immune to melting. On the matter of the exposed parts of her form, in the original scene, she can be seen tucking her head and arms into the shield as she rolls into a ball. This was just a thing I noticed and wanted to bring up, so yeah.
@wastingmytime7258 5 anos atrás
A couple quick notes, if I may: 1) When calculating Mr. Incredible's strength using the train, you didn't account for traction. It doesn't matter how strong he was, his feet were planted on wood and concrete, which broke under the force of the train. You can see the wood flying away as he speeds down the track. It doesn't matter how much force he can personally exert, he could exert ten times your estimate and still run into the same problem. If he can't brace himself, he can't slow the train down enough. Not to mention, he wouldn't WANT to stop it dead in its tracks, since that would kill everyone on board. 2) Your missiles are misdated. You made sure the train and passengers were set in the 1940's, but the missiles you referenced began development in the 1970's. 3) You didn't consider Elastagirl's supersuit. Edna Mode SPECIFICALLY stated it was resistant to missiles. In her demonstration scene, she shot two at the suit, and there was no damage at all. 4) This entire premise is based entirely on one definition of raw strength, and doesn't account for usage. Mr. Incredible may have a physical advantage, but his powers would have a hard time injuring anyone in his family. Elastagirl's stretch would make it easy for her to evade direct contact. Dash is just too fast to hit. Usage wise, Violet could potentially have the deadliest powers. Not only can she stealthily attack just about anyone, but her forcefields are solid and can appear anywhere. We see her use them to disrupt electromagnetic fields, so why can't she use them to slice through matter? However, her age is a disadvantage. She has NO IDEA what the capabilities of her powers are. She is one of the least trained of the family. Unlike her parents, with years of experience, she works on instinct, and doesn't even know that her forcefields could deflect bullets.
@KendrickBFG 5 anos atrás
Tilty Misneach my intelligence is being increased by this comment section
@wastingmytime7258 5 anos atrás
Thank you!
@thc1859 5 anos atrás
I think you meant "Will not want to stop it dead in its tracks"....
@wastingmytime7258 5 anos atrás
Oh, oops! Proofreading fail. Thanks for catching that!
@ColinPowell-ks1fl 5 anos atrás
Nerd Alert
@taha_ig 2 anos atrás
When Mr. Incredible is stopping the train, he can't exert any more force than the railroad ties can support at a time, so the incredible feat of strength seen at the end of the movie could simply be his full strength without the limitation in the strength of the railroad ties.
This was an incredible movie that I encourage everyone to rewatch. You really appreciate the nostalgia.
something i always thought about was how strong dash would REALLY BE. on top of having unholy amounts of speed, speed = power so if dash swung his arm at top speeds into someone they'd probably be sliced in half and obliterated. also dash should be unstoppable by like, anyone slower than him.
I would like to point out one thing about your calculation with Mr Incredible and the train: while he may have the strength to push large objects, at the same time the train itself is a fragile object. He is most likely not exerting his max force because if he did, he'd tear through the front (it'd be like that scene in Invincible). He'd have to accommodate for the low (relative to him) tensile strength of the train metal and glass and use selective bouts of his strength to decelerate the train rather than push against it with all his might
@evanwirth7881 9 meses atrás
He forgot a very important part: Edna’s suits. They are the reason elastigirl was able to take the explosion and they enhance everyone’s abilities
@acelegenda.x6135 2 anos atrás
Pixar is just Disney without having all the characters singing every 10 minutes
@chillyswiss5698 2 anos atrás
which is why its better
@Chanceogal 2 anos atrás
@@chillyswiss5698 exactly!
@chillyswiss5698 2 anos atrás
@@Chanceogal :D
@gdjrfhtgdyyfb7224 2 anos atrás
@@Ethan.YT. what
@justacartoonlover9658 3 meses atrás
I'm so happy I found this. Incredibles was always my favorite PIXAR movie (It's between it and WALL-E). Also regarding MatPat's idea of "what the movie was about" the director's cut gave a little insight on that; it's a balance between the fantastic and the mundane within family bonds. Hence why the whole climax battle is the family arguing over the remote. :)
@abbadon9693 7 meses atrás
Another thing to note about him stopping that train is that he can only exert as much force as reactions will allow which is one of the reasons why people can't exactly stopp themselves from being pushed as well in water as on land.
@sakurasasha Anos atrás
If you think about it, people with super speed also have super endurance because of the fact that they can run for so long, and so quick. Not to mention, the fact that they would also have really tough or special skin to not give the person friction burns.
@SierNotsruht 4 meses atrás
And extreme reaction speed
@theficticion1231 Anos atrás
Dash’s powers make so much sense when you think about the logistics of stretching and super strength combining. The most obvious answer is speed. He even resembles both his parents. Violet on the other hand…Helen, have something to tell us???
@ellyelly7235 Anos atrás
This would also explain Helen's immediate assumption that Bob is cheating. Takes one to know one.
@yinfung4841 Anos atrás
Keep in mind Violet isn't even at her full potential, she's only 14. You could argue that it goes the same for dash, but as mentioned by Matpat, it would take him quite a bit more pounds of force to catch up
@sgtsmartykins 2 anos atrás
When I re-watched this movie, I took the message as being not that you have to be born special to be super, but that even people who aren't born with special powers (Syndrome) have the potential to be super, but because he became too obsessed with the approval of others, he lost sight of his true goal and was brought down by his own inferiority complex. If he had used his intelligence for the betterment of people and not focused on Mr. Incredible's discouragement, he could have been just as heroic as the rest of them. It's not about whether or not his intelligence counts as a power, but how he chose to use it. Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk.
@val_ue 2 anos atrás
I mean, considering the existence of Edna, a very intelligent person who works with superheroes, yes, I agree with what you said. Edna, unlike Syndrome, used her intelligence for good.
@breadgirl9806 2 anos atrás
@@val_ue I couldn’t agree more when you take into account all of the factors Edna has to account for in her super suit. You can tell she is just as intelligent as syndrome if not more (especially in the 2nd film) where she makes a baby safe super suit for Jack Jacks’ 100 powers in a single night. Including one that can track Jack Jack when he is in a different dimension. She could easily turn herself into a goddess herself but she fully immerses herself into art that supports people who can save the world.
@AbbaZabbaOlyFrn 2 anos atrás
I still don't get why intelligence is not considered a superpower. Both Edna and Syndrome display genius levels of intelligence when it comes to their imagination, engineering and inventing abilities. They are also brilliant and cunning strategist in their own right
@waffleten9750 2 anos atrás
@@AbbaZabbaOlyFrn Because intelligence is something that can be learned by gain by most people yeah it's really hard but nothing ( in fiction) is stopping you from becoming as smart as you want.
@AbbaZabbaOlyFrn 2 anos atrás
@@waffleten9750 doesn't that apply to OP supers as well? Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone didn't become that skilled and honed into their powers overnight. You can see that in Violet and Dash, they're barely tapping into what they can do with their powers. But I get what your saying, super geniuses really cannot physically display their super power, they have to use other methods
@DesertCavalier 7 meses atrás
Elastigirl is able to shield the kids specifically because, as Edna tells her, her new suit is "virtually indestructible". She even demonstrates that fact by firing missiles at it in the lab. Elastigirl shields the kids, yes, but it's the suit that pulls the weight in protecting both them and her.
@IAmTheFlash101 2 anos atrás
Mr. Incredible probably could have stopped the train faster if the tracks weren't giving out below his feet. Also, are we forgetting that full on training montage of him getting back into shape, which happened in between the train stopping and the robot lifting. Maybe it's not just stocked up to hysterical strength.
@jesserivera2043 Anos atrás
I still stand by the theory that Syndrome actually had powers akin to Forge from Marvel Comics that allowed for him to make those inventions, but since it's not flashy no one picked up on it.
@user-vy1pf8bb9g 5 meses atrás
In the movie, Edna says that she made Elastigirl's suit missile proof, so the fact that she was able to defend her kids from the missiles could just be her suit.
@taurinrobinson 2 meses atrás
Violet is still probably stronger though because she’s barely tapped into her potential power. She doesn’t like using her power so unlike the others in the family she’s probably the least practiced at it. Had she been danger rooming the whole time she likely would more than surpass her father’s raw strength.
@callmechriss_4367 2 anos atrás
Actually if Mr Incredible stopped the train at once, it would most likely get destroyed in the impact killing everyone in it, so he couldn't use his full strength on it.
good job tying up loose ends.
My thoughts as well.
@ADerpyReality 2 anos atrás
@legendarysoil1064 Anos atrás
@joostine3720 Anos atrás
@@ADerpyReality exactly what i thought too
@kaydenlobert317 Anos atrás
Helen's Suit was designed to absorb exposions so I feel that the estimate of the force she absorbed is faltered.
Fun fact : Violet is called that because Elastagirls original suit is red and Mr. Incredibles is blue. Also, how did they name Dash that without knowing his powers?!
@linomatheus7418 Anos atrás
The force needed to stop the train didn't come from Mr. Incredible himself, but from the friction between his feet and the ground, which is dependent on his weight, not his physical strength. Also, the ground wasn't holding up to the high forces as well because it was breaking below his feet. That's why the trains scene isn't the best scene to measure his raw strength. When he saves his children, however, the force he applies on the omnidroid is parallel to the omnidroid's weight. That's the perfect way to measure raw strength.
@ahnaftahmid8325 Anos atrás
i'm pretty sure the only reason elastigirl was able to withstand that explosion was because of the suit because we can hear edna describe how much force the suit can take
@unixie_ Anos atrás
Me : Reading comments Also me : Missing the whole video Also me : Watching the video again bc Matpat's videos are the best things on BRvid.
@NeptunesOrca 5 anos atrás
MatPat, your 'Hysterical Strength' explanation for Bob Parr's sudden dramatic increase in strength is logical, but there's something you failed to consider. When Mr. Incredible supports the Omnidroid, we see him support the Force directly, even being located at, or very near, to the centre of gravity, resulting in his ideal situation to support such a force. If you watch the train scene though, there is a very different system at work. You see, the limiting factor of the system when stopping a train is not how much force *Mr. Incredible* can exert on the train, but rather how much force his *feet* can exert on the ground. Because Mr. Incredible exerts this force on the train, we know that he is also exerting this force on the ground beneath him. The only way for him to exert this force upon the ground as he goes is through friction. We clearly see throughout the scene that he is moving, with his feet sliding upon the concrete, telling us that he is experiencing the weaker of frictional forces, "moving" or "sliding" friction (as opposed to the stronger "static" friction). Now, the equation of sliding friction is quite simple: F=N*u. F, where F is the force of friction, N is the Normal force (the force acting perpendicular to the surface), and u (technically a Greek letter 'mu') is the 'coefficient of friction', in this case, the 'coefficient of sliding friction'. Now, coefficients of friction vary dramatically with between each set of surfaces, but we have to make a few more assumptions before we get started. 1. When Mr. Incredible pushes against the Omnidroid, he is using close to his maximum strength, meaning that the maximum force he can exert is 181398476 N. 2. We see Mr. Incredible break crossties as he tries to slow the train. Now, these are pretty hefty pieces of wood, so breaking them neatly in half is normally a feat of strength. However, with the forces we're dealing with, it really isn't that much of a challenge, so we'll just accept that they break, and absorb a relatively substantial amount of the force. To account for this, we'll be generous and say that 30% of the total force is absorbed in the breaking of all of these crossties (though it is likely less). That leaves us with only 126978933.2 N of frictional force to exert. As well, to stop the train, the 30% absorption means that a minimum of 933.1 kN must be exerted to stop the train. 3. We also see Mr. Incredible brace for the impact of the train, setting himself at an angle to more easily transfer the force to the ground beneath him. With a protractor, I measured his chest to be at a roughly 45 degree angle to his feet, and his head at roughly a 60 degree angle. I'll be using the 45 degree angle for my calculations, as it will return a more conservative estimate of the frictional force applied by reducing the normal force (using 45 degrees also makes the math easier for me, because I don't have to do trigonometry). 4. Mr. Incredible is a pretty muscular guy, and relatively tall, so we'll put his weight at about 250lbs, or roughly 1.125 kN. This is fairly insignificant in terms of the forces we're dealing with, so we'll just ignore it. Mr. Incredible's weight will have a very limited effect on the end result, being about 1/1000th of the force of the train, even after taking off our 30%. Right, let's begin. Forces can always be split into their perpendicular components along the x and y axes, so we can say that the force Mr. Incredible transfers along his body can be split into components perpendicular and parallel to the ground. So, in order to stop the train, Mr. Incredible must exert a parallel force of 933.1kN. Since he's at a 45 degree angle, we know that he must also exert a perpendicular force that is also 933.1 kN. This perpendicular force is what we will use for our Normal Force. We know the maximum Force Mr. Incredible can exert is 181398476N (as per assumption 1), but he can only use 126978933.2N of that in Frictional Force, so by using our formula F=N*u, we can calculate the coefficient of friction that would be required for Mr. Incredible to use his full force to stop the train, and compare that to coefficients of other interactions to see how reasonable such a coefficient would be. Crunching the numbers, we get a coefficient of friction of... An astonishing 136.083! Now, to most lay-people, that probably doesn't sound very far fetched. Most lay-people, though, don't have experience with coefficients of friction. Anyone who has seen these equations before, though, can tell you, that coefficient of friction output by our calculations is simply ridiculous. To put that number into perspective, most coefficients of friction are less than 1.The highest coefficient of sliding friction I could find was Aluminum on Aluminum, at 1.4. Static coefficients don't help us here either, with Silver on Silver also coming at 1.4 (Aluminum is a bit of an anomaly, with a higher sliding coefficient than static coefficient). Rubber on concrete (a more comparable example) has a maximum coefficient of 0.8 As such, it's pretty simple to see that Mr. Incredible, try as he might, is *certainly* not going to be limited by his strength while stopping the train, but rather, by the strength of his boots. With any reasonable coefficient of friction, only about 3% of Mr. Incredible's strength could actually be used to slow the train, leaving 97% of his *possible* exerted force completely unused. So although hysterical strength is *an* explanation for why he could suddenly lift almost 200x his previous record, a much more likely explanation is that in his previous record, he was only using up to 3% of his possible output.
@eelboy3098 5 anos atrás
NeptunesOrcaII wha?
@Gamagal100Channel 5 anos atrás
Man that's the most well thought out comment I've ever seen, respect man
@christianbarrett3040 5 anos atrás
Did we also forget that we saw Mr. Incredible working out after they get fired from the insurance company? it is theoretically possible that he worked out to a new maximum strength after the work out sessions he had. Also wouldn't the fact that he was using his arms and legs at a greater bend then when he stopped the train play into it as a way to disperse some of the force? I like physics but I am far too lazy to do the math.
@personhuman2239 5 anos atrás
Jesus man.
@Jacob-qr8pl 5 anos atrás
NeptunesOrcaII Here! Here!
@TheExigency 2 anos atrás
Ok but nobody is talking about how quickly Dash's brain has to be able to navigate his body that quickly. Not only did he move at 1/24th of a second, his brain had to tell him to get up, move, avoid hitting anyone, place the tack upright, turn around, run back, and sit. His brain would be as fast as a computer.
@newstartyt3700 11 meses atrás
i am pretty sure superhuman speed also implies superhuman thinking time
@ryanetherton 2 anos atrás
Maybe he slowed the train taking the longest amount of time possibel(amount of track) so as to not hurt the passengers with the deceleration. That kind of precision is super impressive and makes me think that he’s capable of so much more when he’s not focusing on measuring his strength.
@func_e Anos atrás
I love how MattyPatty uses the most obscure things to calculate stuff like using trains and history to calculate Mr. Incred's strength
@Mike-mf3ed 2 anos atrás
I know you analysed the force and weight of the Omni-droid, but I wanna know more! Like how it is able to learn and predict things that superheroes might do? What’s the force it applies with its claws on an object or person? And it’s speed when rolling?
What if Dash is tapping into the speedforce, considering he doesn't send a huge gust of wind when running to the front of the room and back, essentially putting the Incredibles in the Justice League universe? Just a loooooong stretch but could make a cool theory.
@127mfan 5 anos atrás
Solid work as usual Matty, there is one small issue though. In the case of Elastigirl, Edna stated that her suit is virtually indestructible and it was even shown to unaffected by small missiles. When protecting her kids, she wrapped them up in a ball and tucked her exposed head into the ball. The explosion hit the suit and not her body. Therefore it is far more likely to assume it is the suit that can withstand such force, and not her.
@davidhong1934 5 anos atrás
Why isn't that woman designing super-strong alloys and plastics for use in daily construction?
David Hong she must be as shes shown so rich but she must be boasting about making hero costumes more
So in that way all of them get costumes so we will have to calculate their powers and not the costume because they are wearing those costumes
I was just about to comment that
@revali6934 5 anos atrás
Can't think Of a name ~not exactly, Mr. Incredible was wearing his old suit when he stopped the train
MatPat, you should do this Film Theory episode again except the Incredibles its the Madrigals from Encanto. They're all pretty powerful too but maybe it's not plausible since not all their abilities are for combat like Mr Incredible or Elastagirl. However, maybe it'd work if they all fought.
@rosebrigade Anos atrás
To point out.. Helen's power would be massively weaker than the calculations you gave. In the movie we learn when Helen goes to get her super suit from Edna, that the suit was designed to be "explosion proof"... Which means the explosive power that she resisted on the plane wasn't because she was super elastic, it was because of a synthetic material made by Edna. If she had her old super suit, or no super suit at all, she would have probably died, as would her kids. The suit, ironically, would be considered cheating in this contest of strength, and would make Syndrome look like the role model again since to withstand that explosion, Helen needed a synthetic super suit to make herself strong, just like Syndrome MAKES super tech to make himself strong.
@terrol32 Anos atrás
Call me crazy but I think friction plays a much bigger part, is not that he wasn't strong enough, it was more like he could get a good footing to stop the train, but on the later case where he jump in to save the kids, he had a good footing and was able to make full use of his strength.
@Lopitra Anos atrás
Here's an idea for why Mr Incredible stopping the train was much harder than stopping the Omnidroid, hysterical strength aside. When he tries to hold back the train, the train track boards snap under his feet. He didn't have proper footing and support. Meanwhile, when the Omnidroid slams down on his family, Mr Incredible he has the Earth's crust against his back.
I personally think Mr. incredible was holding back with the train. He knew there were people on board and such a sudden stop would damage them as it did in the movie. Not only that if he didnuse his full strength it's likely the train would bump into him and while hebstood his ground the train would get wrecked up pretty badly
@pipstix5487 5 anos atrás
I would like to make what I believe is a valid point: Mrs. Incredible's suit is the thing that saved her against the explosion, NOT her own powers. When she got her suit, the person giving it to her said that the SUIT reflected everything. The SUIT.
@sloaneclark398 5 anos atrás
Eva Russell Edna (the “suit-giver”) proves this by including the scene where she introduces the suits. She blows them up to show off their strength!! 😁 I feel smarts!!
@dippingsauce9545 5 anos atrás
She never said it reflected anything just that the suit itself was virtually indestructible, honestly not saying whether it'd able to protect the person. It doesn't absorb everything.
@nathanevans1382 5 anos atrás
@benjitraverse3826 5 anos atrás
The suit does reflect the explosive shrapnel, however the main calculation here is the FORCE exerted by the middles. The suit is very flexible for her meaning there is little to know impact resistance, so the force of the shockwave would be full exerted on her. She doesn’t get impaled by shrapnel and burned by fire, but she does feel the full shockwave
@toxic_ytgam3r961 5 anos atrás
Eva Russell there we go... somebody who actually KNOWS what is going on and actually looks and listens carefully to the movie
@goldwind729 Anos atrás
Actually the slowest missile in 1962 (which is the time the story is set in) is the LGM-30 Minuteman which had a top speed of 17,508 mph
@melissali3896 Anos atrás
I read this in an article somewhere so I'm not sure if it's true, but when the hysterical strength thing occurs, the human body's perception of how dangerous it would be to use that kind of power disappears.Often resulting to muscle related injury after they literally lift a car to save their children or whatever.
@Jana-uj2ig 6 meses atrás
Maybe Dash dosent actually run fast, but perhaps he can create time bubbles around him that slow down or speed up the environment around him. So the reason he didn’t create huge blasts of wind when he places the tack on his teachers chair is because he isn’t going fast. It’s just time perception. That is my theory on fast superheroes
@peachyxdot Anos atrás
Violet definitely is the strongest because in the second movie she literally make as force field to protect her family on a boat that’s about to crash onto the shore and her family doesn’t even have a scratch on them!
@Eternityyyyyy Anos atrás
For the train one I think you’re missing two big things. First it looks like instead of mr.incredible not being able to stop the train it looks like the concrete under him is the thing that is preventing him from stopping it immediately. Secondly even if the ground wouldn’t break he still wouldn’t stop it immediately, not because he isn’t strong enough but because everybody in the train will die if they come to an immediate stop after staying at such a high speed
@tan-tan5913 2 anos atrás
Imagine how concerned Mat’s parents were when he was a kid
@Cookierungachalol 2 anos atrás
@Yoshi-uw1bv 2 anos atrás
Look mat! It's a Disney movie! They are full of fun family friendly messages! Kid Matpat: Actually...
@o.8.p149 2 anos atrás
He probably wasn’t like this until a little later
@theweirdochannel8735 2 anos atrás
@@o.8.p149 yeah, but imagine if he was.
@2indiangamerz622 2 anos atrás
Maniacl laughter intensifys
@hazardous_playz6136 2 meses atrás
I would like to point out, the Death Battle referance at the very beginning of the video. Brought the biggest smile to my face, my two favorite channels in one place BUT I was really hoping to see Wiz and Boomstick in this episode
@felipegonzalez895 Anos atrás
Violet is the most powerful. I think her force field can counter anything with any amount of mass but the impact of it is what makes her pass out like in the droid scene.
@Nsix4 Anos atrás
I see many reasons why Bob is the strongest, including my comment from 3 years ago stating that the guy went through a training montage. On top of him probably holding back to no break the tracks he was standing on or flatten the train. And also Violet also having Hysterical strength saving her brother.
@XD.73-849 Anos atrás
Have any of you noticed that if you play any of MatPat’s cool intros at 0.25x, it sounds really cool
If I’m honest there were sibling instincts so perhaps that was her full strength with the extra adrenaline, but also he has the experience and has anger against syndrome so yeah, mr incredible, also plot armor was at play
@miteihiro3283 3 anos atrás
So here's a second theory about Mr. Incredible stopping the train vs catching that robot. I don't think he was struggling to stop the train. If he wanted to, he probably could have stopped it dead in its tracks. I think he was more so struggling with slowing it down bit by bit to not harm the passengers with the momentum of the train when it DID come to a sudden stop. It's actually harder to limit yourself sometimes than it is to just go all out. You have to focus much harder in the precise amount of strength you're exerting. I've had to work with moving large, heavy object and moving them carefully and precisely. It is definitely much easier to give it all your might, than it is to limit yourself to something more precise. All and all, 100% is easier to muster than say, 40.2%.
@yarglewithwings9112 3 anos atrás
also leverage plays a huge part in it - when stopping the train, Mr. Incredible was limited by the amount of friction the tracks could take before being destroyed. He was also in a terrible position for exerting force.
@ilovet5926 3 anos atrás
oh ok
@PMSTTR 3 anos atrás
Yeah, if he stopped that train in the blink of an eye, everyone in there would instantly die
@BoobsIndeed 3 anos atrás
Not to mention that even though Mr. Incredible can absorb that force, the ties underneath him that he was bracing against could not. So, his feet had to break through several of them before the train stopped.
@NotSoOriginal06 3 anos atrás
Eren Kara bars
@dmpgaming2842 Anos atrás
This movie just proves how much mattpat paid attention to math and science.
@HopeforAllKind Anos atrás
Rewatching the movie makes me realise that the situation between Syndrome and Mr Incredible is basically the situation between Midoriya Izuku and All Might (back during their first meeting) but if Izuku was any less of an innocent cinnamon roll and if All Might hadn’t backtracked on his words 😅
@maskedangel5977 9 meses atrás
Isn't this to say that Violet could be stronger in the future as she grows? Mr. Incredible holds the title for obvious reason, but it seems like the children are meant to surpass their parents when they grow.
@k8uba 2 anos atrás
Just a thought, when the dad was stopping the train, surely he would be trying to stop it for as long as possible without having it topple off the edge, so that the people inside don't get jolted forward so much (obviously didn't work out for him but oh well), as you want as much time to slow down as possible to cause the least amount of damage. This suggests that he wouldn't be using full force on that occasion, so could well have had the strength to hold up Syndrome's droid thingy at the end of the movie, especially when paired with the adrenaline rush you mentioned in the video. Correct me if I'm wrong.
@shaq238 Anos atrás
Also gotta mention that Elastagirl held the bus in her arms and legs like me carrying all of my mom’s groceries in one trip…for someone not known for having super strength that speaks wonders to her abilities
@chunkyunicorn3996 4 anos atrás
When Violet grows up and her force fields mature more/become stronger, she’ll most likely be one of, if not the, most powerful supers in the world
@Faust4541 4 anos atrás
jack jack: hold my beer
@Othellovonryan 3 anos atrás
Actually very true!
@mothell6697 3 anos atrás
The new baby i think its like a hundred times stronger.
@killok8153 3 anos atrás
Bud you forgot Jack Jack
@penielrobles 3 anos atrás
chunky unicorn what abou baby jack jack
@synthwolfe8906 2 anos atrás
In addition to my other comment, can I mention the vectors in play between Bob's train and bobs Droid? The Droid is pushing him directly down towards the ground. The train is pushing him horizontally. Its not that he was stronger for the Droid (though hysterical strength was an interesting mention), but it likely has to do with his purchase. With the Droid, its literally just him vs Droid. With the train. Its train vs (him + friction) because with the train, he needed to dig his feet in, and you can see him digging trenches with his feet, trying to stop it. Horizontal force would be harder to stop, unless you have a solid base to press against.
@sarah_1134 2 anos atrás
Fun Fact: In German, Dash is actually called Flash I always thought it was Flash in English as well, but oh well
@AndyTaken 7 meses atrás
When calculating Mr Incredibles strength you kinda miss that the wooden beams on the track are snapping from the force and therefore he loses tranction... Meaning should he had to have stopped the force of the train on something more stable like concrete, he will likely stop it sooner = stronger than calculated.
@captainkrazee7726 Anos atrás
Also, the missiles that attack Mrs. Incredible appear to be vintage WWII British RP-3 unguided rockets. (rocket projectile 3inch) The RP-3 has an average payload of 12.1 lb of tnt equivalent. However as these are unguided it isn’t likely that they would be fired at an aerial target. Adding to that they were used only in WWII which officially ended in early 1945. The movie takes place mostly in the 60s so this is logistically impossible, so yeah.
@Bonesintheland Anos atrás
I came here to see who would win in a death match, but I got an amazing message that family is forever and that our parents love us more then we could ever know. 😭
Maybe Bob wasn't even using all his strength to stop the train, because if he stopped the train with all his force, the people ON the train would feel ALL the inertia of suddenly stopping. So he tried to stop it gradually to limit the amount of force that the innocent civilians were feeling. But anyways nice conclusion MatPat. Great Theory!
@normund8348 5 anos atrás
Not to mention if he used his full strength he would just destroy the train.
Juan Pi Alvarenga interesting statement
@mineofminecraft 5 anos atrás
I believe he did attempt to stop with with all his force. The main reason why it seems to slow down is due to Bob digging his feet into the ground, and the ground tearing up underneath him. Personally I feel like the example he used proved the strength of the train and the ground, rather than Bob himself.
@quazar4773 5 anos atrás
I was thinking that too
@blanknope4358 5 anos atrás
If he stoped the train all at once the beams of the tracks wouldnt support him
@-lexdrawz-8262 Anos atrás
Even though I'm pretty late I recently been hooked on your theories, I like to listen to them while doing chores around the house
@karmaotsutsuki771 Anos atrás
I thought that helens resistance to the explosion came from her suit , remember, when showing off the Incredibles suits to Helen, Edna shows off the ability for the suit and the person wearing it to be completely unharmed from missile explosions, not only non directly as seen in the plane explosion, but completely head on.
@greathoonta3461 Anos atrás
The reason you are capable of such insane strength is because you always have it. The only reason you don’t use it is because if you did you could snap your bones due to the insane force.
@taha_ig 2 anos atrás
Considering Violet is still a teen, and we would not know what would she do if that happened to her future kids, she might still be the strongest
If that's the case, then shouldn't Helen still be the strongest since she can also receive the parental preservation buff too?
@TenemaesLament 5 anos atrás
There's a simpler explanation: Stopping the train with his full strength would have decelerated it so quickly, it would have killed the passengers. He was hoping he had enough track left to decelerate the train without killing anyone
@Moctop 5 anos atrás
That, and the wooden beams under the rails breaks under the force..which is outside of Bobs control. If he was fixed the ground, maybe he could stop it on the spot.
@Kalakcha 5 anos atrás
Yep, dear MattyPatty forgot to account for friction and the ground conditions in his first hypothesis. But we love him anyway :)
@gamingfoxy4751 5 anos atrás
also friction against the rails, we saw how much damage he did to the track while trying to stop the train, didn't have anything sturdy enough to stop him.
@erenyeager8503 Anos atrás
I guessed violet at the beginning. I think the fact Mr. Incredible is older, stronger both physically and mentally and has way more experience also benefits him over dash and violet.
@ThatBeenuxGuy Anos atrás
You know it's not hard to imagine Matpat to kidnapped the incredibles to see who is the strongest
@TheCronq Anos atrás
I think dash running and catching the football that Mr incredible threw in like 2 seconds is a bigger feat
@BowstaffDude Anos atrás
I understand that you can relate with syndrome, but he was OK with innocent killing 2 kids. ( He thought he killed dash, violet, and Hellen with a missile during the plane scene ) He even laughed about it to the kids dad.
I think that supers have powers relating to their personality, so babie's power is essentially the undetermined, and it will set into a more concrete power set as they grow and mature.
@newstartyt3700 11 meses atrás
I dont think so, Frozone for example was still pretty young (like Jack-jack) when he discovered his freezing powers and well he remained with them. Maybe Jack-Jack, like Meta Man is someone meant to have many powers
@nishkaahuja3387 Anos atrás
MatPat's physics teacher has never been more proud
@unicornpotato0751 Anos atrás
Matpat should do this again now because there is another movie where we can see all them use their powers in diferant scenarios again in a 2nd movie
@kalshazaak8102 7 meses atrás
Side note on the missiles, we know for a fact they're SAMs, they specifically called that out and showed that the smoke trail went way farther than any AAM goes, not to mention that we saw the sequence of events leading to the launch happen on the island in Syndrome's base. Not sure why you treated it as speculation
@ethanstyant9704 2 anos atrás
While hysterical strength may have something to do with it I believe that the train feat isn't his FULL capabilities since it wasn't coming from above like the robot was and the ground gave way which is honestly better as they would have splatted
@girraffeeee2069 Anos atrás
They actually had an example of hasterical strength in the warrior cats books. Lion blaze pushed an entire TREE of a cat.
@funsoisola2767 5 anos atrás
There is also the fact that Edna shows Helen how her suit protects her from explosions, so maybe she didn't take on that explosion outright. Looked up the scene and Edna says, "Virtually indestructible," when the rockets fired at the suit, so we can't really tell how much force the suit absorbs from explosions just from Edna's words.
@leecason4582 5 anos atrás
Funso Isola that's true
@tundrab.r.o8010 5 anos atrás
Thank you Funso, i was thinking the same thing.
@somdudewillson 5 anos atrás
Edna showed her that the suit could withstand explosions, not that it would protect the wearer from them.
@cooperhall333 5 anos atrás
Funso Isola I thought that too
@TheSergio1021 5 anos atrás
Being knocked out from the blast says otherwise. She didnt die, but she felt it.
@nasiraquddoos5172 2 anos atrás
Please tell me how on earth this man did all these calculations. Like I could never. ✨✨
@taha_ig 2 anos atrás
Ok, but can we have some respect that Dash used his powers at the max to put a THUMB TACK ON THE TEACHERS CHAIR. VERY respectable....
@PixelPop17 Anos atrás
Even if MatPat is being the quote-on-quote "supervillian" you gotta give it to him, all the calculations needed for this video...
@lagggy_9192 Anos atrás
I think Elastic girl's plane missile thing should not count since the sheilding could all be done by the super suit, it didnt turn out to be damaged after the explosion. plus, Edna already showed how indestructable the suit is
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