Filibuster: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

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John Oliver explains why filibusters exist, why they shouldn't, and why it's stupid to drink coffee like a cat.
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8 Set 2019



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Comentários 80
Daniel Felkai
Daniel Felkai Dia atrás
Just putting it out there: if you guys released a coffee table book titled "The Art of LWT" featuring things like Ben Franklin lapping coffee from a saucer, or Adolf Hitler clipping his toenails mid-speech, I'd buy it. Just some food for thought for you there...
Santos Vázquez
Santos Vázquez Dia atrás
The Ted Cruz one was pretty impressive considering it was 3 hours from the record. If he did it sitting, he could have broken the record.
Alex Cio
Alex Cio 3 dias atrás
good show john!
Dr. Kira
Dr. Kira 3 dias atrás
A filibuster is basically a Doctor Who speech if the speech was evil.
Franz Colaristo'
Franz Colaristo' 4 dias atrás
*At the Laundry, a Dryer Sheet Check-In* The mind's logic is a slow and subtle machine. Sometimes a person wants to let it ride or needs some physical stability in it. That's why they whack their head. They do it to get it moving again. You may find that you're the guy whacking your head all the time with a stuck machine. You're the doofus! Hey, regular television at least has a laundry cycle for logic and a check-in. This laundromat has a theft passage built-in for weirdos and many use coin-slugs. Beware! Some get involved in passionate people and the passionate often end up the tragic and reside in various levels of Hell on Earth then end up next to me at the laundry.
VitaDoden 5 dias atrás
My grandparents used to drink their coffee from a saucer so FU Mr. Oliver :/
M Joc
M Joc 8 dias atrás
Hello all, I require you assistance here! I am not a native speaker and thus I think I am missing a point here. Basically, on the one hand, I thought filibustering was just the act of speaking endlessly or provoking any similar situation that prevents real stuff from happening and thus any bill to be accepted. On the other hand, I understood that the 60 votes threshold (while the Senate is approximately equally represented by the two main parties) is a huge hindrance to any big change as it simply means that a significant number of members from both parties must agree. But it seemed to me that John Oliver implied that there was a link between those two concepts, almost as if this 60 votes threshold is part of filibustering, which I don't get. Is there something I am missing here?
Lochlan Ibbertson
Lochlan Ibbertson 8 dias atrás
Nope, your not missing a thing. Having the 60 vote threshold to end debate is a huge part of the fillibuster. If a party does not have those 60 votes, debate does not need to stop, and the legislation doesn't even get voted on. So now, all a party needs to do is threaten to fillibuster, and a bill is basically dead.
Aethelred The Ready
Aethelred The Ready 9 dias atrás
A person talking continuously, I’m pretty ok with that. Some person just saying it no. I am actually ok with a 60% approval, but it doesn’t work with 2 parties.
321 shot1000
321 shot1000 10 dias atrás
The "Filibuster" sounds like a shitty knock-off of "Filmbuster", which itself would be a shitty knock-off of Blockbuster.
NW Emerson
NW Emerson 11 dias atrás
Is anyone agreeing with me that maybe we should make an age limit to being in U.S. politics?
Wonderland 13 dias atrás
pretty conservative person here && I have to say I appreciate what u do & how u do it! keep up the good work
IS THIS LOSS 14 dias atrás
I love that guy in the background of the filibuster figuring out his dick is small...
Gloomy Lobster
Gloomy Lobster 14 dias atrás
The one good thing the filibuster has brought is lofi hip hop Bernie filibuster to chill/ study to
Tim Thorp
Tim Thorp 15 dias atrás
If the purpose of pouring the coffee from the cup into the saucer is to cool the coffee for drinking, then what is the point of pouring it into the cup first? Why don't you just pour it directly into the saucer? And yes, I would filibuster this argument...
Robert Bosshardt
Robert Bosshardt 17 dias atrás
As someone who watched Chasing Amy, it would have worked better if they did more about acknowledging the idea that Alyssa was probably at least somewhat bi. The really offensive lesbian turned straight story that involved Ben Affleck was Gigli and honestly, that film seemed to be made for the purpose of offending people.
Jak Lawrence
Jak Lawrence 18 dias atrás
If you need bipartisanship (given that both parties are essentially right of centre) to pass a bill, you're never going to pass anything that isn't half-measured centrist nonsense at best, or right-wing pandering at worst. I don't know what witchcraft happened for the ACA to pass the senate - but I doubt it'll ever happen while Moscow Mitch is in charge of the agenda.
Carl Pelz
Carl Pelz 18 dias atrás
Pretty much all wrong with America is after greedy and corporate’s poppets Republicans. Besides the corporate democrats like Biden and Warren. It is disgusting to know that in America are so many ignorant ppl that fallow and obey them. Besides the nowadays American’s Tumor Trump 🙄. Americans got what they deserved.
Max Nakano
Max Nakano 18 dias atrás
I agree that the filibuster should be removed. However, I find the reason why you want to remove rather unwise. The “let’s do what benefits our party right now” mentality is what fuels injudicious rules such as this. The purpose of removing rules such as this should be for the purpose of benefitting our country, not just one party for the near future. I find you saying that your main concern about undoing the filibuster rule concerning. This kind of petty partisanship is the true downfall of our current government. I don’t support the use of filibusters to block regulations as well but I think the reasons for getting rid of them should not be an issue of partisanship rather, concern for the efficiency and functioning of our legislative system.
nerdfatha 18 dias atrás
I am okay with keeping the filibuster if rules can be put in place to make it actually be a tool of debate. First, it has to stay on topic. Second, no food or drink allowed and no bathroom breaks. Third, every 30 minutes you have to offer to be interrupted by seeing if anyone in the opposition has any questions. Fourth, a majority vote can be taken at any 30 minute break to decide if this continues or is stopped.
Spooky Stela
Spooky Stela 19 dias atrás
Ted Cruz could get it... and by it I mean a swift kick to the nuts
Leo Watley
Leo Watley 20 dias atrás
that dude at the desk at the end is an american hero.
Jess Wahyudi
Jess Wahyudi 21 dia atrás
look at the reactions of the dude sitting in the back xD
Gati Akbar Wibisono
Gati Akbar Wibisono 21 dia atrás
oh please don't make fun drinking coffee with a saucer. it's still a thing here in my country
Benjamin Thvedt
Benjamin Thvedt 21 dia atrás
Fast forward 8 months later, when the idiocy and lies of trump are making even congress look good
Brad Sikkema
Brad Sikkema 22 dias atrás
America is messed up
John Gedric Tudio
John Gedric Tudio 23 dias atrás
Jeezus 6:36 made me squirm what I was drinking hahaha
Martin Temelkov
Martin Temelkov 23 dias atrás
I do not like that man Ted Cruz...
TheGameLab /gaming
TheGameLab /gaming 24 dias atrás
As terrible as filibusters are, they make for absolutely hilarious moments of members of “the more pristine side of Congress” doing stuff like reading green eggs and ham
David Hutchinson
David Hutchinson 24 dias atrás
Key reason why I often contemplate how to leave the US for Europe.
chronicles 25 dias atrás
yang saw the stimulus package decades ago
jellyjay 26 dias atrás
‘Sipping out of a saucer like a fucking cat’ The Russians with their samovar are triggered lol
Peter Mernagh
Peter Mernagh 26 dias atrás
Is there any comedian less funny than John Oliver?
Alba Tris
Alba Tris 24 dias atrás
gokul balagopal Payyanur
No wonder rock cut his hair
Martinho Paour
Martinho Paour Mês atrás
Ted cruz talkathon wasnt a filibuster
Moss Linden
Moss Linden Mês atrás
In case anyone is wondering about the the whole cup to saucer thing, it made sense at the time. Your hot beverages would literally be boiling hot. You put it in a saucer because it cools faster that way, as more of the surface of the liquid is in contact with the air. Not like they could grab a couple of ice cubes out of the fridge, lol.
Ta Sims
Ta Sims Mês atrás
I'm from South Africa, and my grand mother used to do the cooling saucer thing. I thought it was weird until I saw her church friends doing it as well. Apparently it's something grandmother's do in over here 🤣🤣🤣
Eric Mês atrás
I usually agree with the points he makes but the part where he says "the bad thing is sometimes the people you don't agree with will be in the senate" is totally ridiculous. yes you fucking idiot, the rules apply to everyone, you can't just introduce laws that apply to one party.
Jessica Lacasse
Jessica Lacasse Mês atrás
Jessica Lacasse
Jessica Lacasse Mês atrás
What is so different from slavery ,bunch of hispanic ,black working for old dumb rich guys...
Peter Le
Peter Le Mês atrás
so, 15 hrs later... he has yet to shake, tuck, and zip up....
T. B.
T. B. Mês atrás
Reagan never saw combat. Never even left the country. Jimmy Stuart fought in WWII, and I reckon deserves more respect than draft dodger Ronald Reagan.
jon oblivious
jon oblivious Mês atrás
always interesting
Puzuzu Mês atrás
Why do you Americans applaud this fool. In the UK he couldn’t even succeed as a mediocre stand up act. He’s just a snide, left-whinge apologist!
Adelynn Tan
Adelynn Tan Mês atrás
we still cool our coffee that way in asia: pouring it from cup to saucer and drinking from the latter :)
Josh M
Josh M Mês atrás
the only good filibuster is the Stackhouse Filibuster. because the Stackhouse Filibuster did not stop.
JumpingTomato Mês atrás
I'm Dutch and I have no idea what he is talking about! A quick search also reveales filibustet actually came frrom a Spanish word which in term came from a French word. It did indeed mean Pirate, but it Ducth we say 'piraat' which is basically the same word. i just wanted to get it out there! His impression of us was way off, but made me laugh anyway!
Joe Morris
Joe Morris Mês atrás
Not passing more laws is a problem how? You really think we need even more laws? Moronic
Data Dog
Data Dog Mês atrás
your Dutch accent is terrible, but hilarious
Can’t believe that’s how the us senate works lol. You have a shitty ass government.
Sam Barrett
Sam Barrett Mês atrás
Maybe the senate was better back in the good old days. Back then Ted Cruize would have got two lines into that book before being hit with a walking stick.
McFarland Geoffroy
McFarland Geoffroy Mês atrás
Biden! Biden! Biden!
Rob Ashton
Rob Ashton Mês atrás
American democracy is a farce at this point. A bad joke, with no punchline.
Candice Truelove
Candice Truelove Mês atrás
I'd still rather go on a platonic date with John Oliver, than The Rock.
x _
x _ Mês atrás
Ah, yes, the filibussy
Jay C
Jay C Mês atrás
the only way to improve this country is to face the problems
Jay C
Jay C Mês atrás
john oliver =truth ,
Jay C
Jay C Mês atrás
john Oliver is truly american treasure。。
Kevin Stolaj
Kevin Stolaj Mês atrás
I swear that "black guy" at 15:04 behind trump is just a white guy in black face
Detective Skeleton
Detective Skeleton Mês atrás
he's 42
JG Sword Reviews and Costume Weapons
Ah, the time ted cruz read dr. Seuss on the senate floor. Things that SHOULD be legally allowable to beat him to near-death with a silver-tipped cane for doing...
Alberto Bernal
Alberto Bernal 2 meses atrás
I'm more surprised that John Oliver didn't wash his hand after pretending to pee. He could have at lease pretend to wash his hands.
Matteo Lusso
Matteo Lusso 2 meses atrás
They should be paid by approved bills.
Samuel Rosander
Samuel Rosander 2 meses atrás
We need to have rules about ensuring that more than a simple majority votes for any bill. If we are determined to stick with a 2-party system, then how about requiring at least a certain percentage of votes from each, because, and this is hard to overstate, *no law or bill should be so partisan that enough of the people elected to represent our interests don't support it.* And likewise, if we are to maintain a system that lets parties ignores the public interest in favor of party agendas or corporate interests, we should require the people elected to represent our interests to explain the reasons for how they vote on each and every bill so that we, the people who elected them, can assess whether they are representing us, or are, in fact, representing something/someone else. Our system is garbage, but we have to find ways to make it work. It's hard to do when the President of the United States pushes literal fake news while declaring critics and opponents to be part of the "fake news media" and "deep state," and it's hard to do when our representatives, supported by heavily biased media (both news and non-news), ensure we remain as uninformed and misinformed as humanly possible.
noah 2 meses atrás
What's the difference weather you use a filibuster or come to a vote and its voted down. Filibusters actually save time. Eitherway people shouldnt use them. Only cowards do cuz their afraid of bills.
Pranz Mesde
Pranz Mesde 2 meses atrás
Anyone else slightly distracted by the microphones on John Oliver's tie that I've never notice in all of the episode of his show??? Like damn it's a bitch distracting asf 😂😂😂😂
Pranz Mesde
Pranz Mesde 2 meses atrás
Holy shit I just looked through his episode thumbnail on youtube and he has it wtf!!!! I will now not notice his microphones on his tie god damn it
Braden Scott
Braden Scott 2 meses atrás
Rand Paul is just a fucking joke isn't he?
iMatti00 2 meses atrás
*I don’t understand why John believes just because a few senators have spoken for unnecessary filibusters that it means going back to the talking-filibuster won’t work well. The few PR filibusters were for limited time. A talking filibuster will have to go on-and-on… I just worry that filibusters need to be around for the absolutely huge issues that need stopped.* I’ve thought that as a matter of principle during Obama’a term and currently.
TheMusicalBoy'93 2 meses atrás
Am I the only one who pointed out out-loud that “Milky Way bars don’t have caramel in them”?
TheMusicalBoy'93 2 meses atrás
Dominick Guzzo Ah, right. Yeah, then there’s a difference there
Dominick Guzzo
Dominick Guzzo 2 meses atrás
@TheMusicalBoy'93 i'm grateful for Wikipedia :)
TheMusicalBoy'93 2 meses atrás
Dominick Guzzo That depends on if a “Three Musketeers” bar has a white nougat centre. That’s the Milky Way I’m familiar with, in Britain
Dominick Guzzo
Dominick Guzzo 2 meses atrás
Milky Way bars definitely have caramel in them; are you maybe thinking of Three Muskateers?
Jessica Briner-DeVore
Jessica Briner-DeVore 2 meses atrás
Is anyone else a little triggered that he called Jimmy Stewart a bad actor?
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown 2 meses atrás
So how do we get rid of them?
Marcel Gardner
Marcel Gardner 2 meses atrás
I've never seen Chasing Amy.
MrMagnusFogg 2 meses atrás
At 1:38 , the blonde lady says "The United States is no longer the world's greatest deliberative body"...but when were the US ever the greatest anything ?...the day the US stops this idiot bullshit of being the world's greatest this and that, then, maybe, it will get in touch with reality for the first time since 1620...don't make America great again, since it never was more than any other country, simply make it work...and if ever mankind disappears because of a war, it will be caused by American bullying, the only department where they've always excelled...bunch of illiterate mythomanic brats...
Ricky 2 meses atrás
the problem today is we don't debate anymore, everythings about ideology so no one can reason or compromise anymore.
an anomally
an anomally 2 meses atrás
feels weird having an englishman taking about a milky way with caramel
Isabel Medina
Isabel Medina 2 meses atrás
Watching this and writing about it is my AP Gov, coronavirus break homework.
TigerLily 2 meses atrás
“Uh, well, filibuster.”
Kyle Schaff
Kyle Schaff 2 meses atrás
I support the filibuster. However, I do wish that the House could force a cloture with a 60% if some delaying condition is met, and I don’t think the Senate should have the 60 vote threshold when it comes to budgetary issues (but I can be swayed either way on that one).
Thomas Connors
Thomas Connors 2 meses atrás
Simple judicial fix: a court could easily rule that they have to actually do what they claim to be doing, or not be able to hide behind the claim they are doing it. Every single senator who votes against cloture should be required to remain in the room and listen, and the person holding the floor should have to actually speak ABOUT THE SUBJECT without interruption of any kind.
Slapstick 2 meses atrás
11:49 just keeping that for future reference
Coldfusionstorm Gaming
Coldfusionstorm Gaming 2 meses atrás
Like, i know Filibusters is BS. But it is kinda impressive to stand and talk for 15 hours.
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