Filibuster: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

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John Oliver explains why filibusters exist, why they shouldn't, and why it's stupid to drink coffee like a cat.
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9 Set 2019



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Comentários 7 621
E Dia atrás
After 33 years, now I know where my dad got the habit of pouring his coffee to a saucer from...the 18th century.
Jubin Ross
Jubin Ross Dia atrás
the tradition of pouring tea into a saucer and drink it from the saucer is still practiced in Iran😂
Neil Briggs
Neil Briggs 2 dias atrás
Really wanted him to call out the guy at 14:35 right behind trump who was apparently way more interested in his phone than anything else going on. Like, was he part of the crowd and just that bored by trump? Or was he security and just couldn't be effed to pay attention to his job? Missed opportunity.
Captain Doomsday
Captain Doomsday 2 dias atrás
I'm pretty sure the half-feral pseudo-societies children form when left unattended wouldn't fall for something as stupid as a filibuster, let alone allow it to become common practice. And how was it supposed to promote cooperation? APPARENTLY, nobody loses their job if there aren't enough bills passed (although that would create an issue of dummy bills being forced through to meet quotas), so what's the downside to filibustering something you don't like? Lighting a fire under someone's ass requires the ass part, too.
killero00 3 dias atrás
I'm starting to hate my own stupid country.
oOstill 3 dias atrás
The Netherlands isn't Germany, you know...thanks to you guys form overseas...
Cc Roberts
Cc Roberts 3 dias atrás
Really Mitch. Smh
Raymundo Hernandez
Raymundo Hernandez 3 dias atrás
Happy Birthday Tiffany!!!
Jeremy Dirr
Jeremy Dirr 4 dias atrás
Fuck Mayor Pete. And Warren is a fake progressive. Bernie Sanders is the real deal and he wants to get rid of the filibuster; don't try to ignore him. #Bernie2020 Also, John Oliver needs to have the comedic balls to actually piss in a bucket for real. He has a desk in between him and the audience, so what's he got to be worried about? Put some edge in your performance.
LaNague 4 dias atrás
your milky ways have caramel????
damen whelan
damen whelan 5 dias atrás
Shit. I'm old.
damen whelan
damen whelan 5 dias atrás
We see saucer cooling in Lady and the Tramp when Jim Dear shares his bagle and coffee with lady.
Alex Loomis
Alex Loomis 5 dias atrás
Rand Paul fillibusters for good reasons
ChaoticEnigma 5 dias atrás
A better Idea is to force the parties to work together or have them removed from their offices. They are meant tot work in the peoples interest. If they can't do that, they have no business being there.
ThatGuy Typing
ThatGuy Typing 6 dias atrás
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul staged the longest talking filibuster in recent Senate memory from Wednesday into early Thursday, railing with his colleagues for more than 12 hours against what they called the danger of drone strikes to U.S. citizens on American soil. Was Rand's filibuster not a good thing? Or am I mistaken?
Mad Mar
Mad Mar 6 dias atrás
5:24 Read the headline.
Linde Voskamp
Linde Voskamp 6 dias atrás
I now really want to watch a dutch pirate movie, but then written by how Americans see/imagine them
Teddy Masters
Teddy Masters 6 dias atrás
Why does he blink so much, and why am I only noticing this now
Dan P
Dan P Dia atrás
Damn it now all I can focus on are his eyes and thumbs.
Captain Doomsday
Captain Doomsday 2 dias atrás
It's probably super bright on stage.
Jacqueline White
Jacqueline White 4 dias atrás
I usually notice John’s thumbs and how they are always pointing up looking mildly pornographic.
Ryan Murray
Ryan Murray 6 dias atrás
America is fucked.
Tha Gary
Tha Gary 6 dias atrás
Socialism is bad.
RHONDA ROSE 6 dias atrás
Joel Ericson
Joel Ericson 6 dias atrás
Actually the Dutch was a major colonizing power with a huge fleet back in the day.
Jan truitt
Jan truitt 6 dias atrás
My grandmother used to pour her tea into her saucer and then sip it. Too funny a memory! 😂
Mårten K
Mårten K 7 dias atrás
People still drink coffee from the saucer her Sweden, some even put a sugar cube in there mouth and drink the coffee through the sugar.
xandercorp 7 dias atrás
Force senators to actually stand and speak in order to filibuster. That will get the number per year down in a hurry.
AF 7 dias atrás
Protects my second amendment from leftists like u
A literal flap of cheese
George R. Carmichael
George R. Carmichael 7 dias atrás
Jimmy Stweart was great fuck you.
Aethelred The Ready
Aethelred The Ready 7 dias atrás
I am pretty ok with a speaking fillibuster, it is a way of showing how firmly you disagree with a bill. It should be difficult though, this modern system of just saying fillibuster is silly.
Wolfundersurface 8 dias atrás
god forbid we actually get rid of something bad because, "the other people could win."
CheezitsChrist 7 dias atrás
That is exactly why Nissan Holiday Bonus Cash should be president.
RHONDA ROSE 8 dias atrás
FYI-Under our fears( amazing Treasures If you choose to use them:Telepathy!Premmitions,Clairvoyance-just a few!LOVE,DON'T fear,find alternatives!
Leonard Gombert
Leonard Gombert 8 dias atrás
"The side you agree with won't always be in power" That's called democracy you fucking tyrant
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 8 dias atrás
Obviously you missed the ENTIRE point of this monologue.
Mackenzie Marceau
Mackenzie Marceau 8 dias atrás
Why keep the Senate?!
Roelant Verhoeven
Roelant Verhoeven 8 dias atrás
1 worst imitation of a dutch accent and 2 there were plenty of Dutch and especially Flemish pirates in the 17th century ;)
Michael Swift
Michael Swift 8 dias atrás
Shout out to Pod Save America for being all over this. They asked every single Democratic candidate if they support getting rid of the filibuster, and if not how they plan to pass legislation.
Dj Gunther
Dj Gunther 8 dias atrás
Where can I buy a picture of Thomas Jefferson lapping up coffee from a saucer??
Tannaz Nikouzad
Tannaz Nikouzad 8 dias atrás
American politics are bizarre...
Benjamin 7 dias atrás
Tannaz Nikouzad ya no shit they are 😂
Rick R
Rick R 9 dias atrás
I say get rid of the Senate entirely. It's minority rule to the extreme.
RHONDA ROSE 9 dias atrás
Heart Attack-A Free trip to HEAVEN!
dDeckon 9 dias atrás
New Rule in the Senate: Air Horns and "RubberBands & Tacos" are Allowed during a Filibuster It Would of Taken 15 Hours for it to be Rejected, But 1 Brave Soul Proved a Point
soxwon04 9 dias atrás
That woman's argument is insanely stupid. How could the sixty vote threshold in the Senate been a choice by the Founding Fathers when the Senate didn't even have sixty votes until 1848?
Joseph Hsu
Joseph Hsu 9 dias atrás
Best Dutch accent ever!!!
canadiananim8r 9 dias atrás
This video just made me ask one question, why keep the senate?
no po
no po 9 dias atrás
Fuck Ted Cruz. We are literally paying these people to work for us and this asshole wastes everyones time with Dr. Seus? How is there no penalty for this.
Yeah but Dave Strider said he would filibuster by reading Homestuck.
Natalie Kendel
Natalie Kendel 9 dias atrás
The best quote to sum up this video: "The side you agree with won't always be in power. Abolishing the filibuster would make it easier for everyone to do things..."
CheezitsChrist 7 dias atrás
Natalie Kendel for you to want to change things immediately for their party’s gain is ignorance. We should fix our governance, regardless of who is elected. Hopefully, one day, eliminating the two party system.
Aaron Pincus
Aaron Pincus 9 dias atrás
Mitch McConnell filibustered his own bill regarding the debt ceiling in 2012 because Obama agreed with it and was going to sign it. That's the type of Racist SCUM the gop has become.
Joseph Hsu
Joseph Hsu 9 dias atrás
Racist? Can you prove it?
abc68099 10 dias atrás
Ted Cruz.........wasting taxpayer's money
PranksterGL25 10 dias atrás
I don't want to sound nutty but unfortunately the founders made the Senate this way in order to thwart democracy for purposes of keeping class structures and authority with wealth and education. The first Senators were just picked, and it has been the good old boys house since.
Brooks Van Pelt
Brooks Van Pelt 10 dias atrás
Every time I hear freeboot, I think of hello internet
Mutex50 10 dias atrás
It isn't a gamble. It is only a tool to make sure Democrats don't get anything done. Republicans have shown that they'll get rid of it immediately after it becomes a problem for them.
Desirée Cornect
Desirée Cornect 10 dias atrás
Like a child eating a Lego.
Callan Pepper
Callan Pepper 10 dias atrás
How can you have someone so corrupt and bias that they are allowed to keep back laws in the senate? Moscow Mitch is a complete scumbag.
Kuramadeus 10 dias atrás
Why can't John cover the 2020 Democratic Candidates like the other late-night hosts? I think it would be interesting to see his takes on them, particularly Andrew Yang.
Dale Stephanson
Dale Stephanson 10 dias atrás
My great grandpa told me stories about his days in a logging camp and he had mentioned before that they poured coffee into a saucer before drinking it...mainly because coffee was boiled in a pot and super hot and difficult to drink immediately unless you poured a little bit at a time into a was also mainly drunk black.
JAYROCK 11 dias atrás
Let's face it, it's Republicans that obstruct meaningful legislation. Stop saying senators. Just say Republicans.
Bill Hill
Bill Hill 11 dias atrás
Moscow Mitch should be in prison not only for being ugly and having that nauseating voice but for being a crook and a conman.
Jimmy TehFreak
Jimmy TehFreak 11 dias atrás
John never put his hands down after peeing.. but is pants are up, buttoned, and/or zipped up. Not realistic. 4 out of 10
alon zo
alon zo 11 dias atrás
Dgy GC As c fdaz
Amon 11 dias atrás
So when are you guys releasing a children's book about how much John doesn't like Ted Cruz?
Joshua Truksa
Joshua Truksa 11 dias atrás
Don't Brits sometimes pour their tea into a saucer to let it cool and then drink it that way? How could John Oliver, as an Englishman, find this weird?
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