FIFA 20 | Official Gameplay Trailer

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Experience FOOTBALL INTELLIGENCE in FIFA 20 with new Gameplay features that put you at the centre of every match:
Pre-order the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition before August 5th and get an untradeable FUT 20 Ones to Watch Player Item:
FIFA 20 launches worldwide September 27 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, bringing two sides of The World's Game to life - the prestige of the professional stage and an all-new authentic street football experience in EA SPORTS VOLTA.
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18 Jul 2019



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Comentários 9 786
Luke Thiele
Luke Thiele 5 horas atrás
So ein drecks laden wie kann man so ein spiel rausbringen
Luke Cott
Luke Cott 8 horas atrás
I just opened a 125k pack and got an 82 rated player don't buy the game ffs
Sandu Sawirjo
Sandu Sawirjo 12 horas atrás
I Never owned a fifa game. Always wanted to purchase it, but i didnt have the money. I finally saved up money for this game Fifa 20 and i regret buying this game. Man i am never purchasing a fifa game ever again. Tons of reasons why, it would take days to explain.
Jose Perez
Jose Perez Dia atrás
Estafadores el pes le da mil vueltas quereis sacar algo impresionante y lo unico que haceis es una caca jajaja estafadores ganando millones a costa de gente ignorante
Shadowless kick-AZ Teleport Fathir k'Dubai Prikitiw
EOF editan FIFA 2020.. .
Marco Dickson
Marco Dickson 2 dias atrás
Please bring volta football to Nintendo Switch
john stevens
john stevens 2 dias atrás
Marco Dickson it’s not even good on console, let alone if it was on the switch 🤣🤣🤣
Kevin Anzua
Kevin Anzua 3 dias atrás
This game... is probably the worst fifa they’ve ever made... if EA want more players, don’t make the game scripted, stupid players, etc.
xTra Monkey93
xTra Monkey93 3 dias atrás
Do you need a internet connection to install fifa 20 when you bought the disc
Yamil Yarfac
Yamil Yarfac 4 dias atrás
Por favor regalenme un play station y un fifa, a mi siempre me ha gustado FIFA pero nunca he tenido uno, por favor
Rey Robles
Rey Robles 5 dias atrás
I don’t know about y’all but I grew up to street soccer.👍🏻
Sarunyapong Sakonchan
Sarunyapong Sakonchan 6 dias atrás
This should be interesting.
6 dias atrás
How to remove radar in fifa 20 while in a match?
Cocojayandjack Gaming
Cocojayandjack Gaming 7 dias atrás
I play fifa 20 and I love and if u love it to drop a like
The Angry White cat
The Angry White cat 7 dias atrás
Would you rather play FIFA or fortnite
arthur In
arthur In 9 dias atrás
Luck de cash
Ekin Baran Fincan
Ekin Baran Fincan 9 dias atrás
Fifa 16
Trexo YT
Trexo YT 9 dias atrás
I would rather buy a drawing pencil
NemesisOne404 12 dias atrás
Have this game , my last fifa was from 1998, did hope this would be good. Boy was i wrong. Never going to buy a fifa again.
Paulo Franco
Paulo Franco 13 dias atrás
FIFA 17 é vc?
LucioCMTY -
LucioCMTY - 13 dias atrás
I will buy it for Volta and libertadores
Mr T
Mr T 13 dias atrás
Worst gameplay ever
Pedro Oliveiira
Pedro Oliveiira 14 dias atrás
Pior jogo de futebol que têm, Fifa 20. Quer passar raiva ? Quer perder seu momento de lazer ? Compre o Fifa 20. O Fifa 19 ainda tinha condições para jogar. Sempre gostei de Fifa. Mas deste vez está uma merda. Partiu pes 20
Till Kunze
Till Kunze 16 dias atrás
Please dont buy it!
NemesisOne404 12 dias atrás
I did 🤪 it's broken beyond repair.
Cooler Mann
Cooler Mann 16 dias atrás
This could be the patch notes for a update
Don finuttzu
Don finuttzu 17 dias atrás
Fifa 19 better ? Like like who thinks this
Mic Nest
Mic Nest 17 dias atrás
It will be amazing if ea sports you would add children holding players when entering the stadiums and players wearing sweaters in cold conditions when entering stadiums also weather conditions that you start the match while its raining then the rain goes slowly away then you finish the match with only cloudy condition it will be very realistic and thats what is in real football matches anyway
Никита Литвинов
i compared fifa 20 and fifa 17 gameplays and fifa 20 gameplay is much better
Morenob 18 dias atrás
EA I'm enjoying this game more then FIFA 19 but let us switch better it feels like this game is holding you back to be more skilled try to see which Fifa people like the most and go from there for me it was 12/ 13 15 was good too but this frostbite engine seems to make the responds too slow for this current gen.
Dodge Beast
Dodge Beast 20 dias atrás
Hey Can you please add where you can be a sub in my player and where you can transfer and loan any time.
Romano Holtuin
Romano Holtuin 20 dias atrás
Fake news😂you cant play like this player wont respond anyway 😂👌🏾... you know you would not have to spend so much money on events etc if your game was actually decent! Like just working normal players responding to input that kinda silly stuff
Adrian Kakuru
Adrian Kakuru 21 dia atrás
That’s awesome
Game Over BG
Game Over BG 20 dias atrás
Don't buy bro for real spend your money on food or close or even in fucking V-Bucks in fortnite
RkL9Clan 22 dias atrás
Ojalá os metan una paliza a todos los creadores de este juego asquerosos
Hadi Altamer
Hadi Altamer 22 dias atrás
The only problem in FIFA game is the goalkeeper, if you can improve your guards it will be better.
PÚLSAR 22 dias atrás
Gonna buy PES ,EA died from.ligma
Jordan Abraham
Jordan Abraham 24 dias atrás
EA bravo! You pulled it off. You outdid yourselves again. You achieved what we thought was impossible. You managed to make a game worse than Fifa 19. Congratulations EA! At this point, it'd be easier to make a better game, because this garbage has nothing going for it. I physically cannot see how you could make anything worse than Fifa 20, but don't worry EA, my faith is in all the geniuses at EA to pull it off next year :) P.S I'm not buying it next year...
NemesisOne404 12 dias atrás
Me neither.
Orangensaft 05
Orangensaft 05 24 dias atrás
Dreckspiel ihr verff hu****söhne
YO S 24 dias atrás
gameplay : fifa 19=fifa 20
Diogovski 26 dias atrás
Mesmo erro de sempre, se tu tá jogando contra o jogo, está 0 a 0 e no último lance da partida tu perde a bola e toma um gol, é sempre assim
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo 27 dias atrás
this is the worst edition of fifa ever
Kane Whitehead
Kane Whitehead 28 dias atrás
Does any of old timers remember when many people said FIFA is better than PES?...O how the tables have turned 😄
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