Fidget Trading Scams

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How is fidget trades a thing and how are there so many scams? Apparently it’s meta to trade an iPhone or AirPods for some fidget toys but rig it. Haven’t seen a trading wave this crazy since Pokémon heheh
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Video Edited by Terry \u0026 Now Creatives
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

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18 Jun 2021



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Comentários 0
Cool guy
Cool guy 5 horas atrás
I do this
Mia Maione
Mia Maione 6 horas atrás
Gabby diaz fun fidgets and more
I love fidgets
Jocelyn Jones
Jocelyn Jones 9 horas atrás
That DIY Slime is like Minecraft
BUNNIES 14 horas atrás
gloom i have that figet you want to offer?
Goose8825 17 horas atrás
Im just watching this and spitting my drink out while laughing
XxGolden_CloverxX 23 horas atrás
I would say open the box to any apple items, cuz fidgets are expensive and it’s excactly why I have 0 ;-;
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson Dia atrás
Assassin Gummy
Assassin Gummy Dia atrás
Gloom: Did pokemon cards get banned at your school? Me: A few years ago ye.
Chloe Florencia
Chloe Florencia Dia atrás
Do ANYONE realize that kassie is reacting to FER AND MAUUUU AAAAAAAAAAHHH
ABEER Naseem kasmani
6:10 I watched that 1 year ago I promise 👇🏻
Milagro Melendez
Milagro Melendez Dia atrás
are people being mean
ZoeyPanda526 Dia atrás
At 9:28 she said that the stress ball it’s really rare because it’s the only color. Then at 10:08 she switched it for a different color that was more rare.❤️
Belle Warburton
Belle Warburton Dia atrás
I have what you really want
Morgan Conley
Morgan Conley Dia atrás
Fidget spinners where banned at my school.
Teresa Avendano
Teresa Avendano Dia atrás
Hey gloom they sell some figet's in the mall
Victoria Woods
Victoria Woods Dia atrás
I have that same doll that the one guy traded
Palden Dorji Lepcha
Palden Dorji Lepcha 2 dias atrás
i have 56 pop its and 150 simple dimples
Ldub 2 dias atrás
Gloom:Don’t rip her off. Me:They are the same person
farah al etaiwi
farah al etaiwi 2 dias atrás
I make diy fidgets a lot of fun but I want my family to get me real fidgets love u cassy
Jelli The Fish
Jelli The Fish 2 dias atrás
As I’m watching this gloom has 6.66 mill subs
Mishka Chettty
Mishka Chettty 2 dias atrás
I'm playing with a pop it while I'm watching
maisie and layla
maisie and layla 2 dias atrás
I do. The same my family thinks I'm in sane for speaking to all my plushies and I never give them away
Adrian Rusu
Adrian Rusu 2 dias atrás
Ok but speks are ledgendary they are 50 dollars not lying rn
tayla 2 dias atrás
Summer Johnson
Summer Johnson 2 dias atrás
am i the only one who now does feel alone thinking as your stuffed unimals as family. ,-.-
Child Three
Child Three 2 dias atrás
Gloom I have 5 of the things you want the wacky track
🔪Grey_Teddy🧸 2 dias atrás
4:24 is the best part lol
Lazarbum117 x box btw
Lazarbum117 x box btw 2 dias atrás
How about you and Azzy fidget trade with your fidget toys
Becky Poutre
Becky Poutre 2 dias atrás
No one
SmallBeanGacha 2 dias atrás
Gloom: I really want a wacky track so badly, I would trade everything I have!! Me: Heyyyyy gloom 😏😏😏 I have a wacky track 😎😏
May Soe
May Soe 2 dias atrás
Pòkemon cards and Lego cards were band from your school
batify 3 dias atrás
Ordered my first poppet and first dimpl !!! it's going to arrive in a week .So excited! 😀
s_t3fa_n11 3 dias atrás
She’s ripping herself off with the pea thing
Nasreen zaya
Nasreen zaya 3 dias atrás
13:52 is me when I think of a reason to tell my parents I skipped school
Charlea Buck
Charlea Buck 3 dias atrás
i can trand you that figet that you wantind i have ti
Mihika Agarwal
Mihika Agarwal 3 dias atrás
Pop it
Shawiez29 3 dias atrás
Now I have an idea to give to my mom OwO... But yeah maybe I should say goodbye to my present
Rosiebella Burton-Spearing
Lol I love your vids gloom
Custome meme maker[No memes yet]
Lonely sandwitch I think I’ve seen u in another vid of gloom
Jaycee Valle Maldonado
Not Katy And Eclips
Not Katy And Eclips 3 dias atrás
Sorry I’m late-) Gloom: *I haven’t seen scamming this bad since pokèmon cards-* Me: *I haven’t seen scamming this bad since Adopt Me*
Jayden Suits
Jayden Suits 3 dias atrás
Me seeing gloom has 6.66M subscribers when the imposter is sus
Nova Nora
Nova Nora 3 dias atrás
So at her school Pokémon cards got banned my school was blade blade burst😂
Tom Laverty
Tom Laverty 3 dias atrás
I have that dog
Cat Lover
Cat Lover 4 dias atrás
When gloom has better fidgets than me:☠️
Joni Logue
Joni Logue 4 dias atrás
The only thing I would do like scamming is if I have alot of figets that I want to trad I would put it in a box and madey in a iPhone box and show them what is inside.
Isabella Ytuarte and david
Gloom is so pretty
rjblumenberg 4 dias atrás
Angie Eames
Angie Eames 4 dias atrás
I'm giving away my fidgets for free
Joe Forster
Joe Forster 4 dias atrás
Can we appreciate how hard gloom works into the videos for us to which and to be happy
richelyn roldan
richelyn roldan 4 dias atrás
Who's the sus fidget pop it or bike chain or monkey noodle or mochi Edit I'm getting a lol it in 1 week in 4 days
PuddledBiccy 4 dias atrás
No one: Me: * rewatching this same video like 50 times *:)
Savannah 4 dias atrás
2:38 Dad watching football
Flow scissors
Flow scissors 4 dias atrás
I know how to speak Spanish I know how to spell Spanish I know how to understand Spanish I know how to read Spanish and I also know English
QTWA Vu 4 dias atrás
I will give you one UwU
Josie Clough
Josie Clough 4 dias atrás
The pop it was nice to the mochi XD
Natasha Sexton
Natasha Sexton 4 dias atrás
Those girls got some SASS!! : l
Natasha Sexton
Natasha Sexton 4 dias atrás
Hailey Weeks
Hailey Weeks 4 dias atrás
13:47 is the best part
Lukas Lapointe
Lukas Lapointe 4 dias atrás
hey gloom i am your bigst fannn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your vids :)
_「 buggingbug 」—
someone in school he was getting distracted by his pop it thingy idk and it had like 100 pop things on it and it the teacher took it away and he was playing with some girls thing fidgit and it was taken away and it wasnt even his
Hannah Bukowski
Hannah Bukowski 4 dias atrás
I hate the whole fidget tend. A lot of people, including me, have mental illnesses, neurological disorders, or mental disorders that need fidgets and sensory tools. By turning our tools into toys, you are being ableist. A lot of schools are banning fidget tools in the classroom, and that makes some students’ lives harder than they already are. There is nothing wrong with NTs using fidgets, just please, PLEASE, stop with the trends!
Kotoko Utsugi
Kotoko Utsugi 4 dias atrás
Me who knows almost every language because Nagisa forced me to learn it: :0
Cassidy Farah
Cassidy Farah 4 dias atrás
i love your videos
Dragon Gavin
Dragon Gavin 4 dias atrás
It was a tomato gloom
Cakenado 4 dias atrás
What the heck is this new "mochi"?? Not tryna sound like a boomer but the mochi I grew up with is the Japanese ice cream!
Amy G
Amy G 4 dias atrás
“Super rare water squishy” Me: *fills a ziploc with water* done
꧁Alivia꧂ 4 dias atrás
For Christmas my mom got me airpods, but when she did was empty the box and give it to me but then give me the airpods later on
Tammy Vu
Tammy Vu 4 dias atrás
Specs can be like around $20-$30
Bxnny 4 dias atrás
random comment: how to do *this font* put this around the word or sentence * )#(@(@7@( *
MrElixir75 5 dias atrás
Okay is it just me or does it cut halfway in the video now
Bobapigeon 5 dias atrás
I was trading with my friend and she loved the triple dimple and when she traded it I had to give her a massive pile of fidgets
Rohitha Dharmapriya
Rohitha Dharmapriya 5 dias atrás
Yessssss she finally knows what fidgets are no offense
TIW EI JIA Moe 5 dias atrás
Anime Girl
Anime Girl 5 dias atrás
2:15 I have two of those but I live in Austria so too bad
Anime Girl
Anime Girl 5 dias atrás
Im fidget trading with my neighbour she’s 13 and I’m 10 but we still bestis
ZxVy TOXIC JINX 5 dias atrás
Airpods costs $159.00 macbook air costs £999.00 2:53 is a biggggg scam
Terri Lloyd
Terri Lloyd 5 dias atrás
The real felipe
The real felipe 5 dias atrás
Ravensclaw Life
Ravensclaw Life 5 dias atrás
They said that stress ball is the only one that you can get because it’s the only see through and sparkly one
Daniel Galván
Daniel Galván 5 dias atrás
And I’m a huge fan of you
Daniel Galván
Daniel Galván 5 dias atrás
And then at the end she says and I will give you this one for a gift
Daniel Galván
Daniel Galván 5 dias atrás
She said I’m going to trader this because this is the only white one
Beth Griffin
Beth Griffin 5 dias atrás
A block away from my house there’s a fidget hut and today I got a few pop its
Lucía_BOTW :D
Lucía_BOTW :D 5 dias atrás
Okey the girl offers that squesshy “UnIQuE” color on the world but then she changed it
Lucía_BOTW :D
Lucía_BOTW :D 5 dias atrás
She changed the ball for another
Pumpkin_spice Shi
Pumpkin_spice Shi 5 dias atrás
Gloom don’t worry there were just acting
REDRED LEADER 5 dias atrás
Emma Matthews
Emma Matthews 5 dias atrás
My brother has 2 miny scatebord
Emma Zillli
Emma Zillli 5 dias atrás
Can we just say she got to say about the x😂I did digit trading befor😄
Fandommie 5 dias atrás
I'm just playing with my blue tangle I got for Christmas on 2017 while watching this lolll 😂
Viviana Kassouny
Viviana Kassouny 5 dias atrás
At 8:19 gloom called the orange a strawberry
Faisalwaaj 6 dias atrás
Gloom sub count is 6.66
Pat Stidham
Pat Stidham 6 dias atrás
Boys 🙄
Danganronpa_ Fan
Danganronpa_ Fan 6 dias atrás
8:22 is that a strawberry or a tomato
irish loaf
irish loaf 6 dias atrás
All the views are from me
Julieta Caro
Julieta Caro 6 dias atrás
Ha in the Spanish tiktok she changed the transparent squishy like fidget with an orange one which is less rare I am laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alina Bell
Alina Bell 6 dias atrás
Thought if you keep on talking about people and get a dislike your Channel I'm just kidding I'm just kidding I'm just kidding I'm just telling you like if they don't want to put it on like if you hit the video just leave so and no offense to nobody I hate people talking back with people trying to feel I'm trying to be a nice person but I'm trying to be a nice person to my dad so if you do yourself for your daddy you are a true woman a true girl
Alina Bell
Alina Bell 6 dias atrás
So if you want to smack it or not smack at you just wanted to make it satisfying stop telling people that that they're so dumb I know what you're saying but like I'm not trying to make no sense about it but you got to learn to learn on your own paper no offense but I'm trying to be nice over here but if you if you just learned it will make you better if you wanted me to get more satisfying or more like licky would like something it doesn't matter what you do it's like something if you want to like do something else or like something else or kind of like other stuff like people do like drive around food and stuff but also is no difference I just need to tell you something Boise from people and make it and make your annoying for them just just have to learn yourself it's okay bye
Black Ash
Black Ash 6 dias atrás
This happens every day in adopt me lol
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