FFXIV OST - Battle Music Mix 2.0

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So I made another battle mix, this time I just added them randomly and skipped some because time (might have reused some from the older video too). Even included a couple non battle music for transitions. Also if you don't know what I'm talking about here is the older video:

Music list:
0:00 Insatiable
2:00 Corpse Hall
4:52 Hard to miss
6:27 A Fierce Air Forceth
8:40 A Fierce Air Forbiddeth
9:39 Torn from the heavens
12:11 From the Heavens
15:52 Maker's Ruin
16:47 Thunderer
18:36 To the Fore
21:29 Tug of War
23:21 Skullduggery
24:23 From fear to Fortitude
26:58 One Blood
28:17 Ultima
30:45 Ultima (Primals)
33:06 eScape
35:20 A Long Fall
37:27 Hyper Rainbow Z
38:21 Metal (Brute Justice)
40:28 Metal
43:00 Unworthy
44:02 Heaven's Ward
45:32 Locus
47:42 Exponential Entropy
50:29 Stasis Loop
51:20 Rise
53:14 Fury
55:32 Ominous Prognosticks
57:15 Looping in the Deepest Fringes
58:36 Battle 1.x
59:58 A Fine death
1:01:04 Triumph
1:02:30 Wrath of the Eikons
1:04:17 Voidal Manifest
1:06:12 Breaking Boundaries
1:07:50 Freefall
1:09:37 Revenge Twofold
1:11:50 Calamity Unbound
1:14:56 Phantom on the lake
1:17:20 Imperium
1:18:24 Nail of the Heavens
1:20:57 Spiral
1:23:49 He who continues the attack
1:27:04 Birds of Prey
1:29:24 Pennons Aloft
1:32:29 Shadowbringers

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22 Jun 2020



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Comentários 140
sLuG 22 horas atrás
hears: Fighting Music sees: 24:21
DragonMaidens 9 dias atrás
15:50 no matter how many times I listen to this leitmotif, I keep getting excited every time.
CantDestroyHer 25 dias atrás
9.39 makes me feel like climbing a mountain… or knocking one down
Akil-Ali harris
Akil-Ali harris Mês atrás
forgot that mhw behemoth music came from final fantasy
J L Mês atrás
Shadowbringer battle theme is out of place so its out of list, AND I APPRECIATE THAT
Snake Mês atrás
17:40 Batman Dark Knight?
LoneWanderer04 2 meses atrás
I was always really bad at the PvP in FF14, but man, queuing up for the PvP rounds was always worth it for the super banging "A Fierce Air Forceth".
Arno L
Arno L 2 meses atrás
Gonna use this for Roll20 Battle music for pen/paper rpg, thx !
Chocobo 2 meses atrás
The transition from One Blood to Ultima is SO GOOD
Twisted Pixel Plays
Twisted Pixel Plays 2 meses atrás
Garuda will always be the best boss music
チョコもなか 2 meses atrás
marvelous x feed
Nick Rohe
Nick Rohe 2 meses atrás
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666Flake 3 meses atrás
37:30 reminds me of Dragonball
CaelThunderwing 3 meses atrás
Nail of the Heavens gives kinda of a FFMQ Vibe,
zinic53000 3 meses atrás
Oh boy, that limit cut ptsd really hits hard.
Ace Healer
Ace Healer 4 meses atrás
I put this on while doing my homework. It's awesome!
Zeta Phi
Zeta Phi 4 meses atrás
baltakatei 4 meses atrás
5:36 Nostalgia... 🥰
Aaron "Fox0r" Andresen
Aaron "Fox0r" Andresen 4 meses atrás
16:07 - Because Rose. Always because of Rose.
Aaron "Fox0r" Andresen
Aaron "Fox0r" Andresen 4 meses atrás
07:46 - because the best part of the song
Aaron "Fox0r" Andresen
Aaron "Fox0r" Andresen 4 meses atrás
Aaron "Fox0r" Andresen
Aaron "Fox0r" Andresen 4 meses atrás
05:00 - because the feels. And because of Kaitlyn.
Aaron "Fox0r" Andresen
Aaron "Fox0r" Andresen 4 meses atrás
One thing at a time.
BlueMageDanny 5 meses atrás
Hot take: Soken may be better than Uematsu Uematsu is a genre all of his own Soken slips into any genre and makes it his own Never been surprised to hear a lit tune and learn it was Uematsu, he leaves his fingerprints everywhere But Soken? He's invisible and yet glorious at the same time
Timosy 5 meses atrás
NinjaToaster 6 meses atrás
Oh man the DRK feels at 1:06:45 onwards, why did you remind me, why did you hurt me
MashaLinna 6 meses atrás
the friggin best !!!!! thank you so much
Aeryn 6 meses atrás
Blagden Le Corbeau
Blagden Le Corbeau 6 meses atrás
24:23 When you have low grades and your dad open your room's door.
Leroset 6 meses atrás
Good ol' Godbert Manderville... Hildebrand should have studied harder lol
Antonin 7 meses atrás
I dont remember that ultima scene
BlackH 7 meses atrás
26:30 the hard cut from the hildibrand questline to gaius made me laugh so hard
휘핑 8 meses atrás
칠흑 막넴 오딘 돌발임무 온살 전투 온살 비전투 신생 일부토벌전&퀘전&업적돌발 차원의틈 오메가 알파4층 전반 중요한 퀘전&50주요퀘 일부 해후5층 어려운 돌발&일부 던전 네임드 업적돌발 최종퀘 일부 퀘전 일부 퀘전 50주요퀘 알테마 웨폰 50주요퀘 알테마 웨폰 루비 웨폰 차원의틈 오메가 알파3층(치킨텐더) 쌍둥이탑 시르쿠스 신생 야만족 우호도 올클 율동 4층 후반(절렉산더 2페) 기동 4층 성도 이슈가르드 방어전 오프닝 교황청 막넴 기동 3층(절렉산더 1페) 천동 3층 천동 4층 시간정지 천동 4층 후반 브레이플록스의 야영지 어려움 막넴 창천 던전 막넴 홍련 필드 전투 힐디 돌발 일부 퀘전 홍련 던전 막넴 옛 암다포르 시가지 막넴 보이드의 어둠 막넴 일부 퀘전 니드호그 토벌전 3페이즈(에스티니앙) 창천 던전 막넴&일부 퀘전 해후 1층 막넴 아모로트 넴드 청마 가면 무투회 넴드 청마 가면 무투회 일반 대미궁 바하무트 전반 무한연속 박물함 경쟁의 날개(기공전) 열음외투 대빙벽 막넴 하데스 토벌전
Mel W.
Mel W. 8 meses atrás
Bless you Spoon man!
James Oliver
James Oliver 9 meses atrás
Making me want to give this game another try, I've played it twice but I didn't get passed level 30, but I think that was less the game's fault and more me just not being in the right frame of mind.
Major Agnostic
Major Agnostic 9 meses atrás
I thought by 2.0 you meant ARR lol
K- Mac
K- Mac 9 meses atrás
There’s a song for every moment and now there’s a video that’s has them all in a One Stop Shop! Tysm you’ve made my FFXIV content creating easier!
syncopatedglory 9 meses atrás
ihatevnecks 9 meses atrás
that ending though
dimitriosgladio 05
dimitriosgladio 05 9 meses atrás
The transition from unworthy to the heavenward knight theme is amazing. Great job
Heath Burrows
Heath Burrows 10 meses atrás
The music of FFXIV really confirmed Square’s philosophy of “This is a Final Fantasy first, and an MMO second”
Maverick Mohammad
Maverick Mohammad Mês atrás
@Leighton Lorenzo Instablaster ;)
Leighton Lorenzo
Leighton Lorenzo Mês atrás
i dont mean to be so offtopic but does any of you know of a method to log back into an instagram account? I stupidly forgot my login password. I would appreciate any help you can offer me.
Michael Pollock
Michael Pollock Mês atrás
@Kamike Serpentail even as far back as ff4, my first final fantasy, they always did an excellent job
Kamike Serpentail
Kamike Serpentail Mês atrás
@Michael Pollock as far as I know square has always had good music. The first final fantasy has good music. I still listen to music from legend of mana and brave fencer musashi.
Michael Pollock
Michael Pollock Mês atrás
It's been their trademark. Ask any FFXI (final fantasy 11) veterans. They'll all tell you among the fondest memories of that title was the music
P J 10 meses atrás
Umbra Highwind
Umbra Highwind 10 meses atrás
Fine ill go redownload the game. I have missed the FC I was in...
Einii The MechaAvali
Einii The MechaAvali 10 meses atrás
I was watching this song last time and forgot where I stopped so when I clicked on it again I had a great image once I clicked on it. I won't spoil it for you but here the timestamp if you are brave enough : 24:25
Not So Cheese
Not So Cheese 2 meses atrás
You know the funny thing is I have the Godbert card and I'm not that far in the story, so I was wondering why he was shirtless in his card 😂
Solis Imperium
Solis Imperium 11 meses atrás
1:14:56 I honestly miss this song in shadowbringers as the sub boss theme... Made the fights between the sineaters intense. And the song that replaced this (dissidia version of Insatiable) is bad tbh. Ruins the actual original piece "Insatiable". Don't get me wrong though I love the song Insatiable. But not the dissidia version.
OYA SUMI 5 meses atrás
MrDfrose 10 meses atrás
Hard agree
Michael Haney
Michael Haney Anos atrás
9:39 You enter a FATE and hear this music start, you know some shit is about to happen.
Michael Haney
Michael Haney Anos atrás
1:18:24 This is the original battle music for FFXIV 1.0 which was composed by Noubu Uematsu. It is good to see it being used in 2.0 for the Blue Mage content.
Darth Cinnabon
Darth Cinnabon Anos atrás
Kind of disappointed there wasnt the TEA version of Metal. its so much more up tempo than the Brute Justice version
Lacruff Anos atrás
autoplay turned this on in the background, and the transition from unsatiable to odins theme legit scared me lmao
Ryan C
Ryan C Anos atrás
12:12 That part always makes me tear up. It reminds of me so much of the theme of finality: you are at the end of your goal, but you still need to accomplish that one thing you set out to do from the start. The music expresses feelings of questioning, regret, and sadness, yet also hope, strength, and bravery. A beautiful piece.
Pastel Dreams
Pastel Dreams 11 meses atrás
For real! That's how I feel about Invincible and To the Edge as well. Such perfect and incredible themes for the last two Unsundered. Whenever I farm their extremes, I always turn on IG music because they never fail to make me feel like a complete badass!
playlist account
playlist account Anos atrás
Ok you included Triumph +55555555
nie ooi
nie ooi Anos atrás
uploaded with too low volume...
Noah Buster
Noah Buster Anos atrás
Damn! I do not even remember most battle music from World of Warcraft. FFXIV is incredible.
Decennia Anos atrás
Decennia 8 meses atrás
@Neoicecreaman That’s what the lyrics sound like to me in parts. I wrote that to see if anyone else heard something similar. I know those aren’t the words. Can’t I appreciate the song and provide criticism?
gbzmr Anos atrás
Doing god's work here my dude.
Ash Anos atrás
battle mix 3.0 when :o
Shozo Kumori
Shozo Kumori Anos atrás
Based Kratos the beat dad uploading a whole ass mix of pure flames
PAÇOCA Anos atrás
How much time have come and gone since my last fight againts Odin
Kiriu Xeosa
Kiriu Xeosa 2 meses atrás
Same been wanting to get zantezuken'd again
the - local - ninja
Big fat tacos and chicken tenders, in one video, one after the other? Am I dreaming?
Renaren Anos atrás
Can anyone explain 26:00 to me like what the fuck
Weekender Gamer
Weekender Gamer Anos atrás
I really enjoyed this mix, but I would have preferred if you let the music loop twice before transitioning, you cut out a lot of great parts by not playing the entire song.
channelofstuff Anos atrás
twintania is the hardest fight in the game still.
Link's VGM Playlists
Amazing playlist. Love the transitions and the ordering.
yumi nam
yumi nam Anos atrás
9:42 torn from the heavens ~ 12:11 from the heavens. my best
Vincent Anos atrás
The one who named the second song: " No need to thank me"
XiasIV Anos atrás
"Activating Oversoul" *Omega deus Darnus*
Professor Heavy's Source Shenanigans
I can't believe you played Hyper Rainbow Z and Brute Justice side-by-side like that. And damn, it was a beautiful idea.
Loispealz!!!HERE Anos atrás
Awesome video as per usual. I do have a request if possible. The beehive song after you complete the deliveries. I need that loop in my life.
Kazubon Anos atrás
24:23 nice moment
Rin Onishi
Rin Onishi Anos atrás
From the heavens is still my favorite song in this game as well as this godlike fight
Rin Onishi
Rin Onishi Anos atrás
It still pisses me off that Odin is like the only primal in the game to not get any substantial story or further appearances in the game yet hes the only elder primal
Supreme Overlord
Supreme Overlord Anos atrás
I totally understand. Sometimes I even forget Odin is in the game.
Rin Onishi
Rin Onishi Anos atrás
Rin Onishi
Rin Onishi Anos atrás
Ffs the warring triad got more story and they were optional as well
Rin Onishi
Rin Onishi Anos atrás
Well one of the only
Moonlit Plague
Moonlit Plague Anos atrás
I swear this is the best MMO music I've ever heard. Most MMO's have just like ambient stuff except maybe for bosses but all the music here is very surprisingly good. I know FF has great music but I still wasn't expecting much for the MMO.
PandaTokaio Anos atrás
amazing transition between torn from the heavens and from the heavens :o
Drake Silvos
Drake Silvos Anos atrás
Ye gods that Ultima transition.
Kohl Yis
Kohl Yis Anos atrás
Neat, thanks for the new workout playlist
Falkenbax Anos atrás
Been playing for a while and never heard of some of these, thanks !
Christopher Ortiz
Christopher Ortiz Anos atrás
6:27 triggers an innate bloodlust in some. *SNEAK ATTACK*
AxlZ Anos atrás
yo dude these transitions are nutworthy, good work~!
Ygnizem Cenia
Ygnizem Cenia Anos atrás
usually battle medleys are composed from mix of different final fantasy games.... this is just one final fantasy game and its 1hr 36min 31sec long! I aint complaining XD
Zoig Anos atrás
And its like, a third of all the battle music in the game too.
Shagrath06 Anos atrás
Triumph is my absolute favourite!
Yahayro Expressa
Yahayro Expressa Anos atrás
Breaking Boundaries always the best in Job class quest ♥
Yahayro Expressa
Yahayro Expressa Anos atrás
35:21 Chicken Tenders remix 2.0
Yahayro Expressa
Yahayro Expressa Anos atrás
33:06 Chicken Tenders ♥
UltimegaSeven Anos atrás
Soken's Boss theme, where every theme is another phase. The true ultimate fight. Also To The Fore roll when?! ;___;
InsanityReborn Anos atrás
I'm betting his spoon is somewhere in this compilation.
NineDeath Anos atrás
Oliver Anos atrás
Thank you! Like it! 🤘
Patrick Dougherty
Patrick Dougherty Anos atrás
It should be noted that the final song from the Hades fight is technically Who Brings Shadow, a pared down version of Shadowbringers missing the Eternal Wind bridge that would've appeared around the 1:35:47 mark had this been the full version of Shadowbringers.
Old Crow Gaming
Old Crow Gaming Anos atrás
I really dig the super sentai Alexander music themes.
roman taylor
roman taylor Anos atrás
Square needs to just hire you and put you in an music department. You’ve singlehandedly some more for my FFXIV music fix than the game itself. Hello, BRvid should cut you a check for keeping me on this damn thing and Verizon for being the single reason I use so much data lol.
Bec Anos atrás
>hear Breaking Boundaries start to play >tab in by instinct >see Fray >cry
Kivuli Fenrir
Kivuli Fenrir Anos atrás
@Bec That you got to see an old friend and relive the moment....yes, yes it was.
Bec Anos atrás
"Victory", but was it really? :(
Kivuli Fenrir
Kivuli Fenrir Anos atrás
Quest Complete *que Victory Fanfare*
Sam Ziegelman
Sam Ziegelman Anos atrás
One Blood through Primals Ultima is a godtier section
Bec Anos atrás
What a great thing to find on my birthday.
neef ‘
neef ‘ Anos atrás
Happy birthday!
Chief Combo
Chief Combo Anos atrás
Yeah boah as soon as i heard my metal themes my head started banging and i had to get back on ff14 then get back on ff7r.
Bilingual Finance
Bilingual Finance Anos atrás
Working while listening to this. Now I feel like my tasks are all now on Extreme difficulty.
Jkapricorn Anos atrás
you should do ffxi battle music next
Jkapricorn Anos atrás
@Rin Onishi look though his FFXI playlist
Jkapricorn Anos atrás
@Rin Onishi but he does though, spoon has some ost of himself playing XI
Rin Onishi
Rin Onishi Anos atrás
I doubt they have gameplay footage of themself in Xi but I would love this too. Xi has an amazing ost as well
Wrought Anos atrás
you should do some dungeon music mixes. it's hard to find dungeon music in playlists/mixes after stormblood
hoppin0623 Anos atrás
Kirami Anos atrás
25:26 LMAO
Kirami Anos atrás
@Kiran neh I won't, godbert really love his son Hildibrand but I feel like his mother is stronger. Yeh I'm currently completing Hildibrand quest
Kiran Anos atrás
Don't judge a father and son relationship.
jvivij Anos atrás
Elidibus disliked this.
DestilLP Anos atrás
All of my favourite ost´s are in it! THAT is what i need rn thank you!
irogt Anos atrás
HOLY COW!!! THE LENGTH OF THIS VID. I've only just clicked on it but I humbly accept your challenge.
Thomas Dunn
Thomas Dunn Anos atrás
Lo-fi/Hi-fi/Wi-fi slappers and bangers to save the world to.
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