FF14 First Impressions after 15 years of WoW - FF14 New Player - Day 1

Medieval Marty
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FF14 First Impressions.
I've played WoW for over 15 years but given the state of WoW right now and the lack of content, some of my friends have convinced me to try FF14. So I wanted to document my FF14 first impressions, document my journey through FF14 and give my feedback along the way.

Throughout I will be comparing FF14 to WoW and references the differences between the two. Obviously I do have some bias, but I will try and keep an open mind all the way.

I hope to make this series as I play through and discover more about the game, so please let me know in the comments if you're enjoying this and want to see more.

Also if you have any tips for new players in FF14 please let me as I'm probably making a lot of mistakes.

Day 2:

0:00 Intro
1:45 Character Creation and customisation
4:10 Questing and UI
6:40 The Job System
11:05 Job Progression and Combat
15:00 Outro and Opinions after Day 1



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Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
There’s a lot of comments here, thanks so much for all the support! I’m sorry if I don’t get to reply to everyone, I’m trying to get through them when I get chance, if anyone wants to chat directory, I do have a discord linked on my BRvid too :)
Dennis Bradstreet
Dennis Bradstreet Mês atrás
One of the best parts is, you only need one character. I just started recently myself.
Trifon Trifonov
Trifon Trifonov Mês atrás
Pssst you can unlock the Rogue. If you go to Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks. It's in Limsa Lominsa, you can reach it after a MSQ at lvl 15 when you unlock the airships. You also need to have finished the lvl 10 class quest and to have unlocked the Armory System. Find Lonwoerd and take the quest My First Daggers. At lvl 30 you can train up into a Ninja. It's a very high skill DM dealer. I advise to look up the content unlock guide on the wiki. Whoever made it avoided unnecessary spoilers. It's basically a list of quests by lvl and what they unlock. It's good to have it tab-ed and look at it every few levels or so.
Luna Silvermoon
Luna Silvermoon Mês atrás
All the menu's can be overwhelming indeed in the beginning... but at the same time there is no way to blame the game for not explaining things. You don't have to dig deep into the menu's to find information but they give it to you right away.. allowing you to learn the (basics) of every new aspect of the game you encounter. Overwhelming on a new character yes, but in the long run it's highly benificial for new players.
Rapportus5 Mês atrás
Steel yourself for the gay stereotyping of your Miqote male species lol. :D Yep those were real people playing the instruments :) bard's get access to them at lvl 30 i think :) It's a fun little thing if you're a musical type of person I agree you with the sensory overload of the menu system. They need to do a rework/simplification of the entire thing IMO - but nothings perfect and like anything you get used to it and figure it out :) - imo make some friends in the game and ask questions - a lot of players do nothing all day but help newer players :) I just helped 3 sprouts through lvl 30ish dungeon for their first time. They listened to my advice and pointers and it went well :)
Game EVAngelion
Game EVAngelion Mês atrás
you can change the chat channel by clicking the speachbubble on the left
Shiirow 7 horas atrás
the basic beginners trap for people coming from other games. wanting to grab all the quests in an area and complete them. I always laugh alittle whenever I see people do this. watched a guy do that for like 3 videos. even he was getting tired of doing them, until someone gave him the heads up, you dont have to do them... ever. unless you are some completetionist who cant move on until all the "!" are no longer on your map. 1) MSQ 2) Job Quest 3) any Blue cross quest to unlock something you are interested in (like new job, dungeon or system) thats all you really need to focus on. the rest of them are completely optional.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 7 horas atrás
Yeah I fell so hard for this trap, coming from wow you need every single quest to level enough - definitely takes some time to get used to haha
Ahegaliant Dia atrás
Honestly my friends rushing to get to endgame content kinda turns me off playing with them. I like to read and watch cutscenes. I do side stuff and level jobs/alt classes too. I don't like doing unsynced dungeon runs with them where I destroy everything for them in less than 5 minutes.
AnimeSquirrel Dia atrás
IIRC the devs have a desire to greatly improve the beginner experience. But because of how we are still tied to alot of the messy code from the original pre A Relm Reborn game there's some things that are not easy for them to do.
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson 2 dias atrás
there is alot to learn just keep playing it gets even better as you go good luck
Shahrom Safi
Shahrom Safi 3 dias atrás
Crafting is easy deeper, as creating a table u need wood en metal and u need to make nails and woordworking. Same is on ffxiv
Robert Wright
Robert Wright 3 dias atrás
Why do people keep their own names over their heads?
Holgual Oxford
Holgual Oxford 4 dias atrás
I feel about the same as you about the "style". I grew up playing pixel FF and loved those, when they went to 3D I didnt care for it (FF7 and beyond). I think most mounts in FF14 are aweful (to me), the chocobo and moogles I could live without. I can not deny that playing the game has been great though. Im in the 60s now on a few combat jobs and all crafting and gathering. Been taking my time for a few months. Oh a cool thing youll see when you get 50+ is how they do harder versions of a dungeon. It will not just be higher level mobs, it will be different mobs, different bosses and mechanics, basically completely different theme and story for it, think they all have quest or quests related to them as well. A huge breath of fresh air. Most of those are optional, but worth getting into.
Rykulain 4 dias atrás
Just take your time at playing 😁 keep reading the story it’s getting better n better like everything in this game😁 Welcome to ffxiv
Bran J
Bran J 4 dias atrás
I’ve never considered final fantasy to be anime. Maybe it is, but to me, FF games always seemed to have a unique art style all their own
Quil Kin
Quil Kin 4 dias atrás
Idk y but his character looks the same as my character the first time I played this game lol
Robin Freebird
Robin Freebird 5 dias atrás
Take your time and enjoy it all! Welcome to the community ❤️
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 5 dias atrás
Thanks so much, im about a month in so for and loving it!
K Geo111
K Geo111 6 dias atrás
Love to see you just enjoying the world. I love ARR because I’m playing like an RPG first. It is so rich in lore and world building and just so immersive and fun.
Cyatkiten 6 dias atrás
Been playing ffxiv since 2010. Welcome friend I hope your enjoying yourself. If you need help find someone with a crown beside their name and ask them to add you to the mentor group. It's a chat group where you can have any questions answered it's full of new players and old willing to help you on your way!!
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 6 dias atrás
Awesome thanks so much 😄
Steven94th 6 dias atrás
You can customize the UI and make things smaller, move and remove things wherever you want.
Stoned Ape
Stoned Ape 7 dias atrás
Just say the main reason you left wow is because your friends peer pressured you into it. That’s all it is. The herds of sheep are finally looking for greener grass.
EhrgeizVR 7 dias atrás
Fix your aspect ratio...
IceDragon1377 7 dias atrás
I just started playing the free trial this past week and I'm already having more fun than the initial leveling that I did back in vanilla wow.
john doe
john doe 7 dias atrás
I bought this game back in 2017, couldn't get into it, forgot that I bought it and bought the complete set last week for 26 bucks, so addicted the to game right now and I've found my new mmo and I'm very happy about it, I got the fire back and Im going to run with it till it goes away.
Zum Seelenverkäufer
Zum Seelenverkäufer 8 dias atrás
15 Minutes for a character? Thats insultingly low.. And the char editor is bad..
Kris Gonzalez
Kris Gonzalez 8 dias atrás
It only has one defect, you have to pay to play. I better play SWTOR is a game with a great story and the best part is free.
roksoulja84 2 dias atrás
Nah f2p = pay2win And if its Pay2convinience its grindy af! Like a year of grinding and youll get somewhere maybe…. Black desert cough cough * In the long run f2p games makes u spend more money than monthly sub games….. the moment ff14 goes f2p thats the day i am quitting
Purple Doge
Purple Doge 8 dias atrás
Yeah ff14 was quit overwhelming and confusing for me. The UI looks really cheap to me, and the Mogstation was chaos. Oh and I hate that there are some invisible walls in the game. Sometimes feels like an old Playstation game indeed.
Purple Doge
Purple Doge 8 dias atrás
@Medieval Marty That's awesome. I already prefer it over WoW :-)
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 8 dias atrás
Definitely has its problems, It took me a solid 3 days to get used to the UI, I’m about a month in now tho and love it
Nathan Perquin
Nathan Perquin 8 dias atrás
did i just see him skip story and dialogue? shame
Mr. Palmer
Mr. Palmer 9 dias atrás
its clunky..yall be back on wow..
ScallyCrow 11 dias atrás
I've been playing this game for years and I can't imagine playing any other fantasy based online game. Mostly because I can't take the time for both.
J Chweszczuk
J Chweszczuk 11 dias atrás
FF14 Is so booooooring to me.
bakurachan 12 dias atrás
ようこそ!Welcome! I hope you have a great time with FF14! I’ll keep a look out for more videos!
TheGlovesMade 13 dias atrás
Greetings from Finland! I really like FF7 and FF12, so I am old school player
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 13 dias atrás
Awesome good to hear! Big fan of ff7 too
Armani Nguon
Armani Nguon 13 dias atrás
I’ve been wanting to play ff14 just to try it
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 13 dias atrás
I highly recommend it!! I’ve played not stop for the last month, amazing - there’s a free trial up to the first expansion too if you wanna try it :)
SuzySuziko 13 dias atrás
Hahaha, your: " I did not think I would spend a whole day doing a gathering skill" Maybe soon many days. Unlike WoW that I played for 5 years, you can gather all the resources you decide to spend the time gathering no wasted effort. In WoW you compete with other for a resource and who grabs it first, or do they camp out so you can rarely get what you need. FF14 besides superior more realistic graphics and deeper gameplay it is a much more friendly community and place to hang out.. and I think the main reason for that is there is no WoW trade chat with nasty abusive trolls. So you always have a nicer time playing FF14. And there really are so *many* ways to play this game. I suspect you may have found a new home. :)
Andrew Major
Andrew Major 15 dias atrás
All the dislikes are blizzard employees
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 14 dias atrás
hahaha :p
Braincreatives It
Braincreatives It 15 dias atrás
Compared to Black Desert, the fighting system is pretty bad on FF14
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 14 dias atrás
yeah agreed, its tab target same as WoW rather than action combat
Kevin Tobin
Kevin Tobin 15 dias atrás
No need for alts! You can be all the Class,Craft, and Gather jobs!
Stones223 15 dias atrás
This was actually super chill. I really enjoyed watching it.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 15 dias atrás
Thanks so much
Klapp Drue
Klapp Drue 16 dias atrás
watching this whole series fs. nice work
Dave Mitch
Dave Mitch 16 dias atrás
The reason I'm enjoying this game so much right now is because of how different it is from what I'm used to, which is mainly WoW. If I wanted something WoW-like, I'd have stayed with WoW. But I wanted something new and different. And this is it. And the Free Trial system is amazing. I can't imagine Blizzard giving new customers THAT much freedom without at least first collecting mode of payment information as insurance or something. I've know this game by name since 2010 but I never bothered to try it because WoW had covered most of my MMO needs up until a few years ago. Now I wish I had got into this game earlier.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 15 dias atrás
Yeah it’s absolutely crazy - i feel the same!
elko 16 dias atrás
The game is probably awesome, but the UI.. man thats horrible
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 15 dias atrás
UI took a lot of time to get used to
Shoryu Ken
Shoryu Ken 16 dias atrás
12:08 Yessir, you are the main character. The game just does an excellent job with NPCs and story. You're never at the point where you are the most overpowered character in the story. There are always NPCs on par with you. You are just the only one with the ability to do what you do one the side of the good guys.
Jonny Croxville
Jonny Croxville 16 dias atrás
Everyone talks about how great the story is in this game. Maybe I am missing something. I have leveled pretty much every class to 30 and have yet to find a story bit that I actually remember. I have read everything. And I even tried to absorb it. But it's like reading the Simirilian, too many names that are hard to pronounce. Nothing memorable, yet, at all. For me the game boils down to : Open journal, select quest, click map. click nearest crystal to port, run to place, do thing, open journal, click map, port to turn in. Repeat till end of time. I don't even have a good sense of how all the areas are connected due to all of the porting around. I like the game. I will probably keep playing it. But only because I am using the free trial. But I am for sure missing out on "the point" I guess because none of it has really grabbed me and pulled me in.
roksoulja84 2 dias atrás
​@Jonny Croxville I recommend just doing the MSQ + Job quests + content opening quests (blue exclamations) up until you reach max level.... also just stick with 1 class until max level too... don't play around with other class/jobs until you have reached level cap and know how to play your main class/job.... (unless you are going to be maining the expansion jobs) don't do any of the normal side quests... just skip them all together and save them for your alt jobs ... (they dont really give you too much reward or xp anyways) it does get more exciting from Heavensward but it may not be your cup of tea... i personally enjoyed the hell out of the story .....
Jonny Croxville
Jonny Croxville 2 dias atrás
@roksoulja84 Fair enough. And I plan to do just that. I'm pretty sure it has been a slog because I am leveling the different classes so I end up pretty much repeating the same stuff. I am totally looking forward to "getting to the good part" if you follow my meaning. :)
roksoulja84 2 dias atrás
Lol… Level 30 and u say story is meh…. ARR story IS meh…. FF14s story doesnt get good until heavensward…. Play til 50+ then re -evaluate…. If u dont like it then the story really aint for u….
Adam 16 dias atrás
I was with you right up until you called the WoW style "gritty" and "dark". WoW is so cartoonish in its style, its the last game i'd think of if I was asked to think of a "gritty" or "dark" game
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 16 dias atrás
I suppose its more the asthetic than the art style, its all about a horde of orcs, trolls (evil) fighting humans and the alliance (good). Current expansions is crossing into the underworld and fighting the jailor of death - so it feels very dark and gritty. but I agree the actual art style, is super outdated and almost laughable at this point.
Munich FX
Munich FX 16 dias atrás
So, if I can do everything with one character, is there any incentive to make alts? I would like to try different races, but I don't know if it's worth the time investment.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 16 dias atrás
Yeah there is 0 reason to make an alt, other than playing on a different server or a different race. But you do get and can buy phantasia, which lets you change your race if you want to try another one. Or you can make an alt if you want to play the story again.
DJ-Hyrul3 16 dias atrás
One thing I love about FF14 is just really FEELS like a Community I legit never have felt so welcomed and homely in any other MMO (Including my WoW days) then in 14's community.
Raoul 9753
Raoul 9753 19 dias atrás
I watched some "i changed to FF14" videos and for some reason they ll at some point go "I am totaly not a weeb, i swaer, I dont do the Anime, I like manly stuff, I totaly not like the catgirls, I am no weeb, pls dont call me a weeb!" in one way or another. And I am always like "Dude, relax. You like something with Anime style, just allow yourself to like what you like and stop having the internet dictate what you can enjoy!"
GSS131 20 dias atrás
Started it a couple of days ago. Left WOW several years ago; became too intensive. This, so far, is much more relaxed. And yes, have no idea what I'm doing so far.
Arcane Guardian
Arcane Guardian 20 dias atrás
I might have to give FF a go. Ive been playing GW for 10 years so a change would be nice
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 20 dias atrás
Hope you enjoy it! I put it off for years and wish I'd have started sooner :)
Adri Khan Kant
Adri Khan Kant 20 dias atrás
nPC servant XD, rol game completely lost it, it just an stupid grind and a time waster, BG3 is the only modern real RPG. people platying this kind of game has never played a real rol game with the book, your character sheet and your imagination as a limit.
Panupat Chongstitwattana
You sounded genuinely happy playing this game and that makes me happy listening to you too. Maybe Ill give this game a try myself. Have fun mate
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 20 dias atrás
Thanks so much, I'm about a month in now and still absolutely loving the game, highly recommend it - there is a free trial up to like lvl60 too!
ShWeePs 20 dias atrás
"I spent SO LONG on one character in the creation screen." "And after about 15 minutes-" Hold up... THATS IT? BOI I spend easily 45min+ on that screen lol.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 20 dias atrás
Haha I don’t blame you the character creator is awesome
Diamond.Cr00ks 21 dia atrás
This tuber has clearly never heard of the term “honeymoon phase”.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 21 dia atrás
Maybe so, been playing for a solid month and still loving it tho!
Shadaku 22 dias atrás
there is a rogue class in the game if your interested in that sort of feel for a job
allen907 25 dias atrás
It's funny how pressed you are with that little lancer cutscene. Maybe you would like most of the FF games because the cutscenes are usually pretty good.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 25 dias atrás
I’ve played afew final fantasy games - this one definitely holds up in terms of story and I’d defo recommend it :)
allen907 25 dias atrás
Closest thing I've played to a MMO is Xenoblade series, been considering FF14 for awhile, sounds like it's pretty good
Crucent 26 dias atrás
Hi there, welcome to Eorzea and FFXIV. I hope you'll have fun here. As a XIV-vet; my best recommendation is please join a friendly and helpful FC. That will help you out alot. Other then that; Enjoy! and Don't.Skip.Cutscenes! And turn off ingame tutorials, or you'll go bonkers XD
Randy Corvin
Randy Corvin 28 dias atrás
WoW players won't be happy until Blizzard starts releasing weekly expansions.
RadianSCT 28 dias atrás
People who enjoy the world and setting of ARR are really blessed.
Vinicius Nogueira
Vinicius Nogueira 28 dias atrás
Check the graphical mod called GShade. Can't play FFXIV without it.
Chel Bells
Chel Bells 29 dias atrás
10 years of wow, day one for me in FF14. I loved every moment of it and everyone was so kind in the cities.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty 29 dias atrás
Aww glad you’re enjoying it :)
Thelaretus Mês atrás
As a RuneScape (3) player I see the job system took RS's revolutionary decision to abolish classes, and improved on it. I like it a lot. It still think my RS3 is better, though; but this game seems very immersive, and an work of art, made carefully, like most anime. Very laudable. YAY: At 11:10 you've mentioned RS. Don't talk of it as if it were in the past, though: it's a modern MMORPG and a strong competitor. Most focus is given on social media to the nostalgic but boring OSRS, but RS3 is actually much better.
Bharda Sullivan
Bharda Sullivan Mês atrás
Welcome to our world. ^_^ I hope you enjoy yourself!
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
Thanks so much :) loving it so far!’
KRS Movie
KRS Movie Mês atrás
Azeroth needs you back, Champion! Here is your spade. We need more azerite.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
Amazing 😂 next time in the mood to farm renown I’ll resubscribe 😂
Sacha Kightlinger
Sacha Kightlinger Mês atrás
I play Lancer (Dragoon) and its my favorite job
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
yeah i love lancer now!
Noamie Mês atrás
it makes me so excited to see YOU excited to play ffxiv. I too came from WoW (but a while ago) and it made me sit back and remember things I took for granted. ARR (lvl 1-50) storyline is actually considered the most 'boring' of all the Main Story Quests (MSQ), but it really sets up the world. The next storyline, Heavensward, is amazing! As for tips: the simple yellow exclamation marks give little xp, so they're better saved for alt classes (though a few DO reward emotes!) Blue(or purple) exclamation marks are more important- they tend to unlock dungeons or other cool things. your MSQ will always be the dramatic exclamation on fire. ALSO!! That tab in the very top left of your screen? It will tell you the current MSQ quest you are on. You can click on it to instantly locate the questgiver for it! (it will also occasionally show you your next Job Quest if it becomes available)
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
aww thank you so much for this!
Reecell Mês atrás
First MMO I played was Lineage2 in the old days. This brings back the same vibes but just so much more fancy.
Shehab Mês atrás
Couldn't remotely stand this game. Played it for a week and no game turned me off ever like this one .graphics sound effects. Lollie models . Just everything. Not for me i guess
Jeremiah Vergowven
Jeremiah Vergowven Mês atrás
I tired FF for a few days, just not for me. Feels very girly.
DedoYotso Mês atrás
Let's goooo!!
Sherbet Scoop
Sherbet Scoop Mês atrás
Botany main gatherer here on 14. Glad you enjoyed chopping trees. It's a quiet life. ;P
FiveNoNo Mês atrás
Yo can someone please help me 🙏 I just started playing on console and have a question. Really enjoying the game but targeting is broken. You just randomly cycle through every enemy on screen and the one you want is always last to come up, if you can even see which one you’re targeting. Party targeting works great. I love that up and down on the d pad ONLY targets friendlies/party. But when I hit left or right on the d pad to target an enemy I often end up targeting some out of combat mob in the next zone before I target the combat mob right in front of me. THEN If I’m trying to heal, it will always target an enemy first, if I’m trying to attack it always targets a friend first. It’s so bad. Is it really that poorly designed or am I missing something? If up and down is friendly target only, left and right should be non friendly units only. Pls give me hope.
Yoshimi Mês atrás
mosh mosh at the start of the video, love to see it :3
Delivrez Moi
Delivrez Moi Mês atrás
I love the people at Shiva dont miss WOW
hornet002 Mês atrás
one nice thing with crafting is the vendors in the crafter guild has almost everything needed to make all the pre lv 20 items you can get to 25 making each item once plus doing the crafter quests before having to buy from players or gather your own stuff
tk Mês atrás
Spent an hour justifying your characters anime appearance as if you were embarrassed, in a video where you confess you’ve played WoW for 15 years straight
Mrb Drm
Mrb Drm Mês atrás
its fun but so many "off" things about it... its good for PVE but not so much in PVP and combat in general feel slow way slower than wow with way to many effects. one of my best games in life is ff10. and this is close to it style. so its good as an rpg not mmo you will go back to wow soon
luna rya
luna rya Mês atrás
idk if you know but the spell effects can be disabled or minimized in the setting, and about the slow combat, it's only the gcd, but it won't feel slow later because you have to avoid and do lots of mechanics while having to do the correct rotation. people say it's like a "dance".
Rock_ stare214
Rock_ stare214 Mês atrás
trust me when i say this tough the start of the game out it will be worth it there is so much in this game
Rock_ stare214
Rock_ stare214 Mês atrás
@Medieval Marty gotta say i love watching u go through the game as well stayed up till 4am watching day 2 and 3
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
yeah im about 2 weeks into FFXIV now and so glad I stuck with it!!
Master Yoda
Master Yoda Mês atrás
If we're going to a new game for a break D1 and D2 are a fun experience in and of themselves
mathias hammar
mathias hammar Mês atrás
I picked Up Anarchy Online again. Graphics är terrible but crafting and Classes have alot of dept to it and customization. Wow and its endless sea of gated progressions systems is getting vorse for every patch.
RePuLse Mês atrás
Please stick through ARR to HW. It's a pain but it's worth it
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
I'm still going through it 2 weeks later :D nearly at the end of ARR
Venrir Mês atrás
Hello Asmon!
Stud Husky
Stud Husky Mês atrás
Oh that is awesome, I am installing it right now and feeling excited :D have not felt like this for a long time and Blizzard definitely lost my interest with their attitude and not just their actions. Even if they do the next patch correctly I still know they did the changes because of money and not because of the community 🙄
Jan Zavřel
Jan Zavřel Mês atrás
i hate that anime style etc i rly dont like the look of asian mmorpgs is there any alternative to wow besides FF14 and GW2/ESO?
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
Not sure, this wasn't really my style of game, tried GW2, WoW, ESO and SWTOR. but this has really grown on me, only thing I've really enjoyed since WoW
The Brain
The Brain Mês atrás
I'm glad you tried gathering after the last updates. It's so much nicer and cleaner. Also crafting and gathering are traps. You'll need them all to level them. When I started crafting it was ALL I wanted to do.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
haha yeah i could spend all day gathering and crafting lol
Kashimakitsu DaGreat
For A newbie that hasnt bought playtime yet: a code for a free emote, some free teleports and some other items :) its a friend code you gotta enter RPM553WF
Jon Hova
Jon Hova Mês atrás
Is pvp active?
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
no idea, only tried it once so far!
phalus galaxy
phalus galaxy Mês atrás
You're doing better than baldmangold
phalus galaxy
phalus galaxy Mês atrás
@Medieval Marty I hope so
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
haha yeah asmon is playing this soon right
RottenAppleNY Mês atrás
Ff14 is the best mmo right now, hands down. Blizzard destroyed Warcraft, maybe if WoW 2 ever comes out, ill try it.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
100% agree so happy I tried this and never going back
Jack Dillane
Jack Dillane Mês atrás
Nice vid! I think you could also edit these up into smaller videos with a funny editing tone and contrast between the two as you find yourself looking for things that aren’t in FF but are in WoW lul
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
yeah was thinking about making some other vids in between
Michael mion
Michael mion Mês atrás
idk how people think the graphics are good tbh
the simp son
the simp son Mês atrás
yea it’s been awhile since I played FF14 (I mostly play ESO) but it’s nice to see people realizing how great it is
Andrew Arias
Andrew Arias Mês atrás
I'm glad you have taken an interest in non-combat disciplines because it will provide you the opportunity to do treasure hunts later on since it ties into your thief character. MIN/BTN (and yes FSH) can gather treasure maps once you do a small unlock quest in Limsa Lominsa. ARR peisteskin maps might sell for a lot on your world because completing 20 of them grants the title Treasure Hunter. You don't necessarily need to be a gatherer to do treasure hunts but being able to acquire your own every 18 hours is a nice source of gil.
Catbag Mês atrás
You'll fill up your hotbar soon enough. You'll get the majority of your skills once you've upgraded your class at level 30.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
yeah im sitting around lvl 50 now and things are much more complex :)
Coderdood Mês atrás
Good video. I'm going thru the same process too. Took me 2 days creating characters with new "classes" to understand that I didn't need to do that at all. We are used to a system and sometimes we just don't read about the game before. I'm in love with the job system, specially since I NEVER liked having alts. If I knew about it before I'd probably have tried the game already. This will give me the freedom to NEVER have an alt again. It's so good.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
totally agree with that. I love how FF14 handles the job system
Psyy Channel
Psyy Channel Mês atrás
Game looks terrible, movement clunky, and I really can't understand how can a game like this be played by so many..
Tse-Mach Washington
Hey man, welcome! Enjoyed seeing your first steps into the world! 😉 Really reminded me of when I took those first steps all those years ago! I would say you should check some UI videos and learn a bit about all the features and setting customization such as targeting, filters etc. to make things more comfortable for you. You should probably dedicate a hot bar or two to your classes/jobs change buttons to make quickly switching between jobs easier. There’s also a special chat network called the “Novice Network” designed where noobs and mentors come together to answer questions and talk about a bunch of other things (acts kind of like a world chat), ask to get invited in the cities. You can also freely visit between servers and I believe data center hopping is on the horizon and a lot of content pools people from multiple worlds so you can play with friends on different servers in all kinds of content. There’s a noob training guild of npcs to teach you about combat roles etc called “Hall of the Novice”. When you get a chance, check out the Gold Saucer for a plethora of mini games (including Chobobo Racing, Triple Triad Cards, Platform Hopping, Rides, Mahjong, Lottery, Lord of Verminion (Pokémon style game), etc). Visit the Housing districts in various cities to see all the beautiful homes and Free Company Halls (Guilds) and neighborhoods people have created (my favorite spot is Mist in Limsa) but there’s so many more (such as Lavender Beds which belongs to Gridania where you started). Just wait til you get your first Chocobo and start flying as well as the other wonderful mounts (you’ll definitely discover your favorites). There’s side quests galore (each one telling you some small and wonderful thing about the lore of the world with characters that you may encounter elsewhere in the story at times who remember you!) Try treasure hunting with a group when you get higher level (one of my favorite things to do!) as well as the Hunt. And when you get high enough level try those side content such as Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High (deep dungeon style group activity where you descend/ascend a series of randomly generated floors with enemies, encountering traps and buffs/debuffs and where the whole team dying forces you to start over). Lots of fun dungeons, ex trials, ultimate trials, raids, etc with VERY interesting lore. And oh the music, this game’s music is amazing to me. Truly. Try various PVP modes, get awesome glamours to complete that Catboy edgelord you crave haha 😉, and when you want to relax try some fishing (that’s an ENTIRE game in itself, equally deep and rich) 🐠
Tse-Mach Washington
@Medieval Marty haha I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself man! I know I wrote a book here lol (I also realized rather recently that your vid was posted like two weeks ago so I’m all late 😂) Definitely glad you decided to take the chance and try. Be well brother :)
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
awesome, thanks so much! and yeah totaly agree with that. Have tried a lot of the things you've mentioned now, the game never stops surprising me haha
Mike Halbert
Mike Halbert Mês atrás
Awesome video! I just started as well recently. How do you get your buttons to switch jobs on the hotbar? I've been having to find the weapon in my bags and equip manually lol.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
hey - you can go into the job window where you switch jobs and manually drag the icon onto your bar
Mona Chan
Mona Chan Mês atrás
Wish the game had voice acting...all the reading is a struggle lol
Mona Chan
Mona Chan Mês atrás
@Athenri haha definitely! 😄
Athenri Mês atrás
@Mona Chan we were all there once, no worries. And the amount of text can be a little overwhelming at first.
Mona Chan
Mona Chan Mês atrás
@Athenri ahh I see, thanks lol I'm a noob
Athenri Mês atrás
It does have voice acting. Not everything is voice acted, obviously, and as you progress through the expansions there's more voice acting.
Aaron Christoffersen
I am level 19 Thaumaturge and uninstalled when I couldn't find my next MSQ objective using the map.. I am reinstalling it now to give this game another try lol... I played allll the ps1 jrpgs even ff tactics so i'm definitely open to learning new systems... but this map makes things more confusing instead of less until you fully understand it. T_T
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
The map is awful - I'm about 2 weeks in and I only got the hang of it recently. First you need to understand how the zones work, then just teleport manually with the teleport spell, I found that so much easy and don't have any problems now
Sangaer Mês atrás
was gonna watch the video but 1 sec in i saw you are a furry so heres a big dislike
TheImmortalRin Mês atrás
"Edgy emo throwback look" it looks just like Larryzaur's character who is an ffxiv youtuber xD
Charlie Visessmith
Charlie Visessmith Mês atrás
Welcome. In terms of anime I'd say its only 50% there. To me its jpn inspired but very lacking in the anime style department, I wish it was more. The help ui can be disabled if you want, I you wouldn't say I got annoyed by them it's just more my style just ignore them in general in any game lol. The UI is fully customizable but still has this restrictions. I played both wow and final fantasy, just imagine most of the add-ons that you would have to download in wow is built in the final fantasy. Not the most advanced but good enough. Yeah final fantasy is very story driven, while in WoW I stopped after paying the panda but other than the faction fighting I'm not sure story wise why I played the game. While I like both games in their own ways it seems like story driven stuff could have a big turn off for people who like playing arcade style basically to just play. I'm surprised the past few days I've been hearing more while players saying they don't like the art style, because for 10 years I've been hearing it the other way around people don't like wow because it feels like a cartoon very kiddy. I never had a problem with either art style like I said before I feel like final fantasies art style is very non-anime to me I wish it was more anime style but it's just Japanese influenced. No matter what I hope you enjoy it for what it is I got real excited my first time in westfall, and it's just very exciting for me to play something new and fresh for a while. I call myself a true gamer but that's just a made-up name basically I'm a gamer whore. While everybody's arguing which game is better or being a fanboy I've been enjoying them all for what they have to offer. They all have their up and downs. For me the beginning was kind of slow story-wise but by the expansions and really opens up and I became more invested with the characters in story. Sorry for my terrible writing format I use voice to text I'm lazy.
prOsmu Mês atrás
Thank you for an amazing video! You made me buy and get into the game. I have your videos on repeat and experience the journey for the first time along you.
Medieval Marty
Medieval Marty Mês atrás
That’s so much I hope you enjoy the game :)
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