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Follow the high seas journey of Fena Houtman as she and her crew of Japanese samurai evade great dangers and unlock her family secrets.

Fena: Pirate Princess is an Adult Swim and Crunchyroll original series created and directed by Kazuto Nakazawa with Production I.G. serving as the animation studio.


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Fena: Pirate Princess | Official Trailer | adult swim

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20 Jul 2021



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Comentários 445
Amber Carr
Amber Carr 3 horas atrás
Does anyone know if this is cgi? It’s done well if it is
Debonreep Das
Debonreep Das 5 dias atrás
One Piece: My successor is here.
whyisthisnottyping 5 dias atrás
Pirates of the Caribbean ?
Sufia Ayman
Sufia Ayman 7 dias atrás
ummu saibah ahmad
ummu saibah ahmad 10 dias atrás
This anime remind me of samurai champloo.. Omgg...
Ambrrt 11 dias atrás
this looks promising!!
thirtythreeflavors 12 dias atrás
This has got Yona of the Dawn Vibes all over it.
Inkd Ginger
Inkd Ginger 13 dias atrás
Next ep whennn?! Ugh it is quite good.
Just a jobro
Just a jobro 15 dias atrás
Erina with white hair? I’m in
BRADELEY JULMICE 18 dias atrás
Is anime ass or no ??
Amber Carr
Amber Carr 3 horas atrás
Not so far
orbo Akin
orbo Akin 19 dias atrás
I'm still new to anime and was hesitant to watch this because I feared it would be poorly produced or woke due to CR/AdultSwim involvement. Later fond out AdultSwim has a history of promoting/producing great anime. Glad I was wrong😌
BoogieWoogie 21 dia atrás
Oh boy that choir in the background. That's how you know Kajiura has a hand in this.
Lisa_Moonless Plays Minecraft
Looks amazing, saldy i just dont like FL that is weak and useless that needs everyone else to do everything for her while she is on the sidelind cheering everyone up. But the story do looks amazing, just me who are dumb.
it is i Apple
it is i Apple 24 dias atrás
F*ck,, why the hell thay had to cut her hair,,, damn, i'll skip this anime,,, bullshi*
Potato Cake
Potato Cake 24 dias atrás
The animation feels like samurai champloo, HELL I AM GONNA WATCH THIS 100%
Plague Head
Plague Head 24 dias atrás
This... looks fucking amazing. I'M FULLY ON BOARD!
Kimberly Bonneau
Kimberly Bonneau 25 dias atrás
I’m so into this.😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😇😇😇
Pyro Yuki
Pyro Yuki 29 dias atrás
The best parts of this anime is when you skip the Yukimaru x Fena. Seriously, the world is beautiful, the party members are a riot, but the love interest can go die in a fire. He spends the entire time just telling her off for stuff that isn't her fault nor her problem. He pretty much calls her spoiled at one point when 24hrs ago, she was trying NOT to be sold off and r@ped on an island of wh0res that she's survived in by herself for the last 10 years while HE got to just go through samurai/ninja training on a peaceful island. I do not stan for that man. Please die in a fire. I hope she calls him out more, but she won't because "Sasuke! No, wait...I mean, YUKIMARU!"
Eddie Vazquez
Eddie Vazquez 29 dias atrás
Why does this give me FFIX vibes?
Chrissaiyanjojo8487 knight
HEY This anime is better than ONE PIECE(And notice Yukimaru looks like SAMURAI CHAMPLOO Jin!?
RyanM Mês atrás
She's pretty ❤❤❤
ً Mês atrás
The style is similar to Kyoto animation 😍
Clive Jackson
Clive Jackson Mês atrás
girl look like a ghost
Husnain Naeem
Husnain Naeem Mês atrás
Alrighty than I will watch it for sure 🤟🏿🤟🤟🏻
SS Ray
SS Ray Mês atrás
Ali Sleiman
Ali Sleiman Mês atrás
Anime go broom
PhthaloJacket Mês atrás
I don’t know why but the beginning had Pirates of the Caribbean vibes the first movie to be exact
Fenna Mês atrás
its so weird to find an anime with your name, a dutch name, tf, how?
Mês atrás
I don't get why the series isn't popular, i hope theres more episoddes
ein Drake
ein Drake Mês atrás
The person who made this was like "I'm sick and tired of waiting for One Piece to end, so I'm making my own One Piece with [blackjack] and hookers" (note, blackjack is in brackets because so far I haven't seen it in the show .... the other thing is definetly there)
ZeroMute Mês atrás
The reason why I want to Watch this Anime is because I fell in love with Princess and her Character Design! 😍😅😍😅
Jacob Cezar
Jacob Cezar Mês atrás
is this an anime only
Q Wright
Q Wright Mês atrás
Watched the first 3 episodes. 🔥🔥
Kellen Parker
Kellen Parker Mês atrás
Somebody give this girl a strawhat!
thefives7ar Mês atrás
Looks like low tier trash anime that you would find on Netflix… If you want to see a modern take on 90s anime done right, watch Megalobox Nomad. Gone are the days of the good stuff like when Adult Swim use to air Inu Yasha, Champloo, Bebop, Trigun, etc. instead we get this, this goes on the do not watch just based on the trailer.
Chiru 22 dias atrás
It’s actually pretty good but u don’t have to like it
Oxymoron Studios
Oxymoron Studios Mês atrás
haran Fuzzball18
haran Fuzzball18 Mês atrás
Where can i watch it in english.
Amber Carr
Amber Carr 3 horas atrás
Adult swim or hulu
lil G
lil G Mês atrás
There’s not a dub version yet. Ur gonna have to wait a bit my guy
midoriya uzumaki
midoriya uzumaki Mês atrás
Me See's it's an ANIME Say no more
Pia Lotta
Pia Lotta Mês atrás
I watched the first two episodes and I am so hooked! It is a👏ma👏zing👏! So much fun!
Aya Mês atrás
So wait adultswim actually making this? Well Still better than something like high guardian spice, not bad.
Shawn Henry
Shawn Henry Mês atrás
What time on adult swim
Troy Villanueva
Troy Villanueva Mês atrás
The first episode it was a bit rushed in my opinion but Crunchyroll since you were brought up by Sony and you made some terrible choices let’s not forget about high spice Guardian this is the only chance you may get So don’t fuck this up for yourself if you do we’re gonna make sure that you hear us fans loud and clear better be prepared for the backlash of your past actions As well
Megan O
Megan O Mês atrás
Fena is so cute!! Let's hipe they get more female-led shows soon.
A Sleepy Dude
A Sleepy Dude Mês atrás
Umm…fuck yeah I’m watching this
Mike House
Mike House Mês atrás
Has anyone actually watched this? Major disappointment. It's goofy as hell and it's nothing like it appears to be in the trailer
Dylann Pinon
Dylann Pinon Mês atrás
Please don't suck
CyborgElfStephanie Mês atrás
Show this to the producers of High Guardian Spice and watch them go full on angry feminist mode.
Raza Ryouzanpaku
Raza Ryouzanpaku Mês atrás
All right I'll get them a passing grade for animation now as long as it has no real world politics it gets a perfect score
M Hakiem
M Hakiem Mês atrás
Am i the online see this more cartoon than anime? But the storyline is sickkk tho
Kurstyhn Browne
Kurstyhn Browne Mês atrás
i will watch Fena Pirate Princess i'm all in i miss the late 90s and early 2000s anime
vicbudghav Mês atrás
wait what?.....manz getting chopped?....blood taking flight and it isn't white? im down
Justin W.
Justin W. Mês atrás
Just watched the Japanese sub and so far its amazing! STOKED!
Jacob Baumgardner
Jacob Baumgardner Mês atrás
Started out like POTC as anime. Ended like nothing fucking else I’ve ever seen.
Looks cool! That's tonight at midnight! (2 hrs and 15 mins in counting)
legendary sayain Broly
Cancel it sges to woke abd won't obey man
Queen Wolfie
Queen Wolfie Mês atrás
I am watching it right now on premiere night. Its absolutely beautiful
poisoningwind Mês atrás
Fena : Pirate Princess is now streaming on Adultswim ! 12 AM est !!
TAZ M Mês atrás
alright you got me interested, especially with the animation!
internetguy Mês atrás
i hope there is a japanese dub with it and eng subtitles as i cant watch eng dubbed anime, for some reason i cringe when i hear english voices from the characters with eastern styled animation the only exception is dragon ball.
TheManWithoutFear Mês atrás
Any anime that has a Western setting or any Western-inspired genre is much better to watch it in English than Japanese.
tenou213 Mês atrás
"And then there were ninjas" is a theme I can get behind.
Drakem Guard
Drakem Guard Mês atrás
Screw Crunchyroll! The sea awaits!!! I'll watch the source! Subtitles forever!!!!!!
TheManWithoutFear Mês atrás
The sub is already on Crunchyroll. And if you want the Japanese broadcast, you have to wait for October.
Otaku Kaiju
Otaku Kaiju Mês atrás
Dang anime look hella interesting
ErichWilliam Mês atrás
Lets face it, we are going to watch this because the shot of the samurai pirates on the cliffside jumping away.
crisan anca
crisan anca Mês atrás
so they have to dub this in Japanese, so we can get the subbed version?
TheManWithoutFear Mês atrás
The Japanese broadcast is in October.
Positive Productions
This looks promising definitely looking forward to this did not expect this to look this promising but I will definitely be giving this a shot
karthik C
karthik C Mês atrás
fuck this looks dope af
GG 😎😎😎
Daniel yang
Daniel yang Mês atrás
The animation looks really good
Shima Mês atrás
Very interesting new waifu pirate girl
Highwayanimatic674 Mês atrás
0:04 My thoughts of this on first impressions.
Muscle Man
Muscle Man Mês atrás
I not going to lie, I would seriously watch this.
Alex San Lyra
Alex San Lyra Mês atrás
Daim... that actually looks legit.
hentaimonster Mês atrás
Does this even have in-between frames?
This is something that should have been done long ago. Ever since the popularity of Demon Slayer in the west, It brings me great joy to see animation studios embrace anime and its superiority compared to certain western media. Such as that very lackluster "High Guardian Spice". It would seem that shows like this and other anime such as "Tower of God" and "Chainsaw Man" will soon sweep the culture here and inspire them to rise to the challenge of competing with those who produce this media in Japan. Anime and Japanese animation are older and more refined, I can't wait for Adult Swim to be filled with more of these great shows and to be airing them here in the west. It is time to end the forced politics within the entertainment and embrace great storytelling, unforgettable characters, and animation that can take a person's breath away.
Midnightgirl10 Mês atrás
so you mean to tell me yall gonna do a new pirate anime instead of putting new One Piece episodes??? WTF Also this will be watched by me too......
Uchenna Mês atrás
Phoenix Creative Media
Jypimeister Mês atrás
I guess enough time has passed from Xena Warrior Princess to basically copy the name :D
Jimmy Valmer
Jimmy Valmer Mês atrás
It looks so high quality
ForrestJ115 Mês atrás
TOO ALL OF YOU WHO SAY ANIME IS FOR WIABOOS!!, I PRESENT ADULT SWIM, it's only a matter of time before Anime takes over all your TV shows anime haters
Lipts Mês atrás
yo this finna go hard
WhiteKoneko Mês atrás
This actually looks promising.
christine thilmany
christine thilmany Mês atrás
pirates princess finally an anime to watch to keep me busy whall demon slayer is on a break too bad it’s at 11:00 pm that’s why I’m taping it.
Succubi Pie
Succubi Pie Mês atrás
This is one high budget Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic.
Tom Spiegel
Tom Spiegel Mês atrás
From crunchyroll. The losers who just released a godawful HGS trailer, hid the replies because they can't handle the negative reactions their show invited, and are currently getting their asses handed to them in retweets.
sakura Alcantar
sakura Alcantar Mês atrás
Awesome 😁
Zanir Mês atrás
Seems like we found Hancock and luffy's daughter
Rene Alexa
Rene Alexa Mês atrás
They got to meet Mugiwaras XD
Darkest Argentum
Darkest Argentum Mês atrás
HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS?! it looks awesome looks like it has elements inspired by a number of forces some obvious some not
gav Mês atrás
looks goated
cosmic hype
cosmic hype Mês atrás
ah a new anime's joining the group and taking up hero academia's timeslot nice. uh pirate princess ? ah well warrior princess calms xena n n ditto for brave's meribell or meridid so ok she's a p.p.
Josef Warto
Josef Warto Mês atrás
Had me at Samurai champloo
Shad Prather
Shad Prather Mês atrás
Wow that's sounds like Kairi Sane from WWE "Pirate Princess" I bet this anime be good on Adult Swim. And I can't wait to wait it.
Telvin Kipapa
Telvin Kipapa Mês atrás
You had me at Samurais
max siege
max siege Mês atrás
*Tips straw hat* I wish you a fantastic adventure.
max siege
max siege Mês atrás
*Tips straw hat* I wish you a fantastic adventure.
Warping Mês atrás
It's clear that the people behind B the Beginning are animating this and I'm 100% for it
Kevin Shadowz
Kevin Shadowz Mês atrás
I love how now we regularly get anime now.
Nathan Skywalker
Nathan Skywalker 2 meses atrás
I'm getting samurai champloo vibes I been waiting for this since last year
Nathan Skywalker
Nathan Skywalker 2 meses atrás
Let's get it toonami is about to shine again
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