Feelin' good - [upbeat chillhop mix]

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Chillhop with an upbeat air - Relaxing in the sun, at a barbecue or just for when you're feeling good
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▬ Tracklist ▬
00:00 Sofasound - Love Like A River
02:39 Ruck P - Destination
07:21 Ruck P, Djemeia - As Long As I Got You
10:58 Cloudchord, Soul Food Horns - Morning Crackle
13:47 Cloudchord, Soul Food Horns - Too Young for Secrets
16:21 Aso - Sundays
19:53 Gyvus - Lemon Tea
22:22 baaskaT - Grass
23:58 Brock Berrigan - Midnight Swin
27:25 Brock Berrigan - So in Love
29:26 Cloudchord, Soul Food Horns - Noodlez
32:25 Ajmw - OldTricks
35:21 Ruck P - Belvedere
39:09 Guggenz - This love I've met
43:16 Bonus Points - Hammock Days
45:49 Mtrbrd - Damn Fine Coffee
49:01 Joakim Karud - Canals
51:37 Jef - Mai Tai
54:24 Bad Summer - Still Shining
56:45 Bonus Points - Pizza & Video Games
59:35 Joakim Karud - Dreams
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Photo by Nathaniel Wise


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3 Set 2018



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Comentários 80
elly 8 meses atrás
I usually hate commenting but this deserved it, literally my favorite playlist! It's chill but not sad, and it's pop but not over the top Thank you for this!
Jweld33 8 dias atrás
Iarla Donlon
Iarla Donlon 12 dias atrás
In my experience a lot of Cafes in Ireland DO play this kinda thing! One of my faves in Dublin city even does some requests :D
MyStic MiNdz
MyStic MiNdz 14 dias atrás
exactly what im looking for
Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez 22 dias atrás
Honestly havent found another playlist that has such great balance between hiphop/chill lofi. Perfect enough to keep your ears interested for hours!
Zachary French
Zachary French 23 dias atrás
you got bars low key! and its pop but not over the top!! babyyy babayyyyy *biggie voice*
blessedupfuture 20 horas atrás
Dang this is so beautiful. Thank you for your time! God bless
Mentor Bella
Mentor Bella Dia atrás
The 90's Hip Hop & R&B had that kind of beats, but the youngers never listening to that funky, souly, jazzy stuff ;T
Jailynn B
Jailynn B Dia atrás
Great playlist 👍
SP777 Dia atrás
new lofi track:
Joe Romano
Joe Romano Dia atrás
Rome Bryant
Rome Bryant 2 dias atrás
This is by far the most jamminest ass playlists I have ever heard on here!
Clay - royalty free music
awesome music beats, i love it
Sherrytza Sherrytza
Sherrytza Sherrytza 4 dias atrás
this is so good! thank you!
I cant cut hair without listening to this playlist!
@ kenth lodana....classic!
Yxng Ezrah
Yxng Ezrah 5 dias atrás
1:1 :55 is a banger. that sound reminds me of Summer nights by lil Rob, too.
Globaled 6 dias atrás
i spy with my little eye something that is green
Banging Toolbox
Banging Toolbox 7 dias atrás
Chill as
Mary Gold
Mary Gold 7 dias atrás
I absolutely love love this chilled vibe mix. I have literally listen to this all the time during lockdown.I love to listen to more like this.
Bianca D.
Bianca D. 8 dias atrás
wtf this is so good😭
Sizolwethu Mkhwanazi
Sizolwethu Mkhwanazi 8 dias atrás
My cafe del mar will play only jams like this all day and night long!!!!
Russ Yatsenko
Russ Yatsenko 8 dias atrás
Mitra Singh
Mitra Singh 8 dias atrás
What is the name of the track at 11:20
Mariana Tv
Mariana Tv 10 dias atrás
2020 anyone?
Khanh Nguyen
Khanh Nguyen 10 dias atrás
Thanks for the upload, it made my day :)
Sophia Ruiz
Sophia Ruiz 10 dias atrás
39:09 Guggenz - This love I've met is my favorite!!
Cristian D. Franco
Cristian D. Franco 10 dias atrás
This 17:07 chord 💔
Adomas R
Adomas R 10 dias atrás
best mix i've found yet!
pax 11 dias atrás
As advertised! Thanks so much:)
Na 11 dias atrás
1:02 :10 ??????
Paolo Parodi Vega
Paolo Parodi Vega 12 dias atrás
49:15 Dale cooper
Nguyen Nguyen Khoi
Nguyen Nguyen Khoi 12 dias atrás
OMG I just found out about this playlist today. One of the best one so far
Jaala Lewis
Jaala Lewis 12 dias atrás
My favorite playlist, so far!
Federico Ezequiel Torres
That first smash is a good smash
Happy Theory Tv
Happy Theory Tv 14 dias atrás
Loveee thiss
Diego Roque
Diego Roque 14 dias atrás
OMG I feel better now YEAH!!!
huckleMary 15 dias atrás
Project Astranox
Project Astranox 15 dias atrás
New morning meditation video, perfect for coffee time :)
Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson 16 dias atrás
kenth lodana
kenth lodana 16 dias atrás
this is my neighbors' favorite playlist, whether they like it or not.
L B 4 dias atrás
lmao same
Austin Harlow
Austin Harlow 5 dias atrás
Omi Adi
Omi Adi 5 dias atrás
😂😂😂love it!!😂😂😂
K Mit
K Mit 6 dias atrás
*insert thug life meme*
Sizolwethu Mkhwanazi
Sizolwethu Mkhwanazi 8 dias atrás
hahahahahahaha.... i concur.
Regis Ribere
Regis Ribere 16 dias atrás
A 30 minute, le mood est fou
Galaxstar Twilight
Galaxstar Twilight 17 dias atrás
I feel like I belong when I listen to this When I listen to Chillhop or Chilledcow I felt like i didnt belong and the music gave me anxiety but....when I listen to Gooey Music I feel like I finally Belong....i feel calm and i feel comfort and peace and joy and happiness and i dont feel anxiety, you give me the best feelings and vibes and you make me feel great and at perfect peace and comfort and happiness its like you give me this feeling that I cant describe but I know what it is and iv needed it so badly, Its perfection Thank you Gooey Music❤❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤.
Оля Ляля
Оля Ляля 18 dias atrás
ibnu 18 dias atrás
jhoan Cadenas
jhoan Cadenas 19 dias atrás
Excelente desde Venezuela. cuarentena - 2020
Paulo Barros
Paulo Barros 20 dias atrás
Usman 21 dia atrás
Can we use this music in vlogs and other BRvid videos
Graham Robson
Graham Robson 23 dias atrás
Great Music Really makes me feel optimistic
Jamie Reese
Jamie Reese 23 dias atrás
someone please tell me the jammy @ 46:00
NV Forrest
NV Forrest 23 dias atrás
Only cause i expected background music, in which i do not expect to hear words. Can't focus with all this singing. I feel deceived.
L Martins
L Martins 23 dias atrás
chill jah sun damn
Franklin Souza
Franklin Souza 23 dias atrás
Everyone needs friends, even a happy little tree...
Austin Jones
Austin Jones 21 dia atrás
totally looks like a Bob Ross tree.
Rayya Khairallah
Rayya Khairallah 23 dias atrás
This mix needs more views and likes..I love it! Thank you Gooey music!
Johnathan 24 dias atrás
No ads? Instant like
Bon Shur
Bon Shur 24 dias atrás
Howard Elliott
Howard Elliott 24 dias atrás
When I heard this, three words came to mind [Chill Pop Music]..
Daniela Siko
Daniela Siko 24 dias atrás
brian mbwika
brian mbwika 24 dias atrás
This has now topped my number 1 playlist for 2020. this piece is amazing
̈ 25 dias atrás
this video+ adblock=happines
Persiah 777
Persiah 777 25 dias atrás
great mix!
Andrey Pantus
Andrey Pantus 25 dias atrás take a look my song pls
Mariano Calandra
Mariano Calandra 26 dias atrás
This is the music that I want!
Benas Petrulaitis
Benas Petrulaitis 26 dias atrás
Jesús Parrado Alameda
Jesús Parrado Alameda 27 dias atrás
Roseanne Jones
Roseanne Jones 27 dias atrás
Great intro
bustabrwn 27 dias atrás
this channel is awesome to listen to while skydiving.
Lonnie Joyner Sr
Lonnie Joyner Sr 28 dias atrás
Relaxing after a hard days work💎
Max Brouwer
Max Brouwer 29 dias atrás
If you love this set, get yourself a beer and check this guy out:
Kissie Harris
Kissie Harris 29 dias atrás
I found this late but it's 1 if my favorites while working and studying...🥰
melanie zemartis diaz
melanie zemartis diaz 29 dias atrás
I love this BEAT 02:39 Ruck P - Destination
mason erueti
mason erueti Mês atrás
This is an Excellent range of good music!!! Cheers for making it and cheers for bringing it to my ears!! Liking, Commenting and Subscribing to these fine beats!!! ;)
James Ventola
James Ventola Mês atrás
Those Guitar licks @ 15:38
SkillGame Mês atrás
Best BRvid recommendation ever! Great mix :)
Edward Brown
Edward Brown Mês atrás
song at 39 minutes in.....takes my breath away
Very positive compilation here thx ;-)
Manny Arreaga
Manny Arreaga Mês atrás
i hated the black coffee bit
Sabrina Kovacs
Sabrina Kovacs Mês atrás
this is getting me through the most boring and tedious excel spreadsheet revisions ever
Argesis Generic
Argesis Generic Mês atrás
I have autoplay on my account and I don't regret letting this play!
TheDude Mês atrás
Loving this mix, chill yet energetic and uplifting, perfect for "flowing" with online work, academic studies or just self-studies on an interesting topic. It got the balance JUST right :D
Jakob Melo
Jakob Melo Mês atrás
props on actually a really good playlist. not the generic shit you hear, this got hiphop flava!
jateli finley
jateli finley Mês atrás
what song is 26:09
Mrs Sh
Mrs Sh Mês atrás
Love it expecelly when i feel like having a self care time . The playlist is perfect not sad and not heavy . 💕 simply & aesthetic
Joshua Riddellski
Joshua Riddellski Mês atrás
Class playlist! Only a couple of songs I found a bit distracting due to lyrics, otherwise perfect playlist for maintaining a healthy vibe while spending hours working on university coursework!
lala lu
lala lu Mês atrás
nicer tracks are in the 2nd half!
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