FaZe Rug Offered Me $1,000 To Do THIS ON CAMERA...

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17 Out 2019



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Comentários 100
Collin Shammami
Collin Shammami 6 dias atrás
Lakers are the Best
Collin Shammami
Collin Shammami 6 dias atrás
Dream Caz
Dream Caz 2 meses atrás
Yo see the british kids downing those bottles
Lena Gonzo
Lena Gonzo 4 meses atrás
that's a good pic of rug. I would definitely date rug.
Lena Gonzo
Lena Gonzo 4 meses atrás
he said 4 u guys definitely no he thought he was going to say yes lmfao
Dominic's Curiosity
Dominic's Curiosity 5 meses atrás
When you and Brian mocked him at the same time I was laughing out loud
ĞhøşţRM ツ
ĞhøşţRM ツ 6 meses atrás
Anthony was talking cod modern warfare
Kevin _
Kevin _ 6 meses atrás
Noob Nub
Noob Nub 7 meses atrás
That is the biggest eye booger I’ve ever see in my life
Chez 7 meses atrás
Tell sherman i have 9k hours of rust the game he was on about i could teach him a thing or two ;)
Scorpion 8 meses atrás
3:27 i spilled my drink😂😂
ExoMeem Wrld
ExoMeem Wrld 8 meses atrás
Omg I feel like a rainbow unicorn lol
Mitchell 9 meses atrás
Mama rug بتعرفي تقرأي عربي؟
Almu2z 9 meses atrás
انا عراقي
The Music productions
The Music productions 9 meses atrás
Plz see my video
Hadjer Elle
Hadjer Elle 9 meses atrás
Ok I’m actually proud that i understood what mama rug said in arabic
rip to all my guys
rip to all my guys 9 meses atrás
Brian didn’t even take the Full shot & was Complaining the Most..
It’s ok I’m vegan!!!
Papa rug, mama rug, faze rug, brawadis rug?!?
Liam Diaz
Liam Diaz 9 meses atrás
Brian is mom a rug
Natelie Real
Natelie Real 9 meses atrás
Don't eat it
Kyree Scott
Kyree Scott 10 meses atrás
Lajsjdhsjjdjdh celery 😂
Benaka 10 meses atrás
Papa rug is a asshole
Isaiah Snshsh
Isaiah Snshsh 10 meses atrás
Isaiah Snshsh
Isaiah Snshsh 10 meses atrás
Kobe died
Fogle Ann
Fogle Ann 10 meses atrás
Mom rug
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez 10 meses atrás
Bro brandon do u have the cuhrona virus
Aqua Jason
Aqua Jason 10 meses atrás
Sound like he’s talking about clash of clans and fortnite
Jorge Esquivel
Jorge Esquivel 10 meses atrás
Why didn’t you title it “my brother” anything to get more views lol
isiah v
isiah v 10 meses atrás
Don't ever disrespect fucking Lakers u just disrespected coby
X__Spider __Darkz
X__Spider __Darkz 10 meses atrás
Anthony didn't get a cheers 😂
SUPA_ERICK10hj _ YT 10 meses atrás
I don’t think Brandon understood him (Anthony)
IDK BBX 11 meses atrás
Wait did he really have a basketball team?
Vicc 2 Sicc
Vicc 2 Sicc 11 meses atrás
It’s $124 dollar bottle sold @ total wine or BevMo 1942 tequila good stuff
Crazy Cat Lady in Indy
Crazy Cat Lady in Indy 11 meses atrás
Rug can’t drink.........good for him
Alex Ghebru
Alex Ghebru 11 meses atrás
They always say after they take a shot eeew
H D 11 meses atrás
Most shittiest add
Joan Robles
Joan Robles 11 meses atrás
Mamá rug
Yahir Saucedo
Yahir Saucedo 11 meses atrás
He took that’s rainbow unicorn bang thing a little to far😂😂
East Valley Auditor
East Valley Auditor 11 meses atrás
I'm Mexican so I can tell you I'm so happy to see you guys drank the BEST tequila EVER made!!!! BUT, I'm very upset you ruined it by drinking it with lemon and salt, you ruined it!!!!! A REAL man drinks it straight without a chaser or lemon and salt, but your at least drinking Don Julio there's absolutely NOTHING better!!!!!!
RealNhar 11 meses atrás
Did you hear Philip rivers might leave
Hasan Thefortniter
Hasan Thefortniter Anos atrás
هلو عراقي أحبكم كوم
dude perfect squad
dude perfect squad Anos atrás
Rust is beast let’s go Anthony
Paulo Queta
Paulo Queta Anos atrás
Who else remembers the dead Rat in Brawadis house when Rug and the parents used to live there like if you remember
ella rose
ella rose Anos atrás
brian- mama rug😂
Josh Rau
Josh Rau Anos atrás
Rugs an alcoholic
They took the shot wrong
Snohwy Anos atrás
Does he still have his i8
mariaalbacea1 Anos atrás
Ewww buger i a m eating ewww lol
TimeLord Tom
TimeLord Tom Anos atrás
Brandon’s title Brian offers me 1000 lol he asked for 1k to do it
TimeLord Tom
TimeLord Tom Anos atrás
Brian=Mama rug
youssef Aly
youssef Aly Anos atrás
If anyone understands Arabic reply because I am from Egypt
Crystal Rojas
Crystal Rojas Anos atrás
8:40- 8:57 l was dead
Jeremy Rodriguez
Jeremy Rodriguez Anos atrás
Faze crucci
Clokey-_- Anos atrás
Papa rug said keers 7:40
Antonio Jarbo
Antonio Jarbo Anos atrás
I understood your mom lol
Alexis calderon
Alexis calderon Anos atrás
I know they celebrate whenever they make another million and I love it!!
Bang Energy
Bang Energy Anos atrás
Rainbow Unicorn is so good! We love the support and the videos!
broken_heart 254
broken_heart 254 Anos atrás
If it tastes bad stop drinking it
Toymane Anos atrás
If u r ugly click this👇
Teela Renee
Teela Renee Anos atrás
I love how much fun y’all have together! 💜😩
vorx Anos atrás
9:57 is anthony talking about RUST on pc doorcamped at his airlock lowgarde animal fat and cloth make lowgarde
Axis FN
Axis FN Anos atrás
“Like the crack” Brandon wacth what u say
Mohammad Hamdan
Mohammad Hamdan Anos atrás
I love your videos can you please send me your address
Taya Anos atrás
“Wait dad I’m gonna get my mom too” damn Ron has a2nd wife lol 😂
Narvel Villegas
Narvel Villegas Anos atrás
Yo Lakers is the best team ever not like the suns
Flashman 336
Flashman 336 Anos atrás
Did your parents come from Telkaif in Iraq because my dad was from that village in Iraq
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez Anos atrás
My sister thinks Anthony is a kinda cute
AKZ_Panda Anos atrás
Should have told Brian it was like a cheat code
Bruh Faze Rug was playing cod in high school instead of going to parties
Zamani Anos atrás
I’m from Iraq 🇮🇶
Sammy the cool girl Lopez
Have you ever seen your mom up for your family today please love ❤️ your love I have my mom for you please please go home please please love you please love your kids school kids love mom and playing pool 🏊‍♀️ please do the family and dog dog 🐕 was your day you please love mom and mom mom for your kids.
Phoenix967 Anos atrás
Ew drinking alcohol is trash
Joel Teer
Joel Teer Anos atrás
Not a hater but why are you all snitches lmao
Danielle Mendez
Danielle Mendez Anos atrás
Family bonding
ACE THE DOG Anos atrás
@brawadis peep the comments on your parents recent vid, I watch your vids and like them but kinda agree
JayLoTo _
JayLoTo _ Anos atrás
There all drunk
JayLoTo _
JayLoTo _ Anos atrás
Rug when’s he’s not on yt
Amber Parente
Amber Parente Anos atrás
I gave this video a like for Booker 💗
The true Ghost
The true Ghost Anos atrás
I’ll play rust with Anthony
Melissa Valadez
Melissa Valadez Anos atrás
The rainbow unicorn bang is the best flavor
veku ssjgssj
veku ssjgssj Anos atrás
Mama rug @brain
Grace Anos atrás
You have an AWESOME father!
Morkos Rezkalla
Morkos Rezkalla Anos atrás
I understood ever word mom rug said
pew pew
pew pew Anos atrás
I understood all she said since im from saudi Arabia
Fluffzz Anos atrás
Carti: I’m the best mumble rapper Barndon: Hold my beer. 13:27
Arturo Gonzalez Jr.
Y’all can’t drink 😂
Daniel Escobar
Daniel Escobar Anos atrás
Mama rug said she going to repeat 911
StewieGucci Anos atrás
Great video
Ur Daddyyy
Ur Daddyyy Anos atrás
I like how they refer to their parents as my mom and my dAd not our mom or dad that's how I am with my siblings 😂
Ibrahim Faysal
Ibrahim Faysal Anos atrás
Why does Brandon always says my mom and my dad
INEVERSIN Anos atrás
Rainbow unicorn bang make you do rainbow unicorn thang
2K Comedy
2K Comedy Anos atrás
6:11 Rug pees with the toilet seat down
The King Of youtube
Antolin Ibarra
Antolin Ibarra Anos atrás
Make more basketball vids
Jesse Pushor
Jesse Pushor Anos atrás
Brandon do a Halloween video please
G money Nation
G money Nation Anos atrás
Physics Anos atrás
Um video idea just play with your dog the whole day I would want to watch that
Ismael Ramirez
Ismael Ramirez Anos atrás
Brian can’t drink 💀💀💀
MaZaRi SiNgE
MaZaRi SiNgE Anos atrás
7:22 papa rug stays roasting lol
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