Family reacts to George Floyd's death, termination of Minneapolis police officers

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Interview conducted with Shareeduh Tate and Tera Brown, cousins of George Floyd, and Ben Crump, the family's attorney, by journalist Don Nash of on May 26, 2020. Floyd died while in Minneapolis police custody on Monday night. A video appears to show a Minneapolis police officer with his knee on Floyd's neck as Floyd says repeatedly, "I can't breathe." The FBI and the BCA are investigating.

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26 Mai 2020



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Comentários 80
J. Lampland
J. Lampland 4 dias atrás
Is this Donny×.? Yes the largest groups were peaceful. The looters and arsonists have been proven to be organized crime(gangs) and opposers to the peaceful marchers, were often not from the same city or state. Why would protesters who wanted to change your mind and bring to Americans understanding of why we have not agreed choose to get people angry at their freedom of speech and assembly (constitution)? Huge difference in size and effects. Think twice about your fellow citizens. You know who shows up with guns. White supremacists, militia, militiamen, you know. Those who still support Hitler types and the treasonous Confederacy. Get real. Thanks for the dialogue.
Brian Wilmoth
Brian Wilmoth 20 dias atrás
George was a thug
Sửa Nhà Chuyên Nghiệp Dr-Home
Black is not criminal but i do not like how they live here, i mean VietNam.
dust. wind
dust. wind 26 dias atrás
I'm so sorry for the families loss. It's so sad that that someone would take a life like it was nothing. Life is so precious ❤️❤️ I George Floyd and his family.
Marco Tobias
Marco Tobias Mês atrás
Imagine his family watching the news then saw George Floyd's name thinking is he okay then seeing the video of the police that they trust murdering him for a crime that he might not even comit. Its things like this that make me want to puke and give up all hope on humanity smh.
Jardani Jovonovich
Jardani Jovonovich Mês atrás
These two are lying. Duper’s delight. Laughing.... This whole thing is a set up. Needs massive investigation......
YAADIVA Mês atrás
How in the world is the police going to say that a man with a knee pressed on his neck pleasing for his life is resisting arrest????? Thats BS! Those 4 officers are all killers in my eyes and all deserve a life sentence for what they did to an unarmed , Black Man who was someone’s father, son, brother, cousin, and most of all A HUMAN BEING!!! I’m sick and tired of seeing my people die senselessly at the hands of the police who are supposed to protect citizens but instead these 4 devils in blue decided that murder was on the menu. Justice better be served but sadly we know how this may end. Rest In Peace George Floyd 🙏🏽
cryptoskygreen7 Mês atrás
I have seen footage that 3 officers knees were on Floyds body & not 1 officer the fake news are peddling.
BU CITO Mês atrás
i can smell very bad acting here...
Mooseboy 143
Mooseboy 143 Mês atrás
I’m not black but black lives matter
Mooseboy 143
Mooseboy 143 Mês atrás
People keep protesting peacefully
the unbecomings
the unbecomings Mês atrás
NSP Nation
NSP Nation Mês atrás
I bet those who disliked the video are the ones who approve of the officers' actions
Mês atrás
RIP David Dorn
Mês atrás
So George Floyd had a criminal history for assault with deadly weapon, how many times? Is it 6? And one of those times, he pretended to be with the water company & knocked on a pregnant woman's door, forced his way in with a gun to her belly and allowed a group of men to come in and ransack her home searching for money and drugs. Okay, then, what else do we not know?
Blue Sky's
Blue Sky's Mês atrás
5 mills of flower, you be happy again?
DaViEbh0Y cLanDoNaLD
Reading a script, no tears, no emotion.
SuperGogetem Mês atrás
Duping Delight.
Роланд Флэкфайзер
how many honors to a criminal who didn't do anything useful in his life. neither for the country nor for the blacks. Greetings from Russia, Trump is the best President.
Shon Yagura
Shon Yagura Mês atrás
It seems that those 4 police officers were intentional in their callous crime of asphyxiating Geoge. They did a calculated act and this should be investigated as to why they did what they did. I won't doubt they're Antifa members or supported by them.
Matthew Jacobsen
Matthew Jacobsen Mês atrás
This is sad he was pleading for his life and wasn't even resisting arrest
gottak milit
gottak milit Mês atrás
Get thier reaction about the looting and chaos?
Hamza Karaca
Hamza Karaca Mês atrás
%100 the cops will be killed in jail by inmates They deserve to die like if u think they should die
Ashley Martin
Ashley Martin Mês atrás
Yo officer you are the police but you can't do anything
Jason Carrillo
Jason Carrillo Mês atrás
It is a hoax.
Si Filey
Si Filey Mês atrás
Clair Rollings
Clair Rollings Mês atrás
They're very brave is this was my relation I wouldn't be able to even face the cameras!
watchlighter Mês atrás
*What's James Prince, who started RapALot Records in Houston doing for this family ? Everyone always talking about he's ones who to be Feared in Houston*
Tesfay sunemait
Tesfay sunemait Mês atrás
Hmmm i am wondering in America how many black Americans killed every month it's very sad
Gerald Cross
Gerald Cross Mês atrás
This is fake absolutely
Ivan Valentin Jr
Ivan Valentin Jr Mês atrás
You frauds. You are fakes. How much did they pay you for this charade?
Sylas Razo
Sylas Razo Mês atrás
“It’s sad”
deer speak
deer speak Mês atrás
How much are you both getting paid?
EV Scrolls
EV Scrolls Mês atrás
Tim Gour
Tim Gour Mês atrás
bravery is the beginning, rest in peace my brother, will never forget it, as never has forgotten our history. to all who love freedom in the world. of an Algerian.
Jo Harmon
Jo Harmon Mês atrás
That sucker needs to be charged with first degree murder and his buddies also they were accomplices. Isn't that the way it works if someong dies during a robbery even if they weren't the ones that actually did the killing?
Jason Yang
Jason Yang Mês atrás
The one on the left doesn't seem to know anything about him. Doesn't seem like they were close to him.
Kay Tee
Kay Tee Mês atrás
Imagine having a snuff film of your relative out there in the public. My heart goes out to the family. ACAB
Maggie Mês atrás
A Zone
A Zone Mês atrás
Don't use fake money.
C Consulting
C Consulting Mês atrás
Dear Mr Floyd's family. I am so terribly sorry for your dear loss of Mr Floyd. This is horrific PREMEDITATED FIRST DEGREE MURDER. My heart is breaking. The entire world is in your corner. It was just so painful to see this video of Mr Floyd, an obvious gentle man's last breath and cold blooded murder. The officer should not only be charged, but should be executed for FIRST DEGREE MURDER. IT CAN NOT BE JUSTIFIED... WE ALL WITNESSED A MURDER OF A KIND MAN POSING NO RISK ! I am praying for justice. I have turned my tears into letters to President Trump, Police Dept, Mayor, Governor demanding JUSTICE FOR YOUR DEAR FAMILY AND MR FLOYD. CAN YOU PLEASE ASK SOMEONE TO POST WHERE WE CAN SEND CONTRIBUTIONS FOR THE TRIAL SUPPORT AND FLOWERS. GOD BLESS YOUR DEAR FAMILY. AND MY SYMPATHY TO MR STEPHEN JACKSON PLEASE. LOVE FROM ONE ANGRY WHITE LADY. 💐
A D Mês atrás
There are cops that done the same to a white civilian died of excited delirium so its not a race thing. Why are y'all bringing up its a race issue oh its because he was white and he was black in this situation.
A D Mês atrás
It is indeed a tragedy but there are black cops that do the same to black civilians too. It goes both ways so why is it a race issue? I don't believe in criticizing someones nationality.
AriaChu Mês atrás
As for not being American this is all over the news of my country it’s disgusting seeing something like that! Just cause their cops dosen’t mean they shouldn’t get in jail! They deserve to get the same punishment as all murders! They aren’t any different just cause their some dumb cops! It’s heart breaking him not resisting it’s like he knew he couldn’t do anything and those cops who did that deserve nothing in life expect to have a bad feeling! Hope they die the way he did ik it’s harsh but at this moment idc
luke the Canadian
luke the Canadian Mês atrás
If I was president. I would create a law where all police in America will be treated as normal citizens in a court of law. With some exceptions. However if a cop kills a man in the 2nd degree then they will be treated like a normal person that kills a man in the 2nd degree.
Alicia Miera
Alicia Miera Mês atrás
Hello... My friend did a painting of George Floyd and she was wondering how she could get it to his family.
Kamil Mês atrás
I condolences from Turkey 😢
Esther Pat
Esther Pat Mês atrás
My heart goes out to the famy of Mr Floyd..and by large to families whose relatives have fallen into the hands of these heartless, senseless Cains of modern days. May our Lord Jesus console you and may your loved ones find everlasting Peace in the arms of God where color is Christ they won't be judged because of their color. Whatever happens or does not happen to these cold murderers rest assured, just will be served by the King of kings...the King who is no respector of colors or will happen... already it has happened... killing is not just killing!! Its against the law of the most high... killers immediately after killing they get the Mark of Cain.... they are cursed!! The blood of those they kill is on their hands..and the dead will not let them sleep!! Their cry for justice, why ring in their ears and no sleep will they find.. Their families and communities will see the mark of Cain in their foreheads... and their owm families will be scared of them who want a cain as a husband or daddy. Till they breathe their last these cold blooded Cains will know no peace and not even in the life beyond
Enot Begemot
Enot Begemot Mês atrás
We should let the white cops out! No white should suffer due to the black!!! Why does no one understand it?
joel lopez
joel lopez Mês atrás
My condolence to George Floyd family and pray for her daughter she need support and help
Sherry Brigham
Sherry Brigham Mês atrás
Soo very Sorry 😭 💔for your loss of y cousin to u both of George Floyd✨ 🙏 I jus wished that the police would of listen to several people that we're saying let him breathe💔 We all PRAY👑 from around the World🙏 that Justice will be seen & shown tho in Jesus name we pray ~Amen~🙏🙏🙏
M H F Mês atrás
Stop talking to these people!! DONT talk about it to anyone! Wall of silence as high as the blue wall!!
Nikki Nerison
Nikki Nerison Mês atrás
My heart is breaking for his family... I'm so angry towards the Mpls police....All lives matter!!!!!! May God bless your family and give you peace. 😇😇😇😇
Lydia Cartagena
Lydia Cartagena Mês atrás
May he rest in piece
Fatu Karneh
Fatu Karneh Mês atrás
I can believed this police officer killed this young man with so much confidence and pride, indeed Mr Floyd needs Justice!
Elle Legant
Elle Legant Mês atrás
Potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death. Possible Drugs and Fake Money what a stand up guy. The cop was in the wrong but George Floyd was a low life criminal that made the wrong decision. The family knows he was a loser out on the streets.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Mês atrás
All black peoples around the world have a problem I don’t know why still I can’t understand only God can judge us if we are black peoples may God help us
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Mês atrás
Actors for the MASONIC PSYOP. Come on idiots can’t you see kaperck knee on the neck 🐂💩
LadyB Wilson
LadyB Wilson Mês atrás
Why would this family accept a call from that demon trump?
Mysterious Hood
Mysterious Hood Mês atrás
I heard of a Floyd getting killed and riots in Minnesota,that was all of that yesterday.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Mês atrás
I'm sickened by George Floyd and what the police have done game struggling to breathe police brutality has got to stopit's going on everywhere even in the little town I'm from
Erin Schmitt
Erin Schmitt Mês atrás
Ben buele.....society to supress a population...what's that institution??? Race baiter.
Qᴜᴇᴇʀ Mês atrás
Oh no, those bastards don't only deserve to be fired, they deserve to be thrown into prison for manslaughter. For life. I'm so pissed, man, this isn't even funny. R.I.P, George Floyd, your murder will be brought to justice.
billy Hensley
billy Hensley Mês atrás
Nothing but murderers on a power kick !!!!
Teenage Monkey
Teenage Monkey Mês atrás
F it kill those officers in jail the man cried I can’t breathe I got emotional
Victor Lacroix
Victor Lacroix Mês atrás
Kneeling on someone's neck for 10 minutes until choking is a third-degree murder and manslaughter in the USA ? Really ? Morever by a police officer supposed to protect the population ? This is an intentional killing without premeditation, a second degree murder ! Derek Chauvin is a sick murderer. Enough of seeing racism become commonplace. It is a shame ! No justice no peace
Anonymous person
Anonymous person Mês atrás
They need to give the cops the death penalty!!!!!
Bella Metz
Bella Metz Mês atrás
this isn’t okay. just since someone has a different skin color means nothing at all! people shouldn’t be judged for their color of skin,sex,or anything that people find wrong with other people. It’s not okay. just because someone has different skin,doesn’t mean you should harm them in any way. we had to say goodbye to this amazing man. i hope you have a good day. If you’re reading/watching this video and you don’t like people that are different,leave.
Protectress Goddess
No black man is safe in America 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Protectress Goddess
Is it legal to squeeze the life out of another black human being in the USA, the killer had 75 police officers protecting his home after his disgraceful behaviour. What kind of country is the USA 🇺🇸
Elle Legant
Elle Legant Mês atrás
You in Black America said by Attorney/Family should also tell the people he was being ARRESTED For Purchasing items with FAKE MONEY. He had bad health. Cause of death was NOT Asphyxiation Per the Coroner's Office...Should never put himself in that position. Ya tell us all about your cousin committing Fraud and Forgery with FAKE MONEY.
Elle Legant
Elle Legant Mês atrás
Ya'll jump the gun and assume before the investigation....He had bad health. Cause of death was NOT asphyxiation Per the Coroner's Office...Should never put himself in that position. Walk FREE.....They are going to have to prove he also had great health care prior to his death. You are now looking for money Get your next autopsy going. Consequences of lying will result to more autopsy's. Send him all over the country for an autopsy as you will never be happy with the results. The Family needs to tell the world to stop the protests immediately. All you Ignorant Punk Thugs jump to any opportunity to loot and burn down buildings. Ya'll need to go home and get a life. Go home and collect your Welfare and stop breeding to get welfare so your kids don't grow up like a Punk like you. You are all a disappointment to the world proving you are all Ignorant Uneducated Losers In Life. Bet your parents are proud of you or are they on the streets like you with no morals. Protest on the Freeway is unnecessary. These Lowlifes don't care about anything but themselves and could possibly spread the Coronavirus. They should tape everything like the Chinese so if someone from these protests start coming into the hospitals they should be arrested for Attempted Murder spreading a deadly disease.
Brandon Cole
Brandon Cole Mês atrás
I’m balling my eyes out this is actually hurting me inside
mimi mimi
mimi mimi Mês atrás
The officier's punishment is for him to be suffocated slowly while being compressed between someone's knees. He would cry for help and no one would help him. Then he'll realize what a sick person he is and finally go to hell.
Poly Grip
Poly Grip Mês atrás
That would lower the energy level of the person seeking retrobution to that of the police officer. Turn the other cheek. Getting angry and wrathful is exactly what the bigger picture wants. Defend mr floyd’s memory by being upstanding and just. Not rioting and creating more pain in doing so
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Mês atrás
There tape from stores when they put cuff on him he wasn’t doing anything wrong it’s on tape also
Geri Castro
Geri Castro Mês atrás
I'm sickened by George Floyd and what the police have done game struggling to breathe police brutality has got to stopit's going on everywhere even in the little town I'm from even a little LDS town in Utah there is a lot of police brutality Utah police brutality is ridiculous my heart and prayers go out to George Floyd and his family and all the other victims and their families. May God be with us all...
The creativter
The creativter Mês atrás
I am sooooooooooooooooooo9ooo mad 😤😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠🚫😭
Jabari Dockery
Jabari Dockery Mês atrás
Oh My God 🙏😔
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Mês atrás
I'm so sorry for your loss. So very sorry.
Jim Buck
Jim Buck Mês atrás
Is this his family?
Ednaam CK
Ednaam CK Mês atrás
These type of protests across the country make me proud to be American - shows people are sick of wrong doings from anybody. Do not loot and burn homes. Do not loot any place. Burn junk, damage junk and protest your hearts outs if you must. I think the public safety system needs overhauling. Replace humans with robotic police officers who are programmed to apprehend and take into custody. Anyway, most of all, the church needs to directly address the evil day to day events happening. By not mentioning these various events ie police brutality, racist attacks, corrupt politicians the church fails to affirm the hurt of many congregants. Jesus Christ did not avoid addressing the current events of his day. He indeed addressed them with His Word and actions. Yes, submission to God is hard to do but necessary. On the other hand, yep, stay on blended knees because God knows all. We do not. The Minnesota situation has a backstory to it. Facts are forthcoming that puts a spin on the relationship between the victim and the cop. Pastor, you are correct. We Christians must submit to God and not partake in street protests (except peaceful marches and assembly) once we have all of the facts.
Frost baby
Frost baby Mês atrás
Holy hell man im stressed.
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