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26 Jan 2023



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Beep Boop
Beep Boop Mês atrás
My family died in a mystery so thanks a lot for this. Brought up a lot of feelings.
Adam Taggart
Adam Taggart 8 dias atrás
My family died in a feeling so thanks for that.
CJ Mag
CJ Mag Mês atrás
@Udabou sounds sus🤨
Thesaurcery4U2C Mês atrás
@Gary Good equally not proven to be false. Everyone forgets to mention the part about just not knowing. It's like indoctrinated ego, for lack of a better definition. WHO KNOWS?
Thesaurcery4U2C Mês atrás
@Eno WTH??? That's pretty intense I had an uncle, who i had met once (in jail) in the late 70s probably? His brother was shot in the back and killed by the town Sheriff. This is a tiny little town. My uncle told the Sheriff his intentions, and came back years later and killed the sheriff. He was tried and convicted in that county, and was kept in that jail. The town, and other officers knew about and did not care for that sheriff. So lofton was allowed to go about his way through the day, chatting it up with people, and still having a life for the most part. He would just retire every night back to the jail cell. It was a whole different world back then. It was a respectful thing that he did, but illegal nonetheless. If everyone in town understood this, it seems a better way, than we have now. It holds everyone accountable for their actions.
Thesaurcery4U2C Mês atrás
@Scranton Dangler He don't know bro. It's a mystery
Skeets McGrew
Skeets McGrew Mês atrás
A rich person going bankrupt but having two yachts and a sports car is the most realistic part of this game
Skeets McGrew
Skeets McGrew Mês atrás
@AerithRoses huh, yeah that sorta suggests maybe a copyright thing. As long as you can't make money they can't take it from you, and private videos can't make money. I can't imagine what he could have possibly done wrong considering 90% of his audio is totally original but idk
AerithRoses Mês atrás
@Skeets McGrew I just found out that All of the old videos have been moved to a playlist. they're delisted on the channel but still available there!
AerithRoses Mês atrás
@Skeets McGrew wow
Skeets McGrew
Skeets McGrew Mês atrás
@AerithRoses Knowing BRvid, somehow a copyright issue. Less likely but possible, editor that was fired and believes he deserves compensation
AerithRoses Mês atrás
Why are there only 9 videos on this channel now, what going on
Alex S
Alex S Mês atrás
I respect how little respect you guys have for your audience, a recap every 9 minutes lol.
TimTamTon 5 dias atrás
@Ecchi-BANZAII!!! who time
GOne Mês atrás
To be hip and cool among the new generation of fellow kids I must now subsist on an attention span not exceeding 2 minutes.
Beelzquill Mês atrás
I sadly watched this in pieces over the course of two weeks, I unfortunately needed it, so thank you guys for the lack of respect I guess.
Thesaurcery4U2C Mês atrás
@Coby Larson HE HE HE HE Oh, shit.
Thesaurcery4U2C Mês atrás
@A. Ducky I AM a completely straight heterosexual man. I would deflower myself for IH. I think i just want to hear his voice whispering behind my left ear; I'm going to take care of you; I just need you just need to loosen up a bit, it's only going to hurt more if your so tense. And i want you to enjoy this as much as i'm going to.
Arthur Paul Monteclar
The fact that you are reviewing the type of game that my now 50-year old mother used to obsess with is so surreal. It brings back memories of my childhood as I helped her find the stuff she can't see. I really believe these kinds of games were a hit for old people.
Strazdas 5 dias atrás
Either you are 10 years old or your grandmother had children really young.
TimTamTon 5 dias atrás
@Researcher Chameleon well at least they try with it that actually gives me more hope then it probably should
Researcher Chameleon
Researcher Chameleon 5 dias atrás
@TimTamTon the new one is like Teen Titans go in comparison to the original, but at least attempts to have a plot with recurring characters that sometimes change, like how Animo replaces his body with Frankensteined animal parts in one episode and stays like that, but most of it is mind numbing filler
TimTamTon 6 dias atrás
@Researcher Chameleon god ben 10 was so fucking amazing back then (I haven't seen the new one but being an adult I feel the original will always have my heart)
Researcher Chameleon
@Spookypooky 13 cool, I would recommend starting with the original, then alien force, ultimate alien, then omniverse, (release order). The reboot in 2016 was pretty mid, especially when you grew up on the original, but if you wanted to introduce the franchise to a little cousin who is too young for the original, it works for a good starter
Bird Enthusiast
Bird Enthusiast Mês atrás
Oh thank goodness, Mark managed to upload Queen Liz's consciousness into the Metaverse before she could slip away. Now she can expleen for us for all eternity!
TimTamTon 6 dias atrás
@Casual Kitty whoa don't judge splinter cell by this fella
Casual Kitty
Casual Kitty Mês atrás
@BooM Borgoyari Some cyka blyat that plays Splinter Cell games would be my guess.
BooM Borgoyari
BooM Borgoyari Mês atrás
Who even says queen "Liz"? Like she was your suga mommy or something.
Kingsley CY
Kingsley CY Mês atrás
King Charles is the downgrade no one wanted. We want Metaverse Lizzy.
Casual Kitty
Casual Kitty Mês atrás
King... Charles? #NotMyLiege
Researcher Chameleon
Might I recommend “Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden”. You play as a woman whose fiancé has gone missing on a diving expedition, you dive down to his last known location, but she keeps seeing shadows out of the corner of her eye, and can’t shake the feeling that she is being watched
Researcher Chameleon
@Agnieszka Adhedonia recently, I watched a play through of the game, and realized that my brain suppressed the memories of things like blood messages, and bodies falling out of doors, but that was 8 years ago, and now that I am older, I can appreciate it without suppressing the super dark (for 12 year old me) stuff and themes, like classic Ben 10 (seriously, there is an episode where Grandpa Max gets into critical condition after a fight, and Ben runs away because he is afraid that the danger that follows him around is going to hurt or kill the people close to him)
Agnieszka Adhedonia
@Researcher Chameleon there was just something in the art style and general idea behind it which awoken my mind there. If you enjoyed it for the art-deco underwater vibe you might just enjoy Bioshock now as you're older :D
Researcher Chameleon
@Agnieszka Adhedonia for me, it was a 12 year old fave because my dad had it on his computer and he let me try it out
Agnieszka Adhedonia
It was my early teenagehood fave, and imho Artifex Mundi's entire HOPA catalogue is a golden standout from the genre. I hope the like from the Historian himself is a promise 🙏
Ana _D_
Ana _D_ Mês atrás
Grimm Legends and The Secret Order are good too
electricbayonet2 Mês atrás
The way that the game is already ‘animated’ like a deepfake of ‘Angela Anaconda’ makes it delightfully easy to miss when IH switches to his Photoshop handpuppets.
Karibil Mês atrás
I had this same issue, haha. Storymode should get hired to make the next Family Mysteries installment.
Big Meat Swangin'
Big Meat Swangin' Mês atrás
That style of animation makes me irrationally angry.
Jim Redd
Jim Redd Mês atrás
I can't tell if the spiders and scorpions on the rock climb were actually in the game or not.
Joinsideke Mês atrás
Yeah it's so fucking weird looking. Throw in the voice acting and the MacGyver segments and becomes a weird fever dream.
HalfLifeOfHumanity Mês atrás
The skeleton is a comforting reminder for the patients taking the ambulance.
Vaill Ville
Vaill Ville Mês atrás
Its to reassure patients how cool they might look either way
Fluffykins0801 Mês atrás
Can’t believe Queen Lizzy herself came back from the dead to make this video.
Reno Butters
Reno Butters Mês atrás
@Jim Oh my, I'm definitely behind on The Crown.
Jim Mês atrás
Excuse you! Spoiler alert much?! I'm not totally up to date with the Royals, I just got to the bit where the Queen had Diana killed for having it off with a Middle Eastern man.
L Lab
L Lab Mês atrás
@Gonza Torres queen Liz the Glizz Gobbler, respect
Reno Butters
Reno Butters Mês atrás
And she left to the tune of a Berserk song. How majestic.
Albert Deluxe
Albert Deluxe Mês atrás
Came back for her Storymode paycheck.
ItMadeMeSignUp Mês atrás
I love how "acid" in these games is always green, and always able to eat through metal in seconds, air vents are always large enough to fit a human, and criminals always leave taped confessions.
Janet Street
Janet Street Mês atrás
Perfect world! LOL
Rumi kallenbach
Rumi kallenbach Mês atrás
This is my favorite one so far. I wanna see them do more of these goofy mystery games now
Hayden Stockwell
Hayden Stockwell Mês atrás
IH’s perfectly reasonable suggestions being followed by the detective’s insane methods for getting around minor issues is an object lesson regarding the differences in how men and women view “problem solving.”
vincent wijaya
vincent wijaya Mês atrás
If Duke can jump fast enough to block the bullet, I am pretty sure he can just tackle Emma so no one got hit
Salts Mês atrás
I hope you do more of the Family Mysteries series because this was hilarious.
Mike Dep
Mike Dep Mês atrás
I'm impressed at how raycons make you impervious to being discombobulated. I should buy a pair before the next time I get into a fight
Purely's Metal Nightcore
I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I like to just sit down and spend a couple hours playing through a hidden object game, partially for the wacky stories. Some games have extremely long franchises and it gets comical how crazy things keep happening to the same people. I know of one franchise where a woman goes from saving her sister on her wedding day, to needing to save her sister's family, to saving her niece specifically, to saving her boyfriend, to saving her husband, to saving her own kid, and it's just like CAN THIS POOR WOMAN CATCH A BREAK PLEASE?
anto karman
anto karman Mês atrás
I tried ravenhearst once and got hooked on the spooky ambience
I’m not sure I could play one of these games without a story mode narration running through my head now.
Mellow Yello
Mellow Yello Mês atrás
Sometimes i play this kind of game as a respite from the intensity of other, more regular games. Helps with the fatigue.
Purely's Metal Nightcore
@Architect Of God Damn it, I thought that but then I got the title Grim Tales confused with Living Legends. Thanks for the correction!
Architect Of God
Architect Of God Mês atrás
@Purely's Metal Nightcore It’s the grim tales series actually
Issa Grind
Issa Grind Mês atrás
This is the best expleened yet because the plot of the game is so forgettable that I can infinitely rewatch it like it's a brand new video every time.
Tanmai Khanna
Tanmai Khanna Mês atrás
So... She was going to the warehouse in a police car with a guy who was in on it, who tries to kill her but then she receives a text to come to the warehouse where she was going anyway with the impersonator, then they hire the doctor to get her from the cliff and take her to the warehouse where she was going anyway...
Kaleidos 10 dias atrás
@Futonrevolution The eagles aren't even the most stupid plothole in that story. They have a literal god living like a crackhead in a forest, who's unfathomably stronger than Sauron ever was and literally untouchable by both Sauron's army and powers, including the ring itself, and they just move on with their journey without so much as even asking him if he can help them or take the ring off their hands, with the justification that they think it'd be rude.
Xbalanque84 Mês atrás
Oh no, I've gone cross-eyed.
Eric Scionti
Eric Scionti Mês atrás
Futonrevolution Mês atrás
Nitpicker. It's like asking why Frodo didn't ride an Eagle to Mordor.
DakkaNoms Mês atrás
@Desayuno they forgot that they tried to kill her and then invited her to the place where they were committing all the crime, yeah! that makes sense
theoriginldw Mês atrás
i really hope you guys cover twisted metal sometime in the near future, it’d be funny to hear how you guys describe the stories. you can even pick which game to cover 😂
EvilStreaks Mês atrás
So as the wine bottle was flying at her, she ran to the wall, unhooked a mirror, and ran back to the path of the bottle to shield herself from it?
Kaleidos 10 dias atrás
The answer is obvious for why she did that, the goon's using tab targeting so it doesn't matter where she is because he completed the "Bottle Throw" cast time.
mike 21 dia atrás
nani?! she's fast!!
EvilStreaks Mês atrás
@James Jandt Standard protocol in murder investigations
James Jandt
James Jandt Mês atrás
Instead of jumping on the speedboat, she grabs and puts on water skis, gets a harpoon gun, aims, and hits the boat
Stigma Mês atrás
@Ege Okur seems legit
Andy Leavy
Andy Leavy Mês atrás
Every twist and turn was just the writer being like "oh that'd be so cool and unexpected" and just never trying to make it make sense or fit into the actual story. 10/10 greatest crime series.
Marik Bentusi
Marik Bentusi Mês atrás
This video kept me on my toes, constantly guessing which parts of the footage were gameplay and which parts were gags by the editor.
MLG Hazrad
MLG Hazrad Mês atrás
Emma might have been going to suspicious websites because she has a modern computer yet it somehow has pop-ups like that.
Fox Buns
Fox Buns Mês atrás
Emma shouldve used Nordvpn
matt molloy
matt molloy Mês atrás
@Wojak-Sensei nah she’s using an AVG free download, running the antivirus program needs to be a whole mystery in itself.
Wojak-Sensei Mês atrás
Emma: "My computer has malware! I'll just take this pocket knife to cut a rope, that I can use to hoist a sail, that I can use on a raft to travel across the Pacific, buy some eggs, perform a handstand, cure cancer, go back home, and run a scan on Windows Defender."
Insanity Prevails
Insanity Prevails Mês atrás
34:56 Exactly! When I was younger, my mom used to play these when we went on vacation on her laptop Now earlier this year, for a few days, after dinner she would come over to my room and we played a few of them together, Paranormal Files! :D
TimTamTon 5 dias atrás
your mom sounds awesome
Zoso881 Mês atrás
I love how the games cutscenes are slightly more advanced than the ones you make lol
bob wall
bob wall Mês atrás
The part where he says "it's time for fisticuffs" and then the candy crush minigame pops up is so hilarious, intentionally or not
Mykayla Mês atrás
I just played Hidden Mysteries Titanic and it's definitely something you should look into. you play as a woman trying to escape her poor past except her rich husband and her actually don't like eachother. and she has to solve every problem on the titanic. I swear I thought she wàs gonna put the ship back together or somrthing in a mini puzzle
Shah Marzan
Shah Marzan Mês atrás
My day was not good. But now it is very good. Thank you Storyman
Anoradord Mês atrás
hope for your tomorrow to be better
Kevin RAAAMAGE Mês atrás
I hope it gets better my dude
Dani Wellfare
Dani Wellfare Mês atrás
I discovered these this type of games with my gf around half a year ago and fell in love with how dumb and ridiculous they are. Got more emotions from them then from AAA releases. Would love to see more of these games on this channel!
PearCup Mês atrás
Okay, so when the cop drove the car into the ocean, right? The ambulance came by to: 1. Make sure the bad cop was okay, he did jump out of a moving car. 2. The bad cop would report the accident and the doctor would declare her dead and exonerate the cop.
UncleBourbon Mês atrás
Really enjoyed the video! I'm still holding out for 'My Stepmother's Friends Expleened', though.
Melvin Van Haperen
Melvin Van Haperen Mês atrás
such fond memories of playing these type of games with my grandparents
Ursa Prima
Ursa Prima Mês atrás
It's a classic example of an author that wants their plots to be unpredictable so the reveals have some sort of impact, but they don't understand the idea that it still has to make some kind of sense.
Nicolas Vidal
Nicolas Vidal Mês atrás
LA Noire audio cues can really shape up any mystery game, it's honestly kinda incredible
Taima HI
Taima HI Mês atrás
I wanna see someone design a game like this completely ironically. Like the character is physically incapable of just doing the easiest bare minimum thing and just needs to find the most roundabout and ridiculous ways to solve any issue
Mephistopheles Mês atrás
I was about to say toxicology results have a quick turn around in this world, but the particular doctor twist makes sense when you keep that in mind. When did they have time to take the lipstick to a lab to test for the toxin then to test if that particular toxin produced the same result as on the Jane Doe body? The game is cute, but you really have to suspend disbelief for it to work.
PALACIO254 Mês atrás
They just have it a quick taste test it was icky so that means poison
Ky Mês atrás
I’ve been getting discombobulated a lot lately. I’ll look more into these Raycons, I think
Queen Of Hell
Queen Of Hell Mês atrás
An Artifex Mundi game? I love it! These are my guilty pleasure that makes me seem like a middle aged woman who dreamed of becoming a detective Edit: I just checked and do have all 3 family mysteries games.
47Mortuus Mês atrás
Shame, shame, shame... **DING** **DING** **DING**
kieran10202 Mês atrás
Yeah, I used to play a lot of these as a kid. They're made by some studio in Poland (where I assume they're originally voiced) then dubbed over on English by what I assume is a small American studio.
Daniel Marsh
Daniel Marsh Mês atrás
The jank of this game combined with your editors skills made this very hard to me to tell at times what was and wasn't part of the game.
SomebodyUdontknow Mês atrás
33:55 this plot hole could've easily be avoided if the note just says check the body because it make sense to double check if the Emma lived or not, so if she lived she's gonna trust the doctor, the doctor can lead her somewhere remote then kill her without anyone knowing, The cop can just say an excuse about being knock out after the accident and not knowing where she went, if she was dead nobodies gonna make a fuss about an ambulance approaching an accident so the doctor can just say the Emma died from an accident. Seems like a perfect crime but again not really committed a crime so I wouldn't know.
König Nickerchen
König Nickerchen Mês atrás
Hell yeah, they cracked open the pandora's box that is Hidden Object games. I remember the story of Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt and Weird Park Trilogy being particularly wacky.
Shawn Conway
Shawn Conway Mês atrás
*yacht explodes* "hey yeah I got a drowning case on my hands. Might be suspicious." Good to see the police are exactly like they are in real life in this game.
Gilgamesh Mês atrás
The little things like the histamine ice cream with bees and peanuts. Thanks IH for having me in stitches 5 mins into the video.
FettaCheese Mês atrás
I've been laughing at the discombobulate joke for hours
Everything batman collector
Do the 90's game series Lands of Lore. Trust me ude have all the hilarious content to make a great video.
Basteal Mês atrás
He's so good at photoshop I can't tell if this is original, or modified content.
StummerVogel Mês atrás
I genuinely can't tell if the voice acting in this game is real people or text to speech. I also can't tell which parts were edited in and which were already in the game. This feels like a fever dream.
MrLeeFTW Mês atrás
I would absolutely love to see your take on L.A. Noire when you fuck up every case.
Empty Blue
Empty Blue Mês atrás
So glad to see Big Liz is still committed to the channel
Ixil Pierce
Ixil Pierce Mês atrás
I guess we need a film or series where s detective solves things the ridiculously complicated way.
Yourson Isold
Yourson Isold Mês atrás
Would you believe me if I said that this is the most competent out of the "Family Mystery Trilogy"? Yes, the two sequels to this bargin bin trash are somehow worse.
The Teyandee
The Teyandee Mês atrás
Yo! This video is a great example of people making videos of your game, sells the game! While, sure, my cousin and I are laughing our asses off... our mothers would unironicly enjoy this game. They love these types of games. We just need to see if they haven't already played it because they burn through these games by the dozens... and to be real, from the third person perspective, they all look all the damn same to us.
Tyler Champion
Tyler Champion Mês atrás
That letter from Stan caught me off guard 🤣
Noah Mês atrás
Been loving all the story mode content! A recommendation for a video is the Outlast games!
Prince Imrahil
Prince Imrahil Mês atrás
I love that the animation for this video is better than the animation from the game
Geoffrey Gorgonzola
i fucking love IH's use of guts' theme. my man is a struggler i know it
Blackobluna Mês atrás
Prayers for Mr and Mrs Doe, since their daughter was not found. They haved been looking so hard
Cevian Mês atrás
This was great. Can you do this for more of these weird games?
U. Flame
U. Flame Mês atrás
God that Kingdom Hearts-ass Mario final battle music fits so good with any climax
Naesen Mês atrás
"this is not us doing a bad impression" You know, I think as an Emma tier detective, I can piece the puzzle together. You are the real developers of these games, and this is all One BIG AD TIME
Chris Randle
Chris Randle Mês atrás
7:20 - understaffed? Must be an NHS hospital in the UK. Some nurses stand around doing nothing.
Emperor Trevor Norton
Best part of this review series is bringing back Queen Elizabeth II for a few minutes
Jay Knight
Jay Knight Mês atrás
"head over heals" for him. Must be a doctor.
Maxim Rukinov
Maxim Rukinov Mês atrás
I actually keep my sleeping pills in the kitchen instead of in the medkit. That is really convenient.
that guy that does stuff
I always knew her majesty would become a force ghost.
film-makergamer Mês atrás
Another amazing storymode, still waiting for the potential chance you guys will make a Xenoblade one which would be no doubt another banger
Arya Faeqy
Arya Faeqy Mês atrás
2 videos in one day? You’re on a roll man!
Jilk Mês atrás
I love how they actually took the time to write her majesty out of the series when a few voice lines at the start would've worked just as well.
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Mês atrás
33:50 I think it would've made more sense if The Doctor was going to the meeting location but coincidentally met Emma on the road. He proceeded to text about it to the big boss, and that's where he got the orders to kill Emma. It would've made way more sense.
alster546 Mês atrás
Wait, WAIT! What happened to the doctor then? Did he just get away?
Kreme Sauce
Kreme Sauce Mês atrás
This is great! Please, check out another Nancy drew game, there’s wonderful absurdity in quite a few of them. Keep it up!
KpopCraftster Mês atrás
Please keep expleening point-and-click mysteries, they tend to get so contrived and clunky, it's a form of art :D
PearCup Mês atrás
Okay, I laughed when you made the partner joke in RE5. I even laughed when I got the partner reference in Turok with cowboy. Okay, yeah, I laughed this time too with the musical sting.
Kani Ou
Kani Ou Mês atrás
The skeleton is a comforting reminder for the patients taking the ambulance.
Fiddle Stitch
Fiddle Stitch Mês atrás
I'm glad Emma and Truss have so much in common, like how they both met the Queen once, who then proceeded to immediately die afterwards.
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles Mês atrás
Why is Emma capable of beating fully grown men?
Jamie Stafford
Jamie Stafford Mês atrás
You guys are really nailing it ! Been watching for a few years now Nd feel like every episode just gets funnier and funnier and more polished. The ad for Raycons had me in stitches 🤣
Tradissimus Crae
Tradissimus Crae Mês atrás
I can’t believe you’ve removed everything from before Nancy Drew. Gabriel Knight will be missed
Tradissimus Crae
Tradissimus Crae Mês atrás
Turns out there’s an unlisted playlist with all the silent hills and other removed videos
Ville Mês atrás
Nancy Drew was also the first sponsored video. What a coincidence... (not)
Nigerian Prince
Nigerian Prince Mês atrás
D Mex
D Mex Mês atrás
The editing is so similar to the actual game, I was legit confused sometimes between what was real ingame and the shit posting.
Maido Melker
Maido Melker Mês atrás
When you own 2 yachts, you're destined to go bankrupt 🤑
YukoValis Sword
YukoValis Sword Mês atrás
So this is a game published by Artifex Mundi. That means it has decent quality. AM used to make these HoGs (hidden object games) themselves. Any game specifically developed by Artifex Mundi is top quality. Enigmatis, Grim legends, Nightmares from the deep. These are all amazing Hidden Object Games. Even if you don't like HoGs, they let you swap that out and play mini games instead.
fishlips13 Mês atrás
Got a bunch of these in a bundle a while back and streamed them to friends. Some were hilariously bad and Family Mysteries was one of them. You didn't see it in this video but there's a bonus chapter and it's somehow even worse! Can also recommend: Dreamwalker: Never Fall Asleep Path of Sin: Greed Uncharted Tides: Port Royal Dreamwalker, for example, starts in a hospital with a woman and she goes into V-fib. So, logically you call a doct- ... nope, you smash a cupboard with a Defib and do it yourself, then dive into her mind palace. Naturally.
TheSRow Mês atrás
18 minutes isnt a big delay in terms of crime
Gandalf The Lysergic
I LOVE this content, they could be 12 hours long and I wouldn’t miss a second. Please release more of these! I like when you have a buddy with you too. It’s like just hanging out with a group of friends. 😂 And of course the editing is phenomenal. Love your videos man, keep it up!
Jen H
Jen H Mês atrás
I like to think that the Sherlock theme wasn’t added for the video but was actually in the original game. The people that make Sherlock take it all so seriously it would be hilarious to have copied it from this game 😂😂😂 As a Brit it’s so comforting to see her Maj still getting work, despite all the disadvantages of being dead 😂
Mrniceguy2209 Mês atrás
Why have half of the storymode videos being taken down? Your rabid fans demand an explanation.
Jaiko Mês atrás
I love how the word "partner" will be forever linked to Chris
Lukas Juel Michelsen
Man ya gotta love how the one time someone shoots a gun at Emma with the intent to kill her it hits the ONE tiny spot on her body protected by a thin sheet of alloy metal meant to look fancy first and foremost. That is totaly on par with a kevlar vest, that definantly also means full 100% imunity to any and all kinds of firearms. God i love absolute bullshit plots like these. They make my brain hurt so good!
Alexander Frapwell
Alexander Frapwell Mês atrás
Glad to see that not even death can keep The Queen from expleening things to me!
TheEddagosp Mês atrás
24:16 Did she just eat the goddamn rope? That's a bit *too* much fiber.
Sonicdevil Mês atrás
Gotta love the old hidden item games. Id recommend maybe the MAZE series, the first being Subject 360. There are even ones based on grim versions of fairy tales and classic stories like Fiction Fixers or Dark Parables, those were actually my favorite when I was young!
Tommie Symonds
Tommie Symonds Mês atrás
Omg I use to play this awful game!! Another amazing video can’t wait for the next one in a few months x
Colin Johnson
Colin Johnson Mês atrás
“I used to play this game” does that imply there’s replay value?
Rufert Mês atrás
"Head over heals" and she isn't talking about the Doctor. For shame game.
VoteZoidberg2020 Mês atrás
I still can’t get over how hilarious you do your add spots. You are the only BRvidr where I get excited when there is an ad break.
Levi Workman
Levi Workman Mês atrás
the only handsome gentleman that I'm "head over heals" for is Big Daddy Zucc.
Justin Brannon
Justin Brannon Mês atrás
Omg I’m so happy you’ve moved on to artifex mundi games! I unironically love them so much lol please do nightmares from the deep if you ever do another one!
scooty mcfloof
scooty mcfloof Mês atrás
I can't get enough of these silly and absurd stories. Thank you, Storymode !
SalusFuturistics Mês atrás
I'm glad the Queen recovered.
Zaregoto Mês atrás
duke's face in that picture in the beginning look alot like dream's face reveal
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