Fables and Folktales: The Sun Maiden and the Crescent Moon 

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A Siberian folktale that I scripted LONG BEFORE Russia joined the War-Crimes Club.
(The actual myth is mercifully detached from current events, but the intro context inadvertently dips into The Spice Zone. Life comes at you fast in the 2020s).
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5 Mai 2022



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@R4yj4ck Anos atrás
Kudos to that guy for immediately seeing through a disguise that would take anime protagonists several SEASONS to notice
@ratlab5680 Anos atrás
Sun Maiden: "My first boyfriend became the Moon."
@purplehaze2358 Anos atrás
"This demographic covers at least 9 language families"
@maradupras7278 Anos atrás
i love it when stories like this just randomly jump from 10 to 100 mph in 5 seconds. the transition from "cute story about love and boundaries" to "trying to escape from a witch wearing the skin of your dead sister" is so sudden and makes me wonder if it switched authors halfway through
@VillackDeSage Anos atrás
Now, I was familiar with Baba Yaga and I already considered her as one of mythology's scariest witches, but you're telling me Siberian witches have metal teeth?! To chew through mountains!?
Other cultures: "The moon is a beautiful maiden, pristine and untouched!"
@demi_demon Anos atrás
Love when in myths/fairytales the way you escape from the Bad Guy is just "toss magic shit at them and hope it helps"
@Bubbles-od2zm Anos atrás
Brother: “He’s just not the hugest fan of being kidnapped about it”
@JetZV Anos atrás
I feel like there's part of this story that is missing, like was the other half just eaten by the witch? Her having the heart seems like an important detail, especially with the shapeshifting and rock eating.
@Jivetalkin13 Anos atrás
This quickly went from sounding like a hero's journey sort of story to psychological horror lovecraftian stuff to tragedy really fast. Almost gave me whiplash.
@emmaclinning2270 Anos atrás
I feel like "throw items behind you while escaping from a witch to halt her pursuit" is a pretty wide spread concept. I remember reading a German fairytale about two children escaping from a witch where they threw first a mirror and then a comb behind them. The mirror became a lake and the comb became a forest. The witch drank the lake but when she tried to eat through the forest her iron teeth rusted shut and the children got away.
@d73w80 Anos atrás
I always find it slightly interesting when the moon is characterized as masculine, since most mythologys (or at least, popular mythologys) characterize the moon as feminine (more than enough to be considered a trend). It makes you wonder about the thought process about these ancient people who came up with these stories. What was the common factor that inspired these cultures from all over the world to come up with the same idea.
@ckl9390 Anos atrás
This is the most "Russian" (or maybe Eastern European, but with the whole Soviet thing Eastern Europe is somewhat synonymous with "Russia") story I've ever heard. It begins in tragedy, continues with a potential joy that is dulled by homesickness. An attempt to remedy that homesickness leads to encountering a magical apex predator juggernaut, which is only resolved by the main character being bifurcated, doomed to a half-living state constantly fending off death gnawing at what's left of him. Even the Sun Maiden becomes too depressed to handle seeing her love in such a sorry state and effectively banishes him from her sight for the majority of the time, only recalling him for brief moments before becoming too melancholy again.
@masterxl97 Anos atrás
“It just goes to show you: Something.”
@PeeperSnail Anos atrás
Given how the water tribe in Avatar is inspired in the Inuit, I wonder if the whole deal with Sokka’s girlfriend turning into the moon was inspired by this folktale, or a similar version of it. Since you know, the Inuit and Siberian cultures aren’t that far removed.
@lenobleprince6792 Anos atrás
Lesson of the day: If your super magical radiant maiden friend is trying to save you from an all devouring witch, REACH HER WITH YOUR LEFT HAND
It's amazing! I am from Russia and somehow my family had a book with a collection of Siberian fairy tales, among which was this story. It was read to me at bedtime when I was little. It really messed with my psyche, but that's not the point...
@ivypatty Anos atrás
Dang, this is one of the phew retellings from Red that actually choked me up a bit? The sun desperately trying to save a mortal over and over, only to become so distraught over failure she sends her love away (who is no doubt also broken from losing his sister and livelyhood)? Phew
@kelseyedwards6614 Anos atrás
This story is the most Lovecraftain thing Red has done since she actually did Lovecraft.
Dude I've said it once and I'll say it again: Your game on drawing historical boys way too damn cute is so on point-