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F1 22 My Team Career Mode Gameplay! The 'Create A Team' Career!
Season 1, Part 5: Miami Grand Prix
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30 Jun 2022



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Comentários 360
spiderbhyd3 Mês atrás
Bro these daily uploads, we are truly blessed
ItsFabioGames Mês atrás
sudha s
sudha s Mês atrás
Minch Mês atrás
does anyone know how to change the bind of the turn in in the pit stop its so annoying cos for me its the same as my camera change
Janek Hryniewicz
Janek Hryniewicz Mês atrás
Reaper Mês atrás
Hamilton: did you say "blessed"?
Mysterion157 Mês atrás
Mick crashing in qualifying? Game is more realistic then I gave it credit for
ItsFabioGames Mês atrás
Alex Woodley
Alex Woodley Mês atrás
not for me the only dnf I've had is an engine failure
MIPO High Mês atrás
@Kimi Timoskainen I know
Kimi Timoskainen
Kimi Timoskainen Mês atrás
@MIPO High thats a dream come true
MIPO High Mês atrás
@Kimi Timoskainen in mine he was fighting with his father every race. Micheal is my teammate
Silent Kage
Silent Kage Mês atrás
This absolutely BiBlical from arrava Perfect Scenes You are truly a Master of Dancing that car around Love this Daily Uploads man
Brotis 14
Brotis 14 Mês atrás
Ross Santoro
Ross Santoro Mês atrás
When F1 22 predicts Carlos winning his first race....
Shiro The Wolf
Shiro The Wolf Mês atrás
21:34 the debrits decide to move from left to right
FERESTROD32 Mês atrás
Jeremy George
Jeremy George Mês atrás
@FERESTROD32 a family
Ne_ Mês atrás
FERESTROD32 Mês atrás
Marshall: ugh i don't wanna grab those pieces ACTIVATE THE MAGNET! Pieces: *SWOOSH*
TheJackalPhantom Mês atrás
i think tbh the Red bulls are too nerfed right now and Leclerc is just too OP lmao. Hope they wil fix it. Vettel also seems so slow compared to RL too just like norris and Albon. Its so off.
Ian Brunk
Ian Brunk Mês atrás
I just really hope it has nothing to do with Leclerc being an ambassador for the game and EA favoring him and Ferrari
George 567
George 567 Mês atrás
@Jibran Khan fax
Kimi Timoskainen
Kimi Timoskainen Mês atrás
@Jibran Khan this is true.
Jibran Khan
Jibran Khan Mês atrás
@Kimi Timoskainen but it's 100% better than what the game shows it to be. the red bull car in itself is way too weak, plus this is a problem with the games in general that rb develops way too slowly in comparison to real life where red bull are the fastest
Kimi Timoskainen
Kimi Timoskainen Mês atrás
@BerzerkIsNotAqt fair, though i'd say its not even that high now, both Ferrari and Red bull stil having those issues lmao
Dark_Falconzz Mês atrás
Just got the game looks so sick wanting to do rtg my team aswell
FlameVille B.I.C
FlameVille B.I.C Mês atrás
Man this makes me want commentary in the actual game because it brings so much excitement
King of the Goats
King of the Goats Mês atrás
Experienced the game myself today, was also the first time in any F1 game. Really enjoyed it
king online
king online Mês atrás
The episodes just get better and better Great content and keep up the great work!
Eich Bomb
Eich Bomb 26 dias atrás
Absolutely love this content! Your race commentary really makes the game.
Youssef Mohamed
Youssef Mohamed Mês atrás
We're truly blessed with these daily uploads keep em coming 🔥🔥🔥
Ryan Emmanuelli
Ryan Emmanuelli Mês atrás
Great vid Arrav! Those last few donors were insane! Glad you were able to come home with some good points
Димитър Илиев
Keep up the great work! Love these series.
MAESTRO Mês atrás
Really enjoy Aarava's F1 22 content. I'm not great at the game but learning so much from these videos 🙌
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Barnes Mês atrás
I am getting this game sometime this weekend. Mainly based on aarava and his playthrough and coverage of the game. Can't wait.
J R Mês atrás
aarav, if you want optimal pit stops, you have to upgrade the pit stop equipment
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm Mês atrás
I can't express how happy I am to see daily uploads...... ❤️
Jordan Straub
Jordan Straub Mês atrás
“ Creaming into the back “ brilliant
Ivan Nugent
Ivan Nugent Mês atrás
@kami67 same
kami67 Mês atrás
Was looking for this comment
Lucas Klaastad
Lucas Klaastad Mês atrás
28:58 u defended ur posision iligelly. U weawed 2 on the straight
Jeffrey Willems
Jeffrey Willems Mês atrás
Great content, as always!
British Film Guy
British Film Guy Mês atrás
Really like these race prep formation laps aarava nice little insight into your race plan
Yadu Varma
Yadu Varma Mês atrás
I can't express how happy I am to see daily uploads...... ❤️
Mažž xł
Mažž xł Mês atrás
Keep up the good work aarava (and the daily uploads😉)
LA 44
LA 44 Mês atrás
Huh, this aged well with Carlos' win.
Anthony McNally
Anthony McNally Mês atrás
What a gamble with the Soft Tyres, even if it hadn’t of paid of it made for an exciting race end. Great points grab at the end 🤙
Ross Scaife
Ross Scaife Mês atrás
Love this video just found you on BRvid about a month ago and now I'm in love with this series also are you gonna do f1 life???
Thomas Pearson
Thomas Pearson Mês atrás
At this point I'm testing my reaction time to see how fast I can click on the video because of the daily uploads!
Aditya Apandkar
Aditya Apandkar Mês atrás
Aarava on a grind here, 5 episodes in a row!!sheeeesshh
SuperSonicKA42 Mês atrás
Great Race aarava. You got very lucky with Ocon hitting Perez
Natty Mês atrás
29:13 I love aarava's voice cracks.
The MLB Collector
The MLB Collector Mês atrás
Jacky js
Jacky js Mês atrás
I love how Alpena and the Hass still crashed after the race
Matthew Jennings
Matthew Jennings Mês atrás
Love the series so far
ferrari_bianco Mês atrás
can't wait to see what is going to happen :)
Jellyjot 36
Jellyjot 36 Mês atrás
Goatifi with that opening lap divebomb tho 🔥🔥🔥
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Mês atrás
can't wait to see what is going to happen :)
The Fugitive112
The Fugitive112 Mês atrás
Great tactic going for the softs!
Jack G
Jack G Mês atrás
Great video man, just wanted to ask anyone here if they're having issues with myteam? I play 103 and I've lowered it to 95 and I just have no pace anywhere, and they seem to upgrade quicker than I can aswell
EmersonDriver Gaming
Please keep this going I’m amazed!
Ter Stegen 01
Ter Stegen 01 Mês atrás
It's biblical 😆 how you pull off this video everyday thank you so much 👍
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Mês atrás
I love how Alpena and the Hass still crashed after the race
Larry Plummer
Larry Plummer Mês atrás
Nice battle in the ending laps, just proof you can never give up because anything can and will happen.
Ioannis Filippos Moschogiannis
Frickin love you Aarav for these daily uploads!
Tahj Tingle
Tahj Tingle Mês atrás
In game: sainz p1, Lewis on podium Real life gp after (Silverstone): sainz p1, Lewis on podium
F. Kyler
F. Kyler Mês atrás
In game: leclerc p4 Real life gp after (silverstone): leclerc p4
Cattaneo L
Cattaneo L Mês atrás
Another great video aarava!
SuperSonicKA42 Mês atrás
aarava- "I wonder how long i will take for Perez to overtake Tusnoda *1 second Later* Perez overtook Tusnoda
leo dune
leo dune Mês atrás
Good that aarav posts daily and more my team
Michigan Boy1510
Michigan Boy1510 Mês atrás
Lance Stroll getting a DSQ is the most Stroll thing ever😂
Dave Bloomfield
Dave Bloomfield Mês atrás
Question, How is 17:30 not exceeding track limits?
Denny Kusuma
Denny Kusuma Mês atrás
thanks for these daily uploads bro
Elliot Dandridge
Elliot Dandridge Mês atrás
Still an issue in this game of fast cars no being able to work though traffic. Not saying Aarav is bad at this game but someone like Checo should be getting through the traffic easier than Aarav.
DM Mês atrás
Brilliant content man. You’ve gained a nee fan and subscriber. Keep it going!
Josh Harper
Josh Harper Mês atrás
Love these frequent uploads man
Barlas Mês atrás
I work night shifts thanks to the time differences I can watch this daily uploads during my breaks
Harrybennett1234 Mês atrás
These daily uploads we all love them
Aubrey Ferreira
Aubrey Ferreira Mês atrás
Aarava, please change the team colour to the same colour as your F1 car. Just for the 1st season atleast 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 Love your work 🫶🏻
Stefan Kats
Stefan Kats Mês atrás
mentioning russel saying going long in case of sc and folding so soon... man's gotta go for all or nothing when he's out of the points
Codi 95
Codi 95 Mês atrás
Well done Mclaren first big points of the season Good drive Lando and let's hope for more. I think we can have a chance for a podium this year so let's get them and take our revenge
Codi 95
Codi 95 Mês atrás
@Adam Wallace i did that for Alfa romeo too when Arrava did the 2020 my team so i had to come back to do it again
Kristian Haralambiev
More interesting than the real championship
Adam Wallace
Adam Wallace Mês atrás
Bros routing for a virtual team 💀💀💀
n/a Mês atrás
Perfect way to hop onto youtube and see an Aarava F1 video
Brayden Inmon
Brayden Inmon Mês atrás
The player car as far as I can tell is just significantly slower than last year in the straits. No matter the set up I keep getting out dragged in a strait line by slower cars
John Gancarcik
John Gancarcik Mês atrás
@TheJackalPhantom atleast no porpoising
TheJackalPhantom Mês atrás
its the weight and aero
Petition for every last race in the season for it to be a 100% race?
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Mês atrás
Is anyone having any problems with their sponsors showing up on the car in the my team?
Austin’s POV
Austin’s POV Mês atrás
Yes sometimes the sponsors won’t even show in some spots. And the game just freezes to. I’m on ps4
9751 Mês atrás
It’s a glitch I think it will get patched
Giacomo Amantea
Giacomo Amantea Mês atrás
I think it might be based on the type of paint you use (metallic, glossy, etc.), but I'm not sure
Steven Dawson
Steven Dawson Mês atrás
Yeah, they’re only showing up in some places but not others
Riley Brinko1989
Riley Brinko1989 Mês atrás
My favourite time of the day 😍
Joshua Pate
Joshua Pate Mês atrás
What are the benefits of lining up perfect to the start? Does it provide anything bonus-wise in game?
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones Mês atrás
Yeah mate obviously every hundredth counts off the start, especially with these cars
The Panda
The Panda Mês atrás
Exhilarating conclusion!
MdcTT 5 horas atrás
Mick and Kevin should be more equal, same goes for russell and hamilton
Sombrerosaur Mês atrás
I didn’t get to watch the whole F1 21 series, but I plan on being here for every episode of this years career series
Steve Emser
Steve Emser Mês atrás
You definitely missed something mate
meech_money97 Mês atrás
Starting to watch a bit late. First time viewer. But now loyal viewer. Thanks man😎
Love vids keep uploading daily
Ked Mês atrás
I think pirelli hotlaps are overpowered in terms of research points, your car is already better than the worse ones
Kunaal Kotak
Kunaal Kotak Mês atrás
Love these videos
Sean scubadiver
Sean scubadiver Mês atrás
Still sad from goatifi retirement 😭😭😭😭
Grookey4Smash !
Grookey4Smash ! Mês atrás
Got the game today and am having a blast with it! Miami is a really enjoyable track to drive!
Erwin J
Erwin J Mês atrás
Yea for sure is a nice track to drive, I also had luck with the safety car and ended up in a good position.
MrSageKnight Mês atrás
For you cuz i have no grip around that track in any car
:p Mês atrás
For anyone who's playing in a controller, is it harder to play this game than last year? Especially the traction aspect of the game.
gewoon doen
gewoon doen Mês atrás
Yeah it is but you'll get used to it. I do have an issue with the rain tho, I don't feel any vibration so I don't know when my car steps out
RidwanTheSavgeplayer1 ahmed
Bro my hands are always shaking from this race
Ryan Minks
Ryan Minks Mês atrás
Never thought I’d hear aarava say he did Sebastian Vettel
Oliver Donoghue
Oliver Donoghue Mês atrás
Jacob McQueen
Jacob McQueen Mês atrás
does anyone know which department helps speed in corners on f1?
Vinicius Alonso
Vinicius Alonso Mês atrás
As I can see this is gonna have problems in Monza
Matyáš Kaláb
Matyáš Kaláb Mês atrás
Sainz win, Merc double podium, 2022 F1 fan's wet dream
Khôi Bảo Phạm
Khôi Bảo Phạm Mês atrás
the title of aarava videos always have these words : dramatic, chaos, late drama. That's the reason why everyone didn't notice he's a cheater
sannio komi
sannio komi Mês atrás
aarava- "I wonder how long i will take for Perez to overtake Tusnoda 1 second Later Perez overtook Tusnoda
JoanFelicianoo Mês atrás
The Hard Rock Stadium looks more beautiful here than in Madden
GamingManiac TV
GamingManiac TV Mês atrás
Bro, Aarav is part of Ferrari... that explains the results he gets
ChosenFate Mês atrás
We want Crofty back!
Tyler Cady
Tyler Cady Mês atrás
I hate autocross. But I'm on a controller so maybe that has a bigger effect on it than I realize. But it always feels so hard to hit the gates at a decent speed.
Karsten Rohrs
Karsten Rohrs Mês atrás
Hey Arav, would you mind doing a camera settings video, would be really helpful
Daniel Costa
Daniel Costa Mês atrás
9:13 Hamilton qualified 8th a second off the pace so how did he start 3rd only 2 tenths down? Same for Max, he took pole and then started second. Can anyone explain?
Levoult Silva
Levoult Silva Mês atrás
@Rqckexe chill down smart boy, not everyone knows everything about the game.
Rqckexe Mês atrás
@Daniel Costa if u looked and if u used brain u would realise that it was Q1
Rqckexe Mês atrás
@Daniel Costa bro he always shows while if Quali and pay attention u don’t seem like yk abt F1
Daniel Costa
Daniel Costa Mês atrás
@Kian_de_gamer Actually I am not new to f1 but I started watching aarava a few days ago so I am not very used to the f1 games. I really thought those were the final results of qualy. Thanks
Kian_de_gamer Mês atrás
I guess you are new to F1 but it was only Q1. Q2 and Q3 got simulated because Aarava was knocked out in Q1. (I assume you know how the qualifying format works)
Harry Rutherford
Harry Rutherford Mês atrás
Aarav mate you've got to sign Danny ric for season 2
Hero Spijker
Hero Spijker Mês atrás
Can you show us the setups you use, so we can also use them
iKaiF1 Mês atrás
Marshall Mellor
Marshall Mellor Mês atrás
Anyone else seeing Perez near the back every race?
Waddo Mês atrás
Hi arava f1 22 looks insane love content keep It up I wish I could get f1 22
Waddo Mês atrás
@Nix yesyesyesyesy
Nix Mês atrás
Free trial with game pass or ea play
Darshao Mês atrás
19:37 catch 21 ? 22? are there more catches?
DuckateeArt Mês atrás
Aarava gotta be the rebel using not crofty for commentary
Antek Manko
Antek Manko Mês atrás
When is the performance change coming to the f1 game??
Sander Bruil
Sander Bruil Mês atrás
You should try other car setups, i drove it on 1.28.6 so you can do much better!! Haha
Abstract Gamer
Abstract Gamer Mês atrás
I am at Miami too and when I play at the end of the race my game just crashes and I have to start all over again it happened 5 times already
Smetafix Schmuckovicovie
Im at a holiday and im seeing all these f1 22 vids and im getting home this sunday. U cant understand my suffering
Gaming Noah
Gaming Noah Mês atrás
Worse for me, i never even go on holiday
MexicoBall8 Mês atrás
Worse for me, I’m in a trip and I’ll return to my home at July 23rd
Noel Thydell Wickman
Same for me, except for sunday. Though the airline pilots might boycott
Simon Pearson
Simon Pearson Mês atrás
Hi got new game bloody hard but really great...thanks for show..
mbbarnes80 Mês atrás
Love your content mate. But like a lot of people I’m having trouble with the game on my ps4. It’s not logging in to the online servers and despite a dozen or so password resets it’s pretty much f***ed up. I’ve tried EA’s support service and they are no help I’m desperate and thought reaching out to a top content creator like you who knows ppl at codemastwrs could help Honesty I think EA has completely f***ed up and they don’t give a crap about helping anyone
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