F**k You, It's January! (2017)

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It's that magical time of year AGAIN! when Jay and Mike talk about the dumping ground that is January AGAIN! ... and possibly more.


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12 Jan 2017



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Comentários 3 834
Melinda M
Melinda M 2 dias atrás
Whenever I have a bad day, I come back and watch this video. F**king brilliant.
Verrux Lunox
Verrux Lunox 6 dias atrás
This is the first video from this channel that i watched and it's perfect Thanks Vinesauce, cool channel
Ajax 7 dias atrás
Sony is a joke
ThatSomethingGuy 13 dias atrás
Watching this near the start of 2020, it's funny. There's a couple they were wrong about and a LOT they were right about.
Jesse Stirling
Jesse Stirling 13 dias atrás
“Blade Runner 2049“ was super dope. “A Dog’s Purpose” made me weep (I had just lost my 17 year old miniature dachshund Pickles). Other than that, your prognostications were bang-on and hilarious
Bill Goff
Bill Goff 14 dias atrás
2:40 Still funny after 3 years
warped ?
warped ? 15 dias atrás
We need this to come back mike and jay please it's literally all i have to look forward to every year my wife and kids left me.
H K 18 dias atrás
Three years later.... Endlesser Trash!
dan pecora
dan pecora 20 dias atrás
I live near one of the run down theaters at the beginning of this video. (It's now demolished) Of all the ways my hometown could've been referenced in one of their videos. Haha!
Zappa Boi
Zappa Boi 21 dia atrás
Sam Caillouette
Sam Caillouette 21 dia atrás
Weird how they were wrong about some of these
I.. Am 3 years late For this GOLD
Gilliatt83 Mês atrás
i'm still waiting for "F**k You, It's January! (2018) (2019) (2020)"
Kevin Eric Snell
Kevin Eric Snell Mês atrás
Watching in Fuck You It's January 2020
Adam Allen
Adam Allen Mês atrás
Year after year this continues to be true
Sifeus Mês atrás
It's 2020. It's forever. Fuck you.
bella Mês atrás
every time i come back to this i get more miserable about cinema.
Asanairg Mês atrás
This is a clear example of Crytomnesia.
TimeSplitter Tales
TimeSplitter Tales Mês atrás
is there a 2020 one yet?
MattExzy Mês atrás
Fuck you, it's forever!!!
Blue_Seagull Mês atrás
I love watching this every January
Cbomber Mês atrás
The first 5 seconds really apply this year ya know.. with world war 3 and all... *FUCK YOU ITS JANUARY*
ZapDash Mês atrás
We need an update of this for 2020 and the following decade.
June Asiimwe
June Asiimwe Mês atrás
Most definitely.
Leftovers from the Fridge
0:33 Oh, god, he's jerking off.
The Goon!
The Goon! Mês atrás
The "Sea-Boot" part kills me every time
Matthew Soukup
Matthew Soukup Mês atrás
please make a new one of these for 2020
Windows Aero
Windows Aero Mês atrás
"Are there going to be any more fucking comic book movies???" 3 years later...
Matthew Rubenstein
Matthew Rubenstein Mês atrás
We need a threequel for 2020
Daniel Requena
Daniel Requena Mês atrás
it really is ENDLESS
Amanda Ortiz
Amanda Ortiz Mês atrás
therandombread02 Mês atrás
It's that magical time of the year again, ladies and gentlemen
Shirizan fanzdah
Shirizan fanzdah Mês atrás
I almost died at the hands of some terrorist last year only to survive and die again this month. Fuck you. I know.
Kevinofrepublic Mês atrás
We're back boys. Fuck you. Its January.
honeybunbadger Mês atrás
Who's here for the FUCK YOU ITS JANUARY in 2020?!
The Poyo Boyo
The Poyo Boyo Mês atrás
And Baywatch has the rock! Because every movie has the rock!
alapisco25 Mês atrás
It’s the most magical time of the year again
Potato453 Mês atrás
It’s time for 2020
Emutester Mês atrás
guess what? fuck you it's january!
Flaming D’Jinn
Flaming D’Jinn Mês atrás
FUCK YOU IT’S FOREVER! The 2020 edition
Mr.Ridley Mês atrás
The grudge soft sequel remake seaboot to start off this decade. Great start.
『K A Z A A M』
『K A Z A A M』 Mês atrás
fuck you its decade
Tyler Gantert
Tyler Gantert Mês atrás
Welcome Back Guys, and in a new decade as well!
Getindor Mês atrás
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson Mês atrás
Please do a fuck you its January 2020
Jack Pyne
Jack Pyne Mês atrás
No one talks about the fact that mike and jay basically predicted the end of quality mainstream cinema by saying “fuck you it’s forever!”
nickgonz_ Mês atrás
Ok but they actually ended up liking half of the movies they trashed in this video
Jonah Morissun
Jonah Morissun 2 meses atrás
Trainspotting 2 was great
Mogs666 2 meses atrás
i just re-watched this and some of the movies they mentionned were pretty good
Happy boy
Happy boy 2 meses atrás
Jokes on you Blade Runner 2049 was fucking good
Charles 2 meses atrás
Why didn't we get a 2018 or 2019 edition?????
justakuma 2 meses atrás
because they extended "fuck you its january" to "fuck you its forever"
AussieOddball 3 meses atrás
It won't end...It just won't ever end..😞
DPMusicStudio 3 meses atrás
This remains one of my favorite RLM videos of all time.
steve 1991
steve 1991 3 meses atrás
I don't know why I had to laugh so hard when they said " to keep the producers wife employed" but holy lord ahahahhahaha
D.K.Sorvin. 3 meses atrás
I can't wait.....
Kevin prendiville
Kevin prendiville 3 meses atrás
Hey! My grandmother really liked "A Dogs purpose"
Kevin prendiville
Kevin prendiville Mês atrás
@Pelcogo I dunno, Grandmas dead
Pelcogo Mês atrás
Is that the one with the mountain lion?
Shawn Boudreau
Shawn Boudreau 4 meses atrás
At least blsderunner 2 ended up being a worthy sequel
Troy Thomas
Troy Thomas 4 meses atrás
Hate to break it to you, but that's actually Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4.
RaeperFawks 4 meses atrás
Jose Molina
Jose Molina 5 meses atrás
2019 movie status: wading thru trash
Mike Palmer
Mike Palmer 6 meses atrás
3:44 for that one clip
F R 7 meses atrás
Justice League...
Garou 7 meses atrás
I think the only one they were wrong about was Spider-Man: Homecoming
Garou 7 meses atrás
How does Jay say "Ffffffuck you" so perfectly?
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