Extreme Squid Game Challenge!

MrBeast Gaming
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We recreated Squid Game but made all of the challenges extreme!


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25 Ago 2022



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Comentários 17 310
Karma to George for just staying in the back while everyone does the work
Hasan Ajami
Dude, respect to the designers, programmers and animators !!!
Kimball Ray
You really have to appreciate all the programming that goes into this, it’s seriously crazy how far Minecraft has come and to see these capabilities. Hats off to the team who created this map.
Glenn MC
huge respect to mr beast for putting in so much time into this channel.
CLoRoX Dia atrás
Bro gogy had some plot armor fr 💀
Don't you just miss when this channel was still new and there would be segments of people in Discord just talking over each other? Glad to see it made a return.
The editting on this video is INSANE, nice job
MrBeast should credit whoever he hired to develop this stuff. Cause the fact this is even possible in Minecraft is incredible. Everything's so well made. Whoever did it must be a genius.
Kahlan Morello
"I'm gonna pay my bills." that is the realest thing ever
All Gamerz
One best thing about dude is that whenever he achieves something, he never gives the credit to himself. He always respect us, the audience the most and his team too. He is always polite in every of video. We congratulate ourselves for this achievement. More to come and everything comes. We always with you rtzg..
3RaB Trap
3RaB Trap 19 horas atrás
How do they do this in Minecraft, how are orders, or are they mods? Command block how?
I don't know why I keep joining these videos. This was terrifying lmao
Nick Calingo
This was next level cinematography. I dunno if it's animated or from replay but this was awesome work. Some really amazing moments there like in the glass bridge, really reminds me of the actual squid game.
This guy is one of the reason why watching youtube channel is not a waste of time. He just share what he loves to do and even help other people too.
who ever makes these mods, maps and animations... bro huge respect
this is so amazing to watch, made me love video games
Raj Rani
The coders who built the maps are insane at their job ,good job programmers. Edit - thx for so many likes
Siris Rangabhasm
I'm battling crippling depression right now where I don't finish any BRvid videos. Although I'm binging BRvid most of the videos I just stop watching half way or stop in the first few mins. I'm saying this as a compliment to Jimmy's mind ( and his team) as 2-3 times during the video I felt those pangs of Anxiety and Depression creeping in and the urge to look for another video but somehow the content was interesting and no dull moments that I just watched right through. NO wonder he is one of the best in the world at this. I see this gaming channel also hit 100 Mil soon. I am also aware that this channel is for them to build revenue so it pays then and funds the main channel. This how franchise is a Beast.
That Scratch Dev
To be honest, really utilizing minecraft for this intense creativity is very cool, it makes us the viewers keep enticed watching
The amount of effort that goes into your videos is truly incredible
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