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We recreated Squid Game but made all of the challenges extreme!
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25 Ago 2022



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Comentários : 16 mil   
@Fundy Anos atrás
I don't know why I keep joining these videos. This was terrifying lmao
It was insane
@zaydenmYT Anos atrás
I love it when you join in
@unknown_0u0_39 Anos atrás
i love u
@GDlezaH Anos atrás
@infernasulover Anos atrás
@Karl Anos atrás
This was just like Squid Game, but in Minecraft, but EXTREME!
@miproyectou Anos atrás
@Alex_-fb9eu Anos atrás
Hi Karl
@Formarlyy Anos atrás
u havent posted in 8 months 💀
@YoungImpossibles Anos atrás
Karl being sus by commenting 3 days after the release of video lol
@masonagard9642 Anos atrás
@user-ej9be1ff6c 4 meses atrás
Give the editor an huge oscar
@kimballray6631 Anos atrás
You really have to appreciate all the programming that goes into this, it’s seriously crazy how far Minecraft has come and to see these capabilities. Hats off to the team who created this map.
@freeEnd_ Anos atrás
Ty man
@samanthapenn3208 Anos atrás
@relocationuz7285 11 meses atrás
Amazing! Honestly I know nothing about Minecraft but for some reasons watching all these videos. So entertaining! Thank you, Mr.Beast!
@hasanajami7653 Anos atrás
Dude, respect to the designers, programmers and animators !!!
@freeEnd_ Anos atrás
All for you
@agungzaneti1908 Anos atrás
Fondy died😭
@spikeherna Anos atrás
@@ShafiqulIslam-ox7uu 🗿
@Forttrix Anos atrás
huge respect to mr beast for putting in so much time into this channel.
@shakirat2002 Anos atrás
he Is the baets you tuber (i can’t spall)
@cerealplanet Anos atrás
Bot comment
@anbicksity Anos atrás
@@shakirat2002 im trying to resist the urge to correct you
@unknown. Anos atrás
Why you sounded like a bot?
How does this guy have 200k lol
@ah_FF Anos atrás
Don't you just miss when this channel was still new and there would be segments of people in Discord just talking over each other? Glad to see it made a return
@cynthiamercer2113 Anos atrás
Hi I'm blank.I like blank. Pranked ya
@ah_FF Anos atrás
DIAMOND DOG yours 0 ha ha 😆
@alirajabi9050 Anos atrás
@Varient123 Anos atrás
@@ah_FF 1*
@USAworldAnimal 11 meses atrás
@Fnaffan777 4 meses atrás
The Mr Beast editor must be being payed very well because the editing in this was insane!
@DY-nt4lm Anos atrás
This man is literally born to make History. Hats off to Jimmy and the crew.❤
@anirudhpaidipally10 5 meses atrás
Lazar needs to get better at Extreme Squid Games.
@Huddxz Anos atrás
Karma to George for just staying in the back while everyone does the work
@icyboi_2575 Anos atrás
@alicegros5225 Anos atrás
9i was like watching the vid and reading the comments and that comment spoilt it for me lol :'D
@adalon378 Anos atrás
FR! Loud+coward is not a pretty combination 😋
@mylegguy247 Anos atrás
He was no body before dream came along lol now he thinks he’s on top
@karn987 Anos atrás
MAD respect for all the programmers working on this custom mode! This is amazing.
@Seuis Anos atrás
Respect to the designers, programmers, editors, and the rest of the team for making this phenomenal video! 😄❤️
@RealGoatzy Anos atrás
U stole the comment
@michaelvonreich74 Anos atrás
this is a bot
@RealGoatzy Anos atrás
@@michaelvonreich74 wow, i didn't knew that before, didn't i?
@Squidward600 Anos atrás
@@RealGoatzy nah it’s a bot
@RealGoatzy Anos atrás
@@Squidward600 nah it's mrbeast
@MariaRomero-uk3jt 2 meses atrás
When Mr. Beast makes the show tens times better 😭🤣
@iGameApple Anos atrás
Respect for all the programmers working on this skin mode 🥰😍😘😻❣🫀♥
@Arlo119 Anos atrás
Am I the first one to comet lol 😂
@Xavierontyoube324 Anos atrás
The editor never fails to disappoint
@phantomflair5546 11 meses atrás
Lol Schlatt’s jawdrop when he saw the mini-gun 😂
This man is literally born to make History. Hats off to Jimmy and the crew.
@jacobmega4586 Anos atrás
Let’s just aprriciate what he puts into these videos
@marianimariani5236 10 meses atrás
0:49 Give this man a respect
@marianimariani5236 10 meses atrás
5:02 too!
@sakke7104 Anos atrás
MrBeast should credit whoever he hired to develop this stuff. Cause the fact this is even possible in Minecraft is incredible. Everything's so well made. Whoever did it must be a genius.
@Tibo11 Anos atrás
minecraft bedrock makes this relatively easy
@KK-yn3pp Anos atrás
@@Tibo11 Its all done in java. Nothing is done in bedrock.
@Tibo11 Anos atrás
@@KK-yn3pp i'm just saying it's easier to make the npcs and stuff in bedrock with resource and behavior packs, and animated models are native to bedrock
@nyxstral Anos atrás
I keep asking him for credit of my work but he says that I'm payed enough etc. at the end of the day I'm happy to do this job without credit and I like the pay. don't make comments if u have no idea what goes on in the backend
@Harpo_Gaming Anos atrás
Major respect lost for Karl and George for not trying to just send it on the glass bridge
@CoeGr Anos atrás
They don't need the money, others really do.
@Harpo_Gaming Anos atrás
@@CoeGr exactly, so why are they trying to play it safe? Why not play for content?
@CoeGr Anos atrás
@@Harpo_Gaming It really pissed me off, I already kinda didn't like Karl but this just confirmed it for me.
respect for the players who sacraficed themselves in the glass bridge
@giornogiovanna9903 9 meses atrás
8:47 that edit 😂
@flajerztv Anos atrás
This guy is one of the reason why watching youtube channel is not a waste of time. He just share what he loves to do and even help other people too.
@AtomicHedorah Dia atrás
This challenge was more extreme that what schlatt did in 1999
How the cinematography advances each time he makes a gaming video is insane
@gracegamingworld 10 meses atrás
I love these videos keep going your doing great❤
@ah_FF Anos atrás
The amount of effort that goes into your videos is truly incredible
@Sgniyo Anos atrás
i kinda hate that the other 2 who died in the last minigame got nothing they literally wasted their time :(
@lakshyarajbilwal2624 10 meses atrás
@amythomson1507 Anos atrás
This was just extreme. Jimmy always goes all out for each video.
@pronurgaming 10 meses atrás
Critical hit on that marble shot 5:07
@fakedude8987 Anos atrás
One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something . He always respect us , the audience , and his team , and he always polite in all of his videos . We congratulate ourselves on this achievement ..
@jsaltrips 4 meses atrás
He really needed the money for his bills💀
The coders who built the maps are insane at their job ,good job programmers. Edit - thx for so many likes
@PICTURE-. Anos atrás
So it's not a mod
@HeyDonei Anos atrás
✔You think so.
@hunterjarman4728 Anos atrás
read my name
@MasumRana5211 Anos atrás
These guys excudes such a positive energy that they tend to lift everyone spirits ⚡😍
Props to the editors. Editing was insane
@ogpattyz2349 Anos atrás
It’s normal
Nah those slow-mo shots were cool, but they put way to many, it just eventually got annoying as shit
@OfficerGrammar Anos atrás
@wr4338 Anos atrás
@@itsfockinelonmusk431 ikr they do it in like every video, it's so annoying
@@wr4338 thought I was gonna flammed for that, glad you agree
Good luck to you and your team
@ROUKFF-sf7hf Anos atrás
One of the best thing. About dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves some thing .he always respect us the audience and his team and he is always polite in all his videos.we congrulate ourseleves on this achievement .more to come and everthingsto come .
@ballerspro8310 Anos atrás
nice grammar
@superslime5652 Anos atrás
alright. where's the credits to the team who programmed all this?
@OfficerGrammar Anos atrás
Hey, you are using periods way too frequently. Think about the sentence you are going to type before you add a period in the middle of it. Remember to capitalize the word in the beginning of every sentence. Be careful for typos. Make sure your sentences make sense.
@scorpioknight4 Anos atrás
Man that left and right square challenge was epic way to go team beast
@Ahgog Anos atrás
To be honest, really utilizing minecraft for this intense creativity is very cool, it makes us the viewers keep enticed watching ❤
@kaikecker3938 Anos atrás
I am almost sad he did not make the marble challenge and see what the contestants come up with in terms of contests.... might have given Mr. beast some ideas for future challenges. But yeah wholeheartifly agree. But it makes sense to use it... you can do almost anything in minecraft and it is very popular ... double win :D
@1HOURLIST Anos atrás
Im fast read my name
@koxecularnoob3324 Anos atrás
@OfficerGrammar Anos atrás
A period after 'very cool' would be more appropriate than adding a comma. Don't forget a period at the end of the sentence as well.
Loved this concept ❤️ Epic video 🔥
@Sub2JTV17 Anos atrás
What a great video! Best one in a while! Very entertaining!
@arnomemes6006 Anos atrás
George:- *Just staying in the back while everyone does the work* Karma:- *I'm about to end this man's whole career*
@agungzaneti1908 Anos atrás
@jboygaming5414 Anos atrás
imagine making squid game more insan like HOWWWWW!!
@CoolShaders Anos atrás
I just love that he manages to make a remake of the squid game and could get the whole squad joining in.
@MrMoski Anos atrás
Hi my Grandma said I can get my dream xbox series x if I can reach 6300 before the month please h3lp
@daniks_en Anos atrás
I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE A LOT OF COMMENTS HERE, BUT PLEASE READ IT!! I also try to create interesting content - experiments. Will you write your opinion? We are really trying very hard! *(I don't use bots and I'm really interested in your opinion)*
@davidfarrell9435 Anos atrás
@@daniks_en no one asked
@sub4cookie- Anos atrás
read my name
@cdomingo204 Anos atrás
Love you man
@t1503 Anos atrás
damn the coders did a really good job
@Jzen04 Anos atrás
Damn spectator mode has never been this so cinematic looking.
@averageanon007 Anos atrás
might have been replay mod
@someone9665 11 meses atrás
Can't believe Karl made that far🎉🎉
@zengara11 Anos atrás
I am probably in the minority. But super happy it was not the super rich streamers who won. They did make the video funny though. MrBeast knows how to help people and at the same time, use marketing. Dude is a genuine genius for that. Very few at the top I see actually moving as strategic as MrBeast from the start. Usually they are already millionairs then do some mediocre smart moves and people think they are the smartest people because of that
@zengara11 Anos atrás
@@MinecraftbatmanFTW Yeah 100%. But at the end of the day, more views=more money to give. And people at the end of the day want to watch streamers
@clydeaxllawas7253 4 meses atrás
Level 2:match the shape but avoid the guards
@ArtpoFootball. Anos atrás
This is a living legend Mad srespect to Jimmy and crew for making forgotten squid game challenge I thought this channel was dead or hacked. but as not much as I think. Jimmy never fails to entertain us. This is the collaboration we didn't ask for but wanted. Thank you!!!!!
read my name
@GamerJosh_sans Anos atrás
Bruh, why is there so many bots
@AReallyLazyChild Anos atrás
Congrats on getting #1 on trending!
@starjaani Anos atrás
I respect everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that I' ve ever seen on BRvid,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEO...
@amikuw3419 10 meses atrás
Jimmy is the only person who would lie thrice in a row…😂
@cru3l525 Anos atrás
The editting on this video is INSANE, nice job
@lorenzofrancezmolina473 10 meses atrás
@JackTheWatcher Anos atrás
Jimmy pulling out a twist and bringing squid games back was surely surprising but very enjoyable.
@sub4cookie- Anos atrás
read my name!
@daniks_en Anos atrás
I also try to create interesting content - experiments. Will you write your opinion? We are really trying very hard! вч (I don't use bots and I'm really interested in your opinion)
@OfficerGrammar Anos atrás
@terrogate Anos atrás
everyone: playing normally meanwhile, george: *casually clutching close shots*
@Twisted_Anomaly Anos atrás
Parents say you don’t make money off of video games, but this guy made 40k grand congrats to him!
@paulinec3242 4 meses atrás
I love your videos!
@99gamerff86 Anos atrás
The content, the animation, the programming, the adrenaline soo sick broo hats off
@farhanahussain1673 8 meses atrás
This is incredible 💥
As if a death match was not extreme enough.
@MahiOnFireYT Anos atrás
__One best thing about dude is that whenever he achieves something, he never gives the credit to himself. He always respect us, the audience the most and his team too. He is always polite in every of his video. We congratulate ourselves for this achievement. More to come and everything to come. We're always with you....💜🌷🥺🙏
@ircusing9875 Anos atrás
@Baller474 10 meses atrás
Lazar will always be remembered
@Esprits Anos atrás
Congratz to 4nt for winning!!!
@jonasvanlaar5011 Anos atrás
cool how they even made squid game more extreme lol.
@nickcalingo3309 Anos atrás
This was next level cinematography. I dunno if it's animated or from replay but this was awesome work. Some really amazing moments there like in the glass bridge, really reminds me of the actual squid game.
am i the only one who realized fundy and george came back to life?
@Dakota_kit1 9 meses atrás
Nope I was confused lol
@omarsharifnajafli7342 3 meses atrás
Because if your team wins, you get respawned
@monstereditz15 Anos atrás
@shumeitang2460 4 meses atrás
Jimmy: Don’t get hit by the BALLS.
@datonesheep1045 Anos atrás
It’s amazing that he can get all these BRvidrs together for a video it really makes it even more entertaining and with all the creative mods and maps the videos are just set for success thanks Jimmy for this content
@OfficerGrammar Anos atrás
Add a period after 'a video'. Adding 'really' to 'it really makes it even more' is redundant and should be removed. The 'and' after entertaining should be removed. Add a period after 'maps'. Add a period after 'success'. Add a period after 'content'.
@datonesheep1045 Anos atrás
@@OfficerGrammar alright officer I’ll do better next time lol
@Ysings-zj5mb Anos atrás
I just want to say thank you for jimmy we need more people like him
@rockinrocketman Anos atrás
Keep grinding much luck bros 😎
@Elpepe-nj9xu 2 meses atrás
The fact he hates Australians and I am australian💀💀
@eyedonutnose5181 Anos atrás
Fun fact: The only minigame they buffed was the marbles, the shapes and the final fight. The red light,.tug of war and glass is just a animation change
@mayralozano9290 11 meses atrás
I love your videos and your videos are sometimes funny 😁
@internetuser4759 Anos atrás
I love how he manages to remake Squid Game in MINECRAFT. Props to whoever designed this 👏👏👏
@elenadanev1460 Anos atrás
1 Million With 0 Videos Challenge (Day 18) huh?
@elenadanev1460 Anos atrás
1 Million With 0 Videos Challenge (Day 18) o
@daniks_en Anos atrás
I also try to create interesting content - experiments. Will you write your opinion? We are really trying very hard! вч *(I don't use bots and I'm really interested in your opinion)*
@elenadanev1460 Anos atrás
@@daniks_en ur a bot
@THeOGCarelessGuy Anos atrás
Great Video As Always Jimmy Love All Of Your Videos Keep It Up
@user-zk4uw4qb4l 6 meses atrás
Bruh Australian people are the GOAT
These map builders are insane they build so cool things
@Alfie_Ace Anos atrás
I wish techno could compete he always made my day r.i.p😢❤
@Mr24intros Anos atrás
This man literally born to create history and he always tries to do something and extra ordinary and make his audience feel excited for every next, love you Jimmy
@Stilerk Anos atrás
comment spam
@Stilerk Anos atrás
comment spam
@MundusFate Anos atrás
This man never disappoint us 🤩🤩
@RenRetired Anos atrás
First reply bruv
@zabooka Anos atrás
Wow you’re so fucking original
@OfficerGrammar Anos atrás
*This man never disappoints us. Add a period at the end of your sentence.
@wisforwinner Anos atrás
I’d consider regular squid game pretty extreme
@bear_aesthetic 11 meses atrás
Jimmy: “Yeah We Hate Australians” Me: “🥺”
@trinityrenee1036 Anos atrás
The fact that I literally just binged squid game for the third time and now this gets posted 🙌🏼
@clorox5529 Anos atrás
Bro gogy had some plot armor fr 💀
@acecracked1144 Anos atrás
Imagine him as Great Uncle Jimmy telling stories to his nephews next to the fireplace.
@tayloroyale Anos atrás
too intense, love it
@petersummersby8025 11 meses atrás
very intense 7/10
It makes me happy to see your videos, maybe I will never be able to talk to you in person or play because of my lack of resources for the economic situation in my country, but I am happy to see them
@vivaanviya6156 Anos atrás
omg bruh how respect this guy
@endocrinecns3977 Anos atrás
I’m just glad Jimmy finally posted another video on his gaming channel, impressive as always
@MatBoxOne Anos atrás
i would pay to see Chandler in a real Squid Game
@peigo1691 Anos atrás
who ever makes these mods, maps and animations... bro huge respect
@juliecowen2413 Mês atrás
Hello there mate I am British and MrBeast you are the best BRvidr in the world. I’m so happy to say that you changed my life. Thank you.❤
@Cyanster2 Anos atrás
The mods used for this are insanely well made
@OfficerGrammar Anos atrás
@weartsandcrafts7775 10 meses atrás
I love your content
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