EXTENDED version of "When Adele Wasn't Adele" | Adele: Live in London

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Adele surprised a group of Adele impersonators when she impersonated... Adele! Includes previously unshared footage.
"Adele: Live in London" premieres on BBC America on Valentine's Night-- Sunday, February 14th at 10/9c.
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8 Fev 2016

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Comentários 2 137
Dre Day
Dre Day 2 horas atrás
this is brilliant hahhahaa
Edward Lorn
Edward Lorn 4 horas atrás
This is great
dan 13 horas atrás
Eric Gehrung
Eric Gehrung 22 horas atrás
I know you’re a mom now.....but just one EP?.....🥺
Lacie Vandeweghe
Lacie Vandeweghe Dia atrás
I'm absolutely lost as to her comment on she wants to pick her nose and she can't 😨
Elizabeth Cusack
Elizabeth Cusack Dia atrás
The lady who said no way at the end was first one to react, you can see her hands move down and say omg....
Alex Sammons
Alex Sammons Dia atrás
Omg I live next to the new wimbledon theatre HOW DID I NOT KNOW ADELE WAS THERE 😭😭😭😭
Turbo gig Woof
Turbo gig Woof Dia atrás
Didn’t she turn into an 8ft reptile not so long ago ?
Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift 2 dias atrás
ธวัชชัย ปุยอ๊อก
Bedelia Du Maurier
Bedelia Du Maurier 2 dias atrás
Siti Jamilatul
Siti Jamilatul 2 dias atrás
I love it. 😍
stephen john baldwin
stephen john baldwin 3 dias atrás
Bloody beautiful
Eduardo Mustrange
Eduardo Mustrange 3 dias atrás
you should definitely do this with every pop singer
Erik Rikkem
Erik Rikkem 3 dias atrás
Are British all that big?
晨陣雨 3 dias atrás
6:27 is funny
Gilana Sims
Gilana Sims 3 dias atrás
I have to watch this at least once a month 😂 I love Adele
Андрей Арноев
Это на самом деле была Адель Эдкинс??? Кто-нибудь переводите на русском пожалуйста.
Vili Matavesi
Vili Matavesi 4 dias atrás
Adele is so humble I love her
dave rowlands
dave rowlands 4 dias atrás
accidentally came across this vid , dont know how .. but i was eating pies . aussie boy here . ;) lol and i found it hard to swallow them ... due to the fact that this was so heart warming , and showed how down to earth and awesome Adele really is .
Jose Nova
Jose Nova 4 dias atrás
He points at his face but flips off the cameras lol
dora leticia ojeda
dora leticia ojeda 4 dias atrás
Leo Mirza
Leo Mirza 4 dias atrás
Come on, it's easy to notice that she is Adele😂😂
amyph 4 dias atrás
They were all so kind
Racil Atutubo
Racil Atutubo 4 dias atrás
This made me cry haha
Milan Markovic
Milan Markovic 4 dias atrás
OMG two words was more then enough when she start to sing, she could not fool anyone, unique voice in million years, and she is cool to
Poul Madsen
Poul Madsen 4 dias atrás
This is such an excellent prank. Love it. Love how it clicks for the girls realizing one by one who's on stage! Thanks for sharing
Zena Stanescu
Zena Stanescu 4 dias atrás
I like the reaction from chairs the ladies 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zena Stanescu
Zena Stanescu 4 dias atrás
I love this video to much ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍
Zena Stanescu
Zena Stanescu 4 dias atrás
I love 💕 laugh a lot is jus amazing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️🇬🇧❤️🇬🇧❤️🇬🇧❤️🇬🇧
J024 4 dias atrás
She will probably never tour again.... sad isn't it.
Isak Khiangte
Isak Khiangte 5 dias atrás
She's amazing.... Love her❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😊❤❤❤❤😘❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Anah Hamdanah
Anah Hamdanah 5 dias atrás
Adele so adorable 😁😙
Nozipho Gloria Lewis
Nozipho Gloria Lewis 5 dias atrás
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️, this was so beautiful, it's made me 😢 😢 😢 😢 oh man what happiness is this😍😍😍😍😍
Sergey Kolmakov
Sergey Kolmakov 5 dias atrás
Pathetic set up! Could've make it better! Looks totally fake to me with pretty much overacting all over the place.
PureQuality Squad
PureQuality Squad 5 dias atrás
Oh my god ,thats a real😄😄😄
Lars Paulsen
Lars Paulsen 6 dias atrás
Got to love an artist who doesn't take herself too seriously :)
Emily Cooper
Emily Cooper 6 dias atrás
Is first Adele famous?
Erich Brough
Erich Brough 6 dias atrás
I'm flat amazed at how she can just go posh at will!
Limxuv Her
Limxuv Her 6 dias atrás
This is so pure
Tropical Life
Tropical Life 7 dias atrás
I wish Adele was still popular now
Anhorish 6 dias atrás
Ingridlosneslokken 7 dias atrás
Omg I love this!!!
sypher0101 7 dias atrás
Why they all singing the same song ?
Franz Galahad
Franz Galahad 8 dias atrás
I would be teary too if I was there
Ipynk Widayat
Ipynk Widayat 8 dias atrás
6:28 minute.. Lol.😂
Joao Afonso
Joao Afonso 8 dias atrás
She would like HIM???? ARE YOU ASSUMING THE GENDER?????
The Devil's Pyromaniac
+Joao Afonso In all honesty, your comment came off very serious and I normally can tell when someone is joking. Perhaps you should add a lol at the end.
Joao Afonso
Joao Afonso 7 dias atrás
+The Devil's Pyromaniac I was joking for God sake.
The Devil's Pyromaniac
They might have talked to each other and he might have just been a drag queen, not transgender and might think of himself still as a he and not she. A lot of drag queens still consider themselves males. They are just gay and like to dress as women. I am sure she didn't mean anything bad by saying him.
Julliana Rodriguez
Julliana Rodriguez 8 dias atrás
They all sing really good 😍😍😍
Nataly Shastel
Nataly Shastel 8 dias atrás
I don't think it is real because I think women are actress (anybody recognize em)
Scientia Ratio
Scientia Ratio 8 dias atrás
my taoouze 😂
dodgy69ers 8 dias atrás
They were all just as good
Willin  Yulian Sari
Willin Yulian Sari 8 dias atrás
Why am I crying seeing this?😭
mike x
mike x 8 dias atrás
Fia 9 dias atrás
Seriously they all had to be FAT ! ?
pinkyman5155 9 dias atrás
I like Adele she is so down to earth and genuine.
Иван Грязнев
Nice !!! Заебись! Четко!
maryanafanouable 9 dias atrás
😂😂😂😂😂 she is funny
Hyunho Henrique Kim
Hyunho Henrique Kim 9 dias atrás
I see a Winehouse impersonator lost in the way
free speech is no more fascism is alive and well 2
Why is there a bloke in a dress ? Is it fancy dress ??
Gary Knight
Gary Knight 9 dias atrás
same as the person who commented below!
Paolo Manzo
Paolo Manzo 9 dias atrás
This video makes me cry every time!
OG Lurker
OG Lurker 9 dias atrás
Oh, my heart is smiling.
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt 10 dias atrás
When Adele wasn’t yet Adele but was Amy Winehouse
KaLion 83
KaLion 83 10 dias atrás
Loved it, just wished they made her disguise better.
David Serna-Cabrera
David Serna-Cabrera 10 dias atrás
She sings like an angel, but she speaks so bad, can hardly understand her.
حسنين الحلاوي
she is so funny. loved it
Melisa Tatenda Chigodora
I got a bum chin,,,,,,, I'm dying😂😂😂 I love Adele💝💝
Shyron Galavis
Shyron Galavis 11 dias atrás
Kept rewatching 6:27 if shooketh had an impression it would be this 😂
Lee Brown
Lee Brown 11 dias atrás
Love the way Adele doesn't take her fame too seriously. All the other singers were really good as well. Thumbs up!
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith 11 dias atrás
why are they all sitting down for her, and no one else?
Da-PaYLoaD 11 dias atrás
Always a fatty do deny the truth, bet she wouldn't deny a cheese burger the fat mess.
Sávio Faschet
Sávio Faschet 11 dias atrás
Esse é o mlehor vídeo da terra HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.
Altair Marques Da Silva
Se fosse eu la jesus
sulliedandunusual 11 dias atrás
the lady sobbing warmed my heart. it made me feel like I was going to cry.
พลอย ไพลิน
Hector Regalado
Hector Regalado 12 dias atrás
What happened to the girl in 4:07 ?
Sebastian Loft
Sebastian Loft 13 dias atrás
This was very entertaining, and all of them sounds pretty damn good in my opinion.
Thanos 13 dias atrás
The chick at 6:27 was not fooled, once she started singing she knew she was the real deal! Now that's a FAN!!
Saleh Safo
Saleh Safo 13 dias atrás
Who has watched this more than a million times?
My World
My World 14 dias atrás
I only met Adele this past year. I managed to seal myself off all contemporary culture’s influence; easier thing to do when Fortuna smiles your way. So I never heard her sing until some months ago. I'd heard whispers through.grapevines of this powerhouse grand diva of the voice. (DIVA IS MY WORD FOR A WOMAN OF OF EXEMPLARY FORCE OF TALENT IN NATURE- it is precedent for so young a woman to reach such stature).. It is usually not until the forties or fifties as women reach the middle of their prime that they are cemented into the timeless pantheon of stellar gifted souls. Adele was worth living for to hear her and see her exquisite porcelain perfectly divine face.. This clip shows how great humility is when it is not studied. Bravo!
Jonathan Vides
Jonathan Vides 14 dias atrás
Jenny kroc be looking like a snack😂
bea kittelscherz
bea kittelscherz 14 dias atrás
..well thats the point: you cant really fake her best feature:her voice!
fatterelvis 14 dias atrás
she got it at 5.53 just a look
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar 14 dias atrás
Fans meet their idol in long memories for both. Pure joy. Love it.
Magdalena Andrade
Magdalena Andrade 14 dias atrás
I couldn’t stop smiling
Bye Bye
Bye Bye 14 dias atrás
Amazing: These people (and mega fans apparently) were given the gift of an incredibly intimate private performance, their collective response was to talk, to distract, and to center their attention on themselves and on their reactions as Adele performed from the heart mere feet away for them.
Darkness 15 dias atrás
6:26 - favorite moment
Beauford Rego
Beauford Rego 15 dias atrás
Possibly my favorite video on BRvid. I've seem it a million times and it never lets me down.
Shazeerazly Zaini
Shazeerazly Zaini 16 dias atrás
Jo Nice
Jo Nice 16 dias atrás
Rakshya A Bhujel
Rakshya A Bhujel 17 dias atrás
I tears me up everytime I watch it.. Just love her..
devilpizza123 17 dias atrás
Graham Norton is so daddy.
Kenny Duff
Kenny Duff 17 dias atrás
My favourite part is that the Cher impersonator turned up on the wrong day and just winged in
Alief Damarjati
Alief Damarjati 18 dias atrás
2019 ANYONE?!
John Gray
John Gray 18 dias atrás
KK Renken
KK Renken 18 dias atrás
I love watching this video. All the Adeles are lovely, but I esp. love the one who knows immediately who is singing.
Annette Kristensen
Annette Kristensen 18 dias atrás
again at x10000 I just love Adele
Stephen Michalski
Stephen Michalski 18 dias atrás
That wasn't precious at all........743 dislikes?.......743 bird brains......oops.....sorry my feathered've got way more brains
MJ B 18 dias atrás
Teknik Group
Teknik Group 19 dias atrás
wow they all sound amaaaaaaaaziiiing
Filipe Dicastro
Filipe Dicastro 19 dias atrás
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