EXTENDED version of "When Adele Wasn't Adele" | Adele: Live in London

BBC America
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Adele surprised a group of Adele impersonators when she impersonated... Adele! Includes previously unshared footage.
"Adele: Live in London" premieres on BBC America on Valentine's Night-- Sunday, February 14th at 10/9c.
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8 Fev 2016

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Comentários 2 984
Hiko Seijuro
Hiko Seijuro Hora atrás
I so love this kind of moment. I love Adele so much. I’m happy many people loves her.
Ranked Videos
Ranked Videos 9 horas atrás
Best prank ever.
Andini Wirawan
Andini Wirawan 13 horas atrás
"Its not her-- its not.. honestly" GIRL. NO.😂
Annette Kristensen
Annette Kristensen 23 horas atrás
Back for the xxx xxx time. I Got a chok when I Saw the real Adele. She is absolutly beautiful
humera shaikh
humera shaikh Dia atrás
Why are there adele impersonators i dont get it?
Ryan watt
Ryan watt Dia atrás
I have watched this about 350 times
3 Man
3 Man 2 dias atrás
Scrumptious 🔔⏰
ไร้สาระ นะ
ดูกี่ครั้งก็มีความสุข เธอช่างน่ารักจริงๆ
tammyot 2 dias atrás
Adele is so bloody talented and what a fantastic actress!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fooled them before she started singing..... all those Adele singers are genuine and not it for just the fame..... you need passion for performing arts! ✌️✌️✌️✌️
Cheyenne 2 dias atrás
This is such a feel good video.
be the overflo
be the overflo 3 dias atrás
accent 💘
Olivia Brown
Olivia Brown 3 dias atrás
Woodys Corner
Woodys Corner 3 dias atrás
When I found out who Adele was which was by the iconic "Hello" song, I thought she was gonna be a very calm and motherly I suppose type of person, she's a bit more cheerful then I thought'd she'd be yknow?
Alvin Lim
Alvin Lim 4 dias atrás
Never get bored watch this video
Steven's Lifestyle
Steven's Lifestyle 4 dias atrás
6:27 this is me when I find out everything in life was a lie 😂😂
kirk vj
kirk vj 4 dias atrás
Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper 4 dias atrás
There might be better things on BRvid, but I’ve not found them yet👏👏👏
Miss Deathwish
Miss Deathwish 4 dias atrás
oh my god all the singers are amazing
Megara Lyons
Megara Lyons 4 dias atrás
20 years older??? 2:00. No way. Hell she looks younger and adele was born in 1988 same year as me 😂
Sobee Berly
Sobee Berly 5 dias atrás
I cried
aussiechickusa 5 dias atrás
I love when the pretty girl stumbles and discovers it's the real Adele ha
Halim Sport
Halim Sport 5 dias atrás
Suka banget aksen Inggris
Steve L
Steve L 5 dias atrás
They are all actually really good at singing
episode_iv 5 dias atrás
im uncomfortable
denis 5 dias atrás
ugh. just love her! what a beauty and the music. all these ladies are lovely. :) ima cry now.
Liu Antonio
Liu Antonio 5 dias atrás
Damn guys, I think Jenny might actually be Adele!
lori thorpe
lori thorpe 5 dias atrás
Even with the fake chin & nose you could tell it was adele lol ,
Multiplicity 6 dias atrás
it's so funny that she touched her shoulder and she doesnt knoooooooooow BUT YOUR BIGGEST DREAM CAME TRUE :( xD
Sand Stew
Sand Stew 6 dias atrás
his is simply adorable awwww I'm emotional now 😭
Alysha ayudya Fatimah
Alysha ayudya Fatimah 6 dias atrás
when she said "hello james" sounds sooooooo good on my ears 😍😂
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 6 dias atrás
she is so ghetto
Chief Tahchawwickah
Chief Tahchawwickah 6 dias atrás
This is kinda ego cringy All her music is about one guy who broke up with her. She was only 20 when she started obsessing over him and singing about it. She knew nothing about relationships or love just to write songs that sound like an angry text. If I were her kids dad I would be raising these questions as to how she needs to go back to that guy and leave him out of it. Typical Caucasian female, look at me I’m a victim! Yawn -COMANCHE NATION
OffdaRoots 7 dias atrás
3:56 = is that ☝️ JENNIFER ANISTON + some extra LBS/Kg
Londonstain Ww4
Londonstain Ww4 7 dias atrás
Miserable cow
Joe Bush
Joe Bush 7 dias atrás
I personally find her very obnoxious.
Stephen Newton
Stephen Newton 7 dias atrás
Nobody appears to care what you think. But you must be used to that.
Jojo Andrew Puerto
Jojo Andrew Puerto 7 dias atrás
Their accent is so cute 😍
Adam sky
Adam sky 7 dias atrás
Adele When Adele Wasn't Adele. Adele: Live Adele in Adele London Adele ADELE
MJ B 8 dias atrás
Why can´t life be this nice
MJ B 8 dias atrás
She is lovely...too delicate a flower
Rio Albert
Rio Albert 8 dias atrás
I knew it was her from the 1st second 0:01
TS2014 8 dias atrás
This is the kind of video that makes you feel better on a really bad day. Don't know how many times I have seen this. But that "Dreams come true" never fails to tear me up!!! Loveeeee Adele!
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller 8 dias atrás
6:28. I just love this girl’s reaction.
Raymond Firmo Narag
Raymond Firmo Narag 8 dias atrás
Lucky ladies. And talented, too. ❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Amanda Lorianne Romeo
Amanda Lorianne Romeo 8 dias atrás
I actually like Adele’s look as Jenny
Mind It
Mind It 9 dias atrás
When "Charlie Chaplin" was competing with his imitator. Rest is history.
James Thomas
James Thomas 9 dias atrás
I would love to see their comments/reactions to what Adele said at 2:45
Brett Perry
Brett Perry 9 dias atrás
A very rare talent indeed.
Faithtasticness 9 dias atrás
I like how the lady who kept saying “that’s not her” didn’t believe it until she kicked off her shoes LOL
John Harris
John Harris 9 dias atrás
Great fun Adele! I have watched this so much! You are unique! Much love, X
Tricksey yeskcirt
Tricksey yeskcirt 10 dias atrás
She is good at acting she act like she's very nervous!!
Journey of Inspiration
Journey of Inspiration 10 dias atrás
And on top of that her fans didn't recognize real adele and while singing, their reaction is so priceless.. Hahahha
Journey of Inspiration
Journey of Inspiration 10 dias atrás
Damn.. This video is so good.. Worth watching.. I love adele so much... The way she make her song is.. 👌👌👌👌😘😘😘😘
Daisy 11 dias atrás
So dreams do come true💜
Lee sinner
Lee sinner 11 dias atrás
Bunch of obese and lonely people
Heather W
Heather W 11 dias atrás
Adel is one of the best singers hands down! 🥰
LeadBlastin22 11 dias atrás
0:50 what a wimp, Adele looked exactly the same, except for a slightly larger nose and he acts as if she came out looking completely different.
Amazing Pug
Amazing Pug 11 dias atrás
Who else thought this video was about adele's past
Malaky Paris
Malaky Paris 11 dias atrás
she still like herself ...
I P 11 dias atrás
Is it just me that thinks Adele looked exactly like Adele even after the apparent transformation? Anyway was lovely to see all the Adeles sing together
Najman Dhany
Najman Dhany 12 dias atrás
No One:..... Me in 2019: Isn't that make up make she look like Meghan Trainor 😂😂
Daryl Gonzalez
Daryl Gonzalez 12 dias atrás
Adele is so down to earth, humble, and authentic. I have to love people that show humility at all times. Thank you, Adele
Flowers 12 dias atrás
The drag boyyyy is soo cuteeeeeeeee
yoeuh hanne
yoeuh hanne 12 dias atrás
my goshhh! this is crazy😂
FunctionofLight One
FunctionofLight One 13 dias atrás
I never get tired of seeing this. It's just so lovely.
Mermaid 13 dias atrás
That special "Force" known as the Powerful Adele cannot be covered for long. It's a vibe. Those ladies felt it and that's why they became emotional. Adele is a very special soul. Love her and the ladies in this vid. They actually sang quite well, but there is only one Adele. Brilliant vid. Thank you for posting.
Lynda Iknoun
Lynda Iknoun 13 dias atrás
Adel has not that big 👃 nose ...
Kp Loo
Kp Loo 13 dias atrás
audiogarden21 14 dias atrás
And there was no 'bad' Adele to be found...
Axel 14 dias atrás
Nicest people
Johnny Mentero
Johnny Mentero 14 dias atrás
Freaking girl makes me cry e - v - e - r - y time I come across her...
Sorin Petre
Sorin Petre 14 dias atrás
Boys , cry sometimes! Why? After so many years! Amazing! Thank you , so much, Adele!
orillion 369
orillion 369 14 dias atrás
if you hadn't noticed 1 of the other adeles happens to be mrs rosebottom from briatians got talent the synthizized violin player
Queen LoveOfMyLife
Queen LoveOfMyLife 15 dias atrás
So pretty, even all together singing!
Just me Just me
Just me Just me 15 dias atrás
I've seen this soooo many times now over the past couple of years, still brings a smile. Such an amazing feel good video.
budi sondakh
budi sondakh 15 dias atrás
This the best and most beautiful prank ever on BRvid.
Pinkelphies 15 dias atrás
Allexis Marie
Allexis Marie 16 dias atrás
i just did my makeup and now i’m bawling
is butter a carb
is butter a carb 18 dias atrás
Tori vega did it first
Cherry Blossom Girl
Cherry Blossom Girl 18 dias atrás
She looked like herself all the time especially her cheekbones look the same so... the nose didnt change her looks so much
Makai Dinamling
Makai Dinamling 18 dias atrás
7:21 did Graham just flipped me off??
lee singleton
lee singleton 19 dias atrás
they all knew from the start. they are just shitty actors im not impressed
Daisy Milliken
Daisy Milliken 8 dias atrás
lee singleton they had no idea..
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