Explosion, massive fire at chemical plant prompts evacuations in Rockton

WGN News
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Emergency crews are on the scene of a massive fire at a chemical plant in Rockton, Illinois.

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14 Jun 2021



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Comentários 59
Milan Toska
Milan Toska 22 dias atrás
this is pure evil made by US, people
Mazda Crap car
Mazda Crap car Mês atrás
Nearly putting out as much pollution as my Mazda CX-5.
Noah Page
Noah Page Mês atrás
Please tell me why she is wearing a mask outside?? 🤨
Ryan Bosak
Ryan Bosak Mês atrás
That's a lubricant factory . Oil burning not good.
pu2u2ao Mês atrás
Thumb down for mask libtard
MS RM Mês atrás
Currious tday is Flag Day
Facts From Data
Facts From Data Mês atrás
A massive fire: a plant destroyed, a number of workers lost their jobs, many families affected, a community suffered, ... Hope that the lesson today can provide insights into the present and even the future.
joe Murtagh
joe Murtagh Mês atrás
I put on 2 masks so that black smoke can’t hurt me fucking idiots
Derail07 Mês atrás
That mask does nothing against chemicals
Jacob Golds
Jacob Golds Mês atrás
Glad she is putting on a mask 😀
ctwatcher Mês atrás
This is because of the demons in govt. The demons in media. All things will burn here now. Because they did it.
Dan R
Dan R Mês atrás
Why is d=she wearing a mask. First the smoke is not blowing away from her. Second, that mast will not stop anything.
Ron Rio
Ron Rio Mês atrás
damnnn 😳 there goes all those needed vaccines !!! 😚
Marie Miller
Marie Miller Mês atrás
no injury unless you are down wind of it ,, a cloth mask or 2 will not protect you from haz matts you need a chem respirator
Grey Jay
Grey Jay Mês atrás
No air quality issues? Hmm. By the way, Dana is quite a good looking woman.
The FU Crew Channel
6 video reports on this.... Each one longer than the last.... Slow news day ??? Mayor not doing some LGBTVQ+++ crap ???
Shawn Holcomb
Shawn Holcomb Mês atrás
air quality is just fine! LOL
Travis Mês atrás
No danger to air quality 💀
KUSH GODz Mês atrás
No danger to air quality 😂
KCBOBX Mês atrás
I wonder what the "scientists" will tell us the cause of the explosion was. Tragic events that directly effect our economy have been occurring quite often lately.
Fishing with Cody
Fishing with Cody Mês atrás
@Neo Geo its mostly a bunch of explosions and chemical reactions.
Neo Geo
Neo Geo Mês atrás
This is mostly not an explosion.
ADCC 1981
ADCC 1981 Mês atrás
I think the events are planned now days to disrupt things
Kazak Thranduil
Kazak Thranduil Mês atrás
thats a lot of polution
MindOfCoco Mês atrás
It’s so hard to watch the smoke go into the atmosphere. It’s like watching the earth die.
Dollar Guy
Dollar Guy Mês atrás
Looks like one of the dozens of volcanoes going off 24/7 I have watched during my many trips around the world, including living next to Mt St Helens when she popped. Earth is not dying...going through changes all the time....but not dying. Marxism taught you humans are doing this. Remember: Giza pyramids were once in a lush jungle. Antarctica was once dry land.
Another Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier
Ever heard of naturally occurring volcanoes that emit more toxins that this?
Tourettes Guy
Tourettes Guy Mês atrás
Antifa orchestrated this
Lady Cringe
Lady Cringe Mês atrás
Juneteenth BBQ gone wrong?
Lady Cringe
Lady Cringe Mês atrás
I want to see someone wearing a face shield.
William Hagler
William Hagler Mês atrás
I like how I heard this first on RT one hour before the local networks.
TheMW2informer Mês atrás
I saw it out my back window! That’s how I heard of it.
William Hagler
William Hagler Mês atrás
@Tourettes Guy Russian Television.
Tourettes Guy
Tourettes Guy Mês atrás
@Lady Cringe RT?
Lady Cringe
Lady Cringe Mês atrás
RT seems to report very fast, i have noticed that myself.
Laughing Matter
Laughing Matter Mês atrás
bahahahaha double masks
Adam Howard
Adam Howard Mês atrás
Where are our brave climate warriors
Snaggal Frash
Snaggal Frash Mês atrás
They gotta get that Green New Deal utopian paradise system implemented some how, wink wink:)
Dan The Fisher Man
Dan The Fisher Man Mês atrás
Time to put the masks back on
Ali Arshad
Ali Arshad Mês atrás
@Watching the Wheels I am all for it.
Watching the Wheels
No Let's do the opposite
Ali Arshad
Ali Arshad Mês atrás
For the locals anyway.
edgar perez
edgar perez Mês atrás
Look Out Chicago ! Smoke heading Your Way . Danger
TheMW2informer Mês atrás
I’m lucky I live north of this but I can see the smoke from 20mi away.
edgar perez
edgar perez Mês atrás
@Tourettes Guy the smoke is starting to turn east towards the southwest side . Black smoke . miles long
Tourettes Guy
Tourettes Guy Mês atrás
Its pretty dark in CHI difference in outlook!
Brenda Bryan
Brenda Bryan Mês atrás
2 mask aren't going to help you from chemicals. Some people are idiots. 🤦‍♀️
Fishing with Cody
Fishing with Cody Mês atrás
@Ali Arshad its called helicopters and cameras and staying in the damn van IDIOT!
Watching the Wheels
Well Brenda, some people's brains are smaller than a raisin
Another Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier
Yup. Dummer than a second coat of paint
Lady Cringe
Lady Cringe Mês atrás
@Ali Arshad No need, but preferred to call out stupidity.
Lady Cringe
Lady Cringe Mês atrás
She should put on a face shield as well.
CelesteStation51 Smith
Hoping all is okay and no casualties….. I can’t even begin to imagine how loud this explosion was or how far is was felt and heard…..
The FU Crew Channel
@CelesteStation51 Smith, no harm, no foul.
CelesteStation51 Smith
@The FU Crew Channel I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful and I apologize if I was…. As I have military in my family, I, from the bottom of my heart thank you for your dedication, service and sacrifices for our country🗽🇺🇸
The FU Crew Channel
@CelesteStation51 Smith, and, YES ! I DO live up to my profile name !!! It's been that way for my entire 22 yr military career, and my 18 yrs of law enforcement. I have fought chemical fires before, and know the procedures.
The FU Crew Channel
@CelesteStation51 Smith, emergency personnel, after clearing the on-site personnel and checking with supervisory personnel for head counts, will fight it from outside. The only "casualties" the emergency personnel may suffer...if their leadership forgets...will be heat exhaustion. All the rest will be to wait for the chemicals to burn off, if they can't use AFFF to put it out first.
The FU Crew Channel
Did you not listen to the reporter that updated the fact that no one was injured ??? At :43
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