Exploring Moscow... Dangerously Cold!

Katie McDonnell
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Earlier this month, Erik and I flew to Moscow to work on a film. While we were there we had a couple of days off to go and explore the city... Which would have been easier if we were able to stay outdoors for longer than about 10 minutes at a time!! Minus 30 degrees is definitely a little too cold for me!
We also had a chance to train in a couple of gyms in Moscow. Thanks to РГУФК & Акробатическая школа №1 for having us! :)
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17 Jan 2017



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Comentários 100
Aman 008801636069058 ullah
So nice
Veranika Rouse
Veranika Rouse 2 dias atrás
Dear English speakers, I am a Russian-speaking person living in US. I can help with the Russian language practice in exchange for English language practice. ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE :)
Konstantin Viktorov
Konstantin Viktorov 11 dias atrás
4:08 Train model 81-717 (81-714)
Chishi 18 dias atrás
I wish I was there , dame Im burning here
Широков Андрей
Мороз не сильный. Это по влаге на асфальте видно градусов 15C, не больше.
P Money
P Money 29 dias atrás
Annoying af
Alisa Bolfa
Alisa Bolfa Mês atrás
Eduardo Reis
Eduardo Reis Mês atrás
nice video , despite the goddam music.
soumyadeep Ghosh
soumyadeep Ghosh Mês atrás
How do you do those acrobatics?
Adrian Kingdon
Adrian Kingdon Mês atrás
An occasion is for coffee not just for Christmas.
Love Russia and moscow. perfect video.
Александр Ильин
The most beautiful places in Moscow
LonelyMan Rabby
LonelyMan Rabby 2 meses atrás
If you Americans think that Russia is very cold; then you totally forgot the whole Midwest, Alaska, Maine and Idaho. These regions are always experience severe bitter cold and instant freezing with terrible windchills.
P D 2 meses atrás
I never know how winter is. I only know rain season and dry season. The coldest temp in rain season generally 18-20 C except in some mountains off course. In dry season might be reach at 28-32 C. In normal day usually 23-27 C
Syed Muhammad Hanzala
Syed Muhammad Hanzala 2 meses atrás
It's 42 degree here in Karachi lol very hot
rajesh patil
rajesh patil 3 meses atrás
3:06 Your eyes♥️♥️♥️
ДЕМОкратия !
ДЕМОкратия ! 3 meses atrás
Почему им так холодно, мне так холодно не было
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов 13 dias atrás
Надо было на инглиш перевести, чтобы иностранцы офигели:)
Андрей Никитенко
Moscow is a very warm city, there are no real frosts.
Alexandr Plahuto
Alexandr Plahuto 4 meses atrás
Wow, a late 'welcome' to my home city! 🤗 Did I get it right, that you came to film in a movie (as a stunt)? Are you allowed now to say, what movie it was? 🙂 PS: so weird hearing Russian in your videos 😂😂😂 PPS: I guess/hope now it's ok to say this: you and Anton feels more right than you and Eric. Sorry if it's not appropriate 🙏
Lucas Yeet
Lucas Yeet 5 meses atrás
Should have gotten an ushanka smh
Mongle 6 meses atrás
I love Moscow to The Moore and back.
Tsar 8 meses atrás
Come now in 2020, Moscow is warmer than when i came here in 2007
Susi Susi
Susi Susi 8 meses atrás
Ashish Singh
Ashish Singh 8 meses atrás
Thats a russian vlog without a gun involved . Btw loved your gymnasiam skills .
saraiki maza
saraiki maza 9 meses atrás
The current temp is 1 degree in Moscow
Strong Believer of the Holy Bible
Lord Jesus Christ is the way the Truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him 🙏❤️🕊catholic, muslim, buddhism, hinduism etc. they are all false! deception from satan the father of all lies. Holy Bible is the Truth 🙏 Repent, believe in the Gospel
Casper DOGO ARGENTINO 9 meses atrás
A Duck
A Duck 9 meses atrás
Oooo OoO
Oooo OoO 9 meses atrás
I am at a small part of China that is 550km from Russia and it is -48 degrees Celsius
Юра Широков
Юра Широков 9 meses atrás
Love Russia!
Nerd 0208
Nerd 0208 10 meses atrás
I’d love to go there in the winter. The idea of incredibly freezing cold weather actually sounds fun to me.
Да 11 meses atrás
Visit Oymyakon there's -60 every day
jutubaeh 11 meses atrás
Zi miG$ öff candybäker and ´´totaliterrjän?´´ R-kytecture is interresting ^^
jutubaeh 11 meses atrás
-12 nrw 02-18. sitting outside pullover and very kömvieh v but i guess 18 more or 15 is döing the trycke ?
Random crust Animations
Random crust Animations 11 meses atrás
I'm actually lern ing Russian and planing to go there one day 😊
Matrix Dude
Matrix Dude Anos atrás
You guys from australia or something
Alex Daniel
Alex Daniel Anos atrás
This must have been recorded on the January 7th 2017
Ready to Travel
Ready to Travel Anos atrás
Both of you are amazing super i can't say anything toooooooooooooooo goooooooood
Joshua Lei
Joshua Lei Anos atrás
Of course it's dangerous! Just ask Napoleon or Hitler.
emre kayrancı
emre kayrancı Anos atrás
サリ笑好有亜 Anos atrás
Hello can i ask you what jacket you used during this trip? Bacause i am going to moscow next year.. could you please recommend me what should I bring during winters. thank you.
Abil Batman
Abil Batman Anos atrás
*I dare you to open your shirt in the cold winter* 🇷🇺
Андрей Андрей
Кто в Россию без шубы прийдёт .. тот там нахер без шубы и сдохнет 🤣🤣
Tory Anos atrás
I am Russian) как же приятно смотреть, как англичане едут в Россию, и в наш собственный город))))
You Kou
You Kou Anos atrás
Edward Snowden's home...
Андрей Гусарченко
I need California
Yulia's Yoga
Yulia's Yoga Anos atrás
You can as well make a video about hot australian summer with scorching hot temperatue 47 or so. Extremities do not reflect actual things. Avoid such conclusions.
новый канал
Hello,I Visiting Russian Summer Season ,has never been a good idea
Ondrej Roberto
Ondrej Roberto Anos atrás
She act like experienced a winter first time in her life.
JustGoRussia Anos atrás
Nice video about Moscow. Please check - Might be interesting to see Moscow & St. Petersburg in winter. As well as tourists’ comments about their travel experience to Russia.
White Moon
White Moon Anos atrás
I love Russia and I love Russian peoples 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов 13 dias atrás
Thank you😊:-)
Joel Goode
Joel Goode Anos atrás
Greets from NorCal -- great video and congrats on your athletic ability -- unusually impressive, indeed !! :)
LonelyMan Rabby
LonelyMan Rabby 2 meses atrás
You guys will die in that cold. Calis have zero tolerance on cold.
Angelotti Flycolombian Guy
Russian people treaty tourist very nice I whent during the summer of the World Cup
Angelotti Flycolombian Guy
Not has cold as norway
Average Murican
Average Murican Anos atrás
Dangerously cold? Lol come to Chicago. It's feels colder than Antarctica.
Сергей Киржаков
30 градусов это экстремальная???не понять вам янки,особенностей нашей погоды:)))
Darina Otesova
Darina Otesova Anos atrás
Приезжай в Якутию, там то пизже будет.
Юра Широков
Юра Широков 9 meses atrás
Байкал охуенин!
TibilovYuriyV Anos atrás
сумасшедшая бабочка - crazy butterfly
Alex Shmidth
Alex Shmidth Anos atrás
Это потому что вы одеты по летнему
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Anos atrás
I literally walked out only with one layer of clothing in Moscow when it was -3 degrees and it was not cold lol but everyone around me gave me a funny look
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 2 meses atrás
LonelyMan Rabby yeah it can get pretty cold in the winter in the USA but in Russia that year it was only the begging of winter and where we live in like January got to -10 degrees Fahrenheit basically
LonelyMan Rabby
LonelyMan Rabby 2 meses atrás
@Bruh Moment Midwest (Dakotas, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin), Alaska, Maine and Idaho are severely cold with terrible windchill.
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Anos atrás
Travel in Russia
Travel in Russia Anos atrás
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Anos atrás
It was only -10, bruh moment
l o u i s c a m p o s
Юра Широков
Юра Широков 9 meses atrás
Tuanod Anos atrás
Эд Сибирь
Эд Сибирь Anos atrás
Молодцы ребята , а девочка очень красиво двигается !
MrWantsoft Anos atrás
Симпотичная спортивная девчонка, добро пожаловать!
Граф Соплежуйский
Хорошенькая девушка
Harry Balanovsky
Harry Balanovsky Anos atrás
- 30 C is not that cold...- 40 -50 that's the stuff))) Plus in summer it can be +30 +40...heat i don't like.
Феофан Это поле должно быть заполнено
I do buttflip to buttdrop all the time, not a big deal
B_&_W Anos atrás
Katie you are beautiful. Very beautiful jumping, I really liked it.
MR. Acura
MR. Acura Anos atrás
just make it easy for people to go to Asia
Руслан Наимов
В первые смотрю и по акценту понимаю, британка)
Gosharus Anos atrás
Ребята оставайтесь здесь... У вас там, больше ловить нечего! Утверждаю - значит знаю!
Gosharus Anos atrás
Блин, ну не надо Милиции ездить на Fordах.., есть же Веста... Откуда такая рабская безвкусица?!
Андрей Март
Мы Русские притворяемся. Нам так же холодно как и вам.
Юра Широков
Юра Широков 9 meses atrás
Нееее я проверял я русский! Нырнул в реку к моему уделению я продолжал дышать под водой! Русский в воде не тонет в огне не горит!
denzelsnipes69 Anos atrás
It gets colder than that in Fairbanks, Alaska than in Moscow. But Moscow's cold is nothing compared to the town Oymyakon, which is the world's coldest inhabited city. One of the reasons she is so cold in this video is she isn't dressed appropriately for the weather.
lormendi Anos atrás
Moscow and its inhabitants can all go fuck themselves. Nuke em til they glow!! USA USA USA!!!
Titina de Cassovia
Titina de Cassovia Anos atrás
Ladies and Gentlemen, literally Hitler^^
DimaFromRussia1 Anos atrás
you idiot ?
Рроорло Рпаоолл
Very good body work)
Saijai Cheunarom
Saijai Cheunarom Anos atrás
I think you not there. Do you? Now
Saijai Cheunarom
Saijai Cheunarom Anos atrás
Maar in karmer slaap niet 😎 cool? #3
Saijai Cheunarom
Saijai Cheunarom Anos atrás
😁 Very cool there?
TheDjKoul Anos atrás
Moscow climate is wet that is why every light frost in Moscow feels like a dangerous cold...-40 in Siberia is lighter than -20 in Moscow...
Иван Милюков
Osborne Reynolds
Osborne Reynolds Anos atrás
Why in Russia not in sight blacks? Russian racists? Or black are afraid of the Russian cold? But black people can not be seen on the streets of Russia, even in the summer heat! I do not understand.
Travel in Russia
Travel in Russia Anos atrás
In the city of Tambov there is a multinational institution. There are a lot of students from different countries!
DimaFromRussia1 Anos atrás
hmmm what ????
Anatoliy Shtinov
Anatoliy Shtinov Anos atrás
Because Russia did not participate in the slave trade, then during the 20th century Soviet Union had closed borders. There are black people, just not many, something like 0.5%.
Ser Ludoman
Ser Ludoman Anos atrás
Ни о чём. Так, обычная прогулка. Смымл было снимать7
Юра Широков
Юра Широков 9 meses atrás
Хахаха, если поедете за границу то зачем там снимать? Просто прогулка!
m l
m l Anos atrás
Thats why you need a fur coat
Anton s
Anton s Anos atrás
Nice , and cool video ! Spasibo from Estonia !!!!!!!
Canonicisme Anos atrás
Even God does the same as we also do: the best dishes, we put them in the fridge to conserve them for a longer time. The dishes we don't care too much about, we leave them out under the Sun!
alex vorobyov
alex vorobyov Anos atrás
Honey, it's not cold! And Siberia is not very cold! Go on Yakutia and Magadan! That's real cold! Good video! But You are not ready for Moscow's winter. Wrong how to close your faces. I sayd it cause I'm live in Yakutsk. You are very strong girl! Cool! I hope You'll find a some Russian Banya in Moscow. Try it!!!
Дина Mусина
Укутались как немцы под Сталинградом сразу видно что иностранцы.Так даже в Сибири не ходят)
анатолий иванов
)))+++ молодцы!
Иди Обниму
ахаха как капуста оделась:) в москве холодно не бывает максимум -20.у нас детей так в -35-40 одевают качели в минус не лизала в россии не бывала:)
MENGCHAO LI Anos atrás
the santa train is really cool. I love it and the station with many drawings, too. it must be amazing to travel in Moscow
Travel in Russia
Travel in Russia Anos atrás
Santa Claus in Russia "DED MOROZ " (Grandfather Frost)
MENGCHAO LI Anos atrás
I am watching it on the last day of 2018. A new year is coming soon. Thank u for sharing! it's really enjoyable and seems that everywhere in red square is a picturesque picture from difficult angles. a fairytale city except the freezing weather.^ω^
politics India
politics India Anos atrás
beautiful country good & friendly people Russia . love from India💖
Alex'ey K.
Alex'ey K. Anos atrás
There is more cold in Novosibirsk. I don't say about Yakutsk) it's more cold there than in anywhere in Russia!
Orthodox Anos atrás
The city I often visit my dreams ..
Aderina Dessy
Aderina Dessy Anos atrás
Your videos are so clear, what camera did you use?
Monikans Anos atrás
I was born in Moscow
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