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We pitted Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen against each other to argue over some of the internets biggest debates.

We find out if they think the Star Wars prequels were underrated, if they believe Darth Vader is the best villain in movie history and if they think the Star Wars universe and their fanbase is the best.

Obi-Wan Kenobi debuts exclusively on Disney+ from 27th May.

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23 Mai 2022



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LADbible TV
Obi-Wan Kenobi debuts exclusively on Disney+ from 27th May.
TheCrafsMan SteadyCraftin
I really like that ol' Hayden remembered the name of "Thomas", the man who supplied them fresh, straight lightsabers. :)
Jared. 21 hora atrás
I love how humble and how much of a true fan Hayden seems. The whole new show (even this video lol) is literally named after the man/role sitting opposite the table from him, while he portrays one of the biggest, most iconic villains of all time. Yet he remembers the little sentimental details like Thomas the lightsaber guy or the bike story in London. As he said, 17-18 years since he had last worn the suit, yet these are some of the little things that stuck with him over the time. No one can touch Ewan McGregor as younger Obi-Wan, but hats off to Christensen for really being a trooper. As a 22-year-old who has seen everything cinematically (movies and recent Disney + series') from Star Wars, Anakin has remained my favorite character, it's such a pleasure getting to relive a great part of my childhood with the same people who were around for me back then. So many nostalgic chills hit my arms while watching the new series. Genuinely felt like we got a lot of the things we'd wanted since Revenge of the Sith.
Verax 18 horas atrás
Love these guys. So glad to see not just one but BOTH of them back in Star Wars. I certainly hope Disney goes ahead to greenlight a second season. Although I think it would be inappropriate if Obi-Wan and Darth Vader were to meet again in the second season-- I absolutely want Vader to play an important role in an intertwining parallel story plot. I want to see more flashbacks as well. There are so many ways obviously to keep Vader relevant in the possible second season without the story being about another clash/meeting between him and his old master. Bottom line, Vader played by Hayden is too great to be relegated to a few cameos if the story goes in another direction, and I think Hayden's love and dedication to the series and his character certainly justify playing a significant role in any future season. What we certainly need to see though is more training between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn. It would also make perfect sense for Quinlan Vos to be introduced as a main character, since we know he's alive and the first season essentially set that up perfectly by namedropping him. He was a significant part of Kenobi's path as a Jedi, and his history with Count Dooku makes him relevant for some more great flashback scenes. Finally, he would make a perfect counterpart to Reva's character, possibly taking her on as an apprentice and completing her training. It would fit very nicely as we see Reva is sort of grey in the force by the end of the first season, and her lack of proper Jedi training as a Padawan show how she still is inferior in some ways to fully trained Jedi and Sith. This could clean up any loose threads.
Peck Dia atrás
Hayden is so quiet, so shy, his body barely moved. That shows that he is a great actor because during the prequels he had to be very emotional, very vocal and his body was also a way of expression.
TooLoLish 23 horas atrás
These two got so much undeserved criticism for the prequels. I think McGregor did an excellent job throughout all the three movies, and even Christensen did the best with the (admittedly lackluster) character and dialogue he was given.
Dani Davis
Dani Davis Dia atrás
Hayden is such a nice quiet guy. It's always the quiet ones who play these really intense villains. He was perfect as Anakin. Brooding, petulant, overly confident, fearful but also obedient (sometimes) adventurous, and fun-loving. He brought all that back and more to the Kenobi series. So glad they decided to come back. What a gift!
Remembering that the person from the film crew who fixed lightsabers 20 years ago was named Thomas says a lot about Haydens character. What a cool guy
Rav Jun
Rav Jun Dia atrás
Man, this is such an incredible moment. And good for Hayden Christensen. As a fan of his, I'm happy for his performance as Darth Vader getting the appreciation he deserves after all the hate he got for his movies and being literally called "the guy that killed Star Wars".
Guinea54 21 hora atrás
I agree these were totally underrated. I was one of the rare people who enjoyed them back when they came out.... sure they had their issues, but overall, they were very good. Had great music, memorable battle/fight scenes, I think most of the acting was great. There were of course some cheesy lines, an annoying jar jar character, and they went overboard with all the kid killing- that was too drastic of a jump to the dark side way too fast.. But other than that the prequels were way better than Disney's 3. And again for those saying how bad the acting was.. Obi Wan was great, You had samuel jackson, Liam Neeson, the Emperor was fantastic. Hayden and Natlie Portman didn't do bad jobs either, they just got stuck with some pretty solid cheese lines to work with though.
Donovan Diminyatz
Man, these two seem like actual real quality guys... the kind you'd want to be long time friends with. Much respect.
SteezyZ Dia atrás
I love how comfortable they are joking with each other and just bantering, I could listen to this for hours. I’m glad both of the are getting the love they always deserved ❤️
Simon Lupien
Simon Lupien Dia atrás
To be honest, I found the show underwhelming, but I liked every scene these two were in together. It was a joy to see them together after all these years. I just wish the rest of the show was on par with their performances.
Sean Mines
As someone who works in film/live events: Hayden Christensen just earned a TON of respect from me. The fact he immediately could recall the name of a crew member from the production!
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus 21 hora atrás
Wawa 18 horas atrás
George Lucas did a great job casting him as anakin. Let's be honest here, the only reason why critics hated him cause they thought he was the chosen one. As we grow older, 20 years, now we fully understand and appreciate his role.
Eef 18 horas atrás
Can’t say anything more than I love these two actors so much, I absolutely love seeing Hayden in the new series and love seeing him as Anakin once again.
Neha Kadian
Neha Kadian Dia atrás
Just like Hayden said, “It’s such a trip”. To see them on screen again, as a die hard fan of the prequels and Anakin/Hayden, it was really fantastic.
Sarah Dia atrás
Before the show, I never knew that people hated the prequels. I just learned about that a couple of weeks ago. As a kid, I was OBSESSED. I loved the movies so much and I still do. I‘m really glad we get to see more of those two in the star wars universe. I really enjoyed this video, thanks!
Atomic Moon
Really happy to see Hayden back and feeling positive about Star Wars. Can’t imagine it was easy for him all those years ago with some of the ridicule that was aimed at him
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