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Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen and Moses Ingram each answer the same seven questions about Star Wars. Anakin Skywalker (Christensen), Obi-Wan Kenobi (McGregor), and Reva (Ingram) will star in the Disney+ new miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi premiering on May 27th. How would they describe their characters? What was McGregor's initial reaction when he was cast in Star Wars? Did the new series change their perception of the Star Wars universe?

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17 Mai 2022



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Comentários 5 449
Xavier Mês atrás
Hearing about how happy and dorky Hayden with his friend was makes me sad that he was met with such harsh criticism. Glad to have him back!
i love pink roses
i love pink roses 26 dias atrás
Obi Wan already knew Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader. Check out Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Him and Yoda look into security footage and Lord Sidious says Rise Lord Vader. Then Yoda calls Anakin Lord Vader.
SineEyed 2020
SineEyed 2020 Mês atrás
@jonnnnniej how exactly were these alleged fans sending her personal emails? 🤔 Gotta be honest; I find this claim of yours quite dubious and highly improbable..
jonnnnniej Mês atrás
And now Hayden and Ewan have to call out "fans" because Moses is getting soo much personal hate mail. I wish we learned a little more :(
SineEyed 2020
SineEyed 2020 Mês atrás
@Gizmo and where were these hateful threads taking place? Your comment implies that you were there back then; surely you remember. To which websites did these threads belong?..
NxD Diez
NxD Diez Mês atrás
"Jedi Knight, never Jedi Master" He totally gets Anakin, he understood the assignment.
Rahmin Buckman
Rahmin Buckman 3 dias atrás
But wasn't he a Jedi master to Asohka Tano? He was just never on the Jedi Council.
Brady Davis
Brady Davis 20 dias atrás
I mean, it's not difficult to understand. 🤷
FiringallCylinders Mês atrás
The fact he said he watched The Clone Wars to get back in character is awesome.
HAIL SEITAN! Mês atrás
@ML and that "Its outrageous! Its unfair!"
Maria Hotgirl
Maria Hotgirl Mês atrás
Every credit to Hayden for never being bitter about the criticism he (wrongfully) received for the prequels. He’s always spoken so highly about his experience working with George and Star Wars generally. Beyond happy that the Chosen One is back!!
R C 22 dias atrás
@D Gray She really did but tbf I don't think she's that good Hayden isn't a great actor but has more range
D Gray
D Gray 22 dias atrás
@R C That's a topic I also have the same thoughts about. Though also Natalie Portman came across clunky.
R C 23 dias atrás
@D Gray I understand that, I truly do, but I think Ewan and Liam could speak up more as they were more well established than Hayden
Josh Kim
Josh Kim Mês atrás
Don't thank a bot lol
Ned Wheeler
Ned Wheeler Mês atrás
Bring Jar Jar back, he has spoken.
CM M 3 dias atrás
they might bring Jar Jar back, just to kill him off LMAO ouchie
CarlyUTube 5 dias atrás
Bath bomb Maniac Pokémon go fan
Even in real life he’s like obi wan trolling you all hahhahahaha
wraith29 8 dias atrás
@Cheesepizza87 this f*cking is the way, Jar Jar is so cool, and Ahmed Best has had his amount of hate for one life. Let us love him now all together.
Justin O'Neil
Justin O'Neil 15 dias atrás
Darth Jar Jar is like the drunken master. Ultimate mis direction. Maybe that’s what happened in episode 2…mis direction.
Just Arkon
Just Arkon Mês atrás
I think what made people unfortunately dislike Hayden's portrayal in the Prequels was mainly that they didn't actually understand who Anakin was supposed to be. All that they knew was that he was Luke's father and that he became Darth Vader. With all of the other shows (especially the Clone Wars) fleshing out Star Wars canon and fleshing out characters like Anakin, we can really understand that Hayden played the part perfectly. He perfectly embodied what George wanted Anakin to be and people just didn't get it.
Logan Soliz
Logan Soliz Dia atrás
@Dustin we’re a different generation though. The people who criticized him were the people who were kids when the OT came out and they didnt like them bc they didnt get the feeling of nostalgia and same excitement as they did 20 years before
Insertclevernamehere 3 dias atrás
Anakin was also gaslighted for years by the Supreme Chancellor whispering in his ear about what he 'deserved ' and how he was being marginalised and ignored by the Jedi Council of course. Personally, if I could make one change in the prequels I would have had Anakin believe he was reasonable for Padme's death - after all that time fearing losing her, to then believe he was the one who caused her death would probably push most over the emotional edge. Padme just magically dying like a Victorian woman with the vapours didn't really do it for me as a sufficiently emotional driver.
Insertclevernamehere 3 dias atrás
That historical attack and subsequent reversal might be a lesson for today's fans to consider when they are savaging the current crop of actors in Star Wars films/shows. It's one thing to get stick into obviously poor writing, editing, etc, if justrified but extremely few, if any, of the actors have deserved anything like the sheer abuse they have received .
Countdown to the ban
Countdown to the ban 4 dias atrás
George is a terrible director of actors, Hayden was young, and people are cruel. His performance was indeed lacking in a number of ways, but that’s George’s fault.
Adam West
Adam West 8 dias atrás
You're completely wrong Just Arkon. I saw the original Star Wars in 1978. I grew up with Star Wars. The millions like me that grew up with SW UNDERSTOOD who Anakin was going to be and had a good idea as to how he was going to get there. The problem with the prequals was George Lucas. His terrible writing and his inept ability to direct actors (look this up, it's not a secret). The prequals were poorly directed and "fleshed out." As a result the actors especially Hayden were very wooden while having to deliver "corny" lines. Also, Hayden at the time was not a strong enough actor, nor experienced enough to push through it like the other more experienced actors. So his performance suffered as did the movies and other actors. Lucas dropped that ball. Not the actors or the long time fans.
J W Mês atrás
Ewan is a good dude...he stomped hard here a couple of times for Ahmed Best to return, knowledgeable of the unfair hate he received for playing Jar Jar...Permanent respect for this stand up guy...
Rockio Salvatore
Rockio Salvatore 10 dias atrás
@yuoop noke i was excited too until i realized they literally wasted him….
Milford Cubicle
Milford Cubicle Mês atrás
I'm a little bummed they didnt write in Jar Jar into Obi Wan. It's like a reboot of a TV show and I wanna know if they fed him to the Gooberfish!
eries77 Mês atrás
@White Noise Nah he was totally clapping back at all the haters. Ewan is standing up for his crew!
J W Mês atrás
@White Noise Nah, off base...that's a sleaze move, mate...Only haters, sad about their own lives, support that. Ewan doesnt give off sleaze-ball vibes...
White Noise
White Noise Mês atrás
Ewan was mocking Jar Jar at the end - it was hilarous!!
Nic Marie
Nic Marie Mês atrás
It kinda made me sad that Moses is more anxious than excited about her role in Star Wars because she knows how the fans can be if they don’t like something. I also Love to see that Hayden is still as excited as he was nearly 20 years ago despite the things said about him. Glad they brought him back. Very excited for this
The COVID-19 Coronavirus
It doesn’t help that nobody knows wtf she’s in it or what Reva’s story is for especially after watching it
Saudade 11 dias atrás
I would be too, the star wars fandom is known to be one of the most obnoxious and elitist fandoms out there
Ben Holmes
Ben Holmes 12 dias atrás
@Ev I commented that before the show came out. Saying IF she’s written correctly she won’t have a problem. Gotta ignore the minority of hateful people out there
Ev 12 dias atrás
@Ben Holmes what politics was in the show? the gutter lines you mean? i thought they said that because they knew she was a jedi youngling so they called her mean names
Tony Mazza
Tony Mazza 21 dia atrás
Yeah she’s really…..really bad lmao
[Dark Autumn 3D]
[Dark Autumn 3D] Mês atrás
So happy for Hayden... It must have made him so anxious returning to this or even returning to Star Wars in general knowing that a lot of people hated the prequels and, in some part, his performance.. But seeing how the fans positively reacted to his return must have made him feel so incredibly reassured. It's not his fault that the writing wasn't all that great.
Jessica J
Jessica J Mês atrás
Marvel trained us
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Mês atrás
and Star Wars generally. Beyond happy that the Chosen One is back!!
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Mês atrás
everything for the first time
Chase Freedman
Chase Freedman Mês atrás
Hayden's voice has gotten deeper, but that actually fits Vader perfectly as it adds more to the practical affects with Vader's deep voice!
Astrid Hofferson
Astrid Hofferson 15 dias atrás
Yes,he doesn't voice Vader but anyway,his voice sounds deeper now than Ewan's,what a change!
Red Dillon
Red Dillon 17 dias atrás
vader is voiced by james earl jones just like in the original trilogy but for any scenes outside of the suit, yeah, it would make sense
Black Elroyy
Black Elroyy 17 dias atrás
He doesn’t voice him m8
Aaron Sibley
Aaron Sibley Mês atrás
also sounds more like anakin in the clone wars so i'm definitely not complaing
Airsoft Alfonse
Airsoft Alfonse Mês atrás
Imagine just having a casual lightsaber battle in your apartment against Anakin Skywalker 🤯
I Died
I Died 12 dias atrás
He and Luke are the only ones Darth Vader has spared
P C Mês atrás
Very cool. His roommate was so lucky
Holdsworth12 Gaming
Daddy Alfonse?
The Dead man
The Dead man Mês atrás
It’s all fun and games until a youngling walks in
Caligula Fortuna
Caligula Fortuna 11 dias atrás
I feel bad for Moses just hearing and knowing she was nervous about the series and knowing the fans can be sometimes very harsh. I know real SW fans didn’t comment those horrible things to her. I loved her Inquisitor character and hope to see her character somehow in the next chapters of SW. Respect to Ewan for standing up for Ahmed and his jar jar character.
Jaime Romanini
Jaime Romanini Dia atrás
@CaptainFordo I really enjoyed her character and Uncle Owen and his wife.
CaptainFordo 2 dias atrás
Nah bruh if you think Reva is a good character you on something
GridLockOnTheBeat Mês atrás
I love that Ewan brought up the toughness of the green screen stage. Because in hindsight, that whole process was still real actively new in that capacity. People will criticize it but Lucas was a visionary for the uses of the technology at the time. Sloppy execution on parts but look at what we have now. Most Marvel movies are CGI and now incorporate a bit of realistic environments, but Star Wars kinda brought that to the forefront
Insertclevernamehere 3 dias atrás
An actor friend always says that 'acting is reacting' - working in a green/blue screen environment must be a whole new skill set for an actor when they don't have anyone in shot to react to. I'd love to hear more about that process for actors since green screen is so ubiquitous now.
Cat Final
Cat Final 18 dias atrás
@toni M Yeah, real sets help for sure. I guess, not having so many CGI characters helps too :-) I think this is what critics of Jar Jar, or rather of Ahmed Best, forget - if I recall correctly, he was present physically on the set in a costume, that helped other actors I believe, compared to Kaminoans, who were just a ball on a stick I believe Ewan said :-)
toni M
toni M 19 dias atrás
@Cat Final One of the major differences is that unless it was a major fight sequence/ unrealistic setting, the majority of those movies could be shot on a set. Meaning the actors could immerse themselves into the characters more. Maybe the acting wouldn’t have been so heavily criticized if the actors could have been on less blue/ green screen sets. Edit: that may have come of as condescending on accident on second read. Sorry
Cat Final
Cat Final 25 dias atrás
Well, Matrix (1999) also used a lot of green screen. Original Star Wars used blue screen. It is quite an old technology. What was new in nineties was the extensive use of CGI.
farid conde
farid conde Mês atrás
Jurassic Park? What is that? Just kidding, I get your point
SmartPuff_3000 2 dias atrás
Ewan's challenge: adapting to acting with the technology Moses' challenge: the athleticism Hayden's challenge: not making the lightsaber noises
Riley Reese
Riley Reese Mês atrás
This feels again like the peak of Star Wars, the feeling is the same, seeing those faces back together doing press conference. Didn't know we needed it that much!! please keep doing something with them!!
E Ramos89
E Ramos89 Mês atrás
@sam personally marvel as run its course, most of those movies are the same.
sam Mês atrás
it just saddens me that marvel is doing so much more
Trevor Denver
Trevor Denver Mês atrás
The way hayden describes getting the role for starwars and telling his roommate sounded hilarious, starwars seems to bring the kid out of all of us
Angel Liza
Angel Liza Mês atrás
saccharine Mês atrás
some bot stole your comment lmao
Eca Mês atrás
I'd love to be SpecialDate.My.Id is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day.
The Shredder
The Shredder Mês atrás
@Joy Elias lol you’ll see, it’s Disney they’ll ruin this for all of us. Willing to bet they make her character an integral part to the entire story when we all collectively don’t need any new characters for this time period
Joy Elias
Joy Elias Mês atrás
@The Shredder how can you say that when it's called Obi-wan kenobi the series?! 🤔
Justin Proper
Justin Proper Mês atrás
I love how they ended with bringing back Jar Jar. That's both heartwarming & terrifying at the same time.
Jaime Romanini
Jaime Romanini Dia atrás
@Nick Would love to, the only way to make some sense to the 7, 8 & 9. It you see the prequels it coulb match.
Nick 2 dias atrás
Jar Jar is a Sith Lord, mark my word! 😂
Rita Clay
Rita Clay Mês atrás
Hayden brought humanity to Anakin. He made realize why Anakin turned to the dark side. He thought he was making the right choice but he was deceived. Hayden could have become bitter but he didn't and I believe his career is really going to be resurrected again.
Cam bruno
Cam bruno Mês atrás
Ewan, Hayden, and Moses all are so well spoken and help us as the audience understand and appreciate what acting was like for our stars while they created another piece of the story that us fans follow and love Thank you so much for taking time for us to share your experience and thoughts! Loving having you back on screen
Dmitry Wilkins
Dmitry Wilkins Mês atrás
“I loved working with Ahmed best we could bring him back” honestly, I agree. It sounds dumb but I would LOVE to see jar jar come back
Nick 2 dias atrás
@Jay Are Jwnz I wanna see Darth Binks 😂
Jay Are Jwnz
Jay Are Jwnz 15 dias atrás
Show us a saddened and hurt Jar Jar who realized his mistake in giving palpatine power.
Nicholas Light TV
Nicholas Light TV Mês atrás
seeing hayden again is so unreal to me. I cant explain the level of excitement i have
Skylan Cox
Skylan Cox 8 dias atrás
@sircartier777 speachless now huh u against the world don’t talk silence ??’x church
Skylan Cox
Skylan Cox 8 dias atrás
Movie time
Skylan Cox
Skylan Cox 8 dias atrás
Watch me
sircartier777 8 dias atrás
Keelan Wagstaff
Keelan Wagstaff Mês atrás
My thoughts exactly completely underrated actor Hayden was brilliant as anakin and so was Ewan as obi wan !
Yusef Shafiq
Yusef Shafiq 7 dias atrás
my favorite thing about these interviews is just the amount of love for the characters and universe that the actors have
Carlos D Rodriguez
Carlos D Rodriguez Mês atrás
I appreciate the actress for Riva being honest about how anxiety inducing dealing with the fandom very well is
Tani Sokoya
Tani Sokoya 22 dias atrás
@Gekyume Nice try, but I'm not the one that made a clearly nonsensical comment in this thread.
Gekyume 24 dias atrás
@Tani Sokoya yeah whatever you say, the only person who calls people clowns are the clowns themselves.
Tani Sokoya
Tani Sokoya 24 dias atrás
@Gekyume Keep clowning yourself.
Simon William Noel Murray
@Gekyume This is just racism. I dislike her character because her writing is very poor, the actress is *fine*
TMMaddict 10 dias atrás
Moses did such a great job, and knowing that she's nervous about the reception here and seeing how some fans have lashed out against her is really sad
Grayson Willis
Grayson Willis 5 dias atrás
This series is the best and all credit goes to Ewan and Hayden and especially Dave Filoni to bring the magic back into Obi-wan and Anakin/Vader relationship!!! Star War fans were really critical and didn't give Hayden enough credit for being Anakin Skywalker and then filling in Vader's helmet because it was simply no easy task!!! I love Hayden as Anakin/Vader because without him Star Wars wouldn't be what it is today!!! Propers to Hayden for taking all the negative criticism and turning it into fuel to renew the role!!!
Drew Fox
Drew Fox Mês atrás
Every credit to Hayden for never being bitter about the criticism he (wrongfully) received for the prequels. He’s always spoken so highly about his experience working with George and Star Wars generally. Beyond happy that the Chosen One is back!!
🎩  Sinbad 🎩
🎩 Sinbad 🎩 Mês atrás
Lucca216 Mês atrás
@Michał Cieślak That scene you described on Revenge of the Sith is the ONE good acting scene for Anakin in the whole trilogy. That’s not representative of the rest of the movies. And the problem of the prequels wasn’t necessarily just the cringy performance. The story they had was interesting but it was SO awfully presented and delivered and they just blew the whole concept.
JAMES'SGAMES 115 Mês atrás
Y’all got me confused. Yeah, the dialogue was bad, but Hayden’s delivery made it worse. Even if the director should have known to get another take, it’s still bad acting and he’s equally at fault.
Lucas Olson
Lucas Olson Mês atrás
He was awful in attack of the clones, but to be fair everyone but Ewan was bad in that movie. He was alright in ROTS, but he certainly doesn’t deserve the criticism as I think most of it was poor writing, not necessarily poor acting.
alida flus
alida flus Mês atrás
I like how Ewan tried to hide the smile after saying bring Jar-Jar back. Dude knew exactly what he was doing.
Rahmin Buckman
Rahmin Buckman 3 dias atrás
I would love to bring Jar Jar back, if only to be revealed that he had been working with Palpatine and been his pawn this entire time!
MsJigglypuff 8 dias atrás
My favorite scenes are with Anikan and Obi Wan, when they confront each other. The “you were my brother I loved you” scene”. And in the show, it’s their final fight and Vader says “you didn’t kill anakin, I did.” Loved it!
Codes_84 Mês atrás
I have to admit, seeing an older, more mature Hayden has made me feel like he's going to make Anakin/Vader a more complex character this time and play it with a lot more real emotion
ddmarsh21 Mês atrás
What were your greatest challenges? Moses: Training Ewan: Acting on green screen Hayden: Not making a lightsaber sound.
HMMM Mmm Mês atrás
@Halikarnak Good for you
BB Jokes
BB Jokes Mês atrás
Fanney47 Mês atrás
Liam Neville Violist
@Logan Hoomana I was just watching that video the other day while watching the behind the scenes for The Phantom Menace!!! I believe the audio team had to edit it out?
Taylor Vandenberg
Taylor Vandenberg Mês atrás
This makes my heart so happy. When I saw the prequels I was just a little kid. Seeing Ewan and Hayden bring those characters to life when they were younger was amazing and seeing them now, I still have the same feeling which is excitement and it makes me lowkey teary eyed thinking about it. I can't wait for this series to come out and see more of what happens after Revenge of the Sith. 🖤
Isaiah O.
Isaiah O. 5 dias atrás
when Ewan said; "maybe we can bring him back!" he made a lot of people mad 😂
Claudia Dethlefs
Claudia Dethlefs 7 dias atrás
Would love to see a spin-off about Reva and her story!
BekkfXst Mês atrás
I like how Ewan tried to hide the smile after saying bring Jar-Jar back. Dude knew exactly what he was doing.
Lorenz Jacob Chavez
Lorenz Jacob Chavez 4 dias atrás
Now we need a clone wars movie so Hayden and Ewan can reunite with the actors who are using VA characters and play their roles with new actors
Bacardi Dave
Bacardi Dave 15 horas atrás
What people forget is Hayden played Anakin in all three prequels. At the very end of them he turned into Vader but this is the first time he actually plays Darth Vader.
Caê Almeida
Caê Almeida 22 dias atrás
I feel sorry about the hatred Hayden had to deal with after the prequels. He is very committed, I heard he researched his own role as Anakin - and David Prowse's Vader - for a cohesive acting. It's a nice thing to do, and it shows, it gives the deserved "filling" to the villain, layers of deepness. And he looks like a really nice guy.
Samantha Frost
Samantha Frost 25 dias atrás
Hayden I always thought you did a marvelous job in the originals. I totally enjoyed you falling in love and questioning everything and ultimately falling for the dark side. I thought you did it so well. Never criticized you ever. Glad to see you back
vrxvrx Mês atrás
Hayden's story about how he and his friend reacted to him been approved to be in the movies, really feels like one the most memorable moments of his life, glad to be here to listen to him share it Edit: I just want to say in a very short way that... I am thankful to have received this many likes, it might mean little to nothing to some, because in the end in just a comment made in a video... But for someone who's living through a horrible time, it really means a lot... Thanks everyone
Ladiesman 217
Ladiesman 217 Mês atrás
Everything will be alright, don’t worry! This whole comment section is there for you and we support you throughout these tough times :) ❤️you’re not alone, never!
GiuliaC Mês atrás
I liked your comment before reading the edit and now I wish I could give it another like! Wish you all the best!
vrxvrx Mês atrás
@Deem thanks friend, be well :)
Deem Mês atrás
Hey there, I hope whatever difficulties in your life will be replaced with joyful moments :)
Mariela Rodriguez Ureta
That's true friendship right there
The way Hayden describes getting the role for Star Wars and telling his roommate sounded hilarious, Star Wars seem to bring the kid out of all of us.
[ J A S H]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
I got a little emotional when hayden talked about getting the role, I now a lot of people and myself relate to that child-like joy, it just made it sadder for me to think all the backlash he got, in the end it was just a guy excited to do what he loves and take on this character. Im so glad he's getting so much support now, you can tell he's excited to be back despite everything and it was brave of him, I can't wait to see him in obi wan.
Marco Dorian
Marco Dorian 9 dias atrás
I NEED JAR JAR BACK. He literally saved the day in Phantom Menace by advising Padmé to join forces with the Gungan and their army. He’s the proof that nobody should ever underestimate creatures that seem helpless or harmless.
Brandon Campbell
Brandon Campbell 5 dias atrás
Moses Ingram was the best new thing to come out of this incredible show. She did an amazing job playing Reva. She was absolutely riveting in so many scenes. She nailed all of the emotion of someone suffering awful childhood trauma. Bravo.
Bobbie Sterling
Bobbie Sterling Mês atrás
"what challenges did you face?" ewan: its difficult to act with bluescreen moses: it required a lot of athleticism hayden: i couldnt not make the lightsaber sounds lol
J W Mês atrás
@Suzy Girl I think she will. She doesn't strike me as someone who half-asses projects...
Lord Mason Chase
Lord Mason Chase Mês atrás
@Suzy Girl Facts
Suzy Girl
Suzy Girl Mês atrás
I hope the new girl knocks it off the park and proves these fans wrong. She was great in Queen's Gambit
jordan woodle
jordan woodle Mês atrás
Anakin Skywalker is my favorite cinema character of all time. Hayden played him perfectly and I am over the moon to see him back in Star Wars. It is an incredible feeling. I just hope they do him justice in this series. I’m very skeptical. I don’t trust Disney to handle Obi Wan let alone Darth Vader.
House of Pain
House of Pain Mês atrás
Idk why but seeing Hayden again almost brings a tear of joy to my eye. I never felt that he deserved all that hate that he had gotten like at all! He is actually really good in other movies but no one could seem to see past the whiny “I hate sand! It’s rough, course and gets everywhere” thing which is tremendous saddening because he deserved so much more. And people don’t even understand why he hated sand so much either! For those who didn’t understand sand was an allegory for other stuff in his life. For example: he hated sand because where he was raised as a slave was full of sand the worst parts of his life where on a planet full of sand, his mom died on that sandy planet to Tusken Raiders aka Sand People. Like the worst aspects of his life where involved with sand that’s why he hated. He grew up with nothing but sand and everytime he was around it he was reminded of all the bad he had to endure. So, he wasn’t just saying he hated sand to make an edgy sand remark it was meaning behind it but no one even looked past what he said.
Melissa Fernandez
Melissa Fernandez Mês atrás
I was born in 98 so I grew up watching the prequels and the love that I have for not only Hayden but anakin skywalker is just unmatched. I think he did an amazing job and I'm so happy to see him return to this character 💜
Oakley Peters
Oakley Peters 28 dias atrás
Love this cast! They were our childhood the same way the mark hamil , carrie fischer and harrison ford were for the originals. Every person who loved the prequels is so happy to see hayden and ewan back in their roles!
Homework Radio
Homework Radio Mês atrás
Much respect to Ewan for shouting out Ahmed Best, that man has gone through some rough times due to his casting.
John McKinney
John McKinney 13 dias atrás
As a guy who hates Jar Jar, I feel so bad for Ahmed Best. It’s not his fault. He’s just doing what he was asked do.
Kendall Sanders
Kendall Sanders Mês atrás
@Ando Servis Voice Actor Perhaps people who are 'unaware' of quality just seem to have a better sense of enjoyment? Think about it. They probably left the theater happier than you. Who is missing out in that equation?
OOAK Queen
OOAK Queen Mês atrás
Jar jar will remain one of my favourite childhood characters a lot of people didn’t agree with me growing up but I enjoyed him he was my generations chewie for me anyways haha
Jefferson Santos
Jefferson Santos Mês atrás
@Ando Servis Voice Actor imagine being that self-entitled due to a space fantasy for children, if it was a Kubrick's movie I would at least understand.
Jeppe Frolund
Jeppe Frolund Mês atrás
Good on Ewan for giving Ahmed Best some love. A lot of Star Wars characters and the actors portraying them have been abused by the toxic fandom through the years, but none took a bigger hit than Best. Jar Jar was a silly characters, for sure, but the level to which people would take the hate was unreal.
Taylor Vandenberg
Taylor Vandenberg Mês atrás
Another thing too, it makes me happy knowing so many people are welcoming Ewan but especially Hayden cuz he got a lot of criticism for his acting which to me is outrageous because he fully brought Anakin and Vader to life. What also makes me happy is seeing their reactions when they first got the job and now, it makes my heart happy knowing they're excited too like we are. 🖤
hales lyss
hales lyss 14 dias atrás
Ewan: “Idk maybe we can bring Jar Jar back.” Me: “Oh God, no please don’t.” 🤣🤣 I missed these guys!!
Adela Ayala
Adela Ayala 17 dias atrás
Wow! This is my childhood wish coming true. I never thought I would see any of the original cast come back. I fell so in love with Anakin and Padmes relationship, I was so heartbroken Anakin turned to the dark side to protect Padme but she ended up dying. It would have been nice seeing them together still but they had a good run with the time they had together. My memorable scene was Padmes funeral. They made her look so beautiful in the funeral scene. Anakin lost the woman he loved, she left behind 2 beautiful babies she just gave birth to, Padme still believed there’s good in him and ended the romance.
Enlightenment doesn't come easy
Hayden and Ewan returning for Star Wars after 2 decades is what life is all about.
Enlightenment doesn't come easy
@anycullen21 Ep3 was a nightmare come to life for anyone who find themselves rooting for Anakin.
anycullen21 Mês atrás
I look at him and I still cant belive it, Im scared smth might go wrong. Hayden, Ben Barnes and Orlando Bloom were my big 3 childhood crushes. 5 year old me cried my eyes out when I realised that little boy would be Vader one day. And dont get me started on ep3 :(
Enlightenment doesn't come easy
@Nicholas Brown Ian McDiarmid I believe. He was Palpatine.
Neal Small
Neal Small Mês atrás
@Nivonagi Seeing Hayden again is so unreal to me. I can't explain the level of excitement I have
AaronWestMusic Mês atrás
@Nicholas Brown Ian McDiarmid, absolute legend!
KOSM0S Mês atrás
Jake, Hayden and Ahmed were all unjustly treated disrespectfully by the community. I always liked these characters (yes, Jar-Jar too for what he was) and never understood why the actors had to be treated so harsh. It's good to see that at least so many years later the prequel trilogy gets the respect it always deserved. I'm super hyped to see Ewan and Hayden being back!
Emiliano Alvarez Martinez
Is it me or Hayden's voice has gotten really deep? I really hope he gets a comeback I think he is a terrific actor (and yes I would like to see Jar Jar redemmed, mainly cause its problably the hardest character in history to bring back succesfully)
Leo Ljon
Leo Ljon 7 dias atrás
Imagine watching the whole prelogy but Hayden does the lightstaber sounds himself, 100% rewatching that lmao
Rick Karrer
Rick Karrer Mês atrás
It's great to see Ewan mention Ahmed Best so much, who didn't deserve the hate that was given to him for Jar Jar in the movies. Jar Jar was an weird character, and was only thrown in for little kids, but Ahmed did not deserve any hate, he played that character the way Lucas wanted it played. I hope we get a little scene of Jar Jar helping to get Obi-Wan transport, or maybe saving Obi-Wan, in the series. Maybe show a slightly more competent, older Jar Jar. Actors don't server being treated like trash because they play a crappy and out of place, or in some cases, disappointing character (ex: Hayden played the Anakin that Lucas wanted). #JusticeForJarJar.
Yikko Mês atrás
Jar jar was freaking adorable and I loved him 😭😭
Fardil Husain
Fardil Husain Mês atrás
Man it feels surreal seeing hayden back in star wars and back in the limelight.
John Mortslleh
John Mortslleh 23 dias atrás
The more interviews I watch, man Ewan McGregor is such a good actor.
Daniel 8 dias atrás
I would love to see a interview with the boys, Hayden and Ewan of course but also Ian McDiarmid, Jimmy Smits, and Liam Neeson. Who are all star wars legends
Jake v2
Jake v2 8 dias atrás
Hearing Ewan gush over JarJar is so cool man. Glad to see him getting the recognition he deserves
Davide Speranza
Davide Speranza Mês atrás
I'm so happy for Hayden... He deserves a come back.
Abel Garza III
Abel Garza III Mês atrás
I think prequels aged like fine wine, adding more depth to the overall story and lore to a universe this big is exciting !
alphatrion100 27 dias atrás
The prequels have aged HORRIBLY. I tried to watch the phantom menace. Turned it of. It looks SO BAD. worse than the O.T.
Mike Cochrane
Mike Cochrane Mês atrás
I was on the fence about episodes 1-3 when they came out. Enjoyed them but wasn't sure about theitlr authenticity. Now though I love them and what they brought to the star wars story. In fact they at least brought a new story unlike episode 7 which was "let's take episode 4 and change a few details"
Astrixx Mês atrás
episode 1 sucks, 2 and 3 slaps and idc what anyone says
B. Fam!
B. Fam! Mês atrás
The prequels were a joyful experience. I am so done with negative fans and hate tubers. I will never again let some rando tell me why I have to hate everything I love.
Kankan 10
Kankan 10 Mês atrás
Revas actor must think she’s playing a different character because almost none of what she described is even accurate
Cheyenne Cole
Cheyenne Cole 24 dias atrás
I’m so glad Hayden is back!! He’s always shined. But now, he has topped the cake!
Emlyn Barnden
Emlyn Barnden Mês atrás
Knowing what Ahmed Best went through, it's so heartwarming to hear Ewan McGregor speak fondly of him.
Matt Villines
Matt Villines Mês atrás
Hayden and Andrew Garfield should do something together just to see if the people who suddenly “never hated them, just what they were in” would still support them.
luiz alves
luiz alves Mês atrás
"Jedi Knight, never a Jedi master" He's totally inside the mindset
Thomas B
Thomas B Mês atrás
It pained him to say that
Robert Buth
Robert Buth Mês atrás
17 years later...and he's still not over it. lol
Mickael Frimann
Mickael Frimann Mês atrás
Anakin Grindset*
SlightControl Mês atrás
@luiz alves I think that's one of the major points about Anakin - he was never the master of his own life. He was always a slave through his whole life. On Tatooine; to the Jedi doctrine (and the prophecy); to Sidious.
luiz alves
luiz alves Mês atrás
@Yachiyous it's actually ironic how he still isn't the master sith
XawiKrishna 8 dias atrás
I feel like that's the problem with Ingram. She's not a bad actress, however I feel like having no Star Wars background before portraying a character of that universe is a big downside of her performance in the series. Reva kind of just feels out of place, it's hard to explain, it's like her line delivery is wrong a lot of the times. I'm glad her arc at least gets a proper closure in the finale, but still her character was underwhelming.
JugCityKid Mês atrás
Hayden did most of the stunts as anakin especially the legendary duel of fates battle. Can't wait to see what he brings for Vador
Love is real
Love is real 17 dias atrás
I like Moses ! Riva is a great characted, very badass and I'm looking foward her development
Neo The773
Neo The773 6 dias atrás
When Hayden says it's hard for him to choose a favorite scene, you know he is lying. Obviously, the younglings slaying is up there at the top.
Caroline Mês atrás
I am so happy to see them together again. I thought the prequel series was so underrated. Anakin skywalker/Vader is so iconic I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing him.
aola wili
aola wili Mês atrás
Obi Wan will forever be my favorite Star Wars Character ever
La AlmejaInkieta
La AlmejaInkieta Mês atrás
Hayden is a real fan he did the same things a real fan would do. Its a pleasure to see him again
Mr. Media
Mr. Media 3 dias atrás
Dude it made me so happy seeing them return I remember when I was little watching the prequels and og trilogy
hello there
hello there Mês atrás
I am so happy, that Hayden is back!!! I never understood the hate he got, I loved the way how he played Anakin. I (a girl) could relate so much to him and it really helped me growing up. So thank you for bringing him back Disney!!! ❤️
Bryant Mês atrás
Seeing Hayden just made this 10x more interesting, I enjoyed him as Anakin. I don't blame him for cheesy writing and think he is fun on screen
Veronica Alvarez
Veronica Alvarez Mês atrás
@Wade Wilson who's we? Do you think they got Hayden back only for the suit? It could literally be any other person, haven't you heard about flashbacks?
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson Mês atrás
The writing wasn't cheesy kid. It was the delivery. He sucked, but we still love him. Thank goodness he has no dialogue. Just knowing he's in the suit makes us happy.
the dr is in
the dr is in Mês atrás
@Ewanawanga story wise most definitely. But some of the dialogue is awful
sikid4000 Mês atrás
@Bryant Star Wars has always had cheesy stiff lines. It's just quintessentially star wars at this point.
Lord Mason Chase
Lord Mason Chase Mês atrás
@Ewanawanga Facts that movie is the best of all time and that will probably never change.
Liza_Official Mês atrás
Hayden Christensen is so charismatic it’s insane. I really hope he starts acting outside Star wars as well. He’s so underrated outside Star Wars
Max De Kiewit
Max De Kiewit Dia atrás
Just Ewan and Haydn would’ve been enough. The other, just like in the show, brings everything to a screeching halt
Lisa Mccoy
Lisa Mccoy 29 dias atrás
I love Moses character she's a badass. Crazed badass but so fun to watch. Love seeing Hayden & Ewen back together. As an OLD Star Wars fan meaning I've been around for the original this is just pulling on my feels. Love this series!!!
jace welsh
jace welsh 3 dias atrás
she was so out of place honestly. terrible miscast. i think a better actress wouldve been letitia wright
That’s Raddd
That’s Raddd 14 dias atrás
Up to now I’ll never regret watching Star Wars. There’s so much about this story and it’s so interesting to see how things play out.
Daniel Zapata
Daniel Zapata Mês atrás
Huge respect towards Ewan for repping Ahmed Best like that, a true friend.
jms97 Mês atrás
I think the fact that many viewers are not the biggest fans of Jar Jar (myself included) just goes to show how good of a job Ahmed Best did as an actor. It was established early on that Jar Jar is a ditzy, clumsy, annoying Gungan, and Best did a pretty good job of portraying that. Respect ✊
The Little Penguin
The Little Penguin Mês atrás
@LoreLauno yeah I just don’t get it at all. These people are just trying to be a part of a story they love or I dunno even just trying to get paid in some cases lol. I don’t know how people have so much time on their hands that they have to go tell the actor personally how awful they are when really it’s the writer’s/director’s job to make you like the character or not. I’m not a complete fan of jar jar’s antics but I do like jar jar as a character in general, and either way I’m not about to go tell the actor that his comedy scenes suck. Same with jake lloyde. Like I actually thought he did pretty good. Some of the dialogue is clunky and silly but that’s just a product of George Lucas Star Wars. So I dunno 🤷🏼‍♂️ it’s just weird to me.
Matt Knell
Matt Knell Mês atrás
Yes, massive Respec to Ewan for that comment. Let’s hope that was a sneaky little spoiler and Jar Jar pops up for a scene in Obi Wan. Lucasfilm would be smart to do that for the fans.
LoreLauno Mês atrás
@Dan Caro and the sad thing is that nothing has changed since. The hate bandwagon on Kelly Marie Tran after the release of TLJ was gargantuan, despite the fact it wasn't she who wrote her character (nor Ahmed who wrote Jar Jar, nor Lloyd who wrote young Anakin, etc)
Jon Todd
Jon Todd Mês atrás
Yes 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
SlaperHD 23 dias atrás
Hayden is just like us. We might appear older but inside we're still 14 years old 😂
[EMMA]--C0me 0ver L!ve
I got a little emotional when hayden talked about getting the role, I now a lot of people and myself relate to that child-like joy, it just made it sadder for me to think all the backlash he got, in the end it was just a guy excited to do what he loves and take on this character. Im so glad he's getting so much support now, you can tell he's excited to be back despite everything and it was brave of him, I can't wait to see him in obi wan.
Kenneth Cornett
Kenneth Cornett Mês atrás
Hearing Ewan say Jar Jar made me happy. 😆 As a kid, I loved the goofiness he brought to the first movie. As an adult, he does seem too silly at this point, but I still love the nostalgia of the character when I watch the movies.
David J Partida
David J Partida 3 dias atrás
Moses Ingram - “dont mess this up” Sadly she did.
Lenard Garza
Lenard Garza Mês atrás
I got a little emotional when hayden talked about getting the role, I now a lot of people and myself relate to that child-like joy, it just made it sadder for me to think all the backlash he got, in the end it was just a guy excited to do what he loves and take on this character. Im so glad he's getting so much support now, you can tell he's excited to be back despite everything and it was brave of him, I can't wait to see him in obi wan.
rmcgowa1987 Mês atrás
@aLTo Cheerio I do reluctantly agree with you there it's still not fun to watch though it wasn't in the previous film it isn't in star wars.He should be fine as Vader though Vader is not whiney it's is more subdued anger
aLTo Cheerio
aLTo Cheerio Mês atrás
@rmcgowa1987 the whineyness fits the the character of anakin at that age though as well he is only a teen in ep 2
rmcgowa1987 Mês atrás
@aLTo Cheerio I am not talking about the dialogue I know it's bad I mean when he's meant to be upset it comes off as whiney he has done exactly this in a previous film I have seen. I don't believe for a second both directors would ask for this it's all Hayden
aLTo Cheerio
aLTo Cheerio Mês atrás
@rmcgowa1987 Yes and no the dialogue makes the emotion comes off as whiney
rmcgowa1987 Mês atrás
@aLTo Cheerio Really so Lucas wanted him portray emotion exactly like he did in a previous film? I really don't believe that
Don Kyo
Don Kyo Mês atrás
I love watching these interviews with Ewen and Hayden, but Moses is so refreshing to hear. Everyone who works on Star Wars these days grew up a fan, but hearing the perspective of someone coming into this now is cool!
N95 Mês atrás
David Melgar
David Melgar Mês atrás
Hayden’s story about gettin the call with his roommate gotta be one of the best stories I’ve ever heard😂
The Stark Knight Returns
Ewan's face at 00:18 when he says "and I play the part of Obi-Wan Kenobi" Thank you for that information, we really needed the help lol
Mifune 18 dias atrás
the fans who hate anakin were the old generation, those who loved him grew up with the prequel..
Janobot Mês atrás
I wonder why there still is no interview of Hayden and Ewan reacting to prequel memes. The interviews for the show would have been the perfect opportunity for this
Kat Rose
Kat Rose Mês atrás
@HalfLucan joking about the prequels memes isn’t the same as crapping on it, dude. There are plenty of memes that aren’t insulting.
HalfLucan Mês atrás
​@Kat Rose The show needs to be good before they earn the right to crap on the prequels - not to mention that the foundation of this show *is* the prequels
Kat Rose
Kat Rose Mês atrás
@HalfLucan how would it be in poor taste?
HalfLucan Mês atrás
If the show is good, then they can joke about the prequel memes Until then, it would kinda come across in poor taste
Mi 💋
Mi 💋 Mês atrás
*18+ Content* Cloveer.Monster mejores 😘 siempre en mi corazón mañas no se la.💟 Son unos de los mejores conciertos
Epik Mês atrás
Even if the show may become questionable like many of the comments stated. I'm just happy to see Ewan and Hayden back on set.
[HENAH] H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
I got a little emotional when hayden talked about getting the role, I now a lot of people and myself relate to that child-like joy, it just made it sadder for me to think all the backlash he got, in the end it was just a guy excited to do what he loves and take on this character. Im so glad he's getting so much support now, you can tell he's excited to be back despite everything and it was brave of him, I can't wait to see him in obi wan.
Hearing about how happy and dorky Hayden with his friend was makes me sad that he was met with such harsh criticism. Glad to have him back!
swag bro
swag bro Mês atrás
It’s so crazy, seeing Hayden and Ewan coming back to play in Star Wars , it feels so unreal!! I’m so excited for the obi wan show.!! hopefully it brings back my childhood again
Brometheus Mês atrás
The fact that people didn't like Hayden's Anakin proves he was doing the character perfectly. You aren't supposed to like him by the end; we sympathized with him as the slave boy who could save the universe, but he was awkward intentionally and gets twisted by temptation. Its ridiculous to bash an actor for making you dislike a character that you are meant to dislike, and he is awkward because he was raised as a slave. I think its really people being uncomfortable with the darkness of it all and Hayden was the scapegoat. Sand people are people too.
Monkey 9 dias atrás
Most of the blame should go to George Lucas instead of Christensen. Lucas is a great concept artist, but terrible at writing dialogue and directing the actors.
JeremiahEcks777 26 dias atrás
@jonnnnniej You'd hope, wouldn't you? And when they DO put out a quality product, the fans all moan, send death threats and put out toxic feeling. JUST like they did with their now beloved prequels. You can't blame Disney for putting out woke garbage because at least in doing so they have a select audience congratulating them for being 'progressive' whilst the rest of the audience moan about whatever they do.
i love pink roses
i love pink roses 26 dias atrás
Obi Wan already knew Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader. Check out Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Him and Yoda look into security footage and Lord Sidious says Rise Lord Vader. Then Yoda calls Anakin Lord Vader.
jonnnnniej Mês atrás
@Shadriand and now Moses is getting a lot of personal hate too :( I saw a video of Ewan and Hayden asking the "fans" to stop attacking her. I will never understand how people can get so worked up that they feel like they have to personally attack someone for it (who didn't even do anything wrong!) we all hated the end of GoT, but Lena didn't have anything to do with the bad choices. Oh and I do despise Weis and Benioff for their choices, but I still don't see how that would grand me the right to tell them to go die. Can't we all discuss our likes and dislikes and leave it at that?
Michael Texis
Michael Texis Mês atrás
Always loved Haden but I love him more now that he’s back with possibly even more excitement 😁🔥
[C H E R R Y]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Hearing about how happy and dorky Hayden with his friend was makes me sad that he was met with such harsh criticism. Glad to have him back!
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