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song list:
surfin' usa - the beach boys (1963)
she loves you - the beatles (1964)
i'm a believer - the monkees (1967)
one bad apple - the osmonds (1970)
candy girl - new edition (1983)
hold me - menudo (1985)
you got it (the right stuff) - new kids on the block (1988)
cry for you - jodeci (1993)
i'll make love to you - boyz ii men (1994)
i swear - all-4-one (1994)
back for good - take that (1995)
tearin' up my heart - nsync (1997)
everybody (backstreet's back) - backstreet boys (1997)
mmmbop - hanson (1997)
the hardest thing - 98 degrees (1998)
when the lights go out - 5ive (1998)
swear it again - westlife (1999)
i want it that way - backstreet boys (1999)
bye bye bye - nsync (2000)
back here - bbmak (2000)
all or nothing - o-town (2001)
best in me - blue (2001)
it happens everytime - dreamstreet (2001)
dance with me - 112 (2001)
bump bump bump - b2k (2002)
year 3000 - jonas brothers (2006)
burnin' up - jonas brothers (2008)
what makes you beautiful - one direction (2011)
glad you came - the wanted (2011)
worldwide - big time rush (2011)
story of my life - one direction (2013)
these girls - why don't we (2017)
mic drop - bts (2017)
summer on you - prettymuch (2018)

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17 Ago 2018



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Comentários 16 593
Inga The Moonlight Wolf
Inga The Moonlight Wolf 19 minutos atrás
Came because of Why Don't We and One Direction❤
バカNobody 38 minutos atrás
I’m the only one who came here to see Jackson 5
Briony Holmes
Briony Holmes Hora atrás
Everyone: I came for bts and 1d Me: I came for why don't we
Haymant Singh
Haymant Singh 5 horas atrás
came here for one direction, the second best boy band of all time after bsb.
Kool aid Chan
Kool aid Chan 5 horas atrás
Ah yes the old groups the Best! (Groups. Before 2013)
Trash Noah
Trash Noah 6 horas atrás
Everyone’s staning all these boy bands, while I’m over here still stanning Tally Hall. They’ll never die in my heart. Also brockhampton, another good boy band. Kevin said it himself. Best boy band since one direction
DEDEH DAHLIA 6 horas atrás
can y'all shut up to talk bts?
Discordant Tranquility
Discordant Tranquility 6 horas atrás
I came here to watch music evolve among boybands. In other words, I came for everything
Rizki Joes
Rizki Joes 7 horas atrás
K-pop gay
Patricia Karen Lo
Patricia Karen Lo 8 horas atrás
when everyone stanning BTS, *_i'M hEre tO sEE oNE dIreCTiOn_*
Finn El Humano
Finn El Humano 8 horas atrás
Awante backstreet boys
kjgkndgs 9 horas atrás
And 5SOS?
kjgkndgs 9 horas atrás
Greg Griatzky
Greg Griatzky 9 horas atrás
Omg I just can't believe you really
Greg Griatzky
Greg Griatzky 9 horas atrás
Please do kpop
gay cow
gay cow 10 horas atrás
I used to be an army Until John Lennon and the band took my heart away 💗😍
Diana Paz
Diana Paz 11 horas atrás
Backstreet boys
Ambivalentina Diamond
Ambivalentina Diamond 12 horas atrás
One direction♡ Big time rush♡ Jonas brothers♡ BTS♡
Ayşe Hümeyra
Ayşe Hümeyra 15 horas atrás
Of course the beatles
Taekook Is my Vitamin
Taekook Is my Vitamin 20 horas atrás
4:02 that moment I’ve been waiting for. I never expected kpop/ BTS to be in this. I thought it was only going to be English bands. I’m super proud of our boys as an Army. C’mon ARMYs where you at!?!
1D and BTS Directioner and Army
One direction and BTS ♾💜❤️❤️❤️💜❤️♾♾♾❤️😘💜
lol mano
lol mano 22 horas atrás
the beatles from bts never will be evolution
cheezmelon Dia atrás
i believe brockhampton is the best boyband since one direction
Kobe Nunez
Kobe Nunez Dia atrás
Excuse me where are the original wiggles?
Alissa Bean
Alissa Bean Dia atrás
Okay but like where’s 5sos ?
jerry Shrestha
jerry Shrestha Dia atrás
sofia alvarado
sofia alvarado Dia atrás
BTS and BTR are the best
Vaughn Toboggan
Vaughn Toboggan Dia atrás
I came here to see Jackson 5 and Beatles
Jianihoon khalil
Jianihoon khalil Dia atrás
BTS 😍😍😍💜
Carolina Linares
Carolina Linares Dia atrás
And....2019?? Like=army Comment=not army
1D BTS Twice stan
I’m came here for bts and One Direction
Iffat Alina
Iffat Alina Dia atrás
I Came here for 1D...
eroda jennifer
eroda jennifer Dia atrás
came here for one direction, nsync, && nkotb
Laura Fowler
Laura Fowler Dia atrás
Simone Lo Presti
Simone Lo Presti Dia atrás
i am worldwide handsome ya know
im just here for one direction and BTS
Ha**Tae**Bts Dia atrás
Any army In comment section I can just see army's 👀😨😨😨😨
Mohit Singhania
Mohit Singhania Dia atrás
Came here for best boy band one direction
Real Sangpuya
Real Sangpuya 2 dias atrás
Came here for One Direction. Miss them tho...
Cryztal 27
Cryztal 27 2 dias atrás
So proud of BTS 💜💜💜
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