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It's JDM vs Euro as Marty brings his newly purchased modified EVO9 to race against Moog's stock Golf R
Check out Luddenham Raceway:

Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.


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22 Mar 2019



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 29 dias atrás
Check out the Mighty Car Mods Official Shop. Merch designed by us for you guys to enjoy. All proceeds go back into the show, and we ship everywhere in the world:
Zayn Sek
Zayn Sek 26 dias atrás
Mighty Car Mods to
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog 27 dias atrás
JOIN the Golf R Community on Reddit. We need more friends on there.
keep digging
keep digging 27 dias atrás
I think you boys need an apprentice to train, make it me 🤞
Lamis Farah
Lamis Farah 27 dias atrás
Mighty Car Mods Nn Kh
jettamkv21 27 dias atrás
Build the golf R! Integrated engineering parts!
Ronny Vasquez
Ronny Vasquez 20 horas atrás
After race in a track you need a lap of cold down your engine and brakes, taking off a protection plate from the brakes helps a lot to have a better air flow into the brakes
meanddrew Dia atrás
what wheels is marty running on the evo?
Kessler George
Kessler George Dia atrás
Channel’s still fun & all but umm... yeah, get a rwd gents. I dunno why, but a complete lack of traction and lots of horsies to facilitate said lack of traction is still more interesting to trogs like moi. Cheers!
TewdPlays 4 dias atrás
Moog should get a Golf Mk2 and make it super fast^^
Travis Powell
Travis Powell 6 dias atrás
Should never jumpstart cars by linking jumper cables battery to battery. On the flat vehicle should hook earth to engine lift lug or body earth. When vehicle starts alt starts charging and end up with 2 cars charging one battery. Can explide batteries or fry computers.
Sdmoparman in SD
Sdmoparman in SD 7 dias atrás
It's weird, you guys commented at how expensive WRXs were in the states when you did the roadkill thing, I had no idea Evo 9s were so pricey in Oz... they can be had for about 12-25k here depending on mods and condition...
Jayhawker340 8 dias atrás
Flash that Golf R with Unitronic and that EVO won’t stand a chance
Eduardo Peguero
Eduardo Peguero 9 dias atrás
Can you guys upload just the first person view only version?
Andrew Smedley
Andrew Smedley 11 dias atrás
wolfsburg is the town of the VW factory man.
Dan J
Dan J 11 dias atrás
Did the VW brakes survive? A friend had an Opel/Vauxhall Astra OPC with big brembos on the track last week an the break pads where cracked afterwards so had to replaced them. Modern cars are just to heavy ...
The OldSchoolGamer
The OldSchoolGamer 12 dias atrás
What's nice with the Golf is that's it's kind of a sleeper. Does't appear to be fast but kind of is. The EVO looks incredibly sexy and sounds great but everybody knows an EVO is fast.
Treven Flack
Treven Flack 13 dias atrás
Just wanted to say i love your videos especially this one cause i personally own a 2016 golf r mk7 and i cant wait to put some work into it but i have done close to the listed top speed in it and its such a fun car to drive
RangerVt 802
RangerVt 802 14 dias atrás
Why does the golf have a padel shifter. So hard to shift manual
Gillian Johnstone
Gillian Johnstone 14 dias atrás
Why does the Golf R only make 215bhp?
Martti Suomivuori
Martti Suomivuori 16 dias atrás
Your positive energy is gold. Never grow old, please!
Doyoukown Uay
Doyoukown Uay 16 dias atrás
EVO 9 is much better looking tho
G.J. P.
G.J. P. 16 dias atrás
wolfsburg is the city in which VW has its HQ and main facility
Jason Burn
Jason Burn 16 dias atrás
Love to see what you would do with a Mk7.5... Stage 1 tune taking it up to 370-380bhp would slam that Evo. Mine is now running close to 400bhp with very little work.
RoobehTunes 16 dias atrás
Redo this with a fixed TOO3VO!
Let's Make
Let's Make 16 dias atrás
Evo 9 my favourite😍❤💘
Gossip 16 dias atrás
Money for nothing and your chicks for free.
Aaron Eldridge
Aaron Eldridge 16 dias atrás
Now that you guys have 2 good all wheel drive cars you need to go rally racing! Get them in the dirt! The RS and Evo.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 17 dias atrás
Legend VS shitbox
nick sutcliffe
nick sutcliffe 17 dias atrás
great video mates
asb 17 dias atrás
Luddenham raceway for life!
David Payne
David Payne 17 dias atrás
Wolfsburg Edition its given to select models to of golf to pay respects to the town in Germany were its made i had a 90 Jetta here in the states back in the early 2k that was a Wolfsburg it didn't have anything better than the none model other than the fancy badge
geoff donovan
geoff donovan 17 dias atrás
Swear to god these guys own like 12 cars each at this point lol
zippy0099 17 dias atrás
This would be a phenomenal matchup for a professional driver in the golf and see if Marty can keep up in the evo9!!
R C 18 dias atrás
3 pedals FTW
Khaled Asas
Khaled Asas 18 dias atrás
yea about that , you should say Video sponsored by Volkswagen Das Auto !
mrnicktoyou 18 dias atrás
If that's just a Golf then that Evo is just a Lancer. And a Golf is much nicer than a crappy Lancer.
Grant Bortner
Grant Bortner 18 dias atrás
That was the best race you're ever filmed! Commentating and all!!
Aldrei Estanque
Aldrei Estanque 18 dias atrás
Put enkei rpf1 on evo9
John Arscott
John Arscott 20 dias atrás
The TSI on the cover of the golf now stands for too sexys injection, as it injected life into the golf
Мурат Шаймарданкулов
Как ни крути немец это немец. GOLF 🇩🇪💪
strattus99 21 dia atrás
David Keller
David Keller 21 dia atrás
PLEASE SUPE UP YOURE GOLF R MOOG!!!!!! Would love to see those videos of you absolutely making that Golf a maaaaaad car dude :)
SeventhSon Metin2
SeventhSon Metin2 21 dia atrás
DJ FutureBass [JR]
DJ FutureBass [JR] 21 dia atrás
Love vw
aldwin villareal
aldwin villareal 21 dia atrás
Why don’t you guys build a civic but this time for real, give it a like so they can see it. #JDMcivic
Emre İnan
Emre İnan 21 dia atrás
Dave Bacigalupo
Dave Bacigalupo 21 dia atrás
They shift fast for sure, no one can argue that. I'd wager here the big turbo was taking long to spool compared to the NA Golf. Possibly not tuned great too, seemed like it should have been faster on the straight.
One If Only
One If Only 21 dia atrás
Awesome channel guys. Hello from Santa Cruz, California! (Nice shirt by the way). Color me subscribed.
lakeshoresubtleties 20 dias atrás
I used to work down there! In the midwest now.
IndustryNews 22 dias atrás
You have manual vs a dual clutch automatic. That’s a biggg advantage. That means constant boost between shifts and extremely fast shift times. On top of that, the 4Gs shine with how much power they can make off of simple bolt ons. FBO for FBO the evo is another monster. Great cars but this ones easily going to the Evo.
3v4761 22 dias atrás
Poor golf....those brakes can't handle all that weight
123 789
123 789 22 dias atrás
Evo goes up in value golf r will drop the minute u drive it out of the factory
123 789
123 789 22 dias atrás
Ah is this even a question... evo 9 ftw. Everyones uncle and aunt drives a golf r. The evo is a raw mechanical real drivers car where as the golf is basically a computer
spadgm 22 dias atrás
Do up the Golf R, it would be sick!
Anthony Aguilar
Anthony Aguilar 22 dias atrás
Evo so beautiful
Refillz *
Refillz * 22 dias atrás
I'd go with the Evo, looks better. Raw in performance and easy to go fast in! 400whp evos are running 10s! And it doesn't take much to get that power range.
Han Solo
Han Solo 22 dias atrás
The stock R should stand no chance on a track.. I have one and my friend has evo X. That car is really fast around corners.
Tayshir Faiyaz
Tayshir Faiyaz 22 dias atrás
Would love to see both of these cars on a drag strip.
James Ric
James Ric 22 dias atrás
Lol the Golf R is an AUTOMATIC TRANNY.
Jeremy Martens
Jeremy Martens 22 dias atrás
i dont know, but here in germany, the golf r and gti are very respectable cars
robby lebotha
robby lebotha 21 dia atrás
+Jeremy Martens similar to Africa lol except for the models I mentioned
Jeremy Martens
Jeremy Martens 21 dia atrás
+robby lebotha ah. Allright. In Germany, the AMGs are grandpa cars. Generally Mercedes has the status of being leased by old people xD but the golfs are concidered younglings cars
robby lebotha
robby lebotha 21 dia atrás
+Jeremy Martens true. I was stating the standout respected cars in south africa for interest sake
Jeremy Martens
Jeremy Martens 21 dia atrás
+robby lebotha but s3 and c64 is a whole other league of performance
robby lebotha
robby lebotha 21 dia atrás
In south africa too. Along with the S3/RS3 and AMG C63/A45
BULGA19 22 dias atrás
This accent...where are these guys from?
Gregory Thompson
Gregory Thompson 20 dias atrás
SnapIndigo -
SnapIndigo - 22 dias atrás
There lines suck. They both look slow
SQLrs 22 dias atrás
You drive this evo like a fwd...
Gay cha
Gay cha 22 dias atrás
Useless drivers.
Nomzey Ali
Nomzey Ali 22 dias atrás
Finally a video I can watch after 10 months of garbage. Welcome back MCM’s
Ertan Can Atik
Ertan Can Atik 22 dias atrás
FWDs are always stupid but you can't say no to a V-Tec Civic
Joel 22 dias atrás
All these hurt VW fanboys 🤣 just crazy to think what Mitsubishi could of achieved if they kept making the evo
Joel 12 dias atrás
iPROFITDON -- still being made, still being slayed🤣🤷🏽‍♂️
iPROFITDON 22 dias atrás
One of these cars is still being made, one is not 😂
CPro Racing
CPro Racing 22 dias atrás
What is this shit. Like a second rate 5th gear
Rafo Rafo
Rafo Rafo 22 dias atrás
Evo 👍👌
Mitsubishi Evo 9 Mr
Mitsubishi Evo 9 Mr 22 dias atrás
Evo dream💗
mr. slayerking
mr. slayerking 22 dias atrás
this has nothing to do with the cars, its a shitty driver vs a better driver,
Van 22 dias atrás
Mighty car mods... I need jumper cables. I have a check engine light.
Chan Chan
Chan Chan 22 dias atrás
evo9 is the god
napraznicul 22 dias atrás
For somebody which really want/knows how to use downshifting at evo, that golf is garbage. In fact, that's main difference between thise two cars: one is permanent AWD fir real, other one is a fake awd.. in fact is a"permanent fwd" :))).. golf has not engine braking via awd transmission at all. Golf is a CHEAP chasis (very basic minimalist suspension design &materials) and too complicated engine ..via ecology huge bullshit of these days. Cannot be compared with a pure breed car as evo 9 is it.
Redneck Mechanics
Redneck Mechanics 22 dias atrás
marty is a bad driver. i dont understand how he can bog a car after driving so many turbo awd subarus
Redneck Mechanics
Redneck Mechanics 21 dia atrás
+Dave Bacigalupo hes done hundreds if not thousands of launch in a subaru whats the difference
Dave Bacigalupo
Dave Bacigalupo 21 dia atrás
New car, getting used to a new power band and clutch can do that to anyone. Possibly his first launch In the EVO? Link your BRvid channel and show us all your pro racing skills bud.
Frederick Thorne
Frederick Thorne 23 dias atrás
that was intense!!
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz 23 dias atrás
I think the Evo driver is to lazy, horrible launch, he dont squiz the Evo potencial in the curves and the brakes
lakeshoresubtleties 20 dias atrás
He did just get it...
Viktor 23 dias atrás
Fake Sti
White Knight
White Knight 23 dias atrás
No contest, nasty turbo-charged Japanese dog shit vs classy German engineering at its finest
zhenlin luo
zhenlin luo 23 dias atrás
ESP didn‘t turn off on Golf R.......
joelden 23 dias atrás
I don't usually comment on videos, but due to all the love of the Golf R I wanted to. While running properly with no issues the R is a great car and with the right mods can easily make 11 second quarter mile times. But when it comes to reliability the Evo wins hands down all day everyday. I worked on high performance Euro cars for 5 years and would never own one. Look at the oil consumption on a high performance Euro compared to a high performance Japanese make and the Japanese cars win every time. And my most wanted car is a Focus RS so I'm not completely bias. But if you want performance, reliability, drivability and the most cost efficient car then a high performance Japanese make is the go.
James Silby
James Silby 23 dias atrás
Evo 9 all day. My vtec prelude 99 ate one of these up an bought it for 1500 bucks hahaha
James Silby
James Silby 17 dias atrás
+Blinky Bill true shit 2.2 ltr vtec with a couply mods redline the Tec. Anyways my vr4 evo o would eat them both up for brekky.
Blinky Bill
Blinky Bill 20 dias atrás
TheTyisAwesome 23 dias atrás
"was out braking the Evo with no problem at all"???? lmao the brakes were overheating
Gene Ramos
Gene Ramos 23 dias atrás
We should stop imagining and just do it!!!!
German Diaz
German Diaz 23 dias atrás
Mod the VW!!!!
Corporations8MyBaby 23 dias atrás
After years of watching these two modify everything from Mom's car to a Fairlady Z... the final lesson in this episode is "end up with a well-engineered new car and leave it unmodified"
Amero 23 dias atrás
Watched these guys forever and honestly you guys get so much more entertaining and interesting as you age. (Your still young I mean) but more experienced
CT 7285
CT 7285 23 dias atrás
Cant even turn off trash control on the R. evo should've smoked it. Needs driver mod.
Isaiah Sucre
Isaiah Sucre 23 dias atrás
These are literally 2 of my favorite cars so I'm subscribing
Future Gaming HD
Future Gaming HD 23 dias atrás
Should have done a mazdaspeed 6 or 3.
egxxx 23 dias atrás
I need a race between evo 9 and Civic TypeR 8-)
Jayden S Gray
Jayden S Gray 23 dias atrás
You guys should try a Mitsubishi Galant vr4 which is the v6 Twin Turbo all wheel drive as I own one I recommend it
Greig Booth
Greig Booth 23 dias atrás
All the evo needs is some over night parts from Harrys....
Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu
Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu 22 dias atrás
Another driver would be nice too.
TISTO 23 dias atrás
I am a German and I hate golfs there every where just a boring car
Max Korablev
Max Korablev 23 dias atrás
Как можно сравнивать авто с разницей в несколько лет/ десятков лет на кольце? чушь
Cody Stowers
Cody Stowers 23 dias atrás
Go at least Unitronic Stage 2 with the Golf R
Keir Rasmussen
Keir Rasmussen 22 dias atrás
I have a unitronic stage 2 on my 1.8t and it's a nice but very aggressive tune.
jwillautoblog 23 dias atrás
Everyone is now running to buy a Golf R and then do an APR tune now hahaha!
GTXfun 22 dias atrás
My friend tuned his gti clubsport to 550hp it’s more fun than Golf R
GTXfun 22 dias atrás
jwillautoblog ins Australia maybe xD
ICsohan 23 dias atrás
The golf is a dog dose he have it set in sports mode or did he not tap the shift knob back
Matt768 23 dias atrás
Great driving Moog & Marty. Obviously I love vw because I'm in Europe but a lot of my very close mates have JDM cars (silvias, 180's) and we have a lot of fun and a lot of track days with living 15mins away from one of the best tracks in the UK. Been following your show for years and just wanted to say thanks for all the time you put into teaching and being taught. My mate made the first Honda mini in the UK after watching your show legitimately aswell the first. Anyone living in the UK would have seen it at track days or summer action fest because he does the rounds. ✌️ ✌️
lakeshoresubtleties 20 dias atrás
What track are you by? I want to visit the UK for all the tracks I see in btcc. And Silverstone. So many of them look amazing. Also, what is the swap in the Mini? Any video or anything of the build? Salutations from the U.S.
evo eve evo
evo eve evo 23 dias atrás
Is mistubishi stopping Evo?
Amiël Spreeth
Amiël Spreeth 23 dias atrás
Evo is waaaay superior. Simple tuning and the golf is just in a lower bracket. Get decent drivers too. Neither car was close to their limits.
Alecks1990 23 dias atrás
the 2.0 tfsi is getting tuned in germany to 500 hp with warranty from some tuners
GTXfun 22 dias atrás
My friend tuned his gti clubsport to 550 hp xD
clutsta 22 dias atrás
Interesting Elements
Interesting Elements 24 dias atrás
A jap helping a German God stop now. You know what happend last time. Haha
Ben Adams
Ben Adams 24 dias atrás
What are the wheels and specs on the evo
Ben Chesterman
Ben Chesterman 24 dias atrás
5% tariffs on European cars , longer Distance to ship it means a Golf r DSG in Australia $8000 more than a Wrx sti new . Golf R DSG not worth $8000 more
Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu
Ikechuk Ugwuadu Onyewu 22 dias atrás
Ben Chesterman Newer golf are so bored. just buy the wrx sti! ;)
Kr Dz
Kr Dz 24 dias atrás
Haldex 50:50 split, forget about that golf
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