Everything Wrong With The Entire Harry Potter Franchise

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Yeah, so we took every Harry Potter sins video, strung them all together, renumbered the sin counter, and came up with a sin total for the whole darn franchise. We did that.

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13 Nov 2021



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Comentários 10 999
Gfan 2000
“Neville reaches deep down to his British roots and conquers India” is hands-down one of the greatest sins ever dispensed by this channel.
I disagree with the sins regarding Lockhart. Universities hire awful professors for their prestige and research all the time
Honestly, the sins are the reason I enjoy these films because as someone who has read the books far too much, pointing out inconsistencies is entertaining.
Summer Liu
As someone who read the books several times, long before watching the movies, this made me realize just how many things wouldn't make sense for someone who only watched the movies. Like obviously as a book reader I understood everything that wasn't explained but all the people that didn't read the books, rip.
Plegi Film
I love how “The Princess Diaries” has more sins than all the Harry Potter movies combined
Nick Reed
A sin you missed, they cut out the part where Aunt Petunia tells what dementors are and the Dursleys actually understand Harry's world for once.
Biggest sin of all: Never showing us our favorite Poltergeist, Peeves.
Aurora Lane
A theory I really like is that when McGonagle sent the slitherens to the dungeons, it wasn’t because they are all evil, it’s so that they wouldn’t have to fight their death eater parents 🥺
Citizen Sane
Funny thing is many of the answers to these sins are actually answered in the books. The movies just really gloss over a whole lot of stuff for time and…reasons…
S. J
Nicholas Lindsey
1000 sins for the film versions, for completely disregarding Ginny’s entire character to nothing more than a love interest, instead of the bad-ass confident witch she is in the novels!
Samuli Tyyskä
One thing that I find wrong about the movies is that Ron was downgraded to a cowardly, gluttonous and comedic sidekick, instead of the badass, loyal and witty friend that he is in the books.
Citizen Sane
Just Your Local Bernana
"Harry, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?" Dumbledore asked calmly.
Darth Vader
"This two-second clip of Robert Pattinson falling out of a tree was the only auditioning he needed for Twilight."
Карл Джонсон
I used to love the franchise when I was younger because I was the same age as Dan when he started playing in the movies, so it literally felt as though I was growing with the main cast. For lack of a better word it was magical, but now as an adult I can clearly see all these inconsistencies and missed opportunities, especially starting from the fifth movie when they decided to make the shortest movie out of the biggest book or add an extra scene where the Borrow was destroyed, which was not only pointless, but also silly and abysmal, as they later pretended that nothing had happened in the seventh movie… they should’ve made a tv show, and although the books have their own problems, there were fewer questionable scenes compared to the movies.
Dumbledore didn’t leave him with an abusive family for nothing. It was greatly explained that voldemort used to believe Lily’s sacrificial protection continued on in her bloodline.
if we laugh the video ends (with eddie)
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