Everything To Know About Archaeology In Minecraft 

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Sussy sand
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24 Fev 2024



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@SemiHypercube Anos atrás
This also marks the first change to the desert temple (or pyramid as it actually is) structure in about 9 years, as a new room has been added with sand in it
@kkamikazee Anos atrás
i always thought that was a desert well or did jordan not mention the pyramid change?
@SemiHypercube Anos atrás
@@kkamikazee I don't think he mentioned the pyramid change
@kkamikazee Anos atrás
@@SemiHypercube so what happened to the desert temple?
@SemiHypercube Anos atrás
@@kkamikazee there's a new room filled with sand, some of it being suspicious sand
@kkamikazee Anos atrás
@@SemiHypercube ooo that’s cool
@WeirdNekoGirl Anos atrás
I hope they add copper back to the brush recipe. More uses for copper are always appreciated for me!
@Rendolf45 Anos atrás
And you can even see it in the actual item design too, so it's weird that it's not in the recipe
@kurpop Anos atrás
@@Rendolf45 probably just a placeholder for now
@DavidEdwards9801 Anos atrás
I was thinking feathers
@Lumberjack_king Anos atrás
@Lumberjack_king Anos atrás
@@DavidEdwards9801 maybe but also add copper
@theok7423 Anos atrás
The way pots are crafted is actually kinda revolutionary for modders / datapack creators as it allows crafting to create items with arbitrary NBT data, replacing the knowledge book system.
@airfu3ion284 Anos atrás
No it isnt, modders have been using NBT's for a long time. Nothing the devs add is ever "new".
@theok7423 Anos atrás
@@airfu3ion284 For datapacks at least, crafting is limited to NBT-less items, aside from the knowledge book system.
@martinshoosterman Anos atrás
@@airfu3ion284 it's revolutionary for datapack creators, but not for modders.
Just hoping that its not hardcoded and nbt crafting is possible now
@zelfana Anos atrás
Did you forget about fireworks? It's literally the same thing, nothing new.
@CleanUpNick Anos atrás
i feel like archeology is definitely going to change more by the time the next update comes out in full and i'm excited for it
@Nightmare-pj4fg Anos atrás
I wish you were able to make your own sussy sand by holding right click on sand with an item, burying it for someone else to find, or not find.
@ggravely9241 Anos atrás
thats such a fun idea- we need this
@I_Love_Jesus760 Anos atrás
Me too
@thepurpleyam4078 6 meses atrás
Damn bruh you need to work for Mojang
@vulpemicoztic9743 Anos atrás
i love the addition of archaeology but i have the feeling that it will be extremely limited, i hope they do something like shields or banners to be able to print some nice designs on those pots, not just the standard ones.
@valeriabondar Anos atrás
'you can brush sand for a long time, nothing is gonna happen' truly the new bedrock mining
@abrittanyc Anos atrás
I know i’m not the only one who used to mine underneath those sand wells in hopes of finding something cool when I was younger😂 now there’s something cool!
@wpath5555 Anos atrás
As a long-time desert well fan, I’m glad to see they haven’t forgotten about them!
@ClearComplexity Anos atrás
I was hoping you could at least store maybe multiple counts of the same potion in a pot or just be able to us them to bulk make a potion and then with a bottle get individual potions out instead of making individual potions.
@silhouby Anos atrás
as an anthropology major, this update is Very pleasing
@emmaporter8160 Anos atrás
I so want the pots to be able to be dyed. Or just dye the patterns. Edit: even better, glazed terracotta pots.
@bunnylebowski4465 8 meses atrás
Ouuu this is such a good idea i hope they eventually add this option 🥺❤️
@2nd-place Anos atrás
It’s pretty clear they were overly ambitious with archeology from the start. Hopefully they keep adding more archeology items in a future update. Ancient Sniffer eggs would be a cool item to add before launch, along with a few more shards and one unique new item you have a very rare chance of unearthing, such as a new enchantment book that could maybe be used on the brush? Also can fortune be used on the brush?
@LNDN.R Anos atrás
They should add a rare chance when breaking the pot with a sword, it should drop some emeralds!
@FlyMaster_ Anos atrás
That doesn't make sense. Currently, you can only make them yourself out of bricks and shards, which obviously don't contain emeralds. If the pots would be able to hold items and generate naturally, then some of them could be generated with emeralds. But it isn't needed, because some of the suspicious sand already contains emeralds.
@clawchette2622 Anos atrás
@@FlyMaster_ it's not about making sense, it's about making a reference to the Zelda games.
@FlyMaster_ Anos atrás
@@clawchette2622 I don't think a reference is worth adding a broken game mechanic. People will just start turning clay into emeralds.
@clawchette2622 Anos atrás
@@FlyMaster_ what I meant is that it was a joke dude, they didn't mean it seriously
Wow, this feature has SO much potential! I really hope when they add the copper golems, that they could only be found oxidized in suspicious sand. This would add a lot of lore!
@neyte7313 Anos atrás
Copper golem copium 🫡 I hope people are happy with the allays they wanted so much
@SwizzleDrizzl Anos atrás
@@neyte7313 Allays SUCK man :(
@charcoaleater343 Anos atrás
That would be pretty cool
Allays where cool when I needed to save on iron in my auto farms, but outside of that they are just a neat pet.
@vibevizier6512 11 meses atrás
​@@neyte7313I mean. We are? The Allay is one of the best mobs in the game. It's just sad that we couldn't have the other two alongside it :(
@merry_ryan Anos atrás
I want to be able to use that brush on pet Wolves. That is my one desire for this.
@Takapon218 Anos atrás
Yessss please. I want it to give heart particles and have no practical use
@kingxl10 Anos atrás
Another video?? Amazing. 🎉 Edit: And there’s a 3rd one coming!!! Let’s gooo
@CatManReal Anos atrás
"Finally they have a use" I always found the infinite water source pretty useful.
@flexico64 Anos atrás
I hope we get some colorful pictures on the pottery fragments like they showed in the 1.17 video!
@Vrenzix Anos atrás
When I was a kid I missed out on so much because I saw captain sparkles videos around but I was too busy watching/rewatching dantdm minecraft modded adventures and other dantdm videos
@samuelramirez4985 Anos atrás
i hope we get more types of shards those can be used for traps and puzzles
@samuelramirez4985 Anos atrás
@@captainsparklez5_nicegram_me5 BEGONE BOT!!!!
@ottertank8845 Anos atrás
This is going to be great for me to help me not get lost in the caves. I can add these as direction markers!
@AlexDayz Anos atrás
Can’t wait to see what else they’ll do for archeologically because so far it’s pretty cool.
@PatThisGal Anos atrás
Can you enchant the brush? Like giving it unbreaking to improve dura or fortune to get more drops?
@randomguy7766 Anos atrás
I feel like this feature is okay but it needs more. It feels no more complete than when it was first shown off a couple years ago, as they could be doing so much more with it. Maybe you could dig up artefacts that are used for special crafting, maybe some fragmented weapons and armour that could be repaired? (maybe around iron tier but with special attributes) Hey, this could even serve as a method to find chainmail armour. Additionally, they could introduce new ruins to the desert where this sand can be found, as the temple and the well being the only places where it is found is a bit boring. These ruins could tell stories through the artefacts found there. More incentive to explore the desert, and way more incentive to use this mechanic apart from four simplistic pottery designs.
@kei.13 Anos atrás
I hope they add more features to archeology. The pots are nice but kinda boring for the result of a whole new feature. Would love to be able to find fossils and maybe a new gemstone type such as pyrite.
@Stray0 Anos atrás
I wish I could put an item inside the pottery and set the pottery to be destroyed (not drop itself). Then I could smash pots for rubys like in Zelda.
@cakeeatingpirate Anos atrás
nintendo would sue
@maskedninja5695 Anos atrás
@willsonpiercepua Anos atrás
Finally the collab weve been waiting for. Minecraft and Mogus
That is honesty such a disappoint update from what it could’ve been
@anakinskyogre1037 Anos atrás
Well it’s something and I’m sure they will improve it it’s just a snapshot
@therealcr1stal Anos atrás
the new room in the desert temple is cool! it doesnt really serve much of a purpose and is likely that it wont be a used feature, but i think its a nice touch
@starscarrednyx Anos atrás
Suspicious Stew in the sussy sand... brings to mind bog cheese or bog butter. Fermented foods and Beers seem like are also an archeology thing just due to how fermented foods/drinks were spread across multiple cultures and lands and time frames.
@optionapoop Anos atrás
can you get the "sussy sand" with breaking it normally? or with silk touch? or can it just not drop. Also is ths NBT data random, or would you get the same item if you just put in the same seed?
@thehoodieguy1341 Anos atrás
even though its already 2023, seeing among us takes me back to the peak of 2020 with Among Us, ratting Kara out, playing tricky towers, getting into MC Championships, unmatched.
@rodentrealism 10 meses atrás
1:45 Brush = string pickaxe.
@kylevaughn Anos atrás
That pot will be a great building block
@User6083 Anos atrás
Oh dang, they finally outdated Minecraft: Story Mode in a way. Idk why I just remembered this, but there's a scene where you have sticks and string, and you're supposed to craft a bow, but you can also craft a fishing rod if you know the recipe, because it's made out of the same materials. I always used to wonder when an update would make a recipe so you could put in a crafting recipe for something actually in regular Minecraft in the Story Mode crafting table and it would recognize it as invalid. Now there's finally another possible recipe (the brush); crazy how long it took. (Now watch me forget about some item that's existed for years that follows this and I'm just completely wrong ha)
@I_Love_Jesus760 Anos atrás
Thanks Jordan XD the vid was very helpful🎧
@nugo344 Anos atrás
when you started inpersonating us as if we didnt get something (0:45) i got so worried we werent actually getting archeology lol
@crabican Anos atrás
That sand is kinda sus 🤨
@Yokoto12343 Anos atrás
I hope they go back to the concept shown back the where you burn a pot made of clay after putting the shards into it
@GoodShutHazzUK Anos atrás
it'd be cool if they revamped the pyramids like made them bigger. Maybe they could even add in mummies idk maybe a little bit too much to ask for. But when I think of pyramids I think of mummies lol
@Mkrabs Anos atrás
3:22 - "Watch a man die internally live on video"
@YeetwithSwag Anos atrás
ok hear me out...what if- they use f e a t h e r s for the brush instead of string which already has tons of crafting recipes?
@gerriprice3224 11 meses atrás
This vid was very helpful! Thanks!
@kkamikazee Anos atrás
YES! archaeology is what ive been wanting since it was first announced
@Michael2344 Anos atrás
The suspicious sand for map makers adding items into it is cool, but I'm really pumped to see the resource pack side of this. Could the sand be a new block used for custom blocks via optifine?
@jacobschwartz5592 Anos atrás
so are the jar thingys for storage, or for decoration?
@generalzur1575 Anos atrás
Jordan didn't even realize that the bow on the pottery is actually a Wob
@captainyulef5845 Anos atrás
Wow, you're really spoiling us, two vids in one day!
@GandalfTheTsaagan Anos atrás
I wonder if this will give rise to new archaeology or palaeontology mods using this official game mechanic
@Ty1ler2599 Anos atrás
Great video, with that being said they better do more with this than random pots you can craft for decorations. I was looking forward to this archaeology update and so far it’s a huge disappointment
@austinblake4079 11 meses atrás
Agreed. Who the hell is going to waste time for some crappy looking "blocks"?
@tayler_jade29 Anos atrás
the way i ignored everyone else’s videos so i could watch jordan’s about the archeology
@thoranevans4832 8 meses atrás
Are you able to get these even in worlds you created prior to the 1.20 update.... I have the cherry blossom forests afterall?
Yoooo?!? new update woooooo
@VeeRubedo Anos atrás
Your voice is so calming ❤
@horacewong3642 Anos atrás
The pottery gonna make minigames like bingo a lot more interesting.
@maybejaydee Anos atrás
@dryft7906 Anos atrás
Now I can have more decoration in my base :D
@Toynone1 Anos atrás
Cool. Another feature I'll probably use once and never again.
I think they should have shaped the pot like an ancient Greek anfora
They said the pottery shards tell a story. If it goes: Arms up> Archery> Skull> Prize Does that mean the story is someone killing a dude for their loot?
@wessoz Anos atrás
whats strange is whenever you break pots it doesn't make a sound for it i guess they didn't add a audio for it oh and also somehow you can place a slab on the top square thingy on a pot and they added a new flower called torchflower and torchflower seeds oh nvm it does a have an audio oopsies
sussy sand is gonna be amazing for pitfall traps since the entity despawns instead of making a block
@TheOrigamiGenius Anos atrás
Suspicious AMOGUS in sand
@d33znutz420 Anos atrás
I hope they add the ability to put items into the pots
@thebrickcraft Anos atrás
Pretty cool but also very different to what they showed us. I would have liked it more if you could put multiple shards on one side. Like this you only ever see two shards at once which is kind of boring.
@Maxtheduck Anos atrás
1:27 sir that is a lego sound from the lego games
There's one thing that they need to add is quicksand my God that would be amazing and funny. Just you know Jordan making a little let's play, Jordan going into the desert accidentally just falls into some quicksand. Mojang, you should put some real consideration into it.
@OhSoUnicornly Anos atrás
That's not a brush, that's a string pickaxe!
@Mordse Anos atrás
folks I Just came up with an idea: bees that have been pollinated with torchflower can produce a special kind of honey after entering the hive, and players can get a special potion effect after drinking it...
@TheOrigamiGenius Anos atrás
Name a more sussy duo: Sussy stew and sussy sand
@lordmarshmal_0643 Anos atrás
Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, you're embracing the sketch heresy
@aspie_gamer2584 Anos atrás
We need to have items in pots for some legend of zelda gameplay.
@LunaWitcherArt Anos atrás
Oh my god the wells have use. It is a joyous day
@racheldunnell2228 Anos atrás
This looks cool!
@NorthernLaw_ Anos atrás
It seems like this update has no general direction, which on one hand is cool but on the other I kind of wish it was more of an actual put together idea if that makes sense. Nothing is inherently bad about 1.20 that I've seen but it's just got no direction like I said. The only things I'd say that are actually bad are how the armor trims and netherite upgrades are consumables, should have infinite uses, also the gold trim should allow you to be ignored by piglins in the nether
@SwizzleDrizzl Anos atrás
To be fair old updates were like, here! take carpet bats and horses lol
@thahoule7924 Anos atrás
@@SwizzleDrizzl yeah, but since then a lot has happened. nether update, caves & cliffs, etc etc. big updates had a theme. and lets be real here, 1.20 sounds like its a big update...but it isnt. a number like 1.20 shouldve been something like a frickin end update (which is long ovderdue lol)
@vibevizier6512 11 meses atrás
Yeah, they REALLY shouldn't be consumable
3:31 😭😭 I love and hate that joke
@FuntimeswithViper Anos atrás
I like archeology, but i wish they used the pot designs from the teaser back in 1.17, and the fact that they didn't add that cool animation of the sand going away layer by layer is gonna sad
This was better than I expected
@SoujiOkitaTwo 10 meses atrás
There’s way more than 4 pottery shards. There’s over 20 pottery shards
Oooooh they should add it so we can clean mossy blocks with the brush 😂
the new string pickaxe yooooooo
@Stray0 Anos atrás
a string pickaxe, that's easy to remember
@Lumberjack_king Anos atrás
I really wish that the brush was made of copper the sprite clearly shows a Lil bit of copper it should be stick ,copper then 3 string
@fu77yfr3ak Anos atrás
Phoenix says the archer shard has a wob on it 😂🤣
@wifinesesi 7 meses atrás
It is nice of them to make use of old items without purpose
@TheOrigamiGenius Anos atrás
String pickaxe is here
@nosh2956 Anos atrás
Jardoon may have ~11 million subscribers but is still underrated.Also Mogus?
@winter99999 Anos atrás
0:42 I think you mean "Mogii"
@thesithturkey 11 meses atrás
This aged like fine wine
@jacobsimon7295 Anos atrás
this and the armour trims gonna make random crafting reeeaaal hard
@nightmarecatzz Anos atrás
@ramcams Anos atrás
the sussy sand 😭😭
@sandripple Anos atrás
Please notice how the archer shard displays a WOB instead of a bow. A very clear reference I would say...
@nuetaisa4232 Anos atrás
I think it's just a bow that isn't drawn.
@Memessssss Anos atrás
woahhhh thats sickk
@Higherdisk Anos atrás
I cannot wait till the 1.20 random crafting and random loot drop.
@RevolutionaryOven Anos atrás
What-- What happened to the tiny cute pixel art you could paint on the sides of the pots? Mojang always disappointing us...
@badhippo 9 meses atrás
can you put anything IN the damn pots? Like Milk, Water, Potions, Lava? If not.... it's failing to a pot.
@The_SniperCam Anos atrás
I hope they add the ability to swipe away the block like they did in 1.17. It just seems cooler.
@mr.voided9163 Anos atrás
Got here quick. Glad to be here
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