Everything GREAT About The Matrix! (Part 2)

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EGA The Matrix! (Part 1):

Part 2 of EGA Matrix which has even more of the mind blowy stuff in preparation for Matrix 4 Resurrections! Here's everything right with The Matrix! (Part 2)

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27 Nov 2021



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Scuba Air Surfer
One really extra win that went over nearly everyone's heads is when after the Oracle talks to him; what does she make Neo do?
Two extra wins:
RedYeti Gaming
Neo flexing the dust off of himself in the subway fight has stuck with me for over a decade as the coolest sh*t I’ve ever seen in a movie.
Trinity: “No one has ever done anything like this.”
Jeep Amir
Year 2, Week 2 (and a half) of asking for Everything Great About Dead Man's Chest.
Natsume Masaki
Didn’t expect you to upload the second part earlier than expected, but whatever. I still love you, CinemaWins. ❤️
“... finish each other sandwiches.”
Cullen Lea
The reason Trinity flipping looks wonky is that she twisted her ankle while rehearsing the flip day of the shoot. That meant they had to film it in two shots instead of one fluid motion. She was devastated about it because she wanted it to look as good as possible. This is in the BTS. Also, Neo looking wonky while doing the backflip in the dojo is Keanu using the wires attached to his hips to propel himself backwards. That’s why it looks off. He does it again after flipping away from Smith in the subway.
This is one of my favorite movies
Your cheat code comparison is interesting. There's an arc in The Matrix Online that involved operatives getting their hands on unstable obsolete Agent upgrades colloquially called "cheat codes" that gave them comic book style superpowers. It was not a particularly liked arc, to put it mildly. But the idea is baked into the lore, either way.
The one question I've always wanted to ask is when Smith refers to humanity as a virus, doesn't that mean that the machines are analogous to parasites that feed off the energy of the viruses that Smith dispises so much?
Worth noting about 90s ennui that a lot of it was actually heavily driven by the working class. Grunge music, for example, was not a product of middle-class folks in comfortable suburbs. Wages had been stagnating since the 70s, and people were increasingly aware of social stratification and the harmful impacts of capitalism. The idea that the future was bleak and that people could not expect a higher or even equal standard of living to their parents, no matter what they did, was beginning to dawn, along with the increasing awareness of how dehumanizing and alienating office work tends to be.
If this film helped you on whatever journey you were/are on, be it self-discovery, transitioning, opening you to philosophy, recognising that the human race is a giant system that is dependent on each other and so we cannot truly say that the problems of one, does not affect us all, whatever it is that you understand when the film said, "free your mind", this random guy on the internet is happy for you. I hope you can look back at yourself and see progress and are proud of the person you are today.
I adore your work man. A bastion of positivity, sorely needed in times like these. Keep it up!
A Bit of Everything
The Matrix is the literal embodiment of "genre defining" and your recap was awesome.
Maniac's Word
Can’t believe you didn’t win the fact that Morpheus tells Neo that if they see an Agent they run but by the end of the movie the Agents are running from Neo.
The Broken Sword
One of the top films of all time 💪😎
Sean Taylor
Seeing agents dodge bullets in real time is the most satisfying special effect of the trilogy for me. Especially when Agent Johnson does it during the freeway chase in Reloaded.
Your point about the philosophical messages being deep but the story still being easy to follow is one of the reasons I think The Matrix holds up not just as a great film but also as an immensely profound one. I had this conversation with an old coworker comparing Tenet and The Matrix. Both are "smart" movies but The Matrix is smart in the sense that it could be dissected and understood as something more, yet you never have to do that. You can just sit back and appreciate the cool visuals and fun story and nothing else. Tenet, on the other hand, tried to beat you over the head with how smart it was. And although I enjoyed Tenet, it ended up being for everything except its intellectual components, whereas The Matrix still works on all of its levels.
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