Everything GREAT About The Hunger Games!

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The Hunger Games. I was actually surprised how many of you have requested this one. I guess anything that hits a certain level of popularity or cultural saturation is bound to get hated on. Guess what? It's still pretty great. Here's everything right with The Hunger Games!

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21 Abr 2017



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Comentários 3 002
Alias Fakename
Alias Fakename Anos atrás
Reading the books as a child: "Wow, kids killing each other for the entertainment of the masses sounds messed up and so cool!" Coming back to the book years later: "This series explains to me how propaganda works, how identity politics keep people fighting each other, not the source of their problems, how the poor will do anything to survive, and how the privileged don't care as long as they are entertained & their way of life unthreatened."
The name of the nation, Panem, comes from the phrase "Panem Et Circenses", which means "Bread and Circuses". Basically paraphrases that, so long as you keep people fed and entertained, you can convince them to overlook great evil.
legrandliseur tri
legrandliseur tri Anos atrás
I mean, your child self wasn't entirely wrong.
Owen Lewis
Owen Lewis 2 anos atrás
Haymitch wasn't even in a normal Hunger Games. He was in the Second Quarter Quell, where there were 48 tributes.
chase1146 Mês atrás
and to think at that time, there wasnt even a mentor for him really since lucy gray (realistically didnt exist) was most likely killed earlier by snow
Ariana Curran
Ariana Curran 7 meses atrás
@Rachel Dupuis When I first watched it, I had no idea that it was fab-made. I was like 12 at the time and it looked so real. Especially with the blood and everything.
liv 7 meses atrás
@River Moore LMAO
River Moore
River Moore 8 meses atrás
@liv Nah, he was sold to a bunch of courts to get prosecuted over and over again. Spent a lot of time in jail, he did.
Koblac 9 meses atrás
So, with 100% more tributes, how do you think your chances have altered? Well, they're still 100% as dumb as usual, so I figure my chances are roughly the same.
Jam Rainbow
Jam Rainbow Anos atrás
When Effie said “that is mahogany”, I thought it was some kind of crime. Then I realised the was talking about the wooden table underneath them...
Kya L
Kya L 13 dias atrás
I always thought it was a way of being like "How dare you" or something...Holy shit
ManlikeEthan 5 meses atrás
Exactly the same as me 😂
Destiny Knight555
Destiny Knight555 6 meses atrás
M A 6 meses atrás
wanda's air conditioner
i was so confused when i saw this in the book
Rookie bbastard
Rookie bbastard 2 anos atrás
The prep team was ROBBED of their characters arcs and emotional growth in these films.
Agent 2 dias atrás
Serenity Chavez
Serenity Chavez 11 meses atrás
Madelyn Kauffman
Madelyn Kauffman 11 meses atrás
Cheez Anos atrás
Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce Anos atrás
xi neop
xi neop 3 anos atrás
Here's a tip: If you were to be able to choose which district to live in, ALWAYS choose one of the capitol districts. Why? Because it's an honor to be chosen, and if you don't want to be picked, there will always be someone willing to volunteer.
Maharbanef 5 meses atrás
If u livre in the Capitol u can’t get picked
Eileen Snow
Eileen Snow 5 meses atrás
That’s like saying “if you could choose which economic class to be in, pick ‘wealthy.’” Literally everybody would if they could, that’s the point.
The Rat Pack
The Rat Pack 9 meses atrás
Don't districts 1, 2, and 4 raise children into becoming careers though?
liv Anos atrás
@Average channel district three isn’t a career district. 1, 2, and 4 are
Average channel
Average channel Anos atrás
But wasn't district 3 a horrible place to live too?
Katirelle 3 anos atrás
God i remember when this movie came out at school anytime the teacher would ask someone to take the attendance it would be “I volunteer as tribute” and all the other kids would hold up the fingers XD Edit (in2020): for those wondering I’m currently 20 turning 21 in January so this was like 8ish years ago when this stuff happened.
Varian 6 meses atrás
your class was a legend
A lonely God
A lonely God 6 meses atrás
I remember that lmao
ARMY's Unicorn
ARMY's Unicorn 7 meses atrás
Back when I was in school kids would walk through the hallways whistling the short mockingjay-sound-thing.
Emma Smith
Emma Smith 9 meses atrás
I remember that
Ebony Ballard
Ebony Ballard Anos atrás
@Soy Sauce it was really fun, wish I could still do essay topics about stuff like that lmao
josiah santos
josiah santos 2 anos atrás
7:11 I would like to point out that Peeta is perfectly strong enough to push her off and on the ground but chooses not to, proving that his feelings were real
waffles ♡
waffles ♡ 4 meses atrás
@legrandliseur tri that's why everything physical is scripted like fight scenes and stuff. they don't actually fight eachother lol
Francisco 7 meses atrás
@legrandliseur tri What? That doesn't matter
legrandliseur tri
legrandliseur tri Anos atrás
Well, the actor might not be. Jennifer is like 5 centimeters taller.
Varshi Munanngi
Varshi Munanngi Anos atrás
Wow yeah I never noticed that
Blue00 2 anos atrás
You and cinemasins need to do like a debate. Or something. Or do a movie, One counter, you add, he subtracts.
Kyell Verdonschot
Kyell Verdonschot 8 dias atrás
Nah because sins kinda tries to find random shit IMO. And he just does something like “we don’t see these kills, so I’m gonna put a sin on the count for every kill we don’t see”
Shelby Lynn
Shelby Lynn 5 meses atrás
I'd pay to see this
Cheez Anos atrás
Their the same person lol
Robin AKA Kittygod
Robin AKA Kittygod Anos atrás
@Vlad Gogulancea what happened to CinemaSins?
Marquis de Lafayette
May be cool
winterfirehair 3 anos atrás
11:19 - finally someone realizes that while Cato certainly is a brutal sadist, he's also a victim. His death is really hard to watch, no matter how often I see this film.
liv Anos atrás
@Kirstyn Todd same omg
Iphito Anos atrás
@Farahan Shaik yeah I mean in the books he actually comes and Clove dies in his armes as he begged her to stay. I think that also was one of the things that made him snap.
Kirstyn Todd
Kirstyn Todd Anos atrás
It is SO much worse in the book. I hated every second of it, and I was screaming at Katniss to just find a way to kill him already. Probably my least favorite moment.
MissCoolGirl Anos atrás
nah im fine seeing him die
SpetZemas 2 anos atrás
This movie as well as the book series are really inexplicable. Simply because they are so genius. It’s full of emotion. People are living in poverty, starving and being oppressed by the capitol and are forced to give up two young kids who will enter an arena along with 22 others to kill each other. Even now 8 years later I still can’t get that through my head, they are actually killing each other, while others watch on live tv. It’s just so grim but so exciting at the same time.
Sol Sanz
Sol Sanz 11 meses atrás
@legrandliseur tri I personally would love to see a POV of the meth heads. I know they're only mentioned as an afterthought and I'm not sure if they even appear in the book. But it would be interesting
legrandliseur tri
legrandliseur tri Anos atrás
''It's just so grim but exciting'' is what basically everyone thought, and I think it's scary how genuiely invested in the games we are lol. There is a weird appeal to see how all the participants use different strategies to try to win. Honestly, I'd love to have short stories that show you the pov of characters like Peeta(how did he convince the careers to accept him, and did he actually kill that kid near the place where Katniss was hiding at the begining), Thresh(what did his area of the games look like, how did Cato kill him), Foxface(how come she saw that district 3 kid constructing mines around the horn of plenty?), and when we look at the second game, I think a pov in the district 1-2 group would be nice(Did they also figure out how the arena works?).
Mild Panic
Mild Panic 2 anos atrás
10:39 alright so the only part of the movie that I was genuinely irritated by was the mutts. Yes, they did a fairly good jobs, but I wish that they had stuck to the book a little more when designing them. In the book, the mutts were designed after every tribute who had died. When Katniss realizes, it makes it countless times harder to kill them. Other than that, I loved how much they stuck to the books, but I wish they included that detail.
El Goblin
El Goblin Anos atrás
@Pinkajou I see them as more mannish than wolf, having 5 fingers and running awkwardly with heavy footfalls. Like when the thresh wolf grabs Peeta's leg and slashes it, it's a human hand with claws and fur
Nacho x28x
Nacho x28x Anos atrás
Yeah... that’s just creepy. Katniss questioned whether the capital transplanted the brains of the tributes too. Would’ve been cool if they confirmed it to be true or not but still, downright inhumane
Pinkajou 2 anos atrás
I really wanted them to be werewolves... when you said this I was a bit disappointed
DeathnoteBB 2 anos atrás
Not to mention it wasn’t ever confirmed in book 1 whether or not they _were made from_ the dead tributes.
Pinkajou 2 anos atrás
Chiaseeds ABSOLUTELY agreeeeeeed
Sude Şeran
Sude Şeran 2 anos atrás
"that is mahogany!" "everything here in the presidential mansion is mahogany." "wow is that mahogany?!" effie trinket loves mahogany. i said too much mahogany now the word doesn't makes sense.
JiangChun K
JiangChun K 6 meses atrás
mahogany isn't even like a real wood its like a fancy word for "the wood of any of various chiefly tropical trees...the durable yellowish-brown to reddish-brown usually moderately hard and heavy wood of a West Indian tree."
mzmendy 8 meses atrás
Oh yeah? Say scuba
mark lee has the same birthday as me
*m a h o g a n y!!!*
Cheez Anos atrás
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara Anos atrás
"Break it down? Are you kidding, this is hand-carved mahogany." I liked that part of that movie.
Shawn Davis
Shawn Davis 3 anos atrás
J Law is AMAZING in these movies! Those who say the love between her and Peeta was cold doesn't understand the book or Katniss. I think J Law/the director nailed it.
Katherine Morelle
Katherine Morelle Anos atrás
It’s just one of those adaptation problems. In the books Katniss is stone faced and stoic, it’s a major part of her character that she deliberately tries to never show any feeling. All of the inner awesomeness, and flaws, and nuance, intelligence, cunning, and just overload of emotion happens on the inside. We get to experience that in the books. So when it comes to adapting it, do you stay true to the character but chance the possibility of viewers thinking that she’s wooden? Or do you completely rewrite the character to show who she is on the inside? I personally think they chose correctly. Because we do still see some of Katniss’ inner turmoil, but also the fact that she is so deliberately stoic- and that the latter is a massive part of her character. If she’s not stoic, she’s not Katniss
Named 2 anos atrás
“Mmmmm soggy burnt bread” That literally cracked me up 😂😂😂
Marshy-mallow 7 meses atrás
Jillian Bleier
Jillian Bleier 11 meses atrás
I saw this comment right as he said it 😂😂😂
blue__ Anos atrás
“Ouch I hurt my ankle, I don’t think I can go this year..”
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara Anos atrás
Ah, that's my specialty dish!
Pinkajou 2 anos atrás
Brody Mills 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Arlette Vega
Arlette Vega 2 anos atrás
4:42 He started drinking ever since he became a mentor. He at first did try to help them but eventually he drowned in alcohol seeing 2 kids yearly die
Supreme Sea946
Supreme Sea946 2 anos atrás
@Naomi Don and it was quick thinking as the girl had cut haymitchs stomach open and he was holding his guts in
Naomi Don
Naomi Don 2 anos atrás
He became addicted when snow killed his family after he won the hunger games cause if you throw something at the edge of the arena it will fly back and a girl did it to kill him but he ducked down and it flung back at her and killed her so he won but snow didnt like that haymitch figured it out so he killed his whole family
Rebecca Dry
Rebecca Dry Anos atrás
I would love if you did the rest of this series. It's one of the best book to movie adaptation series of all time, imho, but it gets a lot of criticism for some reason
SynergyPhoenix 2 anos atrás
Oh, and “no one really like shaky cam, it makes you feel sick, you can never focus on anything . . . “ I like shaky cam if it’s used well, it adds to the emotion / psychology of the scene. It’s never made me feel sick, though when not done well, too much or too often it can distract and sometimes make it hard to figure out what to focus on (which admittedly, is sometimes the point). Anyway, I like it.
Jessica Pesso
Jessica Pesso Anos atrás
the shaky-cam DOES make me feel sick.. and honestly, that's a good thing? this isn't a feel-good movie
spidaxtreme Anos atrás
I think the best use of shaky cam was during the reaping. Along with dulled audio it really gives you a good look into the anxiety Katniss had during that moment.
ImDone Anos atrás
In general action movies utilize shaky cam but they use it unnecessarily
Mon Mothma
Mon Mothma Anos atrás
I agree! Definitely added to the atmosphere in this film. Gave it a kind of raw and visceral quality the later movies lacked.
DragonSlayer56 3 anos atrás
Isabelle Fuhrman and Alexander Ludwig I feel were great in creating their characters. Clove is tiny compared to the other tributes and compensates for that with her unhinged nature. Where as Cato is still a maniac but he is shown to still be scared in his final scene adding a complexity to his character that we didn't expect. My point is those two actors each deserve a win.
Esra Cetinturk
Esra Cetinturk 2 anos atrás
“The mayors daughter Madge is looking Haggard” had me dying 🤣🤣
emily may
emily may Anos atrás
@Sssst Gump yep!
Sssst Gump
Sssst Gump Anos atrás
I didn't finish the book. But i think i remember that it was the mayors daughter who gave here the mockingjay right?
Layna Pasco
Layna Pasco Anos atrás
imacheckneck 3 anos atrás
GarlicBreadIsLoveAndLife :P
Doing catching fire would be pointless cause he can’t win every second of it, the video would be days long!!!! Catching fire is just too good
TOPOYS Anos atrás
8unnylover Anos atrás
Wopanater Anos atrás
I don’t want to catch it, i might burn my hands
Carl Smith
Carl Smith Anos atrás
Faded Penguin walk before you run
Dib Irken
Dib Irken 2 anos atrás
*Cato attempts to shoot Katniss with an arrow* "Maybe you should throw the sword" I snort-laughed on this scene in the theatres.😂😂
Lone Cowboy
Lone Cowboy 5 anos atrás
What I like about this guy, compared to Cinema Sins and other Parody critic series, is that he actually reads the books!
I'm Your Mom Now
I'm Your Mom Now Mês atrás
@Lone_Cowboy and actually watches the movies as cohesive movies, rather than a series of moments to nitpick. They often give sins for things that make sense in context given seconds later!
Tom Beattie
Tom Beattie Mês atrás
I think CinemaSins does read the books, but chooses to ignore them in the videos for the sake of comedy
Brian Stabile
Brian Stabile Mês atrás
Camilla Ibrahim
Camilla Ibrahim 2 meses atrás
Camilla Ibrahim
Camilla Ibrahim 2 meses atrás
caspianYT 2 anos atrás
Okay, you have officially played an active part in making my depression better. your videos make me laugh out l oud consistently and the delivery of that line at 5:42 is still my favourite thing ever. I love you man
Ruth K
Ruth K 2 anos atrás
The shaky cam was also used so that we could tell the difference between "our" cameras and "The Capital's" cameras once they entered the arena. The shot with Gale and Katniss lounging in the forest being still shot can be attributed to the later revelation that the Capital does, in fact, monitor some area close to the fence (how they knew she hunted + when they tried tricking her into getting electrocuted by setting off the fence after she crossed into the forest).
Nikolaifly :D
Nikolaifly :D 2 anos atrás
Ok, did anyone else almost cry when Cato died in the book? He was still only 17 and he probably had the MOST painful death in the whole series! Also I legit cried when the boy from district 3 died, i don't know why, I think just the thought of anyone under the age of 18 being murdered in cold blood really gets to me!
Michael Knapp
Michael Knapp 3 anos atrás
Could we please get the rest of the series? Would love your opinion on the other ones.
Sage Jennings
Sage Jennings 11 meses atrás
1:29 I love the arc that she does end up having children with Peeta, once he teachers her to see the good in the world again. This is perfect reference to how Peeta was better than her for Gale, as she describes in having "plenty of fire her own". She needed someone who could help her see a future rather than just fighting to stay alive in the now.
Adam Timmo
Adam Timmo 2 anos atrás
When are we gonna get the rest of the series? I just rewatched the series and there is so much to win about the rest. Many people have problems with some of the movies, but after watching them one after the other, I think the whole series is great. I'd love to see videos on Catching Fire and the Mockingjay movies.
Aarohee 3 anos atrás
Effie: *_gasp_* That is MAHOGANY!
Angry Ferb
Angry Ferb 10 meses atrás
Wood species lessons *ding*
AWildVdoorPlaysBlitz 10 meses atrás
Strawberry Bagel2006
Monique Aguilar
Monique Aguilar 2 anos atrás
AliraGacha 2 anos atrás
When I first saw this movie and heard that line, I thought that she was saying some fancy name of saying “that’s illegal for stabbing a higher statistic person” but ya know, a type of wood works too.
like mate, stop procrastinating
i hope he continues this series 😭 it's been years and I'm still waiting for videos of everything great for the rest of the series
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 5 anos atrás
Cinna was one of my favorite characters... Probably the worst death in the books for me personally.
ABBI J 7 dias atrás
Id say finnick had the saddest death, he had just got married just DAYS prior, and he never even got to know he was going to be a father. He didnt have to go back to help them, but he did, and died a hero 😭
💕Leilani 💕
💕Leilani 💕 2 anos atrás
And that’s why I named my dog after him
benny 3/3
benny 3/3 2 anos atrás
yes Cinna and Rue for me as they both held me as soon as i read the book especially Cinna due to him being so different from the people in the capital
Gracie Renfro
Gracie Renfro 2 anos atrás
Carlos Rodriguez finnick.
h 2 anos atrás
Sam van der Linden he says as the movies wouldn’t exist without the books...
QS 26
QS 26 2 anos atrás
Since everyone seems to think that they have to hate on the counterpart... do *EVERYTHING GREAT ABOUT CINEMASINS*
legrandliseur tri
legrandliseur tri Anos atrás
That would a short video.
Chain so Stanky
Chain so Stanky 2 anos atrás
No everything great about cinema wins
Nat Walsh
Nat Walsh 2 anos atrás
Nothing great about CinemaSins though. They’re clickbait
Random Person
Random Person Anos atrás
In eleventh grade, our school bell sounded kind of like the mockingjay whistle so everytime the bell rang me and my classmates would put our three fingers up hunger games style. 🤣
salem Anos atrás
Moral of the Hunger Games, rolling down a hill is the best way to escape
Jillian Bleier
Jillian Bleier 11 meses atrás
So true, I’m pretty sure this is how they escaped in the arena in catching fire too
Islay Maggie
Islay Maggie 2 anos atrás
i’ve always thought that seneca crane’s beard was a reflection of his sharp or cut throat persona, instead of him having something rounded or amiable that would give off the opposite vibe. it seems controlled and short lived just like him. the makeup, architecture and costume design in this film is second to none and really effectively portrays the tone and what the audience should be feeling during certain scenes (for example the strange eeriness of effie’s pale and fake makeup not only standing out amongst the people of district 12 but giving the pretence that she is hiding her humanity).
Strange Scripts
Strange Scripts 2 anos atrás
CinemaWins 2017: "Probably something with the elderly I'm thinking." Me in 2020: You goddamn seer.
Jingfang Zhao
Jingfang Zhao 3 anos atrás
**gasp** *tHaT'S maHoGANy*
Yajie Liu
Yajie Liu Anos atrás
I've always wondered why she said that and cared so much about that table. Do they always travel in the same cart so she's gotta use it every year (or everywhere she goes), or she's just not kin on people stabbing beautiful and rare things?
Jack AndTheBeanstalk
Effie is the best character
Cody Garcia
Cody Garcia Anos atrás
This is the most iconic line in cinematic history
dig6394 2 anos atrás
Everytime I see that, I just think of DBZA. King Yama going on about his freaking desk
Xx_Gryffindor Squad_xX
Oh honey EVERYTHING is great about the hunger games.
Nat Walsh
Nat Walsh 2 anos atrás
Harry Valiente In your opinion
Xx_Gryffindor Squad_xX
Harry Valiente oh ok I am just stating my opinion,I am sorry if I made you sad
Harry Valiente
Harry Valiente 2 anos atrás
No you're wrong
Restreven 3 anos atrás
8:30. How would they miss that. He mentioned sponsors several times. This is why I like subtitles. People miss things while chewing popcorn.
Karlee Quiroz Valentino
A movie that gets points for being good for once?? I am literally impressed. Thank you!!! Can we see more of these please?
ADOBI_ FLASH 3 anos atrás
When Rue died every time I watch this movie I cried
Spudmaster2009 Anos atrás
I cried as well as we didn't know her much we go attached to her
Nat Walsh
Nat Walsh 2 anos atrás
It’s sad that she’s gone. She’s one of my most fav characters.
Jeremy Hunter
Jeremy Hunter 2 anos atrás
Would love to see the rest of this series by you. You actually seem to have read the books, would make the wins even better!
The Phaneron
The Phaneron 11 meses atrás
Yeah the mutts in the books were *genuinely horrifying.* I'm glad they watered it down with moderately fearsome beasts in the film. If they brought the mutts in the books to the screen I'd be scarred for life.
b1ttersweet 2 anos atrás
“La di da, no ones ever gonna make me kill myself.” “oh”
JaegerCat Anos atrás
Oof size: large
Schweighsr 2 anos atrás
As 7:49, the "Slinky" is for making traps and snares, and at 8:16 that "trap she never uses" is how she caught the squirrel that she eats in the very next shot.
Gladius ExE
Gladius ExE Anos atrás
I’m so obsessed with the reaping scene because it’s such a strong feeling from Effie of “You truly have no clue what goes on in the districts.”
Illyanna Turtle
Illyanna Turtle 2 anos atrás
The music at the end with Ceaser gives me chills every time. All the music in this movie is absolutely perfect and really makes you feel like you’re in the reality.
Jon Kowalski
Jon Kowalski Anos atrás
Anyone know what song that is?
Chandler Arndt
Chandler Arndt 5 anos atrás
Just an interesting thought that Katniss and Peeta represent the two parts of the Hunger Games: Hunger and Games. Katniss is the Hunger, a hunter who fights to survive. Peeta is the Games, charismatic and using camouflage.
Mon Mothma
Mon Mothma Anos atrás
Hey, Peeta didn't want to be a piece in their Games, remember
Lulu B
Lulu B 3 anos atrás
Mind = blown
ελλιέ δυσών
ελλιέ δυσών 3 anos atrás
I read a theory on tumblr that the actual Mockingjay of the series is Katniss (mocking bird- Katniss being home and a singer) and Peeta's (jabber jay- he's good with his words that he does end up using to harm Katniss in the last book) kids
Cyclonado Thunderclaw
Cyclonado Thunderclaw 4 anos atrás
Interesting. Or you could just say Katniss is the physical surviving of the Hunger Games and Peeta is the social game you have to play - winning over the viewers and all that.
Jackson Lindberg
Jackson Lindberg 4 anos atrás
OH my gosh I never thoght about that
Wolf 2 anos atrás
11:25 Plus in the books, her arrows were bouncing off him! He had gotten a body armor that covered all but his face and hands!
Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh Anos atrás
I LOVE and always have LOVED this I have just finished the first book and it’s even MORE amazing 💞
Madison Smith
Madison Smith 2 anos atrás
I had to keep replaying it just to hear Effie say “That is MAHOGANY”
Kiko_isarose Anos atrás
I honestly loved the use of a shaky camera in this movie, and the lack of sound in the very beginning of the game stuck with me a lot. It felt chaotic and scary in a way not a lot of other movies do
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 meses atrás
I feel that Hunger Games is dangerously close to real life now. Love the movies, it scares me how similar our society is to Hunger Games.
Ming 3 anos atrás
7:26 this is the first movie i saw starring J Law and this is the moment I confirmed she is a great actor
Moved Anos atrás
I would love to see the rest of the series!!
Cyrone Macaraeg
Cyrone Macaraeg Anos atrás
With the release of the new book from Suzanne Collins, I went to see if you did videos from this series, and I’m surprised you haven’t! Please make a Catching fire and Mockingjay video pls❤️
Blue 2 anos atrás
I watched all the movies and this one ended up being my favorite. My favorite *would have been* Mockingjay pt. 2 if it weren't for what happened to Prim at the end there...
Carjis 2 anos atrás
No one: CinemaWins: S Q U I R R E L B O N E S
Somebody 2 anos atrás
This is my all time favorite series. Although they didn’t develop some of the other characters enough such as finicky and haymitch, the movies are really good
starielight 2 meses atrás
ngl ceasar was one of my favorite characters in the books cos even though he wasn't the best he did try to give everyone an edge and he tried to make everyone laugh at least a little before their deaths and I kinda miss him
Adam Clark
Adam Clark 2 anos atrás
I really appreciate the positivity, it's refreshing and enjoyable. Keep making more videos. 👍
Isaac Kerin
Isaac Kerin 2 anos atrás
Watching this while watching the actual movie. Get on my level.
Ashley Jackson
Ashley Jackson Anos atrás
Watching this while reading the book with the movie in the background. My level is the only level.
mari e
mari e Anos atrás
watching this while reading the book *get on MY level*
ssother Anos atrás
My family and I would go to Costco a lot to buy groceries when I was 14-15ish, and while my mom shopped I would go to the book section and read. I read the entire book over the span of a couple months. Fun time!
Blinded Bliss - Diana
Blinded Bliss - Diana 3 anos atrás
When I was 17, both I, my mom and my grandparents read and loved each and every one of these books. It's an intergenerational one.
Honest Iago
Honest Iago 5 anos atrás
The scene between Katniss and Cinna before she's lifted up into the arena is one of my favourite scenes in any film in the last decade or so. Katniss is literally trembling - wonderful acting by Jennifer Lawrence - and Lenny Kravitz is just magnificent too. Really understated and subtle. I think I like Effie more than most: she's a product of propaganda and brainwashing and she genuinely believes what she is doing is right. In her own way she's a victim of the Capitol (not as much as people from the Districts obviously, but still) but her genuine affection for Katniss and Peeta leads her to try and help them and ultimately turn her back on everything she knew. When finally faced with reality, Effie makes the right choice. I'd love to see you win Cloud Atlas. Got panned by a lot of people but one of my all-time favourite films.
carlotta4th 3 anos atrás
I'd love to see you go over all the other hunger games films as well! The fourth may be a tad disappointing compared to the others, but 2 and 3 are definitely my favorites of the series and SO well made. I'd never seen videos that portray PTSD and "protagonist propoganda" like that.
zachary arnold
zachary arnold Anos atrás
Please do the other movies from this series 🙏🙏🙏, your videos have been getting me and countless others through these times
Claaws Mês atrás
Dude I'm watching this without audio. And Katniss volunteering still gave me chills. The beauty and anger in that line is insane.
DaringDucky 2 anos atrás
I think the best part of the movie is that they absolutely nailed the reaping scene.
joshua moore
joshua moore 2 anos atrás
Honestly I really appreciated how closely this movie followed the book.
Eliza Munday
Eliza Munday 3 anos atrás
I LOVE the fact that you talked about the soundtrack, because it is incredible in this film, especially when it’s so quiet at the beginning/ for the reaping, and the song to show the connection between Prim and Rue
Gaz 3 anos atrás
I hope the sequels get looked at someday, I'd love to hear the opinions of those.
Emil Jonas
Emil Jonas Anos atrás
My spouse and I have been watching so many of these. Admittedly, mostly on her account. And dude. Whenever we’ve had a bad day and put on one of these, you make our whole evening. For her, it’s to the extent that she’s memorized every win from your Frozen 2 YT clip 🙌🏼👌🏼 ❄️ . Now, I know you’re not a musical fan. But Sheepus Cries, “Emo: The Musical” is one of the funniest things I’ve watched all year. There are so many golden nuggets in that one that I really hope you’ll do that one at some point. If not, we’ll keep enjoying whatever you post, anyway 🤷🏻
Layla Jade
Layla Jade 5 anos atrás
"Also the mayor's daughter, Madge is looking really haggard"
Nova Kroschel
Nova Kroschel Anos atrás
@Snake Kid Mags was in the quarter quell from district 4, the woman's name was Greasy Sae
Harneev Kaur Dhaliwal
Ruebus Haggard gamekeeper at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry
Gracie 2 anos atrás
​@_Sunflower_ At no point does it say it Greasy Sae, it was just a random old woman.
_Sunflower_ 2 anos atrás
Snake Kid Mags only shows up in catching fire, that was Greasy Sae
•Ivy Moonx•
•Ivy Moonx• 2 anos atrás
I read this just as he said it accident
Sim Slim
Sim Slim 2 anos atrás
You should totes do the other ones in the series!!!! Also, I love your videos, always a great job ❤️
GrimmFilmEnt 2 anos atrás
I'm currently rewatching this series. I recall someone once describing it as "thinking girl's Twilight" and I can't get that description out of my head.
Blörgus Feörgus
Blörgus Feörgus 2 anos atrás
When I watched this movie when I was younger I didn’t think about the species of wood, I thought mahogany was capital slang for BS 😂
Maharbanef 5 meses atrás
I like how he has learned to anylise the film in detail and give an educated explanation and theories
Anonymous Freak
Anonymous Freak 5 anos atrás
I'd like to make a request: A movie that is critically panned, but very popular, and that you *DON'T* like. I'd like to see you finding *REAL* wins in a movie you don't like, and see if the hunt changes your opinion of the movie by the end. Not a movie you haven't seen and have avoided on principle, but one you've seen and dislike.
William Krause
William Krause 3 anos atrás
R8xanne i jeremy’s voice every time I see or hear the word “twilight”
R8xanne 3 anos atrás
Anonymous Freak twilight
Sapphire Smith they,them
Gotta say: It was a great movie, but not one I should have watched for the first time right after getting a concussion. Also I get motion sick. I probably missed like collectively half an hour of covering my face because of the shaky camera
MegaMGstudios Mês atrás
3:03 I like how even the guards are shocked and don't know what to do, like this sorta stuff never happens
Brianna Chiavetta
Brianna Chiavetta 2 meses atrás
Almost 5 years since this vid... Wow. Hope to see the other films soon enough but I'm willing to wait paitently
Jackson Quinn
Jackson Quinn Mês atrás
Same my dude, hanging in there with you.
Cris Inc.
Cris Inc. 2 anos atrás
The way they were doing the POV when prim was dying. Literally scarred me a little when i was younger. The way she was fading off just ugh
wub wub wubton
wub wub wubton 10 meses atrás
Rue looks and asks exactly like my little sister so watching her die was tough.
Angelica Licari
Angelica Licari 3 anos atrás
I thoroughly enjoyed this, thank you! I didn't expect to be cracking up or come to any new realizations when I clicked.....
aytuser Anos atrás
7:52 this is already brutal but imagine if they actually showed their ages since most of them would still have those cute puffy faces that you have when you're around 12 to 14 years old since it's established that most of them are around that age group
Annie Lynch
Annie Lynch 3 anos atrás
I really like how you read the books for this. Did you ever do any of the sequels? I couldn't find them.
Willow Tree
Willow Tree 5 anos atrás
"My wife is still team Gale." that is what divorce exists for
wanda's air conditioner
@Galilea Diaz gale was very manipulative. if you read the books you will see that katniss is just too kind, hence making gale look kind too. although the truth is gale was just an unlikable character
Ivory Sakura
Ivory Sakura 9 meses atrás
@mhm I agree with u
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff 10 meses atrás
I’m team Gale
Liz G
Liz G 11 meses atrás
What was truly off putting for me about Gale is when he said in the book when Katniss asked whether Prim was killed by the rebels' bomb (which he helped invent), "Does it matter? You'll always be thinking about it?" and then "That was the one thing I had going for me. Taking care of your family." As if he didn't really care about how Prim just got killed by possibly the technology he helped invent. As if Prim's death was secondary to winning over Katniss. I was completely repulsed.
Katerina Torre
Katerina Torre 4 meses atrás
I absolutely LOVE the subtle book references in this video
NWPGK81 2 anos atrás
I see Hunger Games as being more of a metaphor for the USSR: people forced to do stuff for the state without any benefits and the state gets it all. Extremely planned economy with areas specialized for certain things. Freedom of movement restricted by the government. Not US style capitalism.
MartMakkie 2 anos atrás
The problem with that anology, I think, is that in the USSR the decadent elite was the state, while in the Hunger Games the decadent elite is just the main priotity of the state. It is more like a colonial empire, in the sense that certain areas exist only to feed the core area (the Capitol). Which makes all the Romanness, in my opinion, more fitting. Because Rome (after Augustus) was an empire in that sense as well, with certain provinces (like Egypt) where used just to feed the capital and the profits went in the pockets of a small imensly wealthy elite. And while the USSR had its colonial tendencies (it was the successor of the Russian Empire after all, and after WWII Eastern Europe did start to resemble colonial protectorates) it was more totalitarian in the sense that it was not really a core vs a periphery, it was an elite, that tended to rule from the core, that fed on a mass. I hope that I made myself somewhat clear.
Relentless Avos
Relentless Avos 3 anos atrás
5:33 "I have no chance of winning! None! Alright?" point for honesty... he won. So he lied and the point on the win counter wasn't justified.
legrandliseur tri
legrandliseur tri Anos atrás
He didn't really win, Katniss won it. Sure, he saved her life once, but she saved his life three times, basically.
Bessie Burnet
Bessie Burnet 2 anos atrás
But he didn't know that, did he? He hardly had a chance, he just got lucky with the Star Crossed Lovers thing
mari e
mari e Anos atrás
i feel like the hunger games movies were one of the few "teen novel into movie" series that were pretty true to the books
Original 2667
Original 2667 2 anos atrás
The fact that your wife is a team Gale even though he killed Prim gives me some questions. Does your wife hate Prim?
Mon Mothma
Mon Mothma Anos atrás
@Lindsey Squire So nice to see someone getting that point! Gale took care of Katniss' family for long periods of time and saved Prim's life during the bombing of D13. There are deleted scenes from the first movie where he teaches Prim to hunt. His anger and hate got to him, but he wasn't evil.
Lindsey Squire
Lindsey Squire Anos atrás
@Mon Mothma Exactly. I've never liked Gale, and dropping that bomb was way too far, but he loved Prim like Katniss loved Gale's siblings. He would never have hurt her intentionally.
Mon Mothma
Mon Mothma Anos atrás
@Bessie Burnet That's true, he was too far gone. However coming up with the type of bomb that was used is *not* the same as saying he killed Prim.
Bessie Burnet
Bessie Burnet 2 anos atrás
@Matilda Whevere he knew or not is not the point here. The point is that he was okay with making bombs that was gonna kill innocent Capitol children. He was too far gone. Its why Katniss chose Peeta. Peeta was for peace, where as Gale was only ever gonna stoke the fire in Katniss.
Matilda 2 anos atrás
Sam Warren 1. He didnt drop the bomb, coin did. 2. He didnt know prim was going to be there
Alyssa Surgent
Alyssa Surgent 2 anos atrás
I really hope you get to finish this series and review the other three movies. Great characters and story.
Casperios 11 meses atrás
"It might actualy take a few shots to get used to the bow" That takes a few days, all the little tiny detials can realy throw you off. even the bow she gets in the games itself will be a litle different. But then again Catniss is a great (maybe even perfect) shot.
Madison Springer
Madison Springer Anos atrás
Very good video! You actually read the book too, which I applaud. Hopefully you will review the rest of the hunger games films.
Big MooseGamer
Big MooseGamer Anos atrás
5:38 the way he said “ honesty” 😂😂
Caitlin Fotsch
Caitlin Fotsch Anos atrás
I still listen to this whole soundtrack. The other films didn’t do it as well as this one
shoyo hinata simp
shoyo hinata simp 2 anos atrás
I started reading the first book, but I left it in my locker at school, (thinking we would come back, but schools canceled for the rest of the year) and the janitors went through my locker and threw it away. You have no idea how pissed I was.
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo 12 dias atrás
many years later and this movie still gives me chills. still impactful.
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