Everything GREAT About The Dark Knight!

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And one more re-upload for you. Hopefully, two movies coming back to life will make up for there being no new video. But next week back to normal! If you can figure out the teaser frame at the end you're just the smartest movie watchers around.

Originally Published: 6/17/2017


Wonder Women is out! So here's another DC hero. And definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. Batman Begins 2 was really something special. Here's everything right with The Dark Knight.

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Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright

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CinemaWins 3 anos atrás
Another REUPLOAD!? I know, this one had been blocked for 3 weeks and my DMs have been blowing up ever since. But next week back to normal. And it's something a lot of you have been asking for from day one. At least a beginning...Only the most avid movie aficionados will be able to decipher the teaser frame.
Mir Jawad
Mir Jawad 5 meses atrás
LYou m
Αλεκος Αναστασοπουλος
bruce was about to say "bat" and fox cut him in purpose cause they have like a little thing between them where they like dont talk about him being the batman despite bruce knowing that fox knows
Sam Schellhase
Sam Schellhase 10 meses atrás
where was the rick & morty reference? it's been two years, can you give in?
maniacal gamerz
maniacal gamerz Anos atrás
Why did you say j jonah reinvented the character? Was that a mistake? lol This was heath ledger. Regardless i did enjoy the video as tdk is one of the best majorly in thanks to the late great heath ledger.
ark Anos atrás
You missed a win. In the party scene Rachael kicks Joker and he says “You got a little fight in you, I like that.” And then Bruce- Batman says “Then you’re gonna love me.”
Damon r Joseph
Damon r Joseph 3 dias atrás
Yeah that was awesome
Austin Capell
Austin Capell 3 meses atrás
Rose Hannaquist
Rose Hannaquist 4 meses atrás
Fr4X0n3 nh
Fr4X0n3 nh 4 meses atrás
I mean this wins video is missing a lot of things
EBGamez1 9 meses atrás
222nd like :)
Mr Scechy
Mr Scechy Anos atrás
I feel like in this movie, Christian Bale is kinda left out of the spotlight, but he still has an incredible performance and a wonderfully written character
Cham 3 meses atrás
He is brilliant in Nolan's Batman trilogy, but what made his career was undoubtedly American Psycho.
Luyanda Mngadi
Luyanda Mngadi 4 meses atrás
@Soos but then he still shined,
Elonif 5 meses atrás
@Jamarkus Holcomb Pulp Fiction
Duke Johnson
Duke Johnson 9 meses atrás
@Soos bane spotlight over Batman in rise? Idk. I thought Batman was the focus again in rise
Lewis the goat
Lewis the goat 10 meses atrás
Sup Nihilis
yerp 2 anos atrás
“oh they should, i own the place” i’ve never heard anything more gangster come out of a hero’s mouth ever
Rhezii 3 meses atrás
also in batman begins when he brings the foreign girls to the hotel and they start swimming but they try to kick him out and the waiter says “it’s not a matter of money” while wayne is writing a check and replies with “that’s about to change because now i own the place”
Love You Too Man
Love You Too Man 4 meses atrás
Close second is Tony Stark “genius billionaire playboy philanthropist”
hockey legend50
hockey legend50 4 meses atrás
Just like in the newer Batman adaptation where he just tells Clark Kent - “I bought the bank”
Saurabh Dodke
Saurabh Dodke 4 meses atrás
"I bought the bank."
LeoS 4 meses atrás
You must be 12.
NecktieFox Anos atrás
Fun fact: The Nolans did actually have a backstory for the Joker, five mutually exclusive ones, to be exact. The script writers were each assigned one of these at random and told not to look at any of the four others ever, and they shredded them afterwards to make sure none of them became 'canonical' after the film was released. All in order to really sell the 'Agent of Chaos' persona. I guess if Ledger's Joker was going to have a passt they'd prefer it to be multiple choice.
Joseph Kyle
Joseph Kyle 3 dias atrás
@The Itinerant I understood that reference
average quentin enjoyer
haha I get that
The Itinerant
The Itinerant 9 meses atrás
@Cat Lover Such is a rumor It starts as a story Maybe it's true, maybe not But once you repeat it It's hard to defeat it And this is the mess that you've got
Mohadeseh Shahoseini
Not to mention they were all comically accurate. Each one at a point in time was the joker’s origin story in the comics
Ty Freeman
Ty Freeman Anos atrás
I understood that reference
Epic Cardboard Props
"Astute observation from the chatty guy who stole Chandler's hat"... so cool lol that's because of these lines that I LOVE your channel, you're so good at it, you genuinely love movies and we feel it.
Sam Merrill
Sam Merrill Anos atrás
You’re really not gonna give 9:41 a cinematography win as well, with Dent’s face half lit and half dark? C’mon that’s some dope foreshadowing
KB Mês atrás
Haha foreshadowing. Nice choice of word
Vyomaan Dave
Vyomaan Dave 5 meses atrás
Rachel Lyma
Rachel Lyma 9 meses atrás
And that same shot gets paralleled again at the end of the movie, making the audience question which side of Dent will win
Coleman J. Rimer
Coleman J. Rimer 2 anos atrás
First time I saw this movie, when Joker says "you and I are destined to do this forever", that was a moment of sadness for me. Because, yeah, I wanted them to. And Ledger was gone. He was a terrific actor and I wish we'd gotten at least another Joker from him. I don't mean that's the ONLY reason he's missed, just one of them.
Brain rich
Brain rich 10 meses atrás
Another film of his that is great is A Knight's Tale. Extremely talented actor, gone too early.
Dylan Rivera
Dylan Rivera Anos atrás
Fun fact: The Joker is the only comic book character to have an Oscar to their name.
Anshul Sengupta X B roll no- 25
@Maximilian Bürger exactly
Maximilian Bürger
Maximilian Bürger Anos atrás
2 Oscars
Adham Was Here
Adham Was Here 2 anos atrás
Joker's plan can be summed up with his line: "Depending on the timing, he's either in one location or several."
dyan 3 meses atrás
@Gio BRvid sucks.
Gio 3 meses atrás
@dyan how am I just getting this
Ace Holtzie
Ace Holtzie Anos atrás
@dyan well to be fair, joker tricked batman by saying the opposite of the truth. Batman was going for Rachel but joker outsmarted everyone.
dyan 2 anos atrás
And it still makes me laugh at the irony 😂😂 it ended up with Rachel being in "several"
CIM Films
CIM Films Anos atrás
This movie deserves 4000 wins. An extra 1000 for Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger 3 meses atrás
@God's Lonely Man And I thought my jokes were bad
Shreyas Seshan
Shreyas Seshan 3 meses atrás
@God's Lonely Man yes tru
God's Lonely Man
God's Lonely Man 3 meses atrás
@Shreyas Seshan yep. and TDK is the 3rd highest rated rn, 9.1.... so no one really cares about IMDb now. citizen kane should be 3rd highest, and Interstellar and TDK shouldnt even be top200, maybe top250
Shreyas Seshan
Shreyas Seshan 3 meses atrás
@God's Lonely Man ur actually right. There are many many many greater movies than the dark knight and many many greater performances than the joker one. TDK is kind of overrated. Like it is the bloody no. 4 movie in imdb and Citizen Kane is only #94. What a fuckin joke
Knorad Anos atrás
Am I the only one that feels like in the start when the joker “miscalculated” the number of shots the banker had left in his shotgun. He actually knew he had one left, it was just easier for him to make the banker kill his goon
Big J Instagram jcorge
Big J Instagram jcorge 2 meses atrás
He 100% knew the banker still had one more shot left, and definately purposely betrayed his own goon cause he didnt give af, was gonna do him in anyways
icemav 3 meses atrás
I think he just didnt really care. If the banker was out of bullets, then Joker would kill the guy anyway, and if the banker wasnt out of bullets and he killed the guy, then the only difference to the plan is that Joker kills the guy who opens the vault. It literally makes no difference to the Joker
Vyomaan Dave
Vyomaan Dave 5 meses atrás
I hundred percent thought that too... even in my first watch I had guessed that was the Joker by that point (maybe a bit because of the mask being similar to one worn in an earlier iteration).
Matias Zenklusen
Matias Zenklusen 9 meses atrás
Probably, but it could also have been a sick joke on the Joker’s part.
Tanner Huotari
Tanner Huotari 2 anos atrás
In regards to the Joker’s military background and his experience with interrogations, I think we forget his ability to read people. He claimed to “know the squealers when he sees them” in reference to Lau, which ended up being correct. He knows how to push buttons, like when he claims to “know the cop’s friends better than the cop ever did” and get a reaction or get people to submit to his plan. Just some things that play to his abilities and seeming expertise in interrogations, possibly showing even more of the Joker than we realize. Great writing and incredible performance.
United States of America
All of what you said is something any true psychopath would be able to do.
Suzanne The Bear
Suzanne The Bear 6 meses atrás
I remember watching this movie with my late grandfather earlier this year. We were watching the transport scene and he said "This is why I hate action movies. If he really wanted to kill him he'd use a bazooka." I then looked at him and the next second. "I stand corrected." I will forever remember that moment and that is what firmly set its place in my favorite movies of all time.
The GrimWiz
The GrimWiz 2 anos atrás
"In their Last moments, people show you who they truly are" Falling to his death and still laughing maniacally.
KINGatGOTA 3 meses atrás
it's because he thought he was a able to corrupt Batman and have him break his 1 rule of not killing but as soon as he is saved he stop laughing
Errol Luck
Errol Luck 3 meses atrás
@Keyboard Evangelist And I thought my jokes were bad...
richard lair
richard lair 5 meses atrás
@Keyboard Evangelist im a christian, and what you are saying is true, but this way of evangilizing is ineffective and annoying, noone is going to listen to you like this
Kono Dio Da
Kono Dio Da 11 meses atrás
@Keyboard Evangelist hmmm. Good points. Good points all around. One issue though. I don’t remember asking.
The Depressed Antagonist
"John Wick once killed three men in a bar with a pencil" The Joker: Hold my magic trick
WingedFish117 3 meses atrás
@Heleaven for signing checks & writing order slips etc?
ALEX 5 meses atrás
@Jamarkus Holcomb never watched pulp fiction Even if i did Pretty sure nothing tops The Dark knight
Fry Anos atrás
@Jamarkus Holcomb Both are fucking awesome but it's unfair to compare between Samuel L. Jackson and Nolan's cast IMO.
Heleaven Anos atrás
@Jamarkus Holcomb See... there's Samuel acting there and here Batman and Joker are there.... I'm picking the dark knight....sorry. I love both but....yeah. 👍🏻
Jamarkus Holcomb
Jamarkus Holcomb Anos atrás
Which legendary movie is better? Pulp Fiction or The Dark Knight?
Joel YT
Joel YT 11 meses atrás
Harvey Dent is such an underrated character. He was so well written as the hope of Gotham becoming a criminal that is driven by revenge. I rewatched this movie and felt sad that Harvey became Two Face even though I already knew it would happen. Man this film is great.
Katleho Motake
Katleho Motake Anos atrás
"You either die a hero, or you live lonh enough to see yourself become the villain" arguably the realist quote from a movie EVER
Treetie Anos atrás
Omg that moment when joker takes off his mask and says "stranger" is sooo good. Just that sound making his voice kind of like an echo and it combines with the music to make that amazing intro. It's so fricking good. I get chills every time I hear it.
Somesaymisery 3 meses atrás
you should’ve heard it in a movie theater… my seat shook. it was awesome.
Aidan Smith
Aidan Smith 2 anos atrás
I love how you can see Joker is making up his "why so serious" story as he tells it. You can tell because he pauses for a few seconds multiple times and rolls his eyes up pondering since he's improvising.
Talyn has time
Talyn has time 4 meses atrás
@Phạm Việt Long Oh that is a fantastic observation. The man mirrors his victims, putting them as an unwilling part of his origin, making them complicit because they are similar to the person that supposedly caused his scars.
alfa01spotivo 5 meses atrás
imagine if that was just ledger forgetting his lines lol
Louise Anos atrás
Damn, I just noticed
Aidan Smith
Aidan Smith Anos atrás
@Yellow21 I assumed he put together another made up story before coming in since they were probably a really fun way to freak people out.
Yellow21 Anos atrás
meh, could be. If you notice when he was talking to rachel about his scars in the party scene, he never looked up once, so him looking up could also mean that hes remembering rather than making things up.
Amir Martinez
Amir Martinez Anos atrás
11:44 yes Heath Ledger told him to actually hit him, he’s gotta be the best “actor” out there
Troy 2 meses atrás
@ILOVEJETTROOPER because at that point he wasn’t acting he was going batshit crazy
Why did you put quotes around the word actor???
Burnt_Fuze 6 meses atrás
my favorite hidden detail is how Alot of the time, Harvey's face is usually viewed from a side angle so we never see his entire face head on, and alot of the time even when he is facing forward, half his face is in shadow. just good visuals
Chipper 4 meses atrás
My theory is that Joker was a soldier known for his brutality and ability to take on governments and large organizations. During the interrogation, he says something like this, “You’re a freak, like me. Sure, they need you now. But as soon as they don’t, they’ll toss you out, like a leper.” Which lead me to the idea he was a soldier praised for his insanity until it wasn’t needed anymore, then he was cast out, dishonorably discharged abandoned on a mission and left for dead, whatever form that may have taken. Obviously I don’t have a lot of specifics or actual evidences , but as mentioned in the video that’s a good thing.
Rebecca Zappone
Rebecca Zappone 7 meses atrás
I LOVE the moment at 4:50 because you learn so much from the tiny shot of everyone backing up. Between the 3 bosses (Gambol, Chechen, and Maroni), they embody 3 very distinct reactions to the Joker. Gambol is angry and reactive. He knows he’s not in control here, and he hates it. He’s grasping for a semblance of that comfort that control gives him, to a point that he blindsides himself to the very real danger Joker poses. Maroni also knows Joker is in control, but on the other hand, he knows this isn’t someone who can be “bought, bribed, reasoned with, or intimidated”. He maintains a little bit of composure in front of his men, but has a sort of “don’t make any sudden moves” look etched onto his face, with his eyes glued to the Joker. And then there’s Chechen, who has the most interesting reaction: he’s intrigued. Curious. He sees the Joker as a potential business partner (evidenced by him humoring Joker’s questions, asking his price, genuinely considering his offer, and even leaning casually as if to show he’s open to Joker’s proposal from the beginning). When Joker pulls the grenade card, Chechen barely stirs - he looks back at everyone else’s reactions, but he maintains the same casual composure, as though he expected this and is unfazed. It leads into their later actions as well (Gambol’s leap to the conclusion at Joker’s “death”, Maroni’s confession to Harvey about Ramirez and his tip to Gordon about Joker’s later whereabouts, and Chechen’s acceptance and inclusion of “the clown” to get rid of Batman, even giving him his half of the compensation as he had requested)
OxyElite 3 anos atrás
"You see in their last moments...people show you all who they really are. So, in a way I knew your friends better than you ever did" One of my fav lines
Jerry Gil
Jerry Gil 6 meses atrás
"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain"
Collin Snow
Collin Snow 11 meses atrás
That line is scarier than most horror movies I’ve ever seen. Because you have to read into it... and when you do, you FEEL how hard that hits the guard, and how little it means to the joker.
Shaan Alam
Shaan Alam Anos atrás
Itachi Uchiha said something similar .
Ty Peterson
Ty Peterson 2 anos atrás
@Turbo Spinach It is absurd to consider how actually iconic every single line is in this movie. Each iconic line the from Joker makes you want to tattoo it or write it somewhere. Heath Ledger Joker is untouchable
RemixedVoice 2 anos atrás
I'm struggling to think of something you can say to someone that is more fucked up than Joker's sentiment lmao
Babylonian Cowboy
Babylonian Cowboy 11 meses atrás
Best comic book movie, best comic book movie cast, one of the best movies ever. Bale should get more credit here-Ledger needed an immovable object to run up against, and Bale was it.
Edward 8 meses atrás
This movie still holds up especially because even after 13 years it still feels like a breath of fresh air in the superhero movie genre.
Mariana Martins
Mariana Martins Anos atrás
Whenever I see this movie, or anything Joker related, I feel so sad we lost Heath Ledger, for whatever reason it was. RIP Heath Ledger
Will Clapp
Will Clapp Anos atrás
The fact, “I’m not wearing hockey pads,” didn’t make the win counter go up like 50 makes me upset.
Lovely Luke
Lovely Luke 3 anos atrás
To call this movie a masterpiece is an understatement
Shreyas Seshan
Shreyas Seshan 2 meses atrás
@Recorded entertainmentIt's not even the top 100.
Recorded entertainment
Recorded entertainment 2 meses atrás
Best movie ever Imo
Shreyas Seshan
Shreyas Seshan 3 meses atrás
No it isn't a masterpiece. Just a very good and popular film
God's Lonely Man
God's Lonely Man 8 meses atrás
@Jedi master Optimus prime lmfaaoo, 5. Zack Snyders Justice League 4. The Dark Knight 3. Megamind 2. Spiderman into the Spiderverse 1. Spiderman Are work or art?? and deserve a 11/10? wtf, civil war, spiderman3, winter soldier, avengers, infinity war and endgame are 7/10 highest idgaf what imdb or RT says, its overrated as FK. And endgame and avengers and Homecoming are total shit, as well as justice leauge and Nemo. But Spiderverse and Megamind are really good, 8,4 or 8.5, but TDK deserves a solid 9/10 but only a few movies deserve a 10/10 or 11/10, 10/10 are, Casino, no country for old men, departed, irishman, The Matrix, american beauty, schindlers list, shining, full metal jacket, wall-e, the truman show and 11/10 are Godfather/godfather2, space odyssey, there will be blood, 12angry men, Shahwshank redemption, one flew over cuckoos nest, citizen kane, taxi driver, goodfellas, fight club, silence of the lambs and a few more, but things u said are totally biased and shit. u know nothing about movies, u proly justwatch marvel and DC shit.
Jedi master Optimus prime
Well there are two categories above masterpiece, the one that Schaffrillas calls, The Big Boyz and above that is the works of art masterpieces are like 9 or 9.5 out of ten, the Big Boyz are like 9.5 to 10 out of ten, and the works of art, oh man, those are the eleven out of ten, so the masterpiece has movies like Finding Nemo, Batman 1989, X men Days of Future Past, Spiderman Homecoming, Winter Soldier, the Big Boyz has movies like Avengers (the first one as well as Infinity War and Endgame) Jurassic Park, Spiderman 2002, Empire Strikes Back, Spiderman 3, Civil War, Lego Movie, Incredibles, and the works of art are so special that they only have six movies in there, here they are in order of my opinion of "worst" to best, 6. Wall-E 5. Zack Snyders Justice League 4. The Dark Knight 3. Megamind 2. Spiderman into the Spiderverse 1. Spiderman 2
Captain Cornbread
Captain Cornbread 11 meses atrás
“You think you can just steal from us and walk away” “Yeah” This is why he is the best joker
Can Of Pizza Sauce
Can Of Pizza Sauce Anos atrás
3:24 What's the most interesting is that Harvey did both. He lived to become the villan, but died a hero since Batman took the blame for him because he wanted Harvey's reputation to always stay good. Because Harvey was always good, he simply was corrupted by The Joker.
ALWestcott 2 anos atrás
I wish I could go back and watch this in theaters when it was originally released. One of my biggest cinematic regrets.
TimLikesWaffles Anos atrás
Man I swear Christopher Nolan creates a masterpiece with every single movie he directs
Kevin Treanor
Kevin Treanor 3 anos atrás
I can't believe you didnt win the line from Lucius to Reese where he says "Let me get this straight. You think that your client, one of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands; and your plan, is to blackmail this person? Good luck. "
AwayAWAY 21 dia atrás
Westygalery, then you didn’t pay close enough attention to the “one of the wealthiest, most powerful men in Gotham” part of Fox’s reply.
Jessica Villar
Jessica Villar Mês atrás
That and all the part where the joker force people to try kill the dude, as he don't want the identity of batman revealed
Ty Freeman
Ty Freeman Anos atrás
@Marc Lucier I understood that reference.
Marc Lucier
Marc Lucier 2 anos atrás
@Westygalery Reece backed down because repeat after me: "Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot."
Westygalery 2 anos atrás
It didn't make sense that he'd be intimidated by that. He was blackmailing his identity, not to kill him or anything.. so Reese had no reason to back down... isn't it a credible threat that brawns coudlnt beat? (Even if it backfired later) And if they heard Bats beat up some random guy for trying to out him that'd be worse. Plus he couldn't beat him up if yknow, the WHOLE conflict in the movie was over and Batman was in jail. Locked up Dent without question, and theres a fuck ton of evidence on Wayne..kinda a flaw to me
Vishnu RK
Vishnu RK 2 anos atrás
I love Heath's version of Joker so much that whenever someone mentions him/the Joker, it bring tears to my eyes.
uosdwiSrdewoH Anos atrás
I never really considered how Two Face became that way in the comics before. It's one thing to smuggle a gun through the check points. How, though, do you manage to bring in acid so strong it melts the skin of a human face but doesn't get on yourself or melt the container and manage to throw it so perfectly it only covers exactly one half of someone's face? Riddle me that.
uosdwiSrdewoH 4 meses atrás
@Gestapo I'm aware of that. Did you read the whole comment because I was talking about how it happened in the comic, not the movie. Although it happened the comic way in Batman Forever too.
Gestapo 4 meses atrás
He falls in oil with only his face exposed during the oil scene
starscream71288 6 meses atrás
I've heard you say many times that it's "always a win" when an actor gets lost in their character and I feel like you missed that in this movie. I've seen this movie well over 100 times and no matter how hard I look I still can't see Heath Ledger in it. He really became the Joker.
Somesaymisery 3 meses atrás
same! every time i rewatch tdk i try to “find” heath in the character and to this day i just can’t. the mannerisms, the voice, the look… all i can see is the joker. honestly, i think it’s my favorite performance of any actor in any movie ever. it’s just *that* good.
RosaXRose Anos atrás
Heath Ledger played the joker so well, what a legend. Rest in peace.
Victor Conway
Victor Conway 2 anos atrás
Heath Ledger could even make literally just saying "Hi..." an iconic Joker moment.
Akish Anos atrás
@Wonder Miles I never even saw Jared Leto’s Joker. If it’s as bad as people say it is, I don’t think I ever will
Billy Butcher
Billy Butcher Anos atrás
@Rmn Christical o job jooo nooo jooo i JJ JJ looks
Achyut Badri
Achyut Badri Anos atrás
@Ludimeel Sorbo Fax.
fwtx._brianna Anos atrás
i mean he did lol
BELLA Anos atrás
This, Obi and Stitch.
Halex Anos atrás
IMO this is easily one of the best films ever made
b2kzangelalwayz Anos atrás
I watch this once a month and right now, it makes me feel less alone.
the upside down brick
the upside down brick 9 meses atrás
"this suit wasn't cheap, you oughta know.... you bought it" such an underrated line imo, its so great
uosdwiSrdewoH Anos atrás
The moment in the trailer when Joker says "...people will die. I'm a man of my word" then follows it with that laugh was when I knew this movie would be amazing and his Joker would be the standout. It works great in the film but as a moment with little context in the trailer it's such a powerful moment that eclipses everything that came before to show you this guy is something different.
Michael Spiesbach
Michael Spiesbach 5 meses atrás
I remember seeing this in a comletley full Theater at midnight the day it came out... it was stunning on a big screen and it's still amazing to re-watch at home.. this is Chirs Nolan's absolute best work. Just one of the best movies I've ever seen.
Jackson Newman
Jackson Newman Anos atrás
A win for me was the "Slaughter" trailer opening in the tunnel and his emergence. Gave me chills and was (imo) one of the BEST villain entrances in all of cinema. Masterful.
Caroline Hafner
Caroline Hafner 11 meses atrás
The opening of this will always get me. The build up and syncopation in the drums/guitar timed with the tension on screen until you realise you've been watching the joker the whole time and his face reveal coincides with that dissonant note - it's just perfect. 🤯
Lord Drayvon
Lord Drayvon 2 anos atrás
I'd have added a few more Wins to the murder scenes although I can see why he wouldn't. It was rather dark and unpleasant to watch so making light of it may not be easy to do. 1. Performance by Oldman around Loeb. 2. The subtlety of the smoking glass implying acid although we never explicitly learn what it was. 3. The "UP" note. 4. Great editing. 5. Aggressive Expansion.
Olivia12333 2 anos atrás
I wish ledger lived to see all his awards and all the reviews and fanfics telling him how damn perfect he was.
CaYlYa 11 meses atrás
@Caroline Hafner k
Caroline Hafner
Caroline Hafner 11 meses atrás
@CaYlYa accidental overdose. He wasn't suicidal just on a cocktail of drugs for insomnia and anxiety/depression and took the wrong dosage of each.
don’t click on “Liked Videos”.
Oh, not the fanfics. Anything but those.
Daniel Anos atrás
This is the first time the mention of fanfics has truly shocked me. Just what kind of depravity are these Joker minions writing? Lol. Or maybe just 🤢?!
Crest Of The Hill
Crest Of The Hill Anos atrás
I'm an atheist but.. if I wasn't I'd say he knows.
Santi Lee-Baez
Santi Lee-Baez Anos atrás
I love how when Gordon grabs the joker he says,"Can you just give me a minute"
To expand a little on the joker soldier theory. My interpretation is that he was a member of the Army Special Forces aka the Green Berets. The Special Forces job is not to conduct direct action raids or do hostage rescue or counter terrorism, but instead to conduct Unconventional Warfare missions. Unconventional warfare in the Green Beret sense is to go behind enemy lines, liaise with, recruit, and train indigenous forces to fight a guerrilla war against the enemy. What is the Joker gang if not an indigenous force fighting a war behind enemy lines? Obviously being a well trained soldier he’d by comfortable with a variety of weapons, but for me it is more the planning and operational technique that supports the idea that the Joker was a former Green Beret. Combine this with the idea that he was already something of a political radical and slightly unstable while in the army. One day his humvee hits an IED, and everyone but him dies, so he decides to fake his own death and disappear. He only reappears as the anonymous maniac known simply as the joker, a person free from any constraints to embrace their most insane and twisted ideas, who’s faith in humanity has been crushed, and who wants to impress this desolation on everyone else.
CannyRaptor 3 meses atrás
I’ve watched this movie 50-60 times I just watched it last week, I just watched this video, and now I’m gonna go watch this movie again. I believe as far as action/thriller movies go, this truly is a masterpiece. It can not be out done, and it gives me hope for the art of filmmaking and art in general. Love love love it
Symn 10 meses atrás
There are 3 things that really stand out for me in this movie: 1. the Joker (surprise) 2. this violin that gets more and more intense when the scene gets more and more intense 3. that this movie does not seem to end bc theres always another ace up in the jokers sleeves
Brum Racing
Brum Racing 3 anos atrás
"You think you could steal from us and just walk away??!" "Yeah!" 100 wins for that response alone
AB DE Anos atrás
@Nymphrodell Salavin huh?
Sophia Tuttle
Sophia Tuttle 2 anos atrás
heath actually improvised that line. he was a man of improvisation! i’m so glad they put it in the final cut because that’s one of my favorite scenes.
Georgia Andrea
Georgia Andrea 2 anos atrás
The Joker is a genius that's why he said it nonchalantly.
VØNZ 2 anos atrás
Basically every joker lines are the best.
Nossa Senhora do Ó
Nossa Senhora do Ó 2 anos atrás
"You think you could steal from us and just walk away??!" But, of course, that is what the bankers do from you (and almost everyone on this comments section).
Antho More
Antho More Anos atrás
🤩I was amazed at the acting of this joker and the movie over all. This movie is one of my top 5 movies.
hazzard outdoors
hazzard outdoors 8 dias atrás
I totally agree that this movie is perfection. Literally a movie I can watch and rewatch over and over. And I agree also that he could be a soldier but I like that we don't know.
Wesley Vinícius
Wesley Vinícius Anos atrás
Missed the mention of how heroic Jim Gordon was in this movie. He basically saved Batman from the Joker in the end of the chase scene and did his best to protect the city through the whole film!
Sófis !
Sófis ! Anos atrás
I just love the irony that people didn't want Heath to be Joker and then he became the best Joker ever interpreted. It's really sad that he died, his career could have been even greater and nowadays he would probably be really proud of the way he destroyed all his haters and how high he set the bar. May he rest in peace
AwayAWAY 21 dia atrás
Divorce hits some people harder than others I guess.
I have no name
I have no name 2 anos atrás
I swear this movie aged like fine wine
[DJ Club] SansTheSkeleton
Gets better with age
George Richards
George Richards Mês atrás
@Thejus Rao The same can be said with any movie
Potatman17 2 meses atrás
More like rotten milk
anemite2 2 meses atrás
@Thejus Rao not really, you just wanna feel special commenting the opposite of the popular opinion
Chris 3 meses atrás
@Thejus Rao What flaws??
OGravesNESM1 Anos atrás
This is my favorite movie of all time, with Heathe’s Joker possibly being my favorite character of all time
Olivia McDonagh
Olivia McDonagh Anos atrás
The fact that you can't tell that's Heath Ledger, even when you know it's Heath Ledger, is a massive testament to his skill as an actor, and his commitment to this role. Nolan's direction, Zimmer and Newton-Howard's soundtrack, and the perfect casting made this film, in my opinion, the best of the three. And also one of THE best made films in cinema history. I remember seeing it the first time and being genuinely amazed at how DARK this film was. The corruption, the pencil gag, Harvey's descent, the ferry scene.... It really, REALLY changed superhero films I think (bearing in mind before this there'd only been Spiderman, X-Men, and Iron Man the same year), and there are VERY few things (literally count them on one hand) that I don't like in this film. In my mind, it's as close to perfect as a live-action film can be.
Kyler Meyer
Kyler Meyer 2 anos atrás
9:38 The way the shadow fell on the left side of his face, already showing that at his breaking point, he was already Two Face. He just didn’t have the scars to prove it.
Mixu Anos atrás
That "Stranger" line at the beginning always hits me so hard. I think it's a bit bass boosted or something, but it just encapsulates this Joker so perfectly for an intro. I can't get enough of it
Poseidon 3 anos atrás
The joker clapping in the cell was improvised and that's why they looked at him like that
Stego Anos atrás
@Exodyr That scene was not improvised at all. They spend millions of dollars on that shot. They bought on abandoned building, placed explosives in such a way that the building doesn't look like it just collapsed but it actually fell down the way they wanted, they needed to close down nearby roads, alert the local media, have a massive film crew, helicopters filming the explosion, etc. etc. Every single bit was planned. They only had one shot so you can't leave anything up to chance. Nolan himself said: "[Special effects supervisor Chris Corbould] was able to come up with a scenario in which Heath could actually be walking out of the building because what Chris worked out is if we put in a little beat where the first set of explosions stops as if something's gone wrong, and the Joker just takes a second to look around surprised like the audience is surprised, then the major demolition comes in and he jumps straight into the school bus. In that way he was able to come up with a practical scenario in which we could actually take a principal actor, walk him out of a building that's about to be destroyed, and literally drop the building to the ground."
Ayoul Anos atrás
@XXXOD Also false. According to Nolan, that malfunction bit was all planned by the special effects supervisor so there would be a pause between the explosions so they could have it all practical AND have the actor on set safely. There's no way they wouldn't also extensively practice this type of scene they only have one shot at.
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson Anos atrás
@Lulu nope. Mjw said it was the most relaxed set he's ever been on, with heath and the cast joking around so much the were occasionally late shooting scenes
Lulu Anos atrás
Not gonna lie. Being on set with Ledger must have been quite creepy at times with him going in character and doing things out of the blue
Cowt Anos atrás
Yeah he actually had a TON of improvised lines because he was so “in character”
ggGamer2018 Anos atrás
He should have just let the movie play from start to finish, adding a win counter for every second one of the main cast is on screen or music is playing, period, change my mind.
Mattew Smith
Mattew Smith 2 meses atrás
Just watched this movie for the first time, absolutely loved it.
Noah Boes
Noah Boes Anos atrás
“Don’t worry, it’s gonna take a lot bigger than that to take us down” - Joker proceeds to take something out bigger...
Frosty boi
Frosty boi 4 meses atrás
I wonder if Heath knew he was creating one of the most iconic scenes in cinema history?
ftd888 2 anos atrás
There’s also irony to Alfred condemning the Joker by saying that “some men just want to watch the world burn.” Although Alfred is depicted as being on the side of order, it was Alfred’s team that burned down an entire forest to catch the jewel thief that he compares to the Joker throughout the movie.
YouTube Needs To Change
Just because Alfred's team burned the forest down doesn't necessarily mean that Alfred agreed with their decision. Perhaps he was outvoted.
Sebastian 5 meses atrás
@Joeseph Kerr Alfred know only one side of the story, his own. They were not the even portrayed as the good guys, bribing native tribesmen with jewel.
Jay Pena
Jay Pena 6 meses atrás
Maybe The Joker was in Alfred’s platoon that did it! =0
Ramsey Schaffer
Ramsey Schaffer Anos atrás
@Joeseph Kerr Alfred was going to use them to effectively steal the land from the natives in Burma. A little logic says that the thief would steal the gems anyway.
Joeseph Kerr
Joeseph Kerr Anos atrás
@Ramsey Schaffer no he said that they were finding the jewels, the thief had left them because he wanted the thrill
BatSlayer2448 Anos atrás
“You think you can steal from us and walk away!?” “Yeah.” Best part of a movie ever
Sam Loomis
Sam Loomis 3 meses atrás
When the cast and crew got together to make this trilogy, they looked at each other and said... "We're gonna do GREAT THINGS together."
Shakeriddleandroll 10 meses atrás
I wish more people would talk about how great David dastmalchian was as Thomas Schiff despite being such a minor character.
VonKaiser 10 meses atrás
One win you missed that I think goes unappreciated, in the scene where Gordon tries to apologize to Harvey in the hospital, Harvey turns to Gordon at one point before saying "Why should I hide what I really am." and it cuts to Gordon's expression right before we see his face and all we see is Gordon's horrified reaction. Absolutely pure acting talent that sells the disfigurement. Gary Oldman is always a win.
Jordan Goulet
Jordan Goulet 9 meses atrás
I don’t care about the so call plot holes or the missing scene! This is the greatest super hero movie and one of the greatest movies of all time.
Werewolf Korra
Werewolf Korra 5 meses atrás
My parents and I tried to see this in Imax, but it was sold out. So, we saw it in standard and I was still blown away. I saw it three times in theaters, which is the most I've seen any movie in theaters. Even Spiderverse and Curse of the Black Pearl only got twice, though in fairness, Spiderverse supplanted Dark Knight as my favorite film.
Hawksfan88 11 meses atrás
There's too many great things about this movie, that we can't even keep count!
Tom Otto
Tom Otto 4 meses atrás
This is has always been my favorite Batman movie, thank you for reminding me why
J.J. 3 anos atrás
Personally, I think Aaron Eckhart is very underrated in this movie. I love his portrayal of Two-Face. He is just overshadowed by the performance of Heath Ledger.
CraftyMaster Productions
Everyone in this movie was great.
Wildman 2 anos atrás
@Michael T They are always great, son.
Random MexDude
Random MexDude 3 anos atrás
i agree he was amazing
Jeebz 3 anos atrás
Idk if you’ve played farcry 3, but there are about 4 villains.... but don’t lie, you only remember vaas
Jeep Amir
Jeep Amir 3 anos atrás
everyone was... everyone
Gavin Dennis
Gavin Dennis 2 anos atrás
I love how Zimmer uses drums that sound like waves and subtly play throughout the whole movie.
Oyin Jones
Oyin Jones Anos atrás
The saying “no matter how bad you’ve had it, someone’s had it worse” rings true to the Joker. The reason is back story is irrelevant is because NOTHING he’s been through will ever justify his actions. Because someone has had it worse and didn’t react by causing anarchy or wanting to the take down the world with them. I just love that his backstory isn’t explained and rightly so.
SPQSpartacus 3 meses atrás
14:05 One of the greatest chess players of all time, Mikhail Tal, was known for his ”Tal moves” where the objective was to make the game confusing and unpredictable. Tal expected his opponents more likely to make mistakes he could then exploit in such situations. I see a hint of that here.
Victor Acosta
Victor Acosta Anos atrás
7:54; I like how the Joker forces his guy to fight Batman.
Santiago Díaz
Santiago Díaz Anos atrás
The joker reminds me of Caligula in the Albert Camus' play. In the play the emperor decides to cross the line between sanity , goodness and evil because it is simply absurd. These 2 are probably the best creations I've encoutered.
Sam Loomis
Sam Loomis 3 meses atrás
I put Batman Begins as my favorite, but the Batman and the Dark Knight are basically all tied for 1st place. All 3 are amazing films even if you're not a Batman fan.
Marisa Tamayo
Marisa Tamayo 2 anos atrás
definitely my favorite movie of all time. christian bale, hans zimmer, and christopher nolan made this movie for the best movie. i've seen this movie so many damn times. in nolan we trust.
Nick Mahyr
Nick Mahyr Anos atrás
Wow, I found someone who views this movie the same way I do. A masterpiece.
Adrien Taylor
Adrien Taylor Anos atrás
Honestly my favourite bat man movie, definitely up there as one of my favourite super hero movies.
Bryce Crane
Bryce Crane Anos atrás
12 years later and this movie is still an absolute masterpiece of filmmaking
all games
all games 2 meses atrás
Haven't watched the dark knight in ages rewatched it yesterday and man was it the best action movie out.
Nana Mash
Nana Mash 6 dias atrás
This is the channel I go to when I need to find some faith in the world. Also I'm dying to know your background because I love the way you talk about movies
Luke Gregory
Luke Gregory 2 anos atrás
Harvey shouting “you can’t give in” while half his face is visible and the other half in darkness. I love little moments like that in film.
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 10 meses atrás
"LOOK AT ME!" scared the eff outta me in the theatre and that's when I knew this wasn't gonna be a kids movie lol
The Ahearn
The Ahearn 3 meses atrás
Heath Ledger in this movie just keeps me coming back to not only this video but the actual movie itself. I just can't get enough of how hypnotizing an amazing of a performance he gave as the Joker. Truly iconic.
Ryan M.
Ryan M. Anos atrás
Fantastic movie. It deserves its rank on the top movie list
Sislik Anos atrás
Every scene without the joker is just like watching an ad
Tyrant-Den Anos atrás
The Joker being a war veteran also works with the "live long enough to become a villain" theme.
Joe Carpenter
Joe Carpenter 6 meses atrás
Heath Ledger is amazing as The Joker but he didn’t invent this take on the character. Also, Mark Hamill’s voicing of The Joker for cartoons and the video games is beyond incredible - just as iconic as Ledger’s turn.
SICKNED Anos atrás
Just the way movies starts is just insane and the movie always has you on edge
Lara Mueller
Lara Mueller Anos atrás
Up there with my favorite superhero movies...and I’m a marvel person. I can watch this movie over and over and still never get bored. Ledger absolutely deserved that posthumous award, but I wish he was alive to accept it.
Grant Cipher
Grant Cipher Anos atrás
Also two things that atleast I saw was the timing of specific events matching with the timing of the movie's run time and the other was how Ledger played off the phrase in the comics "If I had a back story I would want it to be multiple choice"
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