Every Drag Race Winner’s Entrance (Compilation) | RuPaul's Drag Race

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This is how you make an entrance like a QUEEN!
#VH1 #DragRace
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Comentários 80
Coonalisa 50 minutos atrás
The room clapped when Tyra walked in. Iconique.
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 8 horas atrás
thank you for including season 1. it's forgotten by most. but it's what made the show what it is today.
pip 9 horas atrás
Nick Brock
Nick Brock 13 horas atrás
if trinity drowned in the ocean it would be pollution
Ethan Bradley
Ethan Bradley 14 horas atrás
I hate violet. I rest my case
Tony Murillo
Tony Murillo 16 horas atrás
That’s weird.
pandita love
pandita love 17 horas atrás
And Season 12 Gigi Goode
94ayd 23 horas atrás
Thank God for Yvie, because Aquaria, Monet & even Trinity were underwhelming.
Victor Ventura
Victor Ventura Dia atrás
i want a fucking season where all 12 winners compete against each other i mean come of we have all stars but imagine rupauls drag race royalty like PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN RU
Tim Griffin
Tim Griffin Dia atrás
Brita will be next on this video
Othelo Dia atrás
There's an energy in their eyes, the "I'm here to slay in my own damn way" look.
Othelo Dia atrás
Except Tyra she looks like she took 3 xanax with double shot of whisky.
chelseacc c
chelseacc c Dia atrás
You guys are missing Valentinas entrance ... yes she won in my heart ❤️ Ahhahahah
Jordynn Leak
Jordynn Leak Dia atrás
I love yvie oddly🥰😍 she’s really my spirit dragimal 😂🤍
Jack Southward
Jack Southward Dia atrás
'Ooo, the circus is in town Mary'
Franco Severino
Franco Severino Dia atrás
1:50 Manilaa :(
T Cook
T Cook Dia atrás
Daum you are Netflix fish I hope you can get a Netflix deal soon you are worth it I will watch this show we need a good laugh and you can bring the fierce funny drama❤❤❤
Andre Carson
Andre Carson 2 dias atrás
Alaska didn’t need filler she was more cute before it 😩
João Alvez
João Alvez 2 dias atrás
12:38 WTF is that 🤢
acar1994 2 dias atrás
I Remember Violet!! I saw her fingrring..... I mean I saw her on RPDR!
ronasia green
ronasia green 2 dias atrás
peppermints face when she saw Sasha valor had me dying 🤣🤣
Ellie W
Ellie W 2 dias atrás
we need a season purely of all winners... that would be so entertaining
chelseacc c
chelseacc c Dia atrás
Ellie W omgggggg yes
Joe Cambo
Joe Cambo 2 dias atrás
Yall missed raven twice
Donzaleigh Anderson
Donzaleigh Anderson 2 dias atrás
Season 2-6 is the only one's i watch & all starts 1& 2. Then didn't watch anymore after that! I don't know why either 🤷🏿
Madelyn Bradlea
Madelyn Bradlea 2 dias atrás
Where’s Manila’s all stars 4 entrance ? 😏
Mandy Wormgoor
Mandy Wormgoor 3 dias atrás
Damn I love Yvie Oddly
Gods Chaotic Creation
Gods Chaotic Creation 3 dias atrás
They need a season with every winner from every season competing against each other that would be ENTERTAINMENT
JSo3 3 dias atrás
Abril Delgado Fonseca
Abril Delgado Fonseca 3 dias atrás
I wanted Shangela to win All-Stars 4 so bad...
Ya Girl Sarah
Ya Girl Sarah 3 dias atrás
"its like a party" idk why i find that so cute lmao
sam lewis
sam lewis 3 dias atrás
Pedro Oliveira
Pedro Oliveira 3 dias atrás
The "oh wow" gets me everytime
Gabriel Sabala
Gabriel Sabala 3 dias atrás
can’t wait for them to add Gigi Goode’s entrance 😌
Julia Zientara
Julia Zientara 3 dias atrás
When Honey said that Yvie was team Slytherin, I really felt that
Nun ya
Nun ya 3 dias atrás
Raja... *CHEFS KISS*
Emma Deese
Emma Deese 3 dias atrás
All the contestants hated jinxx monsoon and she still won
BarbaraBuschLight !
BarbaraBuschLight ! 3 dias atrás
No one: Absolutely no one: Not even the mitochondria the powerhouse of the cell: Yuhua: fIvE nEwYoRk GiRlS!?!?!?!?
N.T .L.V.R
N.T .L.V.R 3 dias atrás
Oh wow
NwO 4LiFE 3 dias atrás
Every winner but not all entirely or close to deserving winners... Bebe, Tyra, Violet the list goes on!
Adrian Sewell
Adrian Sewell 21 hora atrás
Bebe and Tyra definitely EARNED their crowns.
jean venderfield
jean venderfield 4 dias atrás
in all stars 3, i was expecting dela to enter XD
M G 4 dias atrás
where's gigi goode
tbh i knew bianca was gonna win from the start
Saskia Sacro
Saskia Sacro 4 dias atrás
Wait, there’s Season 7? Oop- 🤭
Fabrizio Castrillon
Fabrizio Castrillon 4 dias atrás
There’s one queen left... Gigi Goode s12!!! Period
tdr1130 4 dias atrás
Now add "LETS PLAY SOME BASKETBALL" for season 12 winner ;)
Kamara Wyatt
Kamara Wyatt 4 dias atrás
Jinkx oh how I love you!
diane ridley
diane ridley 4 dias atrás
I LOVE that Shangela is everywhere. And that Raja is nowhere. Raja was just too mean-- and NO sense of humor. No vulnerability. Yuk. Sharon Needles was an apt winner but has the oddest body shape. I had no idea Bob the Drag Queen is that tall. Alaska has such a grating voice-- where is the mute button? So happy to see Ginger Minj in "AJ and The Queen".
thankunext 4 dias atrás
soooooooo aiden zhane wanted to be the next sharon needles or sum?
T Fan
T Fan 4 dias atrás
Tyra Sanchez is the best winner
Eduar corrales
Eduar corrales 4 dias atrás
Alright you can add Gigi Good on that list
Eugene Dadol
Eugene Dadol 4 dias atrás
Just add Gigi here now
Studying :p
Studying :p 4 dias atrás
I can't believe what all these grown men are doing
Mycenaea 5 dias atrás
Jinkx, Trixie, Bianca
Dandelion 5 dias atrás
I’ll never ever get over that Sasha look in the outro 😳 it’s still my fav ahhh
Kaleb R
Kaleb R 5 dias atrás
It’s weird that people still come from weird/ odd/creepy queens when they usually win
Kaleb R
Kaleb R 5 dias atrás
So if they talk trash about you when you walk in you will probably win
Naridivalinda 5 dias atrás
Kriston Hulling
Kriston Hulling 5 dias atrás
The reactions towards Raja did not age well 🥴
Gwinshin 5 dias atrás
we NEED an all winners season.
Turnips Pickled
Turnips Pickled 5 dias atrás
7:05 The moment I realised I actually quite like rupauls drag race.... why the truck is this so entertaining? I hate regular TV and reality TV is just.... The worst..... But this.... Its like a car crash in slow motion; you wanna stop watching but its literally impossible.....
Sadcore Prince
Sadcore Prince 5 dias atrás
陽ʏɪɴ 6 dias atrás
There should be another Drag Race where all the winners compete each other to get another crown lol
Nikkki 6 dias atrás
why didn’t they put Gigi in this??
Piznoc Tsauo
Piznoc Tsauo 6 dias atrás
Well, Vanjie's mom got one thing right: Raja was on a whole other level.
karlaSinger 6 dias atrás
There really needs to be an All Winners season, or some sort of project with them, I mean they won for a reason and they don't get enough exposure, plus it would be EPIC to see them all interacting together!
Miss Vanjie
Miss Vanjie 6 dias atrás
Why did you put Trixie’s entrance instead of Shangela’s
C F 7 dias atrás
They should have a All-Star season with only the champions and have the queen that gets crowned be the first "High-Queen"
Fernando Dela
Fernando Dela 7 dias atrás
I disagree with two winners Season 1; Nina All Star 1; Raven All Star 2; Katya o Detox For me they are my real winners All Star 3; Trixie really should not have been the winner I disagree that it was Trixie favoritism was seen, Bebe should never have returned, Kennedy I do not know how the hell did it go far.
Xavier john
Xavier john 6 dias atrás
Raven had literally zero wins and was in the bottom for half the season
Pia-juel Millwood
Pia-juel Millwood 7 dias atrás
I love love love when Alaska says I encourage you to try
Tina Anthis
Tina Anthis 7 dias atrás
He is sooooo beautiful its because he is from Africa a beautiful place
Layla Dfonseca
Layla Dfonseca 7 dias atrás
The amount of times I’ve watched this and never realized what Bob the drag queens outfit actually was is scary😂
Jess 7 dias atrás
i think *raja* was ahead of her time, in the first seasons the queens dressed kinda ordinary and pageant like and she was one of the first that brought high fashion and different looks like the one she wore in her first entrance
Cielo Villarroel Soriano
3:39 My favorite!
Kevin Moukas
Kevin Moukas 8 dias atrás
sorry to keep you waitingFIVE NEW YORK GIRLS
SillyStringSoup 8 dias atrás
I love Sharon but Chad Michael deserved to win that seasons 4.
Ayden Diaz
Ayden Diaz 8 dias atrás
The 3 words that describe Sharon are”beautiful,spooky,and stupid” 3 words to describe me”stupid,stupid,and stupid”
Abby Beatson
Abby Beatson 8 dias atrás
You could tell from the moments Bob and Bianca walked in that they were in a higher league.
Some Person
Some Person 8 dias atrás
Season 2 was the epitome of being robbed
Ivan Larsen
Ivan Larsen 8 dias atrás
You forgot to put Gigi in??
csocseszrocsesz 8 dias atrás
What is the music, when Bianca walks in?
Motivational Daily
Motivational Daily 8 dias atrás
Bob is the worse winner ever
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