Even Dumber Americans | Fails From All 50 States 

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17 Set 2023



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If there's anything Failarmy has taught me is electric scooters and rope swings are 2 things I want to stay far, far away from.
I feel so sorry for those people who lost their house in Montana. Can't imagine what that would be like
Absolutely amazed how cool everyone in the helicopter reacted to it crashing. Also props to the pilot for handling it that well!
The kid with the pan fire at
As a wisconsinite, seeing the Wisconsin fails made me absolutely die laughing. Keep it up failarmy!!
It's nice to see people asking if they're alright in a lot of these videos.
That tree falling got dude in the balls pretty good. That had to hurt. Was fun to watch. Great video
This channel is the mood lifter we didn’t know we needed but are grateful we have! 💖
You know censorship is on a whole new level when they blur a cigarette hanging out of someone's mouth.
As an American I can confirm that we were shameless in each of these activities and memories were made!
I was really feeling the guy mowing his yard in the rain. I once started mowing and a freak storm came up and I was in a mood and I just kept mowing. 😂😢😅
I absolutely lost it with the kid from Illinois (
I live in Kentucky and I can confirm those are the most Kentucky-ish fails there are. Only thing missing was a gun fail but give it time.
Little correction for y'all there-- Puerto Rico isn't a US State, it's a Territory (as is the US Virgin Islands, Guam, Samoa, and the Northern Marianas).
So, I'm watching the house in Montana get taken downstream and sitting here in New Mexico going, "That's sad, but I wish we had water..." Then just two and 1/2 minutes later, we get a dingus an Albuquerque using a truck for a boat. Never mind. We're not responsible enough to have water.
That tractor trailer jump was amazing.
When the girl trying to do the handstand fell and hit her leg on the sidewalk, I felt that! I'm sure that really hurt. I hope nothing got broken.
Her laughter at