Euler's Disk

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Matt Parker's great video about the ratio between spin-rate and precession-rate for the disk:
Moffat's famous article on the finite time singularity of an Euler's Disk:
response to Moffat:'s_Disk
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Michael Stevens
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Hannah Canetti
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Jack Merline
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15 Jun 2019



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Comentários 6 321
Anti-Christian Sorcery
Anti-Christian Sorcery 18 horas atrás
it lowkey sounds like my washing machine
Gamesux Dia atrás
I love how the "Michaels Toys" thing has started as kinda like a little joke to transition into michael talking about the science of some random item, but then he just rolled with it and now its an actual series. Like remember the sitcom gag from the supertask video with the laugh track and corny jokes and everything? Imagine if he made that into a full series.
Gibbins Clarkson
Gibbins Clarkson Dia atrás
*”Hello, Dingalings”*
T. Van der kooij
T. Van der kooij Dia atrás
The physics machine gun
T. Van der kooij
T. Van der kooij Dia atrás
0:15 oh god, i like my ears the way they are now
W Lam
W Lam Dia atrás
is nobody going to talk about the fact that michael never blinked while looking at the spinning disk
chicken copter
chicken copter Dia atrás
When the epileptic kid watches spiderverse 1:50
Shadow Blaze Doge
*Eulers_disk.mp4 has stopped working*
Nawar Nashwan_05
Nawar Nashwan_05 2 dias atrás
Q Goes
Q Goes 2 dias atrás
1:53 sounds like Baba O'Reilly.
Diamond Redstone
Diamond Redstone 2 dias atrás
Just spin a ball.
-Glass Caskets-
-Glass Caskets- 2 dias atrás
Hello, Whopper Dingalings from Burger Kings
John Perkins
John Perkins 2 dias atrás
It lays flat for a reason, but thats another debate... Cool toy tho
Red Luigi
Red Luigi 3 dias atrás
The plate of cheese when i drop it at 3 A.M
Assassinext 3 dias atrás
Teacher : Why are you LAUGHING! Me: Oh it's nothing. My brain : OILER'S DISK.
Wombattler 3 dias atrás
Nice gemini shirt!
Nathan Hatch
Nathan Hatch 3 dias atrás
I’m still convinced he’s HowToBasic
monolyth 3 dias atrás
2:23 disc hoes Into hyperspeed
dano elmucho
dano elmucho 4 dias atrás
"Hey dingelings" K sub
Angel Lira
Angel Lira 4 dias atrás
JUKI DDL- 9000b ss niggas be like: 2:17
Иван Петрович
So, this is how people spin basketball's ball on their finger. The ball doesnt fall off because of rotation.
•TDM• TheDruggos
•TDM• TheDruggos 4 dias atrás
V Sauce Michael here...
NaqimProductions 4 dias atrás
Notice that Michael doesn't even blink throughout the spinning of the Eulers disk
Marco Manuel
Marco Manuel 5 dias atrás
It's like beating a lot of eggs in the morning for omelette.
militaryiam97 5 dias atrás
Did this man just call me a dingaling?
Cull Wolfsbane
Cull Wolfsbane 5 dias atrás
I like how at 2:07 Michael starts having a flashback to nam
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 5 dias atrás
Perry the platypus
Peyton The Panda
Peyton The Panda 5 dias atrás
Me: I can't be entertained easily Also me: *watchs a grown man spin a disk without skipping for 1 minute and 12 seconds*
Jimmy .L
Jimmy .L 5 dias atrás
Soooooooooo it works because magic.
Rustodian 5 dias atrás
I've always heard it pronounced 'you-lers' disc. Never heard 'oil-ers' disc before.
Charles Renzi Murphy
Charles Renzi Murphy 6 dias atrás
Is that mirror slightly concave?
BBBlassian__ 6 dias atrás
Female pornstars when they’re filming a gangbang and all the dudes pull their pants down: 0:00
Emi Nelthorpe
Emi Nelthorpe 7 dias atrás
Euler's disk: *spins aggressively* BRvid captions: t h e
Sarah The Degenerate
Sarah The Degenerate 7 dias atrás
Everybody gangsta till the Euler's disk starts spinning
AngleSum 8 dias atrás
5:28 Your welcome
•Mr.Intergalactictrashpanda •
•Mr.Intergalactictrashpanda •
Is the channel actually called DING now? I assume the anagram is “Do Internet Now, Guys” if it is.
Jimmy Bishop
Jimmy Bishop 8 dias atrás
Me: whats X11? Michael: curiosity box 12 Me: oh, well it made me curious.
R & C Gaming
R & C Gaming 8 dias atrás
Why is this entire video one of those vsauce but out of context videos?
Night Mare
Night Mare 9 dias atrás
Me when i get insomnia 0:08
Huggabearskij 9 dias atrás
There's no shipping cost/customs/shippingfrom/shippingtimes/ or any other shipping or order related information in your store.
Tommy F
Tommy F 9 dias atrás
iDubbz didn't disappear, he simply became Michael
The_MadestLad 9 dias atrás
Lesson 5 Jonny
Brightboy362 9 dias atrás
Euler alert
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar 10 dias atrás
6:23 The part where that I blown on gets pushed down.....not what I've heard generally.
Pee In A Bush
Pee In A Bush 10 dias atrás
Hello Ding-a-lings
robert gitau
robert gitau 10 dias atrás
Disk: *spins* Michael: *stares right at you without blinking the whole time*
Mad Jelly two
Mad Jelly two 11 dias atrás
Will Andrews
Will Andrews 12 dias atrás
He would really be amazed if knew how long that thing would precess on a granite surface plate.
飯茄 13 dias atrás
I really love Ding Despite He's more childish But as a guy never touch science stuff after Junior High, I can still feeling I'm learning something and entertained at the same time. Just like I loved science when I was younger, before it's all about test and score.
Jaixex 13 dias atrás
I thought the whole video was about the Euler disk Spins about 25 minutes
WY477 H4RR15
WY477 H4RR15 14 dias atrás
1:24 God watching my life spiral out of control
Karthik Sanguni
Karthik Sanguni 14 dias atrás
I want someone to look at me like Michael looks at that spinning disk
Nurs Malik
Nurs Malik 15 dias atrás
Bruh look at his forehead in the thumbnail
King Tree
King Tree 15 dias atrás
Did he say I'm a dingaling wow
babbisofficial 15 dias atrás
that opener gives me hot flashes
McBoogle 16 dias atrás
Good thing no one said corn cob while that penny was in yo mouth
Caden Cantrell
Caden Cantrell 16 dias atrás
Who else heard a powerstroke😂
ThePSYchicPEACH 16 dias atrás
It feels weird watching this without hearing the Vsauce music in the background
andjela simakovic
andjela simakovic 16 dias atrás
Michael: The kind of brain food that those your body gooood
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