Escape the EVIL TOYS in Mr Hopp's Playhouse 2!

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KREW plays Mr.Hopp's Playhouse 2. We unravel the dark mystery...
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24 Nov 2021



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Comentários 4 492
veriiss Mês atrás
krew satisfies me when they play horror games lol and then there’s lunar, who’s probably enjoying it secretly. edit: tysm for 1k
MOCHA ROSE FRIEND 27 dias atrás
@Aaleyah Saluddoes it work
Eduardo Oregon
Eduardo Oregon 29 dias atrás
I love games that are horror games. But I love KREW more though
-_Bella_- Mês atrás
@FrancareM. Green She*
-_Bella_- Mês atrás
@FrancareM. Green Lunar probably did enjoy it because she just screamed 1 time and plus, mr hopps is a pixelated game it couldn't be scary
🌙Luna🌙 Mês atrás
Krewe makes me satisfies me too
JJWEB Hayden
JJWEB Hayden Mês atrás
How does KREW post nonstop, it being good content, and they still have incredible thumbnails? KF loves y’all! ✨
Amina Warsama
Amina Warsama 17 dias atrás
@Veronica Perez .
_frm691gang_ Howard
Kppup 🏠🎄👱‍♀️
Veronica Perez
Veronica Perez Mês atrás
I can't stop watching there videos !
Hannah Lange
Hannah Lange Mês atrás
Lunar: *Spills the tea about how Esther is the grandma* Krew: 😱
CupcakeCutiee 7 dias atrás
Ikr lol😂
Lopa Esekia
Lopa Esekia Mês atrás
I think It was Dee in the painting
Time Fitness & Wellness
Time Fitness & Wellness
@*gachå_Łûłû* ddcd
Time Fitness & Wellness
Hdhcgcdkerts is ease of rbeing tttttt
Stoopy Mês atrás
I love how krew cared about every single detail except for when there was fire in the doorway
Rida Wassan
Rida Wassan Mês atrás
Nice pfp :)
Katie B
Katie B Mês atrás
@Rhea Tamayo ya
Rhea Tamayo
Rhea Tamayo Mês atrás
❀ mushroom ❀
❀ mushroom ❀ Mês atrás
Can we appreciate how Rainbow predicted Molly and Isaac's hiding spot?!
ok Mês atrás
can we just appreciate how the video perfectly ends in a hour? edit : tysm for all the likes :D
kelidangdang 5 dias atrás
fifula 14 dias atrás
lazy frogy
lazy frogy 19 dias atrás
Yep I from the future squid game will come out on nettflics Korea show
R̸o̸w̸l̸e̸t̸ 20 dias atrás
It might be in a decimal bc youtube does not show decimals
roseruby 25 dias atrás
Akumu Dreams
Akumu Dreams Mês atrás
I love how they didn’t realize they were the grandma until halfway through the game
Arctic Mês atrás
I love how only lunar remembers that Esther is Rubys grandmother. Also my friend is named ruby should I be scared for her :,)
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Mês atrás
I love how unique all intros are 😭👌✨ along with the thumbnail and outros 🥰
* •!!Moonrixe!!· *
29:55 The fact that lunar pointed out that Esther is the grandmother of Ruby's (Mr. Hopps playhouse 1) , that's very smart
The Pastel Team
The Pastel Team Mês atrás
Can we just appreciate that they’re actually continuing from the story so we don’t have to watch another video of mr hoops playhouse 2?
Quinn Garcia
Quinn Garcia 4 dias atrás
Shadlin Osman
Shadlin Osman 8 dias atrás
@Karliel Jackson bbbb h h🤩
Shadlin Osman
Shadlin Osman 8 dias atrás
@l•∆BLUE∆•l jkjkxndjxj😍
Shadlin Osman
Shadlin Osman 8 dias atrás
@StrwbrryCanツ kncnxnxjxj🥰
Shadlin Osman
Shadlin Osman 8 dias atrás
@Karliel Jackson uxijxjxjxjxjjx🤩
shani yan
shani yan Mês atrás
Lets just appreciate how lunars drawing fir the thumbnails are so perfect
I just realized that the 2nd game is actually the prequel of the first one before Lunar even mentioned about it.
Samantha Solmoro
Samantha Solmoro Mês atrás
Lunar never dissapoints me with the thumbnails, so talented! Nice video :D
Brittany Brashears
Brittany Brashears Mês atrás
Funneh your my favorite youtuber
TwistedLIV Mês atrás
Krew plays Mr. Hopps Kf: knows there is going to be a lot of screaming
plum_bunzz Mês atrás
Cukysweet Cuky
Cukysweet Cuky 17 dias atrás
I will just say that again Can we just appreciate that they're actually continuing from the story so we don't have to watch another video of mr.hopps playhouse 2?
Floopy oof 🍵🍙
Krew is amazing and they always make me smile 😊
Dancing Alien
Dancing Alien Mês atrás
Ah yes, when KREW plays horror games, we know there's going to be lots of screaming. And behind those screams, Lunar is just secretly loving it.
Auring Chua
Auring Chua Mês atrás
Can we just appreciate that they actually continueing from the story so we don’t have to watch another video of mr hoops playhouse 2
best hider
best hider Mês atrás
Yeah ; D
Stella Hofmockel
Stella Hofmockel Mês atrás
Mr hoopsಥ‿ಥ
•Sunny ☆ Shadow•
We should appreciate how hard they’re working for these videos!
Friendly Eggdog
Friendly Eggdog Mês atrás
We all do!
Samantha Pt
Samantha Pt Mês atrás
Yeah we should
Nezuko-Chan Mês atrás
♡Dreamy Rennie♡
@Fahad Murished HMMMMM???
Fahad Murished
Fahad Murished Mês atrás
@♡Dreamy Rennie♡ 49 secends😱
Hai Phan
Hai Phan Mês atrás
Cant we just admire how the video is PERFECTLY 1 hour?!
Stella Hofmockel
Stella Hofmockel Mês atrás
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Mês atrás
Sometimes in the video Knew sounds like 5 inner voices in Esthers head that talk or say something about someone or what she's/they're planning to do 🤣
Luna MM
Luna MM Mês atrás
No one: Krew: -being toxic and hopes Miss Bo murbers Molly.
Stella Hofmockel
Stella Hofmockel Mês atrás
Lunar: murder?😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼
Monique Santiago
Monique Santiago Mês atrás
Lets appreciate lunars amazing drawings on the thumbnails😁
Pin Mês atrás
Who else looks at Funneh and just thinks: "That's a Queen" 🥰
Danielle_Turtle :P
Danielle_Turtle :P Mês atrás
Stella Hofmockel
Stella Hofmockel Mês atrás
No but yes
-_Bella_- Mês atrás
@Dark angel The goddess of 💰 MONEY💰
bloody wolf _ chan6
Serina Nop
Serina Nop Mês atrás
•{mocha}• Mês atrás
I love how she keeps running into mr.hopps when she's being noisy
•ItzIcey• Mês atrás
Jellybean soldier?
Cherry🌺 11 dias atrás
i like how krew keeps screaming😂
Leviisshort Mês atrás
the thumbnail is a masterpiece and the story was Esther is ruby's grandma
Zaku Mês atrás
Can we just take a moment and appreciate that the vid is exactly 1 hour long-
JustLyaXD Mês atrás
The fact that today is my birthday and them making my day is just wholesome- Love ya KREW
INotBeaLol💜 Dia atrás
Happy birthday 🎂🎉⊂((・▽・))⊃
ayedt2 2 dias atrás
Khor Yit faang
Khor Yit faang 15 dias atrás
•stargazed• 15 dias atrás
Happy rlly late birthday
Cecilia Miller
Cecilia Miller 19 dias atrás
Happy birthday! Also sorry I haven’t been on BRvid for a long time… but happy late birthday!.. 🥳
kitty voran
kitty voran Mês atrás
wow that was so cool! also your one of my fav youtubers :3
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos Mês atrás
Krew makes me happy every day and the horror game is just like a clown game cuz krew makes it funny lol
Toxic Fishyman
Toxic Fishyman Mês atrás
I love there vids I've been watching them my whole life
Ibuki=} Mês atrás
Let's just appreciate how the video is exactly 1 hr long
Waffles Mês atrás
I love how they're continuing the game :D
roseuki Mês atrás
me too!!
×_tabian_yellow shark_×
I like how the krews make my days is a best day!
LilynotLilly Bro
LilynotLilly Bro Mês atrás
Can we appreciate that the vid is actually a perfect 1hour?
RobloxCookieYT Mês atrás
Funneh is the best and funniest youtuber I've ever watched and now I know what is the meaning of her channel "itsfunneh"
Abeer Tafazzul
Abeer Tafazzul Mês atrás
I like your videos krew!
✨teddy bear✨
✨teddy bear✨ Mês atrás
Don’t we just love the krew saying “byeeeee” at the end?💙💚💜💛💓
Sandy Vazquez
Sandy Vazquez 21 dia atrás
I love knew and I really like when Draco just screams his screen just satisfies me
crystal games
crystal games Mês atrás
Yay they finally played Mr hops 2 and oh yea I love your content
Ghosty_ Mês atrás
I noticed that itsfunneh started doing more scary games since her viewers are starting to grow older and the younger ones are started to like horror games more(like my little brother)
Nina Chiranu
Nina Chiranu Mês atrás
Lets appreciate Lunar's amazing drawing on the thunbnails :D
breacherblade Mês atrás
Mrs. Pancake
Mrs. Pancake Mês atrás
David Pavon
David Pavon Mês atrás
Dave Chohan
Dave Chohan Mês atrás
The fact thats it ends in exactly 1 hour!! Oddly satisfying ♥️♥️♥️
esha Mês atrás
MR. Stripes is THE cutest. I love him!
TheOfficialSolar Mês atrás
Let's be real, the krew can literally be a horror story time teller
Clouse Joslynn
Clouse Joslynn 9 dias atrás
I love when the krew plays!Its also my birthday😅
StarMisura Mês atrás
I’ve watched all of Mr.Hopp play through, seeing them play makes me happy and kinda triggered at the first one
Zoe Silver
Zoe Silver Mês atrás
I didn’t really like the first mr hopp
Jahni : j
Jahni : j Mês atrás
Syafira Alyssa
Syafira Alyssa Mês atrás
Lol same
Morgan Comeaux
Morgan Comeaux Mês atrás
Hey! I've seen that Mr. Hope 3 is in development. Stayed tuned!
Stella Hofmockel
Stella Hofmockel Mês atrás
Mr hope? More like me death
Lara abudayeh
Lara abudayeh 13 dias atrás
Thanks krew for the hard work
Nich Chi
Nich Chi Mês atrás
Mr Hopps is pretty scary but krew made is so funny! Krew's videos are so funny and nice! She should get more that 30k!
Araz Saleh
Araz Saleh Mês atrás
I’m i the only one who loves that there playing mr hops playhouse 2 on my birthday 🎉 i love it 😄 :)
~LushFaiiry~ Mês atrás
The krew playing horror games is probably the most entertaining thing ever 💀
Stella Hofmockel
Stella Hofmockel Mês atrás
Fatima Zahra Mama-o
Yeh no doubt
Friendly Mês atrás
Yeah no doubt
P C Mês atrás
no doubt 😃👉👈
Paulina Ochoa
Paulina Ochoa Mês atrás
I think they did a good job cause the video lasts an hour i like the gameplay honestly 😌👍🏻🦋✨💙 they also make videos more funny and I love that
Na Mês atrás
Whenever krew playing horror game, it always gave me anxiety 💀💀😂😂😂
Sugary Bakery
Sugary Bakery Mês atrás
Hey funneh! Love your videos with the krew but I have a question, is there anyway to get into the discord server without my number because I don’t feel comfortable doing that.
[🎄]M1nA Mês atrás
I like how they likee- Scream *AFTER* the jumpscare😂
Vaibhav Gupta2007
Vaibhav Gupta2007 Mês atrás
can we just appreciate how PERFECT the intro of the black friday and how the explained it so nicely
Nicole Johnson
Nicole Johnson Mês atrás
I thought it was an add it was so good 👍
MR.I 88 key
MR.I 88 key Mês atrás
Riaz ahmed Junejo
Riaz ahmed Junejo Mês atrás
Yes and I am gonna buy all the merch today
Banny Hernandez
Banny Hernandez Mês atrás
Ana Alvarez
Ana Alvarez Mês atrás
Can we just appreciate THE BEST INTRO
I don’t know why that jump scare got me so good. 😭
Albert Castle
Albert Castle 14 dias atrás
Happy New Year to all of the KREW
lulustar #Roadto50subs
Can we appreciate that it’s exactly 1 hour long
angel Mês atrás
Can we just appreciate that they always make me smile everyday
daniella fam of krew
daniella fam of krew 29 dias atrás
Ewolfdog Mês atrás
Laura Cavanaugh
Laura Cavanaugh Mês atrás
RAYYAN Mês atrás
Lazy Mês atrás
Me uhhh 100?
Petal0508YT Mês atrás
Can we just appreciate how cool was the black friday entrance?
ŕįñńyž?¿ Mês atrás
*Hey guys look! Krew is Hearting Everyone's comment! How sweet!! 🥰*
- S l i m e  g u t z -
The krew when they first see Bo in a scary form: OHHH- Lunar: *PRETTY*
Miranda Ngai
Miranda Ngai Mês atrás
33:11 i just realised the room isnt empty, its upside-down xD
Galactic_Krewfam Mês atrás
Krew: playing horror games LunAr: enjoying it... Secretly....
Alexandra Carter
Alexandra Carter 8 dias atrás
@Galactic_Krewfam MuRDeRR🤪🤪🤷‍♀️
[• Jelly's Child •]
@Laylah Leef Ur a kid? Be careful there are creepy people on the internet
Uniangel 2013
Uniangel 2013 13 dias atrás
@ItsFunneh yum
Carl 29 dias atrás
@ItsFunneh hi funneh
Robin Tan
Robin Tan Mês atrás
@ItsFunneh OMG HI
Zayda ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ
funneh: just walking down the hallway.. also funneh: *runs cutely*
Neshia Obrero
Neshia Obrero 8 dias atrás
let's appreciate the fact its EXCACTLY 1 hour long XD
% sleepyjessi
% sleepyjessi 16 dias atrás
The coins can be used for skins and minigames at the end!!
ryann is here
ryann is here Mês atrás
can we appreciate krew's existence
goldy girl
goldy girl Mês atrás
Can we appreciate that KREW still posts even on thanksgiving!!
lunaritique 10 dias atrás
cool i live in canada too
Elijah 11 dias atrás
@lunaritique I live in Canada and a place called sheshatshiu
Sailor Uranus_Cat
Sailor Uranus_Cat Mês atrás
Yes ofc happy Thanksgiving
Prinzessin der Verurteilung
Wait what its thanksgiving?
•leafy• Mês atrás
v seelal
v seelal 15 dias atrás
I love how in the outro draco looks so manly-
Amelia Ally
Amelia Ally Mês atrás
Great video funneh
It's Sunny
It's Sunny Mês atrás
"Yeah, let's sleep forever." -Funneh, 2021
Fun fact: dee is the mastermind of the dolls
-* Floating Angel *-
Fun fact: Esther ( idk how to spell her name so sorry ) is Ruby’s grandma, she gave ruby Mr hopps, and died so she would no longer have her curse of being haunted by Mr hopps. Edit: when I say died, I don’t mean she died on purpose, she died of age, but no longer has the curse because she is dead.
-* Floating Angel *-
@Esther Mgbeahuruba that’s amazing :D
-* Floating Angel *-
Too many replies 😳😳
Aron Ozuna
Aron Ozuna Mês atrás
@Pleb’s Lab no mr hopp came in a donation box with mr stripe and ms bo
Pleb’s Lab
Pleb’s Lab Mês atrás
@JEVIL 🃏 thanks got a little confused
JEVIL 🃏 Mês atrás
@Pleb’s Lab She didn't make the doll, it was given to her. The Entity possessed Esther to say she made the doll so that Ruby would be convinced to take the doll instead of throwing it away.
ʰ ⁱ    ᵇ ʸ ᵉ
ʰ ⁱ ᵇ ʸ ᵉ Mês atrás
5:40 the fact that Miss Bo will actually turn into a giant Panda-
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Mês atrás
Lunar: Spills the tea about how Esther is the grandma Krew: 😱
maya_xsunsetclimx Mês atrás
Bruh i love how funneh made a 1h video so we can just watch the whole of story 2 instead of her having to make another video of the same thing with kreq
Leonor Eldie Bertulfo
Can we appreciate krew upload every time makes our day
Leonor Eldie Bertulfo
I also like pandas like lunar lol even ms b o
Button Mês atrás
I love how unique all intros are 😭👌✨ along with the thumbnail and outros 🥰
CashYow Gaming PH
CashYow Gaming PH Mês atrás
Can we just appreciate That They're actually continuing from the story so we don't have to watch another video of mr hopp playhouse 2?
Himoutoッ🧡 Mês atrás
Krew: *plays a horror game..* Me: I know lunar is always enjoying it secretly😌..
Crystal Macaron
Crystal Macaron Mês atrás
The best youtuber in the world goes to… *The KREW!* 💙💛💖💚💜
Leviisshort Mês atrás
the thumbnail is a masterpiece
Potato Legend
Potato Legend Mês atrás
Can we appreciate how Krew continues to play the story so that we don’t need to watch another mr hopps playhouse 2??
Genesis Mês atrás
Stolen comment 🥱
Banana Mês atrás
Lilac Vergara
Lilac Vergara Mês atrás
Bad endng
Lilac Vergara
Lilac Vergara Mês atrás
She needed something
Lilac Vergara
Lilac Vergara Mês atrás
RynRynTheGalaxyFox 26 dias atrás
i love your vids
tsumigi yumiru📦🦋
a theory i have stuck in my mind : the three voodoo dolls are mr hopp ms bo and mr stripes
SunnyPlays 29 dias atrás
Krew: gets to the loop chapter. Game: lets play RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT 😂
Monique Santiago
Monique Santiago Mês atrás
I love how we torture them for entertainment
nur aamilatul ameera jefrisal
Can we appreciate how the music at the start brings back the old memories of when they played break in. And why is watching them getting scared so entertaining, well i mean maybe bc of their silly screams and them assuming they won't be scared then it being the opposite of not being scared XD
The Cat Gamer
The Cat Gamer Mês atrás
@The Noobie Girl alright
The Noobie Girl
The Noobie Girl Mês atrás
@The Cat Gamer search it on youtube
nur aamilatul ameera jefrisal
Ty for my most liked comment
The Cat Gamer
The Cat Gamer Mês atrás
@The Noobie Girl what's the good ending?
The Noobie Girl
The Noobie Girl Mês atrás
it's a bit sad tho cause they didn't get the good ending
PumpkinpieDreams Mês atrás
can we just apprecite how they make videos earl in the morning?-
Ashley Monzon
Ashley Monzon Mês atrás
Me: I think Mr. Hopps cares abt Esther *Meanwhile Lunar trying to escape and is stopped by mr. hopps*
Bahamas water123
Bahamas water123 Mês atrás
Usually I don’t watch funneh a lot because of school and stuff but how did I watch a whole 1 hour video about a video game I ignored for so long and now I’m obsessed
Maria Jibran
Maria Jibran Mês atrás
No one: Lunar: *pretends to be scared*
XxCocoxX Mês atrás
Me: Sees Krew is playing Mr. Hopps Also me: slowly turns volume down Edit: Can we just appreciate how it is exactly 1:00:00?
Stella Hofmockel
Stella Hofmockel Mês atrás
Randy Smith
Randy Smith Mês atrás
Same and yes, yes we can
•Tøasty Trøubles•
Sky Beanie
Sky Beanie Mês atrás
me too lol And we can
✨Itzjust_Alex✨ Mês atrás
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