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Erica returns home after spending a number of days in the hospital (alone) and decides it might be time to give up hope on her marriage to Safaree.

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14 Set 2021



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Comentários 2 047
izmejazz 13 horas atrás
Erica got the same black man, black women get. They don't treat their exotical preferences any better, I wish she knew this prior.
no boy
no boy 16 horas atrás
He's a Devil 😈inside he's a conatus and his mother is a wicked woman. See what kind of child she birth. We don't need any more of her family around the world. People open your eyes.
Unapologetically Me
My EX husband did me the same way. Laid up with my mother while I was in the hospital and my son was in the NICU. Don't worry Erica his karma will come.
Safire 1978
Safire 1978 Dia atrás
That’s why I never had children these men change on you like they change their drawers, one minute they all into you next they don’t it’s sad.
Naomi Motlhasedi
Naomi Motlhasedi Dia atrás
She is too good for him. Very beautiful and strong. She doesn't deserve it.
LadyDiTn 123
LadyDiTn 123 2 dias atrás
Nicki dodged a bullet. She talked about how selfish and narcissistic he is. How his family treated her badly. I hate to see Erica going through such abuse.
Chasing Carson
Chasing Carson 4 dias atrás
She’s so beautiful without makeup
Minding my own
Minding my own 5 dias atrás
I think it’s so cowardice and selfish that Safaree is doing this to her, seriously. This man really has some sort of vendetta against women. I hope he learns to heal his inner issues so that his daughter doesn’t have to grow up choosing men like him. As for Erica, I pray God gives her the strength, the comfort, and the love she needs to keep pushing forward without him.
Jylli Rose
Jylli Rose 5 dias atrás
“All he cares about is hurting me and nothing else” FELT THAT😭😭😭 I Kant wait 4 her 2 find her happy and shit on him...he’s a waste of life🤮
Alicia Jenkins
Alicia Jenkins 5 dias atrás
And on that note it breaks my heart to see Erika like this is why Safari is a coward and will never be happy . NO WONDER NICKI LEFT HIM
Laura Popple
Laura Popple 5 dias atrás
I don't wish this on no one 😭
mariam mohamed
mariam mohamed 6 dias atrás
Erica stop letting see u sad crying and helpless.He is enjoying it.dont let him enjoy ur pain.hold ur head up high hav more fun.n try to forget him for a while
WenLoves MSU
WenLoves MSU 6 dias atrás
She’s so sad , and loves him . Little babies are so innocent…she didn’t want her mama crying 😢
WomanofGod93 6 dias atrás
I’m so sorry, like a woman should never have to go through something like this alone, safari your a married man and you defended her all through the end of season 9 now your the one trying to hurt her that’s sick. Your sick
Evans Jason
Evans Jason 6 dias atrás
Shut Up Please.
jodeciiiii 7 dias atrás
she just keeps talking.. leave him... for your kids
MzAnlynnDiva87 7 dias atrás
Their situation is what happens to a lot of women the only difference is cameras are present. I hope people see this situation and realize it is more common. I wish they would realize that a lot of women are not bitter they are hurt and having to survive on their own. I pray for her and her babies and I hope he gets his life together.
Felipe Villareal
Felipe Villareal 8 dias atrás
Awww I’m sorry for Erica she ain’t no angel I feel bad for my boy safari
Deasia Monae
Deasia Monae 8 dias atrás
Safaree wrong. sorry. but its true.
Benjamin Bowman Jr
Benjamin Bowman Jr 8 dias atrás
Safari always been a crumb like this who nicki was messing with? Smh😩🤦🏾‍♂️
Travel Lady
Travel Lady 8 dias atrás
Not the victimized preference. LOL! Erica will be okay, Safaree is making her a STRONG Latina woman.
Diamond Dave
Diamond Dave 8 dias atrás
So you talks about the father of the child in front of the child? They both are clueless as to how to conduct behavior in a marriage with children
mara marquez
mara marquez 8 dias atrás
Damn i would have been extremely depressed if I was in her situation I really do feel bad because No Women deserves to feel like this
subliminalsmash 9 dias atrás
Sounds like that psychic was a fraud.
RSJ 9 dias atrás
Boo hoo! Go cry about it!🤣🤣🤣
jeffrey pillar
jeffrey pillar 9 dias atrás
These ishes love these surgeries dam fake everything
Fly&Thrive 9 dias atrás
I would have asked just to see what he have said pretty sure Sarfai does it becsue she allows she still stays and has his babies. Didn’t they have problems after his daughter was born now it’s repeating. He is all the way in the wrong. Ofc Erica probably doesn’t want to throw in the towel but yeah girl focus on you and your kids.
New Chapters
New Chapters 10 dias atrás
Cynthia g was right
TheShyscarlet 10 dias atrás
With a natal chart combination like this no wonder Safaree is trash! Sun in 12° 34' Cancer Moon in 20° 16' Leo Mercury in 26° 23' Gemini Venus in 5° 51' Leo Mars in 20° 39' Gemini North Node in 2° 44' Leo (r)
Camille N.
Camille N. 10 dias atrás
Safaree really sucks for this- babies aren't toys
Chazeen's life journey
Chazeen's life journey 10 dias atrás
Safaree so immature I don't know why Erica just try not to get another kid by him, he will never change he's just like my child's father very boastful and self-centered.
Tori B
Tori B 10 dias atrás
This is Erica karma an I hate that she’s going thru this
Tori B
Tori B 10 dias atrás
Erica is so pretty without makeup
Veronnica Gonzalez
Veronnica Gonzalez 10 dias atrás
So fuckng beautiful...
Jojo Breez
Jojo Breez 10 dias atrás
Girl you need to ask safari. These kind of moms irk
Yaa Yahu
Yaa Yahu 10 dias atrás
Nicki Minaj dodge a whole bullet and this is why she cheated on him
Blossom Haynes
Blossom Haynes 10 dias atrás
Uk what would make safaree’s eyes open is when she just puts a restraining order on him but just to keep him from those children can I imagine not being able to se your child at all
chellarise mendoza
chellarise mendoza 10 dias atrás
She in a abusive relationship
Roselove360 11 dias atrás
Struggle love nowadays. Nope. & the kids are the ones that suffer. It’s sad.
miss blessed
miss blessed 11 dias atrás
Safari is wicked. These types of guys need a warning ⚠️ label. What goes around comes around. Praying for you Erica🙏
Dana Glass
Dana Glass 11 dias atrás
It’s sad because I think she took him back in present day. Woo, relationships be something else!!!
D.P.G 11 dias atrás
Whats a victim!
Park1way Way1park
Park1way Way1park 11 dias atrás
Makes so much sense as to why him and onika didn’t last!
Katie Thomas
Katie Thomas 11 dias atrás
Their ways of communication are just so different. Their priorities are just so different. And also, she has a child from before they met so she knows how to take care of children where as he does not, he just is very inexperienced and needs to learn.
Tashie D
Tashie D 11 dias atrás
Well Erica you're never gonna win in life when you're a nasty person. Sorry not sorry
Karen Green
Karen Green 11 dias atrás
These fatherless mommas boys would rather someone parent them than be one themselves and it’s sad .
Nompumelelo Mdluli
Nompumelelo Mdluli 12 dias atrás
Safaree is going to burn in the pits of HELL for this. He out did himself on this one. What a true and pure narcissist!
B Gipper
B Gipper 12 dias atrás
This guy isn’t going to change, he is terrible.
Neek Loveable
Neek Loveable 12 dias atrás
Love her or hate her it doesn't matter no woman should go through anything like this in their marriage, this is a living nightmare ! I hope she finds the right man of her dreams and divorce this joke of a man cause he's definitely not in this marriage anymore that's for sure , he damn near checked out smh it's pretty sad honestly especially the fact this is broadcasted for the entire world to see this . Erica you have my deepest sympathy you will find mr. Right one of these days watch , it just requires patience and remember he is to find you never go out searching for love! Mean while you worry about those beautiful babies you have and your pregnancy because in due time like I said , you will find your Mr right love ! It's only right considering the fact of what you unfortunately had to endure , when god closes one door he always opens another one remember this love , hope you have a few loved ones in your corner to support you through all of this wickedness you will be ok .
Christi Dior
Christi Dior 12 dias atrás
Erica is such an amazing person and she brought a new life to the world ❤️!! Such a blessing!!
Truth Speaks
Truth Speaks 12 dias atrás
Erica's butt. Lawd! That thigh gap and thin thighs. Idk idk...
nia durant
nia durant 12 dias atrás
I don’t know if this was the miscarriage Nicki was speaking about in her old songs about safari but if so that should tell you everything happens for a reason ! I pray erica finds a good man to take care of her and her kids
Basobi Botembe
Basobi Botembe 12 dias atrás
And why...I'm single by choice
Gloria Gonzalez
Gloria Gonzalez 12 dias atrás
Girl don't suffer for no man you suffer for your children not for your man okay that's the wrong thing to do so I hope everything works out for your Erica and for your children
Rasha G Hijazin
Rasha G Hijazin 13 dias atrás
Wow she looks worn out 🥺 I feel so bad for her she’s been through hell and back in her life and Safaree is only making it Worse he needs to grow up straight up 😒🙄
Keila's Diary
Keila's Diary 13 dias atrás
“Ayo it’s Safari listen” me: no
LeaLea Hazel
LeaLea Hazel 13 dias atrás
I can’t believe they’re in this place of DISCONNECT 💁🏽‍♀️ wen he was trying his best to get Erica wen they did that Scary reality show 🤦🏾‍♀️ that shows to show U that ppl need to stop Lusting an start taking time to get too know someone..cus wen the Honeymoon is Over it’s Over 💁🏽‍♀️ especially wen a relationship is based off of Lust an not ❤️ poor baby
HOOD BARB 13 dias atrás
She a SCORPIO that hurt will turn into power !
Amber Dalnoot
Amber Dalnoot 13 dias atrás
Safaree is a disgrace
Me'sa&SquishyMazzie 13 dias atrás
I guess we forgot all the bs she put people threw i just wish karma waited till she delivered her baby oh it did and she got pregnant again by the same man ...i pray for the baby but i dont feel bad for her im sorry she did way to much
ISAYWHATIWANTjackson jackson
michelle hill
michelle hill 14 dias atrás
She’s getting her Karma and he told her he didn’t want more kids soooooo.
sleeping beauty
sleeping beauty 14 dias atrás
Now we know why nicki Minaj kicked his ass to the curb......he's simply just a child in a grown man body
Lol Loll
Lol Loll 14 dias atrás
He really a bit**
Lol Loll
Lol Loll 14 dias atrás
I pray she finds better
Tammy Majors
Tammy Majors 14 dias atrás
awww poor Erica
Ruth Medina
Ruth Medina 14 dias atrás
Erica is a good mother. I know what it is to want to be able to raise your babies in a healthy home with both of parents being there all the time I had that life with both of my parents and that’s the same life I wanted to give my kids to but this man’s that we called man they not worth it at all. But theirs is this beautiful Name call Karma don’t worry Erica Karma is a mother fucker he would be getting his soon or later just leave everything in gods hands….
sheena c
sheena c 14 dias atrás
This is why nicki treated him accordingly. Like a peasant cause only a peasant will treat his pregnant wife like that. He’s a whole ass.
Ambram Productions
Ambram Productions 15 dias atrás
You should never have a children with a man who is a narcissist. The children will notice these qualities about him in the future.
Andrea Goodman
Andrea Goodman 15 dias atrás
That’s right girl do what’s best for you these men are something else 🤦🏽‍♀️
Christal Okeke
Christal Okeke 15 dias atrás
Narcissism at its finest. #Safaree
Magatha Ebai
Magatha Ebai 15 dias atrás
I am so sorry about that, Erica. Safaree does not deserve a good person like you. You deserve better.
pebbles987 15 dias atrás
Safaree walking into the hospital like he's filming a music video 🤦🏾‍♀️
Dawn Woody-Poitra
Dawn Woody-Poitra 15 dias atrás
She's taking it personal because she believed his lies... always trust your gut! Great sex or serial chemistry doesn't make a marriage. She allowed herself to get pregnant too quickly. Then let it happen again thinking this grown child would come around. Now you are a single parent with 3 children. You can't go back to the clubs... you need a Total reset plan.. and definitely take your personal business offline, no more reality TV... Take a page out of Kelis book... that woman is reborn, rebranded, happy & thriving with no social media clout!
Daphne English
Daphne English 15 dias atrás
It’s sad that these clips will be seen by his kids one day.😢 Why do we have multiple kids by people who weren’t treating us right with 1 child? We all want and need love and we sometimes accept less than what we deserve. I pray in his time that God will send the appointed man in her life for her and her children. It’s unfortunate that men don’t realize what they had until someone else is in the picture. They don’t want you until someone else does.🤦🏾‍♀️🙄
Lydia B
Lydia B 15 dias atrás
Situations like this open my eyes to god and that everything in life is truly reciprocated and Karma is Real. Erica Left Cyn and treated her like utter trash. Garbage. She broke that girl heart and had her crying on tv and laughing at her. I actually disliked Erica after witnessing how he treated her. Then she tried to hook up Tahiry and Joe together while Cyn just had her baby with him.No Erica should not be going through this it’s not fair to any woman. But God is real. Be kind not a push over But Kind.
Jen Pounce
Jen Pounce 15 dias atrás
I feel so bad for her I know that’s got to hurt I wish production offered to have babygirl in another room playing cuz she will definitely risks harboring these emotions
PornHubPinks 15 dias atrás
Wow she’s changed so much this side of her I’ve never seen it’s honestly really sad
Kiya Biya
Kiya Biya 16 dias atrás
Safari thinks he’s going to come out looking like Future but he’s just looks like a dead beat and an a hole.
Mel B
Mel B 16 dias atrás
If she says Aks one more time I’m going to have to kick someone’s aks…
Jade Lee
Jade Lee 16 dias atrás
See she can’t relate to our culture she don’t even know how to do the little girl hair.. sad..
Tiana Mayo
Tiana Mayo 16 dias atrás
Where her child with the terror squad member tho
Elisapeta Seumanutafa
Elisapeta Seumanutafa 16 dias atrás
What is important you have your baby 👶 and another on the way, sweetheart, there so many fish in the sea, you always look beautiful GB
BeautyQueen1111 16 dias atrás
Peter Gunz wasn’t even this trash. Atleast he did try to be there for the women and there pregnancies. That I can say. that karma is going to be wheeeew
legen always
legen always 16 dias atrás
Everyone, you dont, know what Safaree has been going through with Erica, so stop putting all the fault on Safaree. Erica has faults to. Please! Feeling sorry for her, well no! She is a phoney with fake tears. Safaree is very smart and wise and Safaree is a good guy, he just stays away negativity and negative people. He is not going to get his self caught up with a domestic situation that is not worth it at the end of the day. Safaree is not that kind of guy.
Jelaya Chyanne
Jelaya Chyanne 16 dias atrás
I can’t stand men sometimes, they hurt us and don’t care!
Tanaya Simons
Tanaya Simons 16 dias atrás
This could have been avoided for the simple fact u3s she KNEW How This Man Was Before She Got Married To Him and The BS THAT CAME WITH HIM!! JUST SAYING
Yolanda Veasey
Yolanda Veasey 16 dias atrás
Where’s her older son?
600firefly1 16 dias atrás
Safaree is a deadbeat
Vera Okojie
Vera Okojie 16 dias atrás
It’s fake x
Monica Vargas
Monica Vargas 16 dias atrás
I feel so bad for her. We all know she by all means was not perfect and had a dark past herself but for this man to literally chase her aggressively, woe her, pledge his undying love, and just sell her the dream to basically just abandoning her like she was trash no woman deserves that. Should have just left her alone if you were not ready to be married and be a family man. I think Safaree was in love with the idea of being married and being a family man just didn't want to put in the work or the entanglements that came with it. I just wish Erica emotional healing and inner peace and that when the time is right a real king enters her life.
Jodie Williams
Jodie Williams 16 dias atrás
My gosh this was me years ago and I’m great now so I pray for her and her children to be safe happy and healthy in the future
Tiisetso Nyiko Lebese
Tiisetso Nyiko Lebese 16 dias atrás
she is so strong
Saskia Gordon
Saskia Gordon 16 dias atrás
Safaree attitude sick me 🤮🤮🤮
Bukati Tesfaye
Bukati Tesfaye 16 dias atrás
Guys that’s why you don’t have to married to black American guys
Bukati Tesfaye
Bukati Tesfaye 16 dias atrás
This is so heartbreaking
Vashti Moffatt
Vashti Moffatt 16 dias atrás
Girl bye 👋🏾 this is what y’all do, u get yourself in these situations then want to act like u never saw this coming. You are what u attract, sorry but no sympathy here.
F C 16 dias atrás
Didn't Erica file for divorce. What is she now complaining about..? Geez
Blk Silky🎩
Blk Silky🎩 16 dias atrás
Ladies look this happens when the woman want the man more then they want the kid💯stay woke
Blk Silky🎩
Blk Silky🎩 16 dias atrás
Erica looks a mess
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