ERIC CLAPTON Live at Budokan, Tokyo, 2001 (Full Concert)

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Live at Budokan, Dec 4, 2001
Eric Clapton - guitar / vocals
Andy Fairweather Low - guitar / vocals
David Sancious - keyboards / guitar / vocals
Greg Phillinganes - keyboards
Nathan East - bass / vocals
Steve Gadd - drums
Key To The Highway 0:38
Reptile 3:41
Got You On My Mind 10:25
Tears In Heaven 14:21
Layla (acoustic) 18:51
Bell Bottom Blues 23:33
Change The World 28:37
River Of Tears 35:15
Goin' Down Slow 44:04
She's Gone 49:28
I Want A Little Girl 57:01
Badge 1:01:36
Hoochie Coochie Man 1:07:42
Five Long Years 1:12:39
Cocaine 1:20:57
Wonderful Tonight 1:25:44
Layla (electric) 1:32:58
Sunshine Of Your Love 1:43:05
Somewhere Over The Rainbow 1:50:00


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21 Nov 2012



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Comentários 100
Mod for it
Mod for it 2 horas atrás
I’m layla!
TractorMonkey with JL
TractorMonkey with JL 5 horas atrás
Anyone catch the Booker T and MG's Hip Hugger quote at 1:24:45 ?
Juan Carlos Durán Kind
Muy buena música da gusto escucharla
Norberto Patiño
Norberto Patiño Dia atrás
Norberto Patiño
Norberto Patiño Dia atrás
por favor si alguien sabe el nombre de esta cancion me lo podria pasar?
Tobías Jaime López Hernandez
El pertenece a los grandes de la música de todos los tiempos 😅
Bikram Thapa
Bikram Thapa 4 dias atrás
findingnemo oddbods drewgooden top15 tutorial nottoday galwaygirl
小柳登美子 4 dias atrás
Mohamed Amine Benyezza Ettaghi
2021' 🥰
Matias Ramos Roches
Matias Ramos Roches 5 dias atrás
qué impresionante !!!
Neusa Oliveira
Neusa Oliveira 5 dias atrás
the best....I love Eric
Carlos Martin
Carlos Martin 6 dias atrás
el ADO?
Dirección Comercial Precisam
Djul Biensure
Djul Biensure 7 dias atrás
thank you Eric , and thanks to all the others artists.
Nini Helene Baastad
Nini Helene Baastad 8 dias atrás
Thank You! 🎸🍁🕊️🧙‍♀️🎸
Mina David
Mina David 9 dias atrás
Skills in guitar is still there.With the guitar alone produce a quality music.
paul gough
paul gough 9 dias atrás
my mums friends husband is andy fairweather low's cousin from ystrad mynach south wales :)
David Webster
David Webster 10 dias atrás
Eric was really feeling it this night...relaxed and totally under control. All of his chops were on display, and his voice was so free and powerful. Have mercy! And what a band...great dynamics and perfect support!
John Herry
John Herry 10 dias atrás
Coiurse you know my name " course nothinfg and the happed pleaae
Andres Lozano
Andres Lozano 10 dias atrás
I don't know what happen to me with River of Tears, but i need to listen and listen continuously. Its hypnotic: the voice, the guitar, everything.
Joaquín Ignacio Larrivey
Cómo puede haber (al día de la fecha) 2894 imbeciles que ponen 👎🏽 .. los reto a que realicen un 5% de lo que hace esta banda en vivo..
Coke Sison
Coke Sison 13 dias atrás
Just listening to Eric Clapton is all I need to make me happy
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen 13 dias atrás
It's amazing. Almost 20 years have passed by, but the typical voice, ways of playing and tones never got obsoleted.
nite seekingsunrise
nite seekingsunrise 14 dias atrás
O YEAH,,,,Clapton sits and dances up those sneakers,,,,O YEAH Oktober2020USA
Dustin Silver
Dustin Silver 15 dias atrás
I knew that piano player looked familiar! Greg Phillinganes supported another guitar great David Gilmour live at Pompeii a couple of years ago. Really cool to see him support Clapton almost 20 years ago.
Manny Perez
Manny Perez 16 dias atrás
So lovely
Madison Hang
Madison Hang 17 dias atrás
he was born the right year 1945 he's been able to cruise ontop of all the decades and trends lucky blessed guy
Madison Hang
Madison Hang 17 dias atrás
wow what a treat!
marco virago
marco virago 17 dias atrás
Je découvre cet artiste exceptionnel classé 2ème des meilleurs guitaristes du monde derrière le maitre qu’était jimi hendrix. A écouter les yeux fermé dans un bon canapé avec des lumières tamisés, la relaxation est totale ! Mais ce n'est que mon avis ?
Pe Tu
Pe Tu 17 dias atrás
Very good ,thanks a lot.
mi channnal
mi channnal 18 dias atrás
Imagine if every time that you went to work a whole bunch of people were shouting at you: "tell that story about falling in love with your best friend's wife" or "tell that story about your child dying"
Marcelo Guima
Marcelo Guima 18 dias atrás
Emocionante, demais, um símbolo, adorei!!!!!
faiton santos
faiton santos 18 dias atrás
O brasileiro Romeno Brito dando um show aparte na guitarra fender de Eric Clapton. Clapton como sempre um monstro.
Oskars Niks Mālnieks
Oskars Niks Mālnieks 18 dias atrás
Obviously I knew before who Eric Clapton is and some of his songs but after watching some bits of this - well, damn, very vibey and nice (especially Layla)!
Noemi Garmendia
Noemi Garmendia 18 dias atrás
¡Hermosa su música no me canso de escucharlo y verlo!💗
Steve Hendricks
Steve Hendricks 19 dias atrás
but i have to step it back,,,, this a good song
Steve Hendricks
Steve Hendricks 19 dias atrás
is this a joke!? any fool could play this shit LOL
Steve Hendricks
Steve Hendricks 19 dias atrás
but he get hits,,,, wonderful world
Steve Hendricks
Steve Hendricks 19 dias atrás
but actually EC is just an average guitar player at best
Steve Hendricks
Steve Hendricks 19 dias atrás
his mates Jjimmy page , Jeff Beck, far surpassed his capability
Steve Hendricks
Steve Hendricks 19 dias atrás
got sad for a sec then got happy with layla
Steve Hendricks
Steve Hendricks 19 dias atrás
finally at 35:00 he picks up the AX
Steve Hendricks
Steve Hendricks 19 dias atrás
his ability to assemble great musicians is what astounds me
Dory Larsen
Dory Larsen 20 dias atrás
I have never been to any of his concert. I miss so much I know. What a experience would that be. He is my favorite musician. He is amazing.
Jørgen H. Tømmerbakk.
Fantastisk jazz musikk av det alles beste De Luxe !!
Felipe Gonzalez
Felipe Gonzalez 21 dia atrás
cade o billypreston?
Talita Souza
Talita Souza 22 dias atrás
Eric meu amooooor
Aleksey Vishnevskiy
Aleksey Vishnevskiy 22 dias atrás
Уныло. не интересно, скучно
Indoscot 23 dias atrás
What I love about Clapton’s gigs is he gives all the musicians room to express themselves. So much mutual respect on that stage. They all feed off each other and combine to produce something of extraordinary quality. He is a master band leader and it is great to see every musician totally into the music. It is also helps having one hell of a back catalog of music to choose from. It seems effortless but I bet these guys enjoy putting in the hard yards rehearsing together. Not seen him live since Shanghai in 2007 and may never get the opportunity again but this Budokan gig is certainly one to treasure.
Georgi Zhukov
Georgi Zhukov 24 dias atrás
Nico Noguera
Nico Noguera 25 dias atrás
Drake: My manager with 20 goes in budokan Me: Slowhand with 20 hoes in Budokan ye
Rajesh Deb
Rajesh Deb 26 dias atrás
Spending a sunday not playing but just watching legends playing some acoustic stuff. So fun man!😬
Dr. Fernando O. Berot Molochnik
Classy and elegant.... this guy made one of the best performances in Japan I ever seen!!! I have been there!!! Unforgettable!!!
Adrian Casanovas
Adrian Casanovas 27 dias atrás
Japan is always the place of the best concerts and performances!!!
Thomas McMurray
Thomas McMurray 27 dias atrás
This is specialmendous
Thelonious Coltrane
Thelonious Coltrane 28 dias atrás
East and Gadd...nuff said!
Thelonious Coltrane
Thelonious Coltrane 28 dias atrás
How much is that painted Fender guitar in US dollars? Does Fender sell that on a commercial scale or just for limited artists only. That is a terrific painting by the way.
Thelonious Coltrane
Thelonious Coltrane 28 dias atrás
Music like this is still everywhere. But there is no longer an innovation. Everything is just recycled or revived but given a different twist which is not at all unique. So, it is better to go back to the pioneers. Thank you You Tube for making the past live again.
sumoblues 29 dias atrás
EC does it easy. #ultimateguitarhero
Peaceful Warrior
Peaceful Warrior Mês atrás
Fourplay's Nathan East on the bass is like butter. Makes anything taste better!
Guitar Elevation
Guitar Elevation Mês atrás
Mr.Clapton you are a TREASURE!
Patricia Alcalde
Patricia Alcalde Mês atrás
The best!!!!, Wonderfull
willis gemutlich
willis gemutlich Mês atrás
funny i think i look more like you than you right now... or maybe neil young or dwayne... you cut your hair
willis gemutlich
willis gemutlich Mês atrás
i want you to play my guitar. there is a huge debate re; you, jimmy page, hendrix... i'm personally in favor of roy orbison, stevie, robert johnson... these dudes are all dead, and you have survived. if youre ever in santa barbara, california, please try out my guitar. i used to work as an usher for years and later with local union 442 so ive seen santana 10 times... havent seen you live and want to. i've forgotten more than ive learned, and it all becomes instinct but.. if my guitar was in your hands, i can pretty much guarantee we would both fall in love. i have 12 more in the works but... different materials, this one is african padouk and austrailian lacewood and i have purpleheart, yellowheart, several species of mahogony, iroko, i dont even remember but my big thing is that i laminate a neckthrough so you can actually stand on it although that usually twists the tuning machines... i actually switched from trumpet to a 00018 when i was 14 and now have an old harmony (from sears) with a solid spruce top... rings like a bell. the ones i make or repair have steak bones for nuts and bridges and abalone from the beach for the knobs. my pickups are currently seymour duncan because i worked with his son at a video store and... i love them. i moved the "middle" all the way up... and the other all the way down so you get the extremes. both humbuckers one (front) jazz and the back i dont even remember. its a pretty weird design because im kind of a weird guy. there are no adjustment screws, you use a big wrench to adjust the pickup height... and its almost completely water (beer) proof... again if you're ever in town i want to place it in your hands and step back and watch and listen, and i'm pretty sure you will appreciate my workmanship. i haven't installed fret markers but i don't think you will need them. you've been around the block a couple times.
Francois Froge
Francois Froge Mês atrás
f p
f p Mês atrás
Excellent performance & craftmanship! Just a pitty the audience is lost square meters filled with wax figures. My 2 cnts.
Wilson Roberto Alcantara de Oliveira
Got the brasiliam mrithim...
s kupchand
s kupchand Mês atrás
Keep knocking me out with your music, ERIC AND YOUR CREW. I do not drink, but I am drunk with your music, and I am particularly in love with all of your dancing feet. Keeping playing for your fans who love you Soooooooo O Much!
Mr.Thirawat Onketphon
tarik dtarik
tarik dtarik Mês atrás
a legend an icon
z YA\
z YA\ Mês atrás
Алекс Невский
It's Cool 👑
fetB Mês atrás
btw, if you put a 0:00 timecode in the description, the timecodes work also as separated chapter in the progress bar. The function needs the 0:00 to recognize/enable it.
Diego Horn
Diego Horn Mês atrás
Hola desde Argentina les dejo el link de mi disco " Donde van los sueños" , espero puedan esccuahrlo y suscribirse al canal, muchas gracias y linda vida tengamos..
Daisy Marcos dos Reis
Sou muito fã do trabalho do Eric Clapton
Jacobo Mitrani
Jacobo Mitrani Mês atrás
Un Gran Virtuoso de la guitarra, es un gozo escucharlo y ver con que naturalidad expresa sus sentir a través de la música
Ricardo Pablo Barrera
Qué tema se escucha en 1:38 ??????
Marta Martinz
Marta Martinz Mês atrás
maravilhoso! genial! Obrigada!
Jonatan Reynaga
Jonatan Reynaga Mês atrás
definitivamente la banda que acompañaba a Eric en ese tiempo fue la mejor, sonaban zarpadisimamente bien...
Raul Gardea sr.
Raul Gardea sr. Mês atrás
Don't stop grooven,enjoy the great musicians that keep u in line,calm& cool & collective u know what I mean 😎
Raul Gardea sr.
Raul Gardea sr. Mês atrás
Great time groove n 67 years old can't get enough😎🙏
Raul Gardea sr.
Raul Gardea sr. Mês atrás
OverTonez Audio
OverTonez Audio Mês atrás
Nathan East is every artist's dream bass player - incredibly talented and also looks like he's having a blast.
Ane Lyram
Ane Lyram Mês atrás
Ôxe homi lindo! Fora o que é sexy! Talento dos deuses! Banda linda! Som lindo! AMO PRÁ SEMPRE!
Tim Carrington
Tim Carrington Mês atrás
Anyone who disliked this also must dislike life.
Syaiful Sumantri
Syaiful Sumantri Mês atrás
Eric clapton the best musician and guitarist in the world forever 👍👍👍
Tommy Utomo
Tommy Utomo Mês atrás
14:21 ahok kalo nyanyi pasti suaranya kyk gni. 🤣
Kent Mossin
Kent Mossin Mês atrás
One of the worlds best player of all time..
Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey Mês atrás
Blue Monk from 12:34 - 13:02 (
Jose Antonio Teodoro
52Leszek Mês atrás
The GameCat's out of the Gluebag-ger
if anyone knows where to get an audio cd copy of this concert please let me know.
The GameCat's out of the Gluebag-ger
I can safely say this is the best live concert ever created. From start to finish it is a masterpiece. I am glad looking through the comments that my thoughts are not alone. She's Gone is absolutely phenomenal, absolute perfection
Willie Pada-on
Willie Pada-on Mês atrás
In my younger day i really love to play guitar but i think does'nt like me
Willie Pada-on
Willie Pada-on Mês atrás
In my younger day i really love to play guitar but i think does'nt like me
Willie Pada-on
Willie Pada-on Mês atrás
In my younger day i really love to play guitar but i think does'nt like me
Timothy Donovan
Timothy Donovan Mês atrás
He's alright .He totally shredded in the 60s .This plain blues band and soft jazz stuff is better left to the pioneers idk to each their own
Liz brown
Liz brown Mês atrás
エリック・フランプトン 高田純次ヘッヘッヘッヘッ😁
Pierre Cocheteux
Pierre Cocheteux Mês atrás
Eric Clapton, throughout his life the best and the worst and today appeased he regales us
René Bil
René Bil Mês atrás
Great guitar player ... great singer too . . . !
Kevin Michael Callihan Sr
I hope he does another Crossroads.
Kevin Michael Callihan Sr
When seeing the events in 2001; the Japanese closed captioning showed 1945: immediately two assumptions that are true resulted in a valid conclusion, the ability for another festival in 2020-2021 is within reason if investors support his leadership.
joão Araújo
joão Araújo Mês atrás
Excelente performance .Very good sound..Japanese public is very educated.....................
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