Episode 1: IGNITION // Official Launch Gameplay Trailer - VALORANT

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We put in work. Click here, play now:
VALORANT, the 5v5 character-based tactical shooter from Riot Games is free to download and play right now.
Original composition by: Apashe feat. Vo Williams
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2 Jun 2020



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Comentários 80
Bryan Yong
Bryan Yong 43 minutos atrás
Who won that ? Raze Or Reyna 🤔 ?
Mia Renata
Mia Renata 7 horas atrás
soo good 👊🏻
YouTube a.s
YouTube a.s 9 horas atrás
I can only CLAP
Fernanda Simões
Fernanda Simões 10 horas atrás
very good
Fireish 15 horas atrás
The reyna animation is so awesome!
Astelsia Dia atrás
trailer: omg look at the abilities rush b guys! reality: bro wtf i shot him 6 times and he shot me twice and i die facking hacker report cyka blyat
meme Master
meme Master Dia atrás
did i hear a bruh at 1:33 ?
shading 2 dias atrás
Plot twist:reyna died from the raze RPG
Barra SS
Barra SS 4 dias atrás
jett almost got an ace while raze ults someone that is standing still
Hiba Labz is COOL
Hiba Labz is COOL 4 dias atrás
0:56 Wtf is sombra of overwatch doing in here?
celeste jpg
celeste jpg 4 dias atrás
Deberían sacar más episodios
DevIL_ XxX
DevIL_ XxX 4 dias atrás
This trailer is similar to game but not actually..
Gaudycottonwood 010
Gaudycottonwood 010 5 dias atrás
Console players: :/
Irineu Yugo
Irineu Yugo 5 dias atrás
It would be cool if it had this slow motion effect.
panda_ da_quebrada
panda_ da_quebrada 5 dias atrás
Very very good is trailer
Eggkebab 5 dias atrás
reyna obviously won that round smh
Valentino Schillaci
Valentino Schillaci 6 dias atrás
Is this game free?
GBE Smokes
GBE Smokes 2 dias atrás
Friska_ 6 dias atrás
Even here raze’s ult is utter cancer
Стиллер :3
Стиллер :3 6 dias atrás
TLAGAMERS 7 dias atrás
Яков Гаврилюк
music Apashe & Vo Williams Feat. Vo Williams - Work
ACPIAmerica 7 dias atrás
Well Reyna scares me more than Raze cuz you guys know....Reyna is Annoying which is her ultimate gose like that and the Rate of fire of her ult is really the most annoying because she can shoot faster which they buffed her and also kills a enemy and gose invsible complete and regen heath at the same time and none stopping....Riot please nerf her please....
BorisTheHippo 7 dias atrás
Lol nooooooo
Detrium 7 dias atrás
Riskrunner 7 dias atrás
Episode 1: Ignition Episode 2: Agent's Revenge (Like if you agree to it)
Chirag Bablani
Chirag Bablani 7 dias atrás
Why omen is not shown anywhere in the trailer and poster?
LADIESMXN217 8 dias atrás
They copied the csgo trailer at the end
Johann Filipe Dias de Souza
Anyone knows the name of song ?
BorisTheHippo 7 dias atrás
Work- Apashe
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 8 dias atrás
im pretty sure they just ripped off this part from csgo trailer 1:27
wilykit and wilykat
wilykit and wilykat 8 dias atrás
Reyna says they are nothing to me
CosmiCOW 8 dias atrás
classic raze tactic: camp till the end and drop yer ult on the last player
Exodus Rexsorus
Exodus Rexsorus 10 dias atrás
i just wanna know who won
Göksu Gökdede
Göksu Gökdede 10 dias atrás
i gotta say this is one of the only gameplay/character reveal vids i actually like
ImperPerfect 10 dias atrás
what is music???
BorisTheHippo 7 dias atrás
Marin Puljiz
Marin Puljiz 10 dias atrás
1:08 LOOOOOOOL 3 duelists in one clip
Даниил Хатунцев
Trailer Csgo XD)
ArtisKraft 10 dias atrás
And the question that remains in the air, who won, Raze or Reyna?
Humbug 10 dias atrás
you know this is a trailer cause jett actually hits her ult shots
Shah Khan
Shah Khan 11 dias atrás
So how long till this on Rule34 tho😏
04 - Albertus N B P
04 - Albertus N B P 11 dias atrás
Dear Riot, please fix the error that occured in Windows 7 (We couldn't install a required dependency. Please try again, restart your computer or reach out to us at Riot Support.) . I wanna play this game so hard, but I can't. Hope will be repaired soon. Thank you!
04 - Albertus N B P
04 - Albertus N B P 11 dias atrás
Dear Riot, please fix the error that occured in Windows 7 (We couldn't install a required dependency. Please try again, restart your computer or reach out to us at Riot Support.) . I wanna play this game so hard, but I can't. Hope will be repaired soon. Thank you!
Mohammad Ali Naqvi
Mohammad Ali Naqvi 11 dias atrás
Why all the agents properly shown are DUELIST
Mathieu Giroux
Mathieu Giroux Dia atrás
Also the abilities look the flashiest
Mathh Firmo
Mathh Firmo 8 dias atrás
Because the Episode 1: Ignition is focused on duelists and this is why Reyna was released, on Episode 2 another character will arrive and another class will be the focus
Luana Pereira
Luana Pereira 13 dias atrás
An Epic Squeaker
An Epic Squeaker 13 dias atrás
this is sick af
Mauriel Bizzaco
Mauriel Bizzaco 13 dias atrás
Dangler 14 dias atrás
Woulda been a whole different story if Cypher used his traps
* 14 dias atrás
i think guyss need some better video developers too.
LERS PSYCHEDELIC 14 dias atrás
the best game!! I like it!! :D
Samie Crix
Samie Crix 15 dias atrás
Just leaving a mark for this masterpiece in the making. Greetings for those from the future, hope y'all succeed in life
Kartikey Kunwar
Kartikey Kunwar 15 dias atrás
where is sage in the trailer? :/
Hrit Chakraborty
Hrit Chakraborty 15 dias atrás
Music name?
Zero Two Uchiha
Zero Two Uchiha 16 dias atrás
Anyone else heard "shit" at 0:42?
Adethor Gamer
Adethor Gamer 16 dias atrás
NEED LYRICS 16 dias atrás
EVERYBODY: agents' abilities are traps vision and defend Raze: 1:25
bLaCkPiNk In YoUr OrEo
bLaCkPiNk In YoUr OrEo 17 dias atrás
Why is there nothing about cypher
teggie 17 dias atrás
As you see this is what we call a iron 1 game
Jarrett Øath
Jarrett Øath 17 dias atrás
Please stop pushing this trash game on me through BRvid ads. Thanks!
Keshav Reddy
Keshav Reddy 17 dias atrás
Why didnt u feature Omen? I like him
Goku Black
Goku Black 18 dias atrás
Unlike Fortnite Valorant’s Characters Have Actual Powers Valorant Is A Good Game #ValorantPC
Party Piggie
Party Piggie 18 dias atrás
Is no one gonna point out that the attacking Jett killed four people (Cypher, Sage, Phoenix, & Breach) but somehow there's a Jett and a Raze left?
Tyson Ken Yamazaki
Tyson Ken Yamazaki 18 dias atrás
That Jett's cheating...
Макс, просто Макс.
RedStarRising 18 dias atrás
I hate how unrealistic the guns and movements are in this game.
Aviator 19 dias atrás
this looks like CS:Fortnite
Abdallah Daqqouri
Abdallah Daqqouri 19 dias atrás
The good Reynas only play against me.
kids 19 dias atrás
Counter watch: weeaboo offensive
Devlin Gannon
Devlin Gannon 19 dias atrás
love the song choice
rodrigo monterrubio castro
Let me show u how the boss does it---> prepare to flash all allies with both flashes and die everyone
CandleWaxx 20 dias atrás
Legends says that Reyna is still filing law suits against Raze for breaking the laws of war. "The law of war rests on five fundamental principles that are inherent to all targeting decisions: military necessity, unnecessary suffering, proportionality, distinction (discrimination), and honor (chivalry)."
Billy Soleiman
Billy Soleiman 20 dias atrás
Nobody : Not even any localizaztion: *Indonesian Localization: Babak 1: Nyala* (deep confuse over my language localization)
Sir Paper
Sir Paper 20 dias atrás
Attackers Jett : 4 Kills, 1 death Raze : 0 Kills, 0 death (kill not confirmed) Brimstone : 0 Kills, 1 death Viper: 0 Kills, 1 death Sova : 0 Kills, 1 death Defenders Pheonix : 2 Kills, 1 death Reyna : 2 Kills, 0 death (death not confirmed) Cypher : 0 Kills, 1 death Sage : 0 kills, 1 death Breach : 0 kills, 1 Death
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 21 dia atrás
It’s very strange to hear music from the artist you are a fan of in this trailer, familiar yet not familiar
Adidwi Nugroho
Adidwi Nugroho 21 dia atrás
I guess this is an FPS version of fortnite..
Ekrem Emre Koc
Ekrem Emre Koc 21 dia atrás
Attackers:this is a suicide mission the whole team:ok sorry for bad english
AlleyV Sc2
AlleyV Sc2 22 dias atrás
The animations are from Cs1.6
Nean Menezes
Nean Menezes 22 dias atrás
good game
BUKAN LUCINTA LUNA 23 dias atrás
counter strike disguised as paladins
Unknown 23 dias atrás
dead game
KevinGame3 22 dias atrás
Unknown Well not really because this game is set in the gravity rush universe
Lj Torres
Lj Torres 23 dias atrás
1st round ulti hax
Cher Oliboni
Cher Oliboni 23 dias atrás
Team Fortress and Cs send hugs
emix 468
emix 468 24 dias atrás
Game wont even start after installing
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