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i was on my period (shocker) when i filmed this so i was slightly on edge but lets just act like everythings ok
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-emma chamberlain


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20 Out 2019



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Comentários 80
kam 18 horas atrás
her style is so tacky and out of the ordinary but she fr makes it work
nora Dia atrás
emma hunny, the sweatshirt is cute but purdue is doo doo
Samorah F
Samorah F 4 dias atrás
If there is any small accounts in these comments reply so I can watch your stuff!!!
Solrun Kjestveit
Solrun Kjestveit 4 dias atrás
«Its so ugly, so I HAD TO BUY IT» 😂😂😂
Jameela Cort
Jameela Cort 3 dias atrás
Kennadi Borchert
Kennadi Borchert 5 dias atrás
Her style is sooo perfect. 👌
Vicky Li
Vicky Li 5 dias atrás
The people at my school (Indiana) are absolutely nuts about Purdue its like their dream uni
Samantha Levine
Samantha Levine 6 dias atrás
where is the white zip-up you're wearing from?? asking for a friend who wants to purchase immediately
Lol it's Zoë
Lol it's Zoë 6 dias atrás
People who watch her are like "im so artsy and vintage and retro im just soooo.... you know" and then she wears actual artsy vintage shoes and people gag
Sir Gonzo Of Rotherham
id marry this chick
shelby hoffmann
shelby hoffmann 8 dias atrás
purdue is in indiana
Koolkats 8 dias atrás
That purdue turtle neck was literally so cute. And I almost chose to go to purdue also, if I had that turtle neck I probably would have gone to purdue lol😂😂😂
melisa emina
melisa emina 9 dias atrás
my dad has that tommy sweater in navy lmao😭😭😭
Alessandra Wahl
Alessandra Wahl 11 dias atrás many times did she wear those jean shorts?
alexis 11 dias atrás
who’s here in June 2020
H Atherton
H Atherton 11 dias atrás
why do Americans talk about Europe as if it's one big place. like babe, did you go to Brussels or Bognor Regis?
Isabella Schatz
Isabella Schatz 12 dias atrás
ok but even if it looks ugly you find a way to pull it off CBSVBFUGB HOW
Alice Billia
Alice Billia 13 dias atrás
she says she went thrift shopping in europe, and when you see the tags the clothes she bought there are from Mad Vintage and its not really a thrift shop its just a shop that sells thirft clothes but WAY too overpriced so yay :/ but the looks are fire tho!
Jane Awaida
Jane Awaida 14 dias atrás
She literally makes anything ugly look good
Hanna Schweizer
Hanna Schweizer 14 dias atrás
Does anyone know what those Nike shoes are called??
grace 14 dias atrás
ngl I thought some of those things were ugly but when she put them on-
grace 14 dias atrás
ngl I thought some of those things were ugly but when she put them on-
lily x
lily x 14 dias atrás
holy f*ck you can make anything work
shannon swenson
shannon swenson 14 dias atrás
im obsessed
Kiriam Castro
Kiriam Castro 15 dias atrás
The green pants outfit (last outfit) was sooooo cute tho
Kiriam Castro
Kiriam Castro 15 dias atrás
Okay but Emma the plaid pants that you said were funky , are soooo cute girl!!:)
śunflower_ Gamer
śunflower_ Gamer 15 dias atrás
Her cat is now my friend 😉😌
Tiffani Werner
Tiffani Werner 16 dias atrás
Im about to move because my thrift stores like actually suck :)
lucxlertd 16 dias atrás
Ptdr c que du mad vintage c'est hyper cher ....🤡
Ollie C
Ollie C 16 dias atrás
I feel the need to say I LOVE creepers and I’m so mad I don’t have a pair yet
Abigail M
Abigail M 18 dias atrás
her room is the size of my house
Isabelle McCabe
Isabelle McCabe 19 dias atrás
Emma: 3:17 Corona: HAHA never again
ruby lawrence
ruby lawrence 20 dias atrás
*runs to depop*
Erika Pecoraro
Erika Pecoraro 20 dias atrás
i feel like every clothes you wear is fitting you perfectly 😪 kinda jealous not gonna lie
Izzy Rain
Izzy Rain 20 dias atrás
Everything looks good on her because she's skinny. Like if I wore those cute outfits they wouldn't look cute.
𝙰𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚊 𝙺𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚟𝚊
2020 карантин , covid 19
Shayla goodridge
Shayla goodridge 20 dias atrás
3:58 swastika starfish
E vensburg
E vensburg 22 dias atrás
emma: *is filming a video* declan: ʰⁱ ʰᵘᵐᵃⁿ ᵖˡᵃʸ ʷⁱᵗʰ ᵐᵉ ᵖʷᵉᵃˢᵉ
Elly Anderson
Elly Anderson 22 dias atrás
2:26 OMG! i was sitting in my literature class and one of the sources we used was from Purdue University and the whole time I sat there thinking, I've heard of them before but had no idea where from now, mystery solved :)))))
Olivia Donley
Olivia Donley 22 dias atrás
0:13 me when I see myself in the morning
Abigail Schreiber
Abigail Schreiber 23 dias atrás
emma: wait what year is it also emma: yeah so I would've worn this 50 years ago😂
why ??
why ?? 23 dias atrás
the thing with her is she picks out clothes that look ugly but she frickn pulls off everything
olivia ewing
olivia ewing 25 dias atrás
She looks tan in this. yep she looks tan
B r e n d a h .
B r e n d a h . 25 dias atrás
Honestly all of Emma's clothes are actually ugly shes just like the only person on the planet who looks good wearing them...she makes anything look good 💀💀💞
Dance with Dhriti
Dance with Dhriti 26 dias atrás
dude she gives me so much inspo but I don't own anything as freakin fashionable as any of that so even if I try my hardest it still would never look anything close to that
Ella Gundlach
Ella Gundlach 26 dias atrás
Where are those denim shorts from? They are so freakin adorable
Abraham RR.abraham
Abraham RR.abraham 26 dias atrás
Am I the only boy who really like Emma's channel
Anna Steinmetz
Anna Steinmetz 27 dias atrás
I literally wanna go thrifting with her now.
Bethany Stuckless
Bethany Stuckless 29 dias atrás
i need funky clothing but i’m not wealthy in the slightest, so there for i’m stuck with black leggings and hoodies, and it makes me mad!😌🤚🏻
Molii Rose
Molii Rose 29 dias atrás
no one: emma: ew this is so ugly. look at that, that’s disgusting. - and that’s why i got it.
Ellie Rose
Ellie Rose Mês atrás
I don't know how she made those black and white shoes work but she did
lydia b
lydia b Mês atrás
i want those orange pants so bad
Smruthi Ram
Smruthi Ram Mês atrás
boiler up
farida nagaty
farida nagaty Mês atrás
where did you get your green jeans from 17:30
alexis nguyen
alexis nguyen Mês atrás
She says looks like shit but then there me eat Cheetos puffs and in bed.
Michayla Catron
Michayla Catron Mês atrás
lets pretend that I haven't watched this video 4 times for the outift inspo
Heather Bruns
Heather Bruns Mês atrás
No one: Emma: *makes ugly pieces look FANTASTIC*
Lulu Elis
Lulu Elis Mês atrás
I need to know if Emma has a depop
SquishiSquishi Mês atrás
Does anyone know what kind of pants she's wearing at 7:22?
Savannah Mês atrás
The peach and light blue pants are scrubs
Mietta Bevilaqua
Mietta Bevilaqua Mês atrás
Me: not owning pair of jeans Emma: approximately 1000 pairs
An average girl
An average girl 16 dias atrás
Mietta Bevilaqua : I only have 2 😪 I can’t find any cute ones at all
Lola Sueiras
Lola Sueiras Mês atrás
But where can I get the white pirate top to pull jack sparrow
rubyradi Mês atrás
why isn't anyone talking about the cat eating emma's head😭
Olivia Vargo
Olivia Vargo Mês atrás
Literally taking notes for fashion advice, love your style
Danielle Lee
Danielle Lee Mês atrás
purdue is great. if it's graduate school lol. i was born on purdue campus lmfao
Olivia D.
Olivia D. Mês atrás
Emma really do be predicting the future of teen fashion 🥰
Agustina COLOMBO
Agustina COLOMBO Mês atrás
Why are you fucking perfect?? And everything look good on you
Lidia Kubicka
Lidia Kubicka Mês atrás
`she hasnt have any coffee today lol
Ava Brune
Ava Brune Mês atrás
Was I the only one that got annoyed when she said "crop shirt" instead of "crop top" I don't know lmao.
Serenity Nicks
Serenity Nicks Mês atrás
Kinda loved the Britney outfit actually
jolissa alvarado
jolissa alvarado Mês atrás
Michayla Catron
Michayla Catron Mês atrás
i abdolutely adore your style and would 100% steal your closet if we had the purge
Michayla Catron
Michayla Catron Mês atrás
my dad and grandpa went to purdue lol my grandpa would be offended to hear u say that lol
Dayle Mccain
Dayle Mccain Mês atrás
You can pull off anything
Elena Romero
Elena Romero Mês atrás
Honestly love that she's not wearing make up. I'm new to her channel but it's cool to see someone without make up on camera. (Not hating on make up wearers, I just don't wear make up and it's cool to see someone comfy in their own skin.)
Suhira Iljazi
Suhira Iljazi Mês atrás
She could literally put a plastic bag on and she would still look good in it😍
kelly maganini
kelly maganini Mês atrás
My brother goes to purdue, they have a bomb engineering/comp sci program. I would give it a 10/10.
Anaika Ramourti
Anaika Ramourti Mês atrás
I love how Emma's cat bites her face and then sits in the back licking his ass😂😂😅
Lily Hurt
Lily Hurt Mês atrás
just want to say, love the fits and you
unlucky 13
unlucky 13 Mês atrás
Happy Birthday Emma, this is my favorite video so that’s why I’m commenting on this one.
Anna Solano
Anna Solano Mês atrás
But you pulled off litteraly EVERYTHING
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