Epic Rant! How To Make A Living In Music 2018 Edition!

Rick Beato
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In this episode I discuss how to make a living in Music and also discuss my future plans in that area. The epic ranting begins at around 50:00 or so. Thanks to all of you for being part of this journey with me!!




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23 Nov 2017



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Comentários 427
Luan Ferreira
Luan Ferreira 5 anos atrás
Rick, I've watched your videos for a long time now and as a poor college student from Brazil I was always reluctant to buy the Beato book because the money is very significant for my current situation and I don't know if I could keep up with the difficulty of the content. This video was my turning point. This channel is the best thing I've came across on the internet and I cannot in good conscious not support it. Buying the book now. Thank you so much for everything you have done!!
Wellington Albuquerque
Wellington Albuquerque 9 meses atrás
@Stahlgewitter everybody needs support
Stahlgewitter Anos atrás
I don't think Rick needs (needed?) Support -- you should buy it for yourself.
I'll Be True-Official
I'll Be True-Official 3 anos atrás
Me too, bought it 2 weeks ago- also to help out Rick who is such a good person and so deserving of our support.
Zenytram Searom
Zenytram Searom 5 anos atrás
i feel you bro, eu sinto sua dor mano.
Steve's Mixed Bag
Steve's Mixed Bag 5 anos atrás
I gave up my dreams in music and went into the medical profession in the early 90's . Even back then it's seemed like a real long shot, looks like I made the right choice...but it's rough when your heart is in music, art and creation . I dabble here and there but it kills me to have never taken it far as I could have. Great channel Rick ! Nevermind 7 minutes, I watch every video to the end.
Michael Parker
Michael Parker 7 meses atrás
@Dusko Manojlovic pp000
Dusko Manojlovic
Dusko Manojlovic Anos atrás
Its art. I am fireman and love making my stuff from music,paintings,photo,video editing. i got Maya now and i wanna learn to make a game and im writing my first book (on my language) on emotions and concesness. i dont wanna to get rich on that, its my place to heal me and my soul
Dan Andersen
Dan Andersen 2 anos atrás
Good boy...and remember,keep your sunny side up...
SevenSinsChoppers 5 anos atrás
Do your thing man. Screw the haters. Don't give them your time or energy.
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 5 anos atrás
+SevenSinsChoppers Thanks Seven sins!
James Abraham
James Abraham 5 anos atrás
Rick there are millions of musicians like me who need your channel. Keep going. Don't let anyone put you off. The world is full of people trying to blame their mediocrity on someone else! BTW I watch every video end to end. Bought your book which is the best guitar theory book out there. Will buy the album. Will buy any courses.
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 5 anos atrás
+James Abraham Thanks James!!
EAZL 9 meses atrás
Seeing this 4 years later. The passion in this video was beautiful. It was not only about your channel but about the integrity of music. Seems the “plunge” paid off and countless musicians have benefited. Today you’re a creator with your own identity and your channel has matured into something no others can match. My son and I appreciate all your work. The Beato Book is the real deal.
Seizui Ren
Seizui Ren 5 anos atrás
Hi Rick, My name is Ray, I'm from China and now living in Japan. I'm a Bass Trombone and jazz composition student. I really want to say that sometimes I think I've learned more from your videos and your book than from the music school. the knowledge you've generously given is priceless to me. From my point of view, the realization of good music and the importance of music in China, is absolutely not enough. when you mentioned education, I was so mad and dissapointed at the music education in today's China. Your dedication on music education is a huge motivation for me. although there are a lot of problems in China's music industry. But I always hoped that through better music education, more and more people in China can unite together, to show there are people in China who really CARE about good music and the future of music industry, the future of Honest musician. So, thank you for all your inspirational content. and keep up the good work. I wish all the best for you. from the other side of the world. By the way, How do you think about MARIA SCHNEIDER and her music ? Will you by any chance talk about her music in your future video? She is like a mentor to me, and i really like to study her music as much as possible.
Seizui Ren
Seizui Ren 5 anos atrás
this is the first time i left a comment in english, please do excuse my grammatical mistakes.
Smurf Gardens
Smurf Gardens 3 anos atrás
always delightful to see your children make a presence. It was very cute of your daughter to sing "don't stop believing". It still makes me smile.
Jason Raskie
Jason Raskie 5 anos atrás
Mad props to you, Rick. Thank you for not wanting to be part of the problem with music. Education is huge. Can't wait to learn more!
G Westby
G Westby 2 anos atrás
Rick, I just wanted to thank you. Not only for being such an advocate for music education, but also for being such a stand-up guy and a great father. As a father of two teenagers, I can tell you have a huge heart and care deeply about making the world a better place. It resonates from you. Thank you. From all of us who have been in this industry for a long time and have been fighting the good fight, watching changes, and making the best out of something we all hold dear. So what's the next step? I don't know. But I do have hope. Music, even in its current form, is not dead. It will never die. It will simply evolve and somehow, through that evolution, we will yet again see some wonderful sounds, people, and inspirations emerge from the struggle. Cheers to everyone out there helping to make that happen and doing your part.
Static Tantrum
Static Tantrum 5 anos atrás
Rick, the unscripted feel of your vids is to much for those who just want to be told a quick secret to success. But the complexity and depth of your content is best told in the stories. nothing short of fantastic!
Captain cope
Captain cope 3 anos atrás
Yeah, at the 35 minute mark I was yelling at him as he searches for thoughts, love the stuff but I don't have all day.
N/A 4 anos atrás
Doubt it's that simple
frankiehands 5 anos atrás
You're awesome and ultra inspiring. The amount of knowledge you have has made me work so much harder. I'll be spreading your name around for sure. As someone literally selling everything they own that isn't musical and moving across the country to pursue a career creating and composing music just wanted to say thank you for your knowledge. When I first started taking notes on your videos I wrote "MUSIC WIZARD" next to your name to remember you now i'll never forget! THANK YOU!
Kyle Magnusson
Kyle Magnusson 5 anos atrás
The music community needs you, Rick!!! Thank you for all you do, I hope to meet you one day
Doug The Moleman
Doug The Moleman 4 anos atrás
It is so awesome how supportive you are of your kids!
Spring Boot Learning
In this video, Rick reveals the amount of internet era business savvy he has acquired. Certainly more than Big Music!
Cameron 5 anos atrás
The last half hour or so of this stream is absolutely fantastic. Thank you for your honesty Rick and for all your hard work!
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 5 anos atrás
+Rick Beato Thanks!
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 5 anos atrás
+TheMonotoneTV That’s why I put the time stamp at 50:00 mins in the description. I got my groove on then :)
Michael Wells
Michael Wells 5 meses atrás are a great teacher and musician and I love your channel. I am a lifetime musician/producer/mixer and I have been doing this for over 40 years now. I too feel the same as you about the lack of quality in the music scene today. No originality, no knowledge and NO performances just loops and copy and paste. I glad I can finally express my feelings truthfully. Keep up the teaching cause somebody will finally hear you. BTW, the problem I find with today's "artist" and wanna be producers and such is they have no guts, no stick to it attitude. They all want it to be easy and quick. No such thing when it comes to greatness unless God blessed you with that once in a lifetime gift of talent.
Lean Drusi
Lean Drusi 5 anos atrás
Just what musicians need: straight-to-the-point review of todays labor possibilities! This is (as always) priceless info THANKS RICK
Stefan Gubser
Stefan Gubser 5 anos atrás
Good luck Rick. Love the channel. It has been invaluable in my musical education.
Kookycloud 5 anos atrás
Rick, I understand your need to educate the world. Just wanted to know that you already did a huge difference on my life and music education. Thank you very much!
Slaves Forging
Slaves Forging 4 anos atrás
Nobody does what you do as well as you do it Rick! very happy to see a channel for professionals, or at least people putting a professional level of effort and study in! it's amazing how much putting yourself on video brings you out to the world. Glad to see you out here man. really loved the rant at 1:16.00 ish! Preach the truth man! and thanks for sharing all the amazing knowledge you have.
Phil Cardenas
Phil Cardenas 4 anos atrás
You are NOT KIDDING, Rick. "Driving All Night" is a GREAT SONG. I'm not a huge country fan, but that song has crossover appeal, great lyrics, and a really powerful build in chorus. Thanks for that!!
sambochen2010 5 anos atrás
Thank you for what you do for your audience and the community. Keep it up and thanks for your honesty and integrity.
Frank TheBaldGuy
Frank TheBaldGuy Anos atrás
I’m late to this particular part. Who the hell could hate Rick Beato? Dude. You gave your life to music!!
Ann E H-Lint
Ann E H-Lint 8 meses atrás
Every time I listen to you I learn things about bands, music business and music in general. What I learn is interesting and informative. I try to listen to nearly the whole thing. Now and then…when I’m feeling disconnected from the subject…then I stop and search for another video of yours. Since my watching your videos helps you….I’ll continue to listen to your entire library. You should keep your patron thing going. Anyway. I’ll keep listening. Some of my Italian friends own all The Godfather movies and watch them yearly and hold discussions on what they got out of the movie each year.
marvinshenk 5 anos atrás
Back in 1998 I worked for a guy named Dan Alexander, and he would show me his royalty checks from records he played on with John Lee Hooker, and they were for like $0.75. The publishing company probably spends more on the labor, paper, and postage to deliver royalty statements than the artists actually receive. I feel for you Rick.
Chris Turvey
Chris Turvey 3 anos atrás
Watching this in 2020. 1.31Million subscribers shown on the screen. I wonder if Rick in 2017 thought he would have that large of the following. a little over 2 years later. Thanks for your thoughtful and in depth music content.
Ross Williams
Ross Williams 4 anos atrás
Rick, I really appreciate you making a channel for music professionals. I've learned so much here, and it's stuff I spent years trying to find in the nooks and crannies of Google. In particular, your advanced composition, jazz guitar, and more technical audio engineering stuff. You're really quick to the point and always explain the applicable context for whatever you're teaching. It's great. Thanks!
El Jison
El Jison Anos atrás
Rick, I'm not a pro, but I am passionate about music and guitar and I appreciate the level of the material that you provide. I am too busy with my actual job to make much progress on your courses but I will continue working my way through and picking up stuff little by little. Guitar mastery is a lifetime endeavor. I do not expect to make a living in the music business.
seiph80 5 anos atrás
I don't know why there are haters, when you're EDUCATING folks all over the world, and it's very much appreciated! Hope I can shake your hand and just say THANK YOU for all you do, Rick! Keep it up, brother!
DeusVul7 5 anos atrás
amazing man, you are part of the new renaissance that's about to happen in music I've been watching a lot of your videos lately. Your content is pure gold, things I hear from you are the answers for questions I had all my life about music very powerful, thank you so much
Barn Yard Studios
Barn Yard Studios 5 anos atrás
Again and as always, Thank you Rick for being you and sharing you wealth of knowledge.
kenwoodsmusic 5 anos atrás
I appreciate you, Rick! You tell it like it is, and we need to hear this stuff!
Nick Pastuhov
Nick Pastuhov 5 anos atrás
There are two types of teachers - those who just know how to play and they tries to teach what they know, and the 2nd type - those who actually know how to teach and how to transfer knowledge to people. You are the 2nd type for sure. Anyone who saw your educational videos will tell that you have a great talent in teaching!
Kevin Allen
Kevin Allen 5 anos atrás
That WAS epic Rick! I am sorry that it is hard for music producers to make any money now days.
Otis McDonald
Otis McDonald 5 anos atrás
Hey hey Rick! A colleague of mine from the California Jazz Conservatory just shared this video with me. Thanks for the name drop and thanks for using my music from time to time. I've always loved your videos man! All the best to you.
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 5 anos atrás
+Otis McDonald The Man! Thanks Otis!! Big fan!
Frederick Thorne
Frederick Thorne 5 anos atrás
I Love your channel, Rick, thanks for all of your epic content. You have made me a better musician. Much Love!!!
Jucciz 5 anos atrás
Great video again! Your choice of sharing your knowledge and experiences instead of producing music that won't make a difference is totally something else - in a good way. It may seem like a risk, but you must follow your heart and I really wish the best of luck for your endeavour. I personally think what you're doing now is the right thing to do and you'll be rewarded sooner or later. I can only admire your devotion to teaching us something new almost every day. All the best from Finland!
John Kimble
John Kimble 5 anos atrás
Rick is the best. I really respect him for committing 100% to the youtube thing. This stuff is the future. This is the kind of channel I would fantasize about years ago when youtube was still relatively small.
Mo Poppins
Mo Poppins Anos atrás
Same! I appreciate the quality content available for free, and it’s great that people can contribute financially if/when they’re able.
Jason D'Souza
Jason D'Souza 4 anos atrás
You are my daily source of reality Rick! Keep it real!
CCS Elementary Music
CCS Elementary Music 4 anos atrás
On your watch time: I discovered your channel about a month ago. I literally watch your videos ALL the way through. Even the longer one, ESP the longer ones actually! I love when you say, "I don't want to be a part of the problem anymore." I totally get that sentiment. All of us out here are hungry for quality in music again. You are really making a difference with these videos. Please keep going.
Liquid Logic
Liquid Logic 5 anos atrás
I wish you all the luck. You deliver great content and are genuine and talented. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences and knowledge. Love that you said you don’t wan to to be part of the problem. And yes, rock died around 2005. It it comes back, it will be different. Famous Lennon quote where he said music of the future won’t be on guitars but on..” and he made up some phoney words. He also helped usher in reggae.
TheDive25 5 anos atrás
Loved tonights rant.. I'm so glad I found your channel a few months ago. Your stories are always fun and inspiring and I just wish you the best. Ignore the haters they don't deserve a second of your time.
ASKII 5 anos atrás
Thank you very much for all the work, Rick! Your videos here on YT and your video course about the modes of the major scales helped me more than any other tutorials so far. I'm curious about the new upcoming course you mentioned here and excited about the digital version of the Beato book. Your content is a huge help for all of us. Thanks!
THE AVIARY 4 anos atrás
We appreciate you and your channel. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Sanjin Gojkovic
Sanjin Gojkovic 3 anos atrás
Thanks for making my night shift in an inactive environment freaking productive as heck. Learning a lot here. Gonna take the book ;)
Goliath Flores
Goliath Flores 4 anos atrás
FYI: I would have NEVER described anything about your work here as such. I think your channel is great, and this is coming from a lifelong musician ( and a working musician BTW).
Marcelo 5 anos atrás
Just bought your book. It's probably above my level of comprehension but your passion is contagious and I want to see more of your content on youtube.
Luciano Salvador Contartese
You're great Rick! Awesome stuff always. Inspiring, thought-provoking. Wish you the best in your endeavor.
Jazz guitar with Andy
Jazz guitar with Andy 5 anos atrás
Rick I listen to your videos on the drive back from gigs at night. Helps keep me awake! Thanks for producing such informative content. I love your style of not teaching every note. Some people want everything on a plate when really they should search for answers to any questions your knowledge brings up. Haters will always be around, I think your channel is authentic and your passion and knowledge is one my favourite things on BRvid.
VIVE Music
VIVE Music 5 anos atrás
Really good content man! Thanks for all the value your giving to us for free :)
augustus henry
augustus henry 4 anos atrás
I have great great respect for you! You have helped me a lot through your videos. Learned a lot, thank you so much. Take care!
Swamp T.
Swamp T. 9 meses atrás
As soon as I see the word "rant" my curiosity gets a kick to see what profound information is being given for a topic that you have unique expertise with and invariably will share views and opinions or experiences which add a lot of depth to my perception of that topic. A rant is always a pleasant experience on your videos, so rant on Rick!
larrywang88 4 anos atrás
Bumped into this channel and great wealth of information. Keep it up Rick.
Roberta Springer
Roberta Springer 5 anos atrás
Bravo, Rick! I'm so glad I came across your channel! There is so many great stuff in it at a professional level. Just love to learn from it! Wishing you a huge success! Thank you for sharing so much knowledge!
Marc A
Marc A 5 anos atrás
Rick, thank you so much ... best video ever !!! I've been checkin' out your content for a while now, started with the Vai interview, and I knew you were the real deal. So much information and inspiration (for those who still can feel what that is). Best of luck on your new path ... Those who care will be there for you, and more will join you along the way. 👍
Jeroen Simons
Jeroen Simons 5 anos atrás
Its great to see you both there, father and son, big smile on their face...heartwarming....I wish you all great luck...!!
Jeroen Simons
Jeroen Simons 5 anos atrás
Its ridiculous that you are sucked out for your talent, I know too, I get around 40 euro, 37 dollar a year for millions of views of my old band EPICA, its an unfair system, but I believe and focus rather on good people with big hearts...Next time we go to the economic accountant for our taxes we pay him 1 dollar, look what happen.....We all know how it works, lets make the best of it and make all our very best musical statements by putting out killer albums full of love and deeeeep artistic expression...My blessings...
Swapneel Ghosh
Swapneel Ghosh 4 anos atrás
Man I loved this video! So insightful and thought provoking. :) Respect Rick!
Ashley Black
Ashley Black 5 anos atrás
Wish i had a dad like you, and if i had a son i wish he was like Dylan, i always enjoy seeing how proud of and suprised by Dylan you are when doing the 'hey Dylan what's this random chord ' videos. Looks like father son time to me rick. Keep on rock'n!
Turret Studios
Turret Studios 5 anos atrás
Good on you Rick! Now I'm glad I sold my studio at the time when it was taking up so much space that I was gonna have to open it to public. That was a close one!
Karen Kueter
Karen Kueter Anos atrás
I love this rant. Well done!
Stefan Taege
Stefan Taege Anos atrás
Hello Rick, just ignore the haters, your Videos are so very interesting, you give so much to the People referring to music Details no one ever thought of, just do your thing, you are great emphatic man of Performance
Greg USMC Anos atrás
BTW Rick, one of my parents good friends back when I was really little, like 1969, was John Szwed-author of ‘So What’ (the Miles Davis biography) and ‘Doctor Jazz’ a booklet about Jelly Roll Norton, which is in the 2005 edition of the Complete Library of Congress ‘Recordings of Alan Lomax.’ That won him a Grammy Award for ‘Best Album Notes,” He was a guy that called my dad after hearing a “little band” in The Cavern Club, live in 1962 (I think) But he sparked my interest in all this “roots music” and he’s also the reason I almost declared Anthropology as my major at OSU. (I went for a History BA instead) All that was a way too-long reason I was interested in your channel-that I have no idea how I found. I’m guessing it was a BRvid suggestion like a lot of other folks who love watching old footage (and not so old-1960s and 70s) music stuff! I will shut-up now. 🤘
2GooDProductions 5 anos atrás
Ive quickly become a huge fan of this channel. Ive been making music for over 20 years, but never learned any theory. This channel is the single most informative channel Ive found in all these years. As for Dylan, there is something troubling on youtube right now with the exploitation of children, you may find the next few weeks quite bumpy. Dylan is hugely talented in his own right, I was blown away watching him name the notes in complicated chords. Im also an old gamer, people on social media like to talk crap, its the times we live in. Self righteous people are trying to force their morality on the rest of us. Both of you keep doing what you do, Im not going to follow Dylans gaming channel as its not appropriate for an old man like me, but that said, you both deserve all the success you get. Good to see someone giving back to music, many people have become all about themselves these days. You are a rare breed. You have my utmost respect.
Roy Verges
Roy Verges 5 anos atrás
Yep. I agree with everything this gentle person has posted. I don't see Rick as exploitative of his son at all, but look at Leopold Mozart. His situation is STILL controversial, centuries later. I think Dylan is lucky three or four times over 1) to have kind, nurturing parents, 2) to have been exposed to all that music from a young age, 3) to grow up in this day & age, and 4) not to be in Catholic schools :) Finally, having an entrepreneur for a dad is pretty cool!
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 5 anos atrás
+2GooDProductions Thank you!
Omar Sharan
Omar Sharan 5 anos atrás
Hi Rick, This channel is great! Your videos are really educational. Definitely buying your book. Your like awalking encyclopedia of music. I find it impressive. Keep up the content. All of it helps.
Keith Pasculli
Keith Pasculli 3 anos atrás
Love your channel Rick and appreciate the content. I have been playing for a long time and I always learn something when watching your videos and I appreciate great playing and I put a high value on being able to play and be able to play well. Looking forward to more great content.
Aaron Lehr
Aaron Lehr 5 anos atrás
I have been watching your vids for a while now. As a professional musician, You are the only BRvidr that I consistently learn new info from. Thank you!
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 5 anos atrás
+The Prince of Fairfield Aaron Lehr You are very welcome!
Tomas Ruiz
Tomas Ruiz 5 anos atrás
Rick!. Just finish watching your long rant. I appreciate and respect your live decision and will support you as much as I can. Wish you the best of luck for you and your family!. My respect and love from Argentina.
Clismo ambient
Clismo ambient 5 anos atrás
people always know sincerity and you are it that is one of the reasons you are supported you have a persona to you !!
Yngve Knudsen
Yngve Knudsen 5 anos atrás
No no no man, YOU are awsome! Soo glad you do this instead of producing. Love music theory even thoug I can only pick up small pieces of the theory stuff.
Sérgio Julião
Sérgio Julião 5 anos atrás
Hi from Portugal, professional musician / music teacher and a fan. Thanks for EVERYTHING. You´re an inspiration. All the best!!!
Ben P
Ben P 3 anos atrás
Absolutely into gaming - my entire purpose in life is to compose music for games =) That's why I watch your videos Rick
Stephen Call
Stephen Call 5 anos atrás
I climbed aboard when i found your 45 minute video on compressors. I knew we would be tight pals... I appreciate your videos. They keep my mind focused on music production even when I'm too lazy too sit upright and click.
Michael Tronson
Michael Tronson 5 anos atrás
Keep doing your thing Rick, love the channel and watch every episode. Don't ever change!
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 5 anos atrás
+Michael Tronson Thanks Michael!
Mark Lawrence
Mark Lawrence 5 anos atrás
So, in summary: No money in Production (unless you're Pharrell). Money in Library music if you started your career 25 years ago. No money in studio session work (apart from a select few in Nashville). Some money in teaching music to people who almost certainly won't make any money in the future. Possibly a fortune to be made in becoming a BRvid star. Is that right?
PlanetRockJesus 9 meses atrás
@Massachamp08 Bad for teachers, good for musicians.
Dean Elmore
Dean Elmore Anos atrás
@Rick Beato v
Steve Selinsky
Steve Selinsky 3 anos atrás
@JonFrumTheFirst they're content to just take the money the students pour into their degrees without educating them about the realities of making a living playing music...i know so many musicians who spent incredible amounts of time and money on a music degree who are doing almost nothing with it's very sad...
arxsyn 4 anos atrás
There is money in publishing as a lyricist and/or composer. But you have to be really prolific. Sia, Diane Warner, Ryan Tedder etc. Some background singers make a really good living. Some of these singers are absolutely incredible. Take Lisa Fischer, for example. She was often called back to tour with The Rolling Stones
Steve The Bass Guy
Steve The Bass Guy 4 anos atrás
Ben Farrell honestly it has me worried
Thomas Richmond
Thomas Richmond 5 anos atrás
I appreciate it rick thank you. Hope you and your family had a nice thanksgiving ✌️
Johnny Guitar
Johnny Guitar 5 anos atrás
Love your channel, passion and rants! Best of luck and greetings from Atlanta!
Frank orland
Frank orland 4 anos atrás
love your videos. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. And Your books are amazing.
Paul James
Paul James 5 anos atrás
Saw you first on the Adam Neely collab Love the channel! Tough for musicians out there. Theater work can be a possibility, as an engineer or performer, especially at the regional level, you don't need to be on the West End or Broadway to make a living. Tribute bands and wedding work can often get better gigs than just typical bar gigs.
ACourtneyP 4 anos atrás
As always Rick, this was fascinating. Thankyou
Moses Ramirez
Moses Ramirez 5 anos atrás
Don't listen to the haters, +Rick Beato. some of those people are just here because they have no lives and must malign others to make their existence bearable. :) You inspired me to build out a home studio and to get back into composing again, and I'm sure others have similar stories. Thanks for the awesome content, man!
Clismo ambient
Clismo ambient 5 anos atrás
very much enjoy your sincerity and courage in what you are doing .Keep it up I have learned a lot in just the short time I have tuned in Peace and Blessings
Arthur Stone
Arthur Stone 5 anos atrás
The videos are much appreciated Rick; great presentation, informative and interesting. Good balance. Thanks :D
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 5 anos atrás
+Arthur Stone Thank you Arthur!
Don't B Flat
Don't B Flat 5 anos atrás
If your trying to make money through BRvid, make a Patreon account. I'm sure there would be tons of people who would donate to help you continue making your fantastic content.
Randy Lott
Randy Lott 4 anos atrás
Say that out loud real quick and tell me it's not funny! "Put their money where their fingers are." Hmmmmmmmmm?
Moses Ramirez
Moses Ramirez 5 anos atrás
Yup, he does have one. Not enough people are willing to put their money where their fingers are, sadly.
Ash St. John Music
Ash St. John Music 5 anos atrás
Andrew Gwinn he has a patreon
John Alex
John Alex Anos atrás
@Rick, I keep you on as our Daily Noise when me and my wife Are in bed..Very few people/Shows we all agree to watch.. Love love hearing you and love your videos..We watch all of them..
Tom Mizner
Tom Mizner 5 anos atrás
love you rick, love your channel, love all your content, let the haters hate brother man, dont let it diminish your shine! always looking forward to the next thing!
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 5 anos atrás
+Tom Mizner Thanks Tom!
Jay Baker
Jay Baker 5 anos atrás
Great rant! Always interested in what you are up to. I want to buy the bundle to support your work.
George Alayon
George Alayon 5 anos atrás
Rick, your son is a great looking and smart kid! You're blessed!
t 5 anos atrás
You rock Rick! Nailed it again. I got emotional...Thx man!
Balloon Marsupials
Balloon Marsupials 4 anos atrás
Great channel, Rick. The only band/music I produce my own... It's just better that way.
Dalibor Mikola
Dalibor Mikola 3 anos atrás
Hi Rick! I watched all Your videos (well almost all🤣) and learned a lot from You . Just keep up the good work! Greetings from Croatia!
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