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- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.600
- BTS Debut Stage Reaction Full Ver
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9 Jan 2019




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Comentários 17 661
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 2 minutos atrás
BTS 😘😘
Raven Arboleda
Raven Arboleda 3 horas atrás
deja vu
Rachel Varsolona
Rachel Varsolona 14 horas atrás
gUyS I tHinK Jungkook hAd oNe tOo mAny jUiCe bOXs
Jungkookie 16 horas atrás
Yall go out saying you are the 1# fan of bts while Taehyung is here
Potato Army
Potato Army Dia atrás
Now..they are called legends
eggspensive girl
eggspensive girl Dia atrás
2:13 : *my first reaction when I saw jk's abs for the first time*
Nia Park
Nia Park Dia atrás
5:19 Jimin*running away* Namjoon be like:"Oh come back where are you going my child you looked so cute"
C.S.L Jimin
C.S.L Jimin Dia atrás
5:46 😂😂😂😆😆😆 you are the best 💜💜
allens legacy
allens legacy Dia atrás
no one: absolutely no one: literally not even a soul: jimin: taehyung looks like a baby
zama Army
zama Army Dia atrás
Finally I clicked this video
Bangtan ARMY
Bangtan ARMY Dia atrás
I actually can't believe that 1.7K idiots actually wasted their time watching this just to hit the dislike button. I mean, youtube shouldn't have dislike buttons hurts the feelings of fans and the actual artists.
Bangtan ARMY
Bangtan ARMY Dia atrás
Jimin: I thought I was the coolest person in the world Me: YOU FRICKING ARE!
Roza Ch
Roza Ch Dia atrás
omg Jimin cringing at himself is such a mood skskskkss thats me whenever i watch a video of myself
Kai. L.
Kai. L. Dia atrás
Taehyung’s funny noises: 4:37 4:43 5:02
Michelle Ojulari
Michelle Ojulari Dia atrás
Who said BTS were dad's , I'm crying right here they went through a lot to get to where they are today and No one can bring them down and say bad about them again
Acel Paris
Acel Paris Dia atrás
I felt so much happiness while there watching their debut. I don't know if it's just me who are feeling proud for them like I'm their mother. Even I not that updated to them but still I saw their progress and journey. Before I don't know why there just got rookie of the year even they already 2 or 3 years in kpop (i don't know if i remembered it correctly, correct me if I'm wrong) and they got a lot of negative comment. Because when i first saw them in their debut. I already became their fan. Sending my love from my heart to the BTS. Keep spreading your music in the world, stay strong and healthy.
Fondmemory Dia atrás
6:43 -- Taehyung's smile is the most beautiful of all! What a handsome man!
jinnie skz
jinnie skz Dia atrás
Thank you Mnet
ish ish
ish ish 2 dias atrás
Suga :your arm pits are so...clean Jimin:Me? I look sexy...😂💜💜💜💜💜
Nooralain Eltayeb
Nooralain Eltayeb 2 dias atrás
I like how Tae can't help but dance and sing along
Ricardo Amendoeira
Ricardo Amendoeira 2 dias atrás
Omgg the little pff Jimin did was cute af umg
Amina A
Amina A 2 dias atrás
I miss Jimin musicale arms tbh 😂
May 2 dias atrás
Cookies For Kookie
Cookies For Kookie 2 dias atrás
Taehyung singing the lyrics and dancing makes me so soft uwu
BTS Baby
BTS Baby 2 dias atrás
"Your armpits are so... Clean" - Suga
Skyler Hernandez
Skyler Hernandez 2 dias atrás
I feel like tae was enjoying the no more dream performance
aya aissoug
aya aissoug 2 dias atrás
bts more good and cute now 2019
Mina Ahmed
Mina Ahmed 2 dias atrás
Bts is going to military but even if they go to war remember they are bulletproof Please don’t copy my comment
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 2 dias atrás
Period jin said people made fun of them but now this haters call them legends like that’s how you know they came so far 😭😭💞
Anukta Pandey
Anukta Pandey 2 dias atrás
*At this point in 2019, I don’t know should I laugh watching their reactions or be proud and cry because they’ve come so far and achieved so much*
when you watch too much vminkook
Anna 2 dias atrás
J-Hope imitating Jimin's high note always gets me, it will never not be funny how many regrets jimin has regarding the debut lmao
Lollipop -.-
Lollipop -.- 2 dias atrás
I geared up because I saw BTS’s performance stage on accident, the week it was uploaded. That same week I became an army. I never regretted my decision.
The Gr8 M8
The Gr8 M8 2 dias atrás
1:31 Jin: Oh no my armpits! Me: Oh yes! His armpits! 😂 Who's with me? Just me? Ok 💜
Bts Army
Bts Army 3 dias atrás
5:17 tho jimin❤️😭🤧❤️
Matilda Areda
Matilda Areda 3 dias atrás
*bts dragging themselves for 7 minutes straight*
fefesmith82 3 dias atrás
Every time I watch this I die laughing!! Theu r hilarious and Jimin laughing at himself when he hit that note I rewind that part at least 10 times!!! I'm soooooo proud of them thru all the hardships n pain they made it n Jin said it right when they tell their kids this story they'll know they truly were Legends!!!!!
Sara Shelton
Sara Shelton 3 dias atrás
3:30 Jimin was thinking "fuck all yall* 😂😂💀
sad valentines
sad valentines 3 dias atrás
jin: why did they dress me up like that iM lEavInG A bAd YeLp RevIeW!~
Megan Williams
Megan Williams 3 dias atrás
Bts: shows there abs Also bts: *cringes hard* 😂😂😂
Minchae Kim
Minchae Kim 3 dias atrás
봐도 봐도 감동인 영상.
Shane Cruz
Shane Cruz 3 dias atrás
Eyeliner era~
DarkKrad Rebo
DarkKrad Rebo 4 dias atrás
it's nice to know they do reactions of their very own videos
Uncommon Name
Uncommon Name 4 dias atrás
I wonder who would cry more if debut BTS met present BTS
민윤기여미 4 dias atrás
슈가 뒤에서 훌쩍였어ㅠㅠ
Melva Julie
Melva Julie 4 dias atrás
I watch many times,, look the debut stage, look the subs and look bts reactions 1 by 1... The I-army strugle✌😎
Xireni PJM
Xireni PJM 4 dias atrás
JK are so hyped because of Jimin haha 😅❤️❤️❤️ JIKOOK is REAL 🙊❤️❤️❤️❤️
ᄋangelinaᄋ 4 dias atrás
Wait- did hoseok really said that? :D 2:30
Why Not Kayla Ly ?
Why Not Kayla Ly ? 4 dias atrás
I cried at the end when they were taking and fucking serendipity came on!! 😭🤣
손하늘 4 dias atrás
ㅋㅋ 2014년에 티비서 우연히 처음 보고 입덕했는데 그때도 저 컨셉은 충격이었다 ㅋㅋㅋ
Anna From California
Anna From California 4 dias atrás
BTS are LEGENDS! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
《전시아》BTS ARMY_1306
Jimin kept saying that Tae looks like a baby, yet he also look like one ☹️🤷‍♀️💜💜
Thu Nguyen
Thu Nguyen 4 dias atrás
Personally, I think RM looks cool back then. I mean, everything suits him, the glasses, the hairstyle, the energy.
xxXBluberryTealXxx Teal girl
i liked the lalalalalal part but not the abs
cetriya's Art n Comics Channel
Lol, glad to know it's not just me that cringe in a funny way when I watch their first 2 years
aestaeticgguk 4 dias atrás
*5 months later and they're performing it again at their 5th muster....*
Lazy Amethyst
Lazy Amethyst 4 dias atrás
Jungkook Wants Jungkook To Be A Rapper Again Edit:Also WAs suGa tRyinG tO ReCreAtE jiMin’S hiGh noTe cAusE hE naiLeD iT 10/10 bOoTifuL i SeE heS thE hiDdEn maIn voCaLiSt
Ayden Erino
Ayden Erino 5 dias atrás
RM : *observes and gives comments like a pro jugder* V : *sits silently, gives reaction and makes dance movement cutely* Jhope : *laughs every time the funny parts come out* Jin : *disses on his parts a lot* Jimin : *when his parts come out... "can someone please kill me?"* Suga : *praises his parts with 100% confidence* Jungkook : *makes fun on BTS members*
Ingrid BTS
Ingrid BTS 5 dias atrás
Namjoon is SO fine
Norma P
Norma P 5 dias atrás
Skyler Hernandez
Skyler Hernandez 5 dias atrás
No one can roast and compliment bts like BTS can
loveyourself .mp4
loveyourself .mp4 5 dias atrás
This is how bulletproof BTS are, they even roast themselves .
HONEY BEE 5 dias atrás
And RM still cutting onions.. I'm smiling and crying at the same time.. Uwahhh😭🤣 Mixed emotions💜 BTS, its the providence of the universe you know, I know. GOD BLESS BTS, YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING.
Karoline-Leona B
Karoline-Leona B 5 dias atrás
Who else is watching this after watching the 5th muster? Just me? Ok
Veronica Rodrigues
Veronica Rodrigues 5 dias atrás
My eyes and head hurts BC i have to see the show, the Boys reaction while Reading the subtitles lol, being an International Army Is fricken haArddd
A Small Fetus that was born yesterday
*"Abs everywhere"* my friend when he sees my gallery
farah art
farah art 5 dias atrás
The best reactors to BTS are BTS themselves
Baby Blue Raine
Baby Blue Raine 5 dias atrás
1:31 Jin: Oh No My Armpits Just WTH
Nerice Nicolette Yap
Nerice Nicolette Yap 6 dias atrás
Omg RM hair
Sam Kivits
Sam Kivits 6 dias atrás
Jimin's reaction when he hits the high note was so cute haha❤
danira_k 6 dias atrás
*"Oh no my armpits"* AHAHAHAH 😂😂😂 IM DEAD
BTS ARMY 6 dias atrás
1:31 "oh no my armpits" I CANT WITH THEM💀💀
BTS ARMY 6 dias atrás
5:40 Suga- your armpits are so... clean Jimin- Me? I look sexy.
Rowan E.
Rowan E. 6 dias atrás
Oh my god 5:18 LOL
Eli eli
Eli eli 6 dias atrás
Maori Haque
Maori Haque 6 dias atrás
Suga 😂 what , why !!! Why u diss like this
Eva Brown
Eva Brown 6 dias atrás
Thank you Mnet
Aura Febry
Aura Febry 6 dias atrás
Jimin malu malu😂😂😂😂
소히[ 히찌 ]
소히[ 히찌 ] 7 dias atrás
내 이름은 정쿸 스케일은 정쿸 ↑
S. L.
S. L. 7 dias atrás
omg 4:03 is HILARIOUS
Inanta Putri
Inanta Putri 7 dias atrás
pingin nangis, perjuangan nya g abal"
Taehyungie's girl
Taehyungie's girl 7 dias atrás
01:32 No one: Jin: oh no my armpits 😂
TrashyTae 7 dias atrás
No one: Literally no one: Jin: Oh no my armpits
hoesuckiie 7 dias atrás
4:06 taehyung clowning jin KAJSSKHAJSJZHS I CANT WITH TAEHYUNG
Atalie Audisho
Atalie Audisho 7 dias atrás
I went from laughing at the start to crying at the!?
jimin’s lost jams
jimin’s lost jams 7 dias atrás
is anyone watching this after 5th muster?
Zohrah Waselzada
Zohrah Waselzada 7 dias atrás
bts-brothers are lovely, now they got a place in our hearts, forever & ever army♥️
Dibyasri Goswami
Dibyasri Goswami 7 dias atrás
Where is everyone getting the English subtitles coz I ain't seeing nothin'
NovaTea 7 dias atrás
Jhope: you can see the passion in our eyes V: it's the eyeliner
Khushi Kaur
Khushi Kaur 7 dias atrás
Lmaoooo Tae at 4:06 😂💜
Isha BTS Army
Isha BTS Army 7 dias atrás
the last part ,them talking about their old comments just made me melt into tears
Denice Famini
Denice Famini 7 dias atrás
I don't even know if I should laugh or cry.. They've grown so fast.. Time really flies fast.
shafanissa salsabila
shafanissa salsabila 7 dias atrás
sooo cute
Miha Mihaela
Miha Mihaela 7 dias atrás
J-Hope: You can see the passion in our eyes V: That's the eye-liner Me: *dead*
lol tf
lol tf 7 dias atrás
these dorks everytime they are speaking like a fake subs jsjsksksjsj
Min Suga
Min Suga 8 dias atrás
when RM said ‘why do i keep touching my hair? that hairstyle doesn’t need touching up.’ ASDHDKDLLDSNS HE REALLY HATE THAT HAIRSTYLE OMG
Mahiro Senpai
Mahiro Senpai 8 dias atrás
Wait if V is in high shcool 6 years ago,,, that means WAI- IS THAT MEAN THAT JUNGKOOK IS STILL IN MIDDLE SHCOOL??????
Annidia Putri
Annidia Putri 8 dias atrás
Mc : I think these guys are going to survive in the music industry Suga : Yes, we did. 😎😎😎
Bangtan Army
Bangtan Army 8 dias atrás
"Jimin your armpits are so.....clean"
Blanca Pantoja
Blanca Pantoja 8 dias atrás
Who is here after watching We are Bulletproof pt.2 2019
Just An Alien
Just An Alien 8 dias atrás
I-ARMY: *looking at the subtitles,dance cam and BTS's reaction*
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