Ellen DeGeneres' 86th Oscars Opening

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Host Ellen DeGeneres' opening monologue at the 86th Oscars in 2014.


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11 Mar 2014

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Comentários 5 255
gemini liem
gemini liem 3 horas atrás
I Loooooveee Elleenn...
Nicolas Barral
Nicolas Barral 11 horas atrás
Want her backkk
DRPACMAN 13 horas atrás
Craig Federighi watcha doing here 2:08
Abe Gonzalez
Abe Gonzalez 17 horas atrás
The only person qualified to host
your local teenager
your local teenager 20 horas atrás
ellen should have won an oscar
Ellen the genius
JJ Ra Dia atrás
LaMont Melrose
LaMont Melrose Dia atrás
1:39 - I've seen Captain Phillips and when I saw this dude, my first thought was, "That's that niggas teeth for real??" Welp, I guess so.
Petar Petrov
Petar Petrov 2 dias atrás
I watch this every now and then and I can’t get enough of Julia Roberts laughing out loud 😂 Ellen is amazing ❤️
Abhi Crisslee
Abhi Crisslee 2 dias atrás
I love Jennifer Lawrence she's funny
RockinFaceFilms 2 dias atrás
Wow I can't believe shes been to the Oscars 86 times
Proud American
Proud American 2 dias atrás
Not funny, maybe to the easy to please
Proud American
Proud American 2 dias atrás
Fuck that dude !
A.K.A free world
A.K.A free world 2 dias atrás
Anirudh K.s
Anirudh K.s 2 dias atrás
Lot of pun🤣🤣 OMG LMAO!!
Another person
Another person 3 dias atrás
Its 2019 and this is still the best Oscar show ever
Susheel Sahu
Susheel Sahu 3 dias atrás
Best host ever
Marianne Dom
Marianne Dom 3 dias atrás
The joke about Liza was way tooo hard
Neli neli
Neli neli 3 dias atrás
Lmao i cant breath .. the last one ... Godmother eleanor roosevelt and here you are among us all ,,, what went wrong ? Lol
Amaira Subedi
Amaira Subedi 4 dias atrás
5:20 my favourite part😊😊
Aditya The Great
Aditya The Great 4 dias atrás
*Seems like it is the future of The Ellen Show*
Mr Potato
Mr Potato 4 dias atrás
Too had Oscars has no host this year..
Mr Potato
Mr Potato 4 dias atrás
I can hear will smiths laugh..
As Told By A Cherry
As Told By A Cherry 4 dias atrás
Half of the comments want Ellen back on oscars, other half is talking about Will Smith
Babochka Babochka
Babochka Babochka 4 dias atrás
Male Isac
Male Isac 4 dias atrás
Yes “most important thing in world is YOUTH” and most important things in life is Family,love and Friendships” woooow nicely put😘😊
magdalene adjei
magdalene adjei 4 dias atrás
Ellen. So effortlessly funny and relevant in 2019
Jimmy Jy
Jimmy Jy 4 dias atrás
Victor Ajileye
Victor Ajileye 5 dias atrás
She will give Hart and Chris the run for their money
Gunjan Kolhe
Gunjan Kolhe 5 dias atrás
Anyone in 2019 ?
vrushali joshi
vrushali joshi 6 dias atrás
How do you remember what to say
alex duke
alex duke 6 dias atrás
Ellen Bieber Degenerate is a nasty piece of work and so fake and is a Deep State Operative ,dont be fooled.
Arif Chan
Arif Chan 6 dias atrás
The best host ever! 💕💕💋✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️😍😍😍😍
كريم القريو
كريم القريو 6 dias atrás
4:50 look at the way they look to merly Streep this moment
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar 6 dias atrás
Ellen can nail anything..........
Rama Drama
Rama Drama 7 dias atrás
this is GOLD
Daisy XD
Daisy XD 7 dias atrás
Emma? Emma?! EMMA?! EMMAAAAA?!!!!!!! EMMMMMAAAAA!!!!!!!!
Kyle Esoy
Kyle Esoy 7 dias atrás
Can't stop laughing 😂 I really love Ellen! ❤️
talin nalo
talin nalo 7 dias atrás
LANA LANA 7 dias atrás
she is the best
Yougant S
Yougant S 7 dias atrás
My gosh she holds soo efficiently
Adam levine Fan
Adam levine Fan 7 dias atrás
2 minutes silence for all those celebrities, who were offended by the Ellen degeneres!!!
Jayden Marvel
Jayden Marvel 8 dias atrás
Anyone watching this before the 2019 Oscars?
SubZero J
SubZero J 8 dias atrás
i watch this like every week😂
rahma husein
rahma husein 8 dias atrás
Fassbender looking ❤️❤️
JAMES C 8 dias atrás
CYBER CULTURE 8 dias atrás
Much more better than Mr.Kimmrl. (This shouldn't mean that Mr kimmel is not a good showman)
Jamie Larn
Jamie Larn 8 dias atrás
Who is that laughing,someone louder than Will
Tasmir aziz
Tasmir aziz 8 dias atrás
That look barcad gave to the camera.
Yulissa Salcedo
Yulissa Salcedo 8 dias atrás
Jonah Hill is babe 😍😍
Yulissa Salcedo
Yulissa Salcedo 8 dias atrás
I love how she’s not reading from a prompt.
Greg Norman
Greg Norman 9 dias atrás
Ellen isn't a funny lesbian..never has.
David Council
David Council 9 dias atrás
Instead of separation of church & state , what we really need is separation of Hollywood & state
Carlos Lerma
Carlos Lerma 10 dias atrás
i see craig 2:09
Alana O' Regan
Alana O' Regan 10 dias atrás
2019 anyone? Huge supporter of Ellen she should do the Oscars every year xo
Jasmine Chamberlain
Jasmine Chamberlain 10 dias atrás
How did she not have a microphone?
eric ousley
eric ousley 10 dias atrás
Shanna Sweger
Shanna Sweger 10 dias atrás
Best host ever
Sivuh Ngcobo
Sivuh Ngcobo 10 dias atrás
I love love love Ellen!💟💟 humorous as ever
Tuhaise Beth
Tuhaise Beth 11 dias atrás
hahahahhaaa hellen ohh my. U should host me. Tadaaaaaaa
Furtad0 11 dias atrás
So akward.. worst monologue..
JakulaithWolff 11 dias atrás
0:55 Who's that handsome gentleman?
C. M.
C. M. 10 dias atrás
JakulaithWolff Joseph Gordon-Levitt
RABBY KAZWALA 12 dias atrás
She's awesome
Diego Meneses
Diego Meneses 12 dias atrás
June Squibb is such a darling
theinsight two
theinsight two 12 dias atrás
Ricky Gervais
Pushkal Tripathi
Pushkal Tripathi 13 dias atrás
Last joke should be cracked this year too , in respect of black panther
Bethel Menil
Bethel Menil 13 dias atrás
ugh I want to download this and watch it on my led tv
Latoya Marie
Latoya Marie 13 dias atrás
All I hear is Will Smith laughing
carlos eduardo carreño yovera
kimmi w
kimmi w 14 dias atrás
Check out eric jon phelps and jonathan kleck on youtube
nemesis 14 dias atrás
Who is the wonderful fellow at 0:56
Anahita Shahmsavari
Anahita Shahmsavari 15 dias atrás
she is da best!!!!!
Thomas James
Thomas James 16 dias atrás
After this came Hollywood's death
Reps Taia
Reps Taia 16 dias atrás
The best host ever! - should get her to host this year 2019! - shes just the best!
Kashminder Singh
Kashminder Singh 16 dias atrás
what ellen is wearing on her neck? what is this thing called?
Nina Ward J
Nina Ward J 16 dias atrás
i'am addicted with her voice. weird 🤣..huh whateve she make me laugh
Zack Abdulbaki
Zack Abdulbaki 17 dias atrás
Ellen to Jonah: You should me something in that film that I have not seen for a very long time. 😂
Diana Patricia Torres Barreros
I love her!!!
Rumoci 72
Rumoci 72 18 dias atrás
Does she study these celebrities before hand? Or is this just common knowledge for old people?
김하진 18 dias atrás
0:56 who is this guy? I've never seen him bf
Vicky Ferreyra
Vicky Ferreyra 18 dias atrás
No soporto a ésta tipa. Y aclaro; me cagoe n su sexualidad
Dodged a Bullet
Dodged a Bullet 18 dias atrás
Academy Awards are nothing but BULLSHIT!
Dodged a Bullet
Dodged a Bullet 18 dias atrás
Used to like Ellen...but she's become such a Liberal...can't stand her anymore!
LightCan 2 dias atrás
Jackie Rose so he's worst rated according to the polls... The same polls that said crooked Hillary had a 100% chance of winning 3 days before the election. Yeah I believe those fake news polls a lot dumb cunt. Also he's African cuz his name is JAYDEN. THATS A TYPICAL NlGGER NAME DUMB ASS. No wonder girls get paid less than men, most are dumb as a rock.
Jackie Rose
Jackie Rose 2 dias atrás
LightCan Lmao look how ignorant you are. “Trump won” yet he’s the worse rated president ever. And how are you gonna assume he’s from Africa ? Even if he was I prefer someone like him over a racist coward like you.
LightCan 8 dias atrás
Love Live
Love Live 17 dias atrás
Dodged a Bullet “can’t stand her anymore” whoever doesn’t like Ellen just needs to slam their head on a wall until you get common sense back into you
Jackie Rose
Jackie Rose 17 dias atrás
Dodged a Bullet This is why nobody will ever like you
Triple777 IntL
Triple777 IntL 18 dias atrás
can’t stop laughing😂😂😂
ShivaCosima 18 dias atrás
Ellen DeGeneres, The best Oscars host in history ... Love from Switzerland...❤
Kr Op
Kr Op 14 dias atrás
Oh oh oh, I'm from Ohio 😯🧐🤭
Alejandro Gomez
Alejandro Gomez 17 dias atrás
ShivaCosima Love from California.
rahat ahmad
rahat ahmad 19 dias atrás
Ellen DeGeneres we all will miss for 2019 oscar academy
Keathly Eguia
Keathly Eguia 19 dias atrás
Leonardo Dicaprio's still slaying
Nahuel Envaca
Nahuel Envaca 19 dias atrás
I think this was the only time the Oscar opening was fun
turan ekmekçi
turan ekmekçi 19 dias atrás
I got my weekly dose. see you next week!
9some 19 dias atrás
7:34 0:24: that was a joke
melike ismail
melike ismail 19 dias atrás
i m learning english and i NEED by practis.if enyone want help me about my english so you can sms i ng me .thanks
Serra Sea
Serra Sea 19 dias atrás
I love watching it. Always I just open it and watch it. And a hundred times later I'm still laughing. Ellen is a gift, love her! She should do it every year!
mathai 20 dias atrás
Ellen should do the honours in Oscar 2019.
Reign Carter
Reign Carter 20 dias atrás
Meryl is so gorgeous!
Josefina Ramirez
Josefina Ramirez 20 dias atrás
It feels weird seeing Kevin Spacey there considering he's probably banned for life
aafster life
aafster life 20 dias atrás
This still rules
soy inocente
soy inocente 21 dia atrás
The most cringes amusing jokes I have ever heard
Chandler Bing
Chandler Bing 21 dia atrás
If i was born a girl.....
Mad9977 Productions
Mad9977 Productions 21 dia atrás
getting exposed and laugh about it, brilliant Ellen 😆
Jenny A
Jenny A 21 dia atrás
Simply amazing 💕💕
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