Ellen DeGeneres' 86th Oscars Opening

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Host Ellen DeGeneres' opening monologue at the 86th Oscars in 2014.


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11 Mar 2014



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Comentários 5 485
Nooman Raza Khan
Nooman Raza Khan 10 horas atrás
Who is watching April 2019
Tvna Dia atrás
6:00 you can hear will smith cause his laugh is so loud
Ribesh Maharjan
Ribesh Maharjan Dia atrás
Nice opening like a stand up
krisnea maldita
krisnea maldita Dia atrás
Im here to laugh..
Ema Henecia
Ema Henecia Dia atrás
Ellen is the best
kambiz s
kambiz s 2 dias atrás
Alex Harrison
Alex Harrison 2 dias atrás
To be honest she ruined that Oscar awards
Larry Hunt
Larry Hunt 2 dias atrás
That's ballsy!↪️⚖️☮️⚖️↩️™
Nooria Ahmadi
Nooria Ahmadi 2 dias atrás
Ellen I love u
Rups Singh
Rups Singh 3 dias atrás
Ellen tu meri fav hai💓💓
Rups Singh
Rups Singh 3 dias atrás
Ellen tu meri fav hai💓💓
Tosere Ojeme
Tosere Ojeme 5 dias atrás
Why is Will Smith laughing so hard
Aryanetwork 6 dias atrás
alots of Love from Afghanistan to Ellen
Forever Franco
Forever Franco 6 dias atrás
who is watching still after April 2019
L i a
L i a 7 dias atrás
She looks so good in this
Lies 8 dias atrás
Doesn’t get better than this
Meng Lu
Meng Lu 8 dias atrás
1:12 I almost thought that was something else... lol
Jabarti Abdi
Jabarti Abdi 8 dias atrás
Who’s watching in 12 apr 2019?
Jagdish Rao
Jagdish Rao 9 dias atrás
Thank you for your purse
Sketch Quizz
Sketch Quizz 9 dias atrás
If you like NBA, check this Quiz :)
Jordan Rourke
Jordan Rourke 10 dias atrás
Where can I get that jacket?
Anosh Savangouda
Anosh Savangouda 10 dias atrás
Like her more than jimmy Kimmel
Isaac Valenzuela
Isaac Valenzuela 10 dias atrás
2:35 who is that lady behing Liza Minelli on the right? She's at like all the Oscars
Rebecca 2704
Rebecca 2704 11 dias atrás
first people i spot in the audience...meryl and don 😍😍
Atypique 11 dias atrás
Ellen is ALL that is right about comedy. Just......ALL .......JOY.
Miguél Gaspiii
Miguél Gaspiii 12 dias atrás
2019!!!!! dear oscar, can you make ellen to host the Oscars every year!! please! promise it won't be boring!!!
Kez 12 dias atrás
She's not even funny
Jeannie M
Jeannie M 13 dias atrás
every single time i watch this video I cant help but laugh. god this is just downright hilarious!
Abbey Tarson
Abbey Tarson 13 dias atrás
Love Ellen :)
Zeeno1 Gamer
Zeeno1 Gamer 15 dias atrás
My favorite hoster is ellen
Mohammed meshal
Mohammed meshal 15 dias atrás
3:45 rip good old man.
Samsung J7
Samsung J7 15 dias atrás
i just love her 😍😍😍 i watch this video everytime i feel down
Sans Br
Sans Br 16 dias atrás
Very boring.
Malak Anees
Malak Anees 16 dias atrás
1:27 what would i do so Michael Fassbender can look at me the way he looks at her
Daniel 16 dias atrás
Oscars please let elen host again
eshaan joshi
eshaan joshi 16 dias atrás
creppy spacey eww
Nada Elmarasy
Nada Elmarasy 16 dias atrás
Best opening ever!
BEGUM UGURLU 17 dias atrás
ı didn't understand the last joke:(
Basma M.
Basma M. 17 dias atrás
One of my intention is to meet Ellen during the 2019 🙏🏼❤️I am sure that the universe will make it true
Fatemeh Ho
Fatemeh Ho 19 dias atrás
I prefer jimmy I guess.
Madhusudan Kannur
Madhusudan Kannur 19 dias atrás
Goshhhh!! Her confidence!!!!
Petar Kuliš
Petar Kuliš 20 dias atrás
This woman is a legend... 👐👍💪
Mayjane Montayre
Mayjane Montayre 20 dias atrás
gosh i wanna see the full show
mahmoud ibrahim
mahmoud ibrahim 21 dia atrás
She seriously is the best comedian host ever.
Liz Golden
Liz Golden 21 dia atrás
Ellen, Sen neyine guveniyorsun?
Sheila Lusa
Sheila Lusa 21 dia atrás
Carmen Igualador
Carmen Igualador 22 dias atrás
What was the wolf of Wall Street joke? I haven’t seen the movie
Jean Pierre Ormachea Ibarra
dado tuneya
dado tuneya 23 dias atrás
Am laughing alone
Mun Ng
Mun Ng 23 dias atrás
Best opening line ever. It never get old.
a l l i s f u l l o f l o v e
Ellen is the best!!!! I love her ❤️💋💗💕
Music World
Music World 24 dias atrás
All the world famous stars are laughing but i dont know why.I wish i can understand english well😔😔😔😔
Hafijur Rahaman
Hafijur Rahaman 25 dias atrás
6:04 was that Emma Watson or not..
Hafijur Rahaman
Hafijur Rahaman 18 dias atrás
+Christian Salgado thanks.
Christian Salgado
Christian Salgado 24 dias atrás
Yep, it’s her
Nera Analiza
Nera Analiza 25 dias atrás
Ellen is better than Jimmy Kimmel
Joe Ede
Joe Ede 25 dias atrás
Kevin Spaceys date looks a little old for him 👁 👁
Gary Benson
Gary Benson 26 dias atrás
Fuck the Oscars
Gary Benson
Gary Benson 24 dias atrás
+est epho do your research your wrong ...Learn the facts about stuff before you think you know what your talking about...God I hate liberals like you because you never fact check shit.... he was told he could host if he apologized which he didnt.because he dont need to apologize.....dumbass
est epho
est epho 24 dias atrás
Kevin Haart himself refused to host tl the Oscars after he couldn't deal with the people who threw dirt at him it was his "fault" not Oscars
Gary Benson
Gary Benson 24 dias atrás
+est epho it's all liberals that run and control Hollywood...illuminati at its finest
Gary Benson
Gary Benson 24 dias atrás
+est epho why?? Because they are all bullshit brainwashed people. Want proof kevin hart was supposed to host the Oscar's but because he didnt say sorry about a tweet he wrote 10 years ago they kicked him off ...that's fucked up
est epho
est epho 25 dias atrás
Hema Sankar
Hema Sankar 27 dias atrás
Ellen you looked great
Kendra Johnson
Kendra Johnson 27 dias atrás
the greatest Oscar opening ever..
VerDeLanceDeNigro 28 dias atrás
TheVicdub 28 dias atrás
The Best Oscar Host (Till Dt) Goes to.....Ellen Degeneres 🏆
SONAKSHI MISHRA 28 dias atrás
Jonah hill joke killed😂😂😂
Rania Heaton
Rania Heaton 28 dias atrás
It’s published on my BDay I turned 6 on this
ABCD XYZ 29 dias atrás
I watched almost 5 times
Ven The Guy
Ven The Guy 29 dias atrás
Who else loves Ellen?
Viktor Hill
Viktor Hill Mês atrás
Zing after Zing
Christian Andreasson
I love Ellen so much. it's ok
Melanie Perez
Melanie Perez Mês atrás
faloudeep gupta
faloudeep gupta Mês atrás
Magic at 6:04
Dakini 108
Dakini 108 Mês atrás
sarang player
sarang player Mês atrás
i wanna know why can't i stop smiling 😂😂
Gabe Kulcsár
Gabe Kulcsár Mês atrás
8:40 - Can you imagine the outrage if someone said that at the Oscars today? I honestly miss the times when it was about movies, and when the organizers didn't trade entertainment for political correctness.
mark scarboro
mark scarboro Mês atrás
Now I understand why no one watches this crap anymore.
melody pagba
melody pagba Mês atrás
The black woman is so pretty,lupita, the Kenyan. Her black skin didn't cover her beautiful face
*xai* Mês atrás
Ratula Morie
Ratula Morie Mês atrás
“Jonah, you showed us something I have not seen in a very, very long time.” LMAO.
LuLu Woods
LuLu Woods Mês atrás
Will Smith is on 3:50
Daddy’s Little girl
You can’t not love Ellen! 💗
Matthew A
Matthew A Mês atrás
Franco Rocket
Franco Rocket Mês atrás
Lupita is just there to tell the world Academy has including others not by her performing skills
I stated seeing her yesterday and man she rocks.
Simran Pandey
Simran Pandey Mês atrás
i cant get enough of this
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond Mês atrás
Recommended in twenty-NINE-*TEEN*
Protecsions Mês atrás
Whos the woman in 0:31? Gimme het name pls
Sadath Abdullah
Sadath Abdullah Mês atrás
Who's this boy?
Christian Salgado
Christian Salgado 24 dias atrás
Sadath Abdullah who
Sandeep Preetam
Sandeep Preetam Mês atrás
Protecsions Mês atrás
guitar bitch
guitar bitch Mês atrás
The funniest intro of all time!
David Xu
David Xu Mês atrás
Ellen is best host ever. The way she puts things together is just art. It is just the right amount of humour without offending anyone. The way she delivers it, everything is timed so perfectly.
Michael Esombi
Michael Esombi Mês atrás
I love Ellen so much!
Exolette Mês atrás
"Possibility #2: You're all racists" Crowd: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! me:
Flower Power
Flower Power Mês atrás
Someone get that "wine captain" to a
Guru Sandirasegaram
Gorilla 🦍 awards from Africans jungle Not civilized world we don’t see Africans gorillas.
254 Takeover
254 Takeover Mês atrás
AZ.BH Mês atrás
“Lets show the clip” got me so hard 😂
Virginia Gutierrez
Virginia Gutierrez Mês atrás
I THINK...liza did not like ellen's joke much LMAO
Tarun Kumar
Tarun Kumar Mês atrás
JONAH HILL PART was hilarious 😂😂💯💯
Andrea Giuliana
Andrea Giuliana Mês atrás
I miss Ellen in this Oscars 2019!
vitani16 Mês atrás
At 4:05 - 4:10 is that will smith laughing? Lmfao, it sounds like his hearty laugh and then the wheeze thing at the end lmaaooo
vitani16 Mês atrás
8:28 Will is in the bottom right corner above Amy Adams(?) Lmao
Animesh Gurjar
Animesh Gurjar Mês atrás
6:04 love
FEEL MUSIC Mês atrás
How many are searching will smith with his voice.
Alan Hílame
Alan Hílame Mês atrás
Oh man, when she repeated “I am telling everyone that you were wonderful in Nebraska” I peed my pants, really.
Leah Escarlette
Leah Escarlette Mês atrás
2019 Watching from Malaysia ♥️
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