EL7Z UP(엘즈업) - 'CHEEKY' MV 

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EL7Z UP(엘즈업) - 'CHEEKY' MV
♟2023.09.14(Thu) 6PM - DIGITAL ALBUM
🧩2023.09.21(Thu) - PHYSICAL ALBUM
#EL7ZUP #엘즈업 #7PlusUp #20230914_6PM
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13 Set 2023



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KPOP MASTER 8 dias atrás
Mnet you better find good ways to promote this girl group, we don’t want to flop just because your incompetence. Please help our girls succeed!
Steven Th3reds
Steven Th3reds 8 dias atrás
Fans buy album..bro.
ninii. 8 dias atrás
Fg Dh
Fg Dh 7 dias atrás
They flop because nobody cares bfr.
Lord Odette
Lord Odette 7 dias atrás
is this permanent?
Fimdungie 8 dias atrás
Please don't make them flop even after the whole survival show. This song is so good and they're so talented.
Redrider08 3 dias atrás
Well it's not a flop, but they sure won't get a big promotion and last long since for some of them it's more of a sub group on the side of their main group. I just hope it gets more attention in the future though.
tsara destiana
tsara destiana 3 dias atrás
Well u know what happened to WJSN even after they won Queendom 😢 hope it's different with this group
Ankit 7
Ankit 7 3 dias atrás
It's just a side project, and to promote their main group. I pity for the people who seriously follow project groups, what more do you want?
Juan Manuel Gonzalez
Juan Manuel Gonzalez 2 dias atrás
is not a good song
sya barb
sya barb 5 dias atrás
They did all of this while some members promoting with their original group and with so much talent and professionalism thru did recording, dance practing, and mv shooting in 3weeks!!
Nari 5 dias atrás
i havent stanned an mnet group since iz*one but i might stan them they’re so pretty and i like the song i cant wait to see future releases
velvet kstore
velvet kstore 5 dias atrás
Do it! They are so talented
Shin Shin
Shin Shin Dia atrás
Yess, i'm wizone too
iris ch
iris ch 6 dias atrás
Esperaba un concepto menos tierno, por que kep1er el último grupo de mnet tiene ese concepto y no le va bien y temía por las que ya llevaban más tiempo en este mundo del kpo pero la verdad es que me encantó esta nueva canción, para mi todas son unas reinas todo terreno, me costaba trabajo aceptar la alineación porque quería ver a Dohwa, sin embargo estas chicas son tan visuales, qué cada una tiene su propio encantó y vocal único, y que bonitas es verlo después de mucho tiempo. Por favor apoyalas las veces que sea necesario, dales una oportunidad! Se lo merecen!
宏美 6 dias atrás
I'm so into this song Our charismatic queens❤ Comingsoon 2M!Fighting
JA SS 9 dias atrás
Congratulations EL7ZUP! I like the song and the MV. Everyone looks good too. EL7ZUP Fighting!
Glee Gle
Glee Gle 8 dias atrás
영문 그룹명 하려면 외국가라 뭔데???
Glee Gle
Glee Gle 8 dias atrás
외국것들한테 꼬랑지 덜렁거리는 주제에 이거 여기 소속사 대표 누구야 그룹이름 팀명 바꾸세요 아시겠어???
This debut song is quite good!
Bad_Karma 7 dias atrás
its rlly good im super happy with this for them
BlitzThePawns 2 dias atrás
sya barb
sya barb 5 dias atrás
Imagine having wjsn, clc, lovelyz, woo!ahh!, rocket punch, purple kiss, h1-key member in one group, el7z up can relate!!
JujuMorango 🍓
JujuMorango 🍓 7 dias atrás
I'm very happy for Yeeun, she is very prominent in the group, the girls are beautiful, everything is perfect!
Hye 6 dias atrás
it's still amazed me that they are in same group now, let each fandom show support these all 7 talented girls, EL7Z UP and ELZ7 U💪❤!!
Cryptidian 6 dias atrás
That's a really catchy song. First time seeing this group. They seem good.
Nana 6 dias atrás
pls check out their 1st mini album 7+Up
Isaac Lucero
Isaac Lucero 4 dias atrás
Can we talk about Yeonhee cause she is dead ass promoting two groups at the same time currently. Cause Rocket Punch had just came out with a song called BOOM 12 days ago and they came out with this 4 days ago. She is working hard 😮
Chvv 4 dias atrás
Same thing with Yuki from Purple Kiss
viviana white
viviana white 4 dias atrás
And same with hwiseo
mxxxxm 9 dias atrás
Oh! I didn't know a mixed group was going to debut! The song is really catchy, their voices are so beautiful and they all look so stunning! Fighting EL7ZUP! ❤
Martin Duran
Martin Duran 9 dias atrás
This group was formed from the queedom puzzle show.
LegoXLloyd 8 dias atrás
right! yuki is from a dark concept group (who makes also joyful songs), yeeun from a charismatic and chesire concept group, kei and yeoreum from a flower aesthetic group and together made a concept really unique! let's wait for more
Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl 6 dias atrás
Are they gon be in their original grp anymore?
ジプシーの危険 8 dias atrás
I love song like this calm, bop and also slay, good for traveling ❤️
germansoccerfn 5 dias atrás
LOVE YOU SO MUCH KEI!!!! Lovelyz will never die in our hearts ❤️
Nur Atikah
Nur Atikah 5 dias atrás
Lovelyz need to comeback!!
rin 7 dias atrás
zero promotions omg these talented girls deserve better
Lil Subutex aka Ruby Spacek
Right? I follow K-pop pretty closely and this is the first time I’m really seeing them?
Laura TheFanGirl
Laura TheFanGirl 4 dias atrás
Yea I didn't even know they released this song until it popped up on my feed.
Robi'atul Adawiyyah
Robi'atul Adawiyyah 4 dias atrás
Same!! i dont know what their ig name
Laura TheFanGirl
Laura TheFanGirl 4 dias atrás
@Robi'atul Adawiyyah yea I think there hard name isn’t helping them either. Like it’s not that I don’t know what it means, but if I tried searching for it I wouldn’t know how to spell it or remember it
Jhoann Gonzales
Jhoann Gonzales 6 dias atrás
As a woollim stan, I am so happy seeing Kei and Yeonhee performing together. Hopefully, this project group will be successful. Fighting! RISE UP!
S Saadah
S Saadah 2 dias atrás
pantesan ada muka2 lovelyz ternyata mereka ada yang debut ulang ya
S.E.L 7 dias atrás
1.14 секунда видео: "улетай на крыльях ветра ты в край родной, родная песня наша" КРАШИХИ!!!❤❤❤ Девочки с первых секунд запали в сердечко, а родная песня только усилила нашу связь☺️ С дебютом вас!🎉 Станьте самыми яркими звёздочками!✨
R A 8 dias atrás
I’m literally still gagged about how much of a dream group they are! Especially after watching thier MCountdown stage, the impact all of them create together as a team is so impressive! The album is amazing too! I pity the people who decide to sleep on them! Very super solid debut, I’m so in love!
Shin Shin
Shin Shin 8 dias atrás
They don't have special debut stage/showcase?
Yuki and Yeoreum rapping together and Nana and Kei dancing together I love it, what a fun line up. I hope these girlies get treated well and make lots of fun songs and enjoy themselves ~
j.a 6 dias atrás
Cheeky is good, but 'Die For You' and 'Cloud 9' are my favorites off this album. I hope they will release something like 'Bad Blood' as the title track for the comeback
Nana 6 dias atrás
I hope they'll perform Bad Blood at MAMA too
Key Jong
Key Jong 4 dias atrás
Girlgroub ini pantas untuk mendapatkan banyak promosi ,, suaranya begitu indah
TrixieDough 7 dias atrás
Honestly if this group doesnt do well I will officially lose faith in the Kpop community. I've always believed Yeeun was a TOP TEIR rapper, and the other members here are also just IMMACULATE! This group is overflowing with crazy talent, hopefully it doesnt go to waste!
its_me 4 dias atrás
Not their fault. The girls are talented. But this song and mv is just not it..
YamiJai 7 dias atrás
I know they said they’d release music quick but I wasn’t expecting this quick I thought it’d be about a month after, this is like 3 weeks after Queendom Puzzle ended but hey they delivered though, congratulations to all of them, and I think I’m falling for Yeonhee, like I always knew of Rocket Punch and listened to them before but I never knew how they looked, then when I saw Queendom Puzzle I started falling for Yeonhee, so I knew she’d be my favorite member in this group and she made me fall for her more after seeing this I love her voice and facial expressions especially at 0:22, 1:07, and 2:46 like just look at how amazing she nails those facial expressions😭❤️❤️❤️
CarlosDCovers 9 dias atrás
can we please appreciate the fact that this group is formed by iconic idols who were given the second opportunity they deserved? I mean, almost everyone who's been into kpop for a long while knows how iconic lovelyz or clc are, just to name the oldest ones. and can we please appreciate how they all fit in the group, how we can see experience, innovation and multiple talents and charms in the same group? this is our opportunity to make big and give lots of love to a unique group like el7zup. fighting girlies
Vitória Rossi - combinações perfumadas
😢 but sadly the company they are in don't see that and gave them a bad quality mv only green screen. They deserve a lot more, they rushed so much to debut them and didn't gave them properly treatments..
naky naki 내거야
naky naki 내거야 8 dias atrás
@Vitória Rossi - combinações perfumadasthe mv is rlly pretty though it’s gorgeous and the best thing about this. I don’t like the song that much though
sae chan
sae chan 8 dias atrás
The song is good no need to have a lot of money for the MV
Sherwin Patrick Alcantara
​@Vitória Rossi - combinações perfumadaswell fans are at fault too cause they didn't check them out in the 1st place..
Luma 8 dias atrás
Yes but most of them are still in active groups please support them too ♡ purple kiss( yukis) rocketpunch( yeohees)and h1key(hwiseos) just had their comebacks some days ago
Bad_Karma 7 dias atrás
Lets get this vid and group and amazing song+album some recognition guys! Such an amazing debut im so impressed! EL7Z UP FIGHTING
CVSA 5 dias atrás
Nana and Yeonhee's visuals are from out of this planet
Grace McGinness
Grace McGinness 6 dias atrás
honestly out of all the mnet groups that debuted recently i think this is my fav debut song, its so catchy and cute!!!
Jeferson Costenaro
Jeferson Costenaro 8 dias atrás
We couldn't get 3M😭, but will continue streaming over the next few weeks due to promotions Just a tip, do this safely and healthily. Tips I know for streaming MV on BRvid -Don't watch the MV on loop - take a break, watch some videos before returning to Cheeky -preferably search for the MV in the search bar - Do not mute the video, watch it at 50% volume and at least 480p and full screen EL7Z UP fighting 🔥✨🔥✨
Alecs Castro
Alecs Castro 6 dias atrás
0:34 queen kei's vocals always gives me goosebumps T___T
infiniteLovelyzGoldenChild RocketPunchDrippinEunbi
Best line up.. Strong vocals, rap and dance plus visuals.. The song is so catchy.. Successful debut on elz7up.. Rooting for a win.. Fighting!!!
Smiley wi
Smiley wi 9 dias atrás
Anybody found Elzzup on Spotify yet??? I can't find them at all.
MAtuAq_K 9 dias atrás
Wait i'll try
hyunjinity 9 dias atrás
​@Smiley witry looking up el7z up, not elzzup, and the album might show up
MAtuAq_K 9 dias atrás
Yeah when your write EL7Z UP its up the new album 7+UP
Smiley wi
Smiley wi 9 dias atrás
Thanks u two, found it and it still took me 3 or 4 minutes to find them lmfao
sya barb
sya barb 5 dias atrás
Please provide english subtitles for their future content to reach wider international fans and add to this MV too
FizzyFuzz 2 dias atrás
I always say this, it limits your potential international audience so much.
𝗗★𝗡𝗡𝗔 7 dias atrás
축하해요! EL7ZUP really deserve this incredible debut, Nana and Hwiseo will always have my heart, like the rest of members 💗💗💗
Mah yoel
Mah yoel 7 dias atrás
Everyone shines in this MV‌ , hwiseo's stage presence, key's angelic voice, yuki and yeeun's rapping, Nana and Yeoreum's dancing skills and yeonhee's vocals are all insane , congrats on your debut, EL7Z U let's give them all the best.
•Moa x Army•
•Moa x Army• 7 dias atrás
MNET you better promote this girls properly ❤ finally there debut is here 😢❤
ElisabethKateRivas 6 dias atrás
The song has some really unique sounds and I love that
Rina 8 dias atrás
This debut song is so catchy and the concept is lovely, I hope it will be a great success! Especially mentioning Yuki - she is so versatile that she handles both EL7Z UP and PURPLE K!SS concepts very well, she shines always!
Luma 8 dias atrás
Purple kiss just had a comeback with 7heaven too
Mika 3 dias atrás
There's no such thing as a flop or anything, they are talents rolled into one, I'm sure they will shine sooner or later. I hope no one else turns a blind eye to these women. Fighting el7zup!
zen 6 dias atrás
I hope they become even more popular soonest. The amount of talents this group have is insane! We got 2 great vocalists (Kei and Hwiseo), 2 amazing dancers (Nana and Yeoreum), 2 talented rappers (Yeeun and Yuki) and 1 cutie all-rounder (Yeonhee). They are all stunning and they deserve so much love and recognition.
kd 7 dias atrás
i’m so proud of EL7Z UP, the mv and songs are all on point, there’s not one song on their album that i haven’t enjoyed. Can’t wait for their upcoming releases too!
CVSA 8 dias atrás
Is it also impossible for you guys to pick a bias? THEY'RE ALL ABSOLUTELY PERFECT
FirstKnight117 5 dias atrás
I'm afraid so. I mean, in Woo!Ah! Nana would be ONE of my biases. As for the rest of this group, many of us are in the same boat as you
ice 4 dias atrás
easy. Yeonhee (: but yeah they are all on fire i get you haha
Camila Ayelen
Camila Ayelen 6 dias atrás
This song keeps getting better and better each listen
Avigail's Joy
Avigail's Joy 8 dias atrás
Congratulations EL7ZUP for your debut!!! It’s crazy to see such an amazing combination of preexisting idols come together to create an Avengers like team!!!
Mystic Peace
Mystic Peace 7 dias atrás
The chorus went through the roof 🥰 I love it soooo much🫶 Congratulations to 7 of you who make it to the debut 🎉
동전 8 dias atrás
멤버 개개인 능력으로 보면 4세대 아이돌중 최강의 드림팀인데 엘즈업도 잘되고 각자 소속 그룹도 잘 됐으면 좋겠네요
いしいあんな 7 dias atrás
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 얘네가 4세대 아이돌 최강 드림팀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ웃고갑니다 뉴진스 에스파 아이브 르세라핌 여자아이들는 뭐 외계인들임 ?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
카즈아 7 dias atrás
러블리즈애는 솔직히 그래
찬이 7 dias atrás
4세대보단 종합세대가 어울릴듯 암튼 다 좋아❤
keep up
keep up 7 dias atrás
อย่าพิมพ์อะไรที่เป็นไปไม่ได้ มันตลก💀
엠에스 6 dias atrás
​@いしいあんな아이들은 빼라
gio 7 dias atrás
pls dont let this flop I NEED MORE
Winddragon Lundholm
Winddragon Lundholm 7 dias atrás
this is really good music it makes me happy
WalmartByrd 6 dias atrás
hwiseo slayed as always
sichengyu 9 dias atrás
The fact that they prepared this bop debut in just span of 1 month is something insane. They served!
Sana’s Shy Language
Sana’s Shy Language 9 dias atrás
And while some of the other girls were actively preparing other comebacks too...
sichengyu 9 dias atrás
​@Sana’s Shy Languageright? multi-tasking queens indeed.
Smiley wi
Smiley wi 9 dias atrás
Did anyone found Elzzup in Spotify??? I can't find anything at all. Am i blind or they haven't post it or what?
Gabrielle 9 dias atrás
​@Smiley wiI couldn't find them either
mongjiDay 7 dias atrás
love their mini album overall especially undercover. these girls deserve better also their respective group
Richard C
Richard C 6 dias atrás
The choreography is incredible.
Thay Ca
Thay Ca 6 dias atrás
Congrats on your debut EL7UP! Amazing song! Incredible group
Dandi Satriawan
Dandi Satriawan 7 dias atrás
Congrats for debut EL7ZUP ♕
sss 7 dias atrás
YEEUN AND KEI IN THE SAME GROUP OMG best rapper and best main vocal
LegoXLloyd 9 dias atrás
this is one of the best group combinations ever made, the rap, the dance, the colors, the vocals, the paths they went through really are useful for this type of success! wish they won't be that tired before the mama exhibition
Orbeat 9 dias atrás
​@Stream Hype Boy by NewJeansyou spending your time and energy in the wrong place dear. Why don't use them on your favs instead of here. It's weird you hate them so much yet you've been around here even before they debuted. Get help.
NILO PINKI KOJUM 8 dias atrás
Underwater 8 dias atrás
yeonhee and kei slayed...lets achieve a lot el7zup and get them a win on their debut!
Mauve99 7 dias atrás
listen to the album it's incredible, especially undercover
Alex 7 dias atrás
Illegal User • 164 years ago (edited)
Ok but this song is actually very good
SS 8 dias atrás
Congratulations *1 MILLION VIEWS* in 9 hours!!❤️‍🔥 Keep it up EL7Z UP!!!🆙
CVSA 8 dias atrás
tz8hk 8 dias atrás
Gogogo 2 million waiting for us!! EL7Z UP girls hurray!!🎉🎉🎉
Andrew Choi
Andrew Choi 8 dias atrás
So excited to see them all debuting together! Feels like an all-star lineup! 🎉
would you pib2`
would you pib2` 7 dias atrás
Let's support EL7Z UP more ! They really need to shine !
heh? 3 dias atrás
YUJIN 8 dias atrás
nana pre chorus is so pretty
Shadowboost 5 dias atrás
This is actually a great song
I want a M e i Q i
I want a M e i Q i 8 dias atrás
0:09 Hwiseo (H1-KEY) 0:17 Yuki (PURPLE KISS) 0:22 Yeonhee (Rocket Punch) 0:28 Yeeun (Ex-CLC) 0:37 Kei (Lovelyz)(group on indefinite hiatus) 1:25 Yeoreum (WJSN) [On the left] 1:37 Nana (woo!ah!) [The one ahead] Please check the discographies of these groups, they are so iconic, unforgettable and have high musical quality, you will not regret it, I assure you that it is true.
HOPE 8 dias atrás
Nana is freaking pretty
hozain gor97
hozain gor97 8 dias atrás
Россия 🇷🇺 Урал Спасибо тебе большое.
nct aoty
nct aoty 8 dias atrás
Oh i only dont know that hikey member. Glad to know her here. She sound so talented
DP GF 8 dias atrás
​@nct aotyshe got 1st place on the show 😊
Aiyani Sorfina
Aiyani Sorfina 8 dias atrás
Wait, didn’t h1key just had comeback not long ago ? So they can still promote with their own group even they are with el7zup ?
Ries Yoo
Ries Yoo 2 dias atrás
Ended up ordering their album. FIGHTING, EL7ZUP! Let's support the group in any way we can.
Camila Ayelen
Camila Ayelen 2 dias atrás
YAYYY same! Cant wait for my albums to arrive
Chloé B☆
Chloé B☆ 8 dias atrás
Nana was born to shine im glad people will notice her more
N'Siaquet 3 dias atrás
子連れ番長 7 dias atrás
愛ヶ瀬つみき 5 dias atrás
同じタイミングで出たweeeklyの新曲に大差で負けてるからね、、、グローバルプロジェクトなんて言ってる割に宣伝全く出来てないし、極も弱い 番組ではweeeklyに勝った7人なのに 世間は正直
Kim Yonggie
Kim Yonggie 5 dias atrás
Congratulations el7zup for debuting and for having yeoreumie from wjsn, yeeun from clc, kei from lovelyz, yuki from purple kiss, yeonhae from rocket punch, hwiseo from h1-key, and nana from woo!ahh in one group!
Munirah Marsh
Munirah Marsh 6 dias atrás
Honestly at first I wasn’t sure about the lineup especially when I haven’t completed queendom puzzle but they have so many talented members you can’t help but like them , if we’re talking about vocals ✅ if we’re talking about rap ✅ if we’re talking about dance ✅ visuals? ✅
Imagination AI Explorers
EL7ZUP's debut is a force to be reckoned with! Their catchy song, beautiful voices, and striking visuals are a winning combo. 💥❤
Shaf Sdean
Shaf Sdean 8 dias atrás
Their voices fit well together
ElisabethKateRivas 6 dias atrás
I just know the "cheeky cheeky" part is gonna be the iconic part
Camila Arrana
Camila Arrana 6 dias atrás
YAS 2M VIEWS! Congrats queens (:
Velvet 7 dias atrás
This song is like a puzzle of 7 songs ,I can see the color of each one when they sing. Congratulations ❤El7zup
jelly🌸 6 dias atrás
I'm here to support their debut😍😍
Natália 8 dias atrás
The MV is charting#31 on BRvid Trending🎉Keep streaming
Anastasia 8 dias atrás
Damn they're so TALENTED 🔥
Maisarah Adila
Maisarah Adila 8 dias atrás
1:14 - 1:24 i am so happy Yeeun was given this time screen. She nailed every inches of the move. As a cheshire myself, I am also very happy for her for the lines that she had in this song. Cheeky gives her more than what clc songs once gave her. Im rooting for Yeeun, she deserves the best! ❤
Viola with S
Viola with S 5 dias atrás
Ozara 5 dias atrás
And her vocals in the album are amazing!
Jhoann Gonzales
Jhoann Gonzales 7 dias atrás
Let's support them. They deserve so much love. Rise UP!!
thatchild 8 dias atrás
Not me genuinely streaming because of how catchy this song is 😆
maya𓆏 5 dias atrás
my girl yeeun looking like an angel, im gonna support this group let's go EL7Z UP
eliifff 9 dias atrás
This is an amazing debut for the girls! Never knew how much i needed Yeeun, Yuki and Kei in a group together
Berry 9 dias atrás
How long will they promote as EL7Z UP?
Ahmad Sadiq
Ahmad Sadiq 9 dias atrás
@Berry we don't know yet
Berry 9 dias atrás
@Ahmad Sadiq ah okay!
Hitomi 9 dias atrás
@Berry generally speaking, assume around 2-5 years. im adding to 5 years because some project groups with mnet had a 5 year contract rather than 2.5 years (X1, even tho they didnt last for more than 5 months).
Japanese by ENa
Japanese by ENa 7 dias atrás
Congratulations on your debut!🎉Ah... We need multilingual subtitles for the lyrics to make this the best K-POP group hit worldwide🌏
宏美 7 dias atrás
I am addicted to this song Love the outfits ❤ EL7Z UP perfect girls!
Whedlekan 웨들칸
Whedlekan 웨들칸 7 dias atrás
The MV already has +1.6M views, let's support the girls guys!
Live Life
Live Life 5 dias atrás
soojinbaby idle
soojinbaby idle 6 dias atrás
Simplemente um grupo com todas as artistas de grupos que a gente ama, juntas é o sonho de todo multi fandom
rin 8 dias atrás
el7z up is definitely one of the most talented girl groups out there. two main dancers from each group, two main vocals and two main rappers + all of them being all rounders. like this is truly a dream team.
CVSA 6 dias atrás
Let’s go for those 2M guys! FIGHTING
Nysa 8 dias atrás
JousefIvan Gaces
JousefIvan Gaces 6 dias atrás
I didnt like this the first time I had listen to it but now im obssessed 😂 i cant get over with the chorus
anc 6 dias atrás
Me now
Acchan Luna
Acchan Luna 7 dias atrás
this is the first time im ever satisfied with a lineup!! WOOO im so excited for this group!!
vidhi 비디 ☁️
vidhi 비디 ☁️ 5 dias atrás
Love this song! It’s such a bop, and the vibe of this mv is so good!
Diego V.G.
Diego V.G. 9 dias atrás
Proud of all the girls, but I am especially rooting for Yeeun. After being neglected by sh*tty CUBE, she's finally getting the recognition she deserves.
shinee crystal
shinee crystal 8 dias atrás
notyourcomment 7 dias atrás
The rap & vocal part is slaying
Bambarayonnn 5 dias atrás
This song is gooooood!! Love the idol combination too. 💕 Fighting Elz7up !
NSWER 3 dias atrás
Muchos apoyarán este grupo por sus bias (yo por ejemplo) no fue la alineación que quería.. pero deseo que les vaya bien a todas