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EA Sports has officially revealed UFC 4, including new gameplay features, mode improvements, and more! Still haven’t subscribed to SGO? ►►
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11 Jul 2020



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Comentários 60
Sports Gamers Online
Sports Gamers Online 28 dias atrás
People seem really confused about #UFC4 on Xbox Series X and PS5. The game IS NOT coming to the new consoles as a next-gen game. If anything, it will be playable as a backwards compatible title. STORY:
Aiden Horton
Aiden Horton Dia atrás
1000th comment
Connor Skate
Connor Skate 2 dias atrás
Does anyone know if it will be cross platform?? Lmk asap
Chronic Facial
Chronic Facial 7 dias atrás
"The first new environment is the backyerd."
Franco Marrale
Franco Marrale 8 dias atrás
its going to be in pc?
JangleJunction 8 dias atrás
so it isnt announced on the switch but imagine ufc on the go, i hope you see this i made a petition hope you can share it
JangleJunction 8 dias atrás
damn i really wish it would be on the switch
ruben martinez
ruben martinez 12 dias atrás
They better upgrade that weak ass career mode
bro i am so fucking tired of thinking that we will have a ufc game for pc -_- its gonna be so profitable cuz there are no fighting games for computer
Mac 17 dias atrás
Why cant this be on pc :,(
Iron Mike Tyson
Iron Mike Tyson 19 dias atrás
Will it be on PC?
Dragoș Toma
Dragoș Toma 19 dias atrás
Sooo... Still not available on PC?
AA 21 dia atrás
Hopefully You Can Come Out With Your Titles
Hugo O
Hugo O 21 dia atrás
UFC 3.1
Crazy Boom
Crazy Boom 21 dia atrás
Please just put it on fucking pc
James Douglas
James Douglas 21 dia atrás
I think they should implement a multiple movement ground game with seperate control for upper and lower body (similar to fight night 3 punching or skate 3 flip tricks). For example if you wanted to go from full guard to half guard you could push down on the right stick then swoop round to the right, or if you wanted to go to side control you could move the left stick to adjust your upper body then move the right stick down and around, or if you wanted to add submissions you could press L1 to get an advance (like grabbing an arm) then do the movement necessary to get in position for the sub while holding L2. I think it'd make it so much more realistic and flow a little more than just straight directions.
thomas flanagan
thomas flanagan 22 dias atrás
so if i have it on ps4 will i get it on ps5 if i buy it from playstation store
BillichisGamer 23 dias atrás
ufc 4 go pc?
BillichisGamer 23 dias atrás
ufc4 go pc ?
D’ Journey Experience
All I want is UFC on Nintendo switch
D Weeks
D Weeks 24 dias atrás
Oh wow shocker, EA can have a dev studio completely rebuild aspects of a game that is super niche compared to the widespread popularity of Madden, and remove Ultimate Team to be able to do so, but they still give us this trash they call a football game that they've been giving us for a decade now with little to no rebuild of modes except Ultimate Team and Face of Franchise🤦‍♂️ Embarrassing. They've let their games in the two most popular US sports die while they put all these innovations into UFC. #FixMaddenFranchise
Mr. N34L
Mr. N34L 24 dias atrás
Bruh I want a Ufc game on pc cmon
Emil Thor .Gretarssson
Emil Thor .Gretarssson 24 dias atrás
One mor thing before i go, I also really hope they fix what i like to call "The Lead" It's basicly when a player gets an advantage in speed & power from landing first. You can easily see that if one get's that lead it makes them that much harder to defeat. And i get it strike first strike hard yeye BUT YOU SHOULD'T BE LOCKED IN DEFENCE BY GETTING CAUGHT WITH A COUPLE HITS!! i remember 1000 times where i was simply too slow and too weak to win. Bc my opponet got the "Lead" on me. Makes you unable to win unless you time them right on a counter. Punching at the exact same time you will always be beaten to the punch. Sincerly King Finisher UFC 2 UT LWD Champ.
Emil Thor .Gretarssson
Emil Thor .Gretarssson 24 dias atrás
AND ONE MORE THING!! UFC 3 HAD THE WORST DODGING I'VE SEEN. UFC 2 You can dodge almost anything by leaning away, UFC3 its USLESS unless you already knoe what your opponents thinks.
Emil Thor .Gretarssson
Emil Thor .Gretarssson 24 dias atrás
How is the controls?? This is the most Important for me. In UFC 2 the striking was smooth and Easy. Ufc 3 very akward espesially the uppercut with triangle and circle was just terrible if you ask me.
J L 24 dias atrás
I think we failed to remember the game did launch in 2 February 2018 which makes it over 2 years old and as we all know that's like 5-6years in the Tech gaming world.
Il Padrino
Il Padrino 24 dias atrás
And still the Champion of mma games is ufc undisputed 3 ! 😅
Christopher Gibson9mm
Christopher Gibson9mm 25 dias atrás
Ku ma tay not ku mite 😆
Matthew Westfall
Matthew Westfall 25 dias atrás
I just want an actual grappling tutorial
Kristofer Carter
Kristofer Carter 25 dias atrás
I am so hyped for this game.
Radames Rivera
Radames Rivera 25 dias atrás
I didn't hear anything about how much better the gameplay is in general. The animations don't look that much better. I've watched some gameplay videos, there are some "new" elements that I can see, but nothing that makes this a must buy for me. UFC Undisputed 3 is still the best MMA game to date. All I've seen is the same fluff stuff EA puts out to sucker customers in to make a quick buck. That's all that shitty company does anyway smh
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 25 dias atrás
Looks awesome can't wait to get it
Callum The Judo George
Callum The Judo George 25 dias atrás
I think they should of gone backwards pride/wec bareknuckle Hall of famers dont like the look of the backyard stuff their professional athletes not back yard brawlers don't think it's somewhere u should take it
PresFN 25 dias atrás
Please they need to release it on pc I can play pc on controller f
Derk Dillon
Derk Dillon 25 dias atrás
There not dping business with wilder who's American they chose to do business with the British i steed they could have used some old and new American boxers,there a lot of young stars thats why this shit will not sell.
Romuloky 79
Romuloky 79 25 dias atrás
Hay 2 situaciones de UFC 3 undisputed THQ,sin ver en EA aún. Pesaje de luchadores Parada médica por daño en combate Es por favor
VXR 2.0
VXR 2.0 25 dias atrás
Why is it not coming to PC?
T -Raw
T -Raw 25 dias atrás
Better the graphics I don't like how the body jab look so slow
World Trending Fights
World Trending Fights 25 dias atrás
Who wants a UFC 4 copy FOR FREE? Don't miss out a great 10 COPIES GIVEAWAY for PS4 & Xbox! Check out our channel!
Daniel Iniguez
Daniel Iniguez 25 dias atrás
Yo u think they added in lame Usmans toe stomp finisher?😂😂😂🤣🤣
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez 26 dias atrás
That’s Jean Claude Van Dammes arena from kickboxer with the glass gloves
Sleepy Post
Sleepy Post 26 dias atrás
Games trash. Beta is so arcade. No flash Ko. Literally mortal combat. So sad cause I was so hyped for this .
Zachary Hausman
Zachary Hausman 26 dias atrás
You should be able to get punched while punching, basically seamless and fluid animations. That will make brawls more entertaining and counter punching more rewarding.
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr 26 dias atrás
I really hope this game is as good as it is suppose to be..
screw mane
screw mane 26 dias atrás
The THQ UFC Undisputed 3 game is the greatest fighting game ever made. I just wished EA sports implemented the same system THQ did with the game. Everything felt so real in the UFC Undisputed 3 game. The bob and weave, the submissions, the transitions, the fact that you could use the clinch off the cage and do amazing work from that. Almost all of the fighters had their own signature moves in the THQ game and the EA one, almost everyone is similar. I will buy EA UFC if they took out the grappling system and replaced with THQ's grappling system. The grappling is so frustrating and confusing to use in EA's UFC game. The striking is OK in EA's UFC compared to THQ's UFC 3 game. Just wished that they listen to us fans and customers on what's wrong with the game. :(
Idance4nobody 26 dias atrás
can't we get it on pc ? like for f sake seriously almost every fighting game came on pc too why ufc isn't ?
Lucasse 26 dias atrás
It will be on PC ?
Psychedelic rapping
Psychedelic rapping 26 dias atrás
Man said koomight it’s koo-ma-tay spelled kumite😂
5'2 balding indian janitor
Why is nobody talking about how TERRIBLE the graphics look?
Colin O.
Colin O. 26 dias atrás
I hope they add the a current version and like older versions of fighters like for older fighters, like have them in their prime. I would love to fight as Andrei Arlovski back when he was a feared heavy weight.
mlzanercik 26 dias atrás
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ANIME BOKU 26 dias atrás
Wowww the display design is high 🤕
Austin Stephens
Austin Stephens 26 dias atrás
Ultimate team is not coming back.
Almas G.
Almas G. 26 dias atrás
Pharmerz Market
Pharmerz Market 26 dias atrás
Ultimate team is gone tho these were not full details at all
Giovanni 26 dias atrás
Poirier vs Hooker Fight of the Year. Called it Live shortly after 2 Round. Proof in my video uploads, check it out. Please Subscribe to my Channel it will help me to be able to hopefully monetize. All in the name of Supporting MMA. 🙏🏼
Ken Dynamek
Ken Dynamek 26 dias atrás
Ku-mih-tay not kumight. Lol
LobsterNuts 26 dias atrás
I wanted this to be good. But I fear it will be another carelessly made game, made strictly for profit with no regard for what the fans want. These graphics look horrible, EA's color scheme has always been to cartoon to feel realistic. I am so disappointed the Ultimate Team is gone, it needed a heavy overhaul to make it fun, as in less micro transactions and more attainable packs, but it had some serious potential. Also the new simplified controls on this game scare me. The complexity of the controls is what keeps people learning, keeps the game fresh. Cookie cutter controls sound like they could be detrimentally boring. Fix that combo multiplier BS because the damage in UFC 2 was unrealistic, 2 kicks to the body and your down? OK? And you couldn't punch while moving back or punch while getting punched.The combo system where you can only punch before or after your opponent throws a combination. Also, fix the horrible knockout animations, even the audio of the punches leaves something to be desired. I remember knocking someone out on UFC throwdown when you could throw 3 or 4 jabs before they hit the ground ... that was kinda fun. I know this is just the first trailer but man, if EA doesn't start listening to the fans they are doomed. They have ruined so many franchises in the last 10 years. Just look at Battlefield, FIFA, & UFC.
igor simcik
igor simcik 26 dias atrás
probably not gonna be on pc huh lmaooo
Prosper & Gamble P&G
Prosper & Gamble P&G 26 dias atrás
Anyone waiting on Fight Night to come back?
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